Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Sotnikova to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello! My name is Elena. I will be fair - I am shy to write to you and dont know you will reply me or not. I have not enough experience in dialogue through the Internet, but I hope our meet will be good and interesting. I will look forward your letter. I cannot write more now, but I'll try to write to you more in next letter...
Letter 2
Hello, What is your name? thanks for your letter. Where you from? What country? I hope our acquaintance will be interesting. I live in small city Kineshma. I want to warn that my intentions are serious. I hope you are looking for the same. I get your email from dating agency. Look at my pics. I hope you like it. I was really glad to receive your letter! Have a nice day! Your new friend Elena
Letter 3
Hi dear Jim!!! I like your pic! I would be glad if you send more your photos. All the day long thought of that as I will read your letter!
Jim, I want to warn you, I not always can to write much because I write to you from Internet cafe, I have no computer at my home. But I will try every day reply on your letters, it is very pleasant to me to receive them from you. I was tired of bad people which write bad words in emails. Because of messages with requests to send a naked photo or simply rough words. When received such lines - I was very much afflicted... Jim, now I will communicate only with you and I am glad to it. I do not ask you to communicate only with me too, but would be very grateful if you support me in it. This way we could develop our acquaintance. I send you some photos, I hope you like it. I wanted to tell a little about myself. I work at children's school of art. It is school which helps children to develop their talents. I teach in a sewing and knitting class, children in my class learn to do things of a fabric, the threads, even some clothes. For example, I do a lot of clothes for myself by the hands. In the childhood my mum, has taught me to this creativity, it as if helps me to show my private world. I try to teach children in my class to show their feelings, their interests in their creativity. What do you think of it? At our school there are other classes, for example music, dance, poetry. I very much like to waste time at school, I as if receive energy of life when I am am surrounded with my students. Jim, it would be very interesting to me to know more about you, you have a hobby? You would like to show your private world in any new art? Jim, I try to study better English, I hope at me it it turns out. If I cannot understand some your words, I ask be not afflicted, I will try to be more attentive. Your friend Elena
Letter 4
Jim, Hi!!! Today there was a long day and I hoped to receive your letter, to distract from my thoughts and share with you other thoughts.
But you have not written to me... Probably you would have bad mood what to read my letters and to write to me today, but I hope all well. I will wait yours reply. Elena
Letter 5
Jim, I smile when I see your lines!!! I looked forward when I can read your letter and at last I can make it! What to come to cafe to me it would be necessary to spend about 30 minutes in a way. I spoke to you, I live in city Kineshma. Usually it is a silent and safe city, but yesterday I was frightened. My way was about park, there some men loudly shouted. I think they were drunk, it is not pleasant to me when people accept a lot of alcohol and show aggression. But all was good, I have safely come back home. I try to be careful always. Jim, I negatively concern alcoholism. I think that you heard that in my country is the big problem. I do not drink alcohol. Since the childhood when in the mornings I went to school, I saw drunk people in the street. To me was very sick to see that people simply ruin the life it. I never understood why people continue so to drink, after all it does not bring anything good. Jim, what you think? For me that you much mean so well find communication with children, it shows your good character. I like your pic! I would be glad if you send more your photos. Jim, tell to me more about your city and your native land, it is very interesting to me. You take a favourite place where you to be pleasant to have a rest? I like to walk in park, it always calms me after active and a hard time. Helps to bring in my thoughts an order and rest, helps to think of many things. Still I like to have a rest about water, it is pleasant sounds of fountains, it as if hypnosis for me when I hear a fountain sound as if the whole world stops and waits when I will stop to fly in my thoughts. Jim, probably my words have brought to you a smile, simply wanted to be more open in conversation with you. Yours Elena
Letter 6
Jim, Hello!!! Today I walked in park, thought of many things, tried to distract from thoughts and to calm down. You like to walk in park or in wood? I checked my mail with hope to read your lines, but you have not written me anything. I hope all well and you can write to me soon.
Letter 7
Hi, Jim! How are you? Today there was a good day for me!!! But I am a little tired, day on work was sated, but children always improve my mood. In my class the most part is girls, they laugh and smile during training much. Their smiles charge me a positive for a long time. Jim, But the rest of the time out of school is for me boring and monotonous. I know that for many people work can be unpleasant that which they spend time on work lasts long and difficultly for them. But me has carried also my work brings to me pleasure!!! I send you a photo with my mum hope you like this photo. I spend all my vacation with parents. I never was outside of my native land. Jim, I want to tell to you about my parents. My mum Svetlana, and my father Aleksandr. My parents live in marriage 31 year. They for me an example of the big love! Because even now when I ask to tell mum about their acquaintance, she tells it with happy eyes and trembling in a voice. Jim, it seems to me so lovely! They are the most native and important people for me!!! I am always assured that at any time I can to address to them for support and in hard times they will be nearby. Jim, I cannot tell that my childhood was carefree, but I will be always grateful mine to parents for those moral values and education which they have given me. My mum has taught me to sew, do many things of a fabric. I think that after that I have decided to teach creativity to children. I very much like to prepare together with mum, we often try to prepare new dishes. Jim, what is your favourite dish? My father likes to spend time in a garden, it very quiet person, can always give a wise advice. I try to visit more often parents, but they live in other city, some hours of a way from me. They lived in city Atkarsk all life. Jim, tell about your family, it would be pleasant to me to see more photo with them. I hope to hear from you soon!!! Yours Elena
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