Scam letter(s) from Julia Borisovna Popova to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
Dear , speaking about our meeting, now Russia lessen the travel restrictions and I think that it will be possible to travel in the near future.I hope that soon everything will get back to normal.
I can find out what I need to arrange my trip to you, what documents I need to register, how much time it takes. I hope that it will not take a lot of time.
It would be great if I can arrange all the documents in the near future and I would visit you with a great joy these days. I can`t wait for our meeting to happen.
Darling, please tell me from your side, will it be convenient for you to meet me in coming days?
How much time can you devote for our meeting? Have you already made some plans how will we spend our time together? I can`t wait for these fine times, I have a pleasant expectation of our meeting. I am always in a good mood thank to you. I want to thank you my dear for coming into my life, and changing it for the better.
I believe that everything will work out between us and we will make each other`s life better, much more happier. I miss you very much, I hope that we will be together in the coming days and in the near future will start our life together.
I miss you, I love you very much. I was not very lucky with the Russian men, so I decided to see if there are man in other countries who are searching for something serious as well as me, I mean men who wants to create a family and searching for their second halves.
I think we do share a lot in common and I have a feeling that we can get along together very well.
I am ready to change my life, to follow my man to live in another country. My mum has her own life and she will not keep me with her. I don`t have any siblings.
I look at all my mail, when I know the letter should be there. Then my heart tightens, I relax, I open and I digest each word that I know is crafted with love with as much as one can put on paper, yet so much depth in context.
My love, my heart skips to its dance you tighten every muscle in my body, I anticipate this great feeling this desire that you will one day consume. My thoughts are with you, I touch, I want, I dream it is you. For me you are the one I have been waiting for, you are about to enter my life, yet it could not have been at any other time as this is the time that we are destined to share. Within these pages we will identify our goals we will explore fantasy but each exploration takes us deeper into that relationship that is about to be born. The two of us huge miles apart yet as close as the ink that flows from the pen. It does not surprise me that you have now polarized your love, that you see in your mind that our future is about to be born and that you are shaping the present to herald the days that are yet to come. I am the same, I feel you every minute of the day, I sense that you are close and that our bodies are just moments apart.
This is real to me, and it is part of a very large picture, one that can only be painted when I will see you meeting me at the airport.
Why we have taken this long road is beyond me and I have not questioned it, I know that there had to be a pathway, one that would be significant and irreversible, it could not be just a meeting because there was too much of ourselves that had to be discovered.
The sense of it all will be irrelevant but what has happened will be the most important test to what we have found and what we are about to share.
We will my darling we will share all that we have and give of ourselves to each other for the time we have, we will give of ourselves for our family. Many couples meet but never reach this depth of discourse, yet here we are making our plans on paper before we have had that first kiss, we have explored much of each other of our feelings and what brings us happiness, how this will come together and that plans as laid out will fall before us.
your Yuliya.
Letter 2
Dear, in this quite time my love I have entered your secret garden I have ventured into that sanctum that I hold true and waited as a child in a corridor for your permission to go forward. Here in this place I have found truth and love, then we have found us, with this depth then we can come together with passion with feeling with power.
I am trying my best to make our meeting happen as soon as possible. Because of the Covid 19 the second and the third waves of this virus is being expected, so I think we need to use this opportunity to meet now. It makes our meeting now more desired and necessary.
If not now, then when my darling, Dan? Like I said Russia lessen the travel restrictions from the August,1 and I will be able to travel. I think it would be nice if you can plan what we can do and what you can show me when we meet!
I will do everything what`s in my power, to be with you, you filled my life with happiness, love and completeness. And I hope, that I`ve done the same to your life. It`s very pleasant for me to know that you are waiting for me somewhere on the other part of the Earth, that your thoughts are occupied by me when you wake up in the morning and go to bed in the darkness of the night, as well as me...
We are creating our future together, with every new day, with every new moment we are getting closer to each other, and I believe that it`s a destiny, and we are destined to be together.
Our soonest meeting, as we agreed proves that, we are moving in the right direction, and if we don`t stop, so be it, we let the destiny to carry our ship under the prideful and lonely sail through the life ocean.
My dear, I have found out what documents I need to get, what I need to do for that, how much time it will take, what tickets I need to buy, I have prepared everything. It`s only left to make applications.
I need to make an application to renew my International ID, to book tickets to you and make an application for my visa registration. And all the documents will be ready nearly in 1 week or a bit longer.
My dear,can you imagine that in 7-10 days we can be together?
I am very excited with this prospect, and you? Indeed, we are worthy of such a happiness to be together.
To get all the documents will not take that long as I thought, 7-10 days not that long for us to wait, do you agree? My dear, I don`t know how to say, I feel very uncomfortable to speak about that.
Can you support me? My trip to you I mean. I would be very grateful to you for that.
Forgive me for asking you an uncomfortable question. I was counting on my good friend`s support who promised to help me, but she refused in the last minute. In any case, I love you and will understand you if you refuse me in this situation.
Now my love I wait as the child does wait, looks at the clock it moves a minute, it moves a day it moves many days, I sit fixated against the hours knowing that our time is close and not wanting to miss one second of this journey which we are on, the end of which will result in a kiss and our time. My love I crave the time when we will be close when we will undo the shackles that have bound us when we will be free to love, when we can taste the sweetness of passion and feel the love that will spill between us.
I would lie with you ***** and at peace, watching your body kissing you, finding you close, my love I would love you for hours not missing any part of your body and catching those butterflies that would escape. My darling to study you with passion that is all I desire !!!! But I wait .. in my mind we have made love I have taken you to a greater place and I have loved you intensely and kissed you long and hard.
Darling this passion waits as the child waits as time waits as our love knows no boundaries it waits. My love will endure now and always it will never falter it will never fade, as age must take us it will grow strong it will be measured by what we achieve and I will be duly happy.
your Yuliya
Letter 3
I still have valid International passport, so I just need to get the visa, I addressed to the travel agency, they will book the flights to Toronto and back for me, because it's necessary to obtain for getting visa and they will provide my visa registration. Darling, thank you for your support, I appreciate that your provide my trip to you. I hope it will not take long time for us, my trip organization and very soon we will meet.
Dear, so if you are ready to support me with my travel expenses, I searched the way which you can make the money transfer, the best way here is transferring system of a quick bank transfers called "Contact money transfer system", here is their site: you can check it over the Internet and find the closest locations to you or you can make it online, As I learned you will need my full name and my address.
Dear, the sooner we will find a way, the sooner I will get my visa to Canada and will be able to come to you. Now everything in your hands. I close my letter now.
I wish you to have a nice day,
your Yuliya.
Letter 4
My name is Ivan Shestunov, I'm the representative of the "Puteshestvennik" Travel Agency. My work is related to solving all the questions concerning to internal and international trips.
Today I had dialog with Yuliya Popova. Yuliya Popova needs to have these documents for her trip to Canada: -The International Passport (Yuliya Popova have it)
-The Working Visa for USA, it costs 350 CAD
-The Insurance List for her health, it costs 150 CAD
-The plane tickets with an opened date (it's necessary for visa registration) from Bryansk to Toronto Pearson International
Airport and back costs 2147 CAD as the cheapest at this moment.
The prices for tickets are changing and can be higher in time. So let's calculate the total cost of her trip to you:
330 +150 + 2147= 2627 CAD Please contact me as soon as possible and inform me when you are able to make the payment. Thanks for using our services and cooperations.
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