Scam letter(s) from Anna Frolova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hey. I hope you could get my photos. If you like my photos, then I think we can get to know each other. My name is Anna, I am 30 years old. Despite my age, I still have no children and have never been married. This is why I decided to use the Internet to meet a man. What's your story? Are you a person tired of spending your evenings alone? I would like to forget about loneliness and be happy, like ordinary people of the Council of Europe in this world. I want to say that I am looking for a man for a serious relationship. I'm looking for love for the rest of my life. I am not looking for games and entertainment on the internet. This is not interesting to me, because I am a serious and well-mannered girl! I have no bad habits. And I want to create a family hearth and give love and happiness to a loved one who will love me just as much!
If you are interested to continue, I am glad to see new photos. And I am curious to know about your life and hobbies.
We are looking forward to our meeting ...
Letter 2
How are you? I'm glad you answered my letter! I am very pleased that you showed interest in me. I was really hoping to get an answer to my short message, so I was glad when I saw your letter. I hope that we will be able to get to know each other better and become good friends. I think that you will agree with me if I tell you that romantic relationships are much stronger if they start with friendship.
Now I'm a little worried! Because this is my first acquaintance with a man on the Internet online!
I want to tell you a little about myself. I think it will be interesting for you.
So, I'm a lonely woman who is tired of being alone. I have a kind, caring and sympathetic heart. I'm looking for a man to whom I can give my warmth and care. Entertainment is not for me. I'm looking for a serious relationship with a man. I hope that you share my thoughts.
My name is Anna. I am 30 years old. I was born on August 30, 1989. My height is 170 centimeters, weight 53 kg. My figure you can see in the photos that I attached to my letter. I would like to know when your birthday is?
Now I have to say the most important information. I was born and live in Russia now. My city is called Engels. This is an ordinary city in Russia, which is located in Saratov region. I hope that this information did not shock you. I sincerely believe that distance can not be a problem in a relationship. In any case, we can be just friends, but who knows where this virtual dialogue can lead us. So, I told you the truth, but I hope that this truth will not scare you away.
It seems to me that we should be frank with each other from the first letters. But, if the distance is a serious problem for you, then be sure to tell me about it in the next letter. I'll just continue my search elsewhere and I will not bother you ever. I want you to be honest with me, and I will respond to you in return. You know, I would like to find a serious, honest, caring and decent person with whom I could share my life and create a family. Love is the most important thing for me. I would like to find a special man and be happy with him. I'm looking for a serious relationship, I want to start a family. I am ready to overcome any distance, I am ready to leave my country for the sake of love.
I hope that you liked my photos!
I'm finishing my letter, but I'll be waiting for your letter with great anticipation.
Your new friend, Anna.y;
Letter 3
Hello, Richard!
I want to express my gratitude to you for your answer. You know, I was very much afraid that you would stop writing to me when you find out that I live in Russia. So I was really glad of your answer. Now we can start to learn about each other something new, ask questions to each other. I really want to get to know you better if you let me.
Richard, I really really interested in you, I hope that this is mutual. This is only the second letter, I must tell you about many things. You already know that I live in a small provincial town. My city is very calm, very kind people live here. Perhaps this city is not very beautiful, but I grew up here. This is my homeland, so I love this place. My childhood has passed here and I live here still, but I am ready to radically change my life for the sake of love. I'm a romantic girl, so I still believe in romantic fairy tales. It's probably ******, but I can not change ...
My work, I'm a fitness trainer, and also yoga. My work completely satisfies me now. I love my job. I'm used to seeing the positive side in everything. This is one of the main features of my character. I'm a very optimistic person. I have to deal with people a lot, and I like it. You know, I graduated from the University, Institute of Management and Business, Department / Direction: Social technologies - specialist, now you see that I have a fairly high level of education.
Richard, can you tell me about your work? What are you doing? Do you like your job?
Unfortunately I also have loneliness in terms of my family. I'm not married. Previously, I did not want to be married, but now I think the age came when I begin to understand that if I live on alone it's bad. Maybe I do not have a decent man with whom I could spend my whole life. I hope that my life will not be lonely. I find a decent man. My last novel was 3 years ago. My novel lasted for half a year. My man will change me with another woman. I experienced a lot of pain. I was left alone. I do not want to talk about this now. I hope you understand me correctly. When I'm ready, I can tell you all the details, if it's interesting to you.
I think I should tell you about my family. My family is small, consists of my mother and me. I am the only child in the family (there are no brothers, no sisters). My father died 17 years ago, but I still miss him. My mother lives alone in the countryside near my city. I live in a city in an apartment. I live alone, without neighbors. I have no children. I am a very kind and tender woman, I can not scream. I do not like lie. I never play with human feelings, it's very mean. My most important quality is the ability to forgive. I think that this is very important in life. I'm not a model, I'm not a TV girl, I'm not a model, but I have a very kind heart. I hope that you will be able to see the depth of my soul in my letters.
I send you my new photos and photos of my parents.
I wish you a good day!
Your friend, Anna.
Letter 4
Hello, Richard!
I'm glad you did not forget to answer me. I'm interested in communicating with you, and I find this communication very interesting. I understand very well that letters can not replace live communication, but this is a good option for us now, because we live in different countries. You know, it's very unusual for me to communicate with someone from another country. I hope that you also want to strengthen our friendship, because this will be the basis of any relationship.
In my last letter, I told you about my family. I hope that you have read my entire letter in full. Richard, yesterday I wanted to visit my mother, but I was late for the last bus. My mother is always happy when I visit her. You know, I plan to tell her about getting to know you when I visit her next time. I do not have any secrets from her. I think she will be interested to know that I met a man from another country. My hobby is reading. I like to read books. I spend much more time on books than watching TV when I'm at home. I prefer to read Russian and world classical literature, historical literature, works of contemporary authors. I will not list all the books I have read, I do not think it is necessary. I can only say that I read many books in my life, thanks to which my inner world became much brighter and richer. My friends say that I'm a very smart girl. I love animals. I like to take care of animals. Probably, this is my second hobby. When I see a small animal, I can not pass by. I want to give a helping hand. And do everything possible to bring joy.
I'll attach the photos. I hope you like my picture. Please tell me about your hobby. What do you like to do in your spare time? I think it will be interesting for me.
You know, I always dreamed of having a happy family based on love, trust and understanding.
If you do not have the opportunity to send photos in every letter, then do it whenever possible. I will always be happy to receive your new photo.
I'm finishing the letter, but I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Have a good day!
Letter 5
Hello, Richard!
You know, I hurried to work today to read your letter. I can not explain it, but I really wanted to read your answer. I was always interested in making new acquaintances. And this is my first experience with a person from another country, so it's very exciting for me. I'm glad that we met on the Internet.
My dear, today I would like to tell you about my past life. I already told you so much about my current life that I completely forgot to tell you about my past life. I'll start the story from my childhood. You know, when I was little, then every summer I spent in the village of my grandmother. She lived in the village where my mother now lives. My grandmother loved me very much, but, unfortunately, she had long since died. But I still remember with a smile on my face those times when I spent time in the village. I went to primary school when I was 7 years old. I do not want to show off, but I was one of the best students in school. You know, training was my priority. I wanted my mother to be proud of me. My success in school helped me to enter the university. I studied at the university for free, because free education still exists in our country. When, I graduated from university, I got a red diploma. A red diploma is the highest achievement in any Russian university. But my diploma did not help me until now. Why? Unfortunately, obtaining a diploma in Russia does not guarantee getting a good job. I did not build a good career, but I never aspired to it. I'm not a business lady. It seems to me that my vocation is a family. But the creation of my family is the only goal that I have not realized. Richard, what can you say about yourself? Are you an optimist? How did your childhood go? What kind of education did you get? I hope that I did not ask too many questions. But it's really important to me.
My heart is open to love, to sincere feelings. I think you understand me. Richard, we met only recently, but I have a good feeling. You are a very good person, and I want our dialogue to continue. Our correspondence makes my life much brighter and more interesting. I must thank you!
I send you my new photos and videos. The video of my friend's children. Also I sent you a photo of me and my mom. In the last letter I sent you photos of my parents. But
Now I must leave you. Please do not be bored without me.
I wish you a good day!
Letter 6
Good afternoon Richard!
Every day of communicating with you brings me a good mood. I know that letters can not replace real communication, but I'm glad that our dialogue continues.
My dear, I want to tell you about the way of life that I lead. I do not smoke, I think it's a very bad habit. I try not to drink alcohol, but sometimes I can afford a glass of champagne or wine, but no more. My daily diet consists of healthy food. These are vegetables, meat, fruit. I want to look good, so I follow my appearance, for my food. It is very important for me that my man can be proud of me. You know, I do not blame people who choose a different way of life. I think that every person is free to choose his own way in life. I chose a healthy path. My dear, I will be very pleased if you tell me about your life, too. Richard, I told you that I try to follow my appearance, but for me, external beauty is not the most important thing. I think that the inner world of man is much more important than appearance. External beauty disappears with the years, but the soul always remains unchanged. People can be beautiful outside, but completely empty inside. Real beauty is in the soul of man. Do you agree with me?
Richard, you are an interesting person. I feel more confident with every new letter. I can share with you my thoughts and feelings. I feel comfortable. It seems to me that this is important. You know, I get the feeling that every new letter is a little date. What do you think about it?
You are very kind to me, I appreciate it.
I send you my new photos.
In my eyes, you can see the true beauty in my soul.
I'm sad to talk about this, but it's time to finish my letter.
I wish you a good day!
Letter 7
Good afternoon Richard!
Opening your letter, I feel a small presence of you. It's so nice to read and learn you more. The week of our communication and I already like it.
You know, our dialogue now is an e-mail. I understand how fragile it is to communicate. Sometimes I'm afraid that you'll just stop writing to me. But then I see your new letter, and I understand that you are still interested in our communication. Richard, this is very important to me. With each new letter we become closer to each other. We become closer not physically, but spiritually.
My dear, I want to tell you about how my usual everyday day passes.
So, my usual working day starts at 8:00, ends at 18:00. I wake up in the morning, two hours before the start of my working day. I take a shower, cook breakfast, make a make-up and then go to work. I use public transportation to get to work. It takes about 20 minutes. I work six days a week. When I come home after work, I cook dinner and go to workout. After training, I take a shower and read a book or watch TV to rest a little. You can see that my day is not anything special. Richard, do you understand that your letters make my life much more diverse?
My dear, I want to tell you about my past relationships, which lasted for half a year, but ended three years ago. I wrote to you in my second letter. What I do not want to say. This is a pain for me. Now I want to tell you everything. It was a serious relationship, I planned to marry that person, but he betrayed me. I loved that person, I gave him my love, but he met with another woman behind me. Then he went to another city with that woman. I do not know where this person is now, but I'm no longer interested. I can never forgive betrayal. Richard, now I'm looking for someone who will not play games with me. It's been three years now, and now I decided to use Internet dating. I would like to have a man next to me who will never betray me. Betrayal of a loved one is very painful. I experienced this on myself. I do not lose hope of meeting a man whom I will love, about which I will take care. I believe that true love still exists.
Today I send you my photos and videos from my workouts. I hope you like my picture.
I'm finishing my letter.
Have a good day!
Letter 8
Good afternoon Richard!
Pleasant mood for you. I hope that you slept well today. I woke up very early and could not sleep. I did not know what came over me. I came to the thought that my life is beginning to change. And it changes for the better. I have you. I can share with you my thoughts and say what I have on my mind. These pleasant thoughts gave a pleasant mood for today. I'm just happy.
My dear, I want to create a happy family. I'm tired of being alone, I'm very familiar with loneliness. I think that every person, deep in his heart, is afraid of loneliness. My life was not very successful, sometimes it seemed to me that luck turned from me. But I always continued to struggle, now I'm fighting for my happiness. I want to become happy, it seems to me that I deserve a small portion of happiness.
Richard, I want to tell you about the man I'm looking for. I'm looking for a person with whom I can share my past, present and future. I'm looking for true love, someone with whom I can just lie in bed, look into my eyes and talk all night. I'm looking for a man with whom I can share everything we do in this life together, a man who knows how to laugh and how to love. I'm looking for someone who respects others, and knows the value of human life. I am ready to give my heart to such a man, my care. You know, for me it's very important that my man feel my care, my love. I am a very open person, and I never try to hide my feelings. I like spending time with my loved one, walking together, going shopping, laughing, playing, preparing dinner. I hope that I can find such a person. Perhaps I already found such a person. It is possible that this person is you (smile). But, I will not rush things. You know, communication with you brings me great pleasure, and I want us not to stop our dialogue. Richard, tell me in the next letter about your future life? How do you imagine your future? I would like to know which woman you are looking for? Your answers will help me to know you better.
I sent you a photo. I want you to answer me sincerely. You look into my eyes and firmly decide! Such a woman you want to let in your heart ?! I hope that I have a chance to develop our relationship and be with you.
So, my dear, I'm finishing my letter now. I wish you a good day!
I will wait for a response!
Letter 9
Hello, my darling!
My dear, I'm really glad when I see your new letter. How are you?
In recent days, in my work, everyone has noticed that I have an even more smile on my face. And that I have a lot of fellowship. I began to dress up brighter. My colleagues at work notice the brilliance in my eyes. I think they began to suspect that a man appeared in my life. I tried to hide it, but I can not. And everyone simply notices. I am grateful to YOU for this feeling that you are giving me. You become like a ray of sunshine for me. Which gives me more strength for every day. Tell me, do you feel that there are some changes in your life? Maybe someone tells you about it. I'm very interested to learn that you have a change in life too. I have a very good premonition. My intuition tells me that our friendship is just the beginning.
You know, yesterday I visited my mother, and I told her about you in more detail. I told her about your life, your country. She listened to me very carefully. You know, she's not against our dialogue, she even supports me. But, she said that I should be careful. Richard, I told her only about your good qualities, which I saw in your letters. My dear, when I talk with you, I see a good, intelligent, honest and caring person.
You know, I had an unpleasant but funny incident with me today. I went to work and broke a heel on my shoes. It happened not far from my house, and I decided to go home to change my shoes. I was late for work because of this little trouble. My boss is a kind person, so he did not fined me for being late. I think that I should carry my broken shoes to repair tonight. This incident with my shoes did not completely upset me. When I saw your letter today, I completely forgot about my broken shoes. I like reading your letters.
I send you my new photos.
In the photo, my last visit to the hippodrome in my city.
I'm finishing my letter, but I'll wait for your answer.
Have a good day!
Letter 10
Good afternoon, my good Richard!
Now I want to call you that. Of course, if you do not mind. I hope that I correctly convey all my thoughts. Every day that I saw your letters, I understand our letters well. I hope that you understand my letters as well.
You know every time I see your letters, I try to learn new words. And I like learning a new language. It turns out I'm a polyglot (smile).
Richard, I want to tell you that I changed my opinion about online dating. I thought earlier that such acquaintances can not lead to anything good. I thought that such dating did not work, but now I understand that I was wrong. Our relationship is developing with every new letter, and I really like it. You know, we should thank my friend, her name is Julia. Julia, my best friend, I've known her since my childhood. My dear, it was she who advised me to use Internet dating. I am grateful to her for that. Richard, she knows a lot about you because I told her about you! I do not tell her everything, it's only our dialogue, but I tell her some important details. Perhaps, after a while Julia will become our Cupid, who knows (smile). Do you want to know what Julia is saying about you? She said that you seem to her to be a very good person with a good heart. I think she's absolutely right. I like to communicate with you, read your letters. You are a very good person, and my feelings tell me that I'm not mistaken. Honestly, you do not look like the other men who surrounded me before. I think that letters can reflect the human soul, the character of a person. Your letters are very beautiful and kind, which means that your soul is very beautiful and kind, too. But, I feel in you the manhood of a real man too. I hope that you understand my thoughts. It seems to me that only a real man can be gentle with a woman, without being embarrassed by this. Richard, I've seen a lot of pain in my life. I lost my father, I experienced the betrayal of the person I loved. These were very difficult moments in my life, but I coped with it. I think that you will never be able to hurt me. You are a real man!
I send you my new photos. Recently, I visited a wind tunnel with my friend.
In the photo, I and my best friend (Julia). Big and gentle kiss.
I'm finishing my letter. I told you about my thoughts. It was a really honest and open letter.
A gentle kiss.
Letter 11
Hello, my darling!
Richard, you came into my life quite recently, but you've already become a part of my life! I feel happy when I read your letter. I need so little for happiness ...
You know, my thoughts are open to you, like a book! I understand that so far this is only virtual communication, but I believe that we will meet with you in one day. I've never played games with you, my intentions are very serious. You are a very interesting person, and I want us to meet. Richard, our meeting can replace hundreds of letters, but between us now a long distance, but who knows what awaits us ahead. Do you agree with me? My dear, I am sure that our dialogue is not a waste of time.
I am ready to make every effort to ensure that we can meet. I understand that we are now too little acquainted to plan our meeting. But, I want you to know that I've never played games with you. I'm not afraid of the distance that now divides us. I am ready to overcome this distance, if it is required. Richard, now you see that my plans are really grandiose, but we must be patient now. I think you agree with me.
It seems to me that you are a very good and honest person. We met you very recently, but I am grateful to the fate for this acquaintance. I am glad that our correspondence is developing with every new letter. It is very important for me.
I want you to submit now. That we are with you two climbers at the foot of a great mountain, called love. Every day we take small steps. Every day we get happiness. The day passes. There will come a new day. We take steps, we climb higher and higher. I believe that every day brings us closer to our meeting. We reach the top of the mountain. Where we find happiness. For me, happiness when you're around. When you hug me. You say kind words in my ear. I will be interested to know what happiness means to you?
You know, I'm going to go to the store tonight to buy some food for dinner. I thought that it would be nice if you were here, next to me. I could cook a delicious dinner for both of us. I'm good at cooking meat and vegetable salads. What would you say about that?
I'm finishing my letter now.
Once again I send you my picture. Smile. Kiss.
I will be waiting for your answer!
Letter 12
Hello, my darling!
You know, I'm glad that we found each other in this great virtual space. As always, thank you for your letter! Thank you for not forgetting to answer me.
Richard, I am very flattered by your attention to my person. You write letters for me, which means that I'm interesting to you. Please do not forget to write letters for me. My dear, if you do not have time, I'll be glad even for a little message. I live in a very small provincial town, so I rarely meet polite and educated people here. We show mutual respect for each other when we write the answer to each letter.
To tell the truth, I'm tired of seeing bad, rude and inadequate people here. This applies mostly to men. You know, men in Russia do not show respect and respect for women. I understand that this does not apply to all men in our country, but there are many rough men here. It seems to me that you do not look like a man who can offend or humiliate women. You always behaved very nobly with me. I found you, and now I do not want our correspondence to stop.
You know, our correspondence is developing very quickly, and sometimes I think about our future. My dear, what would be our future, if we were together? What do you think about it? I understand that this is a very difficult question, but I would like to hear your thoughts. It seems to me that we would be a good pair. I hope that my words do not scare you. Richard, today, when I went to work, I watched as two drunken men walked down the street. It was early morning, and they behaved uncivilized. I can observe this situation here very often. Maybe this is the reason why I can not find love in my country.
Richard, I visited my mother recently. My mother asked a lot of questions about you. I told her everything. Now she knows how our correspondence is developing. My mother's name is Natasha. She is not against our communication, she even supports me. She is very interested in our dialogue, because she wants her daughter to be happy.
I hope that this news gives you a good mood.
I hope that you will like my photo today.
I want to wish you a nice day. I hope you will answer me soon.
Letter 13
good afternoon, my good Richard!
How nice to see your letter. Every day we get to know each other more and I like it.
You know lately I just feel that you seem to be close. And we just sit on a bench in the park and make our communication. With you, I can already tell everything. And laugh, and express feelings. I am pleased that you are with me.
You know, it's hard to describe my feelings, but I'll try to do it. I'm starting to write you a letter, I feel happiness! I am immersed in my thoughts in my own world. No, in our world! It's only our world. I do not notice other people. I forget about my problems, about my work, about my friends. Richard, we created our own world, in which we are cozy and warm. Do you agree with me? I would like to stay in this world more, but this is impossible now. I hope that these thoughts do not seem ****** to you, I just want to tell you about my thoughts. I do not want to lose, the feeling of affection that has appeared between us. We have become very close lately, and this is very pleasing to me.
You know, a few years ago I was at the theater. I think you've heard of Shakespeare's immortal book - Romeo and Juliet. You've heard about it? This is the most romantic, sincere and light story about a great love between a man and a woman, but this love story has a very tragic ending. I saw a play in the theater based on this work. I received a lot of unforgettable impressions after the performance. In my head there were so many thoughts about this love story. Love, Romeo and Juliet brought them death at such an early age. They loved each other very much, but fate did not give them a chance to be happy. I want to say that love is the most complex feeling on the planet. Do you agree? Many people marry and think that their marriage will last a lifetime. But, often we can see that marriages are falling apart. And I can not explain to myself why this is happening more often in the modern world. People became stale, they stopped doing good, respecting other people. It is sad. But, I'm sure that true and bright love still exists. Love can not die. I remember this play, and I understand that love will always live. I hope that my letter was not too boring for you. I like talking about my thoughts and feelings with you. I can be completely frank with you!
I send you my new photos.
I hope that you will like my picture.
It's time to finish my letter. I will wait for your response with excitement.
Letter 14
Hello, my darling!
What a happy day! I have the opportunity to read your new letter! Richard, I was again in our warm and cozy world. Can you feel it, too?
You know, yesterday I had a good evening with my friends. We went to the movies, but the film was not interesting. We watched a comedy with ****** humor and an absurd plot. It was a Russian film. We left the cinema before the movie ended. I invited my friends to go to the cafe
after the movie. Julia (my best friend), already knows, that I am in correspondence with you. But, my other friend, did not know yet that I corresponded with you. She was very surprised when I told her about you. She began to ask many questions about how we met. I tried to answer all her questions, but I did not begin to talk about all the details. I think that the details of our correspondence should remain only between us. Do you agree with me?
Richard, you really liked my friends. They said that you are a good and decent person. I think that they are right. I really agree with them.
You've become a part of my life now, I do not want to lose you. I think about you every day, your letters make me smile every time. How do you do that? I'm really interested in talking to you, reading your thoughts. I like you.
You have opened my eyes, because I can again be absolutely happy woman!
Richard, do you want me to tell you about my dream? I really want to meet you, I want to see you in real life. I do not know when this will happen, but I really want my dream to become a reality. I think that this day will be one of the happiest days in my life. I think that we would be very worried about our first meeting, because this would be a great event in our life. Do you agree with me?
I send you my new photos.
I have to tell you that I'm leaving our little world for today. I must return to the real world.
My dear, I'm leaving you for a little while. I hope that you will answer me quickly.
Letter 15
Hello, my darling!
How nice to feel your care. Thank you for the new letter. I'll never stop thank you for your letters. They make me happy!
You know, I've been looking for a long time, but I found the person I was looking for. I found you, Richard! I hope that I was not mistaken in my choice. You make me happy. I like receiving your letters, I need your letters. I need your tender words. I think that you have become much more than just a friend for me. My dear, in this short time we became very close people. Do you agree with me? I do not cease to be surprised by this fact. Sometimes it seems to me that this happens in a dream. I thought that people can not become so close to each other in such a short time. It seemed to me that this can not happen in real life. You know, I thought it would take several months for us to become close people. You became a part of my life almost instantly. You have appeared in my life so suddenly, and now I can not imagine my life without your letters. Incredible!
Richard, I often dream about our meeting. I know that these are too ambitious plans, but I still think about it. Unfortunately, I can not just catch a taxi and come to you, because there is a huge distance between us. And I know that our meeting may seem like an impossible dream for you, but it is not. My dear, I am ready to overcome any distance, because I am not afraid of it. We are already adults, and distance can not become a barrier to the development of our relations. I am a very romantic woman, and I can do crazy things for the sake of love. Love is the most important thing in my life. I'm not interested in fame or wealth. It's not what I'm looking for. I need only love, real, genuine love!
Today I think a lot about our meeting. I have much to think about you, my dear. In the last days, I start to miss you a lot, I want to take your hand and fall into your arms in real life. I would like to start the procedure to get my documents. What do you think? Do you want to meet me?
I want to finish my letter. I'll give you my photo. I think that my photo today will give you a pleasant mood for the whole day.
My dear, now I must leave you. I have to go. Kiss.
Your Anna.
Letter 16
Hello, my darling!
Richard, I want to tell you that my letter today will be special. I think it can even surprise you. But I'm sure that you will be very pleased to learn about this. You know, I doubted for a long time before I began to write this letter. The fact that I doubted that you can understand me wrong. I know it's ******, but I was very afraid. My dear, I can not keep silent anymore. I think I should tell you about my feelings, and do not hide them deep inside of me. You are a special person in my life.
I love you, Richard !!!! Yes I love you! You are the most amazing man I've ever met. You are very strong-willed, courageous, noble and honest. You have become a very important part of my life, but I do not have the ability to touch you. I feel pain in my heart from the fact that I can not kiss you. I can not look into your eyes, feel the touch of your tender hands. My beloved, I want to be with you! I'm not interested in other men now. I want us to be together only with you. You know, when I walk down the street, I'm trying to find you in a crowd of passers-by. I understand that this is ******, because now you are thousands of miles away from me. In my heart there was a hope for a meeting. You're the man I've been dreaming about all my life. I know that my feeling for you is completely new, it appeared just recently. But this feeling will grow with every new letter, every new day. I'm sure this is the beginning of the greatest love that was in my life. I am ready to overcome these thousands of kilometers to find you.
My beloved, will you give me the hope of reciprocity that I can not claim? I would very much like you to answer me with mutual feelings. I hope that you will not treat my feelings with irony. I can no longer hide this feeling in my heart. I want you to know everything that happens in my soul. I never thought that I could fall in love with a man I'd never seen in real life. But it happened. Yes, I fell in love with you, like a little girl. I think about you constantly, when I try to fall asleep, lying in my cold bed. I would very much like you to lie beside me and warm me with your warmth. You know, I'm really looking forward to our meeting to take you by the hand, to walk with you under the evening sky. I need to feel your touch. I want to see happiness in your eyes. I wanna be with you! I am confident that a bright future awaits us. I will try to make you the happiest man.
My dear, write me the name of the nearest airport, which is located next to you. Good???
I opened my feelings to you, my soul, my heart. My dear, I hope you were glad to read this letter. Now you know about my love for you, I hope that you were not shocked. I will wait for your reply with impatience.
I hope that you will like my photo today.
I love you!
Yours, Anna.
Letter 17
Hello, my Richard!
I was waiting for your letter! Thank you for not forgetting me. My mood rises to the sky when I see that you wrote to me.
Why didn't you answer my request ???? I'll post it again! My dear, write me the name of the nearest airport, which is located next to you. Good???
Richard, sometimes I think about how I could have lived without your letters before. I spent a lot of time in my work, spending time with my mother, my friends. My life was pretty ordinary, I lived reasonably. I drifted with the current, and did not try to change my life. You know, I was very much visited by thoughts of love, but I tried to drive away those thoughts. I did not want to suffer again, because you know how it hurt me when I was betrayed. I just was not ready for a new relationship. Gradually, I began to realize that time was moving forward. I began to realize that I felt lonely. My friend advised me to use Internet dating. And then I found you, my beloved!
I'm so glad you came into my life. My heart is overflowing with joy and tenderness. You know, every time I think about you, I feel that my heart is ready to explode from an overabundance of feelings. I think that you understand me, if you feel the same. I like to read new letters about your life, learn new things about you. I can trust you completely, it's true! I know that we met recently, but I trust you. I know that you are a good person. I think that our relations will continue to develop if we trust each other.
Richard, it seems to me that the dream of my life has come true. I found the man I was looking for all my life. You are very far away from me now, but I hope that we will meet soon. I'm ready to fight for our relationship. I hope that you will not give up too. I think about you every day! What a pity that I can not touch you, to kiss you.
I'm very glad that you appeared in my life.
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
1000 of my kisses for you!
I'm finishing the letter now.
Letter 18
Hello, my beloved!
I was very happy when I saw your letter. I love you! I can no longer hide my feelings. I can only be happy with you. Believe me.
Richard, I could not sleep very long yesterday. I was thinking about you! I was very worried about how you would react to my past letter. Thank you for not taking my feelings with irony. You know, when the city plunged into the darkness yesterday, I went to the window, and looked up at the sky. Have you ever noticed how beautiful the night sky can be? It was very romantic. I could feel you!
Richard, my heart starts to beat more often when I think about you, filling my loneliness with warmth. How do you do that? How do you manage my emotions, thousands of kilometers away from me? I need you. I found my love, I do not doubt it. I'm ready to break any obstacles on my way to be with you. My dear, these are not empty words. I'm ready to fight for our love. Our love story is just beginning. The day will come when we will look at the night sky together, and enjoy sweet kisses. It's unavoidable.
I also visited a travel agency. I learned the cost of the documents for the trip to you.
Passport: 3850 rubles. ($ 55)
Medical insurance: 11550 rubles. ($ 165)
Visa of category B: 9800 rubles. ($ 140)
The ticket price: 11000 rubles. ($ 160)
Darling, I'm upset that the cost of the trip is so great ... It upsets me. Because I so dream of meeting you ...
My beloved, I know that we met recently. Very little time has passed and we have never seen each other, but my heart does not deceive me. I never felt such a huge feeling in my heart. You conquered my heart, you conquered my heart, you are my knight! My mind says that you are the person I've been looking for all my life. It's true. You caused a real storm of emotions inside of me. I can not cope with these emotions when I write you a letter. I just can not control this storm. You know, I've never been such a romantic woman, but you changed me. You are the most amazing man in my life. You are a magician! I love you!
I'm finishing my letter, but I'll wait for your answer.
With love, Anna.
Letter 19
Hello, my beloved!
I love you! I decided to start my letter with these words, because I do not want you to forget about it. My heart Belongs to you!
I'm upset now ... unfortunately our meeting will not take place ... I counted my savings. I will not be able to pay for this trip.
My Love, you have this power over me. You are in my heart and in my head. You make me smile. Richard, I want to fall asleep in your arms to wake up from the warm breath. I want to watch the movie, putting my **** on your chest to inhale the smell of your body.
I want you to hold me when I'm cold. I want to go around the house in your shirt and cook you breakfast in the morning. I want to make love to you at night. My beloved, I see in this a real happiness. Do I really want so much? I just love you, and I want us to be together as soon as possible. I constantly think about the day when we can meet with you. Do you think about this?
I would like to spend our first night alone. We would make love all night long, and stop only the next morning. But, I would like to have a romantic dinner before our first night of love. Then we will walk along the evening city so you can show me all the most beautiful places. And when it gets cold, we'll go home to give each other an unforgettable night.
I know that you would like this, too. Richard, you are the greatest love of my life. I love and receive love in return. Between us are thousands of kilometers that will soon disappear, and we will be able to see each other. I know that I love you, and it will always be so. I would like to convey love to you through this distance. I want you to feel my support.
Our virtual communication means a lot to me, but we will not communicate on the Internet indefinitely.
My dear, we will definitely meet, we will be together. Our meeting is the most important event that will happen.
I look forward to our meeting. I miss you, and I want to give a kiss for you.
I'm finishing my letter. I miss you!
With love, Anna.
Letter 20
Hello, my beloved man!
I get real pleasure when I communicate with you! I said that this feeling can not be described in words, because this feeling can not be described. I love you!
My dear, do you think you can help me? I will be grateful to you if you can do this. But I'm not comfortable asking for your help. My full name is Frolova Anna.
I don't know how to write my address correctly. I'll try to do it. My address is the city of Engels. st. Telman, 31. Postal code 413111. I can give you my number. But I don't have international calls connected. My number: +79272239740. I have some of the money. But I am missing about 330 euros. My dear, there are no Id cards in Russia. I have a passport, but it is in Russian.
Richard, in my heart there is something unimaginable from the moment when I fell in love with you! My heart has lost peace, and will never again be satisfied. You are in my heart and my thoughts all the time. Please do not leave me never, and I promise you that I will never leave you. I found you, now I do not want to lose.
My beloved, I need to throw out my feelings that overwhelm me. Otherwise, I'll just go crazy from the overabundance of all the emotions that occur in my heart. My head is full of thoughts about you, you are everywhere and always beside me. My heart belongs only to you now. My small and fragile heart is only in your hands. I hope that you will cherish it. I love you!
My dear, I just want to be a happy woman. It seems to me that I can become happy now, next to you. What do you think about it?
My love, I would really like to be a part of you, to occupy even a small corner in your heart.
You see that my letter today was not great, but very emotional. I just want to show you how important you are to me. I wanna be with you.
I wish you a pleasant day.
With love, Anna
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