Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Ivanovna Novichkova to Richard (Germany)
Letter 1
Haya my;-) May You are able to lux talk May u please do me a favor)
for now Im looking for unmatched buddy! I'll send You my photos. this is E-mail box for reply is: have a nice day
Letter 2
Thank you for replying to my letter. Now, I I'll try to explain how I found your mail. So in the future you had no questions about that. I saw you on the website Dating "RussianCupid. EN", and decided to write you. This site, told me my ex-colleague from work that I still I keep in touch. First of all, I was interested in searching for a man from another country. Because I'm not satisfied men from Russia, because of their mentality, men from Russia have a lot of problems faced by many Russian women are alcoholism, beat their women, and most importantly, they do not appreciate its second half, in my opinion these men are selfish!!! I don't I want to say that all Russian men are bad, but I speak in my own way experience and from the side. As they say in any country there are enough fools. On for this reason, I decided to look for a man from another country. I have a big question for you, I want to know what you are looking for on this website???? Serious relationship or just flirting? I hope you're serious man. After all, that site is only for finding serious partners. Personally, I'm looking for a serious man with whom I can be more than friends. I'd like to get to know you. Tell me something about yourself..... and ask. what do you want to know about me? I'll tell you about yourself (little). As you already know my name is Irina. Me 30 old. First of all, I am from Russia and live in the city of Saratov. I have been working as an assistant surgeon for two years, in the state polyclinic. I love my job and am proud that I can help people. My hobby is sports. I like playing volleyball, basketball + I like to skate, skate, ski and so on Further. I can list a lot of things I love doing. But, The best option is to tell more in detail in our further communications. I hope you do not mind?? I send you my photos and hope that this photos to you like it. I will wait for your next letter, don't forget send your photos. With this, I will finish my letter. Irina
Letter 3
You may consider me old-fashioned, but for me it is preferable to communicate by email. I like to feel a spiritual connection between me and the other person. It's much more romantic than chatting in messengers, social networks or talking on the phone.
Letter 4
my friend??? Thanks for the new photos. They always raise my mood). I hope my photos give you the same emotions? First of all, I want to say thank you for your time and answered my email and most importantly answered my question from previous letter.
It was very important to me. Now, I know what are you looking for on the Internet. I see our intentions are aligned. You also, like me, looking for a serious partner, for something more than friendship. As you know that only after the meeting you can build serious relations.
I hope you agree with my opinion. Now to us it remains to get to know each other better. A little about me, I live and work in the city of Saratov all my life.
Now, I'll tell you a little bit about my city and its landmarks. The city of Saratov is located in the South East of Moscow, the distance between Moscow and Saratov, is 850 km. Of attractions, I can highlight the temples. One temple, located on the Museum square is the Holy Trinity Cathedral. + In in the center of Saratov is another Church of St. Basil. That is all that I told you briefly about my city. But if you interested in the attractions of my city, then you can follow the link and learn more in the city in which I live. Here is the reference: After I told you in the city I live in. Now I won't tell you much about my profession. I work as a surgeon cranial-maxillofacial in the state polyclinic. To you they didn't know much about my work. I'm treating : - Diagnosis of tuberculosis, syphilis or other specific diseases in the oral cavity, - Implantation of teeth, -Treatment of diseases of the trigeminal nerve-the Treatment of inflammation on tissues of the periodontium, - Treatment of diseases of salivary glands and nerve endings in the oral cavity, - Treatment of tumors of the oral cavity,-An incision of the gums over the wisdom tooth, - Plastic and regenerative jaw operations, - Preparation for prosthetics. And so on. This work it requires a lot of effort and patience. If you are Richard, something specific interested, you can read about my profession on the Internet. + Supplement I will write to you that I work in two shifts ( day and night) for 12 hours every day except Sunday. Sunday is my day off, which I use in most cases on vacation. To complete your letter. I want a little about myself even tell, you had a little idea of me, apart from the photos I send you. I am a girl of little Stature, my growth is 1, 68 cm and my weight is 48 kg. My native hair color is blonde, but I love it with the color Hair to experiment, then you find according to my Photos. The color of my eyes is grey. It still remains, about my Age to speak. I was born 28.05.1990, which means I'm 30 Years old. Chances are you think I'm very young I look and I'm not supposed to be 30 years old. As A Proof I can send your passport. Funny:) just trust me the Word. It really my real age. In order to write to you yet, have I there are no bad habits (that is, I do not smoke and don't drink alcohol). After I told you about me. I would like to see a similar a story about you Richard. Please tell me about yourself. In that Dating the Agency where I'm registered doesn't say anything about you or me. I really wanted to meet you and learn about you, how more as possible. On that note, I will finish my letter because I we need to get back to our work. I hope that soon you write me. I look forward to your next letter. Your friend Irina
Letter 5
I'm glad to hear from you again. Once you have written me, on my face, a smile appeared. Continue to write to me and of course don't forget to send your photos. Now in Russia Summer has come and now cold days have changed to warm.
I will not much to write about the weather, better overall I will give you tell me how today my day off from work. First of all, I help the orphanage, because I personally grew up in this house and I have feelings of compassion for these children because, when I was in exactly the same situation. All children have different stories, how they got to the orphanage. The first category of children, parents deprived of parental rights to the child, most often it is a problem parents who frequently abuse alcohol. The second category children, parents died and there are no relatives who would take on apacoust. But in the third category, the parents simply refused their children. This category belonged to me. Until I was taken from children's home elderly couple. I was taken away at the age of 6, and were engaged in my education till 20 years. First my mother died, and already after 2 years my dad died. In my family there was only my half-sister Marina. Marina is the daughter of my adoptive parents parents. I did not leave hope to find residing real parents, but all this was without success. If it weren't for my adoptive parents, I wouldn't have know how now formed my destiny and what I was doing. But, too bad I can't thank them. I'm sorry about now. I was weak, but I think I'd better tell you now. about my childhood, than you learned would then. I hope you Richard, was do you mind learning a little from my past life??? Now, I hope do you understand my intention why I'm helping the orphanage???? My friend, have you ever helped the orphanage??? in this letter I will attach a photo of the child to whom the child I bought a toy + bought clothes, This is us in the photo with my sister.
I hope, You'll like it. On this Note, I am, I want my letter finish. I look forward to your next letter. Your Friend Irina
Letter 6
Hello my frend Richard. Today is my beautiful day. You know why ?? Because I got a letter from you, my friend Richard. I'm very glad you continued our communication :) + You are doing everything possible to our friendship was more than that. I am very pleased that you really have serious intentions for me. Today after work, I was cleaning my apartment. After harvesting, I decided to bake Cupcakes. By the way here are the pictures, you'll appreciate my labour. You like it?? After I have told you about yourself where you live, whom you work, + I told you a little about my life. Now I want to tell you about their Hobbies and interests. So you know and have more insight about me. After that, I will have to write you a more serious topic conversation's. First of all, I want to tell you about my musical tastes. I prefer to listen to modern music. I like these artists like : Imagine dragons, Rihanna, Linkin Park, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Nickelback, Elka, Polina Gagarina. I will appear a big fan of data artist and I almost like everything songs. My friend, are you listening to these artists??? At the expense of musical tastes I wrote to you. Now, I want to tell you my favorite types. My favorite genres are Detective, drama, Romance, Comedy. My favorite movies are "Hachiko: A dog's Story" - this movie can make you cry, "Titanic", "Gladiator", " 1+1 The Intouchables". + I still prefer to watch TV channels, my favorite channels are: Discovery Channel, BBS, National Geographic.
As for actors. In the category of my favorite the actors are : Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio. I forgot to mention the Directors of Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg., James Cameron. This list is not yet fully written. But I think that will be enough. I forgot to mention I like to read. books. I love Mysticism and fantasy. My favorite book about Man amphibian. Similar to me, poetry of the Great Russian author Alexander Pushkin. He wrote Poetic works such as " Ruslan and Lyudmila ", " Eugeny Onegin ". His poems have a very deep meaning. Everything seems to be, in short, I told you that I prefer to listen, to watch, and read. Now in conclusion, I want to add what I like to do in my free time time, and about their Hobbies. In free time from work, I am (all depends on the time of year). Summer - I prefer to go swimming on rivers. I love swimming - it's a healthy lifestyle. + I love to ride on the bike, by the way this is my main transport in the summer, I'm on I cycle to work, to shops and so on.. In the winter I I love to ski, I love to skate. + I prefer to go to the fitness room and swim in the pool after class exercise. In conclusion, I want to write about my hobby. You know my favorite hobby is my job. I love my job and it brings me great pleasure in What I do. Given work is to my liking. I can write a lot about it, But who will be interested. Me or you?????
This is a great question. I think that's probably where I'll end my letter. I probably didn't tell you everything, But if you have any questions. THAT be sure to ask. I will answer your questions in the following letter. Until next time. Your friend Irina
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Richard. Today I have a little time to write you a letter. Because I don't have my own computer. I write you my letters through Internet cafe, sometimes using a computer which is in the hospital. If I had a computer at home, we talked much often. But not let us about bad, today I want to talk to the on serious theme, as I promised you in my previous letter. In this letter, I want to ask you some interesting questions, what do you value most in your partner???? What are your qualities future a girl should have??? I hope to see from you reasoned response. For me, the most important thing in a partner is inner beauty. Under this definition of the word that my future a partner should not look like a super model. For me the most important qualities in a man are honesty, loyalty, mutual understanding and respect for your partner. But of course a good sense of humor, to please your other half. For me, these qualities are most important. My friend Richard, what do you value most in relationship? You and I are adults and we both had experience in a relationship from which everyone has drawn their own conclusions. I would be interested know about it. Because I already had experience in relationships. I want to share my thoughts about it. I think relationships are about the most valued mutual understanding and trust between partners. + Most for me important this sex. I am very positive about sex. You see sex needs a man. Sex is an indispensable attribute of love. Without sex there is no happiness in love and family life. I believe this it is possible to name sex by art. Not all people own it in perfection. Sex with your loved one is a great pleasure. My friend Richard, how do you think sex is important in a relationship???? I'm warning you in advance. I don't need to write detailed proposals about sexual dreams and so on. I don't need to ask questions about my sexual preferences that I love in sex and so further. OK??? We're not that level of a relationship that talk about sex. I just want to see what you think., how much sex is important in a relationship. In this letter, I asked you some important questions and hope that you answer everything. You, too, ask questions on more serious themes except for sexy topics. We with you already not teenagers, to to to discuss sexual and position in sex. I will try to respond as scope.
With this, I will finish my letter. Waiting with impatience for your reply. Your Irina
Letter 8
Hello my dear Richard. Today I had a short day at work. For the next few days, I very tired and I need a rest this day, I have no plans how to spend your day.
I'll probably be cleaning the house. and cooking. What have you planned for this day???? Write necessarily.. Thank you for your letter and especially for the arguments of the answers. It was a pleasure to read that you agree with my opinion about the Meaning of Sex in terms of. + The most important thing is that you the opinion that is important in the relationship, and I agree with In their opinion. But apart from Sex in a relationship is the most important thing, in my opinion, trust. This is true 100 Trust must be between the Person and woman, you should be able to be to tell every single thing to everyone else, share all your Joy and sorrow. If you have the Problem you are trying to to find solvation together. what you think Richard? What is your opinion? I hope you didn't mind if I called you "dear" ??? I I think this is our next level of serious relationship. My dear Richard, I think in small steps we are approaching our meetings. What do you think about this??? I'm going on vacation soon after about two weeks(my vacations may start earlier, maybe a little later everything will depend on my supervisor) and we could spend this holiday in your country. By then, I'll have accumulated part of the money and will be able to pay for your trip. But I think it is better to discuss our meeting in more detail as soon as they begin vacations. Perhaps I'm in a hurry with this proposal. My dear Richard, what do you think ??? I would like to hear your opinion on this occasion. Okay, Richard, I'm finishing my letter now and I hope u You have a great day! I think of You, and I'm really happy that we met in the Internet! That thought makes me smile. :) Hope to hear from You soon! With hugs, Irina
Letter 9
are you studying or planning to do something this week??? I was it would be interesting to know about your plans. I have nothing special, in this the moment I plan to go back to the orphanage to carry things(my colleagues prepared toys, clothes ).+ This week I plan to go to the gym. Since last week, I had to miss a couple of classes because of my illness (I had a runny nose and cough. ) Now, I feel much lighter and can go to the gym hall and get in shape. My dear Richard, I am glad that you are interested in our meeting.
These the news for me is positive. Most importantly, I got from you the answer, thereby I will be able start training to our meeting. But when the vacation starts. We will solve with you such questions on what the date we better schedule our meeting, how many days we will together, where exactly will be our first meeting at the hotel or maybe you have and other questions. All these questions, we are sure solve. But!!! As soon as I start my vacation, we will let's return to this topic of conversation. I hope you agree with me, my dear Richard???? The question of our meeting should go delicately, I understand everything that a trip to your country would cost me a tidy sum of money. For this, I only suggested you meet, how you will react to my question. Whether you agree to this meeting or not. After I got your answer, now I have a goal to accumulate enough means to arrive in your country to avoid problems with lack of money. It would be foolish of me to ask for your help., we haven't even seen each other. That's why I want to come. on their own without your intervention. At the end of my letter. I want to write to you. You know Richard, I need to tell you something. I never thought before it was possible to find a very good friend, someone special using the Internet. But now I can say it happened to me, I met you, and I feel like I've known you for a long time, despite the fact that we we exchanged only a few letters. Now I can say that in the world has a man who understands me, my life position, whose dreams and intentions are close to mine. You should know that you are dear to my heart, I am always ready to listen, understand and try to help you if you it is necessary. Okay, I'm finishing the letter now and I'll look forward to it. to your answer, Richard!!! I think you!!! :) With gentle hugs and kisses your Irina
Letter 10
Hello my dear Richard. Thank you very much for your letters. I want thank you for answering my questions and commenting on mine thoughts.
I think this is very important in our communication and with everyone step by step, with each letter we become closer to each other. You too. feel that Richard???? I feel it:) Today my day was full of good events, as well as bad. But, About everything in order. Nothing serious at work today. it happened because there were few customers who had problems. Po for this reason, I was released earlier from work. After work, I decided head straight to the gym to get in shape. After visiting the gym, I headed home to cook get some food. I made myself buckwheat porridge and boiled chicken. After I've eaten. I decided to go to the orphanage to take the clothes and play with the kids. You know, I had a great time with children, we with them played a lot of games, read even walked together. For a moment, I felt more than just a teacher, but I also woke up maternal feelings. It was it's a great day until I found out some bad news that shocked me. After walking with the kids, I decided to go to the Director of the orphanage to drink tea and talk to her.
Input our dialogue, the Director told me a story that there is a girl which needs surgery. Three weeks ago, the girls became her taken to hospital. During the examination found a brain tumor early stage and the doctors had prescribed to undergo chemotherapy. In the words Director, course of chemotherapy has not helped girls. Now she needs in an expensive operation to be carried out in Moscow. Now there are already donations for the operation. From this news, I was completely in shocked and didn't know how to react to everything that happens. + toward all this this girl I know (her name is Katya) and very often with her spent their free time. Since Katya is very strongly reminds me in childhood and me even became it's a shame, because the destiny is not favorable(as if luck turned away from her). After conversations with the Director of the orphanage, now I think about the donation money for surgery. That's how I spent my day. My dear Richard, most likely on this I will finish my letter. After this news I have even the establishment mood. I hope. that tomorrow my mood will rise. I look forward to it your next letter. Your Irina
Letter 11
Hello my dear Richard. I am glad to receive your letter. I want to tell you the truth, when I receive letters from you, my mood immediately improves and a smile appears on my face. Most likely it attachment to you, during our communication. I still don't I understand how I managed to get attached to a man I'm not even with. met in real life.
For me will be it most likely riddle. Even now, after reading your letter, I want to smile and even I want to hug you. It is a pity that because of distance we can not meet at the moment and walk around park. But, I very feel, that our meeting will happen. Richard, we've been talking to you for days. I like you a lot.
Immediately write that I am not clairvoyant and can't see the future:)
You know, I think about you every day. I still tormented by one question, can we be more than friends ???? I think "YES". But the exact answer will be only after our meeting. I think you agree with my opinion??? My dear Richard, I am very lonely and sad at heart, most likely, it's about loneliness. I haven't had a man for so long. who I'd like to touch and hold. I really want to destroy his loneliness. Richard, I want to tell you what you have become for me very close to me, I really like to read your letters. Your letters help me to endure loneliness. Of course, around there are many different men for every taste, but inside in the shower it would be desirable to find a special man who loved me and was as gentle to me as you are. Richard. On this sad note, I will say goodbye to you. Because I it is necessary to go to work. I'll try to write you tomorrow. Good Richard ???? + I forgot to write you. I'm going on vacation soon, most likely the holidays will start next week. I'm sure you write the exact date when will leave. OK??? Wait for my next letter. Be sure to email me. Bye, bye, bye. I miss you very much. Your Irina
Letter 12
Hello my dear Richard. I've had a hard day today. There were a lot of customers and so there was a lot of work. Pfffffffffffffff.... I'm tired.... After I went home to work. You know what happened to me? On my way home I met my sister Marina. We immediately went to the nearest cafe and talked over a Cup of tea + ate pizza. Marina noticed during the conversation that I have a lot smile and voice my tone was joyful. After that, Marina asked I have an interesting question, why am I smiling ??? I didn't hide from my sister and said that I communicate with you Richard. For Marina it was a great surprise that I communicate with a man from abroad. Although.
I will remind you that it was Marina I was advised to use Dating Agency ""RussianCupid. EN", it is thanks to Marina I found you :) I don't know if it's fate or coincidence, but I I am grateful to my sister that she advised a Dating site. Marina asked to tell about you, in what city you live, where working and most importantly asked for a photo of you. I said I I'll try to tell her and show her your picture next time. Marina agreed and gave you a big "Hello". After I told you about you. Marina told me that too I met a man from another country. Their story is similar to ours. But the difference is, she met him at work. She herself he works as an English translator in a construction company... They communicated as well as we.
Imagine!!! I was so happy for her. Marina told me that she recently went to visit him. To get to know him better, get to know his culture, country. See how he lives. She told it all so emotionally that I couldn't tell her. stop. =)))... Ohhh... I'm so glad she found her happiness... Richard, I think that we can take an example.. Don't you think? This proves it again, that there are no boundaries to creating a relationship... Distance is easy numbers... do you agree? That's how I spent my day. I hope you don't mind if I I'll tell you about you and show you your picture???? I hope you don't be against it. Richard, we've been talking to you for days. You I like you. I noticed we have something in common.. What you think? Richard, I very much hope that between us there is something serious and once we also organize our meeting. Do you agree? I I think that this or next month I will have a vacation. But, about I'll let you know when my vacation starts. On this I will finish your letter. Your Irina
Letter 13
So, we continue our correspondence. I wrote many letters, ten times I wrote you about my life, about my thoughts and emotions. You know, Richard, I have reflected about my a question., what I asked you !" How has my life changed after the beginning of changing correspondence?
Our correspondence ". We are not so long familiar. It is not years and months. It is only weeks, days. It is not a personal acquaintance. It is only correspondence. But, what has changed????!!! Very much has changed. Probably once will change ALL! I do not joke, Richard. Much has exchanged for me.A new person appeared in my life. A new man. This is very handsome man. This is an interesting and special for me man.
He is mine secret! I feel attention and interest of this man. I feel his care. I impatiently wait for our meetings, for our correspondence meetings. I wait for his letters. I wait and I worry. If today there is no letter from him. Or once he will not write at all. I have hopes and I have dreams. Small dream - absolutely small... And very gentle.
I dream to be a special for this man. I dream to touch his feelings, to mention his heart. I dream to be unique for him. I dream to hope! I dream about a certain secret which will be the most gentle secret for us once. May be it is too little - ten letters. May be it is absolutely anything, emptiness... But for me it is the first step! For me it is a shy hope and a gentle dream. For me this is beginning. What will be in the future??! Certainly I do not know now, what expects me - I can just dream and hope. But now I have interest and care of the wonderful man. And this man is YOU Richard !!!! I enjoy your letters, your attention, I enjoy you, your presence in my life. There are only ten drops from the sea of hope and dream. It is only our correspondence acquaintance! The most interesting is ahead. Well, today I will finish it. I hope you are not got tired of my reasoning, of my maiden reasoning. I VERY GRATEFUL to you. You do my life more interestingly, more bright and give me the moments for dreams. I hope only yours and for ever.... Irina
Letter 14
Hello my dear Richard ! In this short time that I am writing you. I got used to you very much and look forward to receiving your letters watch every day. Your letters lift my mood and make my day. I sat at home last night and thought all night about you and us. I thought it would be nice if we together. I really want to meet you. My In the opinion, the Person fully know you can only with him communicate personally and see a Person's eyes. I have found you. many qualities I've been looking for with a man. I like your open mind and good heart. From your E-Mails I can see how you take care of me and respect me and me appreciate it. We can write each other 1000000 letters, but we'll never really know each other. I want us to be together and our relationship continues to develop. I'm not in the circle to go around and say directly, you want me to come to you???? If your answer is positive, then in for a few days I will contact the travel agency is going to find out the cost of documents for the Arrival in your country. I am pleased to learn that you meet idea support and wish me also to see and spend with time for me. I think that we are in our following messages they discuss in more detail our meeting and establish time and a Place for this. At the end of his letter. I want to tell you dear, that very nice for a woman to make sure there is a man who is her he waits and wants to hold his hand. This idea affects the views of women and their behavior. So thank you Richard ! that you made me feel it. And that you have ideas and fantasies about the day you meet me? Let me know, please. Dear, I have many ideas like us we can spend our time together. I am also going to surprise you and I I think you will be pleased. I should be telling you, Richard !, about some ideas in the following posts. But you should know that when you'll be in my hands.
it's not fast. you can get out of mine. embraces'. Now I will not write about these things that I will do with you, but you'll remember him for a long time. !!! Now I'm done letter. I'll be waiting for your messages. My tender kisses! Your Irina
Letter 15
Hello my dear Richard. First of all, I want to tell you the good news, I had last working day and from today my vacation started with the duration of 40 days, to be more precise, my vacation is over !!!!Caaa?oaiea Ioionea!!!!.
My plans were to go to a tourist the Agency, but alas I did not, as the Agency has already terminated. I wanted to know about the cost of tickets and find out what documents are needed for arrival in your country. But I need the following information from you: My dear Richard, please provide me information about the nearest the airport that is closest to you and most importantly how much we plan to spend days or weeks with each other. This above all it is necessary that I could learn more exact cost of tickets. Now the next question is, where will we live, or rather where I'll be live???
There are two options. The first option is to find a cheap hotel not far from you. The second option is to stay with you, thereby I can save a decent amount of money If you give me a room in your house, I'll be glad to sleep with you. Now that I've asked you all the important questions that I bother. I want to tell you about the purpose of my visit to you Richard. V first of all, when I offered to meet you. My purpose of visit it was to get to know each other better. I mean, after meeting who we will each other( friends, lovers, or even build a serious relationship). I'm leaning towards the latter., to build a serious relationship. But to build serious relations. We need this meeting, only after the meeting, we can understand who we really are to each other. Though, we communicate with you already with a long duration of time and we have to each other deep feelings, but still it's nothing compared to a real meeting. I I think in this moment are you with me completely agree. In my case, since my vacation only lasts 40 days, I would like to stay with you for 2-3 weeks, but up to 4 weeks!! That's enough., to get to know each other better. I hope you agree with my opinion??? But after our meeting, we can already plan your arrival to my country, so I could show you the sights. his city in which I live, I would have introduced you to his sister Marina. I think that's fair. Thank you for writing your plans for our meeting, I was very it's nice to read your letters. After reading your letters, you charge me positive energy, because of this I am in the beautiful mood. I always think about you. It's really hard to be so far away from you. I have a lot of ideas in my notebook. First of all turn, I want to be with you and have a nice walk in the Park. After I wanted to go to the movies with you to view romantic movie. I want to have dinner with you for candles! That is all Wonderful! Because you will be with me! With you, I will feel yourself easily! I'll be the happiest girl in the world! All this thanks to you, Richardur! You're my guardian angel! I want it to be like this forever! We will definitely be happy together! It really will great, spend your free time together! We can do a lot prophetic together! There will be no "You" or "Me" in our lives. there will be one word "WE"! Do you agree with me? I think it's really Wonderful! We'll make the decision together! In this moment, I want to confess my feelings. I love you with all my heart and soul! Kiss you, dear Richardur! Kiss you my love! I really am happy, you gave me consent about our meeting. It's very good! Thank you, my dear, that you are. On this I will finish his letter. With love Irina
Letter 16
Hello my dear Richard. Today, I went to the Bounty travel agency to find out the cost of all expenses (visa, tickets, insurance, etc.). first I started with a visa. In a travel agency, I Called the price of a visa. I was offered two types of visa: National visa - category "D", (that is, it is a long-term visa, giving the right to stay only in the country for 180 days). I crossed out this type of visa from my list, due to the fact that visa will be more expensive + will be done within six months.
After This travel agent offered the second option, make tourist - category "C", (This type of visa - gives the right to be in the country for a certain period, and travel throughout territory) This visa allows you to stay in your country from 40-90 days. In this case, when you repeat the trip, you can extend visa at the embassy. I think this type of visa is very suitable for me. for travel to your country.
I think you agree with this ??? Travel agent offered me to use the package of services (FPS.) FPS includes additional payments for visa category, consular services, preparation for interview with the commission. BUT!!! Tourist visa agency removes all problems and thus increases the likelihood of obtaining a visa without long delays. That is, I can get a visa in 10 days). + To all this Pretty cheap in my opinion, the price of such a visa will cost me 22 000 rubles. My health insurance will cost 7,000 rubles. + To me I will need to be vaccinated, since I will be the first travel to your country. The cost of vaccination is 2 000 rubles. + I will need to undergo a medical examination which will cost me a tidy sum of 5,000 rubles. Here is such expenses expect me in addition to the cost of tickets. After I found out the cost of a visa and other expenses. I asked about the cost of tickets. Here, I was a little shocked by prices. My dear Richard, the fact is that tickets to your country to me will be very expensive. According to travel agent cost ticket together will be from about 40 000 - 60 000 rubles (for USA, AUS, CAN) / 10 000 - 20 000 rubles (for EUROPE). Prices are very vary + it all depends on the course usd (eur). Exact ticket price, I can tell you only after we set our dates meeting Most likely I will have to buy tickets for two weeks in advance. At the moment, I do not want to pay all the expenses related to the trip. First of all, I am waiting for a salary from my clinic. The clinic must pay my salary for 2 months. If the clinic pays full salary in a few days. I think that I should be enough to pay all the costs associated with a trip to your country. Here is the news, my dear. I hope that you are waiting for our meeting with impatience ??? I would very much like our meeting to come true. I will be looking forward to your next letter. I love you Richard.
Letter 17
Hello my love Richard. I'm in a great mood today. Today, I met with his sister Marina. To share with your plans about travel to your country. You know, Tatyana approved of my choice and agreed with my thoughts. She wished me a good flight, to have us all worked out in the future.. I was so glad Marina approved of my choice. I hope we have a moment for getting to know each other. I want to tell you one more news. At least Marina has approved my choosing what to meet you Richard. She suggested the following to meet all together in Sochi to get to know each other closer. Do you rather remember my conversation with Marina a week ago??? She also met through Dating Agency "" RussianCupid.EN", though I do not wrote you the name of who she met because I didn't know myself this. But Henry decided to visit Russia to meet Marina. Henry, several times was in Russia, but never was in Sochi and my the sister offered to organize a meeting in Sochi next year to we were able to meet in pairs. I think it's a great idea how spend your next vacation. What do you think???? My dear Richard, the accountant contacted me and there is a good news.
The clinic will pay my salary in full 28 August. But at the moment I was paid an advance. This money is enough for me, to fully cover all costs with a visa. Tomorrow, I'll go to Agency to pay for visa acceleration, that is FPS. My love Richard, most likely on this I will finish your letter to me very lucky that our destinies are intertwined. I don't want to lose you. You my Prince is on a white horse and for you I will do anything you say, as long as you're with me. I will stop this letter and I am waiting for your next letter. I love you. Your love Irina
Letter 18
My dear, thank you for your letter. I want to tell you the news about preparing my documents for arrival in your country. Yesterday, I was in the travel agency and paid for the acceleration of the visa, that is, FPS + insurance. My love Richard, today they called me from a tourist agencies. I was told that probably tomorrow or the day after, The embassy will call for an interview. I was very glad to receive such information. I did not expect that the preparation of the visa to occupy much less time than I planned. Are you excited for such news???? I am very pleased that you have appeared in my life. For me the most main question. Dear Richard, how do you imagine our first meeting ???
Describe in detail your thoughts and ideas. Good?? You know, i tried to present our first meeting. I present our first meeting so You are standing at the airport with flowers and a sign with my name (most likely you know what my favorite flowers are ??), I I feel my first fear before our meeting. Most likely I have there will be a high heartbeat + my temperature will rise. After that as I approach you with my luggage. I'll hold you tight and kiss After that we will take a taxi (in your car) to your at home (or hotels, then I did not think where it would be better). After that as we arrive at the destination.
I will leave my bags and after of this we will go for a walk in the park and you will show sights of their city. After a long walk we are with you Richard, we come back and this is where our day ends. AT I apologize in advance for not being able to describe our first meeting Perhaps a little later, I will tell you. OK, my dear Richard ?? Now the days for me last like a month when I think about our long-awaited meeting. On this, I will to finish the letter. I will write to you how I will appear news. I love you Richard. Your love Irina
Letter 19
Hello my dear Richard. My dear Richard, I was happy to receive a letter from you. Today my the letter will be short. I do not have much time. I just that came from a travel agency. I decided to inform you good news right away.
The embassy called me for an interview. Now, I need to pack my things and go to Moscow. Tonight i I will go to Moscow. This moment, I waited forever, in my opinion.. The travel agency completed its task faster than I expected. It is most likely due to the amount of money I paid for accelerate the preparation of documents for a visa. Now it doesn't have much values. Most importantly, I am going to the embassy !!!
Likely tomorrow or after tomorrow, I can get the documents that are needed for arrival in your country. Tomorrow, I will write to you from the internet - a cafe city Moscow. OK, Richard ??? I will inform you all the news that will be touch my trip. Now I need to pass an interview at the embassy Norway. If a my interview at the embassy will fail, then I will have to cancel all travel plans. But, in the travel agency they assure me that the visa will be approved. A lot of people applied for a visa in their agency, and the result is a very positive 95 of the clients the visa was approved !! I have hope that our meeting will come true. I will finish on this my letter. Now I will be heading home to pack your things. My love Richard, I hope to get from you the answer that will bring support to me. I love you Richard. Your love Irina
Letter 20
Hello my love Richard, I hasten to inform you that I arrived in Moscow.
You will find it strange that I write to you so late. But, I got to Moscow by bus. The distance between Moscow-Saratov is 900 km + there were stops. This trip made me very tired. My love Richard, today my letter will be brief. I hope you are not upset about my short letter ??? It remains a little more, tomorrow I will go to the embassy for an interview. I must write to you about the results of my visit to the embassy. Well, my dear Richard ???? Today I am very tired. Tomorrow I will write you a more detailed letter. On this I will finish my letter. I love you Richard. Your love Irina P.S My dear Richard. I'm asking you not to forget to resend the information. I need your phone number, home address, and the city you live in. This information is very necessary!! Most likely, the Embassy will ask me where I'm going, to whom I'm going, and where I will live
Letter 21
Hello my love Richard I recently left the embassy and I immediately decided to write to you.
I am writing to you letter, and I smile. I'm so glad! If I could, I would talk with you for a long time. But, unfortunately, now it is impossible. But, I'm sure that our meeting will soon take place and we will talk personally. Richard, I want to tell you about the commission in Moscow. I hope, is it interesting for you. Most likely tomorrow, I'll write to you from my own cities. Most likely I'll come to Saratov in the evening (I'll go again to bus, as it is sparingly). Most likely, the embassy will approve visa for travel to your country.
Because, I tried a lot. Now, I'm worried, you must understand this. I never thought that the commission will ask me unusual questions.
Consular officer asked me: the purpose of my visit to Norway, questions about my family, the question of knowing English. After, how I answered all the questions. The consular officer asked additional questions about my financial and family situation in Russia. I responded to all questions honestly, directly and openly.
The consular officer said that I must wait for a decision on the approval of the visa. I hope that my visa will be ready in a few days.
The representative of the embassy immediately informs travel agency about visa preparedness. After that, I will buy a ticket to your country Norway. After I buy ticket, I will inform you of the date of arrival. Now, I again have to wait for news from embassies. Now for me: "Waiting is worse than death." I do not I can concentrate on nothing. My heart is so worried, I can not work. The Consul said that the decision will be made after a few days. I'm so excited. I so want this little dream to be truth. I just want to see my loved one. I think that God will help me. I just want to meet you. I already see us together, and I'm plunging into dreams. I want to build a ship with you to sailing in an unlimited ocean. I want to meet you at dawn and see the sun set. We will sail on our ship, and our love will light our way. We will look at the stars, we will meet together the dawn of the sun. If there is a storm, our love will protect us. If there is peace, our love will be blown. Our love will be a beacon for us. We will sail in the ocean of love and oblivion and nothing can separate us. We will call our ship - "Dream". It will be our small ship, but very strong.
because that we will make our ship faith, hope and love. Impossible wait for your dream to fall from the sky. We need to go to this dream.
It is necessary to clean and build a road. If in the heart there is faith and dream, if in the heart there is love and hope, it is necessary for achieve dreams by all means. I do not sit still. In my life there were very few easy moments. On this, I try to do everything, so that my dreams come true. I understand that now it's only a dream. But these dreams will brighten up my life. I hope that your Richard. My love Richard, I promised to tell you more about my dreams. Today I kept my promise. On this, I will finish my letter. I will write to you as soon as I arrive in Saratov. Good???? I like you Richard. Your love Irina
Letter 22
Hello my love Richard. Dear Richard, I have received your electronic letter. I was very glad to read him. Your letters install to me unlimited quantity of confidence. Having read them I become the omnipotent person. Very much has changed from the moment of our acquaintance. I, think, that I began to live only after acquaintance to you. Till this time I only existed. After our acquaintance my life has sharply changed in the best side. It has noticed not only I. My fellow workers, my friends, even my patients - all have noticed change in my life. Everyone ask the same question. It is interesting to all why I look so happy....
From road I am very tired. I as have reached a house and have gone to bed. I think that I knowingly have visited to Moscow. From trip I still had many positive emotions. I when did not go on so important affairs, therefore strongly worried. On road to Moscow I with anybody did not communicate because thought of interview in embassy. I experienced that any failure can visit me. I was afraid that can give up to me in reception of the visa. But my experiences appeared are vain. On interview to me did not give the exact answer. In a corridor I have waited the person which was in the commission and he has told, that I should not worry. Has told that in two or three days representatives of embassy will contact travel agency and will cause me to Moscow for reception of the visa. Therefore I have gone home with quiet soul. Now I need to wait the answer from embassy then it is necessary to buy the ticket in your country, to go again to Moscow to receive the visa and to wait day of a start. The second trip to Moscow does not deliver me of inconvenience. The ticket to me will need to be bought in Saratov from representatives of travel agency. To take off I should from the Moscow airport because I will need to come in embassy and to receive the visa. It would be convenient for me to take off from the Saratov airport but for this purpose to me some days in Moscow should to live and to wait for readiness of the visa. Moscow not city familiar to me. Hotels cost very dearly and it is terrible to me to be in Moscow one. Therefore I have chosen not absolutely convenient, but a safe variant. Today I went to travel agency and told him about trip to Moscow. They sincerely were glad for me.
Unfortunately the Embassy yet did not contact travel agency. I think that has passed not enough time. I think tomorrow or the day after tomorrow representatives of embassy will cause me for reception of the visa. I want that it has taken place as soon as possible. I want to buy as soon as possible the ticket to you and to wait for day of a start. Dear if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow me will cause for reception of the visa I shall buy the ticket to you for 2-3 September. I shall buy the ticket with a stock of 5-6 days. I shall better lead these days pending. Suddenly there will be unforeseen circumstances.
Dear, I finish the letter and I shall go home. I need to prepare much for all for the period of the absence. I love you and I want to be only with you. The feeling of love amplifies every new day. Your love Irina.
Letter 23
Hi my dear Richard!!! Loved my visa is available, but I can take away her only after I shall redeem the ticket in your country. Tomorrow or after tomorrow, I shall buy the ticket in your country but only after to me inform from travel agency, and will tell, that my documents are completely ready. For arrival to you. I every day think of our meeting with you. I know how it is to be thinking about someone all the time, I have felt that as well. So then I try to keep myself busy doing other things and it helps. I guess that's how I've been able to get along all this time without somebody special in my life. I keep myself busy with study, with friends. I have become used to it now, but not entirely. Some times I get along doing chores around the house, listening to music, or helping other people with their problems. It has been so many times that I wanted to be with someone. So as time went on, little by little I had to learn how to not feel lonely. But I have also learned that it's not all that possible. And in the same way I try to avoid getting hurt, as it has happened to me before. And that too is not all that possible. On the other side I have seen other peoples mistakes and I like to think that I wont make the same ones. I try to think of many possible results, I like to be cautious and to think ahead, but I have learned that as careful that I may be, there is always something that can go wrong. So why should I continue to hold back and not live my life like others, by going ahead with what my heart says and being as cautious as possible, right? We are only human and imperfect, all I can try is to do the best I can, with the person that best fits my way of thinking. And it would seem so strange that I could find such a person on the other side of the planet. Imagine if the Internet didn't exist, I would have never known about you and I would probably continue to live the same way forever. There is only so much happiness that one can achieve alone, but I would like to think that I could achieve so much more with you. It would be wonderful to stop dreaming about it and make it come true. So at the same time, I also think about what would be needed to make a relationship work and how to provide for as much as possible. It's not easy when other pressures are felt in a relationship. So if at first we should decide to take this beyond what it has become so far, I think it will be like awaking from a dream and trying our best to make the dream come true. Like I said before, there is a lot to talk about, a lot to learn and understand. The feeling of love is great, but it takes little bit more to have a place to live, to be healthy and have a family. I know that these are subjects that can't be decided or solved in a week, but the most important thing will be addressed, how well we get along. There is one thing that I know for sure, I like you very much and we will have a wonderful time together. Your words in every letter have shown me that we think the same way, so I truly believe that something great and long lasting will come out of this. I think about you every day and wish you were near me already. I will just have to be patient and wait for that moment to come true. With hugs and tender kisses, Yours love Irina...
Letter 24
Hello to my sweetheart Richard, How are you feeling my love? I care for you so much Richard. You mean the world to me and I love you more than anything. I want to express my feelings to you Richard. I want to tell you that I love you and you have changed my life for the better. I want to tell you that it hurts being away from you. I love you that much that being away from you hurts me. You are my best friend and I love you so much I just want to kiss you and hold you! I look at your photos that you have sent me and my heart gets a very warm feeling.
You are a true vision of beauty Richard. You are so lovely not only on the outside but on the inside as well. I love the way you write letters Richard sweetheart. You have the soul of a poet and I am so lucky to have a chance to spend my life with you Richard. I see a great future for the both of us together. We both love and have respect for each other. We will be equal partners in life and we will be there for each other. It will be so wonderful knowing that I have an amazing beautiful man to come home to everyday. A man who I will love more than anything. Your happiness Richard is the most important thing to me sweetheart. I just want you to be happy my love. I know that I can make you happy sweetheart. In my heart I know that we will be together soon and I will give you the biggest hug at the airport! I cannot wait for this day Richard! I just love you so very much! I send you hot kisses and hugs because I love you Richard! Bye for now my love. I will be thinking of you my love!
Letter 25
Hello my dear Richard. I have a big request for you. I ask you to read Richard mine letter to end. This is important!!! If you don't read carefully, then most likely you may not understand the essence of the whole problem, which I'm going to describe to you. The problem is that I today I was at the travel Agency to buy tickets for 6 September. But the travel agent provided too expensive a ticket I can't afford. "Full value of my travel costs 650 eur ". I asked the travel agent, so he can find a cheaper ticket. Full price of my trip is 500 eur, departure will be 11 September in the cost of so the same includes travel Agency services, my health insurance, return flight + bus ride to Moscow airport. I thought it was a good option for me, so I asked travel agent reserve this ticket. But, tourist the Agency refused. The reason was that there were many willing customers who want to buy this ticket. For what this ticket reserve on me. I definitely need to Deposit prepayment of 30 of the ticket price, in the best case to buy completely this ticket. I asked the travel agent to give me he wants me to bring the money to pay for the tickets. After that, I I went straight to accounting to get my paycheck. Because a couple of days ago, I mean 30 August the clinic should it will pay my salary in full.
On arrival at accounting, I asked to issue salary. But there was the following problem as in the country crisis, the salaries of all who work detained. We have this in the clinic often happens, but after I was told to wait a whole month. I was completely disappointed and confused. I I tried to explain the situation to them. I even had to turn to the head of the clinic, but I could not achieve any results.
I told them I didn't want to work in a place that couldn't be on time.
to give out the earned money, but it also didn't bring results. In this moment, I not has become detain and attempted to take in debt have his sister Marina. Marina could not help me in this situation, because she had to pay taxes, a mortgage loan + everything leave money for living. But, Marina advised me to lay jewelry. These jewels are from my late mother and I decided to try my luck. On this after we with my sister Marina, went to the pawnshop. At this point, again suffered a setback, as the jewels are old. The owner of the pawnshop, appreciated the jewels in 172 eur. I was hoping for a different price, but I had no choice choice's. Because I'm on a deadline. I had to pawn my mom's jewelry. After that, I came back to the tourist the Agency to make an advance payment for the ticket. I made an advance payment to size 172eur. My dear Richard, I made a Pact with my travel agent. Now I have to pay the full cost of my travel to 8 September.The cost of payment is 328 eur. Here is the information about my flight to your country: Outbound: Moscow — Oslo Flight TK-416 3h 5m
Turkish Airlines
20:20 VKO Vnukovo Airport 11 Sep, Fri
23:25 IST Istanbul New Airport 11 Sep, Fri Layover at Istanbul 8h Flight TK-1751 3h 50m
Turkish Airlines
07:25 IST Istanbul New Airport 12 Sep, Sat
10:15 OSL Oslo Airport Gardermoen 12 Sep, Sat Return: Oslo — Moscow Flight TK-1754 3h 50m
Turkish Airlines
18:15 OSL Oslo Airport Gardermoen 25 Sep, Fri
23:05 IST Istanbul New Airport 25 Sep, Fri Layover at Istanbul Book a hotel 8h 5m Flight TK-413 2h 45m
Turkish Airlines
07:10 IST Istanbul New Airport 26 Sep, Sat
09:55 VKO Vnukovo Airport 26 Sep, Sat My love Richard, I until the end did not want to turn to you for help.
But now I have no choice. I remember my words before, when I started my organization, that " I have money travel is your country." Yes, I wrote you that because I'm very I expected the clinic to pay my salary before 29 August. But because of the problems in our country, I didn't get my salary in deadlines. I had to pawn mom's jewelry, but these the jewels didn't pay off completely the ticket to your country.
I'm catching on, for rushing in and making the wrong choice. But what did you do on my place??? Tell me! I almost did everything to come to you. But fate turned against me. Now, I just don't have a choice, I I had to come to you for help. I really want to be with you next Richard. Feel your hand in mine, smell your body. In my dreams it's every day. I don't want my dreams and yours crashed because I don't have enough money to buy tickets'. I'm asking you to help me Richard! Now our future depends only from you. My dear Richard, I hope you have read this letter to end's. I'm likely to see a lot of criticism in my direction, but I ready to hear all your thoughts. I will wait for your letter. Your love Irina
Letter 26
Hello my dear Richard. It was a great surprise for me that you have have intentions to help me pay for tickets. But, I'm glad that you agreed to help me pay for the ticket. Favorite Richard, I am very I was afraid that you would not agree to help me pay for the ticket. After of how I ask you for help. I thought my letter was offensive to you.
Because you and you never saw each other and most likely you will not have confidence in me. For this reason I thought that you will not help me pay for the ticket. But, I'm glad that you do not start doing that and do not think badly of me. I'm glad that our the meeting will come true. You are acting like a true gentleman. I promise You, that you, will never regret having introduced me. I will not bring you any trouble. I promise. Here is the information, which you asked me about: 1) (Surname) Novichkova, (Name)Irina.
2) (My home address), The city of Saratov. Chapaeva, 28. My post code 410056
3) Here number of my mobile phone: + 7 927 874 6097.
4) As for the passport, I will post in the evening.
5) To pay for tickets, I need 328 eur. But, I have an important question for you. how are you going to send your help?? I hope you will write by evening. + to everything I I will send you a passport. Thanks again for agreeing to help. Your love Irina
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