Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia to Buster (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello! I ask you to give a couple of minutes of your attention to reading this letter. My name is Nataliia. I live in the city of Sumy from Ukraine. I'm 38 years old. I am a purposeful woman, and I always try to be optimistic. I contacted a private international Dating service in my city and was offered your email address. An international Dating employee assured me that you are free, and you are in search of your favorite girl. I believed this employee and I decided to write to you. I asked them how they got your e-mail?? To which I was told that they can't give this information because their information is confidential. Now I'm a little shy, because usually the first steps to Dating are made by men, and here it turns out that I write to you first. Forgive me for this step, but I want to start getting to know you. I try to find my soul mate not from Ukraine. Men from Ukraine are not responsible to women. This is what I should have said the first reason why I am writing to you. I hop e that you are in search of a beloved woman with whom you can share all your emotions and feelings. I decided to test my fate and I try to find my real, most true love. I have serious intentions, and I'm only looking for a serious relationship. If you are a man who really knows how to understand a woman, a man who can really give love, care and warmth, I ask you not to leave my letter unanswered. I have attached my photo to this email so that you can have an idea of what I look like. Also, in response, I ask you to attach your photo and tell me a little about you, so that I have an idea who I'm starting to meet. I hope that from this day begins our first steps to get acquainted. I'm waiting for your answer. I wish you all the best!
Letter 2
Hello Jim!! I'm glad to see your response, I'm glad you responded.
Thanks for the photo, I really liked it. You are very photogenic. It is very difficult to start Dating immediately. I don't know what I should write to you. I had to take some time to think about what I should write to you in this letter. This is a very difficult task, it is worth starting and everything will go further! So where do we begin our acquaintance? First, I'll tell you about myself. To be honest, I tried several times to meet a man from the Internet, but it all ended after 2-3 days of communication. I was a little unlucky, a few men wrote to me, but they were perverts. It is difficult for me to convey that they ask and tell such things, and I am even ashamed to become from their requests and stories. I cut off all contact with these men.
It is unacceptable for me to be friends with such men who are only interested in intimate conversations and naked photos. I don't blame them, but it doesn't suit me. I hope I am lucky this time and you are in search of a serious relationship! Am I right? I'm sorry, I lost my way, I said I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. As you already know, my name is Nataliia, I am 38 years old. I am from Ukraine, Sumy. This is a beautiful city, but I will tell you about my city a little later. Now I must write to you about my marital status.
I have no children, but I was married. It's been a year since I divorced my ex-husband. We were married for just under 7 years. It all started very nicely. We respected and loved each other, but it all came to nothing. My husband devoted himself to career development, and each time he paid less and less attention to me. Lately, he'd been missing a lot, coming home drunk and smelling of women's perfume. It's obvious that my ex-husband has another woman. Life became dark and empty. Over time, my ex-husband was able to see the sadness in my eyes, so he confessed that he was in love with another woman. We had a lot of conversations, and in the end we decided to get a divorce and live our own life. I was depressed for a long time, but I don't want to talk about bad memories. From now on, I want a new relationship, I want a clean slate. I think that every person has the right to happiness and love! Do you agree with my opinion? I decided on international Dating, and I believe in my luck, I believe that everyone has the right to be happy. Why international Dating? I think that outside of my country I can find my true love. Love that will complement each other and close the empty place in the heart! And I saw on TV a beautiful story about the acquaintance of a Ukrainian girl with a man from Japan. I was inspired by this story. And I thought, why can't I do the same? It is not important for me to repeat the story of this girl, but I want to try my luck and find love outside of my country. I don't know if you'll be the lucky one or not. There is only one answer, time will tell. First, we need to get to know each other better. Tell me more about you and your Hobbies. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I don't smoke, but on a holiday I can afford a glass of wine or champagne. I like skiing, sometimes I run or exercise in the morning, and when I have free time, I can visit the fitness center. I also like to read books, watch movies, and cook. I hope you will not ignore my letter. I will be happy to hear your response in the next few days. I tried to write you what I think is important for the first letter, so that we can then move on to our goal, if it coincides. Waiting for your answer with your photos! Don't forget to send me your photos! This is important for Dating to get to know each other better! I wish you a good mood! I shall wait for your answer!Sirensly,Nataliia
Letter 3
My respect Jim;) Thank you for your reply! I'm really sorry that Ginger is no more, she was so cute, I really liked it. As for my height, my height is 175 cm. I am also very sorry that girls from Russia deceived you before, but I'm not going to play with you and cheat, I'm only looking for a serious relationship. You have no idea how happy I am with your answer today. This means that you are really interested in a serious relationship and so we can continue our acquaintance. We must grow and develop. I was wondering. Are you interested in reading my letter, are you interested in my frankness!?
Tell me honestly, do you like my letter? Am I doing everything right?
I may have been too open, but this is a small part of my life and I still have a lot to tell you about myself so that you know more about me. And I expect you to be open. My previous letter, it's part of my past life, and it's left behind, and I think that shouldn't hold me back from moving forward. But still, the past is an integral part of our lives. This is the experience, wisdom and ability to appreciate others! If we tell each other what we think and feel from the very first email, it's better than hiding something, right?? I'm very serious about a serious relationship. I want you to understand that I don't have time for games, and I want you to take our correspondence seriously. Moreover, I have little free time, because I write to you from my work. The fact is that my house is not yet connected to the Internet due to the competition of Internet service providers. They can't choose among themselves who will be connected to our house.
There is competition and contests everywhere. Now there are disputes in lawsuits. This may take some time. I hope that my home will soon be connected to the Internet, and then I will have more free time to answer you. To be honest, I don't really like writing big letters, I've always liked brevity. As people say: Brevity is the sister of talent! ) And when people are verbose, you can lose the essence and importance of speech in their words. Do you agree with my opinion? I don't mind if you write me big letters, I would love to read your letter and reply to you. Now I want to write to you about my work. I work for a shipping company . Personally, I work in this company as an accountant. My job is to do the accounting for this company. I have been working for this company since 2016. I like my job. Previously, I worked in other companies as an accountant. I like my job. This work requires only perseverance and intelligence. Experience comes very quickly, so I can work as an accountant quite easily. This is sedentary work, I understand that there is a risk of getting sciatica or other joint diseases and muscle dystrophy. Therefore, I need to exercise, even if this sport is in the form of morning exercise or Jogging in the morning, it is very good to restore my body! I work quite a lot. I start work from 9 am to 19 PM, sometimes I can stay at work until 21: 00, this happens because of the large amount of work.
Usually Saturday and Sunday are my days off. By the way, I didn't tell you anything about my family. My father left my family when I was 9 or 10 years old, I hardly remember him. My mother and sister live in a village near my town. I want to tell you more about my family in my next letter. I feel that my letter can become big!) Tell me more about your education, about your work, about your family, what difficulties were waiting for you in your life!? I'm very interested in knowing all about you. Now I have to finish my letter, and I have to continue my work. I want to wish you a good day and good mood! I thank you for your letter.Yours as always,Nataliia
Letter 4
Hey there Jim!! Thank you for your new email!!! I am glad that our communication continues, and I can see your emails when I have a break at work!! Thank you for showing me that you are interested in our communication. I really appreciate it! Thank you for the photo and nice words, I am pleased to hear them. I've never ridden a canoe. What happened in the hospital? Are you okay? So, in my previous letter, I promised you to write more about my family. I only managed to write that I have a mother and a sister. My sister is a very beautiful woman, I send you a photo of me and my sister, you can appreciate it!)
She is a good girl, always manages everything, takes care of herself, plays sports, works. As you already know, I do not have children, now at my age I need to find a second half, I do not know if I will have children, for me the main thing is to arrange my life, as the years go quickly =) I'm tired of living alone. My sister is married and has a child. She has a son growing up. Her son is 5 years old. My sister named her son David. David, growing up very fast, he's a smart boy.
I'm glad my sister got lucky. My sister has a strong and happy family.
She and her husband live in the village with my mother. I don't have a father. My father left our family, he went to live with another woman.
My mother then did not start relationships with other men and gave all of herself to raise me and my sister. My mother taught us to be independent. She worked very hard, while agriculture was developing rapidly. Many people worked on the farm, my mother is no exception.
She worked as a milkmaid in the mornings and evenings. Every morning my mother got up at 4 am and went to the farm to milk the cows. At that time, all the work was done manually. The cows were milked twice a day, and after milking they went to the warehouse where they had to unload grain, potatoes, and many other agricultural products. That's why my mom often disappears at work. We grew up independent. Then I realized that I was responsible for raising my little sister. These have been difficult times, but I appreciate this time and I will never forget it. So my sister treats me very well and appreciates me! After work, my mother would come home tired, and she would read us various books and fairy tales. And when we went to bed, my mother would clean the house and make us food for the morning, wash our clothes. I still don't understand when my mother had time to sleep!) I really appreciate my mom's care. I saw it all, and I knew that it was very difficult for my mother. So my sister and I learned how to do house cleaning, how to cook. In addition, we kept chickens, geese, cows, and pigs. It takes a lot of effort to maintain all this. It was a mini farm. Everyone kept such a farm in the village, and now many people give up farming and go to the big cities. My sister and I fed our Pets and birds every morning before school, and cleaned up the manure after them. Then we had Breakfast and went to school. After school, my sister and I often went for a walk to the river, we played with our peers. And in the evening we were again waiting for work, my younger sister and I were watering cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage in the garden. After that, we sat down and learned our lessons. And so it was repeated every day. Do you have any idea how difficult it was?) There was less work in the winter. Now my mother and my sister live in the village with her husband and child. And I decided to move on, and after finishing the 11th grade of school, I entered the University.
There was only a school in our village. I had to go to the city to go to University. I liked life in the city, of course it was not easy. I studied and got a job at the same time. I didn't want to hang around my mom's neck because I understood that she worked very hard for a small salary. Now my mother is retired, and is engaged in gardening and Pets. After studying at the University, I went to work in a cafe, I washed dishes.Over time, I met a man. We dated for two years, and then my ex-husband proposed to me. Almost 7 years I spent on my ex-husband, and he took and left me. I don't understand the men of our country. A lot of men drink themselves into unconsciousness. My ex-husband was no exception, and he often drank strong alcohol on weekends, and after work he could drink 0.5 or a liter of beer. Of course, this all led to quarrels and disagreements. For years, all this accumulated inside us, and my husband left for another woman. To be honest, I was already ready to break up with him, too, because I wasn't happy around him. It's been a little less than a year since I divorced my ex-husband. Time has passed, and I think that stop being sad and the past time should be left behind! I also deserve happiness and love, and that's why I decided to make international acquaintances. Personally, I don't want to suffer from the man I love.
I want a happy relationship where a man and a woman respect and appreciate each other. I want my man and I to please each other in everything. It's so nice when a man can just give flowers to his beloved woman. And a woman can have a romantic dinner for no reason.
Do you agree with me?? I think that happiness is in small things. I Wake up in the morning and go to the window first thing. I pull back the curtains and let the light into my apartment. I am glad of this sunbeam, which bounces off the mirror and jumps on my pillow. Then I go to this very mirror, look at my reflection and smile at myself!! I say to myself out loud: "Good morning, Nataliia!!!"No, no, I'm not mad.))) Of course, I live alone in my apartment, and I miss having a loving man around, but I'm not crazy. Jim, if this is not difficult for you, then please try to start your morning by wishing you a good day and smiling at your reflection. You will see that your day will be more enjoyable than ever. This is a very simple secret to make yourself happier. My mother taught me this from childhood. As I said, my mother didn't have a simple life, but she always smiled. She never gave up and taught me to look at life positively!! Jim, now I have to apologize because unfortunately I can't continue my story about my family right now. My break is over and I need to work! This conversation can go on for a very long time, and I will try to tell you a little more about my family in my next letters. I'm sorry to rush to finish this letter. I want to wish you a good day and good mood today! Thank you for your letter.Take care of yourself,
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