Romance scam letter(s) from Sofia Sivenkova to Buster (Canada)
Letter 1
Hallo liebling, wie geht es dir?
Ich bin Sofiya und ich bin eine freie Frau !!!
Alles ist gut in meinem Leben, aber nur irgendwie traurig in meinem Herzen und meiner Seele, wahrscheinlich weil ich keine gegenseitige Liebe und keinen Menschen habe!
wie gerne wurde ich einen freundlichen anstandigen Mann treffen, mit dem ich ein ernstes Leben aufbauen konnte, in dem es wahre gegenseitige Liebe gibt !!!
Mochten Sie eine schone Frau wie mich in Ihrem Leben haben? Hier ist mein Foto, ich hoffe wirklich, dass du mich magst!
Wenn ich dich wirklich interessiert habe, dann antworte mir bitte und schreibe mehr uber dich. Wie alt bist du und wo lebst du? Ich wurde gerne einige Ihrer Fotos sehen!
Ich freue mich auf deine schnelle Antwort! Alles Gute, mit Respekt, Sofiya ! Hello Darling, how are you?
I am Sofiya and I am a free woman !!!
Everything is good in my life, but just kind of sad in my heart and soul, probably because I have no mutual love and no human!
I would love to meet a kind decent man with whom I could build a serious life in which there is true mutual love !!!
Would you like to have a beautiful woman like me in your life? Here is my photo, I really hope you like me!
If I was really interested in you, please answer me and write more about yourself. How old are you and where do you live I would love to see some of your photos!
I look forward to your quick answer! All the best, with respect, Sofiya!
Letter 2
Hello Jim! I am glad to receive your letter!!! I really liked what you wrote to me!!!
I hope that we will continue our communication in the same wonderful spirit!!!
Thank you for your beautiful photo! I like you very much! Can you send me more of your home photos? I am very interested to know how you live.
Please tell me about your life! Tell me what you like to do in your free time and who you work for! I am interested!
I'll tell you honestly, for me it doesn't matter our age difference! the main thing was mutual love!!! Love for all ages!
I would like to tell you more about my life. as you already understood my name is Sofiya! But you can call me Sofi! That's what all my friends and my mom call me!
I am 36 years old and I am a very active and cheerful woman! I have a good job, I work as a seller of women's underwear and intimate underwear, the work is not difficult I like it! I'll tell you more about it later and send you some photos from my work!
I live in Moscow, the capital of Russia and a very big city! I live with my mother in a two-room apartment.
Everything in life suits me, but I'm missing one important detail! I want to find a man for true and great love!!! are you looking for this too? I hope that our interests coincide!
I love outdoor activities, I have a garden outside of Moscow, in the summer my mother often goes there.
I love to ride a bike, I love to walk in parks and spend time in nature, so I rest my body and soul after a long working week!))) I really hope that you will like my photos! I try to send you a variety of photos so that you understand what kind of person I am!
If you have any questions, I will always be happy to answer them!!!
I wish you a pleasant day or evening, it all depends on when you read my letter! I very much count on good communication and respectful treatment of each other!!!
I look forward to your response! your new friend Sofi!
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