Romance scam letter(s) from Julia to Jacques (Luxembourg)
Letter 1
Hello xx. Thank you for your sincere response, wonderful photos and congratulations on the beginning of our acquaintance :) Now we can get to know each other better, and I want to tell a little about myself. I am 38 years old, but on September 20 I will turn 39 years old. I live in Russia, in the city of Beloretsk. You have already seen the location of my city on the google map and it is about 250 kilometers from the city of Chelyabinsk. In 2013, a meteorite fell near the city of Chelyabinsk, and this news was reported around the world. Have you heard anything about this? You are absolutely right that there is a long distance from my city to Moscow. Now you can have a better idea of where I live and what distance separates us. I am very interested to know the name of the city or the place where you live? When is your birthday?
Judging by your new letter, you are not worried about the distance and age difference between us? Distance is often a stumbling block in building relationships between people, restricts the desire for quick meetings and dates, but the reality is that people do not always find their love and special person in the place where they live, and therefore use dating sites. This is a good opportunity and a chance to look far beyond your usual place, to try your luck and meet love. As a matter of fact, I did just that and I am very glad that we got to know each other. Moreover, we live in a modern world, and the distance can be easily covered using airplanes, trains and other forms of transport that can be used to reach any place on our planet.
For me, the main goal and priority in life is to find my love and kindred spirit. I have been without a relationship for a long time and I feel lonely, especially in the evenings when I come home from work. I have a dog named Cheesy. I will attach photos to my letter and you will see us together :)
I want to believe that you are a sincere, open and frank person with whom I can be myself, and I hope that we will develop constructive communication and positive emotions.
Sorry if I didn't answer all your questions. I will definitely tell you about me, my life and everything that interests you. Now I need to continue working and finish my letter. I wish you a great continuation of the day and good mood.
Regards, Yuliya
Letter 2
Hi J. I am pleased that communication continues between us. Everything that you tell me about yourself makes me even more interested in you and in continuing our dialogue. Of course, one cannot exclude the fact that at first it is difficult to open up, share personal life and other intimate moments with a stranger, but I want the communication between us to be built on trust and frank communication from the very beginning. This can serve as a good foundation and foundation for constructive communication, building trust and perspective for us.
I perfectly understand and realize that communication by e-mail in our time is no longer so relevant than communication by phone or using some application, but unfortunately I have an old iPhone 4 model and because of the old update system I cannot install modern applications on my mobile phone. A new smartphone is quite expensive and at the moment I am still saving money to make a present for myself by the New Year. As much as we both want to communicate using modern applications, at the moment it is impossible for me. I hope this does not bother you, and we can continue our communication by email.
Jean-Pierre, I really want to understand what kind of person you are, your character traits, the manner of your communication, and in general to understand your attitude towards me and the acquaintance between us.
I remember very well that I did not answer some of your questions, but unfortunately today I do not have time to give you the answers to all your questions. But I promise that tomorrow I will definitely tell you about my hobbies, work and much more. By communicating with each other every day, we will be able to get to know each other better and I will be happy to tell you even more about myself, my daily life, my family and everything that interests you in general.
I want you to keep sending me your photos. I will be pleased and will give the feeling that we are not separated by a great distance.
Wish you a great Friday night and a great weekend in advance :)
Regards, Yuliya
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