Scam letter(s) from Eiyrada to Christopher (England)

Letter 1
Hello, this is Eiyrada!
I ask you not to be surprised because I am writing to you from a different e-mail address.
The fact is that I contacted the online dating service and paid them $ 14.99 for your address and getting to know you. This foreign internet dating service charged a $ 14.99 changeover fee and they provided me with a personal email address.
Today I tried to go to it and could not, I received in response that you need to pay for it, so I decided to refuse it, now I create my own personal mail address and write to you from it.
I hope that you will receive my letter and we will not lose each other. My friend. if my mail fell into your (SPAM) category please mark my letter as not spam and then we will no longer lose each other.
I am very worried, because I worry that you do not receive my letter and we lose each other. I ask you to write to me as soon as possible that you have received my letter and that you have not lost interest in me. Understand this is important to me, I hope it is just as important to you. I am terribly worried and hope to get your answer as soon as possible. Yours forever Eiyrada !!!
Letter 2
Dear Chris in this letter, I still have excitement when I write it for you. But nevertheless, I already have more confidence, it's great that you answered me again. Seeing your answer, I understand that you are really interested in communicating with me. I understand that you would like to know me better. I will try to make this letter give you even more understanding about me. And I hope that we will get to know each other better step by step. Therefore, it is very important for me that I see that you are reciprocating my letters. That you are trying to give me answers to what I am interested in knowing about your life and about you. In this case, I will also open up to you more and more with each new letter. Sorry, I forgot to ask, how are you today, how are you feeling? What is your mood? How is the weather? I'm fine here. Life goes on as usual, without any particularly interesting events that I could tell you about. Work, gym, walk. home. The weather is fine, but it doesn't affect my mood in any way. Because I am the kind of person who loves any weather. Except for heavy torrential rains, strong winds. But I really love thunderstorms (smile). Because at such moments it becomes very noisy and the sky sparkles beautifully, you can lie in bed and understand that you are living at the moment. I am not upset by a light rain or snow, I really love to watch it through the window and think about some warm moments of life. And what kind of weather do you like, and what is the usual weather in your country, in your city? As I said, lately, I do not have special and interesting events, so I will try to tell you more about myself, some of my qualities and my life here. The most interesting event in recent years is my first letter and your answer (smile). Because this is really a completely new experience for me. And I hope that our communication will continue and develop further. In the last letter I wrote to you about my parents, they are really simple people and have a calm, happy life. I am an only child with no siblings. Therefore, I received maximum love and care as a child. My parents have always brought me up strictly and correctly. Since childhood, I have learned to appreciate other people's work, therefore I have always helped my parents. Also, my mother taught me to communicate with people calmly, to understand them and not be selfish. I am really grateful to them for such upbringing. They also gave me education, as I said before - higher education. When I was getting education, I also became interested in learning English. I can speak this, but for writing letters, I use a translator. At the same time, I would like to learn other languages one day. But it takes time to learn new languages, I think later in my life there will be more time and I will be able to please myself by learning additional foreign languages. As you already know, I work as a salesman-courier. My job obliges me to have a neat appearance, good clothes and also some jewelry that complements my image. All this has already become my habit, so you can see it all in my photos as well.
As I said, I lead a calm, homely life. By the way, I live in a small apartment, I rent this apartment and pay a monthly rent. I really don't like big noisy companies and nightclubs. Instead, I prefer to spend time with an interesting book or watch an interesting movie on TV. I really like to read books that describe the events of the 16-19 centuries. I would really like to live in a time when human relationships were completely different. When people exchanged letters, they waited for them for several weeks and put pieces of their soul into these letters. Therefore, it is very interesting for me to communicate with you by letters. When I write you a letter, I completely immerse myself in it. I disconnect from everything that happens around me. And this is really a very interesting feeling. In my last letter, I told you that I do not want to have relationships with local men. I do not want to say that they are all bad and not worthy, but I tried several times to start it. And each time it had a sad end. I will tell you about this in the next letters, otherwise you will get tired of reading my long letter (smile). And I also want to reiterate that it really doesn't matter to me the age difference, skin color, or any religious difference. Because I am sure that if two people can freely communicate, share thoughts, feelings and plans for this life. It does not matter at all what God they believe in or how old they are. I believe that the invisible connection between the souls of people is much more important than external characteristics. Do you agree with me? I cannot say that I am a deeply religious person. I do not visit the mosque often, but I believe in God. And it doesn't matter to me what name Jesus, Allah or Buddha has. For me, God is some tremendous force, cosmic energy. And this energy gives help to those people who turn to Him and really need help. Are you a very religious person? Besides reading books and watching interesting films, I also have a passion for sports. I do morning jogging, gymnastics. I also try to eat healthy foods. All this allows me to keep my figure in great shape and have good health. And you? Do you do sports? What about your nutrition?
I will tell you about some of my hobbies in the next letters as well.

While I paused for a while, I noticed how much I already wrote to you today. And I was scared that maybe all this is not interesting for you or boring? You may not even read this to the end and answer what I asked you. Therefore, I think it is necessary to finish this letter now. And if I receive your next answer and understand that all my fears were in vain, then I will continue to tell you more about myself, my life and the events that led me to write you the first letter. I ask you do not be shy if you cannot write as much, just try to read my letters and understand me correctly. If you cannot write a lot, write just as you can and as your heart and soul tells you. You can write to me any of your thoughts. I will look forward to your answer.
Your new friend Eiyrada
Letter 3
This is my day, today really has all the characteristics of a very good day. First, because it was a very successful day at work. There were many buyers, interesting communication, and the time flew by very quickly. Secondly, because I see your letter, Chris ! And it also made me feel very good.
I read this, I learned something new about you and it is really very interesting for me.
Because I see how day after day I can write to you more about my life, about myself. And at the same time, I receive your letters in response, I see that you are interested in communicating with me. And all this makes my mood very good. I am grateful to you for letting me know you better, also being interested in my life. I understand that you may have a huge number of questions about my life. Perhaps you are anxious to find out some private things about my personal life. But, I ask you not to rush into this. When the time comes, I'll tell you everything myself, I promise. I think you understand that before we talk about very personal things, you and I should get to know each other better, have a good understanding between us and have some degree of trust. All this takes some time. I only ask you not to rush me into this. We have plenty of time for that, I suppose. Besides the fact that today I have a wonderful mood, the weather is also happy again, the weather whispers. It was no longer such a strong sun, and I allowed myself a longer walk on the street before my work. I really love doing this. Just walking, watching people, noticing some beautiful things in nature. I want to say that there are really many things in this world that are very beautiful, but remain unnoticed by people. I think that not many people often look up to the sky. And the sky is unique, every day you can see new "paintings or patterns" on it. I really love watching sunsets and sunrises. It's like the birth and death of every day. Can you see the beauty and difference of each day from the previous one? Can you call yourself an attentive person? Also, sometimes I allow myself to fantasize when I see couples in love walking the streets. I watch their ****** expressions, eyes, gestures and imagine in these moments what they are talking about, what words they use ... And at such moments, sometimes I feel sad that I have been lonely for a long time and not have a loved one in my life. I think that it has been more than 1.5 years since I had my last relationship. And to be honest, I can't name 4 months as a serious relationship. If you remember your first love relationship, it was in my first year of study. This was my classmate, we had a very bright, romantic and passionate relationship. It lasted about a year, and then I found out that I was not the only girl for him. And this was a very big disappointment for me. After that, I was lonely for more than two years. I was afraid that I would have disappointment again. After that incident, I had a couple more relationships, but they all ended much faster. Because I have already begun to distinguish between people, to understand their true desires and goals. And I ended all further relationships myself. Because I understood that it simply had no prospects. Perhaps I was not very lucky in my choice. But I'm just a girl, and I was pleasant as a man to look after me, compliment me, improvise. But in the end, it all came to the conclusion that none of them had serious intentions about me. They liked that I was a beautiful girl and they enjoyed being with them. But, I always wanted something else. Even when I was several years younger than now. Even then, I wanted to have a family. I wanted to have one man for the rest of my life. To completely devote my life to him, to make him happy. And of course, in order to receive love, care and confidence in the future in return. I do not think that these are very big and impossible desires. But, unfortunately, I could not find such a man here in my country. So I decided to try to find a man in another country, and now I am writing to you (smile). Who knows how this will end? In any case, it may just be a good experience for me as well, or we will remain good friends. Or you will be the man I've been looking for for so long. Only time can show it. I hope you can also tell me some details about your past relationships with girls and the reasons why it ended? I think that this will give a better understanding for both you and me.
Also in this letter I would like to tell you that I really love to cook. When you live alone and spend a lot of time at home, I think that even without desire, you will learn to cook (smile). I prefer to eat and cook traditional dishes from my country. Usually these are vegetable salads with some pieces of boiled meat or a dish with potatoes. There is also a lot of differently cooked meat. A lot of spices are usually added to the meat and cook it on the grill or in the oven. Perhaps one day I can treat you to this, I think you will like it. Can you cook ? Or do you prefer to buy ready-made food or eat in a cafe? What is your favorite food? In all other respects, my life proceeds unchanged. Also, I hope you will tell me about your day. Was there anything interesting about that?
This is where I will end my letter today. As you can see, it turned out not as big as my last letter (smile). But, I hope it was just as interesting for you as well. I will look forward to your answer. Your Eiyrada.
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