Scam letter(s) from Eysel Jarnevi to Daniel (USA)

Letter 1
How are you? What are you doing? Write more about yourself, my name is Eysel 24 years old.
Letter 2
this is Eysel again and how are you today? I wish to thank you for your answer, and I hope, that we can always speak with you in English as more conveniently for me to speak with you always in English. I regret, what I write to you late, but I wish to be convinced, what you receive this message from this address?
I again try to send to you this message. I was glad to see your interest, I would like to say more about me, but first I want to make sure you get this short message before I can write you more. I should tell you I do not have any accounts or social media for other communications. I hope you still want to know each other better.
Now I am writing to you from my personal e-mail address, please write me the answer only here and use this e-mail, I will also be very glad if you tell me more about you.
You can add me in the list of your entrusted contacts in yours e-mail, and I consider,
That it needs to be made necessarily as I am afraid, that my letter can get to you
In a folder spam or junk e-mail and before you write me the answer, please get my letter
From this folder and only then write the answer, I hope it will work.
I'd love to know more about where you live, also see your new photos. Age difference
is not important to me, I wish to say that it does not bother me, I will be glad that you are older and I will only be glad of this and get to know you better. I am a completely European girl, but I live in my native country Azerbaijan, I am a religious girl but I am calm about religion. Once again I apologise and I hope that I do not offend you with my letter, I would like you to write to me more often and not to lose me, I hope, that you will add this mine personal e-mail in your contact list.
I will wait your answer here, I really hope that our communication will begin with this letter.
And we can begin our communication and get to know us better. I really hope that you are a right man and will not ask me for ***** or perverted photos. Because I do not have it, I’m really a decent girl and I am looking for a serious relationship, so I ask you if you are the same decent person and want to get to know me better. Then write me good words about yourself and I will also answer you with more detailed information about my life. I want to make sure you get this message before I write more. I will reply to you as soon as possible. I'm usually at work and can answer in the middle of the day or in the evening. I wish you a very good mood, send you my hug and kiss, Eysel
Letter 3
I was very glad to see your answer, how are you today? as I told you earlier, this is my personal e-mail, and I will ask you, please, write to me only here. I hope that we will continue to get to know each other better, I want to understand what kind of person you are, what you like or dislike. Please tell me what attracted your attention more, my message or photo, my appearance or what I wrote to you? I will be glad to know the truth, as I myself always try to be honest with people. I would like to immediately inform you that I will use a translator to write you a letter, as it is more convenient for me to first write a letter in my native Azerbaijani language, and then View translation it into English. I know English and can speak fluently, as I studied it at school and institute, but it is more convenient for me to talk about myself and it is better to write in my language first, I also tried to learn Italian and German, as I took courses, but I did not complete these courses. I have some knowledge, I would be interested to know how many languages ​​do you know?
I would like to tell you a little about me, my age is 24 years old and my full name is Eysel and I have no short name. My height is about 167 centimeters and a weight of 55 kilograms, my birthday will be September 22, and when do you have your birthday? I told you that the age difference does not matter to me, as I would very much like my man to be older than me, and therefore please do not pay attention to it. I guess for my age I look good enough, I would like to know your opinion. Sometimes people who see me for the first time cannot believe that this is my real age. I live in the country of Azerbaijan, this is my native country, located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, I have almost never been to other countries, with the exception of Turkey, where I was there with my parents when I was little. I have not visited other countries since then, although it would be very interesting for me. You can easily find my country on the map, and get additional information, if you are interested, if you would like to know more about my area, I could try to tell you in my letters, here we have many mountains.
Right away in this letter, I want to tell you that I am a real girl and have real life goals. I don’t want to waste my life’s time playing with feelings or cheating. By this stage in my life, I have a clear awareness that major changes are required. I want to have a real family, a beloved man, in which I will have complete confidence and feel love and care. I have never been married and have no children, although I really love children, many of my friends have children and are very happy in marriage. I want to find a real man, and I want to believe that you are. For such a man, I will become the best girl, the most affectionate, most loyal and caring. This is my main goal, I hope we could try and achieve this in order to build a real relationship, and I decided to try using the Internet and get to know you. For this I took the first step and I am glad that you showed your interest. I hope that you will be able to write to me often and we will not lose each other, but if you would like to stop or if you lose interest in me, I would very much like you to tell me about it right away. Unfortunately, this is the only way to communicate at the moment. Because I do not live in the capital of our country and far from Baku, there are many mountains here, I don’t use the phone and I don’t have additional programs for communication. I used to have a phone, but because of the poor connection, I refused it. There is a very poor quality of mobile communication and very slow Internet, many people in our village refuse to have a telephone and pay money for poor quality of communication. here I use a computer in a cafe as I don't have my own computer at home.
I am an absolutely free girl and have been living separately from my parents for almost 5 years and have no man. I would like to find myself a decent man, first of all, and be confident to tie my life.
I am not writing a very large letter today, although I would like to tell you a lot more and have many pleasant thoughts from our acquaintance, and I want to better understand your intentions. If I can see that you are serious and want to get to know me better and share your thoughts, then I will write to you more so that you can have a better idea of ​​me.
I hope that in your next letter you will tell me more about the place where you live, your country, your work. I am interested in absolutely everything that you could and are ready to share with me. I really hope that our communication will continue. Who knows how it will end, only time can show it. I will be looking forward to your reply. I will also try to send you photos that you can open and see even in your browser. I would also be pleased to see your photos, I will finish this letter and I hope you receive your answer, I wish you a great day. kiss, Eysel
Letter 4
mine Daniel, glad to receive your answer so quickly and it really lifts my spirits. I will be glad to know more about you, and also write more about my life, so that we get to know each other better, if you wish. I want to note that I really love sports, today I have a session in the pool, lasting 45 minutes, and tomorrow morning, I would like to go outside before work to run, so as to keep me in good shape, I hope that you do not refuse to play sports, or at least to do exercises? It helps a lot to maintain normal physical health. If I don't want to go outside, I usually do simple exercises in the morning. Forgive me that in my previous letter I did not write enough information about me. First, I wanted to make sure that you receive my letters, and also to be sure that you are really interested in communicating with me, to make sure that I am serious. But now I have more confidence, and I want you to try to write to me always more, because I will be glad to read your letters and know more information about you and your life.
How do you plan to spend your day today and what do you intend to do? I hope you feel good like me, I must tell you that the weather here is very warm and the sun is shining brightly, here we almost always have excellent weather.
I understand that in our time it is not so easy to start meeting a person from another country. That in such a relationship there may be some doubt, mistrust or fear. But, I hope that in the course of our communication, all this will disappear, and as a result we will be able to get a trusting relationship. I understand that this will take enough time, but I am not in a hurry and would like to know your opinion? I think that you are in a positive mood and I want to hope that I will not tire you with my letter. When we write to each other, then, step by step, we can have a better idea of ​​each other and a better understanding, so I think this is a good way to set up a dialogue. Who knows, maybe we'll just stay good friends or get a different, closer relationship. And this our acquaintance, and communication on the Internet, can be a good start for us and I think that you do not mind. I want to thank you for all your words that you wrote to me today.
I understand that you could see my photos and already have some idea about my parameters. Therefore, I told you in advance my age, height and weight. I also like to change haircuts, change hair tone, sometimes I do it to diversify me and look different, more beautiful, and I think that for any girl this is normal. I also like to go to shops, not to shop every time. I can pick some nice clothes for me, and then come another time and get it, if I like it, I like different clothes. I also love the cleanliness of the house and do the cleaning regularly. My favorite color is red as my favorite flowers are red roses, but I also like pink but yellow is also nice. What's your favorite color? I would like to know some details, but if you miss this, I will not be offended. I would also like to point out that if I am reading your letter, and perhaps I could miss something, please do not be offended. Perhaps this is an inexplicable female logic, sometimes I can forget to do something during the day, if I often travel to work. at the moment I work as a courier for the delivery of goods, and I travel around the city often, but I use shuttle vehicles, since I do not have my own car and it’s hard, but I’m trying to cope. Do you like to drive a car? In general, I want you to be able to tell what you want about you and it will be interesting for me to know about it. I must tell you that now, when choosing my partner in life, I would not like to pay attention to small things, such that do not matter much to me. Age, height or weight, or skin color, religion or whatever, especially age. First of all, age is life experience, knowledge and thinking. Therefore, it has always been interesting for me to communicate with people who are older than me. And even the big age difference never scares me. All people are different, but I would like a man older than me, and I already told you about this. Do you have bad habits? I do not smoke cigarettes and have never tried, from alcohol I prefer only wine, red or white, and I do not want to try any strong alcoholic drinks, when we gather with my friends in a cafe or at home, we only take wine. Since bad habits are not at all for me.
As I said, now I have a goal to change my life, to find a worthy man for my future life.
Here men often want everything on the first date, even my friends talked about it. Previously, men here in our country were more serious, and therefore girls do not prefer such men. I would only like to talk about love with a man I know enough and with whom I would like to have a relationship. But even if you take our acquaintance with you as an example, right now I'm not ready to talk about it. When men are in the mood for just that, I feel it. And I always ended such an acquaintance when I immediately understood it. I understand that my appearance is bright and attractive, but I also want men to be interested in my inner world, my thoughts. I am not interested in closeness only with bodies. First of all, it is important for me that we have a spiritual connection, some common interests, plans and thoughts. So that I feel real, complete closeness. I only had a relationship with a man once, and it ended very early. I wanted to try, but nothing worked out for us, because this man was not serious. I don't know if I can ask you how many serious relationships have you had in your life? If it's a secret, then you don't have to talk about it. I will repeat again that I have never been married and have no children. But I also realized that in my country it is very difficult to find a decent man, so I decided to look for a suitable man in another country. And I hope that this new relationship will lead to my main goal. I would be interested to know how it was with you, what are your plans for the near future, regarding relationships with girls? What conclusions have you drawn from your past relationships with girls?
My parents live far from me, in another village. They are already retired. They bought a small house for life and live there peacefully. I try to visit my parents as often as possible because I live alone and get an apartment for rent.
I understand that if I find a worthy man in another country, then it would change something in my life. I thought about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that I was ready to do it and leave. I am still young enough, energetic and I can easily get used to another country. But before this serious step, enough time must pass and I must gain complete confidence in the man with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. So I want to get to know you better. If you try to describe what kind of man I want to see next to me and what the main thing should be, then I would say the following. This man should understand me, be able to listen and support. I must be sure that we will not abandon each other in life, in the first difficult situation. And of course I have to feel love and care all the time. For the sake of such a man, I will be ready to do absolutely everything. I will be a support for such a man, and a support in any life situation. And we could go through all the difficulties and periods in life together, even if we lived in a room, the main thing is together, for me in life no wealth has value, usually these are spoiled people and think only about money and not about theirs the other half, so I never looked for a rich man for me. Now, when I write this letter to you, I see that I have already written a lot. And I am afraid that you will be very tired of reading all this and I hope that you are not too tired. I really hope that you will tell me more about you and your life. And I will be glad to see you if you send me new photos. have a great day Eysel
Letter 5
Daniel sweety, I was like to see your photos, this is another beautiful day that I come back here now to see your message and would not want us to stop. I thank you for every word you say to me. I hope that you are doing well and that you will have a wonderful day and a great mood. I will not hide the fact that I was in a hurry to the cafe, hoping to see your answer. And now I am very happy and I can smile. I told you that I usually go by shuttle vehicles, but I also really like to walk before and after work, and I really like to walk in the park. We also have beautiful places in the village that I can observe during my walk, in addition, I like to breathe fresh air. I would very much like to go to nature more often, as I like clean air. And I don't have my own car, and I don't have the right to drive a vehicle. Do you like to walk and how often?
I understand that even after my last letter, you may have doubts as to why I cannot find a decent man here? But it's really true, I just decided to stop doing it here because I have serious disappointment about it and bad memories from my only past relationship. I don’t give even the smallest hope to anyone. Even in my job, I often feel and understand that clients try to flirt with me and ask me out, but I always refuse to do so. I never mix work and personal life, this is my life principle and I do not want to change that. I wonder how it happened in your life? Have you ever mixed your work and your personal life?
I would also like to note, if it is important for you, that here in our country, most of the inhabitants are of the Muslim religion, but as I told you, I believe in God, but I rarely visit the mosque. I cannot call myself a deeply religious person. I try to keep all the traditions of this, but I rarely visit these places. Because I believe that God is within every person. And these places where people go to pray are just a place where you can feel the strongest connection with God and, as they say, with higher powers. I don't know if all this is interesting to you. I would like to know more about your country, and understand how people live in your country, as well as what concerns your hobbies, I would be interested to know. I have said that I usually distract myself from problems or heavy thoughts through sports or walking down the street, which greatly helps me to recharge with positive energy, even before bed. Two years ago I had a bicycle and I loved cycling or just doing morning jogging, gymnastics and sometimes going to the gym, but I like going to the pool more. I love listening to calm music, I love the old group Enigma, and I am sure that you know these beautiful melodies, I really like it, I also love listening to calm pop music, and watching interesting films in the evenings, or TV, I used to like reading books more ... Recently, people have started to use headphones a lot to listen to audio books on the go, when they go to work or return home, or just lie on the couch. sometimes it's also calming, I wonder if you've ever listened to these audio books? But reading is one of the main exercises for the brain and to have good thoughts and vision. I like to immerse myself in it completely, as if at these moments I am in another world, in this novel, or where a place is described in this or that book. I think it’s the same in films, I think you like to watch movies more and I think I’m right? I like reading novels, detective stories and sometimes even ordinary love stories, and also in films. I like to watch those films that describe the different destinies of people, achievements, successes or personal lives. Am I writing to you about this to find out about your favorite activities? I also think that you are a man, and you may not have time for some of these activities. But we must always find time for useful things.
I really like to cook various foods, meat, fish, vegetables, cook soups, make salads. But I would very much like to do this not only for you, but for my man, so that my man can appreciate it every time. I think I'm good at that, and if I cooked dinner for you today, you might appreciate it. There are many soups in our kitchen, there are many meat dishes and also vegetable dishes, I hope you enjoy it all. For me, I do not cook a lot and do not eat too fatty foods. I have also tried seafood and I also like this cuisine, but there are dishes that I do not understand and are unknown to me, so I try to avoid it.
I don't have many friends, but only a few of my best friends, we often meet together, some of my friends got married and therefore often stay at home. I practically do not have male friends, I realized that it is not my desire to be friends with men here. Because most of them, one way or another, have no serious goals, not friendly ones. I understand that men often pay attention to me, but I do not reciprocate. It is more interesting for me to get to know you and understand you better, I hope that you will tell me something from your life in more detail, it would be interesting for me to read this information. Do you have many friends and are they really real friends? You seem like an interesting man to me. I will wait for your answer and send you a warm kiss, Eysel
Letter 6
Daniel dear, I was sure that today I will come and see your answer again. This is another chance for me to wish you a great day and good mood. I hope you are doing well and would like to be sure of this. It is very interesting for me to write to you and tell you something about my life, because I have never written such large letters to anyone before. When I start writing to you, I completely immerse myself in this letter and leave my thoughts, and I think what else I could tell you, so I can get carried away with it. I would be interested to know more about your character, but I don’t think it is easy to describe it, for me you are a very interesting person and I thank you for every word that you write to me. I write to you absolutely everything that comes into my head. And I am sincerely glad that now you have appeared in my life. I think we can easily become good friends in the first place. I have already told you about the real purpose for which I wrote to you. And after several letters, I can already say that I really like this beginning. It gives me a lot of vivid emotions, sensations when I think about you, I have pleasant feelings when I read your answer. I really think and believe in that, and perhaps you will agree with me that we both have pleasant emotions from this. Of course, I understand that any relationship should develop and bring new sensations, thoughts, knowledge and emotions, perhaps some goals in the future. I understand that maybe one day we will decide to meet in the real world to continue to develop our relationship. But it is still too early to take such a serious step. Since we are still trying to get to know each other better, but I cannot deny that sooner or later we will talk about it.
If one day I decide to change my place of residence forever, then I am sure that my family will support my decision and understand me correctly, my parents are very kind and have always approved of my decisions. As you could understand from previous letters, I am quite an independent girl and I will try to be like that, but I really miss a real, strong man in life to make various decisions together in real life situations, so that I can always ask for advice. I do not depend on other people's opinions or words, I try to make important decisions on my own. I am glad that I can reveal myself to you in every letter. And at the same time, I begin to get to know you better, and this desire is growing every day to get to know you even more and I do not hide it. Again, I would like to thank you for all your attention to me, for your time that you spend with me, and everything that you say in your letters, which is of great interest to me.
Today I have more free time to write to you, as this is not the best season at work, due to this situation in the world and fewer clients, so I can have more rest and devote time to myself. Also I would like to tell you more about my character. I am a very loyal person. I can listen and understand people. I can hear the true motives and reasons even when they are not saying it. Like any girl, I have a very good intuition. I am not a conflict person. I do not like to argue or to prove my position, and I do not really like stubborn people who do not know how to hear and understand the opposite point of view. I try to avoid communication with such people. I don't want to have negative emotions or bad thoughts. I don't like to be too pushy, and I try to always be positive and not worry about situations that I cannot change. But I always try to set goals and gradually achieve it. This was taught to me by my parents and life itself and my little experience. Therefore, I told you that age does not matter to me, the older a man is, the wiser and better, and you have more life experience, this is wonderful. I would like you to always share this with me in any given situation, so it would be more interesting for me.
What else could I tell you. I do not like to give up if I go to my goal. Only after I realize that I have done everything possible and in my power to achieve something and not have a positive result, only in this case I will stop. But I would like that in the implementation of my goals, I always knew that I have support, then I could go to the end. As for me, I would be ready to support my man in everything that I could be able to do, I have such qualities that my man would never doubt me, because I will always be ready to come to the rescue and support, give my care and all the energy, all that I have. In fact, I am a very positive person and used to believe in all the best, and I try to think as little as possible about difficulties, so any goals are achieved more safely. I think that you already know all this, and that I do not bore you with this message.
It's so strange, I started telling you about my character and switched to my vision of a serious relationship between a man and a woman. But I think that it will be interesting for you to read these words, I think it is correct that people should support each other in one way or another and never leave. One person cannot always pull any relationship, you need to do it together. I think you can tell me your opinion, how do you all see it? Perhaps the relationship should be simple and you need to find an understanding person in the life so that it is always easy? Or there are difficulties that need to be overcome together. Maybe you have a different opinion? I think that I will finish my letter today, and I will have thoughts of you again today, I am pleased with this. What do you usually do in the evenings? I will also be interested to know about this, I hope that you also have thoughts about me, I am sending my kiss to you and I will wait for your answer. here is your Eysel
Letter 7
My mood is high again Daniel when I see your answer and I thank you for your every word to me, and it seems to me that I become addicted to these letters to go to a cafe every time and see your answer. But it will be a good and pleasant addiction. I never have addiction to bad habits in my life and told you about it. But the fact that I wish to go here to see your answer is very nice. I don't want to brag, but I have never regretted that I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, unlike today's youth, I think you know what I'm talking about. Thus, I even try not to drink a lot of alcohol. I have never understood people who can drink a lot of alcohol, perhaps this is a disease, or from a difficult period in life, or grief, but I think that it is possible to avoid it in other ways, for example, talking with loved ones and talking about the problem, or any other way. In general, I think that any alcohol and addiction causes aggression in a person, and other bad qualities. I cannot imagine myself in such a situation. And of course, I have never taken drugs! My drugs are good books, interesting films and sports. It really gives me a lot of pleasure and positive emotions in life. I think you could tell me your opinion on this. I hope you haven't had this experience.
I'm doing well today. I am looking forward to a change in my heart and life. My intuition tells me that this time of year should change a lot in my life. I only believe in it, and I will believe in you. I started communicating with you, getting to know you, and sharing my own life. This is a very interesting experience indeed. And I think it will have an interesting continuation. But for now, it's too early to talk about it. As long as you and I can continue our communication. I only hope that this brings you the same vivid emotions, as well as me and your day becomes better, because I often have thoughts about you and think about how you spend your day or evening.
In one of my previous letters, I promised to tell you more about how I see a normal love relationship with a man and also what kind of man I want to see next to me in my life. And now that I know you much better, I can already tell you more about this. Because I am confident that you can understand me in my thoughts. I think that a real, strong relationship, it should start with friendship, since ********** only strengthens an already established relationship, this should not start a good relationship that I imagine in my head. So that you can get to know each other better, for example, at first when talking, not to mix feelings and especially love in this process. Because I think that when a person is in love, then he does not see many obvious things. A person in love does not notice serious flaws in the character and behavior of a partner. Love clouded eyes and thoughts. And these are very necessary skills in a love relationship. I would be glad if you tell me how you think about it? I'm not sure if I can describe the image of a man who would be perfect for me. I don't think there is an ideal. Probably, all this should come to the campaign of developing relations. You just need to be able to listen and understand each other, support and give a feeling of care. Since without this it is impossible to find a common opinion. I just always wanted to live in complete harmony. Since I am a woman, I will be ready to follow my man through life, since the man is the leading link. There is such a simple life wisdom regarding women, because women fall in love, seeing the very attitude of a man to his woman. Thus, a woman can feel her man completely.
It does not matter at all what appearance a man has, what age or skin color. But, if a man is able to show perseverance, tenderness and care for a girl. If a man is able to instill confidence in a woman that a woman will be happy and protected, then such a man will always be welcome and in demand. You can spend the rest of your life with such a man. We women, we perceive this world at the level of feelings. And if a man understands this and can make his sincere intentions feel, then a woman will always be able to understand and see it, and also support, do a better act and pick it up right away, and both will have a pleasant feeling. I hope I was able to explain my position to you. But the man will always be the main one for me. Forgive me for not fully describing all my thoughts and ideas. I will wait for your thoughts on this ??? Or whatever you want to tell me.
What is the most important thing you want to see in your future woman? What qualities?
I decided not to write a very long letter today. Because I am very interested in receiving your answer and seeing your thoughts. I hope that you are doing well, your mood, I wish you that. As always, I will look forward to another day when I come back here again. I am sending my kisses to you. Your Eysel
Letter 8
my Daniel, how are you today and how is your day going? I hope you are doing great. I ask you because I think of you often now, and because I have a wonderful mood and some thoughts to share with you. For me it is now really very important to know that everything is fine with you, and it is interesting to know what you are thinking.
I thank you for every word you say to me, your opinion, and reading your letters, I understand that you are a very wise man. I never thought that correspondence on the Internet can give so many positive, vivid emotions and impressions. When I read your letters, then I write you an answer, it’s as if you are near me. We walk somewhere down the street or sit in a cafe and have a friendly conversation. First you tell me something, I listen carefully. Then I share with you my opinion and tell some of my thoughts or we remember something from our life to share. And I don't even have the feeling that we are separated by many kilometers and different countries. I feel that with each new letter we are getting closer. And this is a very amazing feeling. Do you agree with me? Or maybe this is just some kind of naive thoughts of mine? Maybe you sit there and think what this ****** girl is talking to me ?? And I smile again. No, I don't want to think like that. And reading your letters, I have a completely different experience. I love that and also the way our relationship is developing. And I hope that all this will continue as well. I've really become addicted to our communication.
Yet there are some cases at work, and related to men. And when they try to buy goods and when they deliver goods. They try their best to impress me as a girl and not as a delivery man. They invite to visit, but I always refuse. I think there are also many people in your country who are trying to meet in an unexpected way? And they try first of all to show the girl an expensive phone, or jewelry, or to show that they are very rich. Such people believe that everyone around them should envy and serve, say compliments and look with glance and respect, great respect. And so that man tried in every possible way to impress me, made hints of another meeting in a restaurant, gifts or something else, there were proposals to celebrate a purchase together in the evening. I always refuse. But this client continued to insist, and said that he was not used to getting rejections and only wants to hear "yes". Then I said that I could not, and that this man was looking for another girl, even for a walk or to sit in a cafe, I could not help anything, since I did not meet at work. Besides, I already had a bad experience and would not like to repeat it. So I just do my job and leave right away. Just wondering why rich people think they can buy absolutely everything and even other people? Why do they allow you to have such terrible, disgusting behavior and interaction with other people? And the most offensive for me was that such men believe that if a girl is beautiful, slender, then in any case she is looking for only a beautiful life, a rich man and is ready to step over her own pride and actually become a **********. This is the worst stereotype that exists in this society. And I see this often. If such situations arose elsewhere, not at my work, then I would answer in a completely different way, in other words, my answers would be in a more rigid form. But since this is my job, I cannot be rude to clients. I understand that, I am an attractive girl. And I am grateful to my parents for that. For my part, I do my best to preserve this beauty and take care of my health. But apart from my appearance, I also have an inner peace. I have feelings, thoughts, desires and emotions. And I want people to be interested in this. So that I can have interesting communication, friends and a close man. But, because of these stereotypes, it is very difficult to get it. This is one of the main reasons why I have practically no friends here. And it was also an important reason why I do not want to look for a man in my country and turned to the Internet for this.
And I am really glad that I am now receiving communication with you, what we have. Now, you have appeared in my life, it's like something new, very interesting. And I can feel my life beginning to change. I feel that I am starting to live the way I want and only speak with who I want.
I can communicate with you on various topics. I can write to you absolutely all my thoughts that are in my head. I can smile more often. I even began to notice that I was becoming less cold and more dreamy. All these changes began to happen to me after you appeared in my life and we started writing letters. And I am very grateful to fate that she gave me you. And of course, I am very grateful to you for your attention and understanding, for your letters, for our communication.
I hope this letter did not make you sad? I'm sorry if this happened. I do not have such a goal, I only share all the thoughts that come into my head, but the main thing is that I do not think badly about you. I just wanted to share with you the events and thoughts that are now taking place in my life. You can always do it too. I am always glad to learn more about you, your life and your thoughts. Thus, I can get to know and understand you even better. would like to send my kiss to you.
As always, I will be waiting for your prompt reply. My hugs, Eysel
Letter 9
mine Daniel, I would like to express my gratitude for all your words and your attention to me, I received your message. Thank you again for your understanding and for being such a good man. I still don't believe my happiness. That in this huge world, I was able to find such a kind, sympathetic and interesting person like you. This is indeed a great success. I see that you are completely different. You are not like the local men. And I really like it. For you, I am ready to open more and more with each new letter. And I'm not afraid to do it. I know that you will get it right and always give your opinion.
After I wrote you my last letter, I have more reflections. I told you that I don't understand why some rich people can allow themselves to have this behavior towards ordinary people. And especially, I don't understand why they think they can "buy" pretty girls. But then I came home and kept thinking about it. And I tried to think about it from the other side. If these rich people have this behavior and this opinion about beautiful girls, then perhaps they have a reason for this. And I guess it's really true. I understand that there are so many beautiful girls in this world who grew up in poor families and did not have money for a good life. At the same time, they saw on TV, in various fashion magazines, images of beautiful, successful girls, in expensive clothes and jewelry. And these poor girls want the same beautiful life, and are ready to make any sacrifices for this. They are ready to trade in bodies, do whatever they are told to do and receive the life they dreamed of so much for it. But does this make such people truly happy? I doubt. I try to get bad thoughts out of my head altogether. But nevertheless ... they live like beautiful birds, enclosed in golden cages. I think most of these girls start regretting what they did very soon. For me, this is tantamount to selling their souls to the devil. But most of these girls can no longer stop or give up this beautiful life, and they continue to live in this horror. And therefore, they give rise to such stereotypes about beautiful girls.
I really don't understand girls like that. They choose the easiest path and receive the heaviest punishment. I have always been proud that I am independent and that I was raised in a good family. That I am able to provide for my own life without asking my parents for help. And this path that I went through made me a strong girl. And I never regret that I chose the difficult path to having such a life now.
It seems to me that after I began to communicate with you, I became wiser. I already try to consider each situation from several sides. I no longer only have a subjective point of view. I'm trying to be more objective. And I really like it. I am sure that these changes that are taking place in me are your merit. As if you are sharing with me your life experience, your wisdom. And I want to thank you for that.
My life here also goes on slowly. I don't have any special interesting events to tell you about it. Maybe you have what you want to tell me? I have plans to date my best friend soon. I have not seen my friends for a long time and would like to meet them. I would like to share my thoughts and everything that happens in my life. And also to learn the news from life and I am also interested, I often worry about my girlfriends as well and try to support in every way. I hope that you will not mind if I tell you about our communication with you? I really want to share with this. I understand that you have become a very close friend to me. But, my friend has known me for a very long time and very well, so I would not like to have secrets, I hope you do not mind, but I will not tell any details. I think that my girlfriend will see the sparkle in my eyes, and asked what new was happening in my life. We women have very good intuition, and we are very attentive to small details, when we communicate with each other, I smile again. And what do you pay attention to when you have live communication with a person or your friend? I think that you can also see changes or support each other in communication or a solution to this or that situation. I think you men have their own business. Maybe the intonation of the voice, volume, or movements of the eyes, hands? What can cause the desire to communicate with a person longer? And what behavior can cause the desire to end a conversation with an unpleasant person as soon as possible?
For my part, I can say the following. I don't like it when a person raises his tone of voice, when a person speaks very quickly, and I do not have time to realize everything, I smile again. I don't really like it when a person quickly gestures with his hands. When dealing with such people, I want to run away somewhere faster. I hope I didn't tire you with my message and thoughts again. I will wish you a great day and evening today.
With this, I will finish my letter to you. I hope that everything is good in your life and that you do not have difficulties or problems. I will wait for your answer and I will be interested, my kisses, your Eysel
Letter 10
love my Daniel, how are you, how are you today? How is your weather and health? Hope there are no sad thoughts in your head. Otherwise, you must urgently say this to me, and I will do everything to make your mood good, I smile again. I thank you for all your words to me today.
I'm fine here, time flies by very quickly. At my job today, I have several clients, and even several sales. And this is probably one of the reasons why my mood today is very good. Because when I can do my job well and have a result, it always adds to me positive and good emotions. But the main reason why my mood today is wonderful is that I received your other letter. I catch me thinking that I really look forward to your next letter very much. I hurry to the cafe to check my mail, hoping to see your letter. And when I see this, I have a very exciting state. Sometimes I'm even afraid to start reading your answer. I cannot somehow explain this excitement to you logically. It's just my feminine, incomprehensible feeling, and I smile again. And only after I read this, my state becomes calm. And I can write you the answer and all my thoughts that are in my head. I think I never get tired of thanking you. Since I really get a lot of vivid emotions from our communication, and I want to continue and develop this. Therefore, in every letter I am ready to say “thank you” to you. Hope this is comfortable for you?
Today I would like to tell you, since I told you I was planning to date my girlfriend. You know, I'm used to completing all my goals quickly. I do not like planning, waiting, and doing nothing. I do not like when I have a lot of things that could have been done for a long time. Therefore, immediately after I wrote you the last letter, I went to meet with my friend. I met her after work, asked if she has any important business or is she tired? I said that I would like to talk to her somewhere in a cafe, since I had not seen her for a long time. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the most interesting thing. She did not expect to see me, and when she did, she looked at me for a long time and there was some confusion in her gaze. As if she did not recognise me. She saw in me that I was happy, and my eyes shine with happiness and I seemed to emit a bright light. And after that she could not remain serious, she laughed and hugged me. That evening she was absolutely free, and we went to the nearest cafe. A name of my girlfriend Anellina,
We sat there for about 2-3 hours. This time flew by very quickly. We drank tea with cake and ate fruit dessert with ice cream. Sometimes I can allow myself such little tasty weaknesses. But usually I try to eat a little sweet. She told me a lot about her work, about the fact that soon she should receive the long-awaited promotion in her career and she is very glad that the main goal of her life at the moment will soon become a reality. I was sincerely happy for her, I know how much she worked for this and how much she wanted it. I think that in our time it is really rare when people are able to rejoice for the successes of friends and loved ones. In the modern world, there is too much envy and all the negative things associated with it. I have never understood envious people. I do not understand why they do not even try to change their own lives, do something about it? Instead, they have a lot of anger when they see other people's successes and say bad words about successful people. As I told you in the first letters, for this reason I have practically no friends.
She also started asking me about my changes. She said that she immediately noticed serious changes in my face, eyes, emotions and she should know the reason for this. I told her that the only change in my life is that I started communicating with you on the Internet. I told her a little about this, about how interesting it is for me, and I also said that I myself feel some changes in me. But so far I cannot explain it somehow. And then my friend said a very unexpected phrase - maybe you fell in love? This question took me by surprise. I blushed and did not know what to say. After that, I tried to change the subject of the conversation. After that, my friend said that perhaps she would also follow my example and look for a friend in another country. We sat for a few more minutes and then went home. But my friend's question still rings in my head. I do not even know if I should have written all this to you? But I wanted you to know that. I'm not ready to answer my friend's question yet. For me, it seems generally unrealistic to fall in love with a pen pal. Although lately so much has been happening in my life that I do not have confidence in anything. But I have good feelings about all of this.
I think you will read this and smile. Because there are too many different thoughts in my head now. And it takes me a while to figure it out better. This is really a very unusual state for me. It's like I'm losing control of my life. And I cannot understand how I should relate to this. I will wait for your answer with great impatience, with kisses, your Eysel
Letter 11
love my Daniel I go to the cafe again and see your letter. And so many different emotions are inside me now. But now I just want to thank you for your answer, for your understanding. As always, I was very happy to see this. In my last letter, I wrote you some very important personal thoughts. And even now, I still cannot answer some questions myself. It seems to me that I still need some time for this. This is really the first time in my life in recent years. I have many thoughts about everything, I would like to know your condition today? how do you feel today?
I'm fine here. Day after day flies by. When you have enough things to do, time always flies by. I'm not used to just sitting and doing nothing. It's very boring and not interesting. I prefer to have something to do all the time. Then I have the feeling that I am living this life, and not just existing. These days I have a lot of work to do, as always at this time of year. I also try to devote more time to my health, playing sports and being outdoors more. I do not want and do not like to get sick. Therefore, I always try to take care of my health. If we were together, I would also always like to take care of your health. Do you try to control what you eat, drink? I hope so. Can you call yourself a lazy person?
Lately, after I started communicating with you through letters, I try to plan my day differently. I try to find free time to come to the cafe, read your letters and write you an answer. And it really became a part of my life. The good part and I can smile again. I still continue to wonder, how is it possible to convey mood, emotions of thought to each other in letters? Come to think of it, these are just words that we write to each other. But these words are capable of truly magical things, and I can feel it. And I am so glad that I was able to understand what a great power lies in our letters. And now I really think that there are no impossible things in this world. It's amazing how many new things I began to learn, understand and feel after I started communicating with you. I'm even beginning to believe in such a thing as fate. You know, I've never believed in fate before. And even people say that those people who do not take actions and do not make decisions believe in fate. But I don't think so. I thought that absolutely all the events of our life depend only on ourselves. And only we decide how it should be. Only our efforts lead to different results and consequences.
But now, I'm starting to think that there is some supernatural force that helps people. I'm not talking about religion. I mean, some force that comes to us from outside, helps our dreams come true. And if you have a really strong desire, then the universe will help us in this. I really wanted to change my life, and I dream of meeting you one day. I think that this day would be like a holiday for me. I will finish this letter and send all my kisses and hugs to you, your Eysel
Letter 12
love my Daniel, many thanks for your kind response. The fact that our communication continues to develop - this makes it very interesting and important for me. And especially, I am amazed at how quickly it happens. Looking back, we have been writing letters to each other not so long ago. But in these letters so many interesting, important things, thoughts were written and even a few feelings were conveyed. we did a great job in this and now I am amazed how it was possible? I smile a lot, and also now, I have an incredible feeling as if I have known you for many years. I can't even explain how this feeling came about. But it really is there. And I do not want to hide it, I really like you.
I wonder how it is with you? What things can you tell me about what we have between us now? This is very interesting and important for me to find out. Because in this letter I want to write you one very important thing. And it's important for me that you get it right. And I also hope that all this will be mutual. Otherwise, I will look absolutely ******. I thought about it for a long time and decided that I had no fear. I have to tell you absolutely everything that is in my head, in my heart. I thought for several days and especially nights about this.
Everything is fine in my daily life, absolutely everything makes me happy, every day, mood, weather, your answers. I also have a lot of work, do sports more often and have almost no free time. But I always find it in order to come to the cafe and check my mail. In the hope that I will see your new letter. And today I see it again. Again my heart skips a beat before I start reading this. I noticed that I even have some tremors in my hands.
So, I have to say what I think, what I feel and want to share with you. As I wrote above, I have a lot of good feelings as a result of our correspondence now. You have become a very close person to me in this short time. I am sure that you can always understand correctly everything that I write to you. And I know that you will never judge me. Perhaps sometimes we have different views. But it's not a problem. And that's even good. The most important thing is that we can always explain our position and hear each other. It is really very good when such an understanding is present in a relationship. In any relationship. I think that you will agree with me?
Also in one of my last letters, I told you about the changes that I now have and feel. Now I already admit that absolutely many things are possible in this world. And I began to understand all this after our communication. I understand that letters are a very good tool, a way to get to know a person. When I write a letter, I have enough time to formulate my thoughts better. When I come to a cafe, I already have some things in my head that I want to share with you. And it's always so interesting. And now I have come to a very interesting conclusion. If someone else had told me about such a possible development of the situation, I would never have believed it. Perhaps I would even laugh and say that this is impossible. That all this is nonsense and it never happens. But now, when I was able to feel all this, I do not have such categoricality. Now I have become completely different. I have changed in some character traits, behavior. I have become amorous, and so when I write to you. I want to feel some connection with you, that is, some kind of invisible thread between us. I am trying to create this and if we are understanding each other correctly. I became calmer, softer and wiser. And I want to thank you for all this again. You are like a kind wizard who could make a beautiful swan out of an **** duckling. With you, something special, warm, tender woke up inside me. Your words found a response in my heart. And all this was done so pleasantly, calmly and naturally. And I am still deeply impressed by the understanding that I have now. The only thing I ask of you is to try to understand me correctly. I am absolutely sure that I will write to you further. I've been thinking about this for a long time. I analyzed my condition, behavior, thoughts. And I cannot hide what I came to now.
Probably your next answer will be the most awaited one. And if I see your letter in my mail, I will not be able to start reading this for a long time. Because I will feel a lot of panic, fear and insecurity.
Yes, I forgot to tell you the most important thing. Throughout this letter, I wanted to say these simple words to you, but I did not have enough courage. And I decided to say this at the end of my letter in order to write this and quickly send my letter. I will not even reread everything that I have written here. I have a feeling of being in love or love for you, I like to receive these feelings and I am very happy, all my kisses on your lips, your Eysel
Letter 13
love my Daniel it was a very long time before I entered my mail to read your reply. I don't know how much time has passed. I thank you very much for giving me your attention again. For a long time I could not open the mail, and I do not know the reason, slowly, I opened my mail, I saw that I have your letter. And after that I just sat, looked at the monitor screen, and was afraid to read your answer.
But there was great interest in knowing your thoughts. I sat without a single movement, probably only by the movement of my eyes it was possible to understand that I was still alive. At that moment, there were so many different thoughts in my head. I even thought what I would do if I see only 1-2 lines in your letter. And you will not be happy with my letter or you will condemn it. In my imagination, I even drew a picture of me in tears, closing my mail and running out of the cafe. I am writing to you, and I am a little funny and ashamed that I had similar thoughts in my head today at first. I am writing all this to you so that you can understand what impact our communication has on me. This is really all very surprising. It's like I'm a 15-year-old girl who fell in love for the first time in my life. And I really feel like that. This must be some kind of madness. Anyway, thank you for your answer, your understanding and everything you wrote to me. Only after I read your letter to the end, I was able to calm down. Then it took me a few more minutes to collect my thoughts, and I began to write you this letter.
How do you spend your day and how is your mood today? I'm fine here. My mood is the best now. Especially after everything I read in your letter. I will not cease to be amazed at how quickly you became a close person to me. How quickly I was able to open my soul and my heart for you. You really are taking up all the free space in this now. I go to bed thinking about you. And I woke up every morning thinking about you. Before going to bed I think, what is my love doing now? You are my Love? I write this way and because I think about you. And when I think about you, I fall in love, and if you understand? My days and in general, all my thoughts take on a different meaning. I will try now for you. Sometimes and very often, I wonder if you are thinking about me at all? I imagine different situations. I didn't notice how I became a very dreamy girl. I have never dreamed so much before. And I think that in one of the following letters, I will share some dreams with you. I hope you find it interesting to know.
Today I don't have a lot of work and this is amazing to me. But all the same, I did not notice how quickly time passed. I think that people at work began to suspect something about me and my love. Because they notice my mood, but they don't say anything and just smile. And I think my girlfriends have every reason to guess about it. Because practically all day today I was sitting near the window, looking at the street and was very thoughtful, dreamy and hardly ever went around the city. All this time I was thinking about you again. A few more days and I could lose my job because of you and I'm kidding now.
How are you in general? What do you think about often during the day? How is your life, how are your events? I hope that as always you will share your thoughts with me. Lately, I think that your letters are not enough for me. I want to get to know you more and more. I want to know you absolutely everything. I understand that even a lifetime is not enough for this. But I have such a longing desire. I am sure that a lot of interesting things are hidden inside you. And it beckons me very much. And the power of this attraction is very great.
I will try to write you more next time. I would like to visit the gym today to do sports. I want you to remember that you are in my thoughts, you are in my heart and I hope that you appear in my life forever. And these are not just big words. This is my sincere desire.
I love you and send all my kisses and hugs to you. your Eysel
Letter 14
love my Daniel, I have been looking forward to your letter. Today I was in a hurry to the cafe to immediately see your answer and it is important now for me these days. Because today, my intuition told me that you will wait for me, or something from me, and I can smile again. And I was very happy when I received confirmation of my thoughts.
Now every new letter of yours I read with even stronger interest and attention. As I told you in my last letter, I want to get to know you as much as possible. I'm like a hungry, stray cat that hasn't eaten in days. And now this cat has the opportunity to eat the most delicious food without stopping. I hope you understand this allegory. Because really deep down in my soul, about a month ago, I feel very hungry. I have had a lack of vivid impressions in my life. I had no love. I did not have this feeling of love and a man by my side. And now, I feel that someone from above could hear my request, to understand my desires correctly. Now inside me there is calmness, bliss and serenity. And now I can say that I am absolutely happy. I'm not sure this is possible. But I really do feel it. Even if you try to analyze my life now, I am very happy. And I really want this state to be preserved and continue with you. Now here, I have a good job. I have absolute independence. I have full responsibility for my own life, I control it. And now you have appeared in my life. And I loved you with all my heart. My soul is drawn to your soul. We have such wonderful communication, understanding. And yet love, and spending time together. Everything will be possible to change in our life and if we talk about it seriously. How we represent days and nights, and when we will spend together. So many different thoughts, But I would like to keep more secret, and not be revealed in letters like a flower. Otherwise, you will lose interest in me and I know that.
Our correspondence gives me so many vivid feelings and pleasure. What else does an ordinary woman need to feel absolute happiness? When all areas of a person's life are doing their best, what could be better? And only to have a man nearby !!! And so I am writing to you to be closer to you. And I am very afraid that I might lose it all. I don't even know what reasons I have for this fear and smile? Perhaps this is one of our feminine properties, which is difficult to explain with something.
You are now my love and I think of you constantly throughout the day and night. I understand that everything that we have between us now is a very good result. When I first wrote you my first letter, I could not even imagine that our relationship would develop in this way and at such a speed.
And now there are so many questions in my head. And it is not easy to find the correct answers to these questions. I know you also have a lot of questions. I want to ask for forgiveness again, if maybe I always miss something in letters. I try to answer, and choose the right decision, express my opinion completely. Because on the one hand, I do not want to dwell on the result that we now have between us. On the other hand, I understand that the further development of our relations will require more serious steps. So far I do not want to rush into this. As you can already understand, I am a very sensible girl. And all the important steps in my life, I take after thinking well about it. Therefore, at the moment, I cannot say for sure what my next steps will be. It still takes me a while to think about it better. To make the final decision and start working to fulfill it. I understand that for the further development of our relationship, to make it stronger and check. This will require a real meeting. And I want to think about that for a while. Hope you don’t mind that I think about it? Maybe you have a different opinion and other plans? Then you tell me about it, so that I don't build illusions and vain dreams.
Because my love, I am really very afraid. I am afraid that I am writing all this to you. I open myself for you, my soul. I am absolutely sincere with you and I have 100 percent trust in you. Because my heart tells me that you really are the best, most suitable man for me. My heart tells me that I will be happy only with you. I am confident that if we can verify all this in reality, in a real meeting. And if then you and I will feel the same as we already feel with the help of our letters. Then after that I will be ready to spend the rest of my life with you. And it is not just words. I'm really ready for this. I believe that at my age this is already the right time to have a family. I don't want to keep wasting my life time aimlessly. I want to have a family, I want to devote myself entirely to this family. So that I take care of you, our home, delicious food, and always feel comfortable and pleasant to be at home. So that you come home, so that you hurry to me always in your free time. At the same time, I do not want to turn into a housewife. I want to have a permanent job and bring my contribution to the family budget. It seems to me that I will never be able to have such a life that I will constantly be at home and do household chores.
At the same time, for all the rest, I will depend only on my man (husband). I believe this is not correct. Although there are many such girls in our country. Who got married and their main "job" is to give birth to children and cook for her husband to eat, I smile. Sometimes it seems to me that such women stopped in development and began to degrade. I could never have a life like this. At the same time, I am confident that I am a faithful girl. If I say the words "I love you," it means that I am completely dedicating me to you. I will not look at other men, or think about other men, my upbringing will not allow this, and these are wounds in my heart. Or allow me some flirtation or something like that, also flirting.
And this is really true. As I already told you in one of my past letters, absolutely simple values ​​are important for me in this life. And I can see it all in you. You are a really good, kind, caring man. You can understand me correctly. I can talk to you on any topic. And I know that this will always be an interesting conversation. And now that I have it all, I don’t even want to think about any other man. I believe that even such thoughts can be considered as dishonest in relation to a loved one. Maybe I'm old-fashioned or not modern. But I have such an upbringing. My mother has always been the standard of female behavior for me. I saw their relationship with my father, and it always gave me joy. And the fact that they have been together for so many years, love each other, take care of each other, all this tells me that this is the most ideal relationship that I have seen. I do not understand those people who create a family and after the first problem they begin to ruin it. Family is the closest, most precious thing that can be in the life of any person. And this must be appreciated, taken care of and always supported. These are my principles of life and will always stick to it.
This is where I want to end my letter. In my next letter, I want to share with you the frank dreams that I have about you. I hope you are ready to read my fantasies about you. This will be a very personal, intimate letter. I hope that this will not shock you and you will be able to recognize me from this side as well. I think the time is right for that.
I love you. With all my kisses and hugs, Eysel
Letter 15
love my Daniel my heart beats often again when I see your answer, and it again lifts my spirits. I'm doing well here. I hope you will have a wonderful day and evening today.
As always, I was very happy to see your answer and see your thoughts. I read this with great interest and attention. You know, when I read your letters, my imagination always works at its maximum. I imagine that you are sitting next to me and tell me all this in person. Or as if I'm watching a very exciting movie and I'm completely immersed in it. It’s probably not so easy to describe in words everything that happens inside me when I read your letters, but this is a really very interesting process.
In the last letter, I wrote to you that I want to share with you the other side of my life. In all previous letters, I have tried to avoid talking on such topics.
Because I believe that such personal, intimate things can only be discussed in one case. When I am absolutely confident in a person. When I can be calm and know that all this will be understood correctly. And the most important thing is when I have strong feelings for this person. Only in the presence of these conditions, I am ready to talk on such topics. And now, I feel like I can write more. As I already told you, I trust you 100 percent, I love you, and I know that you will be able to understand correctly everything that I will write to you. Therefore, in this letter, I want to talk more of my thoughts.
I cannot have respect for girls who do it differently. Every self-respecting girl should be very careful about this. If you constantly change partners, then this will have severe harm to the female body and possibly even serious illness. Intimacy, love, care is the most expensive gift that a girl can give to her beloved man. This means that a girl gives all of herself for a beloved man, devotes her life to a man completely. And it is important for a woman to feel male gratitude, care and support, love in return. And then any woman will do absolutely everything to make the man the happiest. All this was taught to me by my mother when my age began to approach adulthood. And I remembered these lessons well and always followed the advice.
Or do you not have such fantasies ?
Now I want to tell you another such fantasy that I had last night. I want you to have your full attention on this part.
You and I live together in your house. During the day, you had some business outside and come home in the evening. You are surprised because you cannot turn on the light, as if there is no electricity in the house. But then you notice a glowing pointer, it's made of little bulbs and a small glowing heart. You take off your shoes, outerwear and, with some curiosity, begin to walk in the indicated direction. After a few steps, you can see the next pointer made in the same way. And now, following all these signs, you find yourself in our bedroom. It looks like this: The light in the room is very low, quiet, romantic music is playing, for example, Enigma, on the floor you can see a path made of rose petals that leads to the bed. The bed is also strewn with rose petals, and you can see that the rose petals make up a large, beautiful heart lying on a white, silk sheet. There is a candlestick and a basket of fresh fruit on the nightstands by the bed.
There is an open bottle of wine and 2 glasses near the basket. But you don't see me yet.
And almost immediately, you can feel that I am behind you. I hug you by the belt, kiss you gently on your neck and whisper in your ear the words: "Let me do everything myself." I can feel how the vein on your neck has swollen, how your breathing becomes faster and you are saying pleasant words to me. Then I take your hand, lead you to the table where there is wine and fruits, slowly pour the wine, and hold it out to you. You can already see my black, transparent negligee, under which I put on the most beautiful underwear. I suggest you that you drink this wine for us, for our future, and for the fate that helped us find each other.
You take a few sips of wine, then I hand you grapes, which I hold with *********** and slowly feed you. You bite the grapes, and you also want to grab my fingers with your lips. But I will stop this movement, and rest my index finger perpendicular to your lips, like a playful prohibition sign. Then I move as close to you as possible. I begin to cover your body with my hot kisses. I start kissing your neck, biting your earlobes, and playing with my tongue. Along with this, I quickly take off the remaining clothes from you and gradually go down.
I kiss your *******, gently ****** your body with my hands. And gradually sink lower and lower. I can already feel all the excitement that you have. But I take my time. I continue to gently caress and kiss your body. I can feel your heartbeat, your breath. And then I get down on my knees, take off your ******* and begin to kiss your Ding tenderly. I can feel the pulse, hardness and reaction to every movement of my tongue. I start to accelerate and take it deeper. You put your hands on my head and begin to set the pace of the movement. And after a few minutes I realize that I have achieved a result. But I don't stop and keep doing it all for a few more seconds.
This is one of my fantasies about you. And such fantasies often visit my head lately, only to make you feel good, so that you feel good. I hope this doesn't shock you? And I didn't make the mistake of writing all this to you? So these are just my thoughts about us, and collected all this in my head. I want to have more thoughts, I wanted to keep it secret.
I'm sorry, but I cannot continue writing this letter and I smile. I urgently need to get out into the fresh air and take a walk. Because while I was writing all this to you, I could also feel this intense excitement and desire. I think you understand what I wanted to say.
I love you and I can say with confidence. Although I haven't even seen you in reality yet, I love this continuation of the relationship. I look forward to your next letter. And I will be very happy if you
Letter 16

My love Daniel I just came back now to read your answer, I thank you for all your words to me. How are you today and how is your day? I want you to have wonderful thoughts and understanding of this letter of mine, as this is very important. I understand that the fantasy that I wrote to you in my last letter could have a strong impression on you. And I want to say that this is not only my fantasy. I also know that you have the same thoughts. Everything that I fantasize about and write to you, I am ready to do in real life.
you can see for yourself all my thoughts, all my dreams and desires. I do not hide something from you and even no feelings if I write all this to you. I want you to also be able to understand me completely, to see and know that I am absolutely sincere with you. And I don't have any topics that are taboo. And with my last letter, I wanted to show you. But at the same time, I do not want our correspondence to turn into conversations, only about fantasies on this topic. Therefore, I really hope for your understanding in this. But it is better to do this than to talk about it and you need to talk in person alone with each other. I think that you will agree with me on this.
I'm doing well here. In the near future I want to meet again with my girlfriend. Now I am ready to answer the question that then made me worry. I think she will be very happy for me. I think it will be a very interesting meeting and maybe she will also tell me something new from life.
Also, my love, in one of my last letters I told you that I need to better think about the next steps in the development of our relationship. Because this is really very serious. I understand that our future life depends on this. So it took me enough time to think about it. I tried to weigh the various options, and now I will write to you in detail about my reasoning.
I started thinking with the most basic things. Do we need a meeting in the near future? Or is it better to leave everything as it is now and just go with the flow of events? Or write letters, but if we want it. And also if we speak so seriously about us, I think we could take some steps. I could do it. I didn’t think about this issue for a long time and I decided that it was really necessary. Moreover, when I read all your words and thoughts about us, I cannot sit still. Now our relationship is in the highest and most tender state. Now we have the brightest, most positive and warmest feelings and emotions. And it really gives me a lot of joy, bliss and positive. But I understand that this needs to be developed further. Because if all this is left at the level that we have now, these feelings can fade away. This can turn into a routine. And in the end we will remain good pen pals. I do not want it so. This is probably a good result too, but I don't want that. I want our relationship to develop in reality, in the near future. Therefore, I clearly answered the question for me that our meeting in the real world is very necessary. If we have it soon, then we can test our feelings. We will be able to see each other, talk, hug, kiss and spend all the time together. And this will be the best way to have final conclusions about our future future. I don’t want to waste my life on Internet correspondence for months or years. I don't know how it will end and if there will be many regrets about the time spent. Therefore, I want to live in the present and in the real world to feel, try and make decisions. I would like to know your opinion? Perhaps you think otherwise?
After I was able to answer the main question for me myself. I began to think about possible options for our meeting. I began to think more about how I could come to you, to your country. That we were together and not at such a distance from each other. Although we are both very strong, I want to be by your side. I will not hide, I am happy with these thoughts, but I would like to know your opinion. I would like to see life in your country, your home, get acquainted with your relatives. Because if everything goes well during my arrival, then I am ready to change my place of residence and live with you in your country. And now in my head I already have a clear answer to this question. I thought about what I would leave in this country, my parents in the first place, but my parents have always approved of my choice in life. And I am ready to take this serious step for my future happy life. I am confident that my parents will support me in this. This is my life, I make a decision and I am responsible for it. Therefore, now it is necessary to do only my visit to you, to understand if I can live with you the rest of my life. And after that it will be possible to talk about the move, future life, marriage, and similar things.
I think that you understand me in this regard, but these are my thoughts.
In order to organize my visit to you. I plan to go to the city of Baku and this is our capital, find out all the information there and learn all the necessary details. But first, I want to receive your exact answer. I want to know if you are ready to meet me in your country soon? Are you ready for this serious step, and also another question, the city in which I will have to come to you, and also I think that I will need the name of the airport ??? where do you exactly live, or nearby, or maybe you can write me the airport code? Please give me a clear answer. And after that I will do all the necessary research and will go to another city to find out information first, it will not be difficult for me. I hope to see your positive response. And we will take all steps for our sake and our future, but only if we want it together.
With this I will finish my letter to you. And look forward to your answer.
My hugs and all my tender kisses. with love and desire to be together, your Eysel
Letter 17

My love Daniel, my man, thank you for your answer and thank you for every word you say to me. I was glad to see that you could understand all the reasoning that I wrote to you. And most importantly, we can talk more about us. I can speak all my thoughts regarding our meeting and my coming to you soon.
I am doing well here, today again we have wonderful weather, my mood is on top. In my soul there is a premonition of some wonderful event in the near future. And I hope that this is a premonition of our soon meeting. And I also hope that you are doing well, your mood, your health and all aspects of your life.
As I told you that I wanted to go to Baku in order to find out information about our meeting, I did it. I went there to visit several travel agencies. Previously, I did research on the Internet. I spoke with colleagues at my work and my best friend who had previously traveled to other countries. They advised me a good travel agency that could help me get all the necessary documents so that I could fly to your country at this time. Since now it is not so easy to come to this or that country, you need to have special documents. And based on all this research, I chose a travel agency and went there. I believe I have done a really great amount of work and research for this and I hope that you will appreciate it. As you can already understand, I very thoroughly approach the important things on which our future depends. And now I will tell you everything that I learned at the travel agency.
So, in order to go to you, I will need to have - a foreign passport, will be valid for 10 years, this is primarily, also, I must have a work visa, will be valid for 1 year and this is a proven option so that I have no problems with entry in your country, besides, it is very important, also a special document, a special certificate, so that I can come to your country without any problems and so that no one stops me and makes no obstacles. This will be the safest and most proven way so that I can fly and you can meet me at the airport, so that I can come to you officially, you need to do just such documents. I was advised this type of visa as other types of visas would be more likely to be refused. Therefore, a work visa is the best option in our case. I will also have my health insurance while I am in your country - health insurance.
Then, after receiving all the necessary documents, tickets in both directions, this must be booked by the travel agency. No documents are needed from you in this case or any information. I think it's a really good option to use the services of a travel agency. Because in this case, I will make a minimum of effort and will not make possible mistakes. Previously, my colleagues at work and also my best friend turned to this travel agency for help, as they will help me with all the necessary special documents, without which I would not have been able to come to you. I hope we can use this option for our meeting.
They said that now the season is slowly opening, when people want to travel to different countries, they already have a lot of applications. And if I refuse now, they said that then I will have to wait in long queues. So I'll wait for your confirmation if we follow along on this issue? it will also take time to complete the documents.
I could fly to you already 15d of November: I also found out the cost of my trip to you,
the cost of medical insurance is 167 USD, this is a mandatory requirement.
cost of documents - 118 USD
cost of two way tickets (return ticket will be open) - 591 euros
full trip cost - 876 euros
I would also like to give you my full name and address: Eysel Jarnevi, country - Azerbaijan, village (town) - Alyat, zip code - 1081, Kamil Memmedov street 3-8
This amount includes the full costs of the trip, everything necessary for my visit to you. There will be no other costs besides travel costs, no additional fees will be required. I also have to tell you the truth and I am ashamed to say that during this period of time in my work, I do not earn much money to cover such expenses. As much as I would not want it, I cannot, and if I could, I would pay for my trip to you tomorrow. I have to tell you the truth, since all my money earned goes to pay bills, apartments and necessary services, so I cannot afford much. My love, I will wait for your answer and your comments. And I hope that you will not leave me in this matter, so that we can discuss all the information, if we can deal with this issue, we will be together soon. Because if we want to postpone our meeting, then later it will not be possible to get my travel documents quickly, as there will be long queues. I have to tell you this truth, and I hope we find a way to be together soon. I have a great desire to see you and do not want to stay here without you. I hope that you are waiting for me and want to meet me. I have always told you what I think and feel, how ashamed I would not be. I do not want to hide anything from you, you are my man, my future husband. I also do not like to use hints or any guesswork, so I inform you that we have the opportunity to use this chance so that I can come to you. Also if you have any questions or want to know more information. I can give you the e-mail of the travel agency to contact the manager.
You can also ask me any questions, and I will answer you in as much detail as possible, I hope you will not leave me now, so that soon we will be together and can hug each other, kiss for the first time, I just dream about it ... I am ready to take this step, and I want to know your answer, how we can make it happen.
In any case, I will wait for your answer to know your opinion.
I will finish my letter and send all my love and kisses to you.
Your Eysel
Letter 18
Hello my love Daniel my sweet my tender. Here I can't help but think of you. I just sit and all my thoughts are only about you and me. And about when I will see you and then we discuss all issues together. Also, I never want to force you to do something. And even more so for our sake and if we are ready to give love and affection. There will be no obstacles for me, if you understand? I don't want to be alone here anymore, I want to go to you as soon as possible. I loved you so much these days. I ask you not to be angry with me for falling in love with you like a little one. You just don't have to judge me for that. Today is another most wonderful day in my life, our correspondence has led us, it seems to me, to love, and it's just great. is this day as beautiful for you as it is for me? Now you don't have to think about anyone but me. you have to think only of me, you have to wait only for me. I only want you. I want you my love.
My love, today I did not go to work, because today I will not be able to work, I want to go and collect surprises for you. I want to make good gifts for you. Hope you like it if I bring you real T-shirts what is your size? I want to do something nice for you so that you appreciate it. Sweet my my girlfriends are very happy for us.
Every time I see my girlfriends, I only talk about you. I tell you how you will meet me at the airport with flowers, then hug me and kiss me, they are very happy for me and even envy me a little, but I tell them they do not need to envy me, you yourself will find wonderful husbands for yourself. It's so great that soon I can finally see you. it's just wonderful, I'm really very happy, I'm all beaming with joy, I'm ready to jump and dance, scream to the whole world about love for you. Every day before going to bed I lie and try to imagine how great it will be when I see you. how will you be delighted to see me. We will hug each other tightly, tightly.
I think a lot about what our first night will be like. I want you to give your best and we made just the most wonderful love with you, I will do everything to please you, I hope that you will also do everything to please me in bed. I want to quickly see how you look in reality. I want to touch you, I want to smell your skin, your hair. I think a lot about you. My love, I want you to know that you are always in my head, in my thoughts and my heart. Nevertheless, I would like to ask importantly, since I told you all the information about the trip, that I could soon have all the travel documents and a special certificate to fly to your country and there would be no problem for you to meet me. I will have everything I need and I was guaranteed this information, but I’m just ashamed to say that I can’t handle this issue myself in order to pay for the trip, but I am telling the truth. And if you could support me in this matter of the trip, we could handle it and be together soon. I will wait for your confirmation.
I will look forward to your next letter with even greater impatience, I love you and send you the warmest and most tender kiss. Yours for life Eysel
Letter 19
I hope you will receive this important message today on Saturday and didn’t have time to write me an answer, as I was waiting for your mail and now I can’t check my regular e-mail. I ask you to please use this address now to reply to me. I tried to regain access to my regular account, but I cannot at this time, because my e-mail was paid to use. Now I cannot arrange it, and therefore I cannot have access and continue to use my e-mail, I tried to create a free e-mail address, and it worked. so I can send this message to you and I hope you can see it now, I will try to send this message to you several times so that you get my photo as well. and I will wait for your answer here, I hope you will have a wonderful weekend, and I will be glad to know what are you going to do today and tomorrow? I will try to check my mail on Monday, as I do not want to lose contact with you and miss any words. I think about you all the time, if you've already sent me a message to my old e-mail, you can send me a copy here so I can see it on Monday. I send you my hugs and kisses, your Eysel
Letter 20
Hello my love Daniel. Today I came to the cafe again and I see your letter, it's so wonderful. My love Daniel want to tell you a little about my day, how I spent it. Today I worked very little, my boss let us go early, my friends and I went to a cafe to sit and drink some green tea. We left work, walked through the park, it was a little chilly outside today, but we didn't care because we were all in a very good mood. We came to a cafe, sat down at a table and chatted. I told my friends about you again. And yet I want to talk about you to all the world. And yet I only rejoice at the thought that now I will hug you. What will we do? I would like to lie with you now and give you all my affection. And yet I would like to kiss you really now in reality. What good happened to you? How was your day? Do you still think about us? Are you waiting for me? I just can't, every day I want more and more to you.
I don't want to be alone in Azerbaijan anymore. I really really want to see you and write to you about all my feelings. I also know what you think. I want to be close to you soon. I am so pleased that you like my fantasies, it’s great to hear about you about your fantasies. I think that we need to come up with something else to make our days and nights very pleasant and gentle. I will wait for our meeting, I want you. I want you to be the man of my life. I will only make love to you. I promise you that I will never cheat on you. My love, I want you to promise me that you will never cheat and love other girls. You must love only me and I promise that I will give you all my love and warmth. in general I am a girl for whom there is only one man in this life. I promise that I will not give you any reason to be jealous. because I will love and respect you very much. I will hope that you will also love and respect me very much. You must understand that in your country I will actually be alone, I will not have anyone but you. I also want you to protect me. You know, I'm a little scared, but when I think that you will be there, it immediately becomes easy for me and I want to come to you as soon as possible. And yet my love Daniel I want to tell you if you could help with the trip, perhaps we could deal with this issue already this week, so that soon I can have all the documents and tickets for the flight to you. My sweet I will finish my letter. I love you madly, I will wait for your letter and miss you very much. Yours forever Eysel
Letter 21
Hello my love and I hope my future husband Daniel, Today is another day of my waiting for our meeting. It gets even harder for me. The more we wait, the more we are drawn to each other. You know, I read a book in which it is written that sometimes a man and a woman need to rest from each other, but I cannot understand how it is. Tell me, do you believe that a man and a woman should sometimes rest from each other? Have you ever had this? I really thought about it. I think that we will have to diversify our relationship ??? I want us not to be ashamed of each other. we must be open. Recently I have been very fascinated by books about the relationship between a man and a woman.
I want to understand what people are doing wrong, because of what they then diverge from each other. I thought about this for a long time, I want you and me to always live together. When I look at couples who are celebrating golden weddings, I feel very warm on the soul. I have always dreamed about it, to live in perfect harmony with a person, hand in hand. Because if two people begin to live with each other, they don't just live, they are two toothbrushes, this is breakfast, lunch and dinner together. I want both of us to do our best to stay together forever. I just sit here and my thoughts are about us, and when I am at home, I always think about you. I think about us and our meeting, my love Daniel, and I think you also think. this is where I end my letter, I want to say that every day it is harder and harder for me to wait until I finally see you. I try to be patient, but every day it gets harder and harder for me. It seems to me that tomorrow my patience will run out and I will go on foot to you. And yet my love Daniel has a question, and I speak with a travel agency, if we go further in this matter to prepare a trip, then they will wait for the payment of the trip. I don’t know if you’ll be ready to help in this matter? I really wait and miss. I love you with all my heart, I want to hear more of your words about love, I want you to just shower me with tender words, like rose petals. I love you and will look forward to your next letter. Yours and only yours Eysel
Letter 22
Hello my sweet love Daniel. I want to thank you for all your replies to my letters. I am glad that soon we will be together, this correspondence will finally end. Of course, I'm a little tired of writing letters, but I won't stop until we meet. Yet my love Daniel, right now I cannot give you a copy of my document, since I have already given all the documents to the travel agency.
I am pleased to know that you have no one else but me. I want to hope that I will remain the most needed and only girl in your life. You are the one I need, I will be glad if we will be with you forever. My love, tell me, are you tired of writing letters? I think this is very tiring. Of course, I am very pleased that I, almost immediately, found you, my other half. I am very glad that I did not have to search for a long time. Tell me, have you been looking for a woman on the Internet for a long time? I think that you found me just as quickly and now we will be the happiest people in this world. And only the understanding that I will be with you and you will touch me, say words of love, I feel very wonderful on my soul. Everything that I have written to you in my past letters, I want to implement as soon as possible. I'm already tired of just dreaming of wonderful love with you. I want you to quickly enter me and bring me to the peak of pleasure. I want our everyday life to flourish every day. I want to come to you to be with you, then, I want to get a good job to help you in this life. we will do everything together. I want to be close so that you can often come to my work, hug, kiss and say how much you love me. I would like to tell you one more of my fantasy. You are at work, in a large, beautiful office. I call and ask how you are, you answer that everything is fine with you and you really miss. I tell you about love and we end the telephone conversation.
After a few minutes, I realize that it is already very wet between my legs and I want to visit you at your work. I go, take a bath, put on the most beautiful lingerie, stockings and belt. I am going to you, it is getting warm and warm between my legs, I feel the temperature rise to the limit. I feel like touching my toes between my legs, but I decide to wait until I arrive at your office. So I walk into your office, and you are talking about a very important issue on the phone. I walk up to you, bend over and unbutton my fly. Then, I take your "friend" in my mouth and start moving my mouth up and down. you can no longer speak, you sit and you have no words. Then you hang up, throw me on the table in a cancer pose. you pull off my ******* and start working with your tongue in my Garden of Eden. Then you put your friend in me and start to strongly enter me, I start screaming and at this time the secretary comes into the office. She leaves with a smile and says everything that you are not there. We continue to make love for 3 hours. When we finish, I just can't go, I'm completely happy with what we had. When I go out, I watch the secretary look at me, jealous of me. My love Daniel, I hope you enjoyed my next fantasy. I really want you very much. I also appreciate that you are going to help with the trip.
Today I spoke with a travel agency, I told my whole situation. First of all, I was told to make papers I need to leave my documents so that they prepare all the necessary papers through the embassy, ​​and then special documents, this special certificate so that I can leave for you, today I went to a couple of government agencies, to collect additional references, to also get the required stamps. I told you that I hand over all the papers and they, in principle, begin the execution of my travel documents, and send it further for preparation, they guaranteed that there would be no problems with obtaining documents. But they said it also takes a little time. I am very glad that you do not want to leave me in this matter, and if you can help with paying for the trip, it is very noble of you, I will never forget this step from you, thank you very much. Today I also spoke with the travel agency staff and consulted with them about payment. Because I myself personally cannot receive any money from you without my documents, besides, I do not have any bank account for international transfers. In a travel agency, a travel agent suggested that you immediately transfer money for my trip to another branch in Europe, to the bank account of the general manager in the Czech Republic, and immediately deposit in favor of paying for my trip, since they also have a branch there ... After paying for the trip, they will do all the paperwork and the cashier's check, it will be easier, and I don't have to run around with money. Because I only have my own account and is not meant for international transfers. So I am forced to ask the travel agency for help.
I am asking for help so that they provide the necessary information so that you can help. They also explained to me that if you transfer money from abroad directly to Azerbaijan, then the law enforcement agencies and the government may have questions and this may affect my departure from the country, so I would not want to risk it. We in Azerbaijan are very strict about the receipt of money from abroad and there are strict laws, they are very much afraid of sponsoring terrorism and therefore everything is very tightly controlled, they can block any international transfer, I hope you understand what I mean. They can block money or send it back to you, this is a problem in our country. Also, the travel agency explained to me that they also do not use accounts here in Azerbaijan, if you need to receive money from abroad, they explain to me that they have branches in several countries and therefore they can offer this data for me so that one of the managers , in another branch could receive the amount from you safely, and immediately on the same day deposit in favor of paying for the trip, where you are more loyal to money from foreign countries. They also said that it is better to inform that you know this person personally, to whom you are sending money, and you need to tell this in your bank that this is a business partner or a distant relative, otherwise they may also ask security questions in your bank, since in each country they do this in order to discourage sending money for various reasons or reasons of deception.
I really hope that this will not alienate you, because I am just trying so that we do not have any additional difficulties. Because if difficulties arise, then you will scold me, and I do not want that, so I immediately try to avoid all these difficulties.
They contacted the branch in the Czech Republic, this is Europe and there should not be any obstacles to send the amount from your country. they said that there the manager can receive payment from you and immediately pay in favor of paying for my trip on the same day. I give you this data in a letter: Account Holder: Anastasiia Kutsenko
IBAN: CZ2155000000002475664002
Account number: 2475664002/ 5500
Bank name: Raiffeisenbank a.s.
Bank address: Hvezdova street 1716, 14078, Prague, Czech Republic I requested this data at my personal request today. They usually do not receive international transfers, but agreed to help me in this matter. You can use this data securely for international transfers. You can also use a special note so they know for sure what it is for me (BT-CN389743). They also said that you can make an onlie transfer from home in order not to go to the bank and it will be also safe. I hope again that you will not have any misunderstanding and doubt. you can ask additional questions if you have it and will wait for your confirmation.
Now I want to finish this letter, I also want to hear some more of your fantasies in your next letter. I love you very much and miss you. your loving woman Eysel
Letter 23
Hello my love Daniel. My Daniel. How are you today? Do you miss a lot ?? I love you very much and miss you so much !!! It's warm outside today. I just came and read your letter and I felt very hot. I also contacted the travel agency to request a copy of my passport because they passed it on to the embassy for paperwork. I hope to get it soon if possible. But this man. the manager of the travel agency only helps us so that we can pay for the trip, because I cannot get it from you myself. I personally asked for help in this matter, and I do not want you to doubt me. I have a long working day today, I went to my friend's house later, we chatted a little, then we dressed in warmer clothes and ran a little with my friend. I love to keep track of my figure. When we ran a little, we went to a cafe to drink hot coffee. In general, I love sports since childhood. We used to run a lot with her. every morning she arranged exercises for me. She put artificial obstacles for me and I had to jump and run. Then, when I grew up, at my 18 years old I went into sports, I swam a lot and started doing it professionally, but once I twisted my arm very badly and I had to quit swimming. But I still did not stop playing sports, I decided for me that I would still do exercises in the morning and play sports in order to always be in good shape. I like to keep me in shape. I always thought that I would go to my wedding slim and beautiful so that my husband would be proud of me. I will be very pleased when we walk together, where or to walk you will be proud that I am walking next to you. I so want to dream a lot about this Daniel.
That when everyone looks at me you will not be jealous, but on the contrary, raise your head and go further with even more pride. It will be great. Also, when I go for a walk with you, I will have great pride that you are walking next to me. I think that you and I will have the strongest and very longest relationship. I read in a book about my zodiac sign, they write there that they are smart and purposeful people, they are very loyal and for them in life the goal is to create a family. When I fly to you Daniel. I will prepare gifts, have prepared some more surprises from my friends. You know, I would like to come to you in beautiful underwear so that you can see me very beautiful. I want to be always for you so that you never lose interest in life and in me. I want to wear nice stockings so you can see me and get turned on right away. Tell me when I come to you will you give me beautiful underwear? I would be very pleased if you gave me beautiful underwear, the kind in which you would like to see me. I want you to make me what you would like to see me, I really really want to. Tell me, how would you like to see me? I think that next to you I will look just like a princess, and you will be my prince. You know, I began to think a lot about our wedding with you, I want our life to be the most beautiful and chic, even though this is not the main thing. All only the best for us and I always promise to try my best. My love, I want to tell you again and again, I love you very much and miss you. I cannot and do not want to be here any longer without you. I want to hug you and kiss you as soon as possible, so that you can also feel me and my warmth just for you. I want to come to you quickly, as soon as possible. At this point I want to finish the letter, I will think a lot about you and dream. I love you and miss you very much, my Daniel. All my kisses on your lips. And only for you! Your Eysel woman
Letter 24
Hello my love my sweet Daniel, it's nice to read your letter today. You know, it seems to me that I have already told you everything that I wanted to say about my love for you. Sometimes it seems to me that I just do not have enough words. When I go to a cafe, on the way I think about what I will write about, I have already written all my love to you and it seems to me that I will not be able to write you a big letter. But when I come to a cafe and start writing you a letter, Something strange starts happening in my head. Thoughts immediately start to rush into my head. My head is just overflowing with thoughts, and I can write you a long letter again. I am very pleased to see your lines, these beautiful lines to me. I am very glad that you love me as much as I love you. I just don't stop thinking about when we'll be together. What will we do . Every day I try to come up with something new, I want us to never get bored, so that we always have fun together. I want to have a lot of fun with you. My love Daniel is so hard for me to be here alone without you, without your warmth. I can’t wait when we’ll be together. Yet yesterday I received a response from a travel agency, they cannot take out my passport right now, as this is already in the process of paperwork. I thought you'd doubt it, but maybe I can call you on my phone? I want to hear your voice, and also you can make sure that I am real. And I do not want to deceive you, I do not understand your doubts at all. please tell me your mobile phone number. Tell me do you miss me too much? Do you really want to see me? Every day I just burn with fire, I want to make love to you.
I need you to lean on your shoulder. I want you to hug me tightly, tightly and never let me go anywhere. I would like to fall asleep in your arms, so that you ****** me, and I would be very pleased. I am very glad that you trust me. Because the most important thing in a relationship between a man and a woman is complete trust. I also trust you very much. I know that I am going to you in a foreign country for me and I am a little scared. I already wrote to you in the last letter, when I think about you all my fears go away. My love Daniel, I want to tell you that I will always be with you. we will love each other.
I want you to also give me tenderness, great love and care. I love to be taken care of. I really need to be loved and taken care of. I sit here now and I am very worried, every time I write you a letter, I am very worried. I want you to like my letter. so that you feel my warmth, affection and love in this letter. Tell me can you feel it all? Caress, love, tenderness in my letter, do you feel? This is very important to me because I try very hard. It is not easy for me to write such large letters to you, but I want you to see that I love you and will do everything to make our love grow. I want you to do everything in the same way so that our love always grows. so that every day, we love each other only stronger. Then we will live happily ever after with you. I really want it and I know that you want it as well my sweetest love Daniel. Please let me know also news regarding the travel agency if we pay or not. But they said yesterday that at the moment they could not take out my passport and give it back to me. only if I tell them to delete the trip, then I can take back my documents. I will think about us and our meeting. I love you very much. At this point I must finish my letter again. I'll wait for your next letter tomorrow, of course. I work in the morning, write the answer in the afternoon. I love you forever your love Eysel
Letter 25
my love Daniel I was glad to see your letter tonight, I don't want us to lose us. As for the passport, I have already contacted a travel agency and will apply again. They told me that all my documents were in the embassy and could not send me my passport electronically. I will not be able to get ready travel documents and also return my documents back without full payment of the trip. if I do this to send a passport to you, then my trip will be deleted. I don't want you not to trust me, can you tell me your mobile phone number? I really want to talk to you and hear your voice. with love and thoughts of us, your woman Eysel
Letter 26
love my Daniel I have just returned to the cafe now to check your answer. but I do not receive a message from you, I hope you will soon have time to write to me. But I get a response from the travel agency, they took a photo of my Azerbaijan passport and sent it to me electronically. I hope you receive it and can send it to you today. but honestly, I didn't think you would have doubts about me, I think you still doubt my words. I will try to have positive thoughts about us and hopefully we will be together soon.
with love your Eysel
Letter 27
my love Daniel thanks for your message and this information. We talked about this with a travel agency, it is quite true that many people cannot fly to different countries now because of this covid-19 virus. This is how I learned about it from the very beginning. But with special documents and also a special certificate, I could fly to you at this time in your country, during a pandemic, and the information would also be confirmed. I would also have to make a special document that is valid for 3 days, a medical examination, which would say that I am not sick with this virus. only then I could fly to you, so my flight will be with transfers and I could get to you through another country. These are necessary conditions and I told you about it. but now I don’t understand, or you continue to distrust me, or you don’t want to just help with the trip. if so, my trip will be deleted and I will think that you do not believe me and we will lose this chance. I want you to trust me, I could fly to you with all these necessary conditions. I hope you didn't play with me all this time, you asked for a passport and I sent it to you. now you are looking for reasons again, but this can be circumvented, I have already learned and confirmed the information. but there is also a risk that flights will be banned soon, but this is still possible. so if we can handle the trip and you help, we will be together and I promise you that. with love and thoughts of us, your Eysel
Letter 28
my love Daniel I have sent to you only my passport, the usual passport of Azerbaijan, I cannot receive other documents, I mean exit documents and already special inquiry on a start from the country.
I cannot have these documents without trip payment, but it seems that you do not trust me. And you think, what I if you will help me with a trip then I will not arrive to you or I can not arrive? You are mistaken and you seem have the incorrect information because I could arrive in your country. Not all people now can fly to the different countries, but with special documents I could. And I want that you trusted me that we could be fast together. With love yours Eysel
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