Scam Letter(s) from Elena Yelyanova to Spence (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello! May i know your name???
Thanks for your letter to me, I thought, that I shall not receive the answer from you. I did not so many inquiries, to it to receive the new letter for me a rarity, to it I write to you at once as I have an opportunity. I have written the letter to you because you have seemed interesting to me. And you have answered me now and it is pleasure for me. I am very glad to have acquaintance to you. I promised to send you a photo and now I do it. Now I would like to tell about myself. I was born and I live in Russia, in republic Chuvashiya in city under name Cheboksary. Here there live all my friends and people close to me.
Usually I spend time on my work I very much I love it, probably to that it is necessary for me because I live one in my apartment. I work in the most central shop of our city. I am the right hand of mine the chief, serious decisions it accepts all with my opinion on it. Except for it I work as the main seller and the adviser. I give the most part of time to work, I practically do not have time for parties and entertainments, but sometimes we spend weekends in not dear restaurants or night clubs. I would tell, that I the usual girl and have no bad habits. It is gratitude to my parents who took the maximal care of me and had care of my formation. I very much love them and I try to spend more time with them. It is some information on me,
probably, that I can tell much to you about it in other my letters. I had an opportunity to use the Internet and I shall try to do it often,
if you want to write to you every day. I have no computer of the house and to it I use the Internet the center. Now I would like to learn you more because you very interesting to me. My treasured dream is to meet the especial person who will take away me far from the house, it will love and protect me. Probably, that it only my imaginations and dreams, but would be desirable to trust me, that they can be real.
Probably, that between us there can be attitudes, but I think, that for this purpose time is necessary.
I hope, that I can soon see your letters to me.

Letter 2

Hello !!!
I am very glad, that have received the letter from you. I really did not expect to receive it from you. I did not think, that it will occur more. I hope, that we shall continue our acquaintance. I hope, that you understand my letters because my English not so good but if I shall constantly use in my letters I can use it better..
Now I think, that you wish to learn me better. For me it is very pleasant also I agree to do it too. It would be desirable to hope,
that this correct decision. In this letter I would like to tell to you about my family. I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn that that new about me.
My parents the most usual people, who spent all life to give me care and to give education because I the only child in family. They lived together with mum of 27 years. Though my father was very strict, it very strongly loved me and has presented me a lot of care which I never shall forget. It has died several years ago. To it I have incured all care of my mother. It has ceased to have work after a while after death of the father. It as many years worked together with the father, but health lets know about itself. I very much love mum and almost each weekend we spend time together.
I would like to know about you more. About your family and your life.
For me it is very interesting to learn each other. I hope, that our acquaintance will proceed successfully. I hope, that I can receive still the answer from you then I shall write to you my answer. I promise.



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