Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Shokhina to Todd (USA)

Letter 1
how your mood?
Hey hello!
how are you?
you gave me your mail, from a dating site
start again?
My name is Ekaterina but you can call me Katya
I am new to this site. and you?
My age is 31 years old
I am looking for a mature smart adult man
my zodiac sign is libra
My height is 166 cm
my weight is 50 kg
I am learning English.
but my spoken english is not very good
I use an online translator
I have not children and I have not been married
I think this is all so as not to bore you
I add a photo so that you recognize me
good luck Ekaterina
Created: 2020-09-29    Last updated: 2020-09-29    Views: 396


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