Scam letter(s) from Julia to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello! How are you today?
By the way, I got your email address from a local dating agency in my city.
They said that you are a single man and want to meet a woman. It's true?
Online dating is very popular in Russia now, so I'm trying
it's too much. My native language is Russian, but I know a little English, but not very good, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. I use translation software to write to you because I don't know English the words. So, now a little about me My name is YULIYA.
I am 27 years old, I was born on April 1, 1993. I am Aries for astrological reasons.
My weight is 52 kg, my height is 167 cm.
I am single, have never been married and have no children.
I am from Russia, my hometown is Ruzayevka (Republic of Mordovia), about 610 kilometers from Moscow.
Ruzayevka is a small Russian town with a population of about 46,000. It is very far from your country and the climate here is completely different.
I have a medical education, I work as a nurse. And I am happy work in this area and help those in need.
I am Orthodox Christian! I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke or drink alcohol, never use drugs or the like, try eating healthy food, but not always, sometimes I cannot refuse food something tasty and not very useful, but I think it's ok :) I love music of different genres, from classical to modern. I have never been to other countries, but I love to travel around Russia. I love meeting new people and discovering life from different angles :) Right now, my main dream is to find true love. There is a lot of love in my heart and I am ready to give all my love to someone special. It may seem strange to you that I did not find a man in my country / city ... well, I don't see a suitable person here ... for several reasons why I am a little disappointed in the Russian men I see around me .. Here I am looking for a man on the Internet. I know that people are different everywhere, in any country there are good and bad people. But I'm sure that on the Internet you can meet a good person from another country ... I've heard a lot of good stories about this and I want to try. This is general information about me. And I will be very happy to know more information for you.
Please tell us everything about yourself, where you live, about your hobby, your job. And if you have any questions for me, ask them. I wish you a good day and look forward to your reply. I sent it to you some of my photos and I will be glad to receive from you. Your YULIYA.
Letter 2
How are you today? How is your day? I hope that your day is going very good and everything is fine there. What about me I was very happy when I found your message in my e-mail box :) I had much of work this days, but now I am at home and have rest and I am very happy that I have time to write you. I promise that I will try to write you every day. By the way, I am working in a children's hospital now. I work 6 days a week but I do not have a stable schedule now and sometimes I am working at night shifts. It's not easy but I like this job. I want to ask you...tell me what is the most important in relationships between man and woman for you? What is the key of strong relationships in your opinion? I've found that in a relationship trust, honest, respect and understanding are keys that will insure that there is love in the home... When people trust to each other, when people always honest to each other relationships always very strong in such couples.... Also it is very important trying to find a solution and understanding in any situation of a life. It is always possible to talk about a problem which bothering your second half and find a solution which will be good for both... You should never go to bed being mad at each other when you are going to bed. It will bother you all night long and the problem will only grow. Also I think that it is important to have a sense of responsibility for the person whom you choose which you love. And sure it should be a chemistry between people, love in hearts :) From my side I promise you that I will be always honest with you. I want us to have strong relationships and I want to be always honest and do not hide anything from each other and never play games with feelings. I think I must tell you about my past relationships now. It started about 4 years ago and lasted about 2 years. For the first time it was a nice boyfriend was very caring and gentle, we had many nice moments together... But after about 1 year it started to change. He changed his job, started earn more money and it was not so good for him, he found new friends there and they started to go to night clubs, bars very often - several times a week, he started drink alcohol very hard... he could drink much two three four days without stop, He become very cruel to me and my mother.... several times he hit me, all my relatives and friends said that he is wrong man for me but I did not listen them, I forgave him everything. But once I meet him with another woman on a street... I saw how he kiss her...I was shocked, it was the end of everything for me. I understood that I was blind... I stopped relationships with that guy. He tried to get me back several times, but I did not come back and finished everything. I do not want to see him ever in my life and I wish him all the best but with another woman. I know that now he lost everything and he is not happy but that is his life. It was a hard time for me. my heart was broken.... It changed much inside me. During last 2 years I did not have any relationships. I was so much hurt after that relationships so I took time to think. I was afraid to make a mistake again, I had a fear to date with men... I had a fear to met somebody who will break my heart again. But finally I understood that I just had to forgot about everything what happened, it is the past and I have to think only about future, happy future and I should open my heart to a new love. Our life consist of black and white stripes, successes and failures. And we should have positive thinking and good things will happen :) And it will be more successes then failures. So now I am open my heart and I am ready for new love, new relationships. And I hope very much that my dreams and wishes will come true :) I want to ask you... tell me what your views at ideal relationships?
How do you see it? What is your positive and negative experiences in relationships? Ok I am finishing my e-mail now, I hope you liked it. Please know that I am thinking about you and I am very much waiting for your reply. I am sending you many gentle hugs and kisses! Your YULIYA!
Letter 3
I want you to know that I have been thinking about you very much since I got your last e-mail. Happy thoughts that's what you bring to me and its feeling good. I am very much happy that I have you in my life now.... since I met you I feel that I have a special person with whom I can share my thoughts and feelings and who understand me very well. I want to say you there is not a minute that goes by that I am not thinking of you. I know it's only been a few days but just to have you read my words and understand me is unbelievable. I think it is possible that you can find a soul mate no mater where they are I call it fate. I want nothing more than to be a part of your life to see you happy in everything that you do. Every letter I get from you makes my heart sing even more. It is not easy to explain all my feelings through e-mail but I dream once you will look in my eyes and will understand everything what I mean and try to say. Last time I am thinking a lot about my future, about my plans for future. I am asked myself "can I leave my country if I find love in another country?"... I talked with my mother about it. And I found that for me is not important where to live, for me is important with whom. And my answer is "Yes I can leave my country if I find love from another country"... what about my relatives and friends, my mum and sisters, I know that they will always support me. And if once I will relocate to another country I can always communicate with them via Internet. We have many ways for communicating nowadays so it will not be a problem. So I just want to be happy, just want to have true love, special man in my life and if I will have to go to another country for this I am ready to do it. We are very far from each other now.... but I believe that one day we will see each other face to face. I do not know how soon it will happen, but I hope that it will be really soon. I believe that everything in our hands and if we want to meet in real and see each other we will do it.... I really want to meet you and I am thinking that it might be a new stage in our relationships... I am sure that our meeting will be amazing. Two lonely hearts will meet and will not be lonely anymore ! :) I can close my eyes and imagine how we meet each other in airport and give a warm kisses and hugs to each other...
oh, it's only a dream now, but we can make it real once... Please tell me what do you think about it? Do you want meet in real? What about a time, do you have a free time for meeting? if yes when do you have it?.... I do not want to rush the things, just to dream a little and try to make plans, I believe that all our dreams can come true. I will end this letter now but please know that I feel we are getting know each other more and more and I really like you and what you write to me! I am happy I met you!!!! Waiting for your reply :) Only your Yuliya.
Letter 4
How are you today? I hope your day has gone well. My has gone very well... I am always very happy when I see your e-mail, please know and remember that you are the light in my eyes and my feelings to you growing stronger! Over the last few days I have thought of you very much and what you mean to me and our relationship as we continue to grow stronger for each other. We never see each other face to face but I feel that we have known each other much longer and I don't want to stop knowing you. You excite me with feelings that do not come and go but feelings that are steady inside of my heart, mind and soul! I think the world of you and I need you in my world. I have great thoughts about us and our future as we move forward with our relationship for happiness! In past messages we talked about meeting in real. I was very much happy to know that we are going to make it real... yes it is not so easy and we have to do much for making it true...but when we will do it and when we will stay face to face I am sure that it will be amazing and very happy moment for us. Please know, I have much of love in my heart and I want to give you all my love. I wish to be the best woman for you and make you very much happy :) I thought much about how we can make real our plan about meeting.
When and where... And I have an idea about it. I did not take vacations from my work and I can take vacations. So I think about spending with you my 30 days vacations. What do you think about it? I really need some rest from my work and also I need to see your eyes and your smile :) I wish to see a place where you live, it will be very interesting for me to see your country, see people who are around you and who are important for you - your friends and relatives who can tell me more about you :) It will be very interesting for me to listen some stories about you and your life. I promise to be a good guest for you... will be very happy to cook for you tasty meals every day :) I am sure that it might be a start of a big and true LOVE! We will have a plenty of time to know each other better, talk about everything, talk about our future and make plans, have much fun and do everything together what we just want.... I thinking that it can be really amazing.... may be it sound little crazy, but I believe that crazy and spontaneous things sometimes can be very good and right and can bring happiness and joy.
Our life it too short to waste time, we have to enjoy every moment and take every possibility in our life. From my heart I believe that we met because the fate join us. So why not go with this way of fate further. Sure for coming to you I will have to make some paperwork. I do not have a travel passport, so I will have to make it and also I will have to make a travel visa.... so it will take some time to prepare this documents, but it is not a big problem. Nowadays many Russians travel all around the world and we have travel agencies here which can make all this documents very fast. So it might take just about 2-3 weeks to prepare all documents and then I can fly to you. So how does it sound for you? What do you think about spending 30 days together soon? What about me I am thinking that it is a very good chance for us and it can be a new stage in our relationships... From my heart I feel that you are a right person. You are a person whom I wanted to come to my life, I am thinking that you are awesome and I am very happy I met you. You are the first man in my life that has talked to me as you do... So open and honest... It makes me have even stronger feeling for you. I love you and I'm not going to changes mind. I will finish my e-mail on this point and I will wait for your reply.
I send you my dreams of giving you hugs an kisses and I want us to be happy together!!!! I have you in my heart and in my mind! Yours always and forever, Yuliya!
Letter 5
Hello my dear, how is everything today? I hope that your day is going very good and that you have a good mood and good weather there. I was very happy to receive your e-mail as usual! It is the best part of my day to read your e-mail and write you reply. When I check my e-mail box I feel me like a kid at Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa to come! I feel that I know you for all my life...
and only one thing makes me sad, the fact that all the time before I have lived without you in my life, but now we found each other...and I am very happy about it :) My dear, I want to say you that you are very much important for me. I hope and pray that our "virtual" relationships will grow into "real" relationships with big love between us... I have much of love in my heart and I want to give all my love to you and only to you! I must say that you become very important for me and I feel that you are that special person whom I was waiting to come into my life. Please know and remember that you are always in my mind. When I go to bed and when I wake up I am always thinking about you. I want nothing more then just be in your arms. I am very much waiting for our meeting and I am sure that it will be a great step for us. I am sure that our meeting will be fantastic! And it have to be a start of a big love! I thought a lot how we can make real our plans of meeting. And I visited a travel agency and asked them what documents I will have to make to come to your country. They said that I will have to make travel passport and travel visa. Adviser in travel agency said that it will not be a problem to make travel passport and travel visa to your country. Many people from Russia every day making such documents and travelling... What about time she said that it will take about a week to make travel passport and also about two weeks to make travel visa.
And then I can fly to you! So total it will take about 3 weeks to make all documents and then we can meet... I am thinking that it is not so long time to wait… What do you think about it? That agency which I visited is a very good one and I know many people who used and recommended that agency, all people were satisfied of that travel agency and said only good words about it...they do everything quick and not expensive as another agencies.... But I must say that after visit them I started worry about one thing which about I did not think much before…. It's price of documents. It cost rather expensive for me. Adviser in agency said that travel passport will cost about 200 euros and travel visa about 170 euros. So the total amount which I will have to pay for documents is 370 euros. 370 euros is a very expensive price for me. It is big money for me. I have no such money. My month salary is about 200 euros and I should live, eat, buy clothes, pay bills for it, so I have no any savings.
That is sad, but Russian government do not pay much money for medical workers…. sad but true. I am afraid that it can be a problem for our dreams... But I hope that everything will be good. I hope so much that we will find a way, I am sure that we can do something with it. Dear, I feel me very uncomfortable to ask you about that... but I have no other way no... can you help me with money for passport and visa?
Can you send 370 euros for documents? If you can help – I will come to you as soon as it possible. I will go to start make documents at the next day after I will have this amount of money. Everything what I want – just to be with you! I want kiss and hug you! I want hold your hand and just enjoy time together! That is my dream, that is my wish! I wish to be the best woman for you and give you all my love, all tenderness and warmth which I have in my heart. I so much hope that soon it will be real! My angel, I am finishing this letter now. I am finishing it with a big hope and believing in a good in my heart. I hope that everything will be ok and our dreams will come true. Please reply me soon, I will wait for your letter. Only your, Yuliya
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