Scam letter(s) from Elena Kolesnikova to Johan (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello How are you? You look amazing!
I found your email address on the network. My name is Elena.
I am looking for a worthy person for a serious relationship. I am a cute attractive girl, doing sports, working as a florist in a store. I live in Russia.
If you are interested, then answer me. If you have a Viber or WhatsUp,
it would be just great! I prefer live chat on the phone, with video calls and more.
Letter 2
Hi Johan!
I'm glad you answered my little letter.
I live in Russia, I would like to communicate only in English.
In the near future I would like to come to your country to study as a stylist.
I like to work as a florist, but the profession of a stylist has more prospects. You do not stop in one place and there is progress.
I was in Europe 5 years ago and I really liked it there. I like to have fun and chat with people.
I like to communicate with different people, I have a good sense of humor. You won’t get bored with me. I promise you.
I hope that we will continue our communication and look forward to your letter. I really liked you Johan
Letter 3
I want you to know everything about me, so that you decide whether you want to be with me.
I want a serious relationship. I was in a relationship for seven years and we broke up a year ago and i never met anyone else.
We broke up because my ex-boyfriend didn't want to start a family and didn't want children.
I want a good caring man in my life, and the age difference never important to me.
If you will be kind to me, then I will fulfill all your dreams and desires.
I can be very hot in bed, if you know what i mean. If I have special feelings for a person, I give all of myself without a trace.
When you write to me, i am very happy, and i feel your warmth inside me.
It feels like someone needs me. It is very important for me now, in this difficult life period.
I hope you will continue to support me with your communication, letters and fotos.
What would you like? Tell me your plans for the future. And am i in this future? Elena with love
Letter 4
My tender Johan I was not joking that i want to go to study as a stylist in another country. My intentions are decisive.
Not just for the holidays or vacation, but for the long term. I see many perspectives in this. I have not tried much in my life.
These are new feelings and new positive emotions. Perhaps we would succeed if we really wanted to.
If you want something, do it now! Life does not tolerate laziness and measured. We must take risks, and maybe something great, bright and good will come out of it.
I like working as a florist. But unfortunately it will not realize my ambitions. I rent an apartment and earn a little.
I do not want to exist, I want to live!
And what do you think? Should we take a chance and perhaps start a new life?
Events of the past must be left in the past. They must remain in the past so that the burden of old grievances and mistakes do not break you.
I wanted to start my life from scratch, with someone dear and gentle to me. With someone who would take care of me and give life energy.
I would like to continue to communicate with you, and maybe meet in the near future.
I am sending you a couple of my personal photos. These photos were taken by my girlfriend. Only me and she saw them. So you are very lucky man :) Elena
Letter 5
I thought about all. I want to come to you Johan.
Start a new life here and now. Please write me the exact name of your city and the airport closest to you.
I plan a trip to you and i need accurate information.
Today i want to check my documents and arrange all the formalities before flying to you and check if there are tickets for the near future.
I am very excited now. I have not been outside of Russia for 5 years.
How much florists earn in your country, in your city?
Probably I will continue to work as a florist while I study to be a stylist. I think this will be the right decision.
How do you imagine our first meeting?
We would take a walk, visit a couple of beautiful places, sights. We talked about different things.
Then, I would like to know you much closer. I hope you understand what I'm talking about.
I love ***, all kinds of ***. ***Removed***. Get ready for it, I have a great ****** appetite!
Sorry I didn’t tell you before about my preferences, I wanted to know you a little better. But now I am ready for our meeting and I see in you a promising ****** partner.
*** between men and women has a big role. It is in *** that we truly reveal ourselves to each other.
I'm waiting to your letter A kiss from Elena
Letter 6
Today i went to public services, where they make a visa, i don’t know how called it in English, i hope you understand.
The last time I made a visa 5 years ago, and it was relatively cheap. But in order to get a visa now, I have to pay 14500 Russian rubles, which is about 206 dollars.
I don’t have that kind of money, i rent an apartment and all the money goes to daily expenses. I do not know what to do. I can’t do it alone. Most probably not.
What do you think about it?
I tried to find this money, but my only girlfriend does not have that kind of money either.
I grew up without a father, and i didn’t communicate with my mother for a long time, I had a difficult childhood.
I am ashamed to ask you for such a small amount.
I don’t want you to scold me and say bad things about me.
I do not want to hear rude words from a person who is dear to me, and to whom I have strong feelings.
My heart will be broken if you start talking badly about me.
I don’t know what to do now. I am afraid that everything will be lost, and I feel very bad right now.
I'm afraid to lose you Johan. You are such a good and honest person, I dreamed of meeting you.
I really wanted to see you. Our meeting would give us many prospects in future relations.
Waiting for your letter
Letter 7
I'm very glad, that you wish to help me.
I do not have bank account. But I have a "Yandex.Money" credit card and "MoneyGram" service in the city.
Which method is more convenient for you? I can send you my credit card number, and you transfer the money there?
Or i can send my data for MoneyGram that you could send money.
I am very sorry that I have to ask you for help. I hope for you.
I will return all the money as soon as I arrive at you.
I believe that you cannot leave the girl in a difficult situation.
You are such a kind person whom I really want, I want to feel your touch on my body, your tongue and your hot hands on my chest.
I wait your answer very soon my dear Johan
Letter 8
My information My card number is 5106 2110 3435 6399. Also we can use the MoneyGram service.
Here my data (name and surname) for MoneyGram:
Country: Russia You can use card to card or MoneyGram, as you like.
I'm waiting for your letter, please tell me how it went
My kiss for you Johan
Letter 9
Dear Johan
Please send me this form from MG.
I don't want to send my passport via the internet, there are a lot of frauds. What if my mail will be hacked and my data is used for criminal businnes.
I do not want to take such a risk.
About my credit card. This is only mine card, you can try to send money directly to this card. There will be no problem.
And if you concern about me, i'm real person or not, here my foto i made few minutes ago. And we can talk in Skype.
Please send me your Skype ID as well
I'm waiting for your letter and kiss you
Letter 10
Send you Skype ID i want to talk with you
If we don’t talk on Skype, we will have to break our conversation and say goodbye to each other. Sorry Johan
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