Scam letter(s) from Elena Domracheva to Sam (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Sam) I am happy that you wrote me e-mail) If you intresed to me , in next letter i will tell you a lot of information about me. In this site i want to find real love. It is so importane for me. if you really find love and relationship, i will be happy to communicate whith you) However if you think that site is entertainment for you, don't write me, becouse i am girl who want love and romance) if you like poem, art and good book, i think we find a common language:) I will wait for a letter from you) Elena
Letter 2
Dear Why you don't write me? What happened? Maybe i did something wrong? I really want to communicate with you, but what about you ? Do you not develop our relation and meet with me ? I think we had chance with you I hope with you all ok Love Elena
Letter 3
Hello,Honey ) What is new with you ? Tell me about your weekdays ) I think it is very interesting ) Tell me about your friends ) I want to tell you about one big bad theme in my is family.
I have not brother or sister. I have not mother...She died when i wan dad ***** a lot of alcohol and after 8 years i live in the orphanage. It is very bad place. I was beaten by children, my toys were taken, they were closed in the shower at night. These were terrible years. I don’t feel like talking about it. But if I want to find my man, I have to tell everything. I think you will understand me and will not ask me more about this. Now i live alone. You know, I really tired to fall asleep alone in empty flat... And it is getting lonely often, though I try to keep busy and have a lot of things to do in my life, but i think that when u come home and there are nobody to hug you, to tell nice words, to kiss, you feel the most lonely person ever. I think I really miss that emotions, which really good relationships can bring you! nothing is comparing with loving eyes, looking at you like you are the most significant person in his life, when you are kissed and have butterflies in stomach))) When u make a surprise for your beloved man, and see his reaction, that he is happy of you caring about his needs as well! Not only taking, but also giving back, with love, with cooking, making some gifts or things person needed, I really like some things like that, because see that emotions u fall in love again and again) Tell me about happiest moment of your life) And what the most important thing in your life for you? Kisses ) Your Elena
Letter 4
Hello, my dearest Sam ! How are you? How is your mood? You know, Dear , I don’t know why, but lately, more and more my thoughts are focused on you .. I could never believe that people can fall in love on the Internet, but I think I can understand them now .. Dear , I would like to feel you, your touches and your breath on my skin .. I would like to taste your lips .. It would be more than a connection .. At that moment there would be nobody but us .. We would belong only to each other .. And completely drowned in a sea of ??pleasure .. Then we would cuddle for a long time in the open air and look at the stars in silence .. but Dear ) You know that in my country all cordon open and i can visit you ) Dear ) I want meet with you ) I can visit you , if you want of course)
What do you think about this? I'm waiting for your response. Kisses, Elena
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