Scam letter(s) from Angelica Astabatsyan to Dave (USA)

Letter 1
Dave my love, my loving and dear husband, and again the first thing I do when a new day comes, I hurry to see, read your letters and give you my answer, so that after reading my letter later you will be as happy as I am in those moments when I read your loving and beautiful letters that fill my heart with love and give me beautiful thoughts about you! yesterday, today and forever, I love you very much and I know for sure that this is true love, because how else can I explain the fact that I do not stop thinking about you for a moment, I Wake up and fall asleep with the thought of you, I dream of you always, I miss you with all my heart and soul, I want you with every cell of my body, and all these feelings, emotions, dreams and desires are constantly growing with each new day of my life, and all I live from day to day is just you, my love, and my desire as much as possible rather be near you, in your loving and most desired embrace! I as a woman need your male love,your affection, your passion, I want to spend my life for you, I want to make you happy, I want to love you and be loved by you every day of my life, 24/7! maybe I ask a lot, but in return I am ready to give you all of myself with all my love!
our letters to each other are only the first Chapter of our relationship, and when we are together a completely different life will begin and we will start a new Chapter of our relationship, where everything will be as we wanted and dreamed all this time, and I promise you that for us I will do anything, I promise you all my love, care, support, understanding and loyalty always and in everything!
with my letter to you I send you all my love, I send you my kisses, I send you my best wishes and I wish you good night and sweet dreams! I love you, never forget about it, and remember that mentally I am always with you, and you are always in my heart and soul!
always yours and only your loving wife Anzhe! ps: unfortunately here I do not have the opportunity to write to you often, I write to you using a public computer in the post office!
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