Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Alekseevna Buraeva to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Good afternoon my dear pen-friend!
I'm glad u give me ur e-mail address. To know me better I want tell u a little bit about myself! U can call me Katty. I am 31 years old. I am living in RU and I hope the great kilometers between us is not a problem for you. I'm a bit nervous at the moment. I hope u understand my bit excitement. But I hope that our acquaintance will be enjoyable! I am sharing with you my images. I rely on that u love it. How should I call u? How do ur friends call u? I also hope that the virus has not damaged you and that you are fine! I mean that health is the most valuable wealth we have. I'm waiting for ur speedy response, and I think we didn’t meet you by chance. Take care of you own and your health!
You new friend, Katya.
Letter 2
Good day!
I'm glad you answered me.
As you already know my name is Katya. Sorry for not being able to respond to your letter right away. I have never used the Internet for correspondence before.
But I'm tired of being alone. And I got such an opportunity to talk to you. And so I decided to write to you. It turned out quite by accident.
But I'm glad you answered me. Now I am 31 years old. I live in Russia. My city is Naberezhnye Chelny. I think the distance between us is not a problem these days?
You interested me and I want to continue getting to know you and learn more about you and your life.
You and I live in countries and in everyday life we speak different languages. Even the climate in our countries is different. All this does not scare me!
At school and university, we were taught English, so I speak it at a conversational level.
I was born in Russia and have lived here throughout my life. I've never been married. I have no children. I devote a lot of time to work.
I work as a manager in an advertising company. So I have to work even when I'm at home. My height is 170 centimeters.
I'm an ordinary woman. I dream of ordinary female happiness. This is what I am missing here. Many of my friends are already married.
I think we can try to connect, because our communication can grow into something big and warm. I don't want to play games.
I want to be clear and I want you to know about my goals. I hope that you will understand me correctly.
I have to work now. I'm sorry. I'll be waiting for your letter. Your new friend Katya.
Letter 3
Hello dear Richard!
How is your day going?
My working day starts at 8 am and continues until 5 pm in the evening. But very often I work from home until late.
Richard, I walk to work. It takes approximately 15 minutes to walk.
I don’t have a car and I don’t know how to drive a car. Do you know how?
It's autumn now in Russia. The average air temperature is 7-14 degrees Celsius.
Richard, I think you might be interested in learning more about my family.
I am the only child of my parents. But my parents gave me a lot of time and I didn't grow up selfish.
I am a modest girl, like everyone else. And I want ordinary happiness! :)
Now I don't have a father. He died in a car accident when I was 16. I really miss him! He was a good father and family man.
After this accident, I often remembered him and I really missed his attention.
Richard, I remember that from childhood my mother taught me to cook. I believe that a woman should be able to cook deliciously.
I prefer different dishes and I don't have a definite favorite. I love seafood, fish, meat and vegetable salads. I can bake pies and pizza.
Richard, I have no bad habits like smoking or alcohol. I can drink wine sometimes, but this is rare. I have never used drugs.
My friend, I want you to know that before I had a trip only to Turkey .. And what kind of life in other countries I do not know.
How is it in your country? I'm very interested. I want to get to know you and your environment more.
Richard, have a nice day! Hope my letter has brought a smile on your face. Give me more of your photos and write to me more often please.
I have to go now. Need to work. Today I have a hard day at work. I am looking forward to your letter.
Your friend Katya.
Letter 4
Hello dear Richard!
Today I was in a bad mood since the morning ... While I was walking to work, a car drove past me. The car drove through a puddle and sprayed me with water.
I had to urgently call a taxi to go home to change. Today I was late for work because of a trouble that happened in the morning.
Richard, how is your day? I hope your day today is better than mine ... I didn't have a good mood in the morning, but now I see your letter ...
Your letters bring me joy. It is very wonderful to have the feeling that there is a man in the world who needs me and is interested in me.
I try to check my mail 2 times a day, but sometimes I can't do it. Excuse me when I can't write a letter to you right away. I want you to know what I think of you.
Yesterday my friend came from Spain, her name is Elena, we went to a cafe with her to have a dinner together and just talk, because we had not seen each other for about a year.
Elena married a Spanish citizen Salvador, they have been living together for 7 years in the city of Barcelona, they have a daughter, Alma.
They came to visit Elena's parents for two weeks. They live in a happy marriage, I am happy for them!
We drank tea for a long time, dined and talked. Elena and I have known each other for a lifetime. We met at school. We have no secrets from each other.
I told her that I have a new friend. Yes, I told her about our communication, I hope that you are not against it. She smiled ...
And said that my eyes were burning ... My voice became more cheerful ... She is glad that a man appeared in my life.
Now Elena is the only one who knows about our communication. Dear, you have a lot of friends with whom are you friends?
After the cafe, I came home .. to an empty apartment. I felt sad, I turned on the TV and fell asleep alone.
Richard, I really like you as a man! I see a lot of good things in you, and I think that you are a decent person whom I can trust.
You look like an attentive, kind and good person to me.
Richard, please tell me how you envision your future?
What qualities should the girl of your dreams have? I like straightforwardness, honesty, conscientiousness, openness, understanding.
Honey, are my letters not big? Are you comfortable reading them? Sometimes I think that maybe you don't like that I write a lot about myself and ask questions.
I just want to tell you so much about myself and learn about you.
Tell me, and I will try to write small letters.
I will look forward to your letter. Katya.
Letter 5
Hello dear Richard!
When I opened my eyes this morning. I saw you in a dream today. I was impressed! Apparently yesterday before going to bed I thought a lot about you. And you came to my dream.
My dog woke me up before the alarm clock. I fed my dog and then I started making breakfast for myself. I am interested to know about your morning.
How do you spend your morning !? What do you drink in the morning !? Do you prefer tea or coffee? I usually drink black coffee with cheese. After breakfast, I head to work.
My dear, I feel like my life has become more interesting, because I communicate with such an interesting person! I am talking to you!
Thank you, you have brought a new fresh breath into my life!
Here in Russia I have no one. My interest is only in you! I'm glad to know that I have you!
It is difficult to talk about feelings in letters. I want to look into your eyes and listen to you. A glance can convey many more words. I think you will agree with me?
Richard, I'm afraid to check my mail some day and not see your letter. Please don't leave me without your letters.
Write to me every day !!! I will always wait for your words !!!!
Now I have warm feelings for you. I am waiting for your letters like a child waiting for a Christmas present. Your letters have become an important part of my life!
For a very long time I have not experienced the feeling that is in my heart now. I'm a little afraid now of this ... Since this is all new to me ...
Before, I could not even imagine that feelings can arise when communicating via e-mail. Now I can see it! I have no secrets from you.
I always try to answer your questions. Please, if I did not immediately answer you, then repeat your questions for me. Good?
I will try to answer all your questions! I am passionate about work sometimes, and therefore I may miss something.
Richard I feel now! that my life is starting to change! There are pleasant changes in me. Take my kisses !!!
Ohh ... something I was carried away by my letter ... All this comes from my heart and soul!
Richard, are you romantic? Do you like to surprise a girl? I like romance ... I like stargazing, I like dining by candlelight, I like spending time outdoors.
Yes, I understand that this is very commonplace, but we girls really need so little for happiness.
Now I have to go to continue working.
I want to wish you all the very best. Have a nice day, my dear!
I'm waiting for your letter . With great attention to you, Katya.
Letter 6
Good afternoon, my dear! How is your day Richard?
My day started well today. Already at 07:45 in the morning I was at work.
My dear, I like myself today! It seems to me that energy is coming out of me, this is good energy. This falling in love with you makes me so!
Richard, how was your day? What did you do?
Yesterday I went to my mom's. I went to my mother, I got to her about 2 hours. She lives in a small village. Mom was glad to see me. I missed her.
She met me and we drank delicious tea. Only mom can make this tea! Probably the main ingredient in it is a lot of love from mom! :)
Richard, during the conversation, I decided to share with my mom about our communication with you. I hope this does not bother you?
My mother is an understanding woman, and since childhood she tried to be my friend. My dear, mom asked where are you from?
I said that you are from another country and we are communicating now. I said that you are a kind, open, caring and attentive man. Who I would like to keep up with in this life.
Mom told me to be careful. I assured her that there was no cause for concern. Mom reacted positively to our communication and approved.
Richard, I hope I was not mistaken in my choice. Please don't leave me without your letters. I am always waiting for your words here. I have hope for a happy future with you.
My dear, I often reread your letters while at work.
Honey, every day I start to think about our meeting with you.
I would like to be by your side! Our first meeting will give us the opportunity to get to know each other. We can spend some time together and make plans for the future life.
Richard, did I tell you that I have a passport that allows me to travel all over the world?
Soon I will have a vacation, and I think that I might have a trip to your country for our first meeting. What would you say about that? Can you meet me?
The time that we spend together will be remembered by you and me for a lifetime.
While I can not tell you exactly when my vacation will be, but I promise you that I will share with you every moment of my life!
I haven't traveled abroad for many years. I didn't have to do this, but now I feel that I want to see you !!!!
I feel your inner beauty! You are my ideal!
Richard, I'm sure that you are the man I want to be with! I wish we were a couple. Every word that I say to you, I speak consciously!
Now I continue to fully open myself to you. Please be open to me too. Of course, I feel a little fear of opening up to a person I have never met in person.
But my soul tells me that you are the one who can be trusted completely!
I trust you and I am ready to come to you for our first meeting!
You know, I wish to be special for you, because you are pleasant to me! This is not love, no. This is just the beginning.
And for me this is a very special beginning of a relationship. I have not had such emotions before. I will wait for your reply.
In the coming days, I will clarify the date of my vacation.
I hope they will be soon ... I hug you dear! Your Katya ...
Letter 7
Richard, my love! Have a nice day!
I feel like I already know you well. Your letters, every day give me a wonderful mood!
My dear, your words of care and attention inspire me!
I have a lot of ideas in my head and I see our future ... I constantly think about you!
My thoughts are full of you. Sometimes it scares me. I am not afraid of the distance between us.
I don't want to lose this thread, this connection that connects us now. A person cannot live only in letters.
Human life is unique and must be real. It is impossible to lose even a moment of this life.
My life is now in these letters. You are in letters. My life is you and our dream.
My biggest dream is that I want to look into your eyes, feel you, your love and tenderness. You are the most special person in my life Richard!
Darling, I've never had such a feeling. I hate the distance that separates us now.
I'm afraid to be without you, without your attention, without your words! This is incredible, unreal and unearthly love! This love grows every day !!! Love that is so necessary for me.
I've always expected such a special feeling. And here it is, I can feel it!
Dear, I would like to tell you my contact details.
My full name and address. I think you need to know everything about me. Also the name of the nearest international airport to me.
These are all Moscow airports. There is no international airport in my city and I have to go to Moscow.
I told you that my city is Naberezhnye Chelny. It is about 1000 km from Moscow.
Is there an international airport near your house?
What airport could I arrive at if our meeting takes place?
Richard, I think I will need a visa and other documents to travel to your country. I will be learning more about this in the coming days.
My full name is Buraeva Ekaterina Alekseevna. Also information regarding my postal address in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny:
Moskovskiy prospekt, 98, Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatar Republic, 423812, Apartment 327.
My dear, I would be grateful if you tell me your data as well. This is necessary only for me. I would like to see where you live and know where to go.
My dear, when will you have free time? Can you meet me if I come to you? I seriously think about it!
Please, let's discuss this seriously.
Richard, accept my kisses and hugs.
My beloved, today I decided to attach some photos of my work. I'm waiting for your photos too.
I wish you a wonderful day !!!
Your beloved Katya
Letter 8
My dear, Richard, hello!
I just read your letter. Thank you for the compliments you give me. I am pleased to know that our feelings are mutual.
I am not afraid that there are many kilometers between us ... There is a distance between you and me, but I believe!
I believe that our feelings will help us overcome the distance. I miss you ... I caught myself thinking that I miss you ...
Richard, after our meeting, we can refuse letters ... We will be together!
Our first meeting with you will give us the opportunity to get to know each other better. Although, I already think that I have known you throughout my whole life.
Richard, I dream of your embrace, I want your affection, tenderness!
Richard, I thank fate that we have each other! I feel like the happiest girl in the world!
Dear, today my director summoned me to his office. Yesterday I asked her to give me a vacation. She was happy to let me know that I can have a vacation.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear this news. I worked without rest for 3 years.
I think now is a good time to have a rest with you Richard.
I think that in the next 1-2 days, I will finish all my tasks at work, and I can have a vacation. In Russia, it is established by law to receive vacation within 30 working days.
But I haven't taken a vacation for a long time, so I can take extra vacation days. So I think my vacation can last about 50 days. How many days can I spend visiting you?
I don't want to be a burden to you. If you have a job, we can spend every evening and weekend together. It will be a great time with you!
When I come to you, I can see your life, your world. You will introduce me to your country, culture, people, customs. Show me the nature, animals that are in your area.
I am very interested in all this! I want to be next to you soon!
You are my closest man! You're my only man!
My dear, I also visited a travel agency this morning.
I found out some information that is necessary to visit your country.
I cannot apply for a visa in my city. Since the travel agency does not have the authority to issue a visa.
This is the function of the embassy. I need to apply for a visa. I think this can be done electronically, just send a request to the embassy.
I will send them a visa request tonight.
I hope it won't keep me waiting long. Now I need to collect all the documents that are needed to apply for a visa.
I must have photographs, a certificate of marital status, as well as a certificate from the workplace.
And I have to take out health insurance. This is not a problem for me. All my documents are in order.
I promise that I will report my every action. I will now complete my letter. Thank you for being attentive to the letter!
Richard, you are in my heart!
Yours and only yours Katya!
Letter 9
Richard, I thank fate that we have each other! I feel like the happiest girl in the world!
I'm glad to see your answer, Richard! Today I woke up with a happy smile and thoughts of you.
I have been in a good mood since morning.
Richard, for the sake of our happiness with you, I'm ready to change my life. I rather want to be with you! The weather in my city is cloudy now, however, nothing can spoil my mood today.
Last night I submitted my tourist visa application.
Honey, I was surprised when the call came in this morning. And the representative of the embassy turned to me.
I spoke to him on the phone, and I was told that I must personally visit the visa center in Moscow. I need to speak with the consul about my visit to your country.
I do not want to delay, I do not want to be denied a visa. Therefore, I need to act! I thought a lot about how I would be in Moscow .... Most likely I will live in a hotel, because I have no acquaintances in Moscow.
Richard, visa processing takes place in several stages. That is why I need to visit the embassy. As I was told, visa processing will take about 10-12 days.
Now I need to collect all the documents in one whole, which are necessary for obtaining a visa and have a way to Moscow. My heart beats faster when I think about it.
Also today I asked about the approximate cost of travel to you. This is important information for me.
I was told that a visa costs 80 euros, and I will also need to pay at the embassy to fill out forms and state fees. It turned out that for a visa I would need about 400 euros.
I will also have to live in Moscow. Today I was given important information ... Recently, a life insurance system was introduced at the airport.
I will have to buy an insurance policy. Insurance costs 300 euros. Perhaps this is due to the safety of people. Richard, I didn't know it was so expensive.
When I flew to Turkey, I just bought a ticket for 250 euros and paid a fuel surcharge of about 150 euros. To be honest, plane flights scare me. Moreover, I have to fly a long distance.
I know that many people die in plane crashes. I have some fear of flying. But I have an even greater fear of the old life that came before you.
Richard, the last thing I will need to arrive at your place is purchasing air tickets. Now I do not know how much the air tickets will cost ...
Richard, my mom says cost sharing is fair. And I think I have to agree with her. I am ashamed to tell you about this, but I have to ask you for financial help.
Can you help me buy tickets? I have some savings now. I have 1000 euros. This money is enough for me to apply for a visa, live in Moscow, and also buy insurance.
Richard, I don’t have any money left to buy tickets.
Richard, a lot of girls sit on the neck of their men. But I never asked a man for money, life taught me to be independent and rely only on myself ..
Therefore, now I feel a sense of shame in front of you. Yes, I understand that you are not my husband yet and do not have to pay my expenses.
But Richard, I would never ask you for money for my personal needs in my life.
Now I know the approximate cost of tickets. But in order to find out the exact price of air tickets, I need to visit the airport and find out about their cost.
I plan to arrive in Moscow tomorrow, and then I will tell you the exact cost of the tickets.
I think the airfare is not big and you can help us. Soon we will be together with you! Today I have already said goodbye to my work colleagues. They wished me a pleasant stay.
I look forward to your letter. Please write to me and tell me what you think about the information that I was able to find out today?
Richard I love you! I close my eyes now, and I imagine that you are near. Dear, right now I'm going to go to the train station to buy a ticket on the way to Moscow.
I'll take the bus. I'm planning to come home tonight and choose clothes for the trip to you. And I will go to Moscow ... and we will be half way from each other!
With love, forever yours Katyusha.
Letter 10
Hello dear Richard!
How are you? I'm fine.
Today I arrived in Moscow. I am very tired today. I look forward to coming to the hotel and resting. Yes, I've already found the hotel.
This is a reasonably priced hotel. One day's stay will cost me 38 euros. I didn't spend money for an expensive hotel. Now money is very important for our meeting, and I strive to save on everything.
My room has a TV, bed, shower, kitchenette. This is all that is necessary for me.
Today I have already visited the embassy and the airport. I managed to complete everything that is planned for today.
Richard, the embassy told me the list of documents that I need to travel to your country. The travel agency told me not very accurate information.
Now I already have the most accurate information. I wrote an application today to come to your country. The first interview with the consul was also held.
I was asked many questions ... Do I know your national language? I said that of course I know. I was also asked about the length of my trip. I had to answer many questions, but they were not difficult for me.
I was glad of the friendliness of the consul of your country.
Dear Richard, I'm looking forward to meeting you! The day of our meeting will be the happiest day for us. The most important thing that is necessary for me now is your support and support.
There is love between us. The feeling of love will help us to be together! It already seems to me that my heart has been with you for a long time. We just have to connect our hearts with you.
I love you! I really want to be with you now. I want to feel your embrace and rest.
At the airport today I looked at the air tickets. The choice of air tickets is very large. I was surprised when I saw flights that cost up to 3500 euros. The range of air tickets is very large.
I don't need expensive air tickets at all. It doesn't matter to me on which plane I arrive at your place. The main thing is for the plane to make all our dreams come true! We are dreaming about our meeting now.
I asked the airport employee to help me. Together with the airport employee, we chose economy class air tickets. These are the cheapest flights of all.
The cost of one air ticket is 160 euros. I was told at the embassy that I need 2 air tickets at once (a ticket for arriving in your country and a ticket for returning to Russia). To confirm that I plan to return to Russia.
This is an important condition and I need to obey the demands of the embassy staff. I need 320 euros to buy flights.
I have already paid for the paperwork at the embassy today. I also paid for the hotel. Tomorrow I need to take photos. There are also some costs ahead of me.
Richard, I will not be able to purchase tickets myself. I already told you about this. I need your help. Love is more than all money! She's priceless! And we must strive for it and make our dream a reality!
After the airport, I visited the bank. I just got back from the bank. I have never received money from another country. I consulted with the bank employees.
Richard, they explained to me that in our case it would be more convenient to use Money Gram. Are you familiar with the Money Gram international money transfer system?
A bank employee said that there is also a World Ramit system, AZIMO, RIA. I've never heard of them. I hope it works and you can help me get my tickets.
Please tell me honey, do you know this? Now I will tell you the information you need to transfer money.
st. Shabolovka, 30/12,
Moscow, Russia, 115419
First name: Ekaterina Alekseevna
Last name: Buraeva
My phone number: 79063845589 Richard, my visa is already being processed. I am glad that I was able to start the visa application process. We are getting closer to each other!
I believe that very soon you and I will be together! I look forward to your help soon. I need 320 euros. I was informed that you must provide me with the control number of the MTCN funds transfer.
If you can, show me the photo of the receipt later.
I've done a lot of things today. Moscow is a big city, and it takes a lot of my energy. I am very tired. I'll go to the hotel now.
I promise that I will write you letters every day, I will visit internet cafes. Please do not leave me either.
Richard I love you! I am looking forward to our meeting!
Please write to me soon. I send you many sweet kisses!
Your girl Katya!
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