Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
I think that you're now surprised that a stranger from another country is writing to you, but I am writing you a letter in order to meet you.
I shall tell you a little about me so that you have some idea. My name's Svetlana, but my friends call me Sveta. I am 32 years old and I have no children. I could not understand, you live USA?
I'm single, and therefore I want to finally find a real man! I'm writing to you so far from a working e-mail, as now I have free time. For my first acquaintance on the Internet and I don't even know what to write to you yet...
Answer me to my mail address:
I hope that I shall interest you and we shall be able to get to know a bit closer. I shall also send my pictures so that you do not think that I'm a terrible woman. haha. Be careful, Svetlana.
Letter 2
Hello Jim! I hope that you will write to me soon and I will receive your letter. I will be happy to answer all your questions, and I hope that you will also do so. I want to know you more, and I hope you do not mind? Don't let the distance between us scare you. I am sure that this will not be a problem for our communication. I will wait for your answer. Sveta
Letter 3
Hello Jim. I'm a little shy in real life, so I'm looking for online dating. Also, due to the pandemic that will take place in early 2020, people began to keep their distance from each other. And it seems to me that many people close in themselves. I have a computer at work and at home, so it won't be a problem for me to write to you. I work for a social assistance fund for the population. This is a state-owned company. I like my job. I work like many others, five days a week. Sometimes I have to work on Saturday, and on rare occasions I go to work on Sunday. Of course, since the beginning of 2020, there has been a lot more work, but helping people gives me a sense of satisfaction. I like to travel, but the last time I did it was in 2018. I had plans to travel by sea in the last six months, but it didn't work out for me because of my work and also had difficulties with departure from Russia. Where do you work? Are you texting me from the office or from home? Can you answer me to my letter how often? So, a little about me. Now I am 32 years old. My birthday is January, 19. I live in Engels. I think you don't know my city. My city is on the river bank. I am a serious and decent woman. Therefore, I also want to find a good man for me for a serious relationship. I'm not looking for a male actor or model. For me, the most important thing is what is inside a person. There are no barriers to real happiness, I think so. Even if it's height, weight, or age. This is exclusively my opinion. Thanks for the photos you send for me. I am glad that you listen to my request and you send your photos. So I can get to know you better and I have an understanding of how you look. If I'm there and you buy me some alcohol. What will it be alcohol? I cannot afford to try all types of alcohol. My height is 165 sm. My weight is 52 kg. My favorite flowers are orchid. I do not smoke. I am single and have never been married. I do not have children. I have a calm character. I live alone, separate from my parents. I am an independent woman and used to do many things myself in this life. I am the only child in the family. I have no brothers or sisters. I think this is the very first thing you wanted to know about me. If you are interested in something more, then I will write to you about me in the next letters. ok? Can you tell me more about you? Are you looking for dating on the internet? What are you looking for in a woman? What do you expect from meeting a woman? I would like you to answer my questions sincerely. I love sincerity and truth. Whatever it is. I'm really interested in learning about you. You can also ask any questions. I have no problem answering this. ok? I have attached some of my photos to the letter. Hope you enjoy it. I am waiting for your answer and your photos. Goodbye Svetlana
Letter 4
Hi Jim! I am glad to receive your letter. I've been waiting for this. How do you? I carefully read your letter. Jim, I understand that you are concerned about why I am writing to you from another country. I didn't know if you'd like to meet me because of the distance between our countries. I hope that you will understand me. I was afraid that you would ignore me. Because I really liked you. And I want to get to know you. A beautiful place there by the way. What you posted on the photo. For me, it doesn't matter where you are from. I was just wondering what your country is. And I assumed you were from the USA. So I was there to guess right. Jim, I want to tell you more about my country. It's hard to say about Russia. You know, I've been living here for a long time, and I don't know what exactly you are interested in learning about Russia. We have a president in our country who has not left power for several decades. In recent years, people are unhappy with the president. President Putin's rating has declined dramatically. The Russian people are tired that the whole world considers Russia an aggressor. We have a very cold climate. But in recent years, these are warm winters. Many scientists say that the earth's axis is shifting and the temperature in Russia is changing. Our country is very large and our country has many time zones. The culture in Russia is very interesting. There are many good poets in Russian history. Dostoevsky, Lermontov, Pushkin. Russia has an interesting cuisine. Many foreigners who travel to Russia try Russian food. Hot baths are also popular in Russia. In Russian this word is "banya". Generally speaking, a bath is a room equipped for washing people with water, hot air and steam. When before I live with my parents in another city, then I regularly go to banya. My city Engels is located 850 km from Moscow. I like to travel. I ride to Lake Baikal once here in Russia. It is the deepest lake in the world. I travel there in winter last year. It was a bus tour. I also had to travel to Moscow and other large cities in Russia because of my work. I have an economic education. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics. I studied English at university and I still try to practice my English. I will look forward to your next letter and I hope that you will tell me something interesting. I will attach my photo. Yours sincerely, Sveta
Letter 5
I salute you Jim on this wonderful day. Today I wake up in a good mood and I had pleasant thoughts after sleep. I think that there is communication between us and I catch myself thinking that I am passionate about correspondence with you. I like calm, serious, honest and fair men. A man I can love. A man who will love me with all his heart. Jim, what do you think? Can you be my man? I seriously think that our meeting on the Internet is no coincidence. What is the likelihood that out of the billions of people we communicate with each other right now? Thank you for your wonderful photos that you are sending to me. I like to get this. Sorry with your dog. It's so sad to lose your pets. I am a very romantic girl. There have been few romantic moments in my life. I really like to look at the night sky in the summer, to meet the dawn in the morning, to drown out hot cocoa in a warm blanket on a cold winter evening and watch films about love alone. We have known you for several days and during this time I began to get used to you. I like writing letters to you because in letters I can speak frankly with you. I also enjoy receiving new messages from you every time I check my email. It's exciting to get to know you more. Jim tell me about your past, maybe your childhood story or sweet moments that you remember? I will finish my letter and I will wait for your next letter. Take care of yourself. Sveta
Letter 6
Hello today, Jim. I will check my email again and I will not receive a reply from you. So I want to know if everything is okay with you? Or was my last letter too harsh for you? So I worry therefore. Maybe I shouldn't have talked about my feelings and my visions for you. I'm sorry about that. Sveta
Letter 7
Hi Jim! Thanks for your letter. How are you today? Today I had a busy working day. I had to make a lot of calls for work and I walk a long distance in the city. But now I am glad at least that I can read the letter from you. It's good. To be honest, I was very afraid that I would not receive your letters again. I was afraid you wouldn't even want to recognize me. Due to the distance between our countries. So now I want to tell you that I am not afraid of the distance between us. This distance is a few hours by plane. I hope you also understand this. Therefore, I don't think it will be a problem for us if we want to meet. If you don't like something about me, then it is better to say it right now, at the beginning of our acquaintance. I don’t want us to have false hopes for each other. I want to tell you honestly that I did not choose you and your country for dating by chance. I wanted to get to know you because I really liked you. And why did I choose your country and not another. Of course, firstly because I have knowledge of English. And secondly, because in terms of climatic conditions, your country reminds me of Russia. I also know a lot about your country since my childhood. Therefore, I am convinced that we will be interested in each other. Thank you for the photo that you are sending to me. Really interesting photos. I have never been in a canoe, but I would like to try it once. It's interesting that you love to fish. I'm interested in this hobby. I will try to tell you more about me and my family. Hope it will be of interest to you as well. I was born in Marx. It is 50 kilometers from my city. My parents live there. My parents are Alevtina and Anatoliy. My mom and my dad are retired. I am good at cooking. I love learning new dishes to cook. Recently, I have tried to cook Italian cuisine. I have cooked different types of spaghetti. I love Spaghetti Bolognese. Ask me and I will also say more about me. What else are you interested in knowing about me? Your Sveta
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