Scam letter(s) from Isabelle Raina to Scott (Australia)

Letter 1
Hallo, mister!!!!
Finally I dared to send you a message.
I I have just started using Internet and that is why I did not decide to send you a message at once.
But right now I feel a better person, I my good spirits are with me and I crave to find my sweetheart.
That is why I am sending to you my humble letter in the hope that you will accept it and send me a letter in return.
I‘m Shorena.
I tried hard but I could not to meet my destiny, and so I‘m in the hope that maybe I could behold a kind, attractive cowboy to fall in love online.
I am ready to tell you every detail of my life in coming letters.
I just can‘t wait to see a letter from you!.
Please, always use my personal e-mail address for sending me messages.
I am hoping that my message was welcome and you are looking forward to our further communication! I send you my photo sets.
I am hoping that you will fancy them! I‘ll wait for your message and your pics.
Good bye!
Thinking of you Shorena
Letter 2
good day new friend,

How is your mood?
I hope you are a decent man? It would be nice to know each other better.
you are alone? Would you like to get to know each other closer?
I hope you like me and we will have a pleasant chat. I will send you more of my photos.
write to me to
Hope to get your early reply and talk to you.

Great mood and have a nice day!
Letter 3
Good day, good looking what is cooking?
I have to become familiar with you a tad better. I love sports activities and so for this reason all people believe that I'm hot. I desire to inspire and simply be motivated by somebody who will really love me.
The following is my contact if you wish to answer back to my email
Dream to know what you think at the earliest
Letter 4
Hello darling,
My eagerness is definitely my life, I only want to meet soul mate who's going to be pleasant, laid back just who takes care of himself. I am a super-easy lovely lady that is often smiling widely and really good. I'm 33. I am tall in height, considerate, charming, extremely creative individual. My personal box is:
The best,
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