Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Borisovna Andreeva to Gilbert (USA)

Letter 1
I think sometimes you just have to take the step! Step to meet! A step towards friendship. A step that can change your whole life. Teach something new, or let you know the life of another person. See the world, life with a completely different look. It's hard for me to start writing a letter first. I don't have much experience, and yet I did it. I would like to meet you. Why do you? I do not know myself. When I received your mail, I was told that you are a single man. And that you will be interesting to me! I was even surprised! How can a dating agency be so sure ?! And so that there is no not a pleasant moment, I will ask you personally, if you do not mind ?! You're lonely? Are you looking for communication, acquaintance, friendship or more? This is very important for me, because I would not want to inconvenience you, and I think that it would be so honest to hear from you personally, would you like to meet a woman from another country !? If you are not single, married, or you already have a woman, forgive me for writing to you. I won't write to you anymore. But if you would like to communicate with me, but at the same time you still have a girlfriend, or a wife, and no matter what kind of relationship you have with her, you don't need to write to me. I am in solidarity with women, and I think that it will not be right on your part, to communicate with the other when you already have a woman! Is not it? But if I was not deceived, and you are really lonely, and you are looking for communication, I would like to meet, then I will be glad if you answer me. And tell about yourself. You will send your photo, you will not tell a lot about your country and your city. I think it won't be bad for a start! And to be fair, I will send you my photo, and not much to tell about myself. I live in Azerbaijan. Christian woman, I am 39 years old, was not married and have no children. There are many hobbies, and I will not talk in detail now. But I'll tell you I like art, music, books. I often spend my free time outdoors, in the mountains. I think that this is enough for you to think whether to answer me or not. The choice is yours. And believe me, if you answer, I'll be glad of it. Best regards, Katya from Azerbaijan.
Letter 2
Thank you for answering my letter Gilbert . I am glad to meet Gilbert . And as I understand it, you are interested to know who I am? What do I want? And why am I writing to you. I have already said a lot in my last letter. Making it clear that I am looking for communication, looking for a good man with whom I could communicate. Learn. And, perhaps …. I think it's too early to talk about it. And yet, I'm glad to see your letter. To which I will gladly answer now.
Forgot to ask! How are you? What is your mood? Hope you are doing well. And I will believe that your day is as beautiful as mine. Moreover, now I have very warm weather, good mood, and of course, there are many thoughts that I would like to write. Questions to which I would like to know the answers. And if you don't mind, then I'll start.
Who am I? True, sometimes I myself would like to know the truth to this question. But now I only know one answer. I am me. A woman who has been alone almost all her life. And who still believes there are good people in this world. It's true.
I am Ekaterina! My main profession is a florist. But I also do my hair at home. What I don't think there is much to talk about and to pique your interest. And yet, I studied to be a child psychologist and have a university degree. And sometimes (usually from August to October, and from April to May), I have a part-time job at school. I am a freelance worker.
I live and work in the city of Sheki, this is Azerbaijan. This is not a big, small, quiet city. 300 kilometers from Baku. Do I need to talk about my city? It is a very beautiful, quiet, sweet city. Many people know each other. And that makes it safe. I can walk freely late at night, knowing that nothing will happen to me. This is true, and there is all the charm of life in such cities. And sunsets and sunrises, against the background of mountains, it is very beautiful. And I think that such things defy description in words, this is a must see !!!
But if you would like to know more, you can look on the internet. Or ask me. Personally, I will look at all the information about your city on the Internet. Moreover, as I know, I can even “walk” around your city thanks to Google. It is wonderful!
And now I will not tell much more about myself. I am 39 years old. My birthday is October 8th! I was not married and I have no children. Why do you ask? It's hard to answer! I will not say banal excuses that there is no good man next to me, or that I have not found a worthy one. I just don't know why I didn't find anyone. Many showed signs of attention to me, but I do not feel for them any desire to communicate, or build relationships. Just most of the men who would like to have a relationship with me are Muslims. And it probably stops me. I am a Christian, and I know for sure that if I marry a Muslim, he will demand that I change my faith to his faith. But this is wrong! My faith is my decision. And how do you think? And for this, I can be friends, communicate with such men, but I do not see any other relationship with them.
But still, the fact of loneliness pushed me to this, not much insane act, to write a letter to you. I understand what I am doing. I think there is no point in lying and saying that this is the first time I have communicated in letters. Not. I have already tried to communicate with a man from another country. And in this case, I can say for sure that my past communication caused me a lot of negative perceptions about men from other countries. I began to receive many letters, and almost everyone was inclined only to carnal pleasures, and the desire to see my ***** body! I hope this does not happen now. Because if your goal is only in this, to have a written novel, and you ask me for ***** photos, then you better not answer me again. Because you will be wasting your time! I'm sorry to say so, openly, but it's true. You don't need to think that I am looking for a man for the sake of money, or in order to escape from my country! Not. I have already said that I am looking for communication, and maybe! POSSIBLY! I can find a man for a relationship! When I took your mail from a dating agency. I was told that you are lonely, that you are looking for a woman, and that you are normal! Believe me, it is important that you are normal! And while it sounds funny, I really hope I haven't been fooled. If you knew how tired I am of letters from perverts who send photos, or write very ****** words. I'm tired of deleting them. And block.
I think it's enough to talk about one problem. Moreover, I am telling about myself, so that you can get to know me and understand me no better. And the main thing is to decide whether you need to answer further !?
My hobbies. I read a lot and try to use books rather than electronic ones. I love music, walks. Classics, popular songs of yesteryear, and new pleasant music.
How do I write you a letter? My knowledge of English is not perfect! I'm using a translator to write you a letter. And yet, I can speak, and do not understand poorly, English. I also don't speak much German. Where did I study all this ?! I already said I love reading! And whatever you think, sometimes I am not using. interpreter. There are sentences that I cannot View translation.
In general, I am nothing to stand out and not special. I do not smoke, and I do not like to drink alcohol a lot. Sometimes I go in for sports.
Traveled. Was several times in Turkey, and once in Europe. Once in Russia and in Georgia.
This is not a complete story about me, but I think it will be enough for you to start.
With regard to communication, first I would like to get to know you, understand you, and only then talk on the phone, or use a video call. I hope that you yourself are not against this decision.
My height is 167 centimeters, weight is about 54-55 kilograms, but I haven’t gotten on the scales for a long time, and therefore, I could be wrong. Maybe even less .. I'm Libra. Calm, not ******, and just normal. At this moment I even smile when I write this to you. It's just always weird and even a little difficult to describe yourself. Can you just tell about yourself?
And at the end of my letter, I want to tell you that I am serious. I will not look at age (these are just years, time spent on earth). I will not look at the exterior. I want to see your personality. It's important for me. And I hope that you will also try to discern my personality. And not just my photos. Nature did not offend me with its appearance, but also gave me intelligence. That's what I appreciate! "Appearance, it is only a shell, even under the peel of an orange there are worms" (quote).
And if we succeed, I will not ask or demand anything from you. I am not asking for money, and I am not sending it myself. I was already deceived, and now I am a lot more careful!
I think I can arrange our meeting myself. Moreover, I already know what is needed for this. I hope I haven't missed anything important, what should I have told you? If you missed it, you tell me and I will answer!
Have a nice day Gilbert ! And good mood.
Letter 3
Seeing your letter again makes me happy. I see that you have an interest in me. The desire to know me, and most importantly, I am glad that you understand that I am not trying to play with you, or to get something from you. My goal is not profit! My goal is to make my life not alone. And I hope that our letters and words will help us do this. And our life will change for the better.
I am pleased to understand that you are interested in communicating with me, and you want to know more about you. And as I said, I hope that you will tell the same more about yourself and your life in your letters.
How are you Gilbert ? Hope you're doing great and you're in a good mood !? How is the weather? And in general, how is the situation in your country !? As I watch the news, I see that the world is in total chaos. First, COVID-19 happened, now rallies are taking place in almost every country. It's even scary to become! What else will this 2020 give us ?!
But to admit, I would not want to discuss this with you. Politics and illness are not a good topic of conversation. Moreover, in reality, we would not immediately discuss each other's illnesses! That would be silly! Ha ha ha. Do you agree?
Gilbert, as I understand, you are not much tired of reading my last letter ?! Ha ha ha. I'm sorry there are so many words. But I really have a lot of thoughts, questions, and most importantly, I cannot express my feelings, thoughts, my life in a few words. It's not real to me. But I know for sure that if you still read my letters to the end, then you understand a lot! And this is important. It is important for me.
I hope you have time to read my letter today and continue our acquaintance! Ha ha ha. I haven't written it yet, but trust me, I know it will be big. Because ... as I said, I have a lot of thoughts.
As you probably already understood, I like to write. In a letter I can express my thoughts. And in general, I think that this is not a bad way to get acquainted. In reality, I don’t know how I would have acted and how I would have answered this or that question. And in the letter, I can think, I can correctly formulate the words, thereby you will understand my thoughts. You will understand me. Which is very important when meeting. I think that very few people understand and appreciate this opportunity. Letters, that's fine. And at the moment this is the only way of communication that I can offer you. I already told you that I am careful in dating. Since the past experience left a not very pleasant "trace" in my life.
Oh yes. I want to warn you right away, and ask your forgiveness if you have to wait for my letter for 1-2 days! Just because of the mountainous terrain, and the strong winds that I have in the city, the Internet does not work very well. And I just physically can't do anything to write to you. But don't worry, that doesn't happen very often. So I'll write to you almost always. Ha ha ha. And sometimes I just have a lot of work. Yes Yes. I am working. You did not forget ? ha ha ha So I ask you to be patient sometimes, and I understand. That I will also take into account in relation to you!
And although due to quarantine and this disease I almost did not work for several months, there are still orders for colors, and I will also work at school again, since the school year begins, and I need to check many students.
I go to Baku 1-2 times a week. I pick up the flowers, or take the documents. But let's leave the topic of work for later? I will write about the work at the end.
Questions for you. I will try to ask you. Hope I get answers. Of course, I will also be glad to your questions. To which I will try to answer in as much detail as possible. But if I miss something, please do not be angry, believe me, I really may just not understand your letter, was it a question or not ?! So try to ask more correctly. Did you agree? It will be easier for me! And of course for you, because you will receive answers! Ha ha ha.
And if we start communicating and continue, then I would like to ask you only one thing. I ask you to behave towards me like a gentleman. Agree ?! Past communication with a man left not a pleasant "aftertaste". Last year in November, I tried my first meeting on the Internet. It was a man from Poland. About your age. And the first letters were very interesting, photos, stories about his country, about his life. I had an interest in communicating with him, and a desire to get to know each other. But literally after 5-6 days, he began to write me strange requests. Send money. The amounts were not large, and I did not hesitate to send him not so many. He promised to return. But he did not return anything to me. And then, he began to ask for an intimate photo, and all his conversations were about ***. I sent my candid photos, which I was tired of deleting! And with this he greatly disappointed me and upset me. My interest in him, in communication, simply disappeared. I realized that I couldn't communicate with this person anymore, and I stopped answering him. And he started threatening me, insulting me, and doing very bad things. Of course, I sent his letters, and everything I learned about him to the police of his country, through the embassy. And I hope that he will be punished.
It is for this reason that I ask you to be honest, open, and polite with me. And I will treat you just as well. The past always teaches us to be careful! I hope that you will be more elegant and not do the ****** things that usually ruin all the interest in communication. I personally try not to make such mistakes! Ha ha ha, and I will try to be polite and interesting. But sometimes to joke! Ha ha ha
After this incident, I was even disappointed in meeting over the Internet. But what "pushed" me to try my "luck" again, I have already said. Quarantine, I spend a lot of time at home, alone. And this all allowed me to think. Do I want this life? Do I want to be alone forever? And I again decided on an insane act, and wrote to you. What makes you search the Internet for your other half? Are there really no women around? What facilitated you to answer my letter !? Interest, or did you see me and want to know more about me? What to tell about me? What could be so interesting to you? Maybe not much of my past to understand me better ?!
My mother is Azerbaijani. At 19, she married my father, whom I had not even seen! After she confessed that he had run away like a coward after learning that my mother was pregnant. It is banal, insulting, and you know, it's better to be without a father than to know that he is a coward !!!! Do you agree with me? A man, like a woman, should be responsible for their words and their actions! Or am I not right? My mom raised me alone. When I was 18, she died. Cancer. Due to great fatigue, she started smoking! She believed that cigarettes helped her to relax. It is a pity that they only harm her health. And her lungs. It is for this reason that I do not smoke. Although I had a moment in my life when I also thought that cigarettes helped me cope with fatigue. Yes, I have smoked in the past. But realizing that I do not want to repeat the fate of my mother, I have not smoked for over 13 years. And I don't even remember exactly when I quit smoking. And I think that these are "mistakes of a young life."
Her death was a turning point for me. It was very difficult for me to accept the fact that she no longer exists. And you know, I coped with it only by gaining the faith that she did not leave me! She just left this world. And I'm not talking about the Bible or about faith in God. I'm talking about my faith that she will always live, because I remember her, and she is in my heart. I think that you will understand me. “As long as we remember people, they always live in our thoughts” ©. Then study, work, and you know, I decided not to leave for a big city, although I could get a job in Baku. But I didn't want to live in a big city. A big city ... I don't even know how to say it, it seems to "press" on me. So life in a small town is mine.
I have already told everything about my work. Flowers ... what exactly to tell about this work? Ha ha Ha how to get the right bouquet? Or how do you recognize a fresh flower or a frozen one? I think that there is no need to waste words about this work! But about my second job, I would gladly tell. I already wrote that I finished a course in psychology! And I work in high school for several months a year. Our city is not a big school, about 140-160 students study. Secondary grade 9, and then they go to lyceums. And so that you understand what my job at school is, here are some examples of what I do.
* Observe and evaluate children during classes and play activities.
* Maintain records in accordance with legal, district and administrative requirements.
* helping students understand and solve social, behavioral and personal problems.
* Assess ability, interest and talent to develop academic and career goals.
* And psychological help. When there are any problems with friends, or in their families.
But if I say in simple words, I try to help, and make their life no better, and not dwell on small problems, do not do ****** things.
This is what my job is about We can talk about this for a long time. But I will not do this, because I already understand that the letter has become very large. Aren't you tired of reading? Have you read up to this point, or just flipped through the text? Ha ha ha. I want to believe that you will still read my every word. And you will understand me better. I still have a lot of questions! And there are many things I would like to talk about. But I don't think you need to do this right now. I think that now you just need to communicate. It's enough for today! I don't want to sound like a "bore" Ha ha ha. Well, now, about you! I am interested to know about you. Your past (all the things you could tell me)? What are your interests, hobbies? What are you looking for? And what would you like to get from our communication? Why are you alone? Why didn't you meet anyone in your country? Why did you answer me?
Now I will finish my and so much more letter. Hope you haven't fallen asleep !? Ha ha ha.
Have a nice day and good mood. And most importantly, smiles!
Letter 4
My darling, my love Gilbert. I guess I’ll never be able to find words to express and describe to you my feelings. The love that is now in my heart. Those emotions that allow me to understand that I am alive, I am real. Which allows me to forget about the past, to forget about the days when I was alone. And forget about the "cold" that filled my heart. Now, my heart is filled with love. And he warms me! You gave me all this! You gave me these feelings, these emotions, this joy, faith, hope, and love. You gave me all this! And believe me, all I want now, all I dream about is to be with you. Kiss your lips and give you your warmth. Own life. My love. Every day is special for us. So that you know, understand, and feel not only my care, but also my devotion, love, loyalty. To love is to live! To live and believe. And you gave me this faith, this life, this smile that is now on my face. You gave me peace. And I really don’t know what to do so that you understand how much you gave me! Believe me, I will try, I will try every day to prove, show, my love to you. Making us the happiest in the world.
And we both know, we both understand that there are things that can replace words. Which will help us to "say" without even making a sound. Kiss, hugs, and even ***. This is what will replace the thousands, millions of words with which I could express all that is now in my heart. All that I want to tell you, but I can’t find, pick up the words! But I know that when we are together, you will understand, you will know, you will know this forever! Know how much I love you! Know!!!!
Your words give me faith, let me know that the dreams that were in our head will now become real. And most importantly, I see that you love, sincerely love me. And your love is mutual. And I want only one thing, to wake up nearby, to meet and see off the dawn and sunset. Look at the night sky, clinging to you. Listen to music together, and even dance. Rejoice at every moment of this life. And do everything, give you what we didn’t have. The happiness that will always be real for us. For a new day, for us it was like a new life. And so that you and I never regret a single minute that we will be together. So that every day, every hour, brings us only joy, smile, happiness. And I understand that we can make it real. Now I understand that soon I will be able to kiss your lips. And do not dream about it every day. Ha ha ha.
Reading your letter, I realized what you need to know if I have enough of the money that I told you. Nice! That should be enough for me to fly to you. Perhaps there will be a problem as you said. I will have to show an extract from my bank account with the migration service that I have enough money. But the travel agency told me that I might not need this document. And this means that maybe I will not need to show this statement from the bank. Moreover, I understand that this is an additional 800 euros. But I know for sure that this money will not need to be spent. And I will try to do so now!
When I receive your money, I will immediately make a statement from my bank account. It will work for several days. And maybe that amount is enough for me to attach it to the documents for the visa. But if not, I promise that I will immediately return your money back to you. I want you to understand that I do not want to deceive you. All I want is to be with you. I will do everything so that you never think badly of me! I love you. And you love me.
But if you really want me to have no problems, then I want you to understand. What if you send an additional 800 euros, then as soon as I make an extract I will return this money back to your bank account. And yet, I do not ask you to do this now. Let me try to do everything with the amount that I have. Maybe I can succeed! On this I will end my letter. And I want you to always know that my soul, my love, and my heart are with you.
Letter 5
You answered me! How did you manage to read everything to the end? I confess that when I re-read it, I’m not even tired a lot. And as you already understood, and as I wrote to you, I like to express my thoughts in more than one sentence, and paint them like an artist. And I think this is right, because if I wrote you short letters, would you really have an interest in me? I think no. Moreover, how can one express thoughts in two sentences ?! For me it's just not real!
And yet, I will try to shorten my letters so that it is convenient for you to read them!
And of course I want to tell you now that I am very sorry that I made you wait for my letter, because I had a lot of work, then days off from work, and in general, I had a crazy week! And yet, I am writing to you, and I hope that you are glad to see my letter!
I have a good news. In my country, there will soon be a quarantine relief, and many enterprises and educational institutions will start working again. I also heard that your country will also have a similar situation in the future, and this means that the world will return to its previous mode of life !? What do you think about this? News doesn’t lie in relation to your country? Yes, of course, this virus has left its “mark” in the history of every country! And I don’t even know if there are countries that have not been affected by this disaster !?
And I almost finished my trips to Baku. That is, I almost completed all the documents. And now I will try not to miss your letters, and respond on time. And I don’t need to dress like I'm an “alien”. No, no, you don’t think, a medical mask, and gloves, saved many. It’s just not convenient. And after a whole day wearing a mask on my face, I get a rash! I am simply amazed at the doctors who save people for days without removing their masks. And now they are really heroes for me! To be proud of!
And of course there will be no more tiring bus ride 300 kilometers there and as much back. Probably by car it would be easier and more comfortable. But I do not have a car. And if there is no car, then why do we need a driver’s license? Although, many have such a document, but they do not have their own car!
I really don't have much interest in learning to ride. I prefer to ride a bike, or just walk. So you can see and see our world, a life that "passes" next to us. Especially now, at this time when the world is fully alive! I love May! He is beautiful! And many simply do not have time to notice when driving a car. And I see this world, the real world!
How are you doing? I want to believe that now my letter will cause a lot of joy on your face! And I am pleased that you want to continue to communicate with me. Because if you didn’t want to, I would definitely not see your letter today!
With this work, and these trips, I need a vacation! They have been trying to send me on vacation for a long time. But I do not want! I just understand that I have nothing to do at home. Moreover, with this quarantine, I can say I went on vacation! Ha ha ha. And I can’t just stay at home idle. Well, how would I write to you? The computer is at work!
I think enough about work, especially since I myself want to forget a lot about these papers and reports, trips. And let's just continue our acquaintance.
Ufffffff, and again there are so many thoughts, and so many questions that I would like to ask, ask, and of course answer you! I hope that I can reduce it no matter how, and not write a big letter again.
Have I had a relationship with men from my country ?! Yes, 5 years ago. He also worked at school. He was 13 years older than me. And it all ended with the fact that he was very jealous of me. Jealousy has always ruined any relationship! The students gave me a bouquet of flowers, and our colleagues saw it. But for some reason, he thought that the boyfriend had given it to me, and made a scandal. The scandal that ended all relations.
My family? I'm alone. After the death of my mother, I have no brother or sister. And about the father, I already wrote.
How am i living To tell you the truth, not bad. There is a roof over my head, I took a mortgage, and I have an apartment. I buy clothes, have a job, and I have many friends. How could I say that I live poorly? No, my life is beautiful, but still, in any good life there is a "void" which we want to close, and my "emptiness" is a personal life. I would like to find a man with whom I could live all my time, which I have, and given to me by God. Children? I would not like to discuss this issue now, but I understand that this is very important. I have no children, and it is unlikely that I can have them. There are several reasons for this. First - I have already passed the childbearing age. And in the past, I did not have a major operation, due to female problems. After which the gynecologist told me that I will not be able to have children with a probability of 87 percent! At first I was very upset, but then I just measured this fact. And she decided to live simply, for herself. Moreover, I have children at work, and I try to help them. Well, and secondly, children do not appear just like that. If you do not take into account stories from the Bible! Children, this is the fruit of the love of a man and a woman. You agree with my words!
Why search for men from other countries !? Frankly, I am disappointed with the men who surround me. Of course, there are good Azerbaijanis with whom I would be interested. But I will not go all over the country in search of one! And not the fact that I will meet him, and that he is alone!
My position in life. Principle, morality, ethics. Respect, trust, understanding. Not much compassion! (I don’t like it when people try to arouse self-pity!) I know that you can cope with any problem, and if you have a head, a goal, then you can do everything yourself!
What do you say about yourself? I would also like to tell. I read a lot. (yes, books are my passion and hobby. Psychology, science fiction, and drama). How many I love the beach and the sea. I know not bad English, I studied it at the institute, I also tried to learn the German language, but then the German lesson was canceled here. And for this, I almost do not know him. Only a few words were deposited in my memory. I can also speak Russian, the truth is very bad. And of course I speak Azerbaijani. Am i real And although I already wrote to you about this, I want to try to dispel some doubts! Reading my letters, I hope that you will understand that this is not a blank! Also, I already said that asking you for money!
And most importantly, pinching myself now, it hurts me! Can this confirm my reality? Are you real? Ha ha ha. This is a joke. Yes, I am real. And believe me, I can prove it. I think I'll make a video for you !? How do you like this idea? A little bit later! Have you agreed? At this place, I will finish my letter. This time, I tried to reduce as much as possible all my thoughts and questions about you. And I hope that you will not tire of reading again, and will be glad to answer my letter again. Do not forget to send a photo, and tell more about yourself. I am curious.
See you again. And have a nice day! And good mood!
Letter 6
Hello Gilbert !!! How are you? I want to believe that everything is good in your life! How is your mood? I hope that now in this second, your mood has become better. Because you read my letter. And that my letters, the same bring you not much joy.
And for me, everything is fine. I am glad that the world began to cope with COVID - 19. And I look forward to when the world returns to its former life. Although, I confess, reading the news, and watching them on TV, I realized that the planet became much cleaner when people were sitting at home! Funny but true! But you and I will hope that this will become a good example, that you need to love and respect nature and not destroy it! Actually, I have not said before, but I really love nature! I like animals. And I think that these are the most faithful and devoted friends.
I think you need to return to your letter, and tell more about yourself, again ask you a few questions.
I hope that this time you could master and read my letter to the end! Ha ha ha. I'm joking, I'm sure you read it to the end. And if you write to me again, then you liked it! May I become a writer? Nooooo. Ha ha ha. I think this is a bad idea. One must have great imagination, and a very good mind. And although I’m not embarrassed, I can say that I’m not a ****** woman, but anyway, I’m not perfect and not perfect! And yet my imagination is not enough to write a good novel, which could become a bestseller. And an autobiography about me, I believe that few people will be interested. Probably only to you ?! Ha ha ha. Because now you are the only reader of my letters. And I can say that this is exactly the autobiography of my life laid out in words in each letter. The past, present, and perhaps the future ... And in my present, there is a lot of work now! Graduation classes, exams postponed to July - August. And I must now prepare the documents and personal files of the students, and transfer them to the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan. And this is at the very moment when in the country almost everyone was forced to stay at home because of the virus. And I have to collect documents from “nothing”. I hope that today was the last day “loaded” with paper work! I myself wonder how I managed! And yet I did it! What are you doing now?
My plans for today, I think that after I answer your letter, I will not relax much at home. I’ll take a ****, popcorn, and watch a movie! What would you advise me? Personally, I like to watch old movies. Now there are a lot of graphics. Although, this has its own big "advantages". Cinema turns out simply - magical. And bewitching.
Question, your favorite movie? I personally love to watch The Shawshank Redemption. I watched it already 10 times. And I’m ready to watch it again. It has hope, trust, and most importantly, I just like this movie. I read a book. A lot of similar points. What rarely happens now, when they try to film a story from books! What movies do you watch? What do you like? And how do you spend your evenings? With friends? Or at home, alone? Perhaps you are still surprised? I said I would take a ****! Yes, I can drink ****, or wine. I do not like strong alcohol! But I'm not addicted to alcohol! And I think that this is not surprising! Or are you surprised?
In general, I relax and rest in different ways, depending on my mood. I can have a **** and watch a movie. Or go to the school gym when all students leave school. I don’t know if such behavior is allowed in your country, but many teachers and school staff play sports in the school gym. But this is a secret! Ha ha ha. And now in spring and summer, I can just take a walk. Take a walk in the mountains, or cycling. I think no need to repeat, it all depends on my mood. I turn on good music with headphones, and just try to enjoy life.
Yes, I'm not much weird !? I'm just not like everyone else. I see what others do not notice, and enjoy every new day. Life is short and there is no need to be sad. I think so! And what mood do you often have ?! Do you often smile? Or are you always sad?
And in the last letter I forgot to write you what I need. More precisely, what type of man I am looking for! You remember, I told you that I was looking for a friend, but I also hope to find a man for a joint future! It is very important. So that we can see and understand whether we need to continue our communication ?! Do you agree with me? It just wouldn’t be very good if you were looking for another type of woman who is completely opposite to my character. We would both spend our time, and at the same time would not receive anything. Except for my letters! Ha ha ha. I'll start!
Confidence! This is important in every way. Jealousy should take place only when there is a reason, and there are reasons. But if jealousy is from scratch, then I believe that such a relationship will not be able to exist for long. And there’s no point in wasting time on this.
Understanding, attention, and common interests. If common interests can arise during a relationship, then understanding and attention should be at the very beginning. If you do not understand your partner, do you need to continue? I think that here is an obvious outcome of events.
Compatibility. Yes, this is ***. But please do not start discussing this topic now. You will only upset me! And I would not talk about it at such an early stage in our acquaintance. But still, as a psychologist, I can say that relationships should have both attraction, desire, and regular ***. And if you ask questions about it now, then I’m really upset, or Ignore them. No offense. But I repeat, it’s too early for us to talk about this, and even discuss.
And of course, similar views on this life, on this world! I think this is also a must for a good, strong, and long relationship.
And what do you think? What is important in a relationship? What are you looking for in a relationship? What type of woman do you need?
At the end of my letter, there is still not much about me! I thought for a long time what to write, and now I found a few more of my “pluses” and, of course, “minuses”
I like to cook. But to wash the dishes ... ... if you could only imagine what this is not a favorite pastime for me!
Usually cook meat, cook little fish, although I like to make fish dishes, fish fingers. I’m sure you tried this! Roll this fish fillet in flour, and fry in a hot pan. Yes, you definitely tried a similar dish. And although I love fish, I do not know how to fish. However, like hunting for animals. These are not my hobbies. Ha ha ha
I try to eat healthy food. I often consume vegetables and fruits. I like to make mashed soup. From greens, and potatoes. This is useful not only for the stomach, which already speaks about itself after a fatty meal with age. But also good for the body.
I eat all fruits. I don’t have any preferences in any kind of food or “world cuisine”. I like to experiment in food. But I won’t eat fried cockroaches, or grasshoppers, or other food that Koreans or Chinese often eat. Just not their kitchen. How do they eat that? I don’t even want to imagine.
In other matters, I do not like spicy food, although the national dishes of Azerbaijan are quite spicy and have many spices. Which I don’t really like. Food should be food, not an admixture of spices and herbs.
As you understand, I monitor myself and my health. I want to live enough in this world. I have no allergies. And in childhood, I did not suffer from any diseases.
Yesterday I thought a lot and decided to do a little test. I hope that you do not mind participating in it ?! Everything is very simple, I will ask you questions, and I would like to know what you choose. Well, to be fair, I will answer these questions myself.
Will we try?
Come on a simple question.
* Walking on a warm evening, or going to the movies? I personally would choose a walk!
* Bad truth or less bad lie? Personally, I always prefer the truth. No matter bad or not. I am always ready to hear the truth.
* a holiday in a large company of friends, family, and loved ones or a cozy evening in private? I think that in this case it all depends on the mood. But I am more inclined to spend the evening at home. Wrong age.
* An action movie where there is a lot of violence, or melodrama? Here I can not answer, you already know my preferences.
* What is the reason for looking for women from another country? Is there a difference in the women who are nearby, or will we take an example - me?
In my case, there is a difference, and I already told. Especially since it is interesting for me to communicate with you.
* Risk and possible victory, or not what risk and stability? I admit, I would choose stability. I'm afraid to take risks.
* Do you believe in signs? I personally do not believe. And I think this is ******. But I admit, if a black cat crosses my path, I will try to get around! Ha ha ha. There are also other questions, but more on that later. I think that's enough for today! On this I will end my letter. Today without a photo. I will take a new photo and send it to you.
I hug And good mood.
Letter 7
How is your day? How are you? What are your plans? I'm great! Good mood. Warm weather outside the window. I am writing you a letter again. And as I promised my new photo. Hope you are happy.
Thank you for writing to me. And answered my questions. To say that it was a test. I probably can't. Because I think that there are very few questions for the test. But for me, in order for me to know you better, it’s enough for me. Moreover, I have new questions, and I would like to ask you them. But I will do it at the end of my letter. Now, what can we talk about?
In general, how do you know how to understand a person? Did you think about that? I admit, I myself do not know the answer to this question. People, we are all different. And many of us have our own problems, our own views on this world, on this life. And I do not consider it possible to understand and recognize a person completely. But it is possible to be very close to this, to understanding the personality! Whatever “tests” or questions we take, we will never recognize a person completely. But is that good? Moreover, if you recognize a person too quickly, then interest in him will be rubbed too quickly !!! And it has already been proven.
Enough psychology, I have enough of this at work. Now let's just talk, talk again, tell us our thoughts, and continue to get to know each other!
"Change, our hearts and thoughts demand." That’s what drives us right now! Do you agree? We are looking for something that will allow us to be happy. Forget about all this chaos in the world.
Friendship. Or a relationship. Or just letters that will allow us not to feel alone in this big world. That is what I try to do in each of my letters. So that you are not alone. Yes Yes. I am with you, I am writing to you, and I really have a great interest in our communication. Moreover, I'm really determined to change my life. And I hope that I will do it, and it will be much better than in the past. But in any case, it depends not only on me, but also on you! And I really hope that you are not angry, and we understand you when you do not receive my letters every day. Understand I am very worried about this because letters ... this is not my job, or my life. I write letters when I have time, I have a desire to share my thoughts with you! And I can’t write you 2-3 sentences. Of course I can, but I believe that letters should be written in bulk so that you can understand and feel my thoughts when you read it all! Every day I want to know more about you. You are interesting. Not ******. And we have something in common that helps us in communication! I'm right?
I also like the way you think, and the way you think! Your views on this world, and this life. Which is very important in any communication. And it causes even more interest in you.
I can’t say that a lot of interesting things are happening in my life now! My days are ordinary. And my life doesn’t spill over from the lives of many people on this planet. But my "world", my view of this life still has differences.
And of course, this is precisely what makes you answer my letter again ?! Or not? I just want to understand what drives you, what makes you answer my letters ?! I am curious! Today I did not work, and I had to take a working computer home. Why am I at home and not working? It’s just that working hard is harmful! Okay, that was a joke. I was given a day off at work so I could rest. I'm really tired. These trips to Baku, reports. All this is tiring. And in general, you need to rest sometimes. Otherwise, life will not fly by that we do not have time to understand whether we lived or existed!
And again I want to ask you for forgiveness, because of the large amount of work I had to make you wait for my letters. It’s true that I don’t feel smart because it is ... I don’t even know what you might think. Perhaps you thought I was not serious, or disrespectful to you. But this is not so. I hope you understand everything! And that
you will not be angry, or think that I simply do not want to answer you. I really wait and hope to see your letter.
I want to share my thoughts with you, and just ... just talk. I like to recognize you. And see your world through
your words! Get to know your life. After all, every life is like a “book” that we can read. Get a lesson, or understand a mistake you don't need to make. Or just be happy for you, for those happy moments in your life that you share with me in your letters.
Today I do not want to bore you with a large letter, but simply tell you that I do not forget to answer you. I respect, warmly, relate to our acquaintance with you!
I guess I can come to the end of my letter !?
Yesterday I made dinner, and I liked it. I took a photo to show you my “talent”. I admit, for the photo I still tried to decorate the plate. Pancakes with meat and pasta with gravy of meat. I really liked it! Maybe whenever I cook for you ?! And treat you?
And in the end, as I said, again questions. And I understand that I immediately answer these questions myself.
Hope this does not affect your answers! * What is most important for you in a relationship? The main thing for me is trust. Understanding, and support. I think this is the main thing. Of course, there are other facts. ***, respect, and caring. But nevertheless, those first have in my opinion the main stage of development of any relationship.
* If I don’t like to wash the dishes, but I’ll cook dinner and have a nice evening, would you wash the dishes? Yes, this question is very interesting to me! And I will not answer it, because this question is for you personally.
* What would you do if you knew that the world would collapse soon? (I understand a ****** question, but asking this question, I will understand you). Personally, I would like to see this. I would look at all the destruction, and understand that this is the end. Without thinking about anything, I would spend this time on what I have. See the inevitability.
* Are you afraid of heights? Personally, I am very afraid of heights. True, I live on the first floor.
* What will you do for a woman who will be with you and who will love you? Well, for a woman, I won’t do anything, because it’s not right to love another woman (this is a joke). And for the man ... I will give everything. I think there is no need to paint what this means. I will just give everything that I have and what I can give! Caring, warmth, fidelity, love, affection, tenderness. All that my man was only mine! And he knew that I was only him, and that I was near. And I believe that it should be so in a relationship! And what do you think?
* What do you see in me !? Or rather, what is our communication for you? For me, first of all, this is knowing you as a person. And then interest as a man. Friend or more, I think we are friends now. What will happen next? I dont know. Truth. And now I will finish my letter again, and I hope that soon I will see your answer.
Have a good mood. I hug you tight. And waiting for your letter.
Letter 8
The world is plunged into chaos. And in these minutes, at this time, when you are left alone at home, you begin to understand how difficult it is to be alone. How sad when there’s no one to even talk to. When the days are repeated again and again, and no different from those that were yesterday, the day before, a week ago. And then you begin to understand that you no longer want to be alone, you no longer want to live your time given to you, alone. I want to be happy. Find someone who understands, who hears, who will be next to you. And just then, the world will become different, life will have “colors”, and just then, loneliness will disappear from my heart forever. I hesitated for a long time to write this letter to you or not. I don’t even know you. But I have your mail. And they told me that you are as lonely as me. Perhaps this prompted me to take this first step towards our acquaintance. I hope that you will be interested in my letter, and you will answer me again. When? I do not know, but I will believe that very soon I will see your answer. Now let me tell you who I am. I am Katya. I am 41 years old, and all these years I have been alone. I had a relationship in the past, but they all remained in that time. In past. And this quarantine, this isolation allowed me to comprehend a lot, to understand. And I decided that I no longer want to be alone. And I would like to start chatting with you. I live in Azerbaijan. I have a beautiful country, and I like my quiet, modest life next to nature. I am a Christian! Despite the fact that almost the whole country believes in Islam. I do not like talking about politics, and I have no bad habits. But I love nature, art, and life. And if you are interested to know me more, then I will be glad if you answer me. You will tell a lot about yourself, send a photo, and we can start our acquaintance now. Escaping this chaos together. On this I will end my letter. See you again. And good health to you.
Letter 9
I am always glad when I can see your letter, and again write you the answer. Because at such moments, I understand what you are waiting for and worry about me. When I can not answer right away. And knowing, I understand this, I smile. Because it is not free, I realize that I have become a part of your life. Like you became part of mine. And believe me, I try, and I want my letters, my every word to bring you all those emotions that I would like you to feel while reading this line. Indeed, in every word, in every letter, I try to put not only my thoughts, but also my feelings, a piece of my soul. So that, despite the distance that is between us, you still feel, and understand me. Each letter is getting better and better.
I know that when you read my letter, you smile. You are glad to see the next "page" of my life. My day, my thoughts. And I'm not hiding sharing with you all that I think. And of course your letters, they also bring me a lot of pleasure, and a lot of interest in you. True, I am pleased to communicate with you, because we understand each other. And we both see this world not like everyone else. We value time, minutes, and enjoy what we have. We dream and live believing in the best. And I’m glad, honestly, very glad that you appeared in my life. And I appreciate our communication, our relationship. And what will it lead to? Good, long friendship. Or the feelings we have been looking for so long? I find it difficult to answer this question. Moreover, I can not see the future of Hahaha. But I hope that in any case we will have a good relationship with each other. When I write you a letter Gilbert, I forget about work, forget about any problems. And I allow myself to express my thoughts, share my life with you. Yes, there are moments that I miss. I do not hide the fact that sometimes it’s still difficult for me to understand your letter. And it's hard to understand your thoughts. But I'm learning! I try to answer your questions, I try to carefully read your letters. I try to understand you! Your personality, your goals, your interests. I analyze our communication in order to understand what we can do in the future.
In general, Gilbert, I would very much like to become a part of your day, and your life. But you know! I think I'm already part of your life! Or is it not so? And thank you for answering my letters, my questions. I appreciate it! It's important for me!
Of course, if we were close by or lived in neighboring cities, then it would be much easier for us to recognize each other. I would not need to write such more letters to tell about myself, to share my thoughts. And we just had to choose a day for a date! Go to a cafe, or take a walk. Or maybe in a movie? Where would you call me on our first date! I am curious?!
But back to the real world. We are very far apart. And the only “bridge” that connects us and allows us to communicate is letters. Words, thoughts, feelings, photos, and videos. Hope you're happy with such a little surprise?
Reading your letter now, I understand you again. It’s no secret that I’m studying you. Just like you do me !? Is not it? You are surprised why I am alone, but believe me, I am surprised no less than you. In my case of loneliness, everything is quite simple. I can not find a normal man. Who will accept me for who I am. Who will not be jealous of everyone I meet. And who will just love. To see in me a personality, my mind, and not just my appearance. And what is your reason? I still can not understand! You are a normal man. Personally, I understood from your answers. You do not hurt the woman that is with you, and you are ready to love. You are not ******, and not scary. You have a right view of this world, and this life. And I have a question, what else do women in your country need if they do not line up in your heart? Maybe Gilbert, I don’t understand much. Yes, our people are different, and life, society, and of course people are all different. And yet it’s hard for me to understand the reason for your loneliness now. But maybe it's for the best? After all, if you were not alone, then probably we would not even begin to communicate ?!
I am sure that you saw the same thing ... and probably it was even with you that people who could be together and be happy always live differently. With those who do not value them, and probably do not like !? What is this, the law of life, of fate? I just think that the life that was given to us should pass so that we do not regret the lost time, lost years, living as we do not like. Life is one, and you need to live it so that every day you have is new, special, and happy. That there was no sadness. And to have faith in the best. And what kind of life is it when you are next to someone who does not love you? Or with whom you have already stopped loving? I think this is a very difficult life. And even if many families are connected to be together because of children, I think we need to understand! What if a child grows up with parents who do not like each other, then I don’t think that he will have a happy childhood. But this is my personal opinion, and maybe I'm wrong?
And I already wrote in my letter in the past that if there is no love together, you do not have to endure, you need to change your life. And it’s possible to do something risky, crazy, like I did, wrote to you. Realizing that perhaps you would not even answer me! But you answered! And I'm glad of that, I appreciate that.
I think I started talking about the "global" problems of this world. But I will not hide the fact that I firmly believe that life should be lived happily. And what should be valued every moment, because the time that we have, we do not know how many years, days, or maybe even minutes we have to live. And you just need to enjoy life. After all, when the moment comes, go to another world, leave this planet. All I can take with me is probably thoughts about the happiest moments. And I think that I will not think about work, or about the fact that I did not have time to paint Ha ha ha's nails. And my mother always told me to live for real. Appreciated the moments. I did not pursue a large salary, or a “beautiful life”. Because I don’t need all this when my time to leave this world comes!
But I began to write something about sad things. And I myself even felt uneasy! Let's just enjoy our letters, our communication, and we will not be sad. Have you agreed? You know, I really believe that one day, I will be happy. And that I will live my life with a smile on my face, and with joy in my heart. And let it sound naive, especially in our time, but I will not stop believing in the good, the good. I'm really tired of being alone. Come home, cook a lot of food, and I understand that I won’t eat everything alone. And I bring to work, treat colleagues. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.
And now I will finish my letter, and I will wait for your reply again. And thank you for being there. That I can just talk to you. Sometimes it is necessary .... Just know and believe that you will understand me. You are really very good. Thank you.
I hug. And have a nice, good weekend to you !!!!
Letter 10
Warm tea, good mood. A smile is on my face, and I can finally reply to your letter. And of course, I'll start with the most important question! How are you?
Gilbert hope you are doing well! And even if there are things that make you sad at the moment, I hope that my letter will bring joy to your life, at least a lot.
I know and understand almost all your thoughts about me. And I want you to not think about anything now. Just read, enjoying our conversation. And may our letters, our words, give us not a lot of joy, smiles, and simply allow us to “leave” for another moment in another world. A world where we can just enjoy our simple communication.
Everything is fine with me, good. I really smile now because I understand what you saw. That you received my video, and it ... this video was not in order to PROVE you your reality. No. I just wanted to let you know that I am. That I am real, and I want only simple respect, understanding, communication, with me. What we need. And let our letters, or rather my letters (Ha ha ha), you do not receive as often as you would like. But I hope that you wait anyway, and believe that opening your mail again will see a letter from a simple girl who lives far, far away from you. And who just loves to communicate, and I hope that I help you ... I help to cope with a lonely life in this difficult time for everyone.
Well, because you help me! And I am really happy, glad, and I am very pleased to communicate with you. I see that you are trying with each letter to "open" to me. Start to trust, believe, and I appreciate it. And try not to upset you! I will be respectful, friendly, and maybe somewhere very loving to treat you. Why? Because, as I said, it’s really interesting for me to write letters to you. And also, I realized what I need, I need to learn to believe again. Again try to open this world, man. Open up and possibly trust. And I was alone for a very long time, really. And I would like to share my simple, sometimes interesting life with someone. Having told all that I have in myself, words coming from the heart. The words that I try to convey in these letters, I try to fill a piece of myself. In order to read my letter, you could not only understand, but also feel all my emotions, feelings, joy, excitement, sadness. I am sure that despite the fact that now is the 21st century. And many people communicate through social networks, video calls. Letters ... they can always convey everything that is difficult to convey even when you see a person in front of you! Letters will be able to "say" a lot more. And I am sure that the letters allow us to understand the soul, the person himself, his goals, intentions.
Admit, and I understand you, that you would like not only to see my words, my letters. Would you like to see me in a video call, or talk to me on the phone. But now I can’t give you this. There are too many reasons why I have very little opportunity to communicate with you. And yet, I know that you do not believe in my reality. Please do not deny this! Ha ha ha. I am not offended, and I understand you completely. I’m not angry, and I don’t think that this can be a reason for being an obstacle to our communication. But I know for sure that reading my letter now, and my letters in the past, you perfectly understand that I am alive! Ha ha ha. And even this small part of your trust is enough for me to continue to communicate with you.
Gilbert as a psychologist, I can tell you that even those who are close to us! Who we see every day, greet, live together for many years. They can hurt, much more than my letters! Ha ha ha. And I think you understand that. Seeing this does not mean that a person does not want to harm you. Feeling and understanding, I think, are the main criteria that should prove to us that they do not want to offend us. But now, at this time, in this world few people can be trusted and trusted!
With this letter, I just wanted to tell you that I am glad that I have you. And tell you - thanks. Thank you for writing to me. What do you answer my letters. Thank you for just eating!
Letter 11
My dear Gilbert. How happy I am that I can write you a letter again. And I had time to think and talk with you about the very important. Important to me! And of course for you. Probably the time has come ?! But more on that later.
Did you miss me? I really missed you, and I wanted to read your letter as soon as possible. I am dependent on your letters, have you forgotten? Ha ha ha
I thought a lot, dreamed a lot. And I admit, I prepared very well for this letter. I thought over my thoughts several times before starting to write to you. I needed time!
My mood is great, a lot of work. But this is not a reason not to answer you! I was really looking forward to this moment. When I can again leave the real world, and plunge into the world that we have created in our letters now. Just enjoy your communication, your thoughts, words. And smile. And the more I recognize you, the more I understand what I want!
What needs to be done to make you smile? What needs to be said to make you happy? I understand when I read your letters that you do not need so much so that your face has a smile, and your heart warms happiness. And this probably is the very “butterflies”, that feeling when, despite the distance, the obstacles, we can make each other happy. We can smile, laugh. To know that somewhere is very far away, they remember us, they love us, they are waiting for us! And now there is a sweet smile on my face, because I could not write such lines, write these words without smiling. Indeed, you really give me great joy. Making you smile, believe, dream. And most importantly, to know that you really need me. And that I became a part of your world.
Yes, I understand that we still have a lot to talk about, a lot to learn. I still remember my words that I wrote to you earlier. That there are topics that I did not want to talk about. More precisely, I thought that we should talk about this only when the time comes. When I can understand that you are a normal, good man, and that we may have a chance to start a relationship. After all, we both want one !? To live this life is the time that we have happy, not lonely. To have not only a good and caring person nearby, but also a “soulmate”. Someone who understands who does not offend, and does not hurt. Who will kiss, and will not be afraid to show not only you, but the whole world their feelings. Who will see the soul, not the shell of appearance. Who will understand and appreciate, respect the views on this life, and not condemn. Who will accept us as we are, real. And do not try to fix it! And try to complement our lives. And I think I want to believe that you will do it.
And I want you and me Gilbert, there was a future.
Yes, I really hope that our communication will develop, and learning more about each other, we can possibly create something more ?! But “looking into the eyes” of reality, we both need to understand that this takes time. And we have to think it over and decide it right. Do you agree? No, no, I do not suggest you wait months, or years. I know it takes 7 seconds to fall in love. And believe me, it is proven. But this is the case when you see a person. And with us, there’s not much else! Ha ha ha. But when we see, we just fall in love with appearance. And reading letters, we fall in love with the soul! We see that which is not immediately visible. Well, I can say, and you know this, that it doesn’t matter if you see a person or not, there is always a chance that they can hurt you. You know this, as I do. And we still have some fears that make us cautious. But I hope that we can get rid of all fears. And one day to be together.
Ha ha ha. Imagine Gilbert, I wanted to talk about ***, but for some reason I was "taken" in a different direction. It's funny Yes, you heard right. ***. This is a pretty important topic for me. But at the same time, I'm worried that after you will only be interested in talking about this! As you know, this will only interfere. No, no, *** is definitely important. For you and me. And anyway, it's okay to talk about ***, find out preferences. But for me, this is something “magical” that should not be discussed, but done! Do you agree?
Of course, I do not mind talking, and even share a fantasy. But past experience tells me that if you discuss only the topic of ***, then you will want to see photos, videos, talk only about that. But although *** is important, but it is not a “pillar” of any relationship. And I think you will agree with me.
Uffffffff. Well, this hour has come! Ha ha ha. You know, writing about *** is as exciting as talking about it when you meet. Actually, I love ***. Yes, I like it. And I am very sensitive.
Love is not only trust, understanding, care. But also affection, and complete proximity. The confidence of the bodies, when at the moment of practicing LOVE, two loving people merge into one. Thus, showing his love, his desire, revealing to each other the soul. Fully trusting, and not hiding your feelings. To love and understand. Appreciate and care. Trust and feel your man. That's what any woman should have in her heart, in my opinion.
I haven’t had *** for a long time. And I had only two partners. Yes, in my country, it is not customary to have many free relationships. I think you understand that. Azerbaijan, as you remember more is a Muslim country. And here it’s not customary to speak openly, especially to dress “******”. Despite the fact that I am not a Muslim. And yet I do not refuse to discuss this with you, and talk.
Let's talk a lot about ***. We will find out what we like and what we are waiting for! And so it turns out that I must again ask you questions, and answer them myself.
What kind of *** attracts you? I like everything. And to be more precise, almost all varieties of ***. Say I don’t have any prohibitions, I can also experiment and try new things. But there is a definite ban. I do not like pain! That is, ***Removed***, I do not like. And I don’t want to try “extreme” ***. That is, which refers to a possible health risk.
How often do you need ***? In general, it’s hard for me to answer this now. For years, having *** is only ***Removed*** and ***Removed*** a week, I think this is the norm. But in general, you need to make love whenever you want to! Of course, there are days when you are very tired, or simply there is no mood. And of course there are***Removed*** suitable for ***. Monthly
Safe *** or not? I am personally for safety. But only if we are not fully prepared for unsafe ***. In any case, I need to use the pills first, because I want to make love to the end, and not stop at any moment.
How much time do you need for *** ?! I know this is a very funny question, but .... How do you tell? I get an ***Removed*** very quickly. And if *** is more than ***Removed***. Just know that. I am very sensitive. And there were times when I enjoyed cycling. Yes, yes, please don’t laugh!
Gilbert, and how do you feel about *** at home ?! I dream about having *** in a car. I saw a lot of this, and read. I would like to try.
Now dear Gilbert, you know almost everything about me. And I’m even a little ashamed! No no. I just imagined the moment when you read my letter and think that I'm a nymphomaniac. Maybe this is so, but I should only have *** with someone I love.
I’m just not looking for a partner for one or two. I want to be everything for my man. So that he does not have a desire to find another. And such is my body nature. That I enjoy ***. And if there is pleasure, then there is desire.
I hope that this letter allowed me to understand you even more. To know my secrets. And maybe even more love? I dont know. But I want you to fall in love with my heart, my mind, my soul. But not in my appearance. And now I'm finishing my letter.
Have a nice day. I hug you and kiss you gently.
And of course I'm waiting for your letter.
Letter 12
I think that not only do I have “demons” Ha ha ha. I am very glad that you liked my fantasies. And I am sure that my last letters allowed you to understand me very well. Of course, these are just dreams that I could imagine in my head. Expressing these thoughts, these fantasies in my letter. I spoke without hiding, and I say again that I, as a woman, want such love, such tenderness, and affection. But I am pleased to know that for you, in the first place, all the same, there are spiritual, emotional relationships. And the first thing I would like to thank you for is understanding me. What do you see in me a woman. Yes, of course, as a man, *** is important to you. But still, you look not only at my body, you look at my soul, and I understand that you are in love with me, as a person. It was very important for me to find out. And I got it! Thank you.
Despite these fantasies, you still think and tell me that I have other virtues that you like, attract you. And understanding this all, I am once again convinced that I would like to be with you. And I hope and want this. We have already managed to fall in love with each other. But I want to continue and develop this relationship. Hoping to see you soon! Hope you want it too!
We both agree that *** is important in any way. Even writing you my fantasy, I learned even more about you. And it allows us to understand that we both have a desire, and it does not give a great feeling ... of satiety ?! I really don’t know how to choose words to describe to you this feeling that I experienced. Yes, I received pleasure when I wrote you the last letter. And imagined everything in my head. And when I saw and read your answer. I that you and I have a lot in common. Which probably played the very “role” in our feelings. We have a lot in common. And at the same time, we have an interest in each other. Which is very important. You know, I really don’t know how to express it, and how to describe everything that I felt and understood. It has no explanation, it needs to be felt ... understood ... as if to see it in your head, in your heart. And I saw it!
I realized that again I want to return to those letters, to those topics that we really need now, so that we are closer! No, no, the topic of *** is not closed! Ha ha ha. But today I decided to devote my letter, again to our feelings. Of course, *** is important. But without real feelings, such as understanding, trust, faithfulness, caring, there can be no ***, and without all this there can be no true love. Do you agree?
Therefore, today I will not write my fantasies! I’m sure you will understand me. Moreover, to write about this, far from each other, I believe that this is even masochism! I will not be able to get what I want, and at the same time I will have a great desire. What am I supposed to do? Just dreaming? In general, I already told you that such a personal, intimate topic, you do not need to write or speak, you need to translate it into reality. There are words, but with words it is not possible to express some feelings that we might have during ***. So it’s better to translate everything into reality. Moreover, if everything goes the same way, then I am sure that this will not remain a dream!
In general, I think that it’s very difficult for you to read such letters yourself, while understanding that I’m not near, and that we won’t even be able to kiss, not to mention other things. And I found the right word to describe it all. I will call it "torture." What do you think?
And I think that we can rest a little. And about other fantasies, we could talk again another time. Hope you totally agree with me?
How are you, my dear? But why am I asking if I can really imagine how you are doing after such a letter. You know, I fully understand you, and despite the fact that you and I myself liked to read, and write, describe and represent in our head. All the same, there is not much sadness in the heart ... this is just a dream. Sad
But I see that you were pleased to read this. And if so, then I am glad of this! Because I want to make your life happier. After all, you make my life different! Happy!
I sometimes think, remember you said that there is a lot of deceit in this world !? Tell me, are you real? It's just that when I study you, I understand that you are too perfect. Perhaps you only do this for me to like me? Or are you trying to show yourself on one side, but in fact you have a different character! Which is unlikely. Because usually people behave this way in reality. And not in letters. Remember, I wrote, and said that letters allow you to think a lot, and at the same time tell a lot. It’s like writing a book about ourselves, we hide little or not agree on the facts of our life. Even funny, because we tell too much! So I would like to ask you. If you pinch yourself, does it hurt? I just want to believe that you are real. Ha ha ha.
Okay, I’ve joked a lot! Hope this was fun.
What to tell about me? Kaike, do I have news? Nothing has happened in my life.
Well, for the rest, everything is fine with me. Good weather, good mood. Warm tea, and of course your letter. And I really hope that everything is fine with you. And since we are alone, and far from each other, I ask you to take care of yourself! Promise me! Yes, I am very worried about this disease, coronavirus. But I heard that a vaccine appeared in many countries! Hope this is true. And I do not want this to become a problem for us, and our future meeting. The meeting is certainly not today and not tomorrow, but I think that soon. Because we both understand and want, think about it.
And yet, I want to know and think about our meeting in the future! I will have to go to Baku again. Another trip to work, and until the summer, I will no longer have to go there for work. And when I go, I just find out if there are restrictions, and in general, how much does our meeting cost if I fly to you. I’ll find out how much it will cost you to fly to me in Azerbaijan! And anyway, I think we could talk about this? Or do you think it's too early for us to say, and we, as teenagers, need even more time to get to know each other ?! Ha ha ha.
But we will not talk about this today. Now we both understand that our relations are developing very rapidly, and even when we both opened up to each other and talk on intimate topics, I think we need to learn a lot. And in general, we must ask ourselves, do we want this? Do we want a real meeting? And in general, do we need this? Change your usual life for a new one ?! This is probably a difficult decision. Because I was alone for a long time, and I really began to forget that there is such a lonely life. I used to sleep alone. But you know, and I wrote that I want this warmth to be hugged, pressed to me! And at the same time, I said that in my thoughts I can imagine how I cook breakfast for my beloved man, for you! I hear this pleasant aroma of coffee in the morning. I hear my name when you call me! It is very nice to dream about it. And probably I can answer these questions now. I will not say for sure, but !!!!! I am more inclined to the fact that I would like to change my life, and live it happily, not alone! But still, I still need to think a lot! hahaha
And I hope that you answer the same questions. You can not write to me, these questions are for you personally, so that you yourself understand and make a decision. Because if you want more, be with me, meet, and when we are ready to make it a reality, and you will change your mind! It will be very sad. I agree? And not decent! Ha ha ha. I really do not want this situation to happen. So think well. This is your life, and I think you are an adult “boy” (ha ha ha). And you yourself know what you want and what you are ready for! you know what else is surprising in my opinion ?! Despite the fact that we both lived in different cultures, and I will say bluntly that we have (and this is not surprising) differences, I see a similarity of character, a look at this world, this life. And a lot in common. It is amazing! Personally for me! And for you? And it is letters now that help us to create not ideal, but I am sure that strong, trusting, and most importantly mutual relations. Feelings that will only increase our love for each other every day. I'm starting to speak in scientific terms! Ha ha ha.
I guess I earned it! And it's time for me to rest! So I'll probably finish my letter.
Oh my God, I wrote almost a whole book again! Ha ha ha. I am surprised when I write you a letter, I don’t even notice how much I wrote to you! So many thoughts, words, and in general I want to talk with you more and more. To communicate. Because I'm fine with you. When I know what to eat, I smile. Even now, I really smile completely with my smile. I think that life is beautiful. I know what you think of me, and I hope that it is exclusively about good. And I'm happy that you are in my life. I believe that we will make each other happy if we want to and strive for it! And now I will complete my letter. Today I had a charcoal duck, asparagus, red fish, and beef steak .... You believed? Ha ha ha. I'm joking again, I'm really in a good mood. Everything was much simpler. I cooked fried fish in an egg, with pasta. And for tomorrow I made myself a vegetable salad and chips, all with the same fish.
In conclusion, I wish you a good mood, a smile on your face! Have you smiled yet? So, this is unforgivable. Not important! Smile Please smile! Ha ha ha. And of course, in my dreams and thoughts, I hug you tightly, gently take your face in my hands. I look into your eyes and touch your lips with my own. And although this kiss was not “French,” he said a lot more than all my letters. And this is the delicate taste of your lips and mine, will always remind me of you!
I miss already, love you, think about you.
Gently kiss, hug, squeeze to me.
And I will say only one word, you have become a part of my life, forever!
Letter 13
Saturday! The next day is behind, and I can sit down again and write you a letter. You know, I sometimes understand that it’s very little to devote your time to you. But believe me, I try ... I really try to do as much as possible so that you always know that I have not forgotten about you. I think of you.
My dear Gilbert, how I missed you! Believe me, now I have everything that allows me to be happy. And I will always smile and enjoy every moment of this life. We will never know how much “time” we are destined to live, but I understood one thing, do not be afraid of life. No need to have fears that only stopped us. You just need to be happy. And try to find someone who makes your life better. I have found you! And I’m glad, happy that you really brought a ray of light into my heart that taught me to dream again. Butterflies flew in my stomach! Ha ha ha.
We both knew and understood that we could not touch each other. We can’t kiss, and we can’t even just hug. But our letters allowed us to dream about it. Believe, and imagine how it would be in reality. And we were happy, we were not alone!
How much we have said to each other. We talked about the important, the funny, the past, and the present. We have not only opened our hearts to each other, we have opened our souls by showing all those “scars”, all those happy and sad moments. We trusted each other. And it was really valuable and important to me. I could freely talk to you about everything. I could write you simple thoughts that were in my head. And that made you special, close to me, dear. And I treated you, your life with great love, respect. To your words. To your dreams.
With you Gilbert I stopped living in the past. I stopped being afraid. I realized that doubts only create fear in my heart, and fear only spoiled my life. But you, with you, I learned to deal with this "evil" ha ha ha. And every day I understood more and more that you are the same man with whom I want to live all my life. Every minute that God has given me And enjoy every new second.
Gilbert I did not try to give you illusions, or seem like an ideal woman. I was open, I did not hide my shortcomings from you. I, like you, have your own pros and cons. But I see that this did not stop us from being who we are. It did not stop us from understanding each other. Feel each other. It did not stop us from being together.
And most importantly, it allowed again to believe in the good that warms and pleases our hearts.
I can tell you what I dream, what I think. And I’m not afraid, I don’t hide everything that is in my heart. I do not hide pain, joy, happiness, sadness. And I am very pleased to know and understand that you really are, that you are real, and that you have been in my life!
But we must stop our communication with you now, so that it is not too late then! Yes, I found out how much it will cost me to fly to your country! And for me it is very expensive! I won’t even try to save, because it will take me a lot of time. I expected that I could afford this trip. I have money in my savings bank account. But this was not enough. Not enough to make our meeting any time soon. And this virus, which spreads all over the planet like a “plague"! Many countries close their borders to tourists. And although I found out that Azerbaijan is not on that list of countries that have a ban on entering you. But this is not the main problem because of which I am writing these words to you. The main problem is that I can’t pay for everything myself, that I don’t have enough money!
I remember my and your words that we spoke at the very beginning of our communication. And I’m not going to deceive you. I won’t ask you anything. Truth. I, like you, live in reality. As you know, the "price" of money. And I do not want this to become a problem for us in the future. I don’t want money to destroy everything that we created. I could tell you about this later, or not at all. But we both walked to the point that we needed more. And it’s better to stop now, then it will be more painful!
All I ask of you is to remember! Remember me and all our words. Do not be sad, and smile more. Believe and dream how you and I did it. And it is faith, dreams that will allow you to be happy. Because you deserve it.
You Gilbert very interesting! I am sure that one day you will meet someone who, like me, will only wish you happiness! Who can heal all your wounds will allow you to find real happiness. And will be near, forever!
And I hope, I believe that you are not very angry with me, and that you spent your time on our letters. I believe that our letters have helped you to be truly happy again!
Believe me, my dear, I write these words with great pain in my heart. I do not want to lose you, and I do not want to be alone again. But I'm not a naive twenty year old girl! I understand all reality is a problem. I will return to my world. I will work again, I will dream again. And live like I used to live. Yes, I will be alone, but in my heart you have always left your Gilbert. And that is exactly what will warm me on cold nights, and delight me on sad days! Forgive me again that I could not fulfill my promises. But I believe that I was able to give you what made you happy!
You will always be with me! In my heart.
Letter 14
My dear, my love, I am glad that you understand me. And I realized how hard it was for me to write the past letter to you, and when I told you that we need to stop communication.
Believe me, I do not want to lose you, and I really was very happy that you are in my life. We learned a lot, understood a lot. And most importantly, I believe that we both were able to give those feelings that helped us to believe in love again. Smile again. And be happy every time we read our letters.
But reality is cruel. And I realized that I could not fulfill my promise to fly to you on my own. I can’t pay for everything myself. And this became the reason for our parting. I remember my words, and remember your letters. I understood that if I asked you for money to fly to you. Then you started to think badly of me! You would think that I play with you, play with your feelings. But that would not be true. It only hurt me, because I want in your heart, in your thoughts, I remained only in the best memories. And you could understand the main thing that I have never played with you. And all I wanted was to fill your heart with love, joy, happiness. And of course, to receive in return the same wonderful feelings that every day allowed me to smile.
But we both know that reality, real life has its difficulties. And even when I said that I could pay everything myself, I did not think that a flight, a trip to you would be so expensive. And that my savings will not be missed. And to save me the whole amount, I need another 8 months, work. And I believe that to live 8 months only in letters, it will not be tolerable. It hurts, it's hard for us. We both already want to have more, we both dreamed of meeting in real life, and not just in letters. And if we continue to just write letters, in a month, we will be just as bad! We will desire more, but we will not be able to give it to each other. You know, I'm not a ****** woman, I can analyze everything. And I understand and imagine what will happen next. If we just wait! And live only a dream!
You know, I thought. Yes, now our meeting, this is the most important thing in my head. I think only of you. And about whether we can be together! Because I do not want to lose you. I do not want to lose the happiness that I just found in you! I understand that if you disappear from my life, my world will not be the same. My life will return to the darkness in which I lived for so long. And my heart will be cold again. But I do not want this, I do not want to be alone again. To be lonely again. This is scary. It is sad.
Yes, I figured that in order to fly to you without your financial assistance, I myself need more than 8 months. About a year. Given that I will not spend much on myself. And to save most of the money, it is possible 10-11 months. And you know, I’ve already considered the option of taking money from a bank, or from friends. But the fact is that I can fly away to you and not return! It really prevents me from doing this. Well, and from whom will I borrow money if many do not even have savings.
I really thought that someone could lend me this so I could come to you. And you saw me. Because we both understand that MAYBE you could help me. But there is fear, there are things that make you be careful. And I do not blame. I understand you. If I were in your place, I would also have doubts. But I trusted you. And it's hard for me to say how exactly I would act if our meeting depended on me!
But I can say that we can not wait! What if you fly to me? Remember, I already talked about this. You won’t need to look for a hotel or hotel. You will live with me in my house. And we will be together. Why wait for months, and maybe even a year. When can you fly to me yourself? How do you like this idea?
Understand, I would not want to infringe on myself in food, in clothes, and work only for one meeting for 10-12 months. Knowing that you are sitting and waiting. It will not be right. Do you agree? I work for our love, and you sit at home! Sounds funny. And for this I suggest you, fly to me! I will meet you at the airport in Baku. Heydar Aliyev Intl. All you have to do is tell me your flight, and the day you arrive. And I will wait!
My dear, I do not play games, and I do not need your money. I need you. And it doesn’t matter which of us will fly to which country. The main thing is that we be together. And if I can’t do it, maybe you can. For the sake of us, our love, and our future.
I love you and will be waiting for your reply.
Letter 15
If only you could imagine how painful it was when I wrote you the last letter. Sending it to you, I was afraid ... to look at my mail again. Because I thought that was the end of our relationship. I knew that it was at that moment that I was losing the connection with you that allowed us to be happy. Yes, we were not together, but we were happy to find each other. And now we can lose each other forever. I don’t want, I can’t lose you when I just found you! I do not want to go further this life path without you!
Cold again enveloped my world. Loneliness, I began to feel his presence again. And I'm not hiding telling you that in the end my eyes were filled with tears. Pain, parting, fear. And today, until this moment, when I did not read your letter, my day was raw, gloomy, and I did not want to go anywhere! I was ready to "lock myself" from this world, and stay alone.
It is difficult to describe or convey in words. To know that you are, to love, but at the same time to understand that I can not kiss you. I can not snuggle up to you, hug tightly, hear your heartbeat! Truly hear his heartbeat, not imagine it in your head. Live in your words, believe, dream, wait. Hope, and most importantly love ... love for real!
And now, reading your letter, reading your words, I understand that we can be together. And there is a chance that all my dreams, all our dreams with you, will become real. And I believe that you are ready to do it. More precisely, I want to believe that you are ready to be with me. Ready to believe, trust, love, and be near. Spend our time together, enjoying every moment, every moment.
But should I ask you again? Are you definitely ready? Because if you send and trust me with your money, there will be no way for me to come back to you. You have to meet me at the airport. You have to kiss me! And I hope you are ready for this. In any case, I give you the choice to make a decision. It all depends on you.
Understand, I do not want to force you to something, or to beg for something from you. Your desire and desire to help me allows me to understand how much you trust me. How much you love me and want to be with me. How much you are afraid of losing me. And from these thoughts, I am even more valuable to our relationship with you.
So that I can make a trip to you, I need 1013 usd. I have not a lot of savings that I am ready to use for our sake and our meeting. And despite the fact that many are still afraid of the Covid virus. I can fly to you. But I will need 3 weeks to prepare, and prepare, pay all the necessary documents in order to destroy the distance between us. And be together. I am ready to begin this path to our meeting. But you yourself understand that I can only move when you can send me money. One step, and you and I are together forever. Honey, our fate is in your hands. Now I will finish my letter, and yes, I smile. Because I understand that you really give me a new life. You give me hope. You give me the love that warms my heart and makes me happy.
I love you, and I will wait for your letter.
Letter 16
Gilbert I made you understand that I can be with you in the near future. And believe me, I want and dream about this meeting. But I also made it clear to you that I can only do this if you are ready yourself! And he’s ready to help me make our meeting real. 2-3 weeks, and I will be with you. But for this you have to think and decide whether you can send me money so that I can make our dreams come true or not! Now this is important, because it is precisely this that does not allow me to take this step towards our meeting. And if you are ready, if you believe me, then believe me, I will do everything to be with you as soon as possible.
Everything is only in your hands! And you manage our meeting. For myself, I have long decided that I want to be with you. Because I love you!
Letter 17
My dear Gilbert. I made a decision not long ago, when I realized that I want to be with you. And when I can be with you, that's another question. I really would like to “click” my finger and be there at the same moment. But I can’t do it. In any case, in order to fly to you I need to make documents. But this is not so difficult, because the problem is based on the fact that I do not have enough money to make this dream real. When do I need your help? I even find it difficult to answer. If you are ready to send me money, and you will do it now, it means that as soon as I receive your money, I will immediately begin to do whatever is necessary to fly to you. And it is up to you.
Relatively "around the bush." Honey, do you think it's so easy to take and ask you for money? It is very difficult for me. I never asked for money. And I’m not very comfortable talking about it. But I understood that if you did not help me with money, I could not be with you now. And I had to tell you. Yes, I need your financial help. And I really hope that you will help me with this.
Letter 18
My dear Gilbert, I understood everything. And you know, I like the way you express your thoughts. I’ll say more, it’s me .... Turns on. You are so domineering. Why do I like it?
Good! In order for me to fly to you, I already said that I need 1013 usd. This amount includes documents, insurance, certificates, and tickets.
You can send money to me in my bank account, which I will give you. I also ask you, if you send me the money, to give me a copy of the transfer, so that I can have it in case of problems when receiving your money.
As soon as I receive them, I will inform you, and begin immediately to do all the necessary documents. As I wrote to you, I will need 2-3 weeks to prepare everything, and have everything in order to fly to you.
Now it all depends on you!
Here is my bank account.
Name of financial institution - Expressbank OJSC
Corr. Acc 70-55.084.305
The physical address of the financial institution is - Baku, Azerbaijan, st. Bakhtiyar Wahabzadeh, 7
Recipient Name - Ekaterina Borisovna Andreeva
IBAN - AZ92AZEN 4102 0491 3548 4010 3001.
Recipient's civil address Azerbaijan, Şəki village, Mammad Amin Rasulzade street 14 - 2, AZ5500 I love you.
Letter 19
My love Gilbert. Believe me, I like your straightforwardness. And really like the way you express your thoughts. You know what you want, thereby you ask others to speak with you “directly”, not to walk “around the bush”. And I try to do it. You know, I'm open to you.
I realized that now there are new rules in your bank. And of course I and you will be much better if I give a copy of my passport! Your bank will see that I'm real, and can check it.
Today is Sunday. And I came to work for you and your letter. Therefore, I will not write much. I just wish you a good day off. I hug you tight, kiss you gently, and miss you.
I want you to know that!
I love you.
Letter 20
I don't think it makes sense to write a lot. Because I'm not even sure what you will answer me. And yet, I will try my fate, and I wrote you a letter. Whether I see your answer or not, I think I will soon find out about it. My name is Katya. I am 41 years old. I am not married and have no children. I want to find myself a normal man for friendship and family creation. I'm not looking for a quick romance, and I'm not looking for someone who is immoral. Again, I am looking for a normal man who is not preoccupied and who can talk to me about everything. And not only about carnal pleasures. I will send a photo and I will wait for yours. And I want to note that if you are married, or want to talk only about ***, or ask for my *****, candid photos. Then don't even waste your time to write to me. This way we will both save our time and look for those that are really worthy of our attention. Respectfully! Have a nice day.
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