Scam letter(s) from Elena Skripnik to Warren (Sweden)


How are you? The Blondie Imp greets you and thanks you for the interest:-)) I am very happy that you contacted me. You see, I am Ann, a girl from Ukraine, I am a **** Blondie and I hope that you aren't afraid of Blondies:-)) I know that there is a myth that Blondies are rather hidebound, but I am going to destroy that myth!!! I will prove you the other truth and I am sure that you won't regret of knowing such an Imp and we together will proud of knowing each other!!! In order to get to know each other, we need to exchange some letters, so - you are free and welcome to write me. I wait for your reply!!! Ann-Imp. Please, write me to
Letter 2

Warren, Imp says hi to you! I hope there in that distant country everything goes alright. I am glad that you mentioned me and laid a bit of your attention on the simple Ukrainian Blondie:-)) Dear, thank you very much for the photos. I like them very much! Honey, tell me please, what are the pictures on the wall, they seem very interesting... But as I promised, I am going to destroy the myth of Blondies being hidebound and I begin!!! As you know, my name is Anna, Ann and I am 26. My birthday is on the 17th of May, 1980. I am a Taurus - a purposeful person, who know what she wants and also knows how to reach this, because of this I am sure that this my undertaking of finding my man will be successful. I am originally from Krasnodon, but as I studied in Lugansk and now work here, I also rent a flat here. I graduated from the University of Catering and got the diploma with the excellent results! Who can say after this that Blondies are narrow-minded?! Now I work at the confectionery as a pastry-cook as well, so be sure that I am VERY sweet and tasty girl:-))) I rent a flat and I live with my mother. She doesn't work, because she can't because of her state of health and I must support our small family alone. Unfortunately, we even don't have telephone there. Being a purposeful person, I know for sure what I want from this correspondence. But at the same time, my goals are very much alike to the goals of all the girls and young women - to have a good family, to be near to a good man. Good man, who will accept me as I am, blond or brunette, merry or sad, Imp or Angel and in return I will be for him everything.... everything means Imp and Angel, passionate and tender, loving and obstinate... just what he wants at the moment.... Oh, I also must tell you from the very beginning that to my shame I don't know English. I go to the firm to correspond with you and they translate our letters. It is not a marriage agency. I have heard a lot of unpleasant facts about marriage agencies and that's why I decide not to use their help. Uhhh, I will stop here, because destroying the myth of Blondies being hidebound, I now have an opportunity make another - that they are too talkative:-)) I wait for your reply and hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely,
Ann Angel/Imp:-)
Letter 3

Hello my friend Warren. I am glad that after reading my letter you didn't loose the interest and wrote me back. It is very nice that I didn't scare you:-))) Honey, your story is wonderful, it is my dream and I am happy that we have the same dream, so we can share this happiness together? Honey, who knows, may be this is a great beginning of a wonderful love story? :) Thanks for telling me about yourself, knowing you is very interesting for me and maybe I still don't know you very well, but I like you and I like our correspondence even through the translation. I hope that I destroyed that awful myth:-)) and now we can continue our correspondence. If you want me to destroy something else, just ask and I will do this:-))) There is nothing impossible for your Blondie Imp:-))) But.... you see, I am very much tired of my way of life - wake up in the morning, go to work, return back home, go to bed and the same repeats the next day... Moreover my loneliness kills me and I am really tired to be alone. Now I totally understand that even in the modern world which is made of steel and money it is impossible to live without human feelings. Nothing can't be put higher than the eternal things - love, friendship and high human aspirations.... Do you agree with me? I dream of another life, life which will be full of feelings, life which you won't want to be changed forever, life where will be true love, where the person who is near me will accept all the feelings I have. I also need person who will accept me as I am and whom I will love not for anything, just for who he is, nothing more. Are you ready for this? As I told you before, I am very purposeful and I am going to reach my goals. Will you help me in this? So, I am already waiting for your reply. I also send you another photo. Hope you will also like it. Your Blondie Ann.
Letter 4

Hello dear Warren How are you today? Thank you for your letter. Your letter is so bright, as always, and so nice :) Yes, you are right that all the VT shows are not good that make a prostitutes from ladies, and everybody think that it is good... I don't think show, and I am very happy that you have the same point of view... I am always glad when you write me. So every day you write me, I'm meeting you with a smile and a good mood. My heart jumps and the Imp turns to Angel:-))) You see, my dear, I want to be with my beloved, with you... to live a happy life with my the only beloved. I'm waiting for this time with such an impatience. I already try to imagine us together.... I see us living in one home and take care about each other. I'm waiting you returning from work every day. Of course, during your absence I'm cleaning the house and cooking the dishes, I also do it after my work. I know my dear that when we are together, I'll always have a good mood. All the weekends we'll spend together. We'll go somewhere to walk, and when the weather is bad, we'll stay at home, and I'm absolutely sure we'll find what to do together...:-)) I wonder, what do you think about this, do you want to lead such a way of life? If so, everything is in our own powers and we can make everything we dream about to come true. As usual I will wait for your reply and hope that in spite your being busy you will find some time to answer me pretty soon. Take care. Waiting for Love,
Blondie Imp.
Letter 5

Dear Mr. Warren We inform you that the Lady you were corresponding with, Anna, was the client of our firm and she used our services - Internet access, translation of your correspondence (as she doesn't know English), printing/typing the letters. At the moment she can't reply your letter, because of some financial difficulties in her family she can't pay for our service. If you are interested in the quick continuation of your correspondence and relations and becoming our client yourself, we can send you all information about our firm with all the necessary details.
All the staff of our company wait for future cooperation. Yours Faithfully,
translation department
of "Karoline Company"
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