Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Rene (Spain)

Letter 1
Hi Rene)) Thank you for giving me your email)) My name is Tetiana)) I am from the Dikanka town which is in Ukraine. I am 31 years old, I work as an administrator in a beauty salon. I have no bad habits)) Unless I like to laugh and sing in the shower! I have never been officially married and have no children. I hope this is not a problem for you.
I am looking for my beloved future husband. I hope it will be you.
What do you think about it?Am i too fast))?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Tell me what you are looking for and what you do in your life ... I’m very curious about you!
Letter 2
Hello Rene! I am extremely happy to receive an answer from you! Yes i understand that age difference exist. But i not looking for a boy .I need a real man in my life! Honestly, I'm a little nervous because I have no experience representing myself)) I probably should say that I am the best woman in the world)) Maybe this is not so though ... In any case, I just wanted to say that I am an open, romantic girl with a sense of humor and a heightened sense of justice. I like to laugh a lot. I don’t perceive lies in any way. For the mayor, I’ll tell you a story about my ex. While fishing, he found a rubber boat, the boat just washed ashore. After waiting about an hour, he simply blew away the boat and hid it in his car. After a couple of hours, the owner of the boat came to drink, but my ex said that he did not see the loss. Moreover, he considers himself a very correct honest person. I don’t recognize this. I hope I did not shock you))
I work in a beauty salon as an administrator)) My job is working with people! I am very sociable)) I love coffee - comedy - animals and good perfumes! My favorite flowers are peonies and my favorite color is lilac and green. I guess I'm a little strange - but which of us is normal ?!
In any case, I really look forward to hearing from you! I really liked you)) I'm curious about everything about you! Will you tell me about your family? What do you like to eat? Your hobbies? But most of all I’m interested in what you don’t like)) Is there anything that makes you mature in a relationship?
Waiting for your answer!
Letter 3
Hello Rene! How are you today? Oh)) I'm really glad to see the news from you! I was afraid that you would think that I was a snob! Actually, I’m not a snob at all. I love and lovingly do everything new! I love to cook new dishes and even buy pizza sometimes! And such an evening was yesterday)) My sister was visiting and took funny photos)) very friendly with my sister)) Do you want a piece of pizza? Ah)) I guess i feel throw the distance that it is your favorite food!I am not a greedy woman and will gladly share pizza and good construction with you. Why not share a glass of something with an interesting man. You know, I'm so happy to talk to you! My sister noticed small changes in my behavior. She saw that I was interested in a man)) She has the nickname Irina KGB since she was 13. In general, I had to give up and tell her about you)) I hope that you are against it)) Yes, she will survive and enjoy at the same time. He worries because my previous relationship was very painful for me. I had a not true and very cruel ex. But I am glad that all this has finally ended and now I can be open to new acquaintances and new relationships. So I'm in a romantic thrill when I open mail from you! I hope this is mutual! You know, I like your temperament and your positive)) I'm curious about everything about you! Thanks for your openness. You really make my day brighter!
I'm waiting for news from you!
Your Tetiana
Letter 4
Hello my dear Rene! You know today I wake up with a thought of you))I think what my dear Rene doing? Does he smiling and the sun bunny tickling his face? I hope so))) You know I hope I make you smile))
Here is nice and sunny day))) The birds is singing and the easy wind is blowing in my hair))All this make me smile)) But the biggest reason of my wonderful mood is you)) You know the all colleges and clients in beauty salon noticed that I am extremely happy. Something happens to me they say. I didn't want to say them the real reason ( I am afraid to jinx it) but I feel like they are right)) I just cant stop smiling! Every note from you makes me so happy! I am so glad I meet you! I honestly cant to express it with words. I want to know you more and more! I want to give you my phone number, it is +380953738755)) I want to hear your voice! I must watn you that my English isnt perfect. i just curious how you do sound like)))
You know I image your life , everything you said about you there seems to me so close to my heart. I know we are from different worlds and we have so much differences in traditions and culture, but in a same time I feel like we have so much in common! You know, I just cant stop think about it)) You amaze me. I feel like you have so much inside , all that things that I was looking for))) I want to discover you more and more))) What is your plan for today? What kind of music is your favorite? I want to know all things you like)) I need to come back to work now))! But I keep my thoughts with you.
I wait for your respond with big big excitement!
Hugs and kisses for
Letter 5
Hello my dear Rene! How are you today? What is the weather there? How much sun and joy? I hope that yes! You know that your letters make me so happy that it seems to me that even the happiest day will be super joyful, rainbow and warm everywhere)) You influenced me very much)) I am grateful that I finally met such a special person)) I like your outlook on life)))) I’m running to my email)) I want to see more and more news from you! You bring joy to my life! This is a lot of work here, sometimes stress. When the clients in the beauty salon are not very satisfied. I have to admit, I don’t know how to swear. I don’t know how to scream - yell and get angry)) so I’m not the best administrator))) After work I’ll go to the pool)) It relieves stress for me! Do you like to swim? I really like to shoot stress in the water)) How do you like to spend the weekend? Interesting about you! Tell me if this is too many questions! I know that sometimes I can get bored with these questions))
Oh. I have to work now)) But mentally I'm already waiting for your letter!
Hug you my dear Rene
Letter 6
Hello my dear Rene! I am very glad to see the answer from you! A bit strange thjat you mentioned all this romantic things . Seems like we been together and broke up))i guess i just mistaken with my translation. you bring such romantic notes to my life! I do not feel not alone)) This morning I woke up with the thought that I was no longer alone! My dear Rene for thousands of kilometers but still with you)) I would really like to meet you on the way to work or on the bus. What do you think? Would you come to say hello first if you met on the street? Ah)) My dreams take me far)) But it would be great to be in your company right now, like a wave of a magic wand. You know, I met a girlfriend this morning. I was at my girlfriend’s wedding ceremony this summer in Crimea. She went to live in Turkey. HER husband got a job there so it was a big surprise. She returned to get some documents here for just a couple of days. She married a guy who was in the army, and they were separated for one and a half years, since he was wounded in a dombas. But I am proud of their love. She is a very beautiful bride. But actually, I think this is too much for a wedding. How would you present your perfect wedding? I would like a small wedding and a minimum of people. It can only be near the lake)) What do you think? I am interested to know your opinion. I'm so interested in you so much!
I have to run, but I look forward to your next letter!
Letter 7
Good morning. or Good evening? I just don.t know what time it is when you read my email. I hope that my message finds you well.
I also hope you were not busy when you got my email. I promise not to waste your time.)) If you feel lonely like me now, I am sure you will like my email.
I am writing to you coz I think looking for a serious relationship. So do I. Let me introduce myself! My name is Aleksandra! I am 28. I am from Russia.
I live in Nizhnekamsk, old but beautiful city. I hope you are not afraid of communicating with woman thousanhd miles away from you. I think that the distance for those who truly want to be together does not play so big role !!
So I am here and looking for a man. I am not a good user of computer and had never talked through the Internet before, but I read a lot about it in various newspapers and magazines.
There are so many stories about Russian girls who did find their happiness thanks to the Internet. To tell the truth I am a little bit shy. I always were a shy girl.
Today is the day when I decided to write a man first. And I used to think that a man but not a woman should take the first step in the relationship.
But this morning I woke up with the thoughts that it would be ****** to wait for a gift from fate. Sometimes you need to take your own destiny in your own hands and arrange your own happiness.
Do you agree with me?? So, as you understand, I am a resolute and purposeful woman. My friends find me kind, cheerful and cute, but I do not want to impose their opinion on you.
I want you have your own opinion about me and my character. I think it is fair, isn.t it? Of course, it will be difficult for you to understand who I am just reading this email.
But you will definitely know me better if you don.t disregard my email today. I also attached my picture to this email so you can see how I look. I hope you will like me.
Looking forward to your reply Aleksandra
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