Scam letter(s) from Julia Kostyleva to Jim (USA) Part 1

Letter 1
Hello-hello Jim! I am very happy to receive your letter! I like to find new friends.I believe that one of my friends can become my future beloved.
Thank you very much for your answer. Now I see that you are interested in communication with me.
Now I wish to tell you a little bit about me and my life.I was born in Russian Federation, where most of all men are heavy-drinkers.But now I live and work in Toronto, Canada for 5 months. I am 30 years old. I was born on the 2nd March 1985.
I am tired to be lonely. Do you know this feeling? I want to create a good family with a right man.I have a mother and sister who live in Russia,in Saint Petersburg. I miss them so much and therefore I call them very often to Russia.
I came to Toronto to get a good education and to earn some money.I work as a nurse in Nursing Home. I am a young and full of energy and desire to make all my wishes comes true.
But most of all I dream to find my true love. I want to give to my future man all my love and energy. I love animals, kids, music and dances.
In a man I respect nobility, kindness and responsibility.I am romantic and sincere girl, I hate lie and games with human's feelings.
I know what I am talking about, cause I know how it hurts when very important person lie to you. I want to meet a man, who will respect me and my feelings and take care of me. I am ready to have a long-term relations. I am nice, kind and cheerful girl.
So I think it is enough for the first message,if you are interested in me, I will wait for your answer soon! Don`t forget to send me your photos!!
Letter 2
Good evening Jim !!!
I'm so glad to receive a new letter from you!
It's like a wonderful gift for me! It raised my mood very much!
I want to see your emails as often as possible, because I am so much interested in our correspondence!
By your letters, I feel that you are very smart and a good person, let me make a compliment for you!
I feel that we have many common thoughts and feelings, and I'm sure that if we meet in the future, we will have a lot to talk about! Do you feel it too?
I would like to know more about you and feel your openness. Please do not stop writing to me!
I want to see new messages from you very much.
Perhaps fate has given us a chance, and we should not miss it?
I would like to tell you something. Probably you will be amazed.
But I did not have any relationship with a man for about a year. My previous relationship did really hurt me. I was disappointed.
That's why I was not ready for any relationship. I was just afraid to try to start a new relationship. Do you understand me?
I know that it is very painful when your loved one is cheating on you. Did you feel such pain? That's why I'm afraid to make a mistake again.
I want to trust you, Jim. I do not want to have secrets between us.
Please promise me one thing ...
If we have something serious in the future, you'll never lie to me!
I have not much time for dating men in real life, so Svetlana registered me on several dating sites. I was not interested in online dating and did not use my account for about a week, but then I found out that my box is locked and I had access to only three days later. I found your letter in my spam box. And I was very glad that I interest you.
I think communication with you is a very good result of online dating. What do you think, Jim?
I am very grateful to my friend Svetlana for that.
We have never met in reality, so it is very important to share our thoughts in the letters. What are your future plans?
What is an ideal family for you? What does love mean to you?
Please answer my questions because the answers will tell me a lot about you! I say good-bye now, and I send you my picture! I look forward to the next letter !!
your Julia
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jim. I thank you for the new letter. You are responsible man, and I like it. My biggest dream to meet a man who will be romantic and affectionate with me. Then I'm sure that I can be a happy woman with such a man. Main thing for our relationship now communicate with each other more. And then we will understand later (I believe it) that we need each other and are due to meet in reality. Am I right? I like our correspondence because I feel and see in our letters our great similarity. Our wounded souls do not seem right? What do you think about this? I thank you for the honesty and full disclosure in the letters. I'm sure it's the key to success for our correspondence. You told some of the secrets of your personal opinions and character. I appreciate it very much! I think sometimes so your weary heart and lonely soul I write these letters. :) Just really lonely soul can write such a romantic thought and speech. The soul that knows it's happiness and true love. I can say one thing. Blind women live in your town because they do not see a good honest man who can give love and happiness for them. So I'll catch this chance given to me by fate. I want to know you more. I hope that the star of happiness will rise in our sky in the future soon. I really believe that. Remember that I believe you are now very much. Please appreciate that. And please, do not lose your best qualities of character! Your romantic and sincerity are very important to our relationship. Do not waste it on empty women. Remember this! Tom Sawyer very good name well-known!!!!
I want to tell you about my day today. I woke up, washed, brushed my teeth, eat breakfast. In general everything is as usual, everything like everyone else. After that I went to my work. The work was normal today (cleaning drip injections, etc.). I wanted to take a walk after my work and went to the house on foot. I went to Thornlodge Park. I walked and saw a pair of kissing people who "shines" with happiness and pleasure there. The entire park was glowing with happiness and love. And I thought about myself and about my loneliness. I stopped and looked around. There were some people who were sitting on benches with sad faces, I met with the unfortunate passers-expression. I thought, as I have, I have also a sad expression on his face, bad mood, and that I have written on his face that I was lonely girl. And I am sad by this. So I promised myself that I would be there to find the right man this year! The man with whom I will visit this park. The man with whom I will kiss and I will not see other people around us.
You understand that I'm a romantic woman. I believe in true relationship full of love. So I like to dream a lot. I have many fantasies. And I'll tell you about one of these fantasies now. Crystal clear sea. White sand. Scarlet sunset. Me and my man running along the shore of the beach, feet in the water up to his knees. We sprinkles water on each other. A light breeze plays in our hair. Splashes of water scatter in different directions. We are running to meet the sunset. We understand at this point that this is true happiness! Do you like this fantasy? I want to tell you something else. I like active rest. I like to fish, gather mushrooms and berries. This unity with nature, with the surrounding reality you because it is so beautiful. Is not it? What do you think about this? As it is fine cook on the fire or coals freshly caught fish. The fish that you caught yourself, which recently floated in the river. The taste of this fish doubly delicious, even tastier than the best restaurant. What do you think about this? I like to go to the forest for a picnic and spend my free time on nature. I like everything associated with nature, with a fresh and clean air. I hope you understand me. Do you like active rest? Do you like fishing or hunting?
I finish my new letter. And remember that I was very important to our fellowship. I forget about my solitude when I get your letters. Answer the questions my new please. Do you like to dream? Why are you looking for a lady to Internet? I hope that you answer these questions. I look forward to your new letter soon. Send my new photos for you. Julia
Letter 4
Hello Jim. I want to apologize for the late reply. I had problems with the internet. I myself was very worried that not writing these days. I hope you will not take offense at me. I am glad to see your new letter again. Your letters show me that I can find my happiness. I thank you for that. I am interested to read your new messages and learn about you something new. Believe that you are interested in me too. And I like our relationship in the letters. I believe that my loneliness will end soon if we keep our relations in the right direction. Jim answer for questions please. You are alone and want to make the girl you loved greatly and sincerely? Are you looking for a girl who will love you as a man is not it? You have a situation and feeling that I will tell you now? You look into the eyes of your girl. Do you think at this moment only one. Moments that endure forever. And those eyes that your girl would be looking for you affectionately and sincerely after ten twenty and fifty years of your life together? You had such situations and feelings that bring such a situation? I think you understand my thoughts and be able to answer these questions honestly for me. I thank you that you give hope and opportunity to our future.
And I promise you that I will catch this chance. ;) I hope you'll remember me and our relationship will develop further. I understand that you are now well very romantic. I am very romantic too. And I like it. So I ask you to be romantic man in the future. Please promise me that. And I'll tell you what I feel and think about the relationship (a very important thing). Interest (some spark for a large fire) to each other should be at the beginning of the relationship appeared to love between two people. And I have a spark for you. I believe that this spark could ignite a fire for us once. I sent my first letter to you because my heart told me to make the attempt. And I realize now that I think about you a lot. I care about our relationship now a lot because I believe the best for our relationship. And I hope that you believe in it, too. Many men want some relationships from me. But I finished communicating with the air of men now because these men are looking for just ***. They did not have serious intentions for me. These men did not understand what I'm looking for a serious man. A man who will respect understand and love me. So I now lonely girl who believes to be desired. I when I didn't swim on canoe earlier. I think it interestingly and I would like to try in the future. you ask in what part of Toronto I live. I live in the suburb of Mississauga. I'll tell you about my day yesterday, a little bit. I want you to know about my daily life more. I worked a little bit yesterday because my boss allowed me to have a rest yesterday. He sees that I'm working and trying to get a lot of money.
My boss is very kind man 85 years. After my work, I called my friend Svetlana, and offered to go for a walk. We visited the cafe after the park and drank one cup of coffee. We sat and talked about men in this cafe. I told Svetlana about you and our relationship. She was glad sincerely. But she asked me not to rush to my choice of men. I have to get to know you better to understand you completely. So I think she's right. We need to have some time for our relationship yet so that we can understand and get to know each other better. So I ask you not to rush me to my decision. I'll make my decision at the right time. Do you agree with me? I think you can understand me. We went home after the cafe and did a full clean apartment Svetlana. I live in an apartment Svetlana if you remember. And I sat down at the computer and write to you my new letter. I end my letter. I ask you to respond to my new questions. You feel lonely much? Do you believe for love at first sight? Do you think about getting married in the future? Forgive me for such personal questions but I want to know it. I send you my new photo . And I look forward to your new photos and letters. Julia P.S. I will call you when I know you better.
Letter 5
Hello my dear and lonely Jim. I'm glad your letter always. And you know it well, my dear friend. So I thank you for this joy that you give me your letters. Your letters are necessary for me! I realized this in recent days. My day is dreary and sad if I do not see your new e-mail in the morning. Your letters are important to me as water or food. Your letters is balm for my heart and soul! Therefore, know that you are special to me. I hope that my affection for you will continue to grow and grow one day into something great good and happy. I hope that we will develop our relations. You have to help me in this. ;) And time will place in which these relations will lead us. And maybe I'll be the only woman of the day for you with which you'll want to build happiness. And maybe you'll be the only man for me that I would want to wake up to each morning. I thank you for having responded to my questions. I understand your thoughts well because I'm lonely too, just like you Jim. I'm worried because of my loneliness so. I dream of a time when I have a man next to her lover and always wake up every morning to such words. "Wake up, my dear. I love you." My eyes water when I think about it. It's really hard for me. I can not understand the reasons which do not allow for me to find the right man. Why did I meet men think only about *** and material well-being? Perhaps the fate of such tests prepared specially for me that I really chose the right man in the future? I do not know ... I have lived for 30 years. I am a young and beautiful girl is not ******. But I do not have this most important men in my life now. The man who will support and cheer me in difficult times ever. The man with whom I will feel light and love in my heart. I smile and feel happy when I see your new letter. Your letter shows me that I'm important to someone and someone wants to love me and get my love possible. And it lifts me up from my knees (figuratively). I'll be very honest now! I hope that you will be the most important this man who will love and respect me. I feel that the fate bound us specifically. The fate wants me and you helped each other find our happiness. What do you think about this Jim? Am I right? I like this country. And I would like to construct the life here! yes I here on a working visa am the last a floor of year. I not absolutely understood that it is Jays or Leafs?
I end my letter. And I want to see in your next letter answers to my new questions. What qualities of character should have a girl that you love? You can do something crazy to make a surprise for your beloved girl? You do such crazy things to your ex-lovers girls? And what are these crazy things if you did this in the past? Tell us about your city, culture and nature in your next letter. I look forward to your next letter and new photos. And I'm sending my new photo.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jim. I am glad to see your new letter. I thank you for understanding me in my last letter. It is very necessary for me. I tried to explain to you in my last letter the following. My family and friends will remember and care about me at all times. But they can not replace the love of a man for me. All my close friends can not replace me of my beloved man! So I'm trying to fix it and I hope to find my true love. Maybe it's you my dear Jim? I want to find my man is real.
My man who will protect and support me in difficult situations always.
My man who will wake me with kisses and hugs. My man that will run easily in a flower shop and buy me a small bouquet of roses when he woke up before me. My man who will live only for me. And this feeling is mutual. I'll tell you something very honest now. I hope that I can find in you my man. I like our relationship. I like to write to you and receiving your tender letters. I guess I'm surprised you these words? I thank you very much that you are helping me forget about loneliness. I hope that my man is you. I see you and your character are the qualities that I want in MY MAN. I did not frighten you my frank admission? Forgive me for this if this is the case. But please understand that I can not hide from you my sympathy. And remember, we promised each other to be honest in our communication. Therefore know this my dear friend. I used to think that finding love with the help of virtual communication is not possible. But I look at our fellowship and sympathy to each other now and understand what it feels like love can happen here. Love is a very powerful feeling that has a lot of opportunities and effort. The fate found us and brought together. Fate gave us a chance to find happiness in each other. Therefore, we must not miss this chance of fate. And we must develop our relations now.
You think so? I have a working visa which I can prolong as required. I think you understand me. I began to trust you a lot in the last days of our correspondence. So I want to tell you my one big secret. I think that you will appreciate this act correctly. Remember that we promised to be honest with each other. I wrote to you before that I do not have a boyfriend now. And I did not have a boyfriend in Russia for a long time. But I'm in the big search my man now. So I want to explain to you the reasons for all this. I had a close relationship with a man from Alberta about 2 years ago. His name is John. He is the only man who never deceived me. We loved each other very much and believe that we will be together forever. John visited Russia many times. We wanted to get married. We got to know each other through my friend Svetlana. It happened so. Svetlana with her ex-husband visited Russia. John was a friend of her ex-husband. And he came to Russia with them and see for Russian tourism. We saw each other and enjoyed immediately. Our relations have developed very quickly then. And we loved each other. We thought that our happiness will be eternal but everything happened differently. John flew back to Canada after a month's stay in Russia with me. And he went there on a business trip in Ottawa and had a car accident. John was killed in a car crash. It was a very big hit and a disaster for me. I experienced this loss is difficult and could not look for other men during the long 6 months. I found a Russian man after these 6 months of my great sorrow. I tried to forget about John. This Russian guy saying much he loves me. I learned later that the Russian man was cheating on me with other women. It was a shock for me. But I did not feel love for this Russian guy. And I made an important decision for myself then I will not start a relationship with Russian men ever. Russian men deceived me a lot in my life. And I do not want to feel pain in my heart and my soul again.
I did not have relations with men after that break up these days (about one year). My friend Svetlana called me in one day and invited Russia to build my life here in Canada. So I decided to go to Canada after a conversation with my friend. I remembered John that he alone of all my men did not deceive me, ever. But he was the best of them all. So I think now that Canadian men are more Russian men. They are decent and gentle as was John. I think that you understand the main reason for my visit to Canada now. And the reason I started doing amplified search men here in Canada, my dear Jim. I hope that you will appreciate my revelation correctly and understand me. I trust you very much. Please remember this always. I hope that this is my sincere confession will help to develop our relationship better. Understand that this is a very personal thoughts about which you can tell only the closest people. Therefore you now that you Jim closest person to me now. And I hope that it is mutual, is not it? I end my letter and look forward to your new e-mail soon. Julia P.S. thanks for a photo of kitchen, quite well!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jim. I am glad to get your warm and tender letter. I do not know in what way I can thank you enough for this. ;) Your letters help me feel my importance to you. I thank you for that again. You are very romantic man. So you can appreciate the true feelings and serious relationship. I can see it in your letters. I like that the quality of your character. I am jealous of the woman that you'll love. Because you can make your beloved happy girl. I'm sure of it. I want to fall in love with such a beautiful and romantic man like you. ;) A man who is ready to give himself to love. A man who will protect and grow their love. The man who will breathe one breath with his beloved girl.
And I'll be honest. I like to see you in such a man. I do not believe that sometimes you real. But I get your new letter and I understand that you live in this world and really interested in me. I am attached to our correspondence and relations very much. I am happy that your letter greets me every morning when I open my email and every night when I come home from work. I'm used to you very much. You are my best friend. My native people. So I'm afraid of losing you and our relationship. Excuse me for the next request Jim. But I want to ask you about this because I want to continue to develop our relations.
Please promise me the following. 1) You will not lie to me. 2) You will not suddenly disappear if something is not like you in me. 3) You let me know at once all that you may not like me. Can you promise me that? Understand that I want honest relationships built on mutual trust. I'm tired of men's lies. Please understand me. My life beat me a lot when I was with men. And promised me that if I'm important to you. I do not want to lose you because my female intuition and my heart tells me a lot of good for our relationship. ;) I think I might love you ... :) And I am happy that the feeling is mutual. I think that we need only meeting in reality ...It is a pity that you had an unsuccessful experience and you were deceived. I understand on the Internet a lot of deception and lie. Also it is necessary to be careful. But I am the honest and sincere girl. And time will help you to be convinced of it. It isn't pleasant to me when I am compared to other girls. I differ in many respects. I will tell you now about one interesting fact that has happened to me at night today. I had a dream the night now that I see you Jim. This dream was so. I go on one of the streets of a city. I walk in the beautiful black skin-tight dress with high heels. And I feel that the man goes back and looks at me. I turn back and see you. You catch my eye and tell me in Russian: "Girl stop please!" And I stop and I wake up from my big surprise. I was surprised to see you very much in my sleep. I have not seen you in a reality sooner. But I can say now that I saw you in my dream a reality. And you were attractive man there. :) So know that you have some space in my subconscious now. And it tells me a lot. ;) I finish my new letter. And I hope that you are a free man now. And you will not find another woman to replace me there ?;) Please answer to my new questions in your next letter. You loved a woman sincerely before?
Tell us more about it if you loved before. What are some things you can not forgive your lover girl? I look forward to your new e-mail!
You are important to me !!! Please remember this. I'm starting to miss you ... Your Julia P.S. My favourite roses it is white!
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jim. I can write my letter to you today because I thought everything in our relationship and make a decision. I have a lot of emotion after yesterday's call you. I was very glad to hear your voice. I give you my number is 19055814057. You can call me at 6 -7 pm . At this time I'm home after work. I didn't write you yesterday . I needed time to think about everything that comes to you and our communication. Something kindled in my heart, when I woke up today.
And I realized my feelings for you. Our sympathies are growing every day and it comes to some good results once. ;) I thank you for the answers to my questions from my last long letter. I asked you about this personal because I feel you near and dear man. And I'm glad that you have answered these questions. You showed me once again that you trust me and I am a special woman for you. I will support you and say that cheating is an action that can make the biggest pain in the relationship of people in love. Therefore, it's just very difficult for me. And I am very glad that we understand it the same way. I am sure that we will not do such actions if we love one another. We know that a lot of pain and do not want a repeat of that. My gentle Jim I want to tell you now about my feelings for you. I want to tell you that I think up and decided that day. Please take all this seriously because it is very important to me. I want to tell you about it now. I love you Jim. I'm surprised you? Believe me it is not a dream! You can pinch your hand and you can understand that it is a reality. :) Please forgive me for this recognition for you. But I promise you to be honest with you. So I say this to you. Understand that I realized this when I remembered all the facts and listened to my heart. For example my day waiting for the moment when I can write to you was very long for me. Longing and loneliness followed me all the time. My soul ached from it. Did you feel that such "thousands of cats claws tearing your soul?" Like many things in you. I like your kind and sensitive character. I like your beautiful and brave face. I did not tell you about it before because I did not feel it. But I feel it now.
Therefore, I repeat to you again. I feel love for you in my heart! And I want to tell you some situation that happened to me recently. This situation has helped me to understand my feelings for you. It happened two days ago during my work. It was the middle of the day. I was walking down the hall in a nursing home. Two beautiful and rich woman met me in the corridor. These women are daughters of a wealthy elderly patient. They were asked to look for their mother. I said that I would look for their mother. But they heard my accent and asked me some questions about me. I told them that I was from Russia and the reasons for which I came to Canada. They told me that I was a pretty girl. So they asked me about my men. I told them about you and we met on the Internet, my dear Jim. I told them that I have not seen you in reality, but I feel a warm feeling for you. And they told a bad joke about me when they heard all about us and our relationship. Please forgive me but I will not tell you this joke. I am ashamed to tell you that. Ok? I could not continue to work after the incident. I asked to give me a day off my boss. And he did it. So I went home after that and cried all night because of it. My friend Svetlana came home in the evening and supported me. She allowed to tell her everything and gave good advice. I told her the reason for my tears and you Jim. I told her that I feel love in my heart for you. But I'm afraid to tell you about these feelings. I was afraid that you will reject my love and will not believe me. I hope that's not true. ;) Svetlana told me that I should not be ashamed of my feelings for you because my feelings are sincere. She asked me to tell you about my feelings. I have to be honest with you if I want my happiness. And I know now. I love you!
And I want to meet with you soon. Please forgive me for my insolence some. But I want to know what you feel for me? This is important for me to know. Do not get me please. I do not require a declaration of love for me. I want to know about your sincere feelings for me. I'll be glad to know any of your answer. Please do not take offense at me because of my declaration of love to you. I understand that my declaration of love sounds a bit unrealistic because we have not seen each other in reality. So I want to meet you soon in reality. We need to understand our feelings completely. Meeting in reality help us in this, is not it? So I ask you to think about the date of our meeting.
And write this date in your next letter. Ok? Please think about it !!!
I never thought before that I could love a man over the Internet. But it happened. Therefore, we must catch this chance. I end my letter.
And I ask you to understand the feelings of a lonely girl who tries to find happiness. I believe that you are my man. And answer my questions in your next letter. Your friends and family know about me and our relationship? What do they think about this? I look forward to your new e-mail and new photos. I am sending my new photo that I made especially for you. I took this photo today just for you my gentle Jim. In the photo with me rabbit named Flora. This little pet Louise.
I kiss and embrace you. Only your Julia P.S. I thank you that gave me that feeling again. It is the best gift for the last time. Jim, to me is curious why you still ask this question as I found you? Unless I didn't explain to you about it several times in one of the first letters? I think to me there were 27 years when I was with the former man. To me painfully to remember it.
I think that I will work for Thanksgiving Day. But Svetlana I think will make a traditional dinner. We in Russia have no such holiday!
Letter 9
Hello my dear Jim. I received your letter, and this is very happy.
Letter my man is happiness for me. I thank you for answering my questions. I should know this. And I'm glad that you understand it.
And please remember one thing that I will tell you now. I will not end our relationship at this stage because we have to meet in reality and make a decision about the future of our relationship. And please remember always that you are very important to me. I think every day about the day we met. I want to tell you more words. "Hi Jim! We met!
It happened!" I dream a lot about it. I am confident that this first meeting will be for me the greatest happiness and pleasure. So I want to meet you soon. I believe that happiness is waiting for us after our meeting in reality. You could get my mind heart and soul of the Internet. You can get it all in reality too. I know it! I thank you that you have understood my feelings and took my love. Understand Jim!
I'm surprised that love to you too. A man whom I had not seen in reality. I could not believe this for a long time. But I thought about it and realized it all. I love you! Remember this always. And I am happy now even more when I read your letter. I know now that you have warm feelings for me too. I thank you for these feelings. I understand that my friend Svetlana law. She told me that the Internet can help you find my man. And the Internet has helped me in this. And I forgot to tell you something. I promise you now that I have finished searching for my man tonight. I will not be seeing other men here in my town. I want to communicate with you only Jim! I'll tell you about my friend's birthday Susan who works with me nursing home. I celebrated this event together with my colleagues for the first time today. Birthday celebration Susan made in a nursing home. Director resolved to make a holiday in a nursing home today. I gave Susan beautiful lingerie. She was glad to receive such a gift. We drank champagne a little there. I drink alcoholic beverages rare. Therefore, it relaxed me quickly. We danced, sang and played there a lot. I told my colleagues about you and about our relationship, my beloved Jim.
They are happy for us. And they want us great happiness. They said that you have to protect and defend me. :) You'll do it? ;) And only women were at this festival. :) So men do not come to this festival.
:) I mentioned this because I think that you can be jealous little. I do not want you to worry about my gentle Jim. I told you all this because you have to know everything. I think so. You are a man who is important and necessary to me! Remember this always. At the celebration was a lot of fun. Tell me what you think of the photos that we did in today's birthday Susan? Do they tell you? I end my letter to you my most important man. And I ask for my answer new questions. Do you think that we can be happy together? Which scenario we first met you see? What nearest airport is close from you? I look forward to your responses to these questions soon and your new photo.
I hug and kiss you. Only your Julia P.S. I like your imaginations and I want to carry out them!
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jim . I'm glad to see to your every letter. It helps me to feel your warm feelings for me. I am happy to understand that we found each other. I believe that our feelings will be continued in reality. I feel love in my heart for you is real. So I have a lot of fantasies about us. Many fantasies come to me at night. This time of night dreams. I like to think and dream about us every night. I began to notice that you fill out all my thoughts in the evening. Thoughts of you warm my heart and my bed. I believe that we can have a happy family together. Our house will be filled with joy and happiness. I think a lot about us. For example, we are sitting on the porch of our house on a warm summer evening. Silence. We hugged each other to listen to the beating of our hearts and look at the night sky. You turn to face me and trying to say something. But I interrupt you at half the sentence because I know what you mean. I can feel it. I kiss you and say that I love you too. You hug me gently. And we continue to look at this beautiful night sky together. We are silent and enjoy this moment. Only you and I'm here. Some birds whistling in the silence of the night. We listen and look at the sky silent because everything is clear without words. Our hearts beat in unison. We are well and peacefully together. Do you like this fantasy? I think that this could happen to us soon if we will be going in the right direction in our relations. I believe in it very much. And I trust you very much. Please remember this is always my dear Jim . I want to tell you something now and ask some questions. Please think about it well.
My mom called me today from Russia. My mom was very excited for some reason. She told me that I should come to Russia urgently. I have to help my family in solving problems with our apartment in St. Petersburg. This is really important. So I'll leave for Russia in the coming days. But my trip to Russia will last no more than 10 days. So I'll go back to Canada soon. I understand that we wanted to meet in the coming days. But our meeting should be postponed for a few days.
So I want to ask you some questions. You want me to come to you in the city after my return from Russia. I can buy a ticket from St. Petersburg to your town in your city here. I'll talk to my boss tomorrow on vacation for two weeks. And I know that he will be able to give me this term holiday. So I know that I can allocate 2-3 days to arrival you. What do you think about this? Do you like this idea? We could meet in reality and spend 2-3 days together in your city. I'll take the ticket to your city if you agree with me. I think it will be fine. Me and you together 2 days. Please think about it well. I plan that I can arrive to you on October 15-16. Please think about this and give me an answer soon so I bought a ticket to you with a ticket to Russia (so buy tickets cheaper). I hope very much that you will agree with me. I end my letter. Please remember about me and my feelings for you. You are very important to me. I'll call you tomorrow so that we can discuss it all. I miss you a lot here. My kisses and hugs for you.
I am waiting for your reply soon. Your Julia P.S. This photo for you, I hope you will smile having seen this photo.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Jim. I am writing to you now my promised letter. I'm flying to Russia tomorrow. And I want to explain to you the reasons for my departure urgent home. I hope that you do not have to insult me because of this. I understand that we were waiting for our meeting and planned a lot. And the result is that our meeting is postponed .
Please understand my dear Jim that I should fly to Russia urgently. My family has a problem, and only I can help them with this problem. I will explain to you all the details about the problem when I arrive in Russia. And remember that you live in my heart now. I treasure our relationship very much. And I look forward to our meeting at the airport London 18 Oct . I give the details of the flight to Russia and back . Departing from Toronto (Lester B P ...) October 8 at 06:20, arrives in the city of Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo) on 9 October at 11:25. You have my return flight data in detail.
OUTBOUND - Sat, 17 Oct 2015 LOT LO684 14:40 LED St Petersburg Pulkovo
Departure 2h 05 15:45 WAW Warsaw Okecie Destination Connect in airport
Connection 1h
16:45 WAW Warsaw Okecie Departure 9h 10
19:55 YYZ Toronto Pearson International Destination Connect in airport
Long wait Connection 3h 35
Air Canada
Operated by Air Canada Express - Jazz
23:30 YYZ Toronto Pearson International Departure 0h 41
00:11 (+1) YXU London Destination
Arrives: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 Journey duration: 16h 31 I hope that a convenient time for you. And you wait for me there on 18 Oct . I'm going to Airport (Lester) tomorrow morning. My friend Svetlana will take back me to the airport tomorrow. I have to be at the airport at 05:00 when registration will begin. I want to make a confession that I'm afraid of flying. I dress eye mask and ear plugs insert into your ears so that I can feel better. You are afraid of flying? I ask you to forgive me once again for our postpone the meeting. Understand that I can not leave my family in trouble. So I have to fly to Russia and help them. I explain it to you because you have to know all about me and my life. You are my beloved! And you should know it all. Am I right? I will call your phone number (I'll buy a new sim card in Russia) and to write a letter when I come to Russia. My mom has a computer at home in St. Petersburg. Therefore, I can use her computer to communicate with you. Please do not waste me. I'll be back soon because we have to meet and check out our feelings. I end my letter.
Please remember your promises and about me. A girl who is bored and waiting for our meeting very much. Take care of those feelings that you have for me. I love you. Lots of kisses and hugs. Wish me luck on my flight. Your Julia p.S. I hope 18 Oct this convenient time for you. And I won't break yours to meetings on work.
Letter 12
Hello my gentle Jim. I am writing to you my new letter. I remember our last phone conversation. And this conversation on the phone with you was for me as a meeting in real life. I realized here that I miss a lot without you here. I noticed something in my behavior here. I can not fall asleep for a long time. I think of you often. And I stand by my window and see the city at night for a long time when I can not sleep. I look at the lonely night city and feel a great sadness without you here. And I realize at such moments that you really need me. Therefore, wait for my arrival soon. I look forward to this meeting very affectionate my Jim. I thank you for your very romantic and tender letters. I'm starting to feel your warm feelings for me anymore. I feel that a thin rope stretched between us. This rope binds us. Do you understand me? Do you feel it? So I ask you to store and protect this rope from anything that could break it. You promise me that? I hope you make it. but you didn't tell me your size? My mother has to know your size to connect to you a good sweater. I hope you will tell me it in the following letter. And then my mother will connect a sweater which will be suitable for you. Has to you it will be pleasant. I want to explain my problem which forced me to come to Russia urgently. I promised to tell you all this. So I'm doing it now.
The problem of my family in an apartment in which they live. I'll explain everything to you in detail now. My family (mother and sister) lives in a two-room apartment in the center of St. Petersburg. My family rented this apartment. I used to live in this apartment before my departure to Canada. We rent and live in this apartment for about 7 years. So we know the owner of the apartment very much. The owner of this apartment an the elderly person of 83 years. He's a good kind man. He's a good friend of my father. Therefore, my family and the man agreed 3 years ago that we would buy this apartment gradually. He estimated the cost of this apartment is about 160,000 usd (this cost is lower than the actual value of about 20,000 usd now). The details of this agreement are as follows. The owner reduces the cost of renting the apartment in the amount of 1/3 of the previous value of the lease. But we have to pay for it on top of rent 1500 usd per month for the gradual purchase of the apartment. We made repairs in the apartment after this contract and all the conditions for the 3 years.
We paid for the purchase of this apartment has 57,000 usd. But the owner of the apartment died 7 months ago. Therefore, his daughter received this apartment as a legacy of about 2 weeks ago. She received her law heir after 6 months from the date of the death of her father (a Russian law). My mother agreed with her that the old contract her father for us does not change. But this woman told my mom 7 days ago that we should pay her the remainder of the purchase price within 15 days. Or she will sell the apartment to another buyer if we do not give the rest of the money (103,000 usd) during this time. This woman found another buyer who wants to pay for the purchase of the apartment about 180,000 usd. And we will return the new proprietress 57,000 usd after the sale of the apartment to another buyer. We do not want to lose this apartment for a cheaper price. So we started to act immediately when we learned about all this. We have our own studio apartment in a poor district of St. Petersburg. My family gives you rent this apartment. Therefore, my mom found a buyer for a studio apartment immediately. We sell this apartment for 76,000 usd. My mom sister and I legitimate owners of this apartment. We can sell this our own apartment in St. Petersburg if I sign some papers in Russia. So I flew to Russia so quickly when I knew it all. You know this is my love? People speak in Russian so "trouble never comes alone." And now there is another problem. We sold our own apartment (76,000 usd). My mother and I could find about 20,000 usd more. Therefore, we must find within 7 days of 7000 usd more. This woman (the new owner of one-bedroom apartment) is very principled and greedy woman. Therefore, it will sell this one-bedroom apartment to another buyer if we do not give her money during these 7 days. We used all of the options for an urgent search of money. Therefore, all our days busy looking for money here. This search takes a lot of money forces and nerves for me. I'm tired very much. We can find these 7,000 usd because my mom sister and I together now. And we can accomplish anything you need to perform. I do not lose hope. I told you all this detail because you are my man.
And I think what you need to know everything about me. Do you think so, my dear Jim? I end my letter. Please remember the main thing. You are my man! I'm your girl! I believe in our future. I hug and kiss you. Your beloved Julia P.S. excuse me for this arithmetic with money again. I want you to know everything about me here in Russia. In the photo I am with my
Letter 13
Hi my Jim. Your Julia writes this letter to you. I hope my last letter did not scare you. I want us to know about each other all the information. So I told you about this problem. Please forgive me that I tell you about my problems. I miss you a lot here. I cross out each new date on my calendar with great joy. I'm waiting for the day on It happens when we met at the airport. I have big plans and fantasies for our meeting. ;) Do you know a quiet place near the river somewhere near you? We must visit this place for a picnic. Quiet location near the river where silence and no people. We need to talk and solve a lot of things these days of our meeting. I hope you understand me Jim? I have another question for you. You miss me? I want to make you feel my love for you. So I'm trying to show you my love as I can do it. My dear you do not need to worry. I will not meet with anyone but you. and the guy with whom I have had relationships in the past does not worry me. And I did not communicate with him for a long time, we are very poorly separated. I think you understand me. My dear, I want to thank you for the photo I like. And my name is Kostyleva. I love you so much . you can call me at any time. I'll be glad to hear your voice always. the best time is after lunchtime you. you can feel free to call me after dinner on his own time. I think you understand me.
I'll tell you more about my father and my city. I am sure that you want to know about it because I did not tell my father earlier in my letters. I was born and raised in the city of St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg - a young city. St. Petersburg was founded in 1703. It is the largest northern city in Europe with the number of people greater 5,000,000 people. You know the story of this city? You can read about my city in wikipedia if you have interest to do so. My childhood was happy and interesting because of the love of my parents. I was a little girl who was smiling a lot. So I loved to make small performances and competitions in our small apartment. My mom helped me to organize these performances ever. I went to school at the age of 7 years. I went to school for 10 years. I had a lot of interesting things for my high school years. My first baby love happened to me in school. My first kiss. The fight against the boys at school and more. :) My childhood was happy until the moment when my parents divorced. It happened when my age was about 19 years. It was a very strong nervous shock for me. The reason for the divorce of my parents - my father is cheating with another woman. My mother could not forgive his father and divorce him. It was an ordeal for my family. And I realized in all of this that children suffer because of quarrels parents (primarily). So I promised myself forever. My kids will not see and hear our quarrel with her future husband. My future husband and I will protect our relationship with all the bad. I will not change my husband because I chose this man and this forever. I enjoy my thoughts on future family? My father lives in the city of Vyborg now. It is 100 km from St. Petersburg to the west. It works podiatrist. He has another family now. We see our father once a year. He arrives in St. Petersburg for a couple of weeks in the summer because my father has a lot of work in the rest of the time. I hope that I can introduce you once ... My father - kind and cheerful man who can support any conversation at all times. He is a very learned man. I think that this short story explained a little more about me. I'll talk about my father and my childhood more during our meeting if you have interest to do so.
I end my letter. Please remember that I trust you a lot and you are very important to me. I think of you and wait for our meeting soon. I hug and kiss you. I look forward to your new e-mail soon. Today I love you more than yesterday, and tomorrow I will love you more than today! YOUR Julia P.S. Photos made with my sister this morning. We cooked breakfast after waking up.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Jim. I received your letter, and it was good. I miss you a lot here. The story of my childhood and my father was interesting for you in my last letter? I am showing you this that you are unique and important to me as a man. I believe that you are my man. A man who will give me a happy life in the future. Please remember this is always my dear Jim. And do not forget about our meeting! The day when our dreams are real. This idea helps me forget about my problems here.
I love you. It's amazing to me that I tell you this. But I feel like that. I can not lie and hide something. My parents gave me a raise.
Therefore, I am a little naive girl sometimes. :) And I tell people what I think and feel for them. I love you ... I hope you have a good time at the dacha. I not absolutely understand that such Blue Jay? if you explain to me I will answer you. I so love you. Thanks for your understanding and sympathy. Thanks for your story about your family. I want to know everything about you. I think at a meeting to us it will be necessary to tell a lot of things each other. Isn't it? I think to you also it wasn't easy in a family. I very much am proud of you that you grew up such beautiful person without knowing the mother. After all a family it is very important. It is healthy that you know a few history of Russia. It does you one more high quality. I have some good news today. I called my friend Svetlana today. Do you remember her? I lived in her apartment in Canada. Svetlana told the good news that happened to her. My friend Svetlana reconciled with ex-husband Darren.
She is happy now. They Louise ( her little daughter) in Thailand for rest and recovery of good relations. I called Svetlana to borrow money from her. But she told me that Svetlana and Darren can not use bank accounts now because they are in Thailand. I'm happy for her not looking at it. Svetlana deserved happiness in her life. I think that's a good sign for our relationship. Svetlana life going to get better now. And I hope that my life is going to get better now too. I really believe that. I'm going to my father (Vyborg) tomorrow morning. And I come back to St. Petersburg tomorrow. I must speak to my father that he helped us to find the money for an apartment. I did not ask him about it before because my mom did not want it. But the term of payment of money ends soon and we have to find the money. Therefore, I'm going to my father to talk about money. I hope that my father will help us to do this. I'll take my cell phone. Therefore, you can call to my mobile phone. Please forgive me once again that I tell you about my problems here. But you're my man. And I'm your girl. Therefore I tell you all this. I think you will understand me. I end my letter.
And I beg you. DO NOT LOOK FOR OTHER WOMEN IN CANADA ! YOU ONLY MY MAN! :) I miss you here very much. I send to you my photos. I hope you like it. I hug and kiss you. Photos where I am with my sister. That I went to pick her up today with dance classes. A second photo shows how modern kids loving playing phone. I always scolded her for it. Your Julia
Letter 15
Hello my love Jim. So it was great to talk to you over the phone. Your sweet voice still sounds in my head. I am very grateful to you for what you'll help me. It is very important for me and our family. I give you the details of my mother. And we'll go with her to the bank to get the translation. I give you the details to be sent by Western Union.It is about 129,000 rubles. Which translates to about 2000 usd. And it will be better if you send money to usd.
first name: Gulnara
last name: Giniyatullina
Country: Russia
City: Saint Petersburg
address: Markina street, house number 10, flat number 4
postal code: .
I think these data will be enough. I thank you for your care and understanding it is a lot of. And please remember the main thing! You live in my heart! Now I'm waiting for your news from you. I embrace and I kiss you. Julia
Letter 16
Hello my dear Jim! It is such a joy to hear from you your kind words.
I love you so much . Of course, we promised each other to tell the truth. And I am man of his word, I was always honest with you. So I can feel your love. And I hope that you also through my letters and phone calls to feel how much I love you, on how much I want to be with you. I want to thank you for your concern and desire to help. I am extremely grateful to you for all this. I love you with all my heart .
You feel so much what is happening in my soul. It's worth it when there is a full understanding of the strengths and sincere feelings. I am ready to answer your questions over the phone. I'll be waiting for your call today. I love you so much that I can not find the right words. My mom and sister to give you a huge hello. Julia
Letter 17
Hello my dear Jim, I really do hope you are doing well, Sweetheart!
I don't know if you're ignoring me, and avoiding my letters, or they're not going through. I HATE THIS ENTIRE DISTANCE ****!!! I want to be next to you ! I WANT THE NORMAL RELATIONSHIP WHERE THE MAN AND WOMAN ARE LIVING IN THE SAME COUNTRY! When you don't write, I start to get a little paranoid. I get worried about you! I do not want to lose you, but I am very afraid of this. I love you! Always Yours, Julia P.S. We said by phone with you yes. but it was conversation such as earlier at all. really not that me to tell you? you disregarded my last letters. it isn't necessary to be silent, write to me. don't force me to suffer.
Letter 18
My dear Jim. I do not understand what's going on . Even late at night we have now. And my whole family sleeps. all worried about the apartment. I am writing you these lines running down my cheek a tear.
If you really wanted to help me. then why do you behave? Why do you offer assistance if you are going to do anything? Why have you given up hope for me and my family? I do not understand why you're behaving.
Listen to what I tell you. I really love you. I wanna be with you . I am very much attached to you. And tomorrow I fly to you. I really want to solve the problem with the apartment. And with peace of mind to fly to you. I can not allow to lose the apartment. This apartment which was for us almost native. my dear if you really want to help me. If you have such an opportunity. What I'm asking you to do it today. I and my family will be very grateful to you. I looked on the Internet.
In your town London include separating Western Union. They are open until 11 pm. You can send any amount of cash bills. You can withdraw money from the card. and send them. Everything depends only on you .
all in your hands . and I hope you will take the right decision. I remember that I love you with all my heart. Julia
Letter 19
Hello my dear Jim! I feel great and very cheerful. I have a feeling of lightness and a burst of energy. Because I was confident that the issue will be closed to the apartment in the next few days. After all, you promised to help me and my family. But after reading your letter I'm a little upset. Your thoughts and words slightly wounded my soul.
I read between the lines of your letter that you do not trust me. For me it is very insulting. After all, I've always been honest with you and tell you the truth. and offends me that I have to tell you that either prove. What I done to deserve such an attitude. you yourself offered to help me and my family. and we are hoping for your help very much. After all, it affects the well-being and future life of my family. tomorrow is the last day when we can bring the remaining amount for the purchase of apartments. It is very important for our family. I do not understand why your friends say that I am not on the list of flights. I have an e-ticket. And I sent you all the flight details to you. I booked a ticket to his name. It Yuliiya Kostyleva.
My full name sounds and is spelled wrong. I am very upset by some of your words. It is very difficult in the shower. we are talking about our relationship. I want us to have always been understanding and confidence in each other.. Recent events have taken me a lot of strength. But now things are going better. Now nervous days behind, and I hope my health. Also the mood of my mom and my sister will be better. Today I woke up in high spirits, and with the thought that the apartment is now ours. I'm so happy. Because now I have you. And you have me. And it is such a joy, a sense of something beautiful. My mom and sister are thinking that all is well. What time you promised to help us with the apartment that you fulfill your promise. My mom and sister still do not know that you had doubts. They think that today you do everything as promised. Because of the difference in time. in order to have time tomorrow to receive the transfer of money to pay the rent. We need you to do everything today. I'm not to upset them, because I hope that your doubts will vanish. and help you send today as promised. I know that I can not seem to affect it. Only you can know what will happen and how you will do. But I want you to know that I love you, I love you with all my heart. and my heart belongs only to you. My dear, I live favorite thoughts that soon we will be in each other's arms, I live in hope of a happy future together with you, I live by your kind and affectionate letters. After reading your letter, I feel completely different. I know what I like and wait, they want to be with me. That somewhere far in this world there are people who care about you and are very interesting. And I'm glad that I met you in this life. And sincerely hope to live their remaining years in happiness and joy. The family welfare that was harmony and an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. If you know what I mean? I so want to quickly arrive to you in your hands. And I hope that the wait is not long. And soon I will be able to tell you I love looking into your eyes. Today the day started normally. All in a good mood, laughing and joking. And if not for these difficult and hard days. Time has flown by rather quickly. The days go by, one after another. And still we are far away from each other. How do you want coming home to see the smile of your men. That you met the beloved, embrace, kiss. Then he took my hand and we went to dinner together, talking over dinner and sharing their thoughts. Did I want more? I think that for me, do not need much to be happy. Just to be near a favorite and reliable man, a reliable support. And life will come much more interesting and enjoyable. I want to say that I have a lot of emotion about you. I was very attracted to you. I would like to get to know you more and more, to know everything about you. Know your thoughts and desires, your ups and failures. I think you know what I mean. My dear Today I end my letter. I would really like to know your news. How was your day, what foods you have eaten what was interesting in your day. Today I cooked chicken noodle soup. And everyone loved it, even my sister was pleased. Although he rarely fall into the food. And my mom said that I was a good housewife, I cook delicious. What do you Jim , lucky me. I immediately embarrassed and blushed. But then she said that I was lucky with my favorite Jim . Because you're the best in the world. My dear, I wish you a good day. I live in hope that all will be well. I hope my letter will give you pleasant emotions. Love, miss Julia P.S. I send new photos to you, which shows the whole family together, I, my mother and sister. I hope you like it.
Letter 20
Hello my love Jim !!! I've been thinking before you write you this letter. I do not know whether you finish reading my letter to the end.
But I have to write something that happens in my soul. I read between the lines of your letter that you do not trust me that you doubt my words and the sincerity of my feelings. I see it in your last letter.
My dear your line touched my soul. I feel all your love to me. your imagination how you imagined our meeting very close to me. I really want to implement them. are you saying that he was surprised that I wrote to you. but how love can go in an instant? I am so attached to you during this time. I have for you is very strong feelings. Your letter is full of doubts. as you say all red flags. I'm certainly not pleasing your suspicion that I could deceive you. But I want to thank you a hundred and you're telling me the truth say something about what you feel. I do not want to try to justify to you. And I do not when or who does not prove anything in his life. I sincerely with you and always tell you the truth. and I cry shame that you do not trust me. I am far from politics and sports, and is not interested in this ever.
your many questions and doubts for me seems fantastic. In your words it seems that I am almost a secret agent. Tell me why you around trying to find a trick? It's simple really. All of your questions that you say. I certainly know the answers. but I am sorry that in me doubts. Because I'll tell you my soul. and you know because I could see on the Internet about it. if I do not even know. is not it ? For example the color of notes. That's all you can find on the Internet.
But I do not want to prove anything to you. If you understand me? I hear from you the word of disbelief. The main relationship trust and respect. When there is a lack of confidence, the friendship disappears. I could not imagine that my gentle, can hurt me and cause me such a strong emotional pain. And my condition right now is terrible, I'm hurt in my heart. When you hear such words from your loved one. Words which is the meaning that you are afraid that I can cheat you, hurt you. How could you think such a thing about me? Did I deserve such an attitude toward yourself? Why are people so changed when difficulties arise. You yourself offered to help me. and I did not refuse because of my difficulties. my family has a few more days in order not to lose the apartment. And I hope in my heart that all will end well. What will be our apartment. That soon we will be together. I thought I had finally met their soul mate. What fate smiled at me and now I will be happy with you. And you're trying to find a trick around. Our age difference did not scare me. And I do not see how any problems. I like that you are older than me. This means that you are tuned to a serious relationship. Such relationships are what I want. You are fully implemented and able to take responsibility for others. A man who knows what he wants in life. And never will awake the senses play. I fantasized a lot, and are already making plans for years to come. I opened my soul to you, and in return get a broken heart. I hurt inside. From the beginning I was sincere with you, and all that I have said is true, everything is really. My words are pure as a tear baby, the water of a mountain stream, the air in the pine forest. I will reveal to you completely, not yet opened as who would not open. I love you very much and sincerely. And that makes me doubly hurt. My heart aches and my heart wounds. How could you doubt the sincerity of my feelings. It's me, your Julia ... Did I lie to you? Who loves you more than life. Words can hurt much stronger and more painful than the physical. The strongest and the patient is emotional pain. And it lasts a long time. There is one single cure for heartache, and the drug is called time. Physical pain will pass with time. But the soul can hurt the rest of life. How then to trust men?
You said that you love, you want to be with me that you want to meet, what you want to introduce me to everyone. Love is not just words and promises. And that actions and deeds. And when it's time to act, to show its seriousness. You have chosen the position. What if you love, you come to me on their own. And how can I believe you now. If you do not believe me, how are we going to live together in real life ?? What should I expect from you in the future, Jim? What has changed dramatically in one to you? Is your love has passed me? And all this because of what. Due to the fact that I agreed to accept your help.
Who knew that all this will turn out, that I was living in bulk difficulties. And I have to sacrifice myself for the sake of his family. For the sake of your loved ones happy and calm. Love is not where it is not gone. My love for you will live in my heart and now.
My heart bleeds, and in spite of that I can not just give up on you.
Stop thinking about you, and you just forget. I speak for myself. I do not know what's going on in your heart right now. I once loved you and still love. I can not imagine the present that all our relationship came to an end. But when there is distrust of the relationship begins to crumble. The main relationship trust and respect for each other.
Now I do not know how I continue to live. My heart wounds. A heartfelt and emotional wounds are treated for a long time. I can not imagine life without you further. The world seemed to collapse. When we were making plans for the future, I was really happy for many years. I thought I had solid ground under my feet and I'm moving to meet his good fortune, to meet the new life. It seemed to me that under my feet strong asphalt, and that I can confidently go on it to meet his fate.
In my soul singing birds, I thought I was in heaven, around were beautiful flowers and trees, lovely butterflies and beautiful birds, circle funny little creatures running around, all around there were many streams and waterfalls, the air was fresh and clean. But in other asphalt began to crumble, causing pain and in an instant the asphalt turned into sand. I looked around the desert all around, no plants, no animals, no streams or waterfalls. The air is hot, sultry, the sun bakes much. All around there is not something similar to paradise. I stand I did not have enough air, from the strong heat of the sun on my dripping sweat streams, I am very thirsty. And the only one around the sand and there is even a small puddle of water. I'm dying and my heart bleeds in the shower was something awful like me tearing apart. How could this happen. I fell in love like a little girl. And for that I do it? What did I do wrong ? What was my fault ? Did I deserve such attitude. All I was trying to be honest and sincere with you. I have always told you the truth, and now I say. After all, we promised each other not to cheat. After all, the bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. Is not it ? True love is not afraid of any obstructions and obstacles. And loving people should help and support each other. My mother worries about me. My mother knitted a sweater for you and put it in a piece of his soul. She asks whether you are a serious man, if you really love me. Until recently, I answered her, yes. And now I do not know how to tell my mom that you refuse to help me, you do not believe me. Love comes from above suddenly and unexpectedly. It can not beg or implore. The fate tests us. I think this was a test of fate, we deserve to be happy. And as it turned out, we did not pass this test. The usual difficulty, a small obstacle. And besides words.
Nor any support and assistance. After all, money is not the main thing in life. And most importantly love. But with no money can not do.
Money is a means to an end. I love and I want to be with you Jim. I was willing to live with you even in a tent with no amenities and benefits. For me it is important that you were there. Here it is happiness to be together. I do not need nor any restaurants and gifts, nor any trips to the movies or concerts. I need only your hand. Your hand that would hold my hand. And we would go hand in hand through life together. I would fall asleep and wake up with you. You get up earlier to prepare breakfast for you. But now, after what you said to me very hard. And I do not know how to live. All the hopes and expectations dashed in an instant, and it seems that life is not why.
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