Scam letter(s) from Kirsten Yasmina Groff to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello everyone ,

Hope this email finds you well, On behalf of O bank, We are happy to announce that Our company is about to release the Groff’s Estate on 20th Of this Month.
We all congratulate Both Groff and Gene on this issues . will now be handling your account and is look forward to working with you in making sure the money get transferred to the account Kirsten provided. We are yet to well serve you well.
N/F The bank login as been rebased and as been given to Bilal, for any prove or review on how actives is going on the account and how the payment is being made . You are to advice not to share this information with anyone expect the parties involve
There is still an outstanding payment to what we charge, we hope it can be resolve this week before the starting of moving money from Late Groff’s account . Thanks again for the good work.

Letter 2
Hello Gene Thank you for your reply. In your message you said you can raise a few thousand if am correct ,how much in total do you think you can raise ? Please reply so i can know where to come in and how to help .Kirsten will not know you message me and i won't tell her anything if you dont want her to know and you are always welcome if you want us to be communicating directly. Please reply so i can know wish step to take and what next we are going to do.Thank you so much for letting me know how much you love Kirsten and am sure she is safe with you . Yours Sincerely, Law Mohammed Shafar
Letter 3
I had a dream about us last night, and I would like to share it with you, I hope you don't mind. We were both walking along a beach hand in hand. With a picnic basket under my arm. The sand was a soft white, and squeeze up between our toes, and curled over our feet as we walked. The sand was hot, but not hot enough to burn. The sea was a clear blue with a few waves rolling in gently and washing up on the beach. To the other side was tall palm trees, and lush vegetation. A faint breeze keeps the heat from the sun bearable, and brings to us the salty sea air, the aroma of exotic plants, and the sounds of sea gulls. As we are walking along enjoying the scenery, and each others company, we spot a gap in the greenery, and decide to explore it. We walk back into the trees, the brushes stroking our arms as we go deeper. The sound of running water reaches our ears, and we head towards it.
We come in to a small clearing with a waterfall emptying into a pool before us.The sound of the water falling is entrancing, and the view spectacular. By unspoken agreement, we set up for our picnic here, on the soft grass, in the shade of the trees.
We spread out a blanket, and sit on it, the grass under the blanket cushioning us as we sit there and have a drink. You decide you would like a swim before lunch, and we splash into the pool, it is just the right temp and soon we are having a water fight. You come over to me and try to drunk me, and we both fall laughing into the water. As we come up out of the water, our bodies are pressed together, and we are sharing a passionate kiss.
I slowly undo your top, take it off, and throw it on the grass. I kiss my way down your throat, while sliding my hands down your ribs, down your waist, and as my fingers hook in your trouser buttons, your mouth reaches the swell of my breast you kissed my breast until you reached the hardness of my nipple, you flick your tongue over it for a while, before you suck it into your mouth and nibble lightly on it. My hands move lower, running down your thighs, sending shivers through my body, and slowly removing the rest of your trouser. I gasp as you suck on my nipple and dig my nails into your back. I run my tongue up your neck, and my hands up your body. We share another kiss, as I massage your dick, and feel your hands caressing my breast. and our naked bodies crush together, as our excitement builds.
Suddenly, you push me away and dive into the water. I give chase, and catch you under the waterfall. We laugh as the water cascades down our bodies, you kiss me sensually,take me by the hand, and lead me back to the blanket. You lie down, and pull me down on top of me. We kiss for a long time, rubbing our bodies against each other, stroking each other skin with our hands. The breeze cooling our still damp bodies.You cup one of my breasts in your hand, slowly kneading it, as you start to kiss, lick and suck the other one. I start to moan as the passion rises.
I kiss my way down your body, lick at your belly button for a while before going lower. you part my legs, and stroke the outside of my thighs, as you run your tongue up to my inner thighs. I spread my hips, as your tongue delves inside me. Delighting in the sweetness of my pussy. As you pay attention to my clit,my moaning grows louder. I held your head, pull it ever harder . As my body surrenders to the passion coursing through your body, my consciousness expands higher, The higher my conscious expands, the deeper my body surrenders, until my whole body vibrates, and an orgasm washes over me causing my whole body to shake.
I don’t know if you can imagine how that would feel, now we carry on all afternoon, but it gets rather too steamy for an e-mail. My dear, I love, I hope you don’t mind me sharing this dream with you. It made me feel really closer to you,
I love you , I believe our dream shall come to true soonest.
Love you...
Letter 4
Hello Gene ,
As you know, my responsibilities have increased substantially during the past few weeks since I have been into this Bank charges. I have recently realized that in order to fulfill my responsibilities to get this done for everyone’s benefit, I have tried as much as possible to raise funds and get help also from colleges. But I will need to delegate several aspects of your little assistance . I’m writing to ask if would be willing to shoulder the responsibility of allowing sum of amount into your account to complete the bank charges , the thing you will need to do is once the money is in your account , I will keep you posted on how to get the money to me once its in your account . In other to have this done as soon as we want it to be , we both want to be happy and you also want to have your wife beside you , and I can see she’s so determined about you. Nice work you did on her .
FIY. As you know, your job is to wait till the money is in your account and wait for me to give you instructions on how to get it to me .Naturally, if you choose to accept this level of responsibility, I would re-evaluate your compensation with Kirsten . And please do not discuss this with her, as she’s very worried and I told her I haven’t come up with any plan yet. Could be a little surprise for her once we have everything sort out without her acknowledge.

Please let me know if you have any question in regarding to accept these new responsibilities.

Law Mohammed Shafar
Office Address: Tamouh Tower No 6 Marina Square,Al Reem Island,
Abu Dhabi, PO Box 12980
Letter 5
Hello Gene ,

Apology for my late reply, there is limit to work in my office that can be done over the weekend and this is why i am just getting back in touch with you.I am the one who asked Miss Kirsten Groff to send you a request for you to contact me after she gave explanation on more about you and the relationship in between you both. This is Lawyer Bilal Mancent Fawaz ,Arabic man but understand English from Dubai Abu Dhabi (UAE).I am the lawyer of late Mr Bradley P. Groff, I have been working for him and been his adviser down here in my country during the time Late Bradley P Groff used to have a great business deal and earn a lot of income with the top construction Organization here in UAE for several years before death took him away out on this earth. Late Mr Bradley P Groff's with his wife had a only child through out there life style and the only child was happened to be your companion which is Kirsten Groff, Kirsten's parent tried their best to make sure nothing bad goes wrong with their only child, they want the best for her but they left so soon which brought so much loneliness and sorrow to Kirsten Groff. Kirsten has been a good lady right from when i knew her, both Kirsten Groff's parent was nice to me and this is one of the very good reason why have been using my strength, my time and my effort to make sure she is successful claiming back her late parent funds that has been invested down here with the Bank Vault in my country (United Arab Emirates).

I am glad to have received your message today, I do believe you are all that Kirsten have explained to me .You sound like a cool headed man with a lot of mutual understanding who definitely know what he want in life and i believe you are the best man/companion that fit Kirsten to have a better future ahead together with. She deserves happiness and a good man company with the stress and pain she had went through since the loss of her parent. I purposely wanted you to write me as for you to know that i am the lawyer in charge of her Late Dad Investment with the Bank Vault UAE. Late Mr Bradley P Groff's did invest the Huge amount of $ 2,104,452.74 millions of American dollars over here in Dubai over a decade of years ago but about 6 month ago, I received an alert from the bank vault UAE saying that the next of kin need to claim her Late dad Investment as she is the only one to claim Inheritance. They also indicate that the funds must be claim before the end of March at max if she doesn't want to wait for another 15 years’ time to come back to (Dubai) and have Inheritance claim back. I don't want her to wait for another 15 years as nobody knows tomorrow and We all are getting older every day by day .I also need to follow the late parent Will which says, Kirsten Groff needs to have someone in her life either a true lover or partner to make sure they establish and invest the Inheritance funds in right way so that you both future will be pleasant together and also be happy and be profitable in it including future children if any.

Dear Gene, i have some few important personal questions to ask you before We can move further more in details with the right procedure to achieve the goals that Kirsten's parent have worked hard for during their time. As soon as you reply to my note, the bank Email and information will be attached in my next message for you to get in touch with them, you need to email them directly as they need to hear from you, so they can confirm and have a full verification that you are a true companion and partner Lover to Kirsten . The Vault UAE need to confirm the same as you have explained to me previously in your note which says ;The inheritance will be invested and not squandered so it is available for later in life and the family(child/children) ;You would also need to let them realize you are the true man who want the best for Kirsten Groff's. Once this is done, they Vault can proceed on Releasing funds to you and your Lady, as your statement, words and photograph will be attached to the document and all other necessarily papers behind the inheritance pay out script, funds will also be release with your own words to the bank so that we can meet up with the late dad book of Will that said, Kirsten need to have someone in her life as lover who want the best for her before the funds can be released.

Here are the few Questions:

Are you ready to claim this funds with her and stand has her lover and in hope be her man to be?Are you God fearing?Are you willing to marry the next of kin (Kirsten Groff) if possible? If you are being requested by the bank vault representative to meet up in Abu Dhabi Dubai would you be able meet up? For a 100% assurance of identity, Can you attach your vital document if requested? I hope you reply back to my questions soon for me to provide you the bank vault contact for you to write them and as soon as they confirm that you both are companion who want the best for each other. Are you also aware that Kirsten Groff needs to meet up with Representative in United Arab emirates within the period of a week or two ?.This are all bank vault UAE need's to verify for them to release the funds on the behalf of her late Dad .

N/B: The bank vault warn us for our own safety, We should not reveal this to anyone , Kirsten Groff, You and I are the party that are needed to be involve in Inheritance claim no matter what. As you know that this funds is a huge amount and every inheritance claim procedure need to be deal confidential and privately.

Yours Sincerely,

Law Mohammed Shafar
Office Address: Tamouh Tower No 6 Marina Square,Al Reem Island,
Abu Dhabi, PO Box 12980
Letter 6
Dear Gene,

I have received your true words in wanting the best for Miss Kirsten and your perfect answers to my requested questions that you were being asked in my previous note.I pray for the guidance of you both and May you both be successful together and reach your achievement in life.

Your true words were attached On Thursday evening UAE time by me to the Bank Vault representative in Abu Dhabi. After the attachment of your words to the Bank Vault ,I have also tender the affidavit document of claim and the next of kin affidavit of Entitlement to the Bank Vault representative in Abu Dhabi close to my city, As you already know that this document's need to be secure by me and cannot send them through any irrelevant means to the Vault, next of kin affidavit of Entitlement and your words were all printed out in colored to speak on your behalf. Now with the Bank Vault, they have documents, your words for future reference and to match up the late father statement with bank vault before his death.

I am happy to informed you that The Bank Vault put every document on pending verification .They have also stated and required they want to have a direct conversation with you as the lover and the true man for Miss Kirsten Groff in order for them to proceed on Inheritance claim release. They have provided there information for you to write them and for them to be sure it's is really you that wrote the words and that it's is your true words that were attached to the Document they have received by me.

N/B :Before and after Inheritance claim release for the safety of you and your future wife ,and also to respect the late dad wishes, The Bank-Vault have warned not to reveal this to anyone so that Miss Kirsten Groff and you won't lose what her parent did suffered and worked hard for during their life.

I will do all it takes to be in support for you and Kirsten in order to obtain our aims and certain goals from the Bank Vault here in the Arab Nation.

Bank are patiently waiting for your Email, feel free to connect to them below on

Email address: I will advise you to write them above to their provided email with a well description of you and Kirsten Groff as they are waiting to hear from you, for them to connect and stay in touch with you both as a team and couples of success. Meanwhile the Bank vault Representative have also make it compulsory that when contacting them ,You needs to send your Vital document either A Valid License, or any Sort of a Valid Identity as they need to receive this along with your True words when contacting them.You are to Include your Mobile Number and Address as request when contacting Vault.

Kindly reply back to me and let me know as soon as you send them a note of Update and a well description of you and your Partner.

Yours Sincerely,

Law Mohammed Shafar
E-mail :
Office Address : Tamouh Tower No 6 Marina Square,Al Reem Island,
Abu Dhabi, PO Box 12980
United Arab Emirates
Letter 7
Hello Gene, I’d like to take a moment to let you know of some new options that we have now according to my meetings with bank , there’s a limit amount both your account can take at a time, I am sure your lady must have inform you about these as I keep her update. Now the bank are pleased to enhance us to get a suntrust account, Specifically, the new benefit provides both party in getting the best way for transferring the huge amount and to reduce tax. It will be a great deal if you can accept this offer and open an account with Suntrust , It will set things very fast, that’s if you want to take the advantage of the new benefit . My meeting with the bank, I tried to include your request in gaining access to the account several times but I was told the money charge from the bank have to be clear first before any personal needs on again access. wish I could be more specific with you about the exact plans for the immediate future. But as we are in the midst of the process, we don't have all the results yet. All I can promise is that I will keep you posted of developments as they occur I realize that this change can be stressful, but I believe that in the long run our survival and success depend on our ability and willingness to make these changes Sincerely, Law Mohammed Shafar
Office Address: Tamouh Tower No 6 Marina Square,Al Reem Island,
Abu Dhabi, PO Box 12980
Letter 8
Hello Gene ,
I can just say its been a really busy month for me and i apologies for not making any effort in keeping you posted on how my work as been going . Like you know being a lawyer is not easy . always have client and other few things to deal with. I am taken this chance to apologies with my lack of communication, but i always update your wife in the hope of her keeping you posted. Firstly: we paid 70 percent of what the bank request, and still have 30percent left . that leaves us the access to the account in which i will leave for you below as we have been told not to give anyone expect you, your wife . I made a payment to both Citizen and farmers bank and your Suntrust . each are 9 thousand on CF and 33 thousand on Suntrust . please confirm and get back to me, so i can instruct you on how to make the payment, in other to avoid any delay Here's the information to late P Groff's account ..
log-in page
username bradley1852
Password private007
Letter 9
Thanks for your mail prompt Dear Gene. We hope that (Miss Kirsten Groff) & the Lawyer (MOHAMMED SHAFAR) did explain information behind the Next of kin late Father (Bradley Perry Groff) investment down here in United Arab Emirates UAE to you. The total sum of $ 2,104,452.74 was invested and kept in our Organization in some years ago by Kirsten late father. The statement that was left by the late Bradley P Groff was that the funds need to be pay back to Kirsten and her future husband to be Either they are married or not, on the behalf of her late father and on the behalf of our Representative. We are so glad that she has someone in her life to share the enjoyment of life with and grow up a family with, as it was stated that we should not release the funds to only Kirsten so that she won't miss-use the funds or spend it lavishly.
The Law Bilal M Fawaz did gave us more information about you already even before your email, we are guarantee now that we have received your own words and every necessary document behind this transaction was also submitted by the Lawyer. We are happy to keep You inform that we are ready to release the funds now that we are rest assured that you are the true man for her, as she already told us more about you and how much success you want for her. It was stated down in the paper work of will that the Inheritance funds should be release to the only child and her fully trusted husband or husband to be ,so that you both can make a good
plan ahead of the funds and maintain it for your own future family.
We have informed miss Kirsten Groff to come to our branch office by 4:20 pm on Wednesday 20th/March/2019 to have the rest paper work signed to back up your words & Vital document that has already been be attached to the files in our Organization with your Information that we have received. We are also happy to inform you that funds will be clear out in 5 working days from the late father account information that has been provided to Kirsten Groff already. Failure of not claiming this funds in 5 working days ,She will have to wait till another 15 years to come back to UAE and claim it because we usually change manager of our organization every 15 years and they come up with their own idea of what they want from client.
NOTE: Before and on the day of releasing payment .Do not reveal or tender our information to anyone ,for you and your Lady safety of the funds, The only person you are to reveal and share advise with his Lawyer Bilal ,because he is the family lawyer and have been helping your lady throughout her life. And as soon as we do release funds out of our Organization, You both can invest the funds in your own preferable way.
We need you and your future partner to get back to us with the best and the suitable way you want these Funds to be pay out, either by Full Secure Transfer or by Cash. If you both would like to have Funds claim by Cash definitely you need to be here within a period of weeks maximum, in order for our representative to host you in a conference meeting when releasing the cash at hand to you and Kirsten, which will need full escort security from our country to stage of boarding through first class business flight.We need you to get back to us with your preferable Opinion, so that we can be aware of the Option you are choosing, Either by Transferring the funds through Our International Banking system in order for you and Kirsten to be able to access the funds In your country ones it has been clear out from our Organization/ or By giving cash to you and Kirsten which will require your present here within the period of weeks .
We are patiently waiting for you opinion.
Thank you for your co-operation
Address : P.O. Box 317. City Tower 2 15th Floor Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai,
UAE Tel. 971 4 331650. Fax. 9733215
Branch in United Arab Emirates: 104-106b Alahzar union , Bur Dubai.
Address 2. ZIP Code, 4517 The bank Vault Alexandra-Egypt
Head office: plot c hasan Refaat St., Alex, Egypt
Branch office:Address 1004 Kamel El Shenawy City, Cairo Egypt
Letter 10
To Gen / Kirsten
Your preferable plan on how Inheritance funds should be release through the means of International Banking System was submitted and approved by the department of funds & representative of our Organization. We are happy to inform you that clearance stage of Inheritance funds will be taking place on Monday (25th /March/2019) if only you can meet up with the Department of funds requirement.
The practicing of Clearance must be carried out on the date stated above,This stage is to help in moving the Inheritance funds from Late Groff's account to the New foreign Account that will be provided by you and your Partner. Late Bradley P Groff account will be terminated once the Inheritance funds as been cleared and payed out, Inheritance funds will be paid out under 12days working hours, as it was stetted . And We will make sure on working with the State international fund transfer for the safety of the Funds is what we usually help our clients with, we have to protect every transaction of the huge amount we are talking about.We have also learn that Miss Kirsten will be flying out of here once we made the first transaction before proceeding with sending the rest out as your preferable plans.
Note :During this first process Your future lady and Lawyer Bilal must be present to confirmed %100 when the inheritance funds have been clear out from late dad account and transfer into the new foreign account that will be provided by you and your lady, note we need some few information on the account to provide see below. We will also issue the slip of funds transfer for you both future reference. We shall write you early tomorrow in order to inform you about the Charges and requirement need for clearance stage which is compulsory to meet up with.
Note please provide the following information to the account you provided to complete the wire payment processing

Account Number
Bank Name
Bank address
Rounting number

N/B: Don't reveal or tender our information to anyone ,for you and your Lady, safety of the funds,The only person you are to reveal and explain things to is Lawyer Bilal as he his the family lawyer and have been helping your lady through out her life.

Thank you for your co-operation

Address : P.O. Box 317. City Tower 2 15th Floor Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai,
UAE Tel. 971 4 331650. Fax. 9733215
Branch in United Arab Emirates: 104-106b Alahzar union , Bur Dubai.
Address 2. ZIP Code, 4517 The bank Vault Alexandra-Egypt
Head office: plot c hasan Refaat St., Alex,
Egypt Branch office:Address 1004 Kamel
El Shenawy City, Cairo Egypt.
Letter 11
To Gene & Kirsten
On the Behalf of the Bank vault and the department of funds organization here in UAE. We have hold the Clearing of the large total sum of $ 2, 104,452.74 million dollars from our organization to the new Department of funds in order for the new foreign account secure provide by you and your future lady and also for the accessibility of the Cash arrival to the United state through our Banking system .
We are hereby to informed you that the Requirement and the charges for the Clarence stage of funds, from the Late Account Holder's Late Mr Bradely P Groff to the new foreign international account,provided by you and your lady have stated below in a capital mode, as it is Urgent :

Account number..100016588
Rounting number..: 051404901
the process of clearance can be proceeds. This is how we have been dealing for years, that is our own profitable amount of having the funds kept secure and paying the amount out to you and your future lady.
Kindly get back to us with your fast Respond and once your charges have been confirm by the department of funds, We can proceed on the clearing funds out statement of transaction & prove will be provided to you and your woman in the present of the lawyer and in the present of the whole Organization. PS: Don't reveal or tender our information to anyone, for you and Kirsten safety of the funds, The only person you are to reveal and explain things
to is Lawyer Bilal, because he his the family lawyer and have been helping your Lady throughout her life. Also funds need to be transfer any hour of our working day time and failure of this will lead to 15 yearstime to come over to United Arab to have every document renew and have lawyer start his back up affidavit again.
We are waiting to hear back from you, the lawyer and Kirsten have been notified as well.

Thank you for your co-operation

Address : P.O. Box 317. City Tower 2 15th Floor Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai,
UAE Tel. 971 4 331650. Fax. 9733215
Branch in United Arab Emirates: 104-106b Alahzar union , Bur Dubai.
Address 2. ZIP Code, 4517 The bank Vault Alexandra-Egypt
Head office: plot c hasan Refaat St., Alex,
Egypt Branch office:Address 1004 Kamel El Shenawy City, Cairo Egypt.
Letter 12
Firstly . i will need you to buy a cashier check of 15,200 from your bank ..
and this would be the name on the check.. Name ..First United Alliance Inc and we have to mail it to this address next day priority ...
address .. 8700 Commerce Park Dr Houston TX 77036 Suite 155
Mail Name... Raheem Sulieman Secondly .. you will need to do a wire transfer of $9500 to this account below Bank..... First national bank TX
Account number .. 472718964
Routing number...111906271
Name on account .. nnenna azuonwu
Address ........FM 1960 w. Houston TX 77090
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