Scam letter(s) from Netella Gesser to Steve (England)

Letter 1
Good day Samuel. Want to believe you are fine despite of the present situation in the world.
I'm Netella, 37 y.o. single woman from Germany, looking for a new friends here. Few words about me - I'm alone for now, divorced, without children.
I love usual things in life - good music, sunny weather, nature, etc, - sure everyone like that, so. I'm not orignal, sorry.
Of course I realize that I'm not competitor for young girls but I have something they don't have - some life experience.
Appreciate a good sense of humor and try to go through life with smile as well! Believe that sense of humor is a necessary kind of character in modern cruel world - do you agree? That now you know a little about me, now it's your turn!
I write in english, although I speak German in everyday life. I am fluent in english and german. English is more versatile.
Samuel, I will attach my photos here. Attached couple photo, don't judge me too strictly. Have a nice day, see you soon!
Letter 2
Hi Sam. My dear, how are you there? I am glad to hear from you and hope you are doing well. I see that you are kind man with big heart.
My pulse quickens when I see your message. I don't know if it is appropriate to write about feelings here. my feelings are getting stronger every day. It's fine.
I cannot express how I really feel.
Thank you for the beautiful photos of your family. Yes, I received your photos earlier, which were taken in Thailand. I often look at your beautiful photos.
I am finishing work on the design project. Results of my job are under consideration now, customer's architects sends me a questions every day... I've done everything what's noted in contract and even more. But anyway I'm in a perfect mood because seems that my project will be done soon and I'll get a free days. Just need to pass this final step and after I can start planning my vacation. Cross fingers that it will happen soon, now I realize how I'm tired now... Need to relax and all my thoughts now about vacation! Seems that situation in the world stabilizing, hope it will be possible to take a vacation somewhere in september or little later.
Sam, I like that our communication is absolutely honest. I promise that I will always be sincere with you. I am very interested in what our days will be like together.
I trust you, and I have no fear of our meeting. I am afraid of relationships in which silence and omissions accumulate like a snowball. You understand me?
I am ready to compromise and talk in any life situation. Please promise that we can always talk and try to understand each other.
I am tired of being alone. I dream of gentle touches when we wake up. I think it is important to have physical contact. This is any touch, stroking, kisses.
Now we cannot enjoy it. Sam, I expect our meeting to be possible in the future.
I am sending a photo that my mom took while walking.
I wait to be able to read your new message and see photos soon. Netella.
Letter 3
My dear Sam. I smile when I check my mailbox and see your message. Please write about your emotions. Do you like to smile? What do you think about before to bed?
I want to share my smile with you. I want to ask you to send more of your photos from everyday life. It will help me see your life and get to know you better.
Please feel free to send any of your photos.
I love your smile. I smile when I look at your photo today. You have a great sense of humor.
You are asking about fate... Yes, I believe in fate. Things happen to people that people deserve. We are tired of being alone together. Sometimes I think that our meeting was written in fate.
I wanted to give you what I hope is a nice surprise (attached). I hope you can listen to the sound. I wanted you to heard here me! I hope you like it! Attached is my photo from the pool.
Today I have some personal questions for you. I hope you do not mind... Sam, you write messages to other women? What character qualities you appreciate in a woman?
At what age was your first kiss?
I think that a man must have such qualities as kindness, gentleness, strength, intelligence, caring. I write a message just for you. I am not interested in communicating with other men. My first kiss was at the age of 17.
I like to get to know you better. Sam, I love the compliments you write for me. Thank you. You have a kind heart. I want to fill your life with happiness.
I want to feel your arms and your smell. What perfume do you use? I use perfume - Hermes Un Jardin sur la Lagune.
Warm kisses and a happy day! Hope to hear from you soon. happy wednesday!
Letter 4
Good day handsome Sam, it's me, happy to see your message full of pleasant tender words from you! It's great to start a day from tons of compliments, thank you.
Seems you feel, that I'm thinking of you here too, - am I right?
My phone number is +491779763292. International call service, requires additional connection. I've never used this before. I will try to call you myself. Hope I can do it.
I also really want to hear your voice. Yes, we can use the Telegram app to chat online via text messages. Let me know what you think about it.
How was your dinner yesterday? I think it was very tasty. I love your adorable smile in the new photo.
Past night I thought a lot about you, me, and our relation... - now I realized... Sam you became a big and important part of my life, exchanging mails already not enough...
at least for me. We know each other enough good already, I reassured that you are kind intelligent man... who able to listen, understand and support...
Strongly believe, that even 5 minutes of meeting is real life is better then thousand mails, do you agree? Past few months were hard enough for me, I totally deserved a vacation!
And feel that my body and mind need it too...
Frankly speaking - I would be happy to spend this couple weeks with you, you are a good company for me, sure that we will spend a great time together!
Also now I can get a special flight, amazing opportunity for travel this time! So, if you don't mind to spend couple weeks with me then I don't mind to spend this time with you.
I have a good female friend who works as travel operator already for a long time, - tell me the nearest airport for you and may be some advise of nice hotel not far from you.
Sam you will meet me at the airport with flowers? Want to believe that yes. Sure it will be unforgettable time for both of us! Tell me please, what airport I should arrive,
then I'll find out all travel details, also start manage my special flight permit. Preparing documents usually takes some time, so, will be waiting for information from you as soon as possible, can't wait to start pack my luggage!
I am attaching a photo taken in a place called Schsische Schweiz. I visited the Bastei bridge. It is located 300 kilometers from my house. This trip was in early june this year.
Have a nice day, write me soon! your happy Netella
Letter 5
Good day dear Sam, happy to find your message! How's your wednesday there? Hope you are fine and in a good condition So pleasant to hear all this compliments and warm words, - you are my believer! It's perfect shiny day with fresh wind here.
First, I want to apologize, because yesterday I could not call you on the phone. I don’t know what’s wrong with my phone, but the phone call is interrupted. I give you the phone number that I have. You write that there should be 11 digits. I will try to add your phone number to my Telegram app. Have you installed the Telegram app on your phone? Yes, it will be great if we can chat online and talk more about our meeting. Thanks for the information about the airport. What is the address of your house? My home address is Deutschland, 98596, Brotterode-Trusetal, Breitunger Weg 10. My name is Netella Gesser. You write that you will be at the airport with a bouquet of 37 roses. This is very pleasant for me. I'll go crazy with joy when I see you.
Yes, I'm asking you about the hotel. Sorry, I don't want to offend you. This is my modesty. I didn't know if I could ask you to stay at your house. Thank. Of course, I want to spend more time with you. Thanks for your kindness. I really want to feel our hugs, kisses. I want to talk to you indefinitely.
Sam, at morning time I got a mail from my travel operator, she sent me a list of necessary documents, which I must manage and send them back full package of my different documents. It's needed to make copies of all my main documents - ID, driver's license, diplomas, different certificates, etc. It's a usual procedure, believe you met this situation in your life too. At this time need a lot of additional procedures to obtain travel documents. But make a copy of papers it's not a problem at all... the main problem - it's necessary to pass a medical examination and get an inquiry that I'm healthy. So, almost whole days I spent in local clinic...
it's necessary to pass eight different doctors, today I wasted a whole day and passed only five...
A lot of people in clinic now, very big lines to any doctor... - really hate just sit and wait during hours! Anyway, I'll do my best and get a medical certificate.
After need to visit few another institutes and get inquiries from them as well. So, as you can see, my current days are full of bureaucracy.
Oh, almost forgot - I've talked today with my curator, informed her that I'm going to the vacation soon and need to have a special flight permit for that.
She gave me a contact of their International Transportation Department, they deal with flight permits for employees. I sent them few copies of my documents, they accepted them and said, that I'll get flight permit in a day after I'll provide them with results of my medical examination. If I'll get them then my flight permit will be ready in the of next week, - it's really awesome!
Still can't believe that we are discussing our meeting, I'm so excited!!! It's hard even to think about something else except our future time together! Are you excited too?
May be you already have some ideas and plans for our future time spending? Would be happy if you will share your thoughts with me.
Going to bed now, tired very much and my eyes already closing... wish you a good night, honey, write you tomorrow and hope to see you in my dreams!
I am attaching a short video of me and Otto. Netella
Letter 6
Hi dear Sam, how are you there? Hope you had a nice thursday. We spent on nature with my mom in forest and picked up a lot of mushrooms!
So, my family is busy with canning vegetables and mushrooms. I am attaching a photos to my message.
I'll call you tomorrow. I want to hear your voice too. Tomorrow I will have free time and we can talk on the phone. If I cannot make a call from my phone, I will buy a phone card with minutes for an international call.
Thank you for answering my questions. I see the address of your house.
I need to hurry if want to spend my vacation with you. All day and night I thought about you and our future meeting... Just can't think about anything else and in my dreams I'm already with you, honey!!!
Today I went to the travel company and talked with manager for couple hours, we discussed a details of my future trip to you. She counted that full package of travel documents which includes fees, round flight tickets, medical insurance will be cost around 570 euro. My medical tests are fine.
After it we searched a cheap flight tickets found a good flight for me on this sunday! Can you imagine that we can be together already this weekend?!
My dear Sam, I have some savings for now, about 300 euro but it's not enough unfortunately. Today I again contacted this indian customer and they confirmed that they will pay me till 30 september for sure but right now they don't have a money for me.
Sorry, I know that it's impolite from me, but believe that you are interested in our meeting too - can you help me with travel expenses now? I promise to return you all money as soon as get money from my previous project! I always was honest with you and now I'm asking you for a help only because I want to spend at least some time with you! It's a great chance for us now, you just can't imagine how strongly I want it! Many times I've already imagine a moment of our meeting, sure that it will, be unforgettable moment for us, - we live for such moments! Do you agree?
Please write me as soon as possible, now need to contact my curator concerning my special flight permit, it's very important document for me if I want to cross air borders.
I thinking of you and our meeting, write me soon! Netella.
Letter 7
Good morning Sam. How did you sleep? Yesterday I stay in my bed for a long time and cannot sleep. I think about our meeting. I get out of my bed and go to the kitchen to drink tea.
I look at the night sky and I know that you are already asleep. I want to give you my tender kisses. I want to feel your embrace. Then I will be calm and happy. I'm having breakfast with my mom this morning. Mom sees that I am smiling a lot now.
My phone number is here: +491779763292. Perhaps an international call needs this format: +49-11-779763292. I'll call you later today. I really want to hear your voice.
Sam, I hope I can travel this Sunday. As soon as I buy my tickets, will I write you my flight lists? How long can we spend together? How long does a bank transfer of money take?
Below I am writing to you information about my bank account. Name: NETELLA GESSER.
IBAN: DE63100110012624081286
BIC: NTSBDEB1*** Please send a copy of the money transfer receipt to me. I will inform you as soon as the money is in my bank account. Hope it will be quick. Yes, I want to be with you. I am happy and often look at your beautiful photos. I really love your smile. My mom asks us to send a photo for her when we meet. Hope you approve of this.
How is your morning today? It's 7:25 in the morning here. I have to watch work projects on my computer. I will be waiting for your message. Good afternoon to you. I miss you. Netella.
Letter 8
My dear Sam. It is Monday evening here. Today was a difficult day for me. I am in negotiations to conclude a contract with a construction bureau in Bulgaria.
I will probably go to Varna to sign the contract. I will be traveling after my vacation.
How's your day? How is your weekend? I had a good weekend with my mom. Yesterday morning, we were at church. Later we went to my dad's grave to renew the flowers.
Later, my mom stayed at home to have a rest. I went to the supermarket to buy groceries for this week. I made dinner - pasta with vegetables. This weekend, I really miss your company. Sam, I want you to be here. I miss you.
I am sending my selfie for you. I read your message and take your explanation seriously. However, your distrust makes me wary. I hope that I am complying with your request.
I want to say again that I don't know western union or money gram. It is more convenient and easy for me to receive money into my bank account.
What is your most vivid childhood memory? What have you dreamed about? I'm sure all people have a childhood event that will be remembered for a lifetime. I remember that I really wanted a doll. I looked at the shop window and asked for this doll from my mother. I think it was 1989 and I was 5 years old. I was the happiest when my dad gave this doll for me. That day my dad returned from a business trip. I was happy because I received 2 gifts. The long-awaited meeting with dad and a doll. That evening there was a special atmosphere in our family, or it seemed to me. Despite the years, it seems to me that I remember every minute of that day. My childhood dream is an endless supply of chocolate. Yes, I had a sweet tooth as a child. Perhaps that is why now I am indifferent to sweets.
My dear Sam, night I stay in my bed. Sometimes I feel sad because you are not here. I want your tight hug. I hate the distance between us. I continue to think and dream about our meeting. I am looking forward to your new message and your photos. My kisses for you. Netella
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