Scam letter(s) from Maria Khoroshilova to Paul (USA)

Letter 1
Salute! I hope, you very well feel yourself? I first time during lives write the similar letter. I slightly I test excitement! My name is Maria. I live in a city Vladimir. It big a city in the European part RU. To me28 years. I optimistical and purposeful the girl. Still I fearless because without boldness, I never have not decided to write this letter. I ask you to give me pair of minutes of your time! I am assured, that my letter will be interesting to you! I just have received recently yours electronic box in agency of acquaintances. I assume, what you just as also I wish to meet here second half, correctly? If I am right I want to write you a little about itself and to tell to you, why I search relations in social networks. I wish to test my destiny and to try to meet the love through the Internet because to me has not had the luck to find in my city responsible the man who was able to respect the woman. Men in RU concern the woman as to a thing and do not reflect that the woman too has heart. I hope, that you ad! equate the man whom quite seriously search here for the the significant other and is able to see in the woman not only external data, but also sincere qualities! I hope, that you will write me the answer so I can even more to write about yourself and to send to you mine a photography! In expectation of your letter that to fasten our acquaintance. Best regards, Maria
Letter 2
Salute! What mood at you? I for the first time write the similar letter. I slightly I worry! My name Maria. I write you from a city Vladimir. It big a city in the European part Russia. To metwenty eight years. I cheerful and easy in dialogue the girl. Still I fearless because not having bravery, I never have not made the decision to write this letter. I ask you to give me pair of minutes of your time! I am assured, that my letter will be interesting to you! I just have received recently yours electronic box through a site of acquaintances. I assume, what you just as also I search here the little man, I am right? If our opinions converge I wish to write you a little about itself and to tell to you, for what reason I search relations in "World wide web". I wish to test my destiny and to try to find second half through the Internet because to me has not had the luck to meet in my city adequate the man who was able to appreciate the woman. Men in RU to concern the woman as to a thing and do not think t! hat the woman too has heart. I hope, that you adequate the man whom it is valid search here for the love and sees in the woman not only a figure, but also sincere qualities! I hope, that you will respond me so I can even more to tell about yourself and to send to you mine a photo! In expectation of your letter that to begin our acquaintance. Have a nice time, Maria
Letter 3
Hello Paul!! Thank you for your response! I just found your email in my spam box. I don't know why your email got there, but now I've added you to my contacts list, so now your emails should no longer go to the spam box. Please do the same, just in case my emails don't end up in the spam box, so we can safely receive each other's emails, okay? So, thank you again for responding to my email!!! Now we can start our acquaintance! How do I start my story about me?? This turns out to be no easy task.))
First of all, I want to admit that I was a little worried if you answered my request about getting to know or not! In the recent past, I have already tried a couple of times to meet a man on the Internet after the Dating Agency gave me the e-mail of men who, according to the Dating Agency, were looking for a serious relationship. But it actually turned out that these men were not interested in finding a serious relationship or were only looking for sharing ***** photos. I hope I'm lucky this time, and you're looking for a serious relationship??? I don't want to waste your time and mine. I want you to be honest with me if you're looking for a serious relationship or if you're not interested?? Please be honest with me!! I was already badly injured 1.5 years ago, and I don't want to be hurt again. Then my man betrayed me! He cheated on me with another woman not long before we were supposed to get married. It seemed to me that my world had collapsed and I would never be able to trust a man again, but time heals... and now I found the strength to believe in love again. But still not in love with a man from Russia. I got smarter. That betrayal helped me to see clearly and make sure that in Russia, most men really do not respect and do not appreciate their women. I did a lot in my past relationships to make my man happy, but he didn't appreciate my concern. I realized that for all three years of our relationship, I was just his cook, cleaner, but I never got true love and care! After much thought, I decided to try looking for happiness on the Internet.
I've read many articles about how Russian women find their other half through a Dating Agency and live happily next to a man who really knows how to appreciate and respect a woman. I think we all have a right to be happy, right??? And who will build happiness for us if we don't do it with our own hands?? Maybe everything I write to you now is not exactly interesting to you, but I think it is very important to explain to you at the very beginning of our communication about what kind of relationship I am looking for, and why I am looking for these relationships on the Internet. I think you don't mind if I start our acquaintance by telling you exactly what I'm here for??!! So, as you should have realized, my goal is to find the right man with whom I can build a serious relationship and be happy together. I think it sounds very simple, right?? But at the same time, this is a very difficult task. If you are looking for the same thing as me, then we should try to start our communication, and only time will tell what it will lead to. Personally, I always believe in the best! Well, I think I did get a little carried away with stories about the past. We have to live not in the past, but in the present, right??? So, thank you again for writing to me, and now I want to tell you about myself. My name is Maria!!!! I am 28 years old and live in Vladimir, Russia. I have never been married, although as you can see from what I wrote above, I was close to it. I have no children. I work as an accountant in a clothing store, but sometimes I help salespeople on the trading floor! I'll tell you more about it in my next email! I don't want to bore you with long letters , so I think it would be logical if I told you more about me in each subsequent letter. And I ask you to follow this principle in the same way. Please tell me more about you in every email and don't forget to send me your photos. I think this will make our communication more interesting. Do you agree?? I do not want our communication to be similar to the questionnaire. But I will be happy to answer all your questions. I think I should tell you right away that I lead a healthy lifestyle. In the past, I played volleyball, skied a lot, and even did figure skating. But now work takes up too much of my time, and I don't have the opportunity to exercise regularly. But despite this, I often go to the fitness center to keep my figure in good condition. I will send you some of my photos, and I hope you like them. I also like to read books, watch some movies, and cook. Cooking is one of my favorite Hobbies. I will tell you all about this in more detail in my subsequent letters . Of course, provided you're interested in it.)) In any case, I hope that you will not leave my letter without attention. I'll be happy to see your answer tomorrow. And I just want to apologize that my letter was a little long. But I have tried to write you what I think is important to learn from the first letter so that we can then move on to our goal, if it matches . And I promise that in the future I will try to make my emails shorter!! )) Waiting for your answer! Maria
Letter 4
Hello Paul!!! Thank you for your response! I'm glad you answered me today. This means that you are interested in a serious relationship, and we can continue!! I sincerely hope that our communication will grow and develop day by day. We will write letters to each other and answer each other's questions. This is important because this is the first sign that we are interested in each other, right?? Paul, after I wrote you my last letter, I thought for a long time about if my letter interested you?? Or did you not even start reading my email and delete it after you only read half of it?
Perhaps I shouldn't have been so open and written about my past relationships right away in the first letter?? I really tormented myself with all these questions!! But then I calmed me down with the thought that honesty is most important!! If we tell each other what we think and feel from the very first letter, it will be more correct than we will hide something, right?? The past is an integral part of our life, and it is impossible to escape from the past. The past cannot be changed!! But we can always find the strength to accept our past as part of our life and continue to move forward despite all the failures in the past!!! Unfortunately, for many people, the past becomes a ballast that prevents them from building the future. This is not correct.
So I boldly tell you about my past failures. I don't want to have any secrets from you. Paul, I want you to understand that I take our correspondence very seriously. I don't have time for games!! I am very limited in my time, because I have to write to you from work. The fact is that the Internet Provider that won the tender to connect my house to the Internet suddenly went bankrupt, and at the same time lost all the money that the residents of my house, including me, collected to connect the Internet to our house. Now there are legal proceedings about whether we should again collect money to connect the Internet to our home or the Internet Provider should return this money back, and we should already contact another Internet Provider. When the court will pass sentence, and when the Internet Provider will return us the money, I do not know yet, but I will believe that soon. But in the meantime, I'll write to you from work. I will try to do this regularly, but if suddenly I can't answer you right away, then please don't worry! I will always answer you when I have some free time at work!
Paul, I think you won't mind if I devote most of my letter today to telling you about my work. Of course, I will touch a little on the subject of my family, but I will tell you more about it in my subsequent letters. I don't want this letter of mine to be as long as my previous letter. I'm afraid that this way my letters can quickly bore you, and you will close my letter, as most of my classmates closed the book of Lev Tolstoy "War and Peace"!! By the way, this is my favorite book. But now the story is not about this, but about my work. So, I work in a clothing store. And as I wrote to you in my last letter, I hold the position of accountant there, but I also help sellers in the trading floor. I like my main job as an accountant, but I also like helping other women choose clothes and be beautiful! It is worth mentioning that when I graduated from the University and received the education of an Accountant, for a long time I could not find a job in my specialty. I worked as a hairdresser for several years! I did women's makeup and hairstyles, dyed their hair! In General, I did what I do now - I make women more beautiful!!)) Of course, I was sad that after I spent 5 years studying Accounting, I had to work in a Barber shop, but in Russia, after graduating from University, it is always difficult to find a job in the specialty! As a result, only half a year ago I was lucky, and I found a job in the clothing store where I work right now!)))))) I really like it here, but at the same time I'm always busy, and I always come home very tired!! The fact is that I work from 9: 00 am to 21: 00 PM! According to the schedule, I work 5 days a week and I have 2 day off, but this does not always fall on Sunday! I want to note that the store is open 7 days a week! Sometimes I have to replace other sellers, so often I can get a day off on Monday, Tuesday, or any other day of the week. It's not convenient, but I'm used to it, especially since I live alone! My mother and sister live in the village. My father left the family when my sister and I were young!
Unfortunately, I can't have more free time to talk about my family, but I'll do it in my next email, okay?? Please tell me about your education and where you worked. What are the difficulties in learning and in work you've ever seen?? This will be interesting. I hope my letter didn't tire you too much.? I tried to write a little letter, but I feel like I got a little carried away again. ))) I wish you a good day and wait for your answer, if you are not bored with me.)) Maria
Letter 5
Hello Paul!!! Thank you for your new email!!! I'm glad that our communication continues and I can see your emails when I have a break at work!! Thank you for showing me that you are interested in our conversation. I really appreciate it! My friend, I am sorry for your father's death. I am sorry that he is no longer with us.
You asked me who I like more cats or dogs? I love all pets.)) Paul, so, in my previous letter, I promised you to write more about my family. I only managed to write that I have a mother and a sister. But this is not quite true. I also have a nephew and niece. )) These are my older sister's children! Her son's name is Yuri!!
My sister named it after Yuri Gagarin. I think you know the Name of the first Astronaut??)) The girl's name is Yulia! This is a real angel! Yes, I don't have a father, because he left my mother , me, and my sister more than 20 years ago. I was 8 years old at the time, and my sister was 11 years old. Our mother raised us alone.
She worked as a milkmaid at a Dairy Farm in our village. She got up at 3: 30 A.M., had Breakfast, and went to milk the cows. She would come back at about 7: 00 AM in the morning, Wake me and my sister to get ready for school. My mother never had any free time, but I always knew that she loved me and my sister. My sister was in many ways my mother's replacement, because my mother worked hard to raise us alone. I was very lucky with my sister. Usually children in the family often argue over a toy or some other reason, but my sister never offended me. She always braided my hair when we were going to kindergarten. )) It was so nice that even now I write to you about it and smile. She still lives with her mother, despite the fact that she is already married! It is a pity, only, that she, too, is not very lucky with her husband. Her husband often uses alcohol in large quantities. He even hit her a couple of times in the past, but my sister didn't find the strength to leave him and start a new life. I don't blame her for that. This is her choice, but I can admit that their relationship is one of the reasons why I do not want to build a relationship with a Russian man!!
And, of course, the example of my father, when he left my mother with two small children, left a lasting impression in my heart! Is it possible that Russian men do not have a special gene that is responsible for family values?? I do not know this for sure, but I can say that my mother and sister are wonderful women who appreciate such a thing as a family home and, of course, they deserve more happiness! It is a pity that in Russia there are hundreds of thousands of such examples, when men leave their wives and children. Moreover, there are those men who beat not only their wives, but also children!!! This is terrible!!! And the terrible thing is that the laws of my country do not always protect the rights of women who are subjected to violence, which is probably why men here feel too unpunished. Now some activists are trying to make sure that the law "on domestic violence" is finally adopted in my country. This law should have protected all family members from violence, but at the moment there are many opponents of this law. And, of course, I can't understand why my country encourages domestic violence! Personally, I don't want to suffer from a man I love. I want a happy relationship where a man and a woman respect and appreciate each other. I want me and my man to please each other in everything. It's so nice when a man can just give flowers to his beloved woman. And a woman without any reason can arrange a romantic dinner. Do you agree with me?? I think that happiness is in small things. I Wake up in the morning and go to the window first thing. I open the curtains and let light into my apartment. I rejoice in the sunbeam that bounces off my mirror and bounces on my pillow. Then I go to this very mirror, look at my reflection, and smile at myself!! I say aloud to myself: "Good morning, Maria!!!" No, no, I'm not crazy.))) Of course, I live alone in my apartment and I don't have enough of a loving man around, but I'm not crazy. Paul, if you don't find it difficult, then please try to start your morning by wishing you a good day and smiling at your reflection. You will see that your day will be more pleasant than ever. This is a very simple secret to making yourself happier. My mother taught me this since I was a child. As I told you, my mother had a very simple life, but she always smiled. She never gave up, and she taught me to look at life positively!!
Marc, now I have to apologize, because unfortunately, I can't continue my story about my family now. My break is over and I have to work! I will continue my account of this in my next letter. I will also try to tell you a little more about my childhood and youth. I wish you a good day. Your, Maria
Letter 6
Hello Paul!!!! I'm sorry I haven't written to you for several days. The store where I work had problems with the Internet and therefore I could not access my emai to read your letter and write a response. Fortunately, today this problem has been solved and I can write to you again so that we can begin to get to know each other better and develop a serious relationship. I'm sorry you fell into the water while skating. BUT I am glad that your father saved you and now you are doing well !!! Your father is brave !!! It's very good that you wrote to me again!!! I am gradually getting used to our communication, and I am really happy to find your letter on my e-mail!!! This helps brighten up my gray days!! I hope that my letters also bring you no little pleasure and do not overwork you too much?? It is important to me that we both can feel the joy of reading our letters. Of course, I understand that my emails get a little long, but every time I write you a letter, it's hard for me to stop! For example, do you have friends in reality that are easy for you to talk to?? When you don't have to think about what to say to end an awkward pause? I think this is familiar to everyone!! Now, it's easy for me to write you letters!! It's easy for me to read your letters and respond to them!! It makes me happy!! This is a good sign!
)) Paul, in my last letter, I didn't have time to tell you everything I wanted to tell you about my family! I understand that you're wondering why my father left the family if my mother is really that good. It's no secret, but it's a sad enough story!
It all started after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when, along with the collapse of the country, almost all agriculture was abandoned to its fate! My father worked as a tractor driver, but the collective farms quickly fell into disrepair and tractor drivers began to pay little. My father gradually started drinking! I was little, but I remember him coming home *****! These are not pleasant memories. Because of his frequent drunkenness, relations in the family began to collapse! After a while, he found another woman with whom he often drank and left us! He died a couple of years later from cirrhosis of the liver...... I truly feel sorry for him, but I don't want to think about it now Paul, in my last letter I promised to tell you more about my childhood and youth!! Now, I've always been an obedient daughter! I studied well, participated in various competitions in mathematics and other school subjects! I did a lot of sports: I skated and skied, I rode a bike! I also played volleyball and figure skating! I wrote to you about it, do you remember? I remember one time I was skiing down a mountain and I must have accelerated too much, because all of a sudden I fell and ended up in a deep snowdrift. But it wasn't scary. It was terrible that I broke both skis! No, I was not afraid that my mother might scold me for it. My mother was always kind, but now I had to buy new skis. Of course, skis were not too expensive, but even this amount was too much for my mother! I knew that my mother would buy me these skis even if she was starving, but I could not allow this! I made an agreement with some of my neighbors that I would come and clean the snow in their yard for money! I would get up at 5am and clean the snow, then go to school and clean the snow again after school!! I've been doing this for almost 2 weeks! I was 11 years old at the time, and that's when I started earning my first money! I remember how proud my mother was of me!!)) Yes, my childhood was not simple, but I love my childhood! I love my mother's hot rice and meat pies! I love the potato pancakes she baked at the stove!! My mother is good at cooking and loves to do it. She gave me this love! I also love cooking!
Letter 7
Hello dear Paul!)) Thank you for your letter!!! Thank you for the good mood you give me when I receive your letters. Sometimes we all need so little to smile, right? Your letters become an important ritual of my day! Despite the fact that I am always very busy with work, I do not forget about you and always try to find an opportunity to read your letter and write you a response!!! Paul, I just noticed that I wrote to you :" Hello dear Paul " ! I did it absolutely without thinking! I hope you don't mind me calling you "dear"?? I was able to allow myself to address you this way today, because I feel like I'm liberated myself from letter to letter. If our communication took place in reality, it would probably be difficult for me to tell you so openly about my life: about my family, my father and my childhood! And of course, it would be difficult for me to take the first step to start our acquaintance! Yes, of course, in the modern world, many women themselves approach men for Dating and this is considered normal. I'm not saying it's not right! In my first letters, I wrote to you that every man builds his own happiness with his own hands, and therefore any woman has every right to be the first to meet a man. But I'm talking about having a more conservative upbringing! I will try to explain to you what I want to say! My sister and I never drank or smoked! Even now, I can rarely drink a little red wine or champagne! We've never tried drugs! We always helped my mother with her homework: we fed pigs, ducks, chickens, and geese. However, I must admit that I personally have never fed geese! My sister did it because the geese always wanted to pinch me! No, I didn't tease them, but for some reason the geese didn't like me!! But the pigs loved me.)) I even had a favorite pig named "Nusha"! It was a nice pig with a huge appetite. I always tried to feed Nusha something delicious. Sometimes I didn't even eat the gingerbread my mother gave me to secretly feed the pig. Did you have a favorite animal as a child?? Of course, I like most children loved dogs and cats, but for some reason I remembered now about the pig. And anyway, I'm sorry that I changed the subject so suddenly.) I repeat that it is very easy for me to write letters to you, and I even feel that you are my old friend, whom I have not seen for so long and tell you about what new things have happened in my life during the time we have not seen each other. It's weird, isn't it?? But let's get back to the subject of parenting! I was talking about how my sister and I always helped my mother. Many of our classmates ran away to discos, but we did lessons instead! No, my mom didn't lock us in the house so she wouldn't let us go anywhere, and she didn't make us work! My mother did not read us morals! We just looked at my mother and saw her as a role model! Now in my city I see a lot of young mothers who walk with young children and at the same time drink ****, smoke and swear! This is terrible, because the child sees it and starts repeating it after their Parents! Parents should set the right example! They should play sports so that children also start to love sports! For example, my aunt was also a role model for me, in addition to my mother! This is my mother's own sister! It was her example that I went to University to get an Accounting Education! To do this, I had to move from the village to Vladimir! This is about 90 kilometers from the village where my mother and sister live! It's not as far as my aunt did! She moved to live in Kiev, this is Ukraine! She married a Ukrainian man. But she comes to us every year, despite the fact that my country and Ukraine now have complicated political relations! By the way, I promised in my last letter to tell you about our family tradition! When my aunt comes to visit Russia, we always go to the cemetery to my grandparents! Do you have a similar tradition of coming to the cemetery?? My grandparents lived in Vladimir, and when I went to University, I lived with them and helped them! My grandfather died when I was in my 2nd year of University, and my grandmother died a year after that! I inherited their apartment! It was an old house, and the house was already intended for demolition, so I received some compensation from the city authorities and used the money to buy a new apartment. Of course, for this I had to take a large loan from the Bank! At this time, I was already working, and the Bank approved this loan for me. I'm still paying for it! As you know, I live alone, so when I go home, I'm very lonely! And in order to escape from loneliness, I watch TV or read books! Yesterday I switched from channel to channel until I came across the movie "gone with the wind"! I've watched this movie a few times, but you can always watch a good movie again, right? Today I plan to do something more useful - I will go to the fitness center! Please write to me and tell me what your plans are for this evening. I will look forward to your next letter! Maria
Letter 8
Hello dear Paul!!! I'm glad to get another letter from you! Now I thought about how great it is that we live in the 21st century, when we don't have to wait a month or more for correspondence from one corner of the world to reach another corner of the world! All this happens in one second!! The world has become more open, and it's really great that men and women from different countries can communicate!! Perhaps in the future, borders between countries will be destroyed not only on the Internet, but also on the World Map?? And then we can visit each other without any problems?)) What do you think about Geographical borders between countries?? Are they needed or not??
I'm interested in your opinion!! Paul, I'm sorry, but now I have to close my email to help my colleague! I will be back soon and continue my letter!
Letter 9
Paul, I'm here again. I'm sorry I had to interrupt, but I had to accept payment from the buyer immediately! Sometimes we have to deal with customers who do not like to wait for a single minute and can even be rude! Of course, we can't enter into any conflicts. We must be polite under all circumstances. It is not difficult for me, because I try never to conflict! From my own experience, I can say that negative energy only provokes even more negative energy! In General, I try to treat all people with understanding. There is so much cruelty in the world that we should all start smiling more often.))) I see a lot of people every day who have only concern or anger on their face! This morning I went to work and saw a situation where a motorist almost hit a woman at a pedestrian crossing, because he was not looking at the road, but instead was reading something on his smartphone! He jumped out of the car, waved his hands and long scolded the woman who was not guilty of anything! It is good that the police were nearby and the driver of the car was quickly calmed down and even gave him a fine for almost hitting a pedestrian. This is not an isolated situation where people are completely immersed in their smartphones that they don't even notice anything around them! For example, I notice a lot of young girls who meet in a cafe and do not talk to each other, but continue to write something on their smartphone.))
It seems to me that at this time they write something to each other instead of saying something in words!)) Some don't even get a spoon in their mouth because they can't look away from the screen.)) Most likely they don't even feel the taste of the dish they are eating!! Of course, I'm not against modern technology. They make life easier for us. It was also very difficult for me when a criminal a couple of months ago snatched my bag, where my smartphone, all my wages and keys to the apartment were lying. I went to the police, but there is still no news about this. I asked them to look at the cameras that were near the stop, but the police say that because of the darkness, the criminal's face is difficult to recognize! So I was left without a smartphone, without keys and without money! It's good that my friend Tanya lent me money to pay for a loan, for food, and even gave me her old Nokia 101 phone, which I still use. And it's good that I still have access to the "cloud", and I can send you some of my old photos that were taken on that smartphone! Of course, I immediately changed the lock on the door of my apartment! Tell me, how is crime in your country??
Maybe this situation is observed only in my country? Paul, I think it's time to change the subject! What haven't I told you yet?? I think I told you where my aunt works, but I didn't tell you that my sister works at the Post office. By the way, if we sent each other letters in an envelope, my sister would bring them to me.))
Although no!! She works as a postman in the village, but not in Vladimir. And it is 90 kilometers from Vladimir. Of course, I sometimes go to them, but sometimes my mother and sister come to Vladimir themselves. It is possible that on my next day off I will be able to visit my family! I think they will be very surprised if I tell them about you! In any case, they will be happy for me, because if I am happy, then they are happy! And at this point, I can say with firm confidence that I am happy that I turned to a Dating Agency and wrote you my first letter! Please be sure to keep writing to me!! I will wait for your next answer! Maria
Letter 10
Hello, my dear Paul! Thank you for your letter! Very glad to see your answer again!
I've already written to you about how your letters are becoming an important part of my day. Now I can say with confidence that now your letters have become an important part of my day!!)) I always look forward to getting some free time to read your letter and write you a response. I want to admit That I can not always read your letter and immediately respond to it! Sometimes I have to read your letter first and then look for some more free time to finally write you my answer! Of course, this is not convenient, but I still really appreciate our communication! I want us to be able to sit quietly across from each other in the future and talk about everything without any haste. I believe this can happen! Paul, I wrote you a letter in my past about the border between countries! Yes, perhaps one day in the future they will cease to exist and the world will become one! But when exactly will this happen?? I think that no one can give an exact answer to this question. I thought a lot about borders before I went to bed last night! I often analyze my emails when I get home. The fact is, I never plan in advance what I should write to you in my letter. I'm writing you what comes into my head right now. Is it possible that this makes it a little difficult for you to understand my letters correctly?? I hope not!)) So, when I started thinking about borders again, I thought that we actually build these borders ourselves! We, people, build fences between neighbors, thus separating ourselves from others! Sometimes we build fences between countries! But what if we just say, "No, borders!!" let's get on a plane and meet each other!)) It may sound too easy, but if we continue to develop our relationship and realize that we are right for each other, then meeting is the logical next step!! I think it would be nice for both of us to enjoy walks together, admire the stars, or just cook dinner at the stove! Tell me, how romantic are you?? What is Romance to you?? I know that there are girls who believe that romance is when a man comes for them in a tuxedo, gives them flowers and takes them to a restaurant where music plays and waiters pour wine! Then they dance under the moon and count the stars together. Yes, of course, it's romantic, but personally, I prefer a slightly different romance. This is when we watch a movie together and hug each other! We go to the store together and hold hands! It will be romantic for me if I go home from work and you meet me at the bus stop with an umbrella! It will be romantic for me if you come home after work and I cook your favorite dish, put candles on and turn on beautiful music.))) But stop dreaming!!
Let's get back to reality!! Paul, tell me about your day?? What are your plans for tonight?? Personally, I planned to go to the gym again tonight, but my sister suddenly changed my plans. And I have to admit that I'm happy about it!) Today she comes to Vladimir and stays with me for the night! I already wrote to you about her working at the Post Office! So, today and tomorrow they will have a meeting at the main office of the Post office and she must be present at this! After work, I will definitely go to the store and buy some food for dinner. My sister no comes to visit me too often, and I want to treat her to something special. I haven't decided what I'm going to cook yet, but in my next email, I'll write you what I cooked and how we spent the evening! Of course, we will talk a lot!!! I think you've noticed that girls always like to talk?)) Especially if they are sisters. I'm thinking about how she'll react when I tell her about you!?? I am sure that she will fully support me! In the past, I have said that I have intentions to try to find a man through the Internet.
She said it was a good idea and wished me success! I am sure that she will be sincerely glad that I have you! By the way, I hope you don't mind if I tell my sister about you. I can't hide such important news from my sister. We have always been very close and trusted each other even the most intimate secrets. I think you also have someone you can talk to about any of your problems or share your happiness with?? The one to whom you can tell about me?? Write me about it and wait for your answer !! I will be happy to see your answer again! My dear, finally, I ask for your phone number with the code of your country! I think that we should talk on the phone to strengthen our communication, and that acquaintance was more interesting! Do you agree? I beg you to leave your phone number with the code of your country! I promise I will try very hard to call you in the coming days! I think it would be interesting to talk to you on the phone! I hope that in following your letter I see your number! This is an indicator of the seriousness of our communication! Your, Maria
Letter 11
Good day, my dear Paul!!! Thank you for writing me your phone number, I will definitely call you when I buy an international phone card. Before I call you, I warn you about this, ok ?? How Was your day? How is your mood?? I'm in a great mood today!
I feel an extraordinary lightness in my movements! I want to smile and give my smile to the whole world! I want all the people in this huge world to forget about their Affairs and worries for a moment and just smile at each other!! Dear, I hope you read this letter of mine and smile back at me!)) Paul, I think you're trying to figure out why I'm in such a good mood today?? I will tell you why this is so, but first I want to tell you that after we started writing letters to each other, I usually had a good mood every day! And every day, with every letter you wrote, I became more and more convinced that there was a man in the world who really needed me. I am truly happy about how our relationship is developing, and we are even starting to talk about meeting in reality! This is very nice!! Each of us in this world has the right to happiness! We are here precisely to find this happiness. We are now building our happiness with our own hands! Yes, we are now building only the Foundation on which our happiness will stand, but there is nothing more important in the building than the Foundation itself! No, I'm not a Builder, and I don't understand much about the ratio of sand, water, and cement you need to use to get high-quality concrete. But I can say with confidence that honesty, trust and mutual understanding are the main elements that we must use to achieve a good result! Do you agree with me?? Honey, I'm sorry if I'm getting too far ahead of myself, but I'm just writing you what I think.
I want to say that I take you very seriously, and I do it not only in words, but also in deeds! Paul, in my last letter, I wrote to you about my sister coming to Vladimir for work, and I said that I wanted to tell her about you. I really didn't hide anything from her. I talked about what I wrote to you first and now we communicate very well! My sister told me that it was very unexpected for her to hear that I had the courage to write to a man first! I usually don't do anything like this! But she is glad that I have finally decided to take my fate into my own hands and started acting! It was important for me to hear that she supported me, and this is one of the reasons why I'm in such a great mood today! I already wrote to you that she is not doing well in her personal life, and that her husband even beat her several times, and she understands well why I am looking for a relationship on the Internet! She loves me and wants me to be happy, so she fully supports me in everything!!! She asked me to give you a big Hello and tell you not to hurt me!)) Please forgive her for asking you not to hurt me. She doesn't think you're a bad person, but she insisted that I wrote this to you, and I fulfilled my promise that I made to her! By the way, I promised you that I would write about what I made for dinner! I've been thinking for a long time about what I should cook best!?? Bake a cupcake with raspberry jam?? But the cupcake is best eaten in the morning, so as not to spoil the figure! Every girl wants everything to be good with her figure! I'll tell you a secret that's why I go to the gym!))) Prepare chicken fillet with mushrooms, potatoes with rosemary and salad?? But mushrooms are heavy food for the stomach and before going to bed, mushrooms are better not to eat! In the end, I decided to cook fish and seafood salad! My sister was happy, because she likes fish as much as I do. In the past, we even went fishing with her! She taught me how to put worms on a hook, and I really didn't like it! I was sorry for the worm, so I always fished for corn or bread! Of course, the last time I went fishing was about 10 years ago, but I still remember how to fish.)) But enough of this. It's time for me to keep working! I have to prepare some accounting reports for the last quarter for the Central office in Moscow! They need it very urgently! I, as always will wait for your answer!! Write me soon! Yours, Maria
Letter 12
Hi Paul!!!! How are you?? I'm worried about the lack of your letter. I understand, if you are very busy, and you can not write to me now. And this is normal. But what if you do not receive my letters ?? Or are you not willing to continue our communication? This worries me very much. Please answer me soon and tell me why you do not write to me. Maria
Letter 13
Hello my dear Paul!!! I understand that you work hard. But can you take 20-30 minutes a day to write me a letter? Finally I can breathe easy and start writing my letter to you! I just sent the report to Moscow that I told you about in my last letter. The Director of our branch constantly hurried me and it interfered with me a little. I understand it because it was an important report, but that's why I couldn't afford to make any mistakes, and I had to check everything several times. I'm sure I did everything right, but I'm still a little worried! )) Now you need to wait for a response from Moscow! It is possible that after this I can get my legal day off and go to the village! I'll ask our Director about it! Paul, tell me now, how is your day going today? Are you all right?? What did you do yesterday? As for me, yesterday after work I went to the gym! Usually after a 12-hour working day, I get tired and I don't always have the strength to train well! But yesterday I didn't even feel tired!
I did all the exercises very well, and my friend Olga even asked me if I really worked all day yesterday or rested, so I'm full of energy!)) I did not reveal my secret to her, although the secret was very simple - it's all about you!!! Dear, let me explain what I mean. Every day I started to notice that I was thinking more and more about you. I Wake up in the morning, make my own Breakfast, and think about what you ate this morning? What's the weather like outside your window?? What dreams did you have today?? I go to work in the morning and think about what you have planned for today? I try to imagine how we could have Breakfast together and talk about our plans for the whole day! I come to work and wait for the number of customers to decrease so that I can read your letter and write you a response! I come back from work and look at the couples walking through the streets of my city. I even begin to envy them, because they have the opportunity to go somewhere together! For example, go to a cafe, take a walk in the Park or watch a movie at the cinema! I get sad when I imagine that soon I will get home, open my door with my key and only silence will meet me... I know that I will again cook dinner for me alone, I will again be alone watching TV or reading a book! When I write to you about this, I remember a line from ray Bradberry's Dandelion Wine, when a woman talks about loneliness: "I've Been to Paris, to Vienna, to London, and everywhere alone, and it turns out that being alone in Paris is no better than being alone in Greentown, Illinois. It doesn't matter where you are. "Of course, I have not been to Paris, Vienna, London, or even any other country except Russia, but in my heart I completely agree with this woman! If we can't share our journey with anyone, our emotions, our most delicious dinner, then all this loses its colors! I think that no one in this world can watch the sunset alone for several days in a row! When an artist takes a brush and begins to draw a sunset, he does it in order to share this beauty with other people! When a poet feels unrequited love, he writes poems that become a work of art or will remain forever lying on a dusty shelf!! Paul, but enough of this, because I can feel the tears starting to come to my eyes!! I don't want you to think I'm too sentimental, but you still have to understand that I'm a woman, and I can sometimes cry when I watch sad movies!! I think men do this sometimes, too? Dear, what movie or book made you feel sad, if not cry?? For example, I cried many times when I watched the movie "Titanic" or "Hachiko"!! Paul, I'm sorry that I started to get a little philosophical in this letter of mine! I guess it comes from the fact that I feel like our relationship is growing, we are getting closer mentally, but still too far away physically! I want to believe that one day the thousands of kilometers that separate us will turn into the distance of one kiss, and we will be able to get real pleasure from being together. I won't hide from you that I often think about this too, especially when I go to bed, and the thought of us as a couple warms me on cold, lonely nights. But it is important to understand that for me, the decision to meet is a very important step, and before making this step, I must be completely sure that this time has come! My dearest, please forgive me, but on this note I must end the letter because one of my colleagues is asking me for help. Everything seems to be that she can not cope with the questions of customers without me, and I must run to her to help! I understand that today I again got a little distracted from the topic and from the question of why I trained so well, I moved on to the topic of loneliness. But I'm sure you understood me, that I trained well and was full of energy because you became my motivation! I used to want to look good for myself, but now I want to keep my shape in order to please you!! I hope that your day will be full of happiness and success!
We'll talk soon! Your, Maria
Letter 14
Hello my dear, Paul! I, as always very is happy to see your the answer! I confess that I was a little worried after I wrote such a Frank letter! I was thinking about how you would react to me saying that I believe that the distance between us can be reduced to a single kiss. I thought I was too bold when I wrote to you about it, but on the other hand, why hide what I feel?? In any case, I am very happy that I have written to you frankly about my dream of meeting you in the future. Of course, this is not easy to organize, but if we really want it, then nature itself will accompany it! I believe that thoughts have the ability to materialize!! You also believe that if you really want to, you can make any desire a reality!?? Of course, I can't turn into a bird and fly to you, because it's not possible! We don't have a magic wand like Harry Potter to work miracles. But we can do everything just like millions of other people in this world who travel from one country to another!! Right?? Paul, Yes, of course, meeting you will be a very serious step for me! For me, this is not just an adventure, but a trip that will change our entire future, so I want to talk about it with my mom. Of course, I am already quite an adult girl myself, and I have my own opinion. I have every right to make my own decision! I know that my mom will not interfere with any of my decisions, but out of respect and love for my mom, I want to talk to her before I start planning our meeting! Moreover, today my boss told me that tomorrow I will have a day off, and I will be able to go to my mother and sister in the village today after work! By the way, I shouldn't have worried about the accounting report! My boss said I did everything right and praised me for it!
This made me very happy! Dear, returning to the subject of my mother, I am sure that my sister has already told my mother about you, and my mother already knows about your existence. This is good, because my news will not be a big surprise for her.
Paul, I ask you not to worry too much about how my mom will react to my news about you. She is very kind and will never interfere with my happiness. I'm sure she'll even suggest that I take a few jars of jam, pickles, and tomatoes with me so that I can treat you at the meeting!))) She is really very economic and taught us to be good Housewives in the house. I already wrote to you about what she taught me to cook, but this is not the whole list of what she taught me. I also know how to sew, knit, saw and chop wood, hammer nails! I can use a drill and a scythe! All this because we grew up without a father. But please don't think I'm advertising myself right now!!)) I just wanted to say nice things about my mom. My dear, forgive me, but I must close this letter. Tonight, after work, I'm going to the village to visit my mother and sister. I won't be able to write to you while I'm there because they don't have Internet or a computer, but don't worry. I think I'll be back at work tomorrow, and the first thing I'll do is write you a letter. Don't lose me if my answer is a little late. Mentally I will be with you! I wish you a good day and a great mood! Hugs and kisses! Maria
Letter 15
Good day dear Paul!!!!! How was your day? Unfortunately, I still haven't received a reply to my letter to you. It's been a long time, but there's no answer. I'm starting to worry that you won't get my previous letter. But maybe you were too busy and you couldn't write to me earlier?? I want to continue our communication and acquaintance.
I really hope that tomorrow I will see your answer to my previous letter. Am asking you write me more often! This will please me! I will reciprocate and send you my photo! I wish you a good day and good mood! With respect, Maria
Letter 16
Hello my dear Paul! I'm back at work, and I can write to you again! How's your day?
How is your mood?? Dear, why are you talking about the central park of Krasnoyarsk? I have never been to Krasnoyarsk. Paul, you know that I went to the village to see my mother, and I have to say that my trip went perfectly! Of course, I got to the village late at night, but we didn't go to bed right away! We drank tea with a cake that I bought specially in the supermarket and talked for a long time! Of course, as I expected, my sister has already told my mother a little about you, so it was not news to my mother that I found you on the Internet, and that our relationship is developing rapidly! Of course, my mother listened with great interest to my story about how we met, about how our relationship is developing, and even about what we started talking about meeting in reality! I told my mom that you were exactly the man I imagined in my dreams. I told her you were interesting, honest, caring, serious, fair. And this is only a small part of your advantages that I listed to her)). Paul, I know that you really are the man I dreamed of! I thank fate every day for the opportunity to get to know each other and get to know each other better! You do a lot for me. You give me a lot of positive emotions. Through your letters, you show your concern for me. You worry and most importantly think about me. It means a lot to me!
Our feelings and emotions are mutual! I also constantly think about you, imagine our meeting. I worry and worry about you. In my letters, I try to convey to you all the feelings that I have in my soul. I want to take care of you and make you a happy person! All this I told my mother, and when I finished my story, my mother did not ask many questions, but looked into my eyes for a very long time! Then she smiled at me and said that it was a long time since she had seen my eyes Shine with such happiness! The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and if we really experience happiness, it is very easy to determine it by the eyes! My mother said that I did the right thing when I made the decision to seek happiness abroad! As you know, she has already experienced my father's treachery, and does not wish me to suffer such a fate! Like any mother, she wishes me true happiness and believes that you are the man who can give me love and respect! She told me that she fully supports my desire to meet you in reality! I said that at the moment we have not made any specific plans for our meeting, but I am glad that my mother and sister will support me if we decide that I will go to you!! Paul, are you happy? Dear, I'm very happy! This is the most important thing I wanted to hear from them! They are genuinely happy and happy for me. For them, the most important thing is that my life is happy! I'm sure my life will be happy with a man like you, Paul! Even when you're far away from each other, you've already changed my life for the better. Imagine what will happen when we meet)). I think we will be swimming in an ocean of happiness and joy. You probably think I'm looking at life with rose-colored glasses right now. But, no, dear, it's not. I am well aware that in life there is both happiness and grief. Life gave me different lessons. I am well aware that there are difficult and difficult situations that we can face in our life together. I believe that the most important thing in any life situation is always to be close to a man and to support and help him as much as possible. Whether it's happiness or some difficult situation. I want to be your support and support always. Dear, know that you can always trust me, and I will try to do everything to make you feel the happiest person! We have made a big step forward in our relationship. I hope that in the future we will also have a great understanding and respect for each other! Paul, I'm overwhelmed with emotion. I am very glad that my mother visited me. I am very happy with her reaction to our communication. We also had a very pleasant time. If I tell you everything in detail, the letter will be very large!) I don't want to take up too much of your time! I want us to be able to talk slowly about everything while being close to each other! Dear, now all the circumstances to organize our meeting are on our side, and we only need to make a decision! Dear, please tell me, are you ready to receive me in your home??
It will be easier and calmer for us to stay with you. It's very important for me to see where you live. I want to see your life in reality, to see the area where you live, to meet people close to you. Perhaps in the future I will have to move to live with you forever, if we meet and realize that we can no longer live without each other. This is also very important in choosing the place of our meeting. Of course, it is too early for us to talk about my moving in with you permanently, but we will discuss this issue when we meet. Now the most important thing is to organize our first meeting. I hope you agree with my thoughts. Paul, please think about it very seriously! Write all your thoughts about our meeting. I can't wait to hear your answer! Write, please, are you ready to receive me? I will now finish this letter of mine and wait for your decision with trepidation in my heart! Now our future is in your hands, and only you can decide where we will go next! Write me soon! Your, Maria
Letter 17
Hello my Paul! Thank you for your response!! I want to tell you that I was very worried after I wrote to you! I kept thinking about what you would say to me??!! I wanted to see your answer as soon as possible, because our future depended only on your answer!! My colleagues saw the excitement on my face and asked me what I was so worried about, but I didn't tell them our secret! They will find out about everything at the right time!! Dear, no, I did not doubt the seriousness of your intentions and was completely sure that you would say YES to my offer of a meeting!!! But I couldn't help feeling a little uneasy. It's like shaking your knees before a responsible step!! I think you understand me?)) Now, when I read your letter, I became very well, very easy at heart, that now I know for sure that you treat me very seriously, and our communication is not just words, but a really honest relationship!!!!! Thank you dear Paul, you once again proved to me your seriousness, and now I am happy as I have never been happy in my life!!!)))) It was very important to me that you answer me:
"are you Ready to meet me!?" This is an indicator of the seriousness of our relations!!! For my part, I already told you that I am ready to come to you and my mother supports me in this decision. Now after your letter, I will do everything to come and be with you, my dear Paul! Dear, now we can plan our meeting. It's very important that we meet at your place, and I'm sure you understand me. I have already written to you that I would like to move in with you permanently in the future, if we make such a decision in the future. I want to say again that I don't want to rush things. I'm only writing this so you can understand how serious I am about you. But if we are planning a future together, it is very important for me to see where you live! I want to know your mentality, your behavior! Unfortunately, I have never been far from home, especially in another country, and I think I need to go consult a travel Agency. When I have free time, I will go and find out what I need to be able to come to you. Dear Paul, thank you again for everything you do for me. Today you have made me very happy with your answer!! You have no idea how happy I am!!! )) I Shine with happiness, like the brightest star in the sky! If you look up in the sky tonight and see the brightest star, then know that it's me!)) Dear understand, you are the man I have been looking for all my life, with you I see my future, and we need to fight for our feelings. That's why I decided to take this step to come to you, I don't want to lose this chance. I am confident in my thoughts and feelings, but for the next step, we need to meet in reality! We are trying to strengthen our relationship, and to achieve a stronger relationship, we need a meeting.
Relationships through letters can't give real great feelings, can't convey the warmth of our hands and the taste of our lips! Only attachment can be obtained through letters!!! But this way, we have become much closer to each other through letters, it is easier for us to communicate and share opinions! Do you agree with me? In my free time, I will definitely go to the tourist Agency for a consultation. As soon as I find out everything, I'll write everything to you right away. Dear, now we are making a big step in life, and your support and care is especially important to me. Today you once again showed your seriousness to me. My dream is to meet you, I really hope that we will succeed and soon we will be together... So I want to hug you, cuddle up to you tightly, kiss you gently ... Darling, I'll go. I need to continue to work. I will look forward to your response!!! Have a nice day. Your, Maria P.S. I want to warn you that today I will buy a one-time International phone call card and try to call you in the evening Moscow time. I hope that you will have free time so that we can hear our voices and speak. Wait for my call.
Letter 18
Hello, my dear Paul! At the beginning of my letter, I want to say about my phone call yesterday. Why didn't you answer my call? I really wanted to talk to you and hear your voice! BUT you didn't answer me. I couldn't even leave a voice message on your answering machine. (((( I have started a break and I can now write you an answer.
Thank you for your letter! You always make my day. I'm so used to your letters that I can't imagine my life without them.)) Thank you for every email. ))) I thank you for your care and attention! I appreciate and respect that you find the time and opportunity to write to me. We became very close. It's great that we decided to meet and you agreed to host me. This is a very big and important step forward in our relations. You have shown the seriousness and sincerity of your intentions and goals.
I am very pleased with this. I want you to also feel that I'm serious about a relationship and meeting you in reality. I have a great desire to go to a travel Agency as soon as possible and find out what is necessary for traveling to you.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of work today and I don't have time to go to the Agency at all. In the near future, I will definitely go and find out everything. Paul, we're already talking about a meeting. Can you imagine? Just recently, this was a dream for me, and soon it may become a reality. I'm insanely happy!!! I am filled with happiness! I hope you do too! Yes, I imagine it will take some time, but the idea that we can see each other gives me strength and optimism. I am very serious and I am sure we will succeed! Honey, can you imagine that we can be together? We can feel each other. I really want to hug you and feel your warmth and care. I want to give you affection and tenderness. We can kiss each other! Paul, that's great! Thank you for everything! Now in the letter, I am bold, I write about kisses, hugs. When we meet, I think I'll be shy.)) When we meet, you must remember that I really want all this!)) I always believed that dreams come true and thoughts are material. I kept thinking about you and the meeting. I imagined how we would spend time together. And all this may soon become a reality. Dear, you will feel like the happiest man! I will do everything for this. You give me happiness, and you deserve a happy and honest relationship. Together we will succeed, and we will be close. Now it is important to go to a travel Agency and find out everything. I will definitely go there! I'll even try to do it tomorrow and then write to you. Today is a very difficult day at work, so I don't have the opportunity to go to a travel Agency right now. In the morning, a lot of customers come to the store and all of them need to help and find suitable things. I do this with great pleasure and joy. I have joy in my heart and I want to share it with everyone. I want to make the world around me happier. And above all you, Paul! Paul, I think to go to a travel Agency, I need to know your full details and your nearest airport. Please write your full name, your address, and the name of the nearest airport in your reply. Okay? Please don't forget! I can't wait to find out everything and take action so that our meeting will take place faster. Honey, I will do everything I can to make our dreams come true. And with your support and care, we will succeed! I always thank fate for connecting us! Paul, write please as you represent our meeting? How will we spend our time? Dear, I will be perfectly honest with you, that the trip to you causes me a little fear. I've never traveled far. Like any girl, I'm very worried about the meeting. This will be our first date and I want everything to go well! But I'm ready to fight my fear. I am ready to overcome all difficulties and worries for you! You help me a lot in this and support me! Thank you, Paul! We will succeed and we will be together... I look forward to the day when I can hug and kiss you! Dear, unfortunately, my break is ending. I need to keep working. I will think of you! Mentally, I'm already with you! I will wait for your answer. Have a nice day! Kiss. Maria
Letter 19
Hello my dear Paul! Thank you for your answer! Thank you for writing the information I requested. She helped me a lot. I have a very busy day. Today I managed to go to the passport and visa service and a travel agency. Dear, I have a lot of information that I'll try to paint in order. First of all, I want to thank you for your care and support! Now we have an important stage in relations and we need to support each other as much as possible so that our meeting takes place. Yes, in connection with Coronavirus we can now only begin to prepare my documents, but there is no agreement on a specific date for my arrival to you. We will closely monitor the development of the situation, and I am sure that everything will work out soon! The measures that doctors and politicians are taking must be successful, and we will defeat this terrible virus! Now I want to get back to you my news! First, I went to the passport and visa service to consult what steps I need to take so that I can fly to you. It turns out that this process is not as simple as I imagined. But I am ready to do everything necessary that we met. The consultant was a very sweet and welcoming girl.
She listened and explained in detail what I needed. In order for the trip to take place without problems, I need to have:
- international passport
- tourist visa (A visa is issued for 90 days, this option is more suitable for us, because the possibility of approving a guest visa is too small for me. A more reliable option is a tourist visa)
- booking tickets (round trip)
- medical insurance
This is a short list of what I need to travel to you. To do this, I need a lot of different documents. First of all, I need to make an international passport. To do this, I need photos, a certificate of employment, a certificate of residence, an application for a passport and many more various small certificates and documents. I won't write to you in detail, it will take a lot of time. I wrote down everything for myself so as not to forget. I also need to book tickets. After that, I will need to collect documents for a visa. This will also require a lot of references and documents. She advised me to contact a travel agency. The agency will help me calculate the best ticket price. They will help to correctly fill out all the necessary certificates and applications. By contacting the agency for help, I will save time and effort. The girl said that a travel agency takes a small fee for her services and this really saves time and effort. The consultant advised me a good travel agency, which has been operating in the tourism market for a long time and has a very good reputation. I did not wait for tomorrow, and immediately went there.
Paul, I really liked the travel agency. Very helpful and nice people. Professional approach. I came across a kind girl who explained everything to me in detail. They calculated the cost of tickets, an international passport, and a visa. We calculated the total cost of the entire package, taking into account all costs. So the total amount for my trip is 83 727 rubles (1329 US dollars). This amount is calculated the following way: an international passport costs 55 US dollars, both ways tickets will cost me 1073 US dollars, visa - 85 US dollars, as well as medical insurance, agency services, various paid inquiries and documents, photos. Dear, it's briefly I explained everything to you what needs to be done. I asked for time to think and consult with you. It is important for me to share everything with you and to know your opinion! I want you to know, for myself, I decided everything. I am ready to meet with you and am ready to start preparing the trip. Please write your final decision. Are you ready to host me? Do you really want to meet? This is a very serious step and we need to approach it thoughtfully. I thought a lot and really want to do everything to be with you! Please write me the answer, and then I can decide to conclude a contract with a travel agency or not. According to the rules, I need to conclude an agreement with them and pay 50 percent of the permit, then they will begin all the necessary preparation of documents. An international passport is done 30 business days. A little later, I will need to pay the remaining 50 percent and book tickets! This is necessary for me to approve a tourist visa without any problems. Paul, I now have some savings, the first half of the payment is enough for me. And it will remain a little more on the second. I don't want to bother you with this, because I myself decided to come to you. I think I can find the missing amount and pay everything. You don't have to think about it and worry. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
For me, the main thing is that you are ready to meet me))! It seems that I did not miss anything and wrote everything to you. Dear, the letter took a lot of time and I need to go to work. I will wait for your answer. I repeat once again that I understand the situation with Coronavirus in the world, but preparing documents can take a lot of time! And it will be right if I start to prepare documents now, so that when the problem with Coronavirus is resolved, then I can safely come to you! Paul, let's make our dream come true! I believe we will succeed! I will look forward to your reply.
Gently kiss! Have a nice day! Maria
Letter 20
Hello my dear Paul! Thank you for your response! Thank you for every word! As always, I am very pleased to receive your letters. I feel warmth and care in each of your letters. You give me unforgettable emotions. I am very happy that our relations are developing, and we are already planning our meeting. Until recently, this was a dream, but today it is a reality. Thank you for making my dreams come true! Paul, you're a wizard! You really deserve a happy relationship! I will do everything to make you a happy man! That's why I went to a travel Agency before work today. I signed a contract with a travel Agency and paid 50 percent of the cost of my trip to you. Honey, are you happy about this news? Before going to bed, I thought a lot and decided to do it to make you happy. I promised to make you a happy man )). Honey, can you imagine, we took a very big step towards our meeting. Starting today, we will start preparing all the necessary documents for me. Are you happy? I am very happy and overwhelmed with emotions! I'm sorry that I made a contract without waiting for your response! I can't wait to be with you . I couldn't resist going to the Agency in the morning. I have the most sincere intentions, and this action I wanted to please you. I wanted to show the seriousness of my feelings. I hope I did it. Paul, the preparation of documents has already begun. This is a very important period. It is necessary to do everything as required by the rules for my visa to be approved. It is necessary to prepare all documents, correctly fill out applications, prepare all the necessary certificates. I do not regret that I turned to travel agencies, because they have a great help in everything. This is very convenient, so I will save a lot of time and effort. I'll have more time to work. Now I need to work more, as I still don't have enough money to pay for the second part of the cost of the trip. In 10 days, my international passport will be ready, and by that time I have to Deposit the rest of the money. The Agency gave me a list of what I need to do on my own. I will do this in my free time. I want everything to go well and our meeting to take place.
I look forward to this day! I still can't believe we'll be around any time soon. We will not be separated by thousands of kilometers. We will be together, Paul, we will be close! Sometimes I think it's a dream. Dear, thank you for everything! You made my life a fairy tale! Soon we will begin a new Chapter in our lives. Let's make our life a fairy tale with a happy ending! For my part , I promise you to make every effort to ensure that our relations always develop positively. I want to give you tenderness, care, affection and love! I want to share happiness and joy with you. In any difficult situation, I will always support and stay close to you. Soon we will be able to hug and kiss each other! Paul, I really want this))! I want to feel the tenderness of your lips! We will breathe the same air! We will fall asleep and Wake up together. What could be more joyous than all this? Time with you will be the happiest for me ... My dear, I have not shared with anyone, the fact that we will soon meet. I didn't tell anyone I was coming to you. My mother always told me that happiness loves silence. Have you told anyone that I'm coming to your place? My colleagues at work and friends say that I have changed a lot. They see that I am always happy and shining like the spring sun. They ask what happened to me )). It is already difficult for me to remain silent and I want to invite my close friends to visit me or go to a cafe with them to share wonderful news with them. Do you mind if I tell them about you and that I'm preparing documents to go to you? I also need to inform the Director in advance that I want to take a leave of absence from work. And most importantly, I need to tell my mother and sister everything. They also don't know yet that I'm starting to prepare documents for a trip to you! Paul, very busy days are about to begin. I will work harder and do everything that is required of me for the trip. Maybe it's time for you to get ready for the meeting too)). I want the time before our meeting to pass quickly, and we finally met. Our first meeting will be at the airport. I think I will be shy at first, but it will pass after a while.
It's really nice to think about meeting and imagining our first kiss. Immediately a smile appears on my face)). Paul, soon we will be close and this gives me the strength to work and prepare documents. Mentally I'm already with you! Write me how you felt when you read that I made a contract. It is very interesting to me. I will wait for your answer. Gently kiss! Have a nice day! Your, Maria
Letter 21
Hi Paul! How are you? How is your mood? I hope you are all well and you didn't answer me because you were too busy. I still want to meet you, to know more about you. You seem to me very interesting and good man. Very willing to continue communication with you. Please send me an email and I will answer you. I wish you good mood. Maria
Letter 22
Hello my dear Paul! I'm taking a break, and I'm in a hurry to write you a letter right away. Thank you for your response! It is very interesting and exciting to read your letter. Thank you for taking the time to answer me! Now I especially need your support and care! Every day we make big steps towards our meeting. During this period of time, it is important for me to receive your letters every day. Each of your letters warms my soul and gives me the strength to work on organizing our meeting.
With each letter, we get closer to each other. Soon the day will come when our closeness will be maximum: we will be able to sit opposite each other and talk slowly, we will be able to hug and kiss each other, we will be able to give tenderness, care and love... What can be more joyful than such moments ... Paul, I am filled with emotions! It is difficult to convey all the feelings I feel now in a letter. I think I've grown wings. I feel light and happy at heart. I wish I could flap those wings and fly to you now. How much must be done to bring our hearts together. This morning I took some references and documents to the travel Agency. I took photos that are required for an international passport. Dear, the preparation process is going well. I do everything the travel Agency tells me to do. My agent today asked me to tell you exactly when I can make the remaining 50 percent of the cost. I said I'd give you an answer the next time I came to the travel Agency. Now I don't have enough money to pay for everything. I lack 590 us dollars. Tonight, I invited my friends and colleagues to the cafe to talk about us. I will tell them that I plan to fly to you soon. I wrote to you that I plan to share with them the joyous changes in my life. Maybe I should talk to my best friend Olga if she can borrow this money for me so that I can fulfill the terms of the contract now! Or better yet, I will talk to my Boss so that he will give me this money now and in the future gradually deduct this money from my salary! So I will not put anyone in a difficult position! For example, how can I ask my sister for help if her husband is drinking half of the salary, and my sister and my mother are spending all their money to pay the bills and feed my nephews? In addition, the salary at the post Office is as small as my mother's pension. Decided!! I will talk to my Boss, but today I will tell my friends and colleagues about you!!) But, Paul, please don't worry about anything. I decided to come to you, so I will try to cope with this problem on my own. Dear, I want everything to go well and our meeting to take place. I believe that I will succeed, and soon we will be together! This will be the most beautiful time in our lives. I thank fate for giving us the opportunity to meet each other. Unfortunately, not everyone can find their half in life and find love. We had this opportunity and I am very happy! Despite the long distance, we are together! You are always in my thoughts and my heart! I think that the difficulties associated with travel give our relationship an even greater impetus for development. Having overcome them, our feelings will be stronger and stronger. And then the joy of the meeting will give us even more magical emotions. Honey, I do everything to be together. I do all this with joy in my heart. And thank you for giving me this joy! I look forward to the day when our hearts will connect! And then in reality we will be able to do everything we dreamed of together. I thank you for making our dreams come true. I found a man I want to connect my life with. This is the greatest joy in every girl's life. Paul, when we meet you will see how happy I am! Thank you for everything! Unfortunately, it's time for me to continue working. The evening will also be busy. Please write to me, and I will try to talk to my Boss as soon as possible and solve the problem! I wish you a good mood! Gently kiss! Your, Maria
Letter 23
Hello my dear Paul! Thank you for your letter and for every word you say! Thank you for giving me so many warm emotions during our communication! I truly appreciate it!
And I truly appreciate every smile you gave me! Of course, our communication has not yet been too long, but even during this time, we both were able to understand that we have a great chance to build a happy future together! Moreover, I am even sure that we can fulfill all our dreams, but when we are together! And that's why I don't want to think now that our chances of a happy future can be destroyed.... Dear, no, I have not changed my decision to come to you! Of course, I still want to be in your arms, but I'm having trouble paying the second part of the cost of my trip to you!! You know that I wanted to ask my Boss to give me money for my future wages, but this idea turned out to be unworkable! I recently spoke with him, and he said that there is no way he can help me, because he does not have the authority to give someone money from the store's cash register for future wages. We work in a chain of stores, and he's a regular employee, just like me! Yes, of course, this was not a secret for me, and I understood that his personal money was not in the box office! But I wanted to believe that he could somehow influence me to get the money, but it turned out that I was wrong! He said that there is an internal charter of the company, which states that the company does not issue loans or credits, and that this is a direct violation of the law. What could I say to that?? I just apologized for taking up his time. I started going over the options in my head again, where would I be able to borrow money? I didn't want to give up so easily. It is important to understand that now I can not just refuse to pay the second part of the cost of my trip to you. I have a full contract. And it's important to understand that I don't have so many options to turn to for help. All options are my friends and my sister! By the way, I wrote you in my past letter that I'm going to meet my friends and tell them about you! I'm sorry that I forgot to give you a big Hello from my friends and say that the meeting went well because of the failure with my Boss! We talked about a lot. They were happy that I found you, and that I even decided to fly to you! At first I even wanted to ask Olga to help me with the money! But during the conversation, it turned out that her husband has been trying to fix their old car for the third day and spent all their savings on it, that they do not even know how to pay for the loan of this car..... Paul, as you can see, I had only one lifeline left - my sister! And right before I wrote you this letter, I contacted my sister and talked about my problem. It was a long dialogue, and of course, as I expected, my sister said that she had no savings! But we talked for a long time about it! We talked for a long time about something else...... Paul, it's hard for me to decide to write to you about this, because I still believe that I should be independent. I was the one who took the initiative. I signed a contract with a travel Agency! And now I have to solve the problem myself. But my sister convinced me that for my own happiness, I should turn to you for help. Honey, how do you feel about me asking you for help? Do you think I have the right to ask you for help? Are you ready to help me make our meeting happen?
I'm very interested in what you think about this. Please write to me, I can count on your help and support in such a difficult issue? Paul, I confess that I am writing this to you and I feel very uncomfortable! If my sister hadn't given me so much courage right now, I would never have dared to ask you for help!! At the same time, of course, I feel that my sister's arguments have a right to exist. She told me that happiness is not every day knocking on our doors, and no every day we have the opportunity to find love. We can be indecisive now and regret it for the rest of our lives! Love and happiness are worth fighting for! And if your eyes are as bright as mine when you talk and think about me, then you should not refuse to help me arrange our meeting. This meeting is necessary for both of us and it will be right if each of us contributes to the fact that we are together! Dear, please don't judge my sister harshly! She wants me to be happy and wants us to fight for that happiness together.
I think you understand that! Marc, please answer the questions very honestly and write all your thoughts. Gently kiss! Your, Maria
Letter 24
Hello my dear Paul! How's your day? How is your mood? You've really lifted my spirits. You brought a smile to my face and joy to my soul!!! Honey, thank you for that. I was very worried about the fact that I don't have enough money to pay for the second part of the cost of my trip to you, and we won't be able to meet. You like a real man understood me and did not refuse to help, thank you very much my wonderful Paul!! I am very pleased that we are doing everything together for our meeting, it's great. I am very happy that you understand my problem and do not refuse to help me.
Dear Paul, I have never encountered such cases before, but we need to find out how you can send me money. If you know, write me all the details! OK? Also write to me, please, when exactly will you help? I should definitely report this to the travel Agency. I believe that when we go through problems together, our love will be stronger and stronger. My thoughts are only for you Paul! Now I'm imagining seeing you at the airport. We'll look each other in the eye. Let's hug each other so that you can feel our hearts beating with joy ! And a tender kiss! Dear, I want this moment to come sooner and we will be the happiest people in the world. Now this is my dream, and the main goal in my life. I take our meeting very seriously. I know we'll be fine! For your sake, for the sake of our future, I am ready to overcome this huge distance between us to be with you! And you'll see it when I'm with you! You have become a part of my life, and I want to be with you as soon as possible! I am very glad that you understand my situation and offer to help me. Together, we will be together, and we will be happy. I know you're the best man. A man who is worthy of my heart!!! And I am very grateful to my fate that I have a man like you!!! You gave me hope for a happy future, and now my goal is to be with you!!! This is the most important thing! Dear Paul, I have to keep working now. I really hope to see your letter soon! I'll be waiting. I wish you a good day and good mood!! Your love, Maria
Letter 25
Hello my dear Paul. Thank you for your letter.)) Your letter, as always, gives me joy and a smile.)) I'm in a good mood today, and I'm sure you are too. It's just a pity that the weather is not very good today, it's raining a little. But I hope it will end soon and I won't get wet until I get to the bus station and then take the bus to my family's village. I'm really glad that I can go to my mother and sister's house today, and even the bad weather won't interfere with my plans or spoil my mood. I am very tired of working all week and now I deserve a day off.)) I think my mom will bake her delicious pies again and I am looking forward to a delicious dinner today.))
I can cook delicious pies when I come to visit you. I know my mother's recipe, and I guarantee you that you will never eat such delicious pies.)) Dear, in the last letter I asked you some important questions, but you did not answer me. Why? Please read my last email again and give me the answers. I'll say it again. My questions are very important. Paul, I'm very happy to hear that you want to know my opinion about our first date. I want this to be a surprise for me, so it's better if you choose the place for our first date.;) Paul, I'm sorry, but I will finish my letter. I still have a lot of work to do before I go to the bus station, and I need to hurry. I will arrive in Vladimir on Sunday evening, so I will write to you only on Monday, when I return to work. I wish you a good mood for the whole weekend. I will miss you, and I will definitely send my family greetings from you. Yours forever, Maria
Letter 26
Hello my dearest Paul! For a few days I again do not receive your letters. How are you? Are you okay? I hope that you are doing well and soon you will write to me.
Please do not forget about me and write to me very soon. I will look forward to your reply! Kisses! Your Maria
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