Scam letter(s) from Anna Aleksandrovna Speranskaya to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello beautiful stranger,
My name is Ann. I'm nice woman searching for someone kind to create beautiful relations together.
I could not understand, you from United States?
I admit, me long ago visited thoughts of the address on the website of agencies of acquaintances and to begin search the serious man on the Internet, but could not decide on it. This morning i woke up, looked at the calendar and drew a conclusion, that time goes and it is necessary to change something in the life.
I do not want a lot to tell about yourself in this letter so that you don't get tired of reading. Describe my appearance does not see the point. I prefer that you yourself judge my appearance. I will attach my photo to the letter, and I hope, that you like it. If you are interested in meeting me, then I will glad see your answer. But I beg you - answer me only in the case, if you are really interested in a serious relationship. If all this is not interesting to you, please do not waste my and your time.
I will be with impatience to wait from you the letter and your photo.
Answer me to my mail address: With best regards, Anna.
Letter 2
I am very glad that you answered and that you liked my photo. If we continue communication, I will send still. I not really like to be photographed, but perfectly I understand – to know the person better, it is necessary not only to read his letters, but also the nobility as he looks.
You on a photo are pleasant to me. But it is difficult to get a full impression about the person according to one letter and one picture. I hope, our acquaintance will not stop. I so want to learn about you more. What do you love also what is not present? What music you prefer what movies you watch, what are you doing in free time? What is pleasant from food? How do you treat women who not only housewives, but also go about the own business?
I already wrote that I professionally am engaged in floristics? I think out and make bouquets, I grow up houseplants – both for myself, and for friends, and for sale.
Winter is coming soon. And it at us very long. And it means that – bicycle walks it is necessary to forget about my hobby for a while. Agree, not really that is pleasant to ride on snow and ice two wheels. And it is cold. The person exposes to the wind, and I like to look beautifully. Probably, as well as any other woman.
I want to ask for you forgiveness for the English. The fact is that at school I its sense did not learn, and at the university taught us generally text translations. Then I had enough it. I also could not present that sometime I will become with the resident of other country closely acquainted. Well and anything. To take several lessons from the tutor – not a problem. Or it is possible to go to colloquial courses. I, hope that I will quickly learn.
For this reason to speak to us with you by phone so far early. Forgive, please. No Google translator will help us with conversations.
Here somehow so.
PS. Tell about yourself some terrible secret. I adore someone else's secretion and I promise that everything will remain between us.
Best regards, Anne
Letter 3
You answered. Hurrah!
Hi, Jim
Caught itself on a silly thought that we are familiar with you very much long ago. It is interesting why? Perhaps because I was touched by your letter and I know about you much more now, than yesterday? * I laugh *
If it is serious, I am very glad that our acquaintance continues.
I write you this letter, and from columns of the audio system Victor Tsoi sings. This is the famous Russian musician, the lead singer of the Cinema group. Unfortunately, he died to young people, in 1990. But it is still very popular. And not only in Russia. Even "Metallica" at a concert in Moscow sang its song! But I not really love "Metallica". I like "Nirvana" more. Their lead singer of Kurt Cobain died to young people too, as well as our Tsoi? I in general love grunge. And you?
During week-end we are going with girlfriends to the dacha. It at us in Russia so is called a country house. I have no giving, but is at my friend Svetlana. In the winter there it is impossible to live, you will freeze (the lodge is not heated). But the winter did not come yet, the truth?
i'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Letter 4
Hello Jim!
I missed you. Probably, I should not tell it, we are familiar with you only … And how many we are familiar with you? Year? Three? Twenty? For some reason it seems to me that long ago. Though it and not so.
On shish kebabs with girlfriends we did not go. Weather deteriorated. It was necessary to fry meat on a plate. But it is even good. Because we had to drive my car, and it at me broke. As told in service, something with an injector there. I correctly speak. Or the injector is not in the car? I understand nothing in the equipment. But the woman also does not need it. I so think. And you?
Today cooked borsch. It is such Russian soup from meat and whole bunch of vegetables. Well and you, probably, know. They say that the Russian borsch is known around the world.
But it is really tasty.
By the way, and you are able to cook soups? And that at cinema you eat some hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza. But it at cinema. And there has to be the kitchen. In each great country it is. Do not you so consider?
By the way, you everything understand what I write?
The fact is that I write letters to you in Russian, and into English they are translated by the translator. Yes! Absolutely forgot to tell you. I signed up for intensive English courses yesterday. So if everything will be normal and my abilities will allow, then I will write you in your language soon. And then and to speak. By the way! And you would not like to learn Russian?
Do you represent how would be great – I speak with you your language, and you with me on mine? I think, it is quite real. And in the future quite perhaps 
What new at you?
Write! I always look forward to your letters!
I kiss, your Anne.
Letter 5
Hi, my dear Jim
Today I am sad. And a little bit angry.
The fact is that some ******** stole my "Golf" last night. And all right just would steal, so also broke. So that is not subject to recovery as told in service.
This is terrible! A car, money for which I saved the whole two years – a heap of scrap metal? What should I do? To ride a bicycle? And during a rain? And in the winter?
My flower business does not bring such income that I immediately went to car showroom and bought new. The fact is that I am a silly woman, did not make an insurance. Here and …
Generally, now I am a pedestrian. Offensively, truth?
In general, hooligans in Russia became much recently. Sometimes I catch myself on a thought that it is terrible to come back home evenings. It is good still that the taxi can be called.
And as at you with crime. I heard that in many cities there are such areas where in general it is better for decent person not to poke. Street gangs commit excesses. It's true? If yes, you never faced them?
On the other hand, after life in Russia, probably, would be to me with you absolutely quietly. Though, will frighten, of course. The main thing not to poke into places of their dwelling? Do not you so consider?
But "Golf" is all the same a pity. Here is how to me to live without car now?
At such moments especially sharply you feel lonely. Here the beloved would be near … Regret me, and? Perhaps you will advise something?
Now I will burst into tears.
PS. No, I cannot write now more. Let me write to you when I am in good mood. Do not take offense, my dear Jim Well? You will not begin to be angry with the woman when she has misfortune? I kiss, yours And
Letter 6
Hi, my dear Jim
Today I am sad. And a little bit angry.
The fact is that some ******** stole my "Golf" last night. And all right just would steal, so also broke. So that is not subject to recovery as told in service.
This is terrible! A car, money for which I saved the whole two years – a heap of scrap metal? What should I do? To ride a bicycle? And during a rain? And in the winter?
My flower business does not bring such income that I immediately went to car showroom and bought new. The fact is that I am a silly woman, did not make an insurance. Here and …
Generally, now I am a pedestrian. Offensively, truth?
In general, hooligans in Russia became much recently. Sometimes I catch myself on a thought that it is terrible to come back home evenings. It is good still that the taxi can be called.
And as at you with crime. I heard that in many cities there are such areas where in general it is better for decent person not to poke. Street gangs commit excesses. It's true? If yes, you never faced them?
On the other hand, after life in Russia, probably, would be to me with you absolutely quietly. Though, will frighten, of course. The main thing not to poke into places of their dwelling? Do not you so consider?
But "Golf" is all the same a pity. Here is how to me to live without car now?
At such moments especially sharply you feel lonely. Here the beloved would be near … Regret me, and? Perhaps you will advise something?
Now I will burst into tears.
PS. No, I cannot write now more. Let me write to you when I am in good
mood. Do not take offense, my dear Jim Well? You will not begin to be angry with the woman when she has misfortune? I kiss, yours And.
Letter 7
Hi, Jim
Concerning the car I calmed down a little. Yes, it is a pity. But, on the other hand, Ukhta so small town that it can be bypassed on foot for an hour. And then, my flower business goes very not bad. Will pass some hundred years, and I will buy new "Golf". I laugh. You, probably, already understood that I have a quite good sense of humour. Or didn't understand? I joke. Of course I understood!
Yesterday with mom watched cinema on cable TV. "Trainee" with Robert de Niro and Ann Hetuey. Cool movie! Did you see? There about the seventy-year-old grandfather (he is played by de Niro), who came on service to firm which trades in clothes online. All collective youth. First I laughed so that I thought – neighbors will call the police. And then it was involved and I understood how it is healthy when the elderly and fairly clever person can endow in fact teenage collective with all the life experience and the wisdom acquired long years. And me even it became a little sad. I looked at the sitting next mom – she a napkin wipes eyes … Like this.
Then sat with her almost till midnight, had tea with cookies and
talked. I asked about you. Like, Anechka (it is tender from Anna) with
Jim can if at you, what will turn out? If with the Russian men in any way? I laughed the matter off. I speak – mothers, it is frivolous …
And then, when already I laid down in a bed and I turned off the light, suddenly I thought: and why it is, actually, frivolous? And for the first time I presented you near myself … Someone knows, can we sometime we will meet? There can be it? How do you think?
At once I got up, I turned on the computer and I wrote you this letter.
As? Ours is possible with you a meeting? Hypothetically? Or …
I don't like to think.
Letter 8
Hi, Jim
You represent, only just I thought of expansion of the business – so recently everything was fine – as immediately about himself the devil let know.
In recent months my flower bench began to bring quite good income. If to compare with the first months of work, a turn grew even five times! People like my flowers. And a good news (as well as bad, unfortunately) is carried quickly. Flowers at me always fresh. I am able to make bouquets too – though on a wedding though on a funeral. I studied on special courses even in Moscow to pay them took the credit (it paid off long ago). To me after flowers the people from all city went, you represent? And yesterday...
Yesterday the tax inspection came. Checked documents and found some violations of which I couldn't even think. Almost for 200 thousand rubles! If to transfer to US dollars is 3000! I bought my former "Golf" of 2005 for $2500. That's awful! Some nightmare.
No, it is not a problem. I will take the credit, I will sob out everything. But about opening of the second bench – and I was going to open it within the same month – it is necessary to forget. And again are long …
My God, as I was tired to solve these problems!
Only just it begins something to turn out, and all who feel like it immediately come with a cap in hand. Russia really bored!
By the way! And in your city the talented florists aren't necessary?
Yes that I all about?! You as, Jim? At you, I hope, with tax there are no problems?
All right, I stop writing. It is time to be engaged in affairs.
Kiss you, your Anne.
Letter 9
Hello, dear my Jim
I settled the problems. Financial.
Thank God, I settled. Though not without nerves. It was necessary to borrow five hundred dollars from mom and from the girlfriend's husband. I will take 100,000 more rubles (it is $1500) on credit, to me he was already approved. My bouquets are still on sale well. I hope, so will be further.
Yesterday after work I came to the girlfriend (at whose husband I borrowed $500, behind money and I came). She told a story. I will retell to you.
Generally, they some bought a month ago super TV even for $2000. Huge, with an exit in Internet, some screen nearly 8K. I wasn't mistaken? There are such? However, not important. Generally, brought expensive purchase home. While the husband hung up a bracket on a wall, put on a floor. Included. Beauty! And they have a small child, the boy - 4 years. Call Ivan. He began to be capricious, asked to include animated films. The husband was busy, hung up a bracket. And Sveta – so call the girlfriend, itself couldn't find the necessary channel. Here Ivan approached this TV which stood on a floor, grabbed him a hand and with a force pulled. TV fell, the case cracked, the screen went out …
Carried this the road of TV to service next day. The master looked. Also I told that the screen needs to be changed. There something followed. Liquid crystals, perhaps? I don't understand. Well, expensive device on a dump.
I ask Sveta: "and how you punished Ivan?". She answers: "And how you will punish him? The father few times slapped in a bottom, so I calmed at half of the night. Not to **** the child!"
And I thought about myself: "I, probably, precisely would ****!". And then I came round – well to argue on other people's children who to you nobody. And if my own son breaks expensive thing? Kind of I arrived? Also I understood that even I didn't begin to slap …
But I have no children. And somehow I till yesterday evening not especially worried that I am not present. And here suddenly I understood that years leave. Through three with small years thirty years will be, and there are no children still. Also it became so for some reason sad … And you as treat children? It is very interesting to me! Very much!
Kiss you, your Anne.
Letter 10
Hi, my dear JIm
You can congratulate me. I after a long break at last started going to the pool.
I don't remember, I said to you or not that most of all in life (after flowers, the bicycle and you) I like to swim. It is a fantasy! I at school seriously was engaged in swimming. If the most unsuccessful moment don't break a hand, would become the candidate for the Master of Sports. Then, when studied at the university, I swam for the faculty and even I became the champion of the university on 100 meters a ****** ******. You can be proud of me
And here I am the real fish again. Even not fish, but dolphin! Three times a week before work I take in water now and I feel like the Little Mermaid from the animated film by Disney. Amazing!
When I in water, absolutely forget about all terrestrial problems. And that behind windows cold and slush, and that I have no car any more and about mom who bothered with the "when you will marry".
Yes, I love very much water. But at the sea I was only once. To me then was ten, and we with mom and dad (he then was still alive though he was already and strongly ill) went to Sochi. Did you hear about Sochi? There in 2014 there were Olympic Games. I remember, long I laughed when learned that in by heat the city of Russia decided to do the Winter Olympic Games. And so – in Sochi I for the first time in life saw the sea. And at once I understood that my biggest children's dream was executed.
Frankly speaking, I and now with pleasure would get warm on the sea coast. Also would bathe, probably, for five hours a day.
And what do you think of beach vacation.?
But so far I am happy also with the pool. Do you in the city, by the way, have pools? Public?
After all it is good when though something in life pleases. Don't you find?
By the way, that at you new? And that I all hey yeah about. Too it is interesting to me to know more about you.
Yes. I want to know about you everything! Don't hesitate, tell. And I will give your secrets to nobody. I promise
Kiss you, your A
Letter 11
Hi, Jim
About Ukhta. And I didn't write. Because didn't know what in general can be written about him.
And yesterday I arranged to myself output. I decided to walk. And to try to look at the hometown with "eyes of the tourist" I hope to Play such game, you understand me. Though … I from time to time and don't understand myself.
Generally, I put on more warmly, I took the mother's camera (without demand – it never would give) and I left the house …
I looked in one party … Sad gray five-storey buildings of construction of times of the Soviet Union. I looked in other party … Sad gray five-storey buildings of construction of times of the Soviet Union. I looked directly before myself … Sad … No, you understood?
And here that I have to tell about the city? Even there is no pedestrian street. But there is an oil refinery. At us here, just in case, oil is extracted. Which main and only richness of Russia.
Well, I decided not to walk
I called the taxi, I reached to shopping center, I walked on little shops there, I bought gloves, a knitted scarf of an idiotic coloring, I sat in cafe where ate pizza and I drank a big glass of Coca-Cola, and then I bought the ticket at cinema (movie theater directly immediately, it isn't even necessary to go outside) for some silly, as it turned out, melodrama and … In the tenth minute of the movie I fell asleep. Also I overslept till the end. You represent, even I didn't remember the title of this awful movie. Some French.
. Devil! At us in Ukhta even culturally to have a rest not where. It is a nightmare, the truth?
I, by the way, seriously. I would like with you, Jim to meet. And you unless don't want with?
kiss you 1000000000000000000
i'm looking forward to hearing from you
Letter 12
Hello kiss you
Russia well late spring and in the summer. In the fall and in the early spring everywhere dirt. In the winter in general wild cold.-30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) – usual temperature. Ukhta is the northern city. And at us here the summer in general almost doesn't happen. Sometimes it seems that after spring at once fall. And winter of nearly 8 months in a year. Horror, huh?
Two years ago for New Year's holidays I went to Moscow. I regretted. No, the city was decorated great! Everywhere fairs, open-air concerts, street trays with any tasty food and drinks. All cheerful, walk, congratulate each other. It is good.
What is bad. First, the Russian person got used to do business with the minimum expenses. That is, if the room in budget hotel costs $60-80 a day, then on holidays and days of festivities to find hotel cheaper $200 are almost unreal per day. The same with cafe and restaurants – the prices fly up literally to heaven there. No, you won't remain hungry if you eat pizza on the street or to eat in McDonald's, but agree, sometimes there is a wish for normal food in a normal situation.
And then, in cheap hostel (the room on 10 beds) in which I stopped, there was such infernal cold that I got sick with pneumonia there. After arrival to Ukhta two weeks I was in hospital with body temperature under 40 degrees (Celsius). Hardly pumped out. No, truth! I thought that I will die.
However, in the summer at us it is good. The clean river, is a lot of fish. Around Ukhta pine and fir forests. There it is full of some berries and mushrooms. Still the summer duration would be not 1.5-2 months, and at least 3-4, in general  would be fine
Letter 13
Mom at me young, gave birth to me in 20 years. That is now to her only 46. And me it is even surprising, what the woman of her age – slender, well-groomed, and in general, as is told now, advanced, - dreams of grandchildren. Nevertheless, it so.
Perhaps it is connected with the fact that her husband – my father, died, without having lived also up to forty (from leukemia)? I remember how they with mom constantly joked, addressing me: "Do you someone want more – the brother or the little sister?" I, of course, wanted the brother. Because in the childhood I considered that in family there have to be not less than two children. And it is obligatory – the girl and the boy.
But, unfortunately, it didn't turn out. Dad strongly got sick, and it was necessary to forget about the brother or the little sister.
Mom so didn't marry any more. More than twenty years as the accountant work at oil refinery. I speak – same boringly! But it is pleasant to her. In any case, she so speaks to me. I don't know what there can is pleasant? Five days a week to go to work – from 08:00 till 17:00. To receive fixed (and thus very small) salary. In my opinion, it is awful.
Already ten years (excepting four years of my study – in Syktyvkar) we live in other city together. And! I am still married visited! Absolutely I forgot about it. As about a bad dream, probably 
And so, we live together with mom. The apartment at us not that very big (I remained after dad, he managed to receive it; in the USSR the apartments gave to people just like that when the turn approaches)), but is enough for us. Three rooms – her bedroom, my bedroom, the living room + kitchen. We have enough place. I treat her girlfriends who occasionally come to us on a visit let without special heat, but not against their female sit-round gathering. She in relation to my friends behaves also. Out of the house doesn't turn, but I don't see special joy on her face. And we home don't drive men.
No, she has some gentleman, but we weren't acquainted. And I have no man. The reason – the ex-husband. He naturally terrorized all my boyfriends who appeared after the divorce. Generally, I scared away all. He is a terrible person. So far we lived together, I also didn't guess that he is the criminal leader. I thought, the ordinary businessman. And it appeared … Generally, I don't want to write about him now. At once I begin to be angry. Forgive. Perhaps somehow then?
Letter 14
Hello Jim
Yesterday in my family there was an addition. Thanks to mom. No, she didn't bring the man into the house. She, returning from work, I picked up a puppy. Not purebred, but very lovely. Tiny, black with a white ******. And lame. Some monster lined to the poor creature a pad.
All evening we washed it, fed a liquid milk, treated a pad. This morning I carried Barbos (mom gave to a puppy this name too) in veterinary clinic. There to him professionally treated the wound, gave an injection of an antibiotic and some special inoculation – it seems, against rage. The doctor told that Barbos not such and small, to him three months. So, it is necessary to feed him not with milk, but normal dog food. I came into supermarket, I bought the vitaminized canned food and several stones. But I took away bones in the freezer so far. It will be necessary to ask the doctor, to give them to him crude or so far to boil?
In general, with pets an array of problems. First, to them very quickly you become attached and if they begin to be ill or die, strongly you worry. Secondly, they should be walked. I mean dogs. With cats it is easier – I put a container for **** and *****, I filled filler there, and change every day … With a dog such focus won't pass. To celebrate it need it is necessary to bring to the street. In it I managed to learn by own experience. Aa?ain to us in a night I trashed all apartment! Both hall, and living room, and kitchen. Only bedrooms, our with mom, remained clean because we didn't let him there.
And still we with mom managed to quarrel which of us will walk Barbos and with someone to leave him for the whole day. Neither I, nor her can come to work with a dog. And it is the real nightmare! Because tonight when I came back home (I come usually hours at 20:00), I found mom creeping on all apartment with a smelly rag. The puppy got stuck and zassat the apartment so that his night revelry seemed easy prank. It is good that I, leaving the house, closed a door of the bedroom. And mom forgot …
Now I will sit down to look for announcements. Perhaps, and in our tiny town there are some people who care for animals until owners are busy? Very much I hope for it. Because I feel – two-three more days such day, and I will naturally go crazy. And mom, it seems, began to regret the yesterday's attack of compassion
And in general, Barbos awfully lovely. And I, probably, even am glad that he at us appeared.
In the childhood I always dreamed to get a kitty or a doggie, but parents were minds. The father had asthma, and to him was strictly forbidden to live in one house with animals. Therefore at us never nobody razgovorchivy it was also not more cheerful than small fishes in an aquarium. And here the dream came true … Hurrah! At our place there is a dog! I am almost happy.
With them you will definitely not miss. With the girlfriend there lives such impudent person, all are called: "Light – the silly woman, Mischa (so call the girlfriend's husband) – opposite"
I wait for your answer
Letter 15
Hello Jim
Around Ukhta there are a lot of woods. And where woods, there and their gifts.
There are a lot of berries in the summer – bilberry, cloudberries, cowberry a cranberry. But I am for some reason indifferent to them. No, incorrectly I told: there are berries I love very much, and here to collect – not really. To put it mildly
But I adore going into the woods on mushrooms. They are mushrooms – at us in suburban forests, probably, even more than berries. Types ten if it is no more. But we, northern people, are spoiled by the nature. Give us only the best. Here also we collect only white. Royal mushroom! I don't know whether you have them but in Russia cepes are appreciated more than others.
But I started talking about gifts of our woods not therefore what they are valuable and remarkable. Just I remembered how at the end of this summer I decided to arrange myself additional day off. To go out of town, to stay in silence. And also mushrooms to gather.
I then still was driving therefore I particular problems in somewhere to go, didn't see. Well, I woke up next day a bit earlier. I have fast breakfast, I put on in a marching way, I took a basket, a knife, I sat down in "Golf" and, didn't pass hour, I was already in the country.
I decided to drive off far away, kilometers for thirty. And that we on the outskirts of Ukhta have industrial zones – engineering and oil refineries. And mushrooms – they in themselves absorb everything! All mucks, all this chemistry! Well, and far away, where there are no enterprises, there both the earth clean, and, respectively, mushrooms safe.
Generally, I drove off from the city on decent distance, I parked the car on the roadside of the route, I took a basket and I went to the forest. Weather was good, the sun shone. Therefore I not especially worried when I found out that I forgot a compass. Far I wasn't going to go. I thought, I will go deep meters on two hundred. If mushrooms are, and so I will gather. And if isn't present, I will return, I will drive off far away.
Mushrooms were. It was worth departing for the first trees, I found couple of white – strong, without worms. I cut off, I put in a basket. I look, meters five ahead still the hat sticks out of a grass … Well, didn't pass also hour, the basket was already full. I stand on a small beautiful clearing. I will have a rest, I think, minutes five and it is time to return …
And here I suddenly understand that I don't know what road I came to this clearing. I decided to go by the sun – it, I remember, shone me in a back. I raised eyes to the sky, and there clouds. To the horizon. I turned back – in other party the same. All sky tightened. Devil! And there is no compass! I got lost!
And here still basket full of mushrooms. Kilograms, probably, ten. Very heavy. I think, I will go on the traces. Yes here only I wasn't a scout – any traces, of course, didn't find.
At first I was frightened, I began to shout. But unless someone will hear? In that party to which I went and there are no villages. Well, I strayed even till the evening. But eventually I went to the track. Hungry, tired. Moreover and a basket somewhere in the forest the car Goes. I stopped. I asked whether the driver saw gray golf on the roadside. "I saw, - says, - kilometers five from this place". Well, I took pity it is necessary me, it was developed and I took me to my "Golf". And that I to her would go even the whole hour …
I arrived home, I took a shower, I ate something. Mom from work returned. I tell her about the adventures. I thought, will laugh. And she as let's swear on me! I told that I am a silly woman. And in that area where I got lost, the bear already killed two people. Do you represent? There also bear murderer … It was lucky, you will tell nothing.
For mushrooms on the market in the next weekend I decided to descend on the market. Well, they this year inexpensive – there was much. And one I don't go into the woods since then. The fear still didn't release. And this bear who killed people several times dreamed (he, by the way, in about two weeks during a round-up was shot). Horror, huh?
I wait for yours the letter and a photo
Your love
Letter 16
Hi kiss you)))
Did you sometime jump with a parachute?
I am not present. But long ago I dream to make it. No, it is not a mania. And I don't think of a jump every day. But when I watch TV and I see a plot about parachutists there or I read the book where somebody jumps, or just I see at cinema (you remember the movie "On the roll" with Keanu Reeves?), at me everything contracts inside, and I represent myself, at first flying in free fall, and then under a multi-colored dome … Even I can't transfer all feelings which I have, having just covered eyes and having presented this picture.
Also you represent, today I learned that even in our Ukhta it is possible to make such jump. Well, not absolutely such. He will be without long falling because fans are thrown off from small height (I don't remember, whether 800 meters, whether 900). And the parachute is developed right after an exit from the plane. But it is it is all the same healthy! And it isn't really expensive. 5000 rubles (these are about $80).
Generally, I lit up! However, it is necessary to pass medical commission at first. But for quite healthy people of my age say that it is not a problem. After medical board if, of course, I get admission, it will be necessary to descend two or three times on studies and to receive instructing. And then...
But to "then" it is still far. I thought here that in cold season to jump with a parachute – not the best idea. It is necessary to suffer till summer. And that to land in dirt or in a snowdrift – not the most pleasant business. Agree! And then to fly down when the person burns cold wind and eyes water … No. I will definitely not jump now. More better still a little bit I will dream
And still I want to try bungee jumping. At us in Russia this entertainment is called "bungee". It when person for legs tie with an elastic rope and dump from the bridge. Or from the rock. Or from a special tower. Here only in Ukhta there is no such attraction, in Syktyvkar too. And at you is?
In general, it would be exciting to jump with you in couple of
And you like some type of an extreme? Which one?
I wait for your otitis
kiss you1000000000
Letter 17
Hi, darling
Excuse that didn't write went to the neighboring city on a concert because well I dance with the group also I send you a photo and video from a concert
My darling, if every person took a few moments to look back over their life they might recall one single moment that changed them completely.
One event that altered the course of their life.
One special time when they realized that there was a meaning to life that they never considered.
One particular person who opened up the world for them and gave them a sense of their own existence. For me that moment, that someone is you.
You are the person who is changing everything I had envisioned about my future.
Through your letters, you managed to reach deep into my soul and awaken a lost, hopeless romantic that I thought was dead and cold.
You have stripped away my insecurities and made me forget about all the hurt and broken promises of the past.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for coming into my life and giving me real hope for a happy future.
From now to eternity, you'll be in my heart every moment of every day
I'm waiting for a photo from you !!!!
Letter 18
Hello Jim
When I was married (and from the moment of my divorce passed more than two years), I thought of children as about something abstract. It is clear, I was absolutely young. In 22 years not you dream of the peeping concerning babies, and of completely different things – of beautiful and fashionable clothes, of rest abroad, of clubs and restaurants …
And here when I remained one and when my flower business more or less returned to normal, I caught myself on a thought of the child. And not only because all girlfriends already became mummies but because in the evenings so alone … In my life there was yet no man with whom I would like to grow old and die in one day of (Perhaps it you, my dear?). Not everything to be professors, the truth?
But absolutely seriously I consider that the man who loves children will give hundred points of odds to that which doesn't love. The man without successor is as a tree without roots.
I wait for your answer
kiss you)))
Letter 19
Hello Jim
My sun can t load video
My first marriage was so unsuccessful that I after the divorce couldn't think the first year of men at all.
My ex-husband when I looked after me, seemed very decent person. He is 15 years more senior than me, the co-owner of some petrotrade business (at us in Ukhta practically every second if not the first, business is anyway connected with oil – production, processing, sale. What to do – specifics of the region. We except oil almost have nothing, even engineering plants are connected with oil production or oil processing).
But I distracted. I spoke about the husband. And so, he made on me (and, what is even more important, on my mom ) only a positive impression. Always in expensive suit and the polished footwear. Snow-white "Mercedes S500", despite constant dirt on our roads, always remained snow-white. "Anechka, - he said, - you the second time meet me in one dress?" And we flew to Moscow next day or to St. Petersburg to update my clothes. Do you want the car? You represent, he on a wedding presented me new "Toyota Corolla"! (However, after the divorce I selected at once).
Generally, prior to a wedding he to me seemed if not the fantastic prince, then precisely real gentleman … But everything came to an end, hardly we became the husband and the wife.
First, he forbade me to work. Like, his wife has to work only for the husband. I.e. to be the housewife – to cook food, to keep order in the house (about the house a separate conversation).
I after the university worked at school. I taught children history. It was necessary to leave. It not really was pleasant to me, but it the beloved husband wanted! And the fact that he was beloved I didn't even doubt. Then …
Generally, I left school. I cooked varied food (well that mom taught to train me at the time well). I cleaned up the house – I vacuumed, I dusted, I washed windows … The ex-husband – the fan of purity. And the house – nearly 100 sq.m! It is some nightmare as I was tired. And why to employ the housewife when in the house full of strength the young wife? 
But it is half the problem. My ex-husband – the ******. You can't even present that he with me created in a bed! The suffocation is the softest … I constantly was all in bruises and bruises. I wore sunglasses in the winter on half of face that nobody saw how my cheekbones are spoiled … Generally, nightmare. I don't want to write about it more. I hope, you understand everything? It would be desirable to trust you. Otherwise simply we finish correspondence. I hate sadists. Both Russian, and American
But now, after years, I understand, something that I considered family – not family. And some plant of the perverted cruelty. Let and well paid. And now I not at any price won't agree to live with the ****** and the pervert.
Yes, I want in marriage. But only for the normal man. For the tender, kind, loving children. For it with which we will be able to be engaged in joint business. And if we aren't able, then it won't begin to object to my ideas.
You understand, I am very faithful person. And if I cast in the lot with the fate of the man dear to me, I will never change him. I will make everything that to him it was good with me. Yes. I will make everything that to us it was good together. To us and ours with him to children … Sorry, now I will burst into tears. But it's true. And if you such, then, maybe, make sense to try? To start a family?
In total. Forgive. Now I can't write any more – strongly I got worried. Tears filled in all eyes, I see nothing
Kiss you, your sentimental Anne.
Letter 20
Helo my favourite))))
Yes, all say that I am beautiful. I had one gentleman, appeared somewhere in half a year after the divorce, so he concerning me had the most serious intentions. And my "Golf" (which is absent any more) – I didn't speak to you – too he presented. Why left? It was necessary.
You know, I try not to speak about it, but Ukhta is very criminal city. Here oil – the main richness of Russia. And where riches, there and criminals of all colors. And here one of such criminal authorities is my ex-husband. He can **** the person. And about to ******* I in general am silent.
Generally, I don't have more that rich and generous groom. I was frightened when the ex-husband who for some reason considers still me by the property talked to him. Yes, the gentleman was frightened and ran away. I don't blame him – my being everything are afraid. And while I live in Ukhta and in general in Russia, I will hardly find to myself the new husband here. Perhaps partly therefore and with you I began correspondence. Somewhere the hope is at heart concealed that I will be able to leave Russia. Forever
Write and pay
I love you I wait for the answer
kiss you
Letter 21
My favourite Hello!!!!!
Moscow is not option for a meeting too.
No, to Moscow I can leave for a meeting with you, certainly.
But too I don't advise it to do.
At firm of the husband in Moscow the trade mission. Officially he isn't a bandit, and the large businessman. Co-owner of oil refinery. And business partner consider him quite decent person. But these business partner with him didn't live and don't know what he is actually cruel and spiteful man.
At us from Ukhta only one train goes to Moscow. Once a day. And as the small town, many know each other. All have a lot of mutual friends. And will precisely report to my being that I left Ukhta to the capital. I'm afraid. Not for themselves – me his ********** will make nothing. And you easily can … No, I even am afraid to pronounce this word.
You understand, in the Russian police not really loves foreigners. If something happens to them, submits the cases to the Interpol. And the Interpol in Moscow – the same Russians. Nobody won't begin to look for anybody.
In Russia we won't meet you. Only on the card it is huge. Live about mine here, you will understand itself what our country small. Generally, no. I for you am afraid.
Write me the full address and the phone number
I will try to call you
I wait for your answer
Letter 22
Hi my favorite )))
I am glad to receive Your letter.As for my mother she is in a serious condition!!!
Today I called the hospital I was told everything is very very bad and the temperature is 39.5 she is lying and does not talk .
It's very difficult for me to be alone I need you around always !!!
I have a temperature of 37 today.I didn't sleep all night I'm really worried I write I write to you and I cry I'm sorry I can't help her !
I ask you to be careful my beloved I'm very worried about you.
Wear a mask and gloves always easily !!!!! A lot of people get sick I NEED YOU FOR LIFE !!!!
Thank you so much for trusting me !!!! AND I TRUST YOU I am very sad for you and my body is waiting to meet you. I often think of You. About us is the time that we will bring together. I imagine You gently touch me and kiss me, and my body responds to your tenderness. I wait for The moment when you slowly undress me and put me on the bed. I would very much like to kiss you, your shoulders, I would like to kiss you all day and night.I dream about it the day we join together. Probably, if I haven't met you, it's from loneliness. I love you very much.
I look forward to the day when we will be together. kiss you.
Yours forever !!!!
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