Scam letter(s) from Polina Trofimova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hey. I am very glad to write to you. My name is Polina. I hope you can answer me and tell me a little about yourself. I'll wait for a message from you.
Letter 2
Hello. I am very glad that you answered me. And they told a little about themselves. I think you will also be glad if I tell you about myself. My name is Polina, usually my friends, mom and sister, my name is simply Polya. Recently, I learned about online dating. Then I created a profile on one of the dating sites. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Men asked me for **** photos, or they themselves sent me *****. I was very surprised that there are so many bad people on dating sites. But still, I did not lose hope of meeting a wonderful man. By the way, I almost forgot, I am in Russia. You may be surprised that I am looking for a man in another country, but it is. I live in the city, Tver. This is a wonderful city, I was born here. I also work, I have a good job, but I am not proud of my work. I have a hobby, it is reading books, and being in nature, I like the forest and the mountains, as well as the sea. As for my age, I am 32 years old, but unfortunately, I am still not married and I have no family.
Perhaps you are the man with whom we can have a serious relationship. I want to find a loved one and create a strong, loving relationship. I don't think that age difference, or nationality, can interfere with a good and serious relationship. It all depends on people. I am looking for a serious relationship based on love, trust, loyalty and kindness to each other. And I hope you are looking for the same. I hope that you will read my letter and be happy to answer me, as well as send me your photos. I will wait for your letter. Polina
Letter 3
Hi Jim. I am glad for your letter. I thought that you would not answer me, but still I did not lose hope. I am very glad that you told me about yourself. I really liked your photos. But I am so sorry for the dog, she is so beautiful ...
As for my family. My mom is retired now and she lives in the village. My mom is 58 years old and she feels great. When I come to my mother in the village, my mother and I walk together in nature, I help my mother to pick berries, grow: tomatoes, cucumbers, as well as flowers and berries, but this happens in summer :) In cold seasons, we also walk around winter forest and it's pretty beautiful. My sister is married, and she has a wonderful husband and son, but unfortunately, so far we all live together in a rented apartment. I am very glad that we have a friendly family. As for my father, unfortunately, our father left the family for another woman when my sister and I were very young. And since then we have not seen our father. I believe that my father did bad things to us and our mother. Now we always help our mother, because children should help their parents. I am very proud that my mother raised us to be wonderful people. As for me, as I already told you, I have never been married and I have no children. This makes me sad. All my friends, sister, everyone has a family and a beloved husband. Once I had a relationship with a man in Russia, but unfortunately, they were not successful. At first everything was fine, he gave me flowers, looked after me beautifully, but at one point, everything turned upside down. He started drinking a lot, walking at night ... And once he cheated on me with another woman ... I would not want to remember my past relationship, but if you are interested, I will tell you.
Now in Russia, nothing keeps me, and I don't want to start a family here. I hope that one day I will leave Russia and create a wonderful family.
I hope that I did not tire you with my letter. I hope that you will answer me and tell me more about yourself and your hobbies. I will wait for a letter from you. Polina
Letter 4
Hi Jim. I am very glad for your answer. I really liked your photos. Yes, I agree with you that Covid-19 has affected people's lives, this is probably the worst year that has been ... But I will only believe in the best. And I hope that the situation in the world will get better.
Jim, you might be wondering where I work. I work as an administrator in a hardware store, and I accept a request for order processing. It can be difficult sometimes, but I still get the job done. Thanks to this job, I can help my mother, pay rent and food. I also graduated from university and studied English at the university. I like English, almost the whole world speaks it. Unfortunately, I have not been abroad, but I really hope that one day I will leave Russia. Now my most cherished dream is to meet my beloved man, who is ready for a serious relationship, and be with him. But as I said, maybe it will be you :) But let's not rush. I think we should be learning a lot more about each other now. And I am sure that in the correspondence by email, we will be able to get to know each other better.
By the way, with regard to sports. Earlier, when I was little, I did gymnastics, but soon I gave up this sport, because I had to devote a lot of time to study. Now I don't go in for sports, because work takes a lot of time. But still I try to keep myself in good shape. Do you do any sports? Hope you like my photos. I will wait for a letter from you. Polina
Letter 5
Hi Jim. As always, I am very glad for your letter and your wonderful compliments, I am very pleased :) Today I have a wonderful mood, moreover, I woke up with thoughts about you :) I like our communication with you.
Today I also came to work, and unfortunately there is a lot of work, but still I took the time to write to you. It's a very busy day at work, I hope that when I get home I will rest. I recently told my sister about you, I said that we communicate with you on the Internet. Unfortunately, my sister is wary of online dating, but I told her that you are a wonderful person, and there is nothing wrong with that. She is my sister, and she is very worried about me, because I am already 32 years old, and I am still trying to build my personal life.
Have you told anyone about our communication? Maybe you showed someone my photos?
Personally, I think that you and I have wonderful communication, and I think that we will continue to communicate with you, and get to know each other more.
Now I have to go. I will wait for a letter from you. Polina
Letter 6
Hi Jim. I am very glad to receive your letter. I want to say that our correspondence with you brings some special meaning into my life. I am very glad to receive letters from you and your kind words from you :) I really liked your photos, they are very funny :) In our life, things often break, and unfortunately we are not in our power to save everything.
Recently, my colleagues at work noticed that I became something different, there was more positive in me, and a smile on my face. Of course, I do not like to talk about my personal life, and I avoid all kinds of questions from my colleagues. Perhaps the time will come when I will tell them about us. Probably, I am changing for the better when I started communicating with you? :) It seems to me that I am starting to feel for you, something warm, and a wonderful feeling that I never had. I think that there is something special in our correspondence, and that I am ready to look forward to every day. I hope that at first our communication, in your life, there have also been some changes for the better. And if this is really so, then I will be very glad to know what exactly has changed in your life.
But today, unfortunately, I was left without a phone, my sister's son accidentally smashed my phone on a tile. I was very upset because I sent you pictures from my phone. But it's good that I still have photos on my work computer. I went to the service center to get my phone fixed, but unfortunately it costs a lot of money, and unfortunately now I cannot get my phone fixed. Unfortunately, there are good and bad moments in life. But this is life, and anything can happen. I will wait for a letter from you. Polina
Letter 7
Hi my Jim. I am very glad to receive your letter. Unfortunately, I have never gone canoeing, but I hope that one day I can do it :)
Tonight I practically did not sleep, I thought about you and me all the time, and scrolled in my head every letter that you wrote to me. I didn't even expect that I remember every line you wrote :) Each of your letters has become for me something special in my life.
Jim, I look forward to your letter every day, and you are well aware of this. I hope that you and I will not stop our communication, because you and I have a lot in common. To be honest, I imagined our perfect date with you. I think it would be very romantic to spend our date with you, walking under the moon, holding hands, and looking at the beautiful starry sky :) I think it would be very romantic, we could tell each other a lot about ourselves, and share your feelings for each other.
How would you like to have a perfect date? I hope I'm not in too much of a hurry and won't scare you with my feelings for you. I tell you this sincerely and from a pure heart. I see no reason to keep it all to myself. I tell you unconditionally, everything that I feel in my soul. Polina
Letter 8
Hi my Jim. I am very glad to receive a letter from you. No, I didn't call you because I don't have your number. Perhaps it was someone who was mistaken. After my nephew broke my phone, I went to the service to have my phone repaired, but they told me a very bad price, and said that it would be easier to buy a new phone, but unfortunately, I still have no opportunity to buy yourself a new phone.
Recently, I was talking to my mom about you. She was very glad that I finally met a man with whom we have a lot in common. I told my mother a little about you, she was very glad to hear such good news. My mother was a little wary that you were from another country, and there were several thousand kilometers between us. I told my mother what a wonderful kind and sympathetic man you are, and then my mother realized that there was nothing to worry about. I also told my mother that I have a great relationship with you, and you will never offend me, will you?
Jim, now I can represent your voice, but I definitely want to hear it in real life. I thought for a long time how I could hear your voice. I have no idea yet how I can call you abroad. I told you that my phone is broken, and so far I have no opportunity to make international calls to you. It would be great if you could give me your phone number. And as soon as I find out a way to contact you, I will definitely tell you.
Jim, understand my feelings, I want the best for our relationship. I really hope that you, too, really want to hear my voice, because this will be a big step in the development of our relationship. Polina
Letter 9
Hello my beloved Jim.
Thank you for giving me your phone number. I am very pleased. When I have the opportunity, I will definitely call you. As you know, my phone is broken, and so far, I have no way to call you. I hope you cooked the fish very tasty :) Yes, I love salmon, it is very tasty.
Today is a wonderful wonderful day. After all, today is the birthday, Egora, this is my sister's son. I consider it my duty to make the most memorable and most joyful day of my life, Egora. After all, hearing children's laughter is the most wonderful feeling. I may not have told you, but I am a wonderful and caring hostess. I really love to cook and that's why I decided to cook a festive dinner for all of us.
I am very sorry that you are not around now on this beautiful day. I would really like you to be with me at this holiday, and we could all have fun together. I really want that one day you and I could cook delicious food in the same kitchen together, and I'm sure you would like my dishes. When I'm alone in the kitchen, I don't even have anyone to help open a jar of jam, because a girl even in the kitchen needs a man's help :)
Jim, I want to tell you that I want to seem like an open book to you, I'm sure you want the same. Polina
Letter 10
Hello my beloved Jim. I am very glad to receive a letter from you. It's great that you cooked. I would love to taste your dishes too. Sometimes I eat barbecue food, but rarely, because sometimes there is simply no opportunity. I am very sorry that such consequences occur due to the virus, this is very bad.
As I already told you, yesterday we celebrated the birthday, Egora. The evening was a very wonderful and fun day. Egora, called his best friends, and our house was instantly filled with laughter, fun, and happy faces of children :) I was very glad that everyone liked the holiday that I was able to organize. I baked a delicious cake that everyone really liked, especially Egora. I was happy to see smiles on children's faces. It was very important for me to make a wonderful birthday for Egora. I think I had a wonderful holiday and everyone enjoyed it. After such a wonderful birthday, with a great mood and thoughts about you, I fell asleep in a sweet dream.
Jim, today in the same great mood, I went to work, and then another great news awaited me. Today I was talking to my boss about vacation. My boss said I could take a vacation soon. I haven't been on vacation for a very long time and I think it would be great to spend this time together. How do you think? I was in seventh heaven with happiness to hear about such wonderful news. I thought, what if I come to you? I have never been abroad, but in life you need to change something.
Perhaps I will seem completely crazy to you, because we have been in touch with you for several weeks, and I am very used to you, you have become more than just a friend by correspondence for me. Jim, I do not want to miss such a wonderful opportunity as meeting you. I really hope you want the same. After all, my heart belongs only to you!
I will look forward to your letter ... Polina
Letter 11
Hi dear Jim! I am very glad to receive a letter from you, my birthday was on August 8th. As I said, yesterday I spoke to my boss about my vacation. My vacation is November 9th and will last a month. I think this will be the most memorable time together. I won't let you get bored all the time. I will cook delicious food. I will make a wonderful breakfast for both of us, I will wake you up in the morning with a wonderful kiss. I will try to make you the happiest person on earth, and I hope you want the same. My heart belongs to you and I really want to get to know you.
Tomorrow I am going to visit a travel agency and find out all the details about the trip to your country. I just need your nearest airport so I can find out all the details of the trip. I think that there will be no problems with Covid-19, besides, I have a ready-made test for Covid-19, at work we were told that we all take the test. No one has Covid-19 at work, so everything is in order.
Jim, my love for you is a ray of sunshine that I lost before meeting you. It may sound too naive, but I always thought that true love is completely different. I am ready to feel a kind of "click", to feel enlightenment that is completely changing, and my life. I watched films and thought that my love would be the same - sudden, radiant, everything in its path. It seemed to me that only those who suffered from this can recognize love, survive everything: resentment, humility and disappointment. I have always considered myself strong and capable of feeling myself in any situation and therefore controlling my emotions. But the first time I heard about you and that a good person, my heart as a prisoner, began to beat faster. In a moment everything changed, and I realized that love cannot suffer. It is like a breath of fresh air, like a wave of inspiration that leads us to the world of our dreams. Polina
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jim! I am very glad to receive a letter from you. Yesterday I could not sleep for several hours, I was thinking all the time about our meeting with you. I have never been abroad and it is very exciting for me. After all, our meeting with you is the most important event in my life. I cannot wait for the day when I can see you, hug you :) I have very strong feelings for you, despite the fact that you are far from me. I think you won't mind if I stay with you. I do not want to stay in any hotels, because I am very scared, and there I do not know anyone but you. I also visited a travel agency today and inquired about prices. I couldn't even imagine that it would be so expensive! My love, after our conversation with the travel agent, I can confidently say that I cannot afford such a trip. She said that prices have now risen due to the high value of the dollar. So she explained to me that it would be better to get a visa. It doesn't take long and the travel agency guarantees that I get 100% visa if I book through them. So they will help me organize everything, but I have to sign a contract with them. The whole price is $ 1046, there are tickets Moscow-Toronto-Moscow $ 834 and all the necessary documents: visa $ 85, insurance $ 35, medical card $ 52, travel agency services $ 40. All this is needed to come to you, and at the same time it is just a large amount of money for me! Even if I spend all of my mom's money and money, I can only cover a fraction of the cost of this trip. That's all I can say ... I was ready to pack my bags and now I am crying.
I just wanted to be with you. Now I do not know how to be in this situation ... I hope you can help me ... It’s unpleasant to ask you about this, but I think this is true for both of us, so it’s right to make it easier for me to come. I will be very grateful to you ... Of course, I can pay part of this amount, but I cannot cover all the costs. I hope we can find a way to be together ... so I hope!
I need a few days to prepare the necessary documents for obtaining a visa (photos, certificate from the place of work, fill out all forms, copies of passports, etc.) And another 4-6 working days to approve the visa. Here are some options for scheduled flights. Let me know when it will be most convenient for me to visit you. We can choose at any time:
Landing from Moscow (SVO) - arrival Toronto (YYZ) 18:15
Landing from Moscow (SVO) - arrival Toronto (YYZ) 21:15 If these flights are not convenient for you, then I can go to the travel agency again and find out about a few more. But it seems to me that these are the most comfortable ones. Please don't leave me in this situation. I need you, Jim! I will wait for your reply. I really want you and me to be together. It's very cool to meet face to face and get to know each other better. I hope you understand me. Polina
Letter 13
Hello my dear Jim. I am very glad to receive such a wonderful letter from you. Jim, yesterday I cried a lot and I didn't know what to do. After I calmed down, I read your letter, and I am very glad that you can help me. After reading your letter, I went to the bank and found out how you can make me a money transfer from Canada. The bank explained to me that there are money systems, MoneyGram and Western Union, through which you can make a transfer to me, and I can get your money to go to a travel agency and conclude a contract with them. Jim, that's my full name. First name: Polina, laste name: Trofimova, city: Tver, country: Russia. I think it would be great if you could translate for me today so that tomorrow I could go to a travel agency and sign a contract with them. I have attached my passport in this letter. I hope that only you will have it.
Jim, I've sent you almost all of my photos, I want you to keep them. I think that when I come to you, we will have even more photos together. After all, we love each other very much. Jim, I found my soul mate in you, and most of all I want you and me to be together. I really hope that you want the same, and we will be fine with you. After all, we found each other in this vast world, and I hope that all this is not in vain. I love you and I will wait for a letter from you.
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