Scam letter(s) from Natalia Vasileva to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello. Sorry for my unexpected message))).
My name is Anna. I am single and therefore I am looking for love and happiness! I will be happy if you have any interest and you write to me at my personal Email address -
Bye bye, Anna
Letter 2
Hello dear friend Richard!!!
I like your terms! Then I also have conditions for you.
You will never ask me to send you ***** photos and you will never send me your ***** photos.
Otherwise, I will end communication with you.
I am very glad that you answered me and now we can get to know each other better.
I hope that now we can regularly keep in touch and develop our Friendship.
To be honest, I am dissatisfied with life in Russia.
So I decided to look for a partner abroad.
Please don't get me wrong, I'm not the kind of girl who looking for benefits. I am completely independent and self-sufficient
I have my own apartment and my own car, a prestigious job.
But there is no most important thing for a fulfilling life - love!
I dream of finding a loving partner, sharing my life with him, enjoy and be happy together! Of course, I understand that distance can be an obstacle to the development of a relationship, but I'm sure that the modern world is open and cosmopolitan. And if two people want to
To be together, then they will be!
Of course, I won't insist on talking to you but I ask you to think about it and give at least a little chance the development of our friendship. Who knows, maybe this is our gift of fate.
Whatever your decision, I would love to hear it.

Now I want to tell you a little about myself. I am Anna. my birthday is 07/23/1980.
My height is 168 cm, weight 51 kg. I live in Kazan.
Kazan has repeatedly held high-level international competitions in Various sports activities.
including a series of XXVII World Summer Universiades 2013 and 2018 World Championship Games.
Now I work as a sales manager in an online store.
The work fully meets my needs and for me it is very like. I live alone in my apartment. My parents live in their house near the city. I visit her every weekend.
I love sports and a healthy lifestyle. I regularly go to the gym and the pool. I do not smoke and Never take drugs. I can have a glass of wine with friends, but not
I tried to briefly tell about myself and really hope that I can
Have a positive experience. I would be very interested to know more about you. Please tell us about your hobbies, work, family and everything else.
If you have any questions for me, do not hesitate to ask.
I will answer with pleasure.
I am looking forward to your reply.
Best regards, friend Anna
Letter 3
Hello Richard!
Richard I am very glad to receive your letter. Now I can answer you.
I hope We will love this acquaintance.
I hope you are also looking forward to my letter. I will try to write for you every day.
In life I am not shy. I can communicate with people and make new acquaintances ...
The problem is that all men watch only in appearance.
So I can't find someone who appreciates my inner world.
I think appearance is not the most important thing.
So I decided to find love on the Internet.
Thanks for your photos! You are an attractive man who I really liked.
I would like to continue our acquaintance.
I believe that age does not matter in a relationship. And your opinion about age? For example, my father is 12 years older than my mother.
Despite age difference they still live in a happy marriage.
They have Never had a problem with that.
The relationship should be mutual understanding, honesty and respect.
I think that nothing can limit two lovers ...
And for Love has no boundaries. Do you agree? As for me. As you already know, I work as a sales manager for an online store.
I like my job very much. I have to work hard to survive and help my parents.
Sometimes I even have to work on Saturday.
I earn enough to pay all my expenses and even stays so that I can Vacation travel.
Are you texting me from work or home? How many times can you answer my letter?
Richard Tell me what else do you want to know about me?
I'll answer With pleasure to your questions.
Now tell me about yourself.
I look forward to your letter.
Your new friend Anna
Letter 4
Hello Richard!
Today I am very glad to receive your letter.
You are a very good person and you treat me well, I hope you like me too ...
I have a computer and Internet access at home and at work.
But most of the time I am at work and I always have access to computers and the ability to answer your letters.
I can easily answer your letter when I have free time.
I hope to receive letters from you every Day because I love it! no problem for you Write me every day?
Now I want to know more about you. I take my life very seriously, so I can say that yes, I am a serious and decent woman.
Therefore, I want to find the same man, serious and responsible.
I was not married, there were no children. I have a calm personality
friendly and outgoing. I have no bad habits. Healthy lifestyle.
I live alone, separate from my parents. I have done many things in my life myself.
I was taught independence from childhood.
I have a very good friend, her name is Maria.
Maria and I often walk together. We go for a walk in the forest or in the park.
Sometimes we visit each other.
I can talk to her about Everything, I have no secrets from her, I trust her, I know that she
Always understand and support me. We always help each other.
Do you have someone to share your problems with? I look forward to your letter and hope to see you tomorrow.
Your Letters will make me smile.
Regards, Anna
Letter 5
Hello Richard!
Thanks for your letter. How do you? I hope you are doing well today.
Now I am very happy That I can read your letters makes my life Interesting.
I am glad that you are interested to know about me.
To be honest, I was very afraid that I would never receive your letters again.
I thought that you were looking for a wife next to you and therefore
You will not be interested in a strong relationship with me.
Richard I thought you didn't even want to know me Because of the distance between our countries. Now I want to tell you that I am not afraid distance between us. This distance is only a few hours Aircraft.
Richard I hope you understand that too.
Do you agree? I think this is not a problem for us if we really want a serious relationship.
This is serious Richard, because I just need a serious relationship.
I want you to always be Honest, because your letter today gave me hope.
I hope that A happy future awaits us.
And you and I can have a strong relationship based on love, trust and understanding.
Richard, if you don't like something, it's better to say now that you
And I'm still not that familiar. I do not want us to have false hopes.
I'm not afraid of our relationship Richard.
I think that it is not a problem for us to continue our acquaintance. I would like to tell you a little more about myself and my family.
I hope you find it interesting to know about this ...
I was born in the village of Yudino. Located 35 km from Kazan.
my Parents still live there. I try to visit them almost every weekend in my spare time.
I learned a lot from my mom.
I took the best features from her, thanks to her I am very hardworking.
My father's name is Eugene. He doesn't work anymore either, He's on well-deserved pension. He worked in agriculture all my life and did housework.
My parents taught me to respect kindness and honesty towards people.
well for cooking food. These are mainly Russian dishes. But sometimes with
I try European dishes with the help of a cookbook.
I hope One day I can cook for you too.
Ask me, I will answer and tell you about all your questions whatever interests you. What else would you like to know?
to me?
Your Anna !!!!!
Letter 6
I become happier when I receive a letter from you.
Corresponding with you gives me great pleasure. How are you? What is your mood?
I met my friend Maria yesterday. I already told you about it.
This is My best friend, we discussed a lot during our conversation.
Do you mind that I told her about our acquaintance? She was very happy for me.
Sometimes I go to the theater with Maria and my mother to watch performances.
Richard, do you like museums? Different exhibitions?
I also love hiking, picnics.
We often went hiking with friends when I went to school. But now is not enough time for that.
In my free time I read books, I love novels and detective stories. I love to cook and I want to cook something for you.
I love all kinds of music, listen to all kinds of music.
But I cannot listen to heavy music. I prefer calm, unhurried melodies.
I also like movies, romantic comedies. I don't watch horror or thriller.
Do you think there is love at first sight? Have you ever felt this?
Richard, How do you like to relax? What do you usually do when you have Vacation at work?
I love the winter season very much, I love snow, unusual patterns on the Window.
In the cold, the trees are covered with frost, very beautiful and fabulous.
When I was a kid I loved sledding and outdoor activities. Winter is my favorite season.
I love winter because I have very fond memories of it.
I love Christmas very much, it is the most beautiful holiday.
I saw it on TV and read a lot about it in the newspapers, like in your country, take it seriously and prepare for it in advance.
I like it when everyone is in a festive mood.
Everyone is very warm and friendly during this time.
Do you like Christmas?
What season do you like? Every year I tried to take a vacation from work for Christmas.
But lately I had a lot of work, so I couldn't go on vacation.
This year I have not taken a vacation.
When I met you, I realized that Our acquaintance is not just flirting.
Therefore, I firmly believe that only distance separates us and nothing more.
And if you want to meet, it's a couple of hours by plane. And we are already together.
Of course, if we are both ready for it.
Richard, I don't know when you will receive my letter.
But I think that my letters bring you only joy and good mood!
Your Anna !!!!!
Letter 7
Hello Richard!!!!!
Thank you for the letters you write to me.
I do not know why, but today I was sure that I would receive your letter.
Your letters always cheer me up.
Today is an unusually pleasant day. All people are friendly and kind.
The world is full of warmth and care. Today I only receive Thank you from customers.
Nobody said anything bad or insulting to me today.
Before I met you, I did not have this feeling.
Richard, I want to explain to you why I still haven't found
A man for a serious relationship. First, it's work
it takes a long time. However, men turn me on
Attention, and I had meetings with them, but they were not serious.
Since most men abuse alcohol to forget about their
Defects and failures in life. You will never be with such a person create a serious and lasting relationship.
I don't mind if a man drinks alcohol.
But it should be moderate and rare, I don't want to argue about that.
I would like my husband to be happy without alcohol.
And I will try my best to make him happy.
I'm always ready Kiss, hug him. If only that made him happy.
I would like, So that every day we enjoy each other's love, passion and tenderness.
This is real luck !!! I have no bad habits.
I do not drink alcohol. I do not smoke. But with pleasure on vacation
Exceptions I allow myself to have a glass of good red wine.
Richard I am very interested in your interests and hobbies.
I love doing fitness, I regularly go to the gym.
It helps me stay in shape.
I also love to cook. Usually this is Russian cuisine.
Dishes such as pilaf, borsch, porridge. I'm good at other casseroles and pastries.
I'd like to cook to treat you when we first meet.
I could cook anything you want. I wish you all a good and good mood.
Your Anna
Letter 8
Hello my dear Richard!
As always, I look forward to your letter. I am grateful to you for that you give me hope that there are still real men in the world.
And honor and conscience are not empty words. I think it's you.
Only such a person can be completely trusted. I used to date men, but they weren't interested in creating a serious relationship with me. They just wanted satisfy ****** needs and desires.
Richard, I don't want to be someone's toy anymore.
I don't want this relationship anymore.
Nevertheless, for a woman, emotions are primarily important.
Of course, I had a person whom I fell in love with.
But soon the love ended, and he lost interest in me.
There were very strong feelings between us, this is a great romance, we
We spent a lot of time together and were very happy.
He promised me eternal love. I believed every word he said.
I was sure that we would always live happily with him ...
One day I went after work. I saw him kissing another woman.
They are happy in each other's arms. Then I could not believe my eyes.
I followed them ... When they went to his house together, I no longer had
What are the doubts. I understood everything. I cried for a long time and could not sleep.
Richard, while only Maria knows about it ...
I can tell her everything. I have no secrets from you either.
You have earned a lot of trust and I trust you completely!
I like you and I want us to keep texting each other.
I don’t want our contact to break, I’m very used to you ...
To be honest, I can't take that **** anymore.
I think it will never happen between us, I really hope so.
Richard, I want to get to know you even more and become closer to you!
I am waiting for your answer with warmth in my heart.
Your Anna !!!!!
Letter 9
Hello Richard!!!
I am very glad when I see your letter. Your letters always bring me good mood, even if you wrote just one line.
Before meeting with you, my life was uninteresting, it was monotonous.
Now I have you and I learn something everyday new about you. Now I can't imagine my life without you Richard!
You are my meaning of life! I don't need anything but you!
Without you and without your love, without your kind words, my heart will empty and cold!
Richard, I am very glad that we found each other. Our acquaintance, endless pleasure for me. You are very interesting, sociable
Man. You write me wonderful letters that keep me warm cold days. I want to believe that our relationship just won't end in correspondence. I am sincerely writing this to you and want to be honest with you.
I hope you agree with me.
Richard I love you very much and just want to be with you! Can not wait our meeting! I love you my angel! I always like to read yours
Letters! Your love is the greatest joy in the world, Richard! I want to talk to you, kiss you, always be in your arms.
I want to go with you to the cinema, to the cafe, everywhere! Just spend
Time is only with you, and I want to make you happy! Now I am sitting at home, writing this letter and thinking only about our meeting.
I think about you all the time, I think you're doing well, the way it goes
Today is your day, did you sleep well today? I worry all the time
You! I can't think of anything but you.
Richard, I'm glad that I wrote to you and chose you from a thousand men and I was not mistaken in my choice! I have never felt such feelings for a man.
I don't want us to have Secrets.
I believe that honesty and trust are the most important things in a relationship.
Richard you deserve my trust.
We are looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage later!
So we have to be very honest! We must trust each other!
Richard, I will finish the letter and look forward to your reply!
Hug you and send you a sweet kiss.
Just your Anna !!!!!
Letter 10
Hi dear Richard!
Your letter to me is like a breath of fresh air, like a glass of water in hot sultry day. Everyone around me noticed how I changed
Recently. Everyone is surprised at my luck. My parents said
I have eyes that shine with happiness and have not seen me so happy for a long time despite all these hardships in the world.
Richard, I am grateful to you for changing my life
She's much prettier.
Richard, your letters keep me in a good mood all day.
Richard I don't know why, but after meeting you I feel myself well. I have a lot of strength, it is easy for me to wake up in the morning.
I wake up thinking about you. I'm just happy ... Richard, I want to look you in the eye, fall asleep in your arms and wake up from your voice and tender kiss! Richard, I want to
Try this kiss now, I'm sure it will unforgettable. Richard What do you think our first kiss will be like?
I think it will be a very sweet kiss full of passion and with love.
Richard I want you to know that I am not interested in rich people!
I don't need expensive gifts or wealth. The most important thing for me so that my husband can take care of the family and take care of me!
But, a woman should be able to keep the house clean, do cleaning,
Cleaning of clothes. She must be able to support her family. A lot of women do not want to do this, preferring instead to do housework.
And for the maid to do it. But I think the family will feed, follow
Cleanliness in the house, meeting with her husband for dinner - that's right. And I
I dream about it because it is real family happiness.
Richard Of course, I understand that our relationship is only virtual.
But I think we are already close to a real relationship. This is the next step in our relationship. I don't think the distance between us will be barrier for us. I can't feel this distance between us anymore, you
Always in my head ...
I am glad for your answer.
Your Anna !!!
Letter 11
Hello Richard!!!
Richard As always, I am very pleased with your letter. Richard, you and I are like two parallel streams, which at the end they will surely unite, and run ahead with frantic force, to overcome all difficulties on your way. In this stormy stream
Every minute we will enjoy love, passion.
Richard, the moment will soon come when we will find out everything about us in our correspondence.
I hope you understand that we cannot write endless letters.
Now everything depends on our meeting ... personal meeting ...
Do you agree? How do you imagine our meeting?
I want to hear your opinion on this matter, it is very important for me.
I only think about our meeting.
Richard, I am asking about this because there is very joyful news for us.
In my opinion, this will be the best time for us and we will not have problems
Our meeting. This is the only opportunity for me to meet you because you know I have a busy schedule and I can't. Pick your vacation dates.
I hope you have some free time.
The period will be very pleasant. But if you have to go to work, I
I'll meet you after work, I'll treat you to a delicious dinner in the evening.
I just want to touch you Richard.
I think being together can show us that we can never find out in correspondence.
This will be our first meeting.
Then we will really know the feelings between us.
we have to decide whether we will be together or not ...
I really want us to be happy together, so I will be happy
To be continued after our meeting.
Richard Looking forward to your reply! I hope to get reciprocity to your dream! I want to feel your touch.
I really suffer when I feel like I have you ...
But At the same time, we are so far away. I wanna be with you !!!!
Your Anna !!!!!
Letter 12
Hello Richard!!!
Richard I am very glad to receive your letter. Your letter as always warms my heart. I cannot explain my feelings, but I am very happy. I've already told you that. I'm glad you understand me understand my feelings! Richard, today I spoke with the boss about my vacation.
And now I am very happy to tell you the good news!
My vacation starts on November 9nd and lasts 30 days.
Which of these days would you Would be more comfortable to meet me?
And how long can I stay?
I understand that it is better to stay forever :) But you and I are adults and do not make hasty decisions until we meet personally. Our first meeting will be the most important for us.
Do you agree? I recently talked to my mom and girlfriend
About this and they think that I should not suffer without you.
Do you also think that you and I should meet?
Richard, I think you will determine the date of our meeting and in the near future
Please let me know. After that I can plan everything about my trip to you. For me the journey will be for you unforgettable experience. This is the best gift of fate now.
I can only dream. How do you feel about this? I hope you
There are no more plans for vacation and can be found
Time so that we can have our first meeting so that they will forever remain in our memories. This chance is given to us
Destiny, and I don't want to miss the opportunity to be with you.
I am glad for your answer.
Your Anna
Letter 13
Hello my dear Richard!
I love you very much and I want us to be as soon as possible together. I feel that every day our Feelings are getting stronger!
Richard, it is very pleasant for me that you can meet me during
Time for my vacation. I will try to negotiate with the boss
In order to spend more vacation days, I will be very glad if it works.
Richard do you mind if I ask you some questions regarding my trip?
Will we live in your house or will I stay in the hotel?
Will I have a separate room when I live with you?
What to take with you?
You can provide me with your full details (your full name and the address)? I give it to mom. My mom was a little worried about my trip.
So you won't be Worried if I leave your details to them?
Richard, very soon you will meet me at the airport and I will finally
I can hug and kiss you! This will be the best moment in our life that we will remember forever!
Very soon we will be together and all our dreams will come true!
I love you very much and do not get tired of repeating it!
You are my only man with whom I want to spend my life! I hope you answer all my questions because it is really very important to me.
Richard, I will finish my letter and look forward to your reply!
Only your Anna!
Letter 14
Hi dear Richard!
I look forward to your letter. I thought about you. All my thoughts
Now only that we will be together so soon.
I'm just happy about it!
Richard I slept badly at night because I thought about you and our meeting all night!
Richard I love you with all my heart and I am very glad that we will soon
Be together and we will become the happiest couple in the world!
I always imagine our meeting at the airport and start crying from
Richard, now I feel like the happiest woman, but I found my beloved Man, whom I think about every minute and now we will be together ... Tomorrow I will find out everything about my visit to you. Me not
I still do not know how much the trip will cost, how difficult and tiring it is.
I will have to prepare the necessary documents.
Now I want to ask you a very important question.
I think this is the most important question in your life. And I want you to give me the final answer to my question. The last answer. Yes or no.
I hope you understand the importance and seriousness of our first
Meetings. So ... are you really ready for me to come to you?
Are you ready for our meeting? It is very important for me. For me it is also a very serious choice. I know that I have to go to you spend a lot of time and effort. Yes, i am ready. Richard, I think you
You will understand that our meeting is the FIRST, but also VERY IMPORTANT for our future relationships.
After all, everything can change. But not only for me. And no one can
Convince me otherwise! Your main decision is important to me. You understand?
So now you must give me the definitive answer.
And also if you suddenly say no to me before I come.
I will accept you very badly. I hope you understand ...
When I first see you at the airport, I can’t contain my feelings and I will hug and kiss you for a long time! It will be great
A meeting that will be unforgettable for us!
And I am already in your arms and We are drawn into the passion of a kiss.
We're going to your house. Preparing a romantic dinner for us.
Light food on the table. plays light music. Emotions fill us and we are silent, we look into each other's eyes. We'll dance later and the Dance moves us slowly to the bedroom.
We are in bed and slowly begin to undress. Our love, our passion unite us.
This one is so beautiful !!!
I just want to be with you. I promise I will do anything and nothing can stop me ...
Richard, now I will finish the letter and look forward to your reply!
See my beloved soon.
I hug you tenderly and send you a million Kisses.
Forever yours Anna!
Letter 15
Hello my dear Richard!!!
I am sorry for the long answer. Visited my parents on weekends.
Only today I returned home and am immediately writing this letter to you.
Hope you won't resent me for this?
I would like to continue our communication, I missed you.
My love Richard... As I said, today I went to a travel agency.
I learned everything about my trip to you. What package of documents will I need and how long will it take to prepare.
On the one hand, I'm glad, because everything is not as difficult as I thought.
But on the other hand, I am very upset ...
I need 985 euros for all my expenses! These are tickets + Insurance + documents.
I calculated at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia. And converted to euros.
Of course, I assumed the trip would be expensive.
But when I found out how expensive! I was shocked. I promised you I would come.
All our dreams come true YES! I want to be with you and I want to fulfill all our dreams.
But how to do it now ... Sorry, I don't know ...
Richard I am really powerless in this situation. And I am ashamed Ask for your help.
I understand that I am ashamed.
I don't want to miss the chance of our meeting. But I can't do anything about it.
My salary is only 320 euros per month + 100 euros on vacation.
You probably already realize that I just can't pay for this trip.
Richard if my expenses are too expensive for you, then I will understand everything without a doubt.
Either way, we will be good friends. But I don't want to be yours
friend, I want to be your wife. I love you very much and really want to be with you!
Just you and me. I want to breathe the same air with you, kiss your sweet lips ... look into your deep eyes.
I just want to be with you!
I want to make you the happiest person in the world! I want to rejoice every minute with you, and I want to give all my tenderness,
love and care.
I am ashamed that I could not come to you ...
I am ashamed that I cannot fulfill our dreams ...
Richard, I will be glad for your answer!
I hug and kiss you, just your Anna!
Letter 16
Hello my love Richard! Good morning! I wish you a good day and a great mood.
My love Richard, of course I will give you all the information you ask me.
My full name is Anna Dozhdikova.
My full address is Komsomolskaya 155, Kazan, postcode 424002, apartment 25.
I am also attaching a copy of my passport.
I only need 500 euros so that I can organize our meeting.
My love Richard, also, just in case, I will write you the details of my bank account.
You can send money there.
Bank name: Branch of Mari El Sberbank
Bank address: Russia, 424000, Kazan, st. Pushkin, 30
Account number: 4081 7810 6370 0730 5289
Address Komsomolskaya 155 Kazan 424002
I love you and I look forward to meeting you.
A million Kisses for you. Only your Anna
Letter 17
Hello my love Richard! How is your day going?
Thanks for your prompt reply.
You can't even imagine how much I want to hug you and kiss you.
Every day I love you more and more. Our meeting is already very close and I just can't wait for it.
My love Richard, I gave you all my data. Of course I will give you my phone number (+79371157387).
But if you gave me your phone number, then I could call you.
I am very worried because I have to start all my documents already.
And I can’t start making them, because I haven’t paid the full amount to the travel agency yet.
As soon as I pay them the full amount, only then can I begin to prepare everything for our meeting.
When can you help me?
I love you and I look forward to meeting you.
I'm waiting for your news.
A million Kisses for you.
Only your Anna
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