Scam letter(s) from Zhanna Tcukanova to Hugo (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Hugo! I am very glad to receive again from you your tender and such pleasant words. This adds to my optimism and confidence in the future. My dear and how do you imagine that I got courses through another Agency. If I'm only here. If there is an opportunity I will be very grateful if you pay for the course through my Agency so that I could still take advantage of the training. This is important and desirable for me. And why did you think that I wouldn't tell you that I have friends on this site men. I don't see anything wrong with that. Isn't it. I'm free at the moment. And in General, in communicating with men, even in relation to me, I do not see anything wrong with him. After all, trust is the most important thing in a relationship. The most important thing is not to cross the line. Isn't it?. I look forward to hearing from Your Jeanne
Letter 2
My much-loved Hugo! I am very pleased that I am your happiness and my letters bring you positive emotions.I, too, always look forward to your letters. After reading them, I have faith in real men. And a small hope that I, too, can be happy. I really hope that we will find this happiness with you. Thank you so much for trying to make me at least a little happy. And you find some ways out of difficult situations. I'm lying that we can do this with you. I think that we should still take a risk and try to switch to your new profile and carry out our little adventure. If we succeed, I will be very happy. And I believe that everything will work out for us.Thank you so much for trying to show me off.For me, no one has tried so hard.You're a real man. Which I've been looking for so long and I hope that I finally found you.And we will create our little happiness. And we will finally be the happiest and will love each other and take care of our feelings.Honey, when should I write to this profile?So that we don't lose each other? I look forward to hearing from you. Your Jeanne
Letter 3
My dear Hugo! I wrote you an email with the content that you sent me on your new profile. Thank you for making me a little happier. I really hope that we will succeed. I kiss you and hug you Tight your Jeanne
Letter 4
My dear Hugo! I'll wait for you as long as I have to.My love for you overwhelms me. I kiss you and hug you Tight your Jeanne ,
Letter 5
My beloved Hugo! I was really looking forward to your letter on the website and here in the mail. I read your beautiful words. I look forward to it and believe that everything will work out for us. I have not replied to your letter on the site. Therefore, I am writing here so that you know that I have read and received it. I hug you very tenderly. I would really like to be with you now. And hug you. Thank you so much for making me a little happier. Your photos are simply unmatched. I would really like to be there with you. Your Jeanne
Letter 6
My dear Hugo !I'm just happy. We managed to do it. My dear thank you so much you made me the happiest today. If you were around, I would just kiss you. I wish you a pleasant time.I would very much like to be with you today and always. My tender kisses Jeanne
Letter 7
My dear Hugo! I'm so sad that we didn't get anything. When I saw that the gift was taken away. I was very upset and cried very much.I hope that you can make me happier in some other way. I am very sad now. And only your warm words warm me inside.I look forward to hearing From you your Jeanne
Letter 8
Dear Hugo! Sorry to keep you waiting for an answer.
It's just that my health is not the best at the moment!
I fell bad. I have a fever.
And that's why I was unable to give you a quick answer. Because I just can't look at the phone screen. Due to the temperature, my eyes quickly get tired.
Today I feel a little better! And I immediately decided to write to you.
I must tell you that I am a little confused in your letter.
You write that communication with me is special for you. And I am certainly pleased to hear these words from you. I don't know why another woman is writing to you.
You are a prominent man. And many women want to communicate with you. I don’t know where other women got your personal mail, if you didn’t report it yourself.
But I must tell you that I am pleased that you tell other women that I am in your heart. At the beginning of your letter, you write that our communication is special.
And then you write about a man saying that I am in contact with men for gifts?
What does it mean? Do you believe it? Do you think so too?
To be honest, I am not at all pleased to read such things to myself.
What online payments are we talking about?
Perhaps I communicated with some man. But that doesn't mean anything. I like to communicate with people. Moreover, I work as a psychologist. I like to communicate with different people. It brings experience to my profession. How does your friend know Vika Suranovich?
And where did he get the idea that I was working with her?
Yes, I know this girl. She is a good friend of mine. I don’t understand where I mean that a girl named Anna is watching you on a social network? What do you mean? I hope that we will be able to resolve all the issues that have arisen between us.
Waiting for an answer.
Letter 9
Dear Hugo ! I apologize for not answering you in time!
For me, this is not very good! So you are important to me, and our communication with you!
It's just that I haven't been feeling very well lately! I got sick a little bit! But now everything is fine! Don't worry, I feel great! And so I immediately write to you!
I had a mild cold! Now I am in excellent condition!
Because I know that my answer is important to you!
I read your letter and you write me many compliments! I am glad that you like me! And I am just as pleased that you want to appreciate my inner world more!
For me, communication with you is also very special!
I like what is between us!
I can drink red wine! But this happens very rarely!
As for my favorite perfume, I love sweet scents!
Do you want to give me a birthday present? I am very pleased with this! If you will allow me, then I will think about it! I am pleased that you want to please me with a gift.
Now is such a difficult time! There are a lot of sick people every day! Meeting is great! But I don't know when the pandemic and quarantine will end! I don't know if we can think of a meeting in the near future!
Do you want to see my social networks? It's just that I haven't been very active on social networks lately!
We speak different languages! And I think that it will be inconvenient for us to speak via video link! We just won't be able to understand each other!
At the moment, I am in Ukraine! It's just that when I wrote my last letter to you it was already late evening!
It's a very warm autumn in Ukraine this year! But the last days have been cool! Feels like cold weather is coming.
I am pleased to hear that I am every day in your thoughts and in your heart!
I also like our special contact with you!
Waiting for an answer.
I hug.
Letter 10
Hi Hugo! WE SHOULD BE SURE OF OUR RELATIONS)) I will start this letter with big beeches as you did. That's why I not only like your style of communication. but also what you write. Your letters really smell like love. I would be happy to be your beloved wife. I would like to. so that this coronovirus does not interfere with us and allows us to finally reunite. Compliment? No, rather the pure truth is that you are an interesting and attractive man in ****** lana as well. I would like to retire with you and talk about my feelings in real life. I, too, have the willpower to forget you. I want to be that woman. next to which you will feel complete harmony. Just surrender to your feelings .. I’m very close and I want you to keep memories of me even when you don’t read the letter. I want to be in your thoughts, because you are in my thoughts. By the way, you're right. There are different marriage agencies and we should not think about material things when it comes to love. Just let's concentrate on these emotions)) I am always open with wallpaper and ready to discuss everything. I am happy to have such an interesting conversationalist. Our conversations are always long in life will I feel. I would like you to finish in the relationships of all that we both want. I want us to make our lives happier together. I need you. And I never want conflicts between us ever again)) And I will strive for a happy life with you. And you? How are you?Hugo. I think of you and your words. I need you so much. I look forward to your reply. Jeanne
Letter 11
My dear Hugo !I
like your words very much.
I always enjoy your letters.
You fill my life with happiness and even though there are thousands of kilometers between us now I believe that soon we will be together.
And we will be very happy with you.
Isn't it?How are you doing?
It seems to me that I haven't written to you for so long.
I really missed you.
Do you miss me?
I would now very much like to lie down on your lap that would Pat me on the head and just enjoy our silence.
Would you like that?
I really want it all to be over soon so that we can be close to you.
And not write these letters but just sit next to me and talk about everything that happened today.
How soon do you think it will be?
I received a letter from Shambola only I don't really understand what I need to do please explain.But about your question am I sure that you are you.
I will answer you this way.
I can feel you.
And I think if you weren't real you wouldn't have tried to make me happy and you wouldn't have gone through any shenanigans for me. Your Jeanne
Letter 12
My dear Hugo, your insistence is not entirely appropriate!
I think that you only need to write to me , I am always in touch with you and answer your emails !
I don't like surprises like this.
I don't like the way you write and call Shantambala .
Why are you doing this ??? It's been a pleasure talking to you. But it seems to me that you are overstepping the bounds in a relationship . Don't you think so ??? You should have consulted me first, and then sent something to Shantambala . Your act did not please me , it made me sad
Your Jeanne
Letter 13
Hello my dear Hugo! I am very glad to get such nice words from you again. You make me blush every time. I am glad that I fill your life with joy. You also bring something special to my life and I love it.
I've been thinking about what you said about registering on other sites. I decided it wasn't worth it. Registering to receive a gift is very strange, isn't it?. It looks very awful. As for me. And at the same time, you might think that I would do anything for a gift.
That I'm selfish. No, it's not.
It is very important for me to communicate with you. Of course I would very much like to receive a gift from you. I would like that very much. But if fate so orders that there is no gift. Well, let's accept our fate. Do you believe in fate? I look forward to hearing From you your Jeanne
Letter 14
Hello my dear Hugo! I am very glad to receive again from you your tender and such pleasant words. This adds to my optimism and confidence in the future. My dear and how do you imagine that I got courses through another Agency. If I'm only here. If there is an opportunity I will be very grateful if you pay for the course through my Agency so that I could still take advantage of the training. This is important and desirable for me.
Letter 15
I don't understand you at all!
You write me compliments, you admire me. But at the same time, you continue to collect information on me on the Internet.
What new do you want to know about me this way? Yes, before I had a profile only on the Natashaklab website.
Now I have a profile on other sites. What's the big deal?
You told me that you would stop accusing and suspecting me. But you keep doing all this.
What do you want to achieve by this?
What are your goals?
I don't like all your suspicions and checks.
I don't understand what they are for.
If you continue in the same spirit, then we will need to end our communication.
I am pleased with all your compliments that you write. All your words are pleasant to me. But unfortunately, you are not only writing this. You are always looking for an excuse to doubt me or accuse me of cheating.
I don `t like it. And it doesn't give me any pleasure. Why go on with all this?
If you are constantly looking for a reason to accuse me of something.
You should stop your investigations. Otherwise, we will have to stop our communication. Jeanne.
Letter 16
Hugo ! We need to resolve the current situation. I don't want to take it anymore. If you think that I am deceiving you, then you and I will have no future. And if you and I have no future prospects, then we just need to stop communicating.
I see no other way out. I have told you more than once that I do not like your accusations. And that I do not want to communicate in this style. But you keep doing it. It doesn't stop you.
If you enjoy it, then I don't.
Did you want me to lose me? You did it!
You completely turned me away from you. And I see no reason to talk and communicate further. You see that our communication is not going well. You consider me some kind of deceiver, a liar.
It's better for us to end the conversation than to upset each other further.
Letter 17
Why are you doing all these things? Does it bring you pleasure? Is this how you spend your free time? I want you to stop your actions. I beg you to leave me alone. Nothing good will come of it. And you only hurt me and hurt me. I don't want to be upset about your actions anymore. I see that you are unhappy with me. I have not lived up to your expectations. So we need to end our communication with you. We shouldn't further upset each other. You do not understand me, and I do not understand you. I only see one solution.
We need to stop torturing each other. I wish you to meet a woman with whom you will be happy. And which will delight you. I want everything to be fine with you. You deserve to be happy. I'm asking you to just let me go. I'm sorry that our communication didn't work out. I think we'd be better off apart from each other. Jeanne.
Letter 18
Hugo ! You are acting very strange. I have a feeling that you are sick and you need the help of a doctor.
I simply cannot find other explanations for you and your actions. I don’t know why you’re doing all this. I don't understand your actions.
And I want to tell you that I will not fulfill your conditions. Because they are strange and incomprehensible to me. This is not normal behavior for a grown man. I am very sorry that you did this to me. But most likely you just don't know how to deal with women.
I wish you one thing. I want you to meet a woman with whom you will be happy.
I want everything to be fine with you.
I will not answer your letters anymore.
All the best to you.
Letter 19
Dear Hugo! The most valuable congratulations for me are yours.
How wonderful that you wrote to me.
I am very glad to receive your letter. You know that you are an important man to me. And I'm sorry too, on this birthday of mine, and on these New Year holidays, we are not together.
But I believe that everything will change next year.
And you and I can spend my birthday together.
We both want this!
How are you? What's new in your life?
How is your mood?
I am grateful to you for sending me your photos. I think you had a great time with your loved ones.
Do you already have plans for the new year?
I will send you my photos from my normal daily life.
I hope you enjoy them!
Waiting for an answer.
Hugs and kisses.
Your Jeanne .
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