Scam letter(s) from Veronica Kurn to Wolf (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hello Wolf. How are you doing? Wolf, I think I'm a little wrong about paying for online Dating. Yes, it doesn't allow you to touch or kiss. But it seems to me that first you need to know about each other before touching and kissing each other. And first of all, it is much easier to Express all your thoughts in a letter. In other words, communication via the Internet helps us make a step towards each other. And of course the next goal is a meeting. And it turns out that if our communication develops, we can organize our meeting. In any case, we must first learn about each other and decide in the future whether we need to meet. :)
Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you liked my photos. I also like the photo. ah, you have a dog. I like dogs. I believe that dogs are very loyal friends. Of course, sometimes they are evil, but it depends on the upbringing. My parents also have a dog, which is cute and affectionate. tell us about your dog, what is its name and what breed?
There was nothing special about my divorce, probably many couples face this. Nothing bad happened. It's just that we've grown apart. Time decided everything for us, and our feelings cooled. My husband went to another city to work. I worked 6 days a week, and it turned out that we didn't spend time together. At one point, we realized, or we will try to return to the old feelings. My husband decided that he should find a job in my city. I tried to spend more time with my husband, making romantic evenings. But it seems that my husband does not want or was not ready to return everything. And there was only one solution, divorce and move on. And the son is an adult and could understand everything. I was most worried about my son's reaction. But it's all right, he has overcome this stage.
You have an interesting job. Do you like your job?
do you really have a lot of Hobbies. You have an interesting passion. Motorcycles are very masculine and ****. I have never ridden a motorcycle in my life, and if you take me with you in the future, I will be happy. I think that riding a motorcycle brings a lot of adrenaline and fun? how you feel when you ride a motorcycle.
I'm glad you have a lot of Hobbies and interests. This helps you diversify your life, make plans, and have a good time. I've always been confused by people who just sit at home and do nothing to get carried away.
As for the meeting, time will tell what the future holds. The pandemic has caused problems all over the world. But let's hope for a successful vaccine.
You have the right views on finding your other half. You are absolutely right that a woman should be behind a man and support her man. And I want to be that kind of woman.
I need a special man in my life that every day is worth waking up with. I want to see a smile on his face when we Wake up. I want to hold him tight during the night and know that he feels tender and cared for, and also feels love. I want to share the most precious intimate moments that only true lovers share and know that the feelings are mutual. We would just be a perfect soul that could never be separated.
I'm not jealous, I'm loyal. And I want to trust my partner. If I don't trust your partner, then these relationships do not need me.
I want to say that I like sociable and smart men who have a purpose in life. It is important what internal qualities and values a man has.
The appearance of a man is not so important to me, because I am not the same beauty as I was 20 years ago. )))) Wolf what can you say about your family? About your lifestyle? Do you have a special purpose in life? New home? A car? A motorcycle? A new woman? Please write to me soon. I have an interest. Cordial greeting. Veronica.
Letter 2
Hello Wolf! What's new? How did you sleep? I had a great night's sleep and I'm in a good mood.
I'm all good. Wolf, I try to answer you when I have enough time. :) you are right that it is better to meet in person and get to know each other. But when this is not possible, you can write warm letters. the letters say a lot. You're right that when you write a letter, you have a lot of time to think. But it also helps you formulate your thoughts better. A lie? This is the worst thing that can happen in life. And I don't want to build a relationship on a lie. I hate lies. Yes, Russia also has such a phrase. But I'm asking you to be honest with me. This is important to me. if this happens, the relationship will not develop.
I understand the situation because of the dog. It is difficult to have Pets if work does not allow you to spend enough time at home. You have a very interesting idea to start a lynx. But wouldn't it be dangerous? Is a lynx a predator?
You're a really good man for helping your ex-wife. It shows that you have a heart. You deserve to be happy. Yes, many things are better told after a decent meeting. this remains in the past, and it is better to look to a bright future.
It's good that you were able to find a job that brings you pleasure.
Yes, I understand that a lot of things have been canceled because of the pandemic. But I'm sure 2021 will be easier! And I'm glad you'd like to take me for a walk.
You have a lot of technique. And it looks like every car and motorcycle has its own function.
You wrote that you've never had a close family and that's normal for you. And when you meet the right partner, how will you treat her?
And as for the dancing. Yes, I love dancing. I can dance well. There was a time in my life when I was interested in dancing. I was very interested in attending a dance club. but then for some reason I stopped going there.
I like to listen to any music. I often listen to the radio. But it all depends on your mood. Sometimes you want to listen to fast music. Sometimes you want to listen to calm and slow music. Recently, I really like the music of the 50s and 60s. For example, Frank Sinatra or Martin Dean. And the most beautiful song, of course, is “what a wonderful world". I like these songs because they feel like they convey a good mood and kindness. I like these tunes.
As for my favorite movies. I like to watch comedies and romantic movies. Or a movie with an interesting and complex plot, where you need to think and solve something. One of my favorite movies is "The Next Three Days". I like the plot and thoughts of the Director of this film. As for what I don't like. I don't like to watch horror movies. Once I went to a horror movie with my friends. I don't remember the name anymore. :) I left the theater during a movie screening. Because I was very scared. I couldn't take it in. I went out, my whole body was shaking, and my heart was beating very fast and hard.
I am an Orthodox Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ. But I don't go to Church very often. But I try to go to Church once a month. When I was little and lived with my mother, we used to go to Church every week on Sundays. I don't go to Church that often now.
Unfortunately my smartphone is broken. Now I use a regular phone with buttons.
I recently visited my Aunt and I helped her around the house. We made cherry pie together. My Aunt also asked. Why am I so happy? I couldn't tell her. Maybe it had something to do with you? I don't know yet. I just want to know more about you. Wolf what can you write? Do you have an interest in me? What do you want in the future? I have a purpose in life. I want to be a happy woman. And happiness in my understanding is not luxury or wealth. Happiness is love and understanding. Happiness is respect and trust. I want to get a lot of warmth and love from a man. Wolf what would you be happy to get from the woman you love? Write to me if you have time. I wish you a nice day. Veronica
Letter 3
Hello Wolf! Nice to see your new email in my inbox. How are you doing? Wolf, thank you for your big and interesting letter. I'm sorry you had a sleepless night. But why do you have trouble sleeping? Maybe it's because you have a lot of media equipment?
it's a good activity, cleaning floors to take your mind off work. I like to do homework I love cleanliness in the house!
You have an interesting taste in movies. I don't spend much time on movies. But it's always more interesting to watch movies with a partner.
As for English, I have known it for many years. At school, I had the choice of studying English or German. My choice was English. I studied English for many years. Of course, it is difficult for me to write, but if it is difficult for me to write, I use a translator. Do you mind if I use a translation program sometimes? Do you know other languages?
I can write to you on Saturday. I work on Saturday. I have a computer at home, but it's old and I rarely turn it on.
Perhaps you are right that the lynx is amenable to training. But you need a lot of space for such an animal. Isn't it?
As for music, I like your taste.
If you don't practice any religion, you don't need to go to Church. It is enough that you believe in God in your soul.
I like it when a man is romantic. And it immediately betrays more feelings. And if a man creates romantic moments, it will be easier for a woman to open her feelings, her soul. And in General, romance in a relationship is a good sign.
Of course, *** is an important part of a relationship. For example, I can say that I can't imagine *** without love. After all, when two people love each other, the *** is amazing. Because there is a strong chemistry of feelings between people. First of all, emotions, feelings, love give rise to ***, which is maddening.
How did your morning start? My morning starts with an alarm clock. It's always hard to Wake up for work. But when it's a day off, I Wake up very early without an alarm clock. Do you ever do that? when I Wake up, I take a shower, then make a light Breakfast. Usually it's coffee and Scrambled eggs. That's enough for me. I only drink coffee once a day. I prefer tea. I wanted to ask you a few days ago. Does it bother you that I have a son? Don't worry, my son is already an adult. He lives in another city, where his father lives. My son is smart and Mature. Sometimes I notice that he thinks like a grown man. I am happy to have raised such a son. Now I can go about my personal life with peace of mind. :) He often says: “Mom, I'm already an adult, don't worry about me, start living in your own pleasure!” :) For complete happiness now I only need a life partner. Probably, no one can go through life for a long time without a partner. So I believe that I will be fine! I'll attach a photo with my sister. I hope you like the photos? I like talking to you. I want to learn more about you every day. I wonder what will happen next...? :) can you imagine that? I look forward to hearing from you. Veronica
Letter 4
Hello Wolf. I'm very happy to see your letters. I read them with great pleasure. Wolf, I hope the trip goes well. 6 hours drive is a long time. If you don't drive the car, what are you doing in such a long way? I usually fall asleep easily.
So you have rare moments when you can't sleep at night? Rarely, but I have the same moments. Don't worry about the words with a capital letter. I have no problem understanding your emails. I love cooking. And for me, there is always a stereotype that any decent woman's man should always be full and there should always be delicious food on the table. I took this example from my mother. She made a wonderful baked chicken with potatoes. She made wonderful fish. But the most beautiful dish I liked was baked duck in Apple sauce. When I invite guests to my house, for example, for a birthday or some reason just to celebrate something. They call ahead and order me to cook a duck. :) Of course, I don't always eat duck. There are many other delicious foods. I also try to take care of my figure and eat light food.
I'm glad you like the photos. Thank you for the compliment. :)
Wolf, don't be sad that we are far away. Everything has a certain time. And if our communication develops, we will be able to meet.
It's also important for me to love before having ***. And it is very important that there is trust. Without trust, you can't build a strong relationship.
Thank you for telling me about your day. I wonder if you're planning your day. It's good to have a plan.
I'm glad you're taking the fact that I have a son well. I just wanted to ask you what you think. So that there will be no misunderstandings in the future.
Wolf, you have a very clear opinion of today's youth. And I agree with you. But I can also say that it is important to cultivate character and aspiration in children. A lot also depends on upbringing. First of all, you need to understand why this happened.
Today, my friend and colleague is going on vacation. She said she wanted to go visit relatives. Russia is a big country. All relatives live far away. She asked me when I had a vacation. But I haven't thought about it yet. I couldn't take a vacation in the summer. My last vacation was in 2018. I went to the black sea. I really like the sea, especially in the evening, when the water calms down and there are no waves. Wolf how did you spend your last vacation? Or maybe you're planning for the future? At work, I can take 40 days off a year. Sometimes I take 2-3 days off from vacation and go to my parents. My parents live in another city. The road to them takes about one hour. They live about 50 kilometers from my city. But I like it when I visit them. My dad and I have a tradition of playing chess up to three wins. Sometimes we have one party for the whole day. Of course, we take our time, leave the game for a few hours and continue. I like chess because it helps me think ahead a few steps. Do you like to play chess or other Board games? Are you a gambler? It feels so good to have received a letter from you. I like reading your letters. And every time I want to see it and answer it as soon as possible. I attach photos from my vacation. :) Hug. Veronica.
Letter 5
Hello Wolf! How are you? How is your health? I feel great. And the mood is wonderful. Are your emails so influential? :)
Wolf, I'm glad you had a good time. And I'm glad your health is fine. Many people do not know the measure of alcohol . and in the morning it is difficult for them. You seem to be thinking about how you feel in the morning. :)
I wonder if you listen to a book but don't know the title.
Yes, I think of you. I love receiving your emails and I look forward to receiving your emails. I like to read your big letters. you are an honest, kind man. And I like you. I attach you photos that were taken recently. This is the length of my hair right now.
I hope the trip home was a no-brainer? Are you very tired of driving?
I tried to write to several people. They were strange. One man showed up and said he wasn't his type. But I'm glad, but I'm glad that we were able to build communication with you. and it looks like we have a mutual liking. You are kind, honest, and sweet. I also like that you have serious intentions. That's why I chose you and didn't want other men.
I agree with you that in order to build a relationship, you need a personal meeting!
Of course, I miss a partner who will be there for me, who will take care of me. and I also miss taking care of my partner!
Looks like you had a good trip this summer. And you have great travel plans. I hope that all your plans will come true.
I agree that the pandemic is making things difficult right now. I didn't plan where I would spend the Christmas holidays. I usually decide this just before the holiday.
If you want to see my city. See where I live. It is better to travel in the summer, when it is warm. But you're right that the pandemic is causing a lot of problems. And you also need to wear masks. Of course I would be interested to see where you live. What is the weather like there in winter? What's the weather like now?
Yes, I like to eat fish. I'd be interested to see how you cook fish.
Of course I can help you with your diet. But you need to understand that following the figure is a long process. That is, you need to constantly observe nutrition. Otherwise, it won't work. For this you need willpower.
I am glad that you know how to play chess. I would love to try playing with you. Will you keep me company? I would be very pleased.
I like the idea of you sitting next to a glass of wine and talking. We could do this in the future. But first of all, I need to find out at work when exactly I can take a vacation.
Even if your parents were strict with you. but because of this, you have formed a character and you have achieved a lot in life!
I heard a great song today. If you want to listen to a Russian song, I will send it in the next email. Do you have a favorite song? I'd love to hear it. Tell us about your musical tastes? I like different types of music, and it's hard to name a genre that I like. I can listen to pop, classical, and instrumental music without words. Music helps you relax and calm down, have fun, remember some moments from life. What does music mean to you? Sometimes I watch youtube clips. And there are very touching songs and beautiful videos. I like this video. I will be happy if you look at it and tell me your opinion. This is a very tender love song. Wolf do you believe in love at first sight? I don't believe in love at first sight. I didn't have that. But I believe in soul connection. And love at first sight is to love appearance. And I believe that for love you need to know a person. For love, you need to open your soul, only then will you know love. I'm very happy to share my thoughts with you. I think you understand everything I'm telling you. It's expensive.
I wonder what our conversation on the phone would look like. Excitement, trembling, incomprehensible words. This is intriguing. :) write your phone number. I'll be happy to call! Veronica
Letter 6
Hello Wolf. It's nice to read your lines. Your letters have become an integral part of my day. Recently, I want to respond to your letter as soon as possible. It is a pity that it is not always possible to respond quickly. But I try to make time for you as soon as I can. How are you doing? I have a very long morning. I woke up 2 hours earlier today. I couldn't sleep anymore. For some reason, I immediately thought of you. You must have been asleep at the time. :) I'm very happy that I liked the song. This song is about love. It's called "in zero gravity." It's as if a man and a woman stop time and try to tell each other that they are important to each other.
I watched the clip you sent me. I've heard this song. But I don't like the meaning of this song. And the clip is interesting.
thank you for sending your phone number. we need to find time so we can talk. When do you have free time to talk to me? I can't speak while I'm working. Or can we talk tonight when I get home? Wolf , did you imagine my voice? I've tried to imagine your voice several times.
I totally agree with you about love at first sight. It seems to me that at first we can't see the character, the emotional behavior. We can't understand the soul at a glance. that's why I think it takes time to love. Love is the result of hard work of two partners. And it seems to me that efforts should be made from both sides. If you love someone and don't know why? This is true love!!!
Wolf, you don't need to be ashamed of your photos. You are who you really are. And I like you.
I'd love to see where you live. It would be nice to visit you. and maybe we can implement this idea. But in any case, we will continue to communicate and time will tell!
You're right about a lot of things. But in addition to food and drinks, there are many other things that can please. And if there is a partner nearby, you need to monitor your health. In order to live longer next to your soulmate.
If it were allowed to buy weapons in Russia, it would be very bad.
Yes, I like humor. And I love to laugh!!
I hope that my letter will bring you a smile. At least your letters bring me a smile. It's easy for me to communicate with you. I see you as an interesting, kind, polite man. See you soon. Veronica
Letter 7
Hello dear Wolf! I have such a strange feeling. Today I woke up and somehow lonely, the apartment is quiet, you can hear the neighbors talking behind the wall. And I want it to be a little different. I guess people can't be alone. I believe that every person should have a partner with whom it is easy and comfortable. And in the future, I don't want to Wake up alone. I want my partner to have common Hobbies and interests. Get new experiences and Hobbies. It's always interesting to learn something new.
Wolf, I don't mind guns. I just don't want crazy people to have guns. Especially people who drink a lot of alcohol. It's dangerous. Why people can't live in peace and trust each other. Why are there so many bad people in the world? Wars, murders. it depresses me.
As for calling, I'll try to call you tomorrow. I have a busy day at work today.
I work from 9:00 to 17:00 sometimes even later. My job is not far from home. 20 minutes on foot. I live alone in an apartment building. I have a separate apartment.
As for trips outside of Russia. I've never been far outside of Russia. But I was outside of Russia when Krym was part of Ukraine. I'll never forget that train ride. It's a long road. These are frequent train stops. And in the summer, the train is much harder to ride. After all, there is no air conditioning. It was terribly hot. But I didn't think about it. Only now do I remember what it was like. And at the time of the trip, I was very happy. I liked Krym. There is a very beautiful nature. I liked the sound of the sea. At that moment, I saw the sea for the first time and heard the sound of the sea surf. It's a magical sound. Do you like the sea?
Wolf, I completely agree that you write about love. Love cannot be without emotions. And if there is no emotion, it is not love, it is calculation.
It would be nice to see what you're cooking. As for work, it's basically a 5-day work week. But it all depends on the activity of the work, and employers. I'm used to working 6 days a week. And when I come home from work, I cook dinner, read a book. I take a walk before going to bed. I can watch TV.
My number: +79451249815
I wasn't thinking about a perfect day. I think it is difficult to answer this question.
Wolf how are you doing? how did your morning start? I'm all right. work is fine, parents are fine too. I also talked to my son. He's doing well. He likes to go to University. I told him about us. Nikolai reacted with surprise, but was happy for me. She wants me to have a personal life. He started asking about you, but you can't tell him everything over the phone. We decided that when he arrived, we would talk about it. I am very pleased that my son responded well to our communication. I'm sure he's happy for us. I could hear it in his voice. We can talk about any topic without any problems. It seems to me that this should be the relationship between a son and a mother. What do you think? More and more I notice that your letters affect my mood. Such an extraordinary feeling inside. I read your letters with great pleasure. And it seems to me that this is normal. I like you, you're so easy to talk to. I'm sending a photo :) I hope you like it. Veronica
Letter 8
Hello dear Wolf!
how are you doing today? how your day started. Despite the bad morning, I'm in a good mood. I think your letters are so affecting me. :)
Wolf, I like to wear hats in hot weather. So that the sun doesn't hit your head. It is better to be protected in such moments. :)
It's nice that you want the chessboard for me. That's nice of you.
I'm glad you don't use alcohol or drugs. And I don't doubt you.
Maybe you're right about the wars. The two most important reasons are power and money. And it's nice that you care about me. I think I'll feel safe with you.
You have a desire to travel all over Russia by train. But since I know the people in my country well and how everything works, I don't want to make such trips. Whether it will be an adventure, no doubt - Yes! But the question is whether this adventure left positive or negative emotions?
It seems that you have a lot of documents and this is a problem. What if you scan these documents and keep them in a separate cloud on your computer? Divide them by month and year.
my son Nikolai is studying at the University. He is a law student. It also works. He earns his own living. He works at the same University, a small job. Lots of things to do. But I'm glad she has the tenacity to strive. And also when he finishes his studies, he wants to get married. He already has a girlfriend, and I hope they're serious. :) He has already served in the army, so he is a strong and smart boy.
Wolf, please don't starve. And before you answer my letter, you'd better eat. :) thank you for your kind words. And I also feel like I've known you for a lot longer. We have a lot in common, we treat each other with respect. And we have a mutual sympathy. That's why we have such a great feeling.
I don't have chess at home. My dad has a chess set. Thank you for your suggestion. But I'd like to play in person so we can have long conversations.
Sometimes I have free time in the evenings. And I'm thinking about what to do with myself. Do something that will bring me pleasure. I could start knitting things. I know how to do it, but I don't enjoy it. As a child, I was taught by my mother and grandmother. My grandmother used to knit things. she was good at it. And she did it very quickly! But I don't enjoy knitting things. I want to do something interesting. I have an idea, but you might find it funny. But I was interested in soap making. I'm not sure you understand what I'm saying. I've seen people make soap on the Internet. There are special forms for this purpose. And soap can be made in different shapes, different sizes. What do you think about this? should I try it? make soap, for the sake of a souvenir, for relatives, friends and acquaintances. Of course, this is a funny idea, but I want to do something interesting. Do you have any ideas? Do you have any friends or acquaintances who do this kind of thing? In any case, don't take this idea seriously. I just wanted to share this idea. just look at what I mean. the video shows everything in detail. take a look and tell me your opinion?
I thought about you a lot last night before I went to bed. I imagined how wonderful it would be to meet in person. Talk, we could talk about a lot of things. We can't convey all the emotions in emails. But communication, in reality it will all be different. But I think there is a certain time for everything. Or whatever we want. I think you're a good man. It's interesting to get to know you in reality.
I wish you a good mood. Veronica!
Letter 9
Hello my Wolf! I'm glad we were able to talk on the phone. I liked your voice. I've imagined your voice so many times. And I liked your voice. sorry our call was short. But the call is expensive, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. Most importantly, we were able to talk and hear voices.
How are you doing? Are you in a good mood? During our conversation, I realized that I was beginning to experience certain feelings. I feel only positive emotions from our communication. You seemed polite, caring, sincere, and kind. I am glad that all our feelings and emotions for each other are completely mutual. Wolf, how do you feel about me? Tell me about it.
I'm glad you're supporting my soap idea. Of course, it is not easy to implement such an idea. it takes time. Think first, and make a plan. But the most important thing is that you like my idea. I'm glad that you support me, it gives me a boost of energy. it is important that people whom you trust in such moments of life, give support and attention.
I contacted my network operator. And I found out why you can't call me. I don't even work sms. The fact is that my mobile provider does not support international communication. In other words, my phone only works in Russia. That is why there are such problems. I also found out that there are special places where you can call other countries. and I called from there! That is, the post office, where there is a public telephone.
I live in Saransk.
Wolf, please don't compare me to other people. I have my own life. I live my life the way I want it. And I have my own attitude to life. The smartphone is the best invention of mankind, but also the worst. For me, a smartphone is something I don't need. I probably have a different view of the world. It's a pity that you don't like my view of these things and it seems strange. But it probably always has been, and will continue to be. People who are not like most seem strange.
Yes, I only have one sister. Yes, I wear glasses and sometimes contact lenses.
I'm tired of working. I want to get some rest. When I'm tired, I imagine a house far away from the city and the hustle and bustle. If I had a house far from the city with my own garden. I would take care of the garden. I have long dreamed of getting out of the city and living there. But the problem is,
that my work will be far away. And it would be great to spend time in this house. Take a break from the world around you. In winter, a pleasant evening by the fireplace, and in summer working in the garden caring for fruits, berries and vegetables. Aren't you tired of my letter? I attach a photo with my mother. I wish you a good mood. Your Veronica. I'm going to my parents ' house for the weekend, so I won't be back until Monday. I wish you a good weekend.
Letter 10
Hello dear Wolf! I am very happy to see your letter. I had a great time with my parents. My parents are fine. We talked a lot. Such moments give a charge of cheerfulness and energy.
I've known you for days. And from our communication, I have the feeling that we have known each other for many years. Imagine, we haven't even seen each other, and there is such an extraordinary feeling. It would be great to meet again in the near future. Imagine that we met, what would you say when we first met? I don't even know what I'm going to say when we first meet. I guess I'll say "Hello Wolf" and then I'll get excited. I'm sure we'll understand each other perfectly.
You know, there are times when you can just look at a person and learn more than words. Just a look, a ****** expression, a smile, a surprise. All these emotions can tell you a lot. It would be interesting to meet you. I was dreaming, and now I want to ask, how are you doing?
You have warm weather there. Here, the temperature drops below zero at night.
I like chocolate. But chocolate is a bad friend for a slim figure. Hahahahah.
I also like ice cream. But only in hot weather. :)
But I would love to see the factory and try the chocolate.
I understand that you want to call me whenever you want. But you can't do it. my phone doesn't support international calls.
You made the right choice to give up the house. I understand that I had to constantly ask the neighbors to feed the dog or hire workers to look after the garden. This is a big load.
Does it look like you like growing vegetables? I agree that cacti have good stability.
I had friends come to see me last night. We were sitting in the kitchen drinking tea with sweets. We talked about different things, including men. And you know, I didn't tell my friends anything about you. My mother always said that happiness loves silence. And you don't have to brag about how good you are. And I thought I wouldn't tell you anything. People like to give advice without even looking into the situation. So I don't want to hear what my friends think about us meeting each other. I am pleased that our communication is honest and open. And you should know that I trust you with my soul. I'm not hiding anything from you. For me, honesty and trust have a lot of meaning in life. Lots of hugs. Your Veronica
Letter 11
Hallo mein lieber Wolf.
Letzte Nacht bekam ich eine Antwort von der Bank. Mir wurde die Kreditvergabe verweigert.
Und jetzt wird unser treffen definitiv nicht stattfinden.
Liebling Wolf, unsere Beziehung ohne ein treffen wird nicht in der Lage sein, sich zu entwickeln.
Heute habe ich den ganzen Tag darüber nachgedacht, was als Nächstes zu tun ist. und ich verstehe, dass unsere Beziehung scheitern wird.. Und es ist wahrscheinlich besser, die Beziehung jetzt zu beenden. Sonst werden wir in Zukunft mehr Schmerzen bekommen..
Ich weiß wirklich nicht, was ich tun soll. ich denke jetzt daran, früher Urlaub zu machen und zu meinen Eltern zu gehen. Und ich möchte drei Wochen bei Ihnen verbringen. Ich muss diese schwierige Zeit überwinden..
Tut mir Leid, dass mein Brief dir wehtut. aber zumindest ist das meine ehrliche Entscheidung, ohne falsche Hoffnungen. Ich hoffe, du verstehst mich?
Letter 12
Hallo mein Wolf. Wie geht ' s dir? Geht es dir gut? Ich warte immer noch auf Neuigkeiten von der Bank. Ich habe noch keine Neuigkeiten über das Darlehen. Wolf, ich bin froh, dass es dir leichter fällt, Deutsch zu schreiben. Ich bin froh, dass es dir gut geht.
Heute morgen habe ich meine Wohnung sauber gemacht und meine Wäsche gewaschen. Ich habe auch schon angefangen, den Koffer zu packen. Ich habe Unterwäsche und Hygieneartikel reingelegt. Ich denke, wenn mein Kredit genehmigt wird und ich zu dir kommen kann, können wir in den laden gehen und dort etwas kaufen. Was denkst du? Gibt es gute Geschäfte in deiner Nähe? Mein lieber Wolf ich denke ständig daran, dich zu treffen. Und ich würde mich freuen, wenn wir unser treffen umsetzen können. Zusammen! Weil wir beide Liebe, Umarmungen, zuneigung brauchen. Ich kann nicht mehr allein Leben, weil du in meinem Leben aufgetaucht bist. Du bist der Mann, der mir Vertrauen in die Zukunft geben konnte. Deshalb brauchen wir dieses treffen, das uns viel geben wird. Und dann können wir nicht ohne Sie Leben. Außerdem gibt es Sympathie zwischen uns, die uns vereint. Und ich Schätze es sehr! Ich Schätze alles, was uns verbindet. Unsere Briefe, unser Wunsch, zusammen zu sein, unsere Gedanken und Worte. Wolf jetzt möchte ich dir einen schönen Tag wünschen. Ich werde an dich denken und auf die Antwort von der Bank warten. Ich hoffe, alles wird gut und wir können uns am Flughafen treffen! Viele Umarmungen. Deine Prinzessin Veronica
Letter 13
Hello dear Wolf. how are you? I'm all right, except I hurt my leg this morning. And it's very painful. Nothing serious, but it still hurts. But I think that tomorrow there will be no pain. I was just in a hurry to get to work today, and there was such an unpleasant moment. It was painful and funny. Such a strange feeling, ridiculous, painful, but funny. Do you ever do that? :)
Wolf, what do I expect from the future? I just want to find a partner that I can be happy with. I don't need much. I don't need wealth or luxury. To live modestly and be happy is beautiful. That is, despite the modesty to feel happy, it's great.
From the future man, I expect mutual love, tenderness, respect and loyalty.
And I can say with confidence that I can put my heart in your hands. My heart tells me that I can trust you. we have a lot in common and we know what we want from life.
I understand what you mean by lying to be kind. But I like it better when they tell the truth. You need to be able to recognize the truth, even though it may be bitter. In any case, I can accept the truth!
I fully understand your outrage at people who don't respect culture and customs. This is incorrect behavior. And your thoughts are correct. We need to act more seriously with such people. at a party, you need to behave like a guest.
And there is no racism in your words. You're saying the right things.
I'm sorry, I made a typo in that phrase. What I meant was that I want a partner to be around to give me a gentle touch.
Wolf, I wish I could convey all my feelings and emotions to you through letters. This can only be done in reality. How would you imagine this situation if we were 15 minutes away? How would you imagine our meeting? I just have these thoughts. Maybe we should talk about it. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. It would be great to get to know each other in real life. I don't want to rush it, but I'm just writing down what my thoughts are.
I'm having a nice time in my life right now. My son and even my parents are happy for me. I told them about you. And they approve of my choice. Of course, I felt their concern, but they only told me one thing: do everything for your happiness. I am so pleased that there is such support from my family. Even though it started this morning from the pain , I'm glad how life is going. I know that nothing is clear yet. And we still have to figure out what the future holds. Everything depends on us. And if we make an effort, it will be rewarded. I decided to send you photos that were taken in the summer on the beach.
I wish you a good day. your Veronica.
Letter 14
Hello dear Wolf! how is your mood? how did you sleep today? Wolf, I'm sorry I couldn't write for a few days. But I'm glad you thought of me these days. I've also thought about you a lot. :) I am satisfied with your first actions at our first meeting. they don't do that in Russia.
I'm surprised you have very warm weather. But I'm glad you can enjoy the nice weather. Here at night the temperature is below zero.
You're right, the pandemic is annoying. We need an effective vaccine. But despite the pandemic, our feelings are developing. Yes, we still have a lot to learn about each other.
I like to listen to music. I like to laugh or listen to different stories. I like to walk when the weather is nice. But I don't like it when it's cold or raining outside. I love to cook, and it brings me real pleasure. But I don't like peeling or cutting onions. There are tears from onions. What do you like and what don't you like?
I don't like lies and aggression in people. But I like kindness and respect. I always try to show people my kindness and respect. I think it's important!
I have no problems this week. Now there is a problem that I don't like, that night comes very early.
Wolf have you ever thought about how everything is tripled in the world? it seems to me that it is interconnected. And the fates of many people are connected. a lot of people talk about fate. Wolf in your opinion, what is fate? what do you mean by that word? I believe that fate is a set of paths. We decide what the future holds for us. And yesterday, before I went to bed, I thought. We have an interesting story. We are so far away, and it feels like we are close. That's exactly how I feel. The interesting thing is, we haven't met yet, and we don't have any physical contact. But I have an attraction to you. And these are honest words. It's too early to talk about love, but it's possible in the future.
I understand that it is too early to talk about the future. We live here and now.
today I will come back to an empty apartment. I'll make dinner just for myself. I'll watch TV, and then I'll go to bed. And I want everything to change and be different. I want to cook dinner for the man I love, discuss my day, etc. And also make love before going to bed or in the shower. I don't need a man's touch. Wolf will you brighten up my loneliness? It would be great if we could meet during my vacation. Lots of hugs. Veronica.
Letter 15
Hello my dear Wolf. How are you doing? Is everything all right with you? What did you do today? Wolf, I fully understand that the pandemic dictates terms and conditions. but I would like to know all about my capabilities.Thank you for asking about my leg. She's fine. There is no pain today. I'm glad you're taking care of me. It is important for a woman that a man shows attention and care. This is more important than gifts, money, or power. The most important thing is that there is care and attention.
Wolf, maybe you need a comfortable device on your knee to make it softer? I'm sure there are different things for such cases? Please take care of your knee.
Yes, we don't live 15 minutes apart. But it is quite possible to arrange our meeting. And you are absolutely right that our lives and our relationships depend entirely on us. And undoubtedly, we have a happy future ahead of us. We're looking for the same thing. And together we can build a joint future! At least I believe it!
Wolf, as for the call, I will try to call next week. But the call is expensive. I don't have a number you can call.. I understand your desire to talk more. But at the moment, the situation is like this.
You are right that many thoughts, ideas, memories want to tell when we stand face to face. And don't worry, I'll be honest with you. Honesty is the Foundation of a strong relationship.
My sister and I went for a walk yesterday. My sister was happy to take a walk with me. My sister asked about my plans for us. I said that I would like to see you and find out how you live, how you spend your free time, how you start your day, and so on. We might also find out if there's chemistry between us. My sister agreed with me. She also said that it is nice to live in the modern world, when anyone can get on a plane and fly to another country. Wolf, I fully understand that the pandemic dictates terms and conditions. but I would like to know all about my capabilities.
Wolf how and where do you think our first meeting will take place? Do you have any thoughts or plans for our meeting? I can't say anything specific about it right now. I've never been abroad. I traveled only on the territory of Russia. Crimea, Sochi, and so on. I think I need to contact a travel Agency and find out everything. My sister helped me find a good travel Agency in my city. So I will be able to contact them. OK? Wolf what do you want me to bring from Russia? Maybe a souvenir of some kind? Or?? Now I want to wish you a nice day. I'll try to write more later. Lots of kisses. Your Princess Veronica
Letter 16
Hello my dear Wolf. How's your day? How's the weather? no response from you, but I hope you have a great Saturday.
I was at a travel Agency. The staff of the travel company were polite to me. I said I want to visit your country.
I was warned that there are many restrictions due to the pandemic. But the best option is to prepare the trip now. It will be cheaper with insurance.
I was told that I have to get a lot of documents and apply for a visa at the Embassy of your country. I asked what documents? I was told that I must have a travel passport, insurance. I also need round-trip air tickets, a document from work as an economic guarantee, a document from the Bank as a financial guarantee, and several photos for the visa application form. In addition, the travel company asked me a number of questions. Purpose of the trip? Which airport do I want to fly to? And how long do I want to stay there? I couldn't answer those questions. So I said that I would come to the travel Agency again later and tell them all the information. I will also bring the necessary documents. Wolf can you tell me where I should go? Is there an international airport there? How long can I stay with you? As I already wrote, my vacation will be for a period of 4 weeks. So we could spend my vacation together. What do you think? I was advised by a travel company to apply for a 90-day tourist visa. This is the most common type of visa and it doesn't take long to get it. I'm a little excited. After all, this is my first visit abroad. I can't even imagine what our reaction will be during the first meeting. What shall we do. What we will eat. Where we will go and so on. All these questions are in my head right now. But I hope everything goes well and we can have a good time together to get to know each other personally. Right now, I want to send you a lot of big hugs and wish you a nice day. Write to me if you have time. Your Princess Veronica
Letter 17
Hallo mein lieber Wolf. Wie war dein Tag? Wie ist deine Stimmung?
Wolf, im Moment weiß ich nichts über das Visum. in Erster Linie muss ich Geld finden, um die Reise zu bezahlen. Also brauche ich Zeit.
Ich habe heute gute Laune. Obwohl ich viel zu tun hatte. Ich war bei der Bank und schrieb einen Kreditantrag. Mir wurde gesagt, dass ich auf eine Nachricht von der Bank warten sollte. Wenn alles gut läuft, kann ich das Geld bekommen. Dann kann ich wieder ins Reisebüro gehen und die Reise bezahlen. Ich hoffe, das dauert nicht lange. Wolf ich freue mich, dass wir eine Chance für ein treffen haben. Denn es ist unser treffen, das uns die Möglichkeit geben wird, einander besser kennenzulernen. Dann können wir uns gegenseitig umarmen und küssen. Dann können wir von Angesicht zu Angesicht sprechen und die Zeit genießen, die wir zusammen verbracht haben. Ich weiß nicht, wie ich meine Gefühle mit Worten vermitteln soll. Ich will nur sagen, dass ich wirklich an deiner Seite sein möchte. Ich will wissen, was du im wirklichen Leben bist. Wie du lebst, wie du deine Freizeit verbringst und so weiter. Und ich bin mir sicher, dass du dasselbe über mich wissen willst. Ich bin jetzt zu Hause und denke an dich, mein Schatz. Ich werde zu Gott beten, dass der Kredit genehmigt wird, und ich werde in der Lage sein, dich zu besuchen. Ich schicke dir Millionen Küsse. Deine Liebe Veronica!
Letter 18
I used a translator to write in German. can you understand my letter without any problems?
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