Scam letter(s) from Oksana Yuryevna Sheverina to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello My Dan! it seems to me that the feeling you give me is called love! I send you My sweetest kiss!
I really want us to be together soon! I hope that this happy day for me will come soon! I look forward to this day like no other.
Weekends are a time of rest, but for me they are also a time of sadness and sadness..... my heart suffers when I have to wait a few days to write to you.... at the weekend we again went to our house outside the city. my mother and I washed the Windows and cleaned the house at the dacha. my brother's wife and their son Danila were busy making soup. dad and brother Andrew were repairing dad's car-vaz 2109. in my opinion, it was a problem with the bearing on the hub. I heard them talking. my brother and dad also repaired a fence that fell after a strong wind. and I have some great news for you! my mother and I started knitting a sweater for you:). together we will be able to finish it quickly, and I think that very soon you will receive this gift!
I was able to enjoy your new photos again.... it warmed my heart a lot, and I even shed a tear from happiness...
My parents and friends said HI to you! Mum already asked as us with you Affairs with a meeting. I explained to my mother that everything was fine. There will be no problems with holidays at work, and my boss said that I can go on vacation any day.
I went to a travel Agency today. It is located in our city and is called "PEGAS TOURISTIK" They provide many services.
I asked the lady questions, and she kindly answered all my questions.
But the first thing she told me was the nearest travel date.
She recommended to plan my arrival to you, not earlier than December 3-4! but I will take time off, and I will draw up my documents with the date of travel to you on December 22.
there are still some restrictions, and the end of December is the best time. I think this is a good time for my arrival. do you want our meeting? or should I arrive later? or should I arrive earlier? what month should I plan my trip for? The lady asked if I had a passport? I said YES! I got my passport a long time ago when I was traveling to Vietnam. The lady told me that my passport allows you to travel to any country in the world, but you need to get a permit, and it will take a little time. She also asked my marital status, my earnings, whether I have children, whether I have a driver's license, and many other questions. I kindly answered every question. I also explained that I used to go to Vietnam. After that, the lady told me that I wouldn't have a problem traveling. She explained to me about your country's politics. Every country takes care of the people who come to it. She also told me that the rules for traveling to you are different from the rules for visiting Vietnam and additional documents are required. The Consulate selects from the candidates for the permit and does not allow entry to everyone. Material stability is very important. Also the social status and purpose of arrival. I said I will provide documents for my apartment, a statement of my salary for the last two years, and I think I will not have a problem getting documents for traveling to you. But the lady in the travel Agency immediately upset me: "Obtaining documents that allow you to leave the Russian Federation for the first visit to the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance is carried out in Moscow, at the main office of the Consulate in the Russian Federation" The lady explained to me that I would have to go to Moscow to get a single-entry visa! This shocked me!.... The nearest Consulate is located in Novosibirsk, but they cannot issue a visa to those who are visiting a North Atlantic country for the first time. anyone who wants to make this trip for the first time must get a visa to Moscow. I assumed that I would need to go to Moscow, but I hoped that I would be able to process all my documents in my city. I was also given a website where there is all the information about how I can apply for travel to you. I've already considered all the details. Here are prices for various documents, terms of registration, a list of necessary documents from my side to obtain permission to leave Russia, and unhindered arrival to you. the following documents are required: 1. Photo 3x4, 4 pieces. 2. Foreign-passport. 3. a Copy of the pages of the Russian passport. 4. The questionnaire for the visa. 5. The last page of the questionnaire. 6. certificate of employment, original on letterhead indicating the position and income. 7. Original air tickets with attached receipts for their purchase in Russia. 8. This is a new requirement. I need to provide an analysis result from the hospital stating that I do not have COVID 19 and am not a carrier. I already have this document, and it will speed up the time to get a package of documents for traveling to you. Daniel, unfortunately you need my personal presence at the Consulate in Moscow, with payment of the consular fee, and personal provision of all documents. I was told that the documents will be issued only in Moscow! And in any case, I will have to personally arrive at the Consulate in Moscow. This is the first time I will be able to visit you for up to 90 days! But I can stay for less time. For example, two or three weeks. Dan,I Also have to say that I wanted to send all documents through an Agency in my city or Novosibirsk, but I was once again told that I should arrive at the Consulate in Moscow myself! Do you understand that? I looked at the work schedules on this site and checked the cost. Visa processing includes: biometric data submission - $ 80, consular fee about $ 150, assistance in filling out the application form about $ 30, but I think I can fill it out myself. and health insurance. but I already have life insurance this year, and I only need to provide a document. Dan, I have to tell you that it's quite a complicated process to get a package of documents to travel to you. But this is a tourist visa, and it is fast enough and not expensive. I think I can safely go to Moscow and get my visa! I am a strong woman and I will have the strength and patience to come to you! I also have the money to do this. I must say that I could save about 90 thousand rubles for this. That's about $ 1,100,. I roughly calculated my expenses. I will have to go to Moscow by plane and back. I have to pay for the paperwork, I will have to live in Moscow in a hotel or rented apartment, and pay for accommodation. I must have money to pay for transportation and food. I looked at the prices for accommodation in Moscow - and this is at least $ 50 per day for an apartment! The hotel will cost more. I think that 5-7 days will be enough for me to have time to receive a full package of documents. I will need to buy a ticket, and I am afraid that my savings will not be enough for this all..... I was warned that I will need to provide the Consulate with confirmation of my intentions to leave the country, that is, be sure to provide a travel ticket to you , and back to Russia. This upset me, because air tickets will require a lot of money. I wanted to come to you, and I'm not giving up on it. I am ready to spend my working time, all my money and my strength for this, because I know that I really want our meeting, I want us to be together, I want us to be happy. I want to be with you... We both want to be. I know that when I come to you, we will be happy. That's why I wanted to talk to you about sharing some of the costs with me. Dan,, I want to ask you to help me buy flights for me. My savings will not be enough for a full trip preparation. I found out that the cost of an air ticket to you from Moscow starts from $ 300-400. These are air tickets to travel to you and back to Russia. I think this will be fair, because I also spend a lot of my money and effort and time. Do you agree with me? I ask you to buy for me air tickets from Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport to your nearest airport. As soon as I get the full package of documents to Moscow, I can return home and wait for the day of my departure to you. It is convenient for me to fly to you from Tolmachevo airport. it is only 45 kilometers from my city. In this case, I will not have to live in Moscow for a long time and I will be able to return home .I am ready to go to Moscow and deal with paperwork. Now, if you can help me with my flight tickets, I'll be going to Moscow in the next few days. I quickly reach Moscow by plane. Tell me, will you help me with this? Dan,I really hope you can help me. We have trust and feelings between us. We both want to date. It will also prove to me that you are serious. Please, you don't have to say no to me. We're doing the right thing, and I'm sure we'll be happy together. If you buy me air tickets, I will go to Moscow. Write to me about it. Dan, I'm sorry to ask for your help. I think that's fair. You know my earnings, and you should know that it's a lot of money for me. I do not spare money and I will do everything for our meeting. But I also need to have your support . We should be one team and then we will be happy. I am waiting for your letter and hope that you will help me, and I will go to Moscow. You must understand that we are living in a very difficult time right now, and I was afraid to give you my personal information. but now that I can really trust you and see that you are a very reliable and responsible person, I will give you my full name: name: Oksana
surname: Sheverina I love you. I look forward to our meeting. I want to see you and kiss you.
Write to me as soon as possible! Only you in my heart.
my kisses for you! Yours forever, Oksana.
Letter 2
Hello My loved Dan, I am now very glad that you were able to write to me so soon. Your letters help me fight the loneliness that constantly haunts me. I was very sad when I didn't find your new letter.... I hope you're all right and you just don't have time to write to me. please find free time for me. First of all, I want to tell you my good news! My cousin Mariya came to Moscow yesterday. she's also my work colleague. you might have seen it when I gave you a photo from my business trip. she was starting a vacation, and she came for a few days to walk around Moscow. This was very good news for me! I feel really good right now! I am happy that my cousin is with me now! We talked a lot, and I told her that I wanted to come to you. She only wants us to be happy. I just got back from the airport. My cousin also went to the airport with me. I spent a lot of time driving to the airport and back to my apartment, by the way, I didn't tell you where I rent an apartment in Moscow. I rent an apartment at 28 Malaya Gruzinskaya street, apartment 31. do you understand that I don't live in a hotel, but in a rented apartment? At the airport, I considered various flights and also tried to choose the best date to visit and also so that the tickets were not very expensive. Prices for air tickets depend on the class of the aircraft and the day of the visit. I must say that it is more expensive to fly on Saturday or Sunday. I choose the cheapest flights. The cost of air tickets includes airport fees, taxes, duties and insurance. One air ticket traveling from Moscow to you, cost me 300 $. But if I buy a round Trip ticket, it will cost less money. So, if I buy a ticket for a flight to you, and back to Moscow, their cost is $490. But I have already told you that it would be more reasonable and cost-effective for me to fly to you from my city with a connecting flight in Moscow. So I have to buy a ticket from Tolmachevo airport, with a stop in Moscow and arrival to you. This ticket will cost me only $ 70 more, but I will save a lot more money. the total cost of my ticket is $ 560. This is the cost of a ticket from Tolmachevo airport to your airport. I don't want you to spend a lot of your money for me, but this is going to be the most cost-effective flight I could find. I think I chose a good airfare.
You Now I need your help and I need you to give me $560. This is not a high price compared to the cost of a ticket for $ 1000 or $ 2000. I don't need such expensive seats on the plane.
I will fly in the cheapest class, if only this plane has connected our hearts!!!
I spend a lot of money and invest a lot of money and effort in my journey that you and I want together. I do my best to come to you and be with you... In fact, until I have a flight ticket, I can't come to you. The formalization of my documents will be completed in 2-3 days after submitting the original ticket. I have an interview at the Consulate in three days, and I will be required to provide air tickets. you can't reschedule an appointment for an interview. this will create a lot of difficulties. I had to wait in line for 6 hours to make an appointment for an interview. Now it is necessary for me to wait here in Moscow. I think that in 5-7 days I will have time to receive all my documents. And then I can return to my city and wait for the day of my flight to you. I want to explain once again to you that I have to buy air tickets directly here in Russia, and air tickets must be in both directions. I have to prove my financial stability and the fact that I'm not trying to escape from Russia. It would be safer for me if you bought my flights for me, but this is not POSSIBLE in our case. I get a tourist visa, and I have to show the Consulate the payment receipts on my behalf. Do you understand that? I promise you that I will take all things right. I really want to come to you. I want to have a better life with you, and I won't give it up. We have to trust each other. As soon as I buy air tickets, I will inform you about my flight information so that you can meet me. And we will be waiting for our meeting! I rely on you, and on your help. I ask that you have time to give money for flights. I must not lose confidence in the Consulate, and I must not miss an appointment for an interview. I plan my flight to you on December 21. Return flights to Russia on January 21. but when I arrive to you, we can change my flights to any other date of my return to Russia, but not later than 3 months. Dan, this will be the day we meet!!! There are only a few barriers that separate us! I so want, that rather came the day our meeting! I would like to come to you today, but we have to wait.... There are a lot of difficulties when processing my documents. This is very difficult for me, I did not think that I would face such problems here. I need your support, and I want you to write to me as often as possible. So I will feel your support. Please write me more words of love and tenderness. All right? This helps a lot. You are in my heart and I trust you with my heart. I love you with all my body! By the way, I've been thinking about how I can get money here. I think we should use "RIA" or "KoronaPay"? I used this earlier when I went on a business trip for work and the organization sent me money. It's fast, convenient, and reliable. We need to be sure that the money is safe, so this is a good way. Now, I have to give you the address of a Bank in Moscow where I can get the money. In your city, you can find the RIA branch on the website - This is the address of the RIA office : Rusia MOSCOW
Postal code: 123557
BINBANK Bank 23B Krasnaya Presnya street, building 1
Name: Oksana Yuryevna
Surname: Sheverina "KoronaPay" -
Postal code: 123557
Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street, house 37
Name: Oksana Yuryevna
Surname: Sheverina You have to write me information about the transfer, and a secret number. Ok? Can you take a photo or screenshot? And I want to ask you again to give me full information about you. I must not make any mistake.Write me this in more detail. We have already done a lot for our meeting. I am ready to go to the end, and we will get our happiness! Unfortunately today I can't please you with any of my photos ((((. but I want to go to the "Red Square" where St. Basil's Cathedral is. there must be a lot of photographers there, and I will try to make a photo for you from Moscow! I must finish my letter now. I'm very hungry. Dan, I know we'll be together soon! My heart feels it! I send you my most tender kisses!
With love, only yours, Oksana
Letter 3
Hello my sweetheart Dan!!! I am happy about today, because it has made the day of our meeting closer! But I have to fulfill the conditions of the Consulate, and wait just a little while when I will fly to you. I have a good day today and my mood is very good, despite the difficulties on our way. I had just been to the Consulate, and as always I had to stand in a long queue. Despite this, I do everything possible to get the documents that will allow me to travel to you as soon as possible. I hope that my efforts will not be in vain, and we can be together. but you must do it with all your strength. I can't do it alone!
Your letters improve my day and make me smile. I always enjoy every letter of your word. Every word you say is important to me. I am very sad when I don't find your new letter, but I know that you always think of me. I want our dreams to always come true and we will have a happy life! Every woman dreams about it. The day of our meeting is very soon and I will never forget this day. I want our happiness to last forever! I want there to always be agreement between us! Do you understand? Dan, promise me that you will always take care of me, and you will not deceive me. I'm a very trusting woman and I trust you. If you lie to me, I'll probably never trust a man again.
I believe that there is love in the world for me, too. I want happiness with you. I love you, There are still many difficulties on our way and we must overcome them. We will overcome all obstacles if we fight together for our happiness. Love can change a person greatly and a person who loves can do a lot for another. Love inspires and transforms a person. Do you agree with me, Dan? I hope that you do transfer as soon as possible, and I will only have to wait for the day of my departure to you. I want to tell you again that you can't buy a ticket for me in your country, because a prerequisite for the possibility of my flight to you is that I must buy tickets in Russia for cash in my name and bring the original tickets and purchase receipts to the Embassy. you understand that? I cannot go against the legislation of the Russian Federation and must do everything exactly as required of me. I have to tell you that I don't have a Bank account. do you understand that? in Russia, very few people have Bank accounts. I have never had a large amount of money saved up and so I have never opened a Bank account. and besides, if I open it, it will take a very long time. Just now, my cousin Yuliya said that she has an account in the Bank branch! we can trust her. she's a good person. she should contact the Bank to find out the necessary details so that you can transfer money to her Bank account. would that be more convenient for you? or will we use RIA?
Kulagina Yulia Viktorovna
1st Volokolamsk Ave., 10, bld. 1, Moscow123060
card number 5536 9138 8863 6517
(Beneficiary Bank): Tinkoff Bank
(Beneficiary’s Bank Address): 1st Volokolamsky pr., 10, bld. 1, Moscow, Russia
(Beneficiary’s Bank SWIFT): TICSRUMM
(Beneficiary): Kulagina Yuliya Viktorovna
(Beneficiary’s Account): 40817810500026177117
(Payment Details): Own funds transfer Kulagina Yuliya Viktorovna. Without VAT. I have already been in Moscow for a long time and to be honest, it is not very easy, because Moscow is an expensive city, and I have already spent a lot of money on accommodation and food. I very much hope that the circumstances will turn out well, and I will do everything as we planned. I want us to build our happiness together. I love you!
I will wait for your letter. Only Yours, Oksana.
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