Scam letter(s) from Natalia Iarina to Jacques (Luxembourg)

Letter 1
Good evening J,
thank you for your kind words of support and thank you for nice photos of you.
At some days I will return at my city Kiev from my mother. Also I think we can chat at whats up. At some days.
I still need little bit peace… Please understand me. You are very nice person and I wish communicate more close with you.
But I am still sad of course … The problem also for me that I have other difficulties too.
Some months ago I lost job with coronavirus lockdown. And now I don’t have stable job and have debts on credit cart and they add new % every day. I am totally upset and desperate of this too.
I cant pay them and they stalking me. Calling every day saying insults.
You cant help me little bit? 200-300 euros? I will be really thankful to you if you can improve my life little bit.

Je te embrasse fort.
Bisous Nadia
Letter 2
Ok. Sorry. But for the moment I have terribe life sitiation.
So anyway I will force a man who can help me now, sorry.
Wish you good luck
There are no any sense of our contact if yo dont want help me
Letter 3
So please dont disturb me anymore. The men which I had friendship helped me.
I need live. No time for fun chat. Wish you good luck to find young beautiful and finansial independent woman.
But I am not Sorry. I need only a man which can help me. Sorry
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