Scam letter(s) from Natalia Arthemowa to Ismael (USA)

Letter 1
Here better to talk. By the way my real name is Maria, Mila is just a nick name.
The link that you send me with a flat is nice. In general to reach Kharkov I will need a day. So there will be expenses: bus road $60-90 depends on driver, nearly $70-80 I will have to pay on the borders to militants for fast and safe crossing and covid test that I have to make on the border entering Ukraine from my region is $75, in total I will need $250. If there left something of course I will give you back.
Letter 2
I am flexible with time but better earlier than three weeks because in three weeks borders can be closed as for you as for me.
My details: Mariya Voroh, town Lugansk ( but if they will not let to transfer money to war zone write Lisitchansk, I will be able to go there to get money).
My address is Titova street 7, flat 17. Lugansk, Ukraine.
I live in not nice place and registered on the site not for jokes. That’s only what I can say to you. You choose
Can you answer exactly are we going to meet? When exactly? Because I have to solve papers stuff about my vacation!
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