Scam letter(s) from Anna Matesova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello and I apologize and I don't want to bore you if my letter seems strange to you. I registered in different dating sites a very long time ago because I tried to find a friend who lives in Australia. I was surprised when I saw your email address. It was very interesting to make a contact with you. I live in Prague, Czechia. Prague is old and beautiful city with old culture. We are located in center of Europe on the border Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. I have made decision, that i would love to find friend from Australia. If everything goes well... we can to know each other better. I am not rush. Of course, I understand that it is not so easy to build relationship at long distance but think friendship very necessary… first! Difficult to plan and think about something when you did not make a first step. Right? But who knows how everything will turn out, so I decided to try my luck and write to you. Please give me an answer if you are still in search. I am very worried when I write to you because I use a language translator, but I am going to learn it. I would love to find a friend from Australia and visit one day this beautiful country if our friendship goes well. I apologize if you're already in a relationship with somebody now and she may be accidentally reads this letter. I mean your wife or the person with whom you are already happy together. I wish you all the best and I hope to get your reply. Thank you. Anika
Letter 2
Hello and i thank you for your reply. Could i ask you a question? What are you interested in me? It's very important for me. I forgot to tell you that my birthday is December,30 1990. What about my job? I am care assistant for older people. I love my job! I am not looking for online relationship and casual encounter. If we could find some nice qualities in each other then we can to plan our meeting soon. But we need time to know each other and understand our interests and wishes. Then we could plan our meeting in real time. I think to know each other enough about 2 months. Do you agree with me? I would like to find my best friend and create a perfect match. I have serious intentions to find my happiness with the kind and honest man. I have great interest to find my perfect match because i wish to have a family. My fantasies are about the future that awaits me and family, which i hope to create in soon future. My biggest dream is to meet perfect match who will have clean soul who will love and respect me, with whom i can create a happy relationship. I am a sincere and strong but i am alone and i would love to know you because you are interesting to me. As i said i'm a strong but single that's why i am trying to find my best friend and even more. It so romantic to write each other letters and wait for reply. Could you tell me please more about yourself and your life? I am waiting for your reply and Please don’t forget to send me photos. Have a lovely day. Your new friend Anna
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