Scam letter(s) from Elena Orekhova to Richard (Germany) Part 1

Letter 1
Wie geht es Ihnen?
Ich habe zuerst auf das Internet zugegriffen.
Und fur mich ist das sehr ungewohnlich.
Mein Freund hat mir geraten, diese Art der Datierung auszuprobieren. Etwas uber mich.
Mein Name ist Elena. Ich bin schon 30. Ich bin aus Russland..
Ich suche mein Gluck,ich bin schon lange allein und ich habe es satt.
Das letzte Mal denke ich an meine Zukunft. Aber ich hoffe, dass ich durch Online-Dating mein Gluck finden kann.
Wenn Sie eine ernsthafte Person sind, antworten Sie mir. Ich mochte keine Spiele spielen.
Bitte schreiben Sie mir an diese Adresse
Ich zahle auf deine Antwort. Elena.
Letter 2 Hello Richard! I'm glad you wrote to me.
I hope that we will develop a good dialogue. I talk a little about myself! I am a lonely girl.
I do sports. I often went for a morning run. I like walking in the countryside and cycling. My life is connected with sports, because I work as a fitness trainer.
You may remember, but I'll say, I'm 30 years old, I think this is the same age when it's time to start a family, so I started looking for a man ...
I've never been married. I have no children.
Now I am in active search. I want to find a future husband. I want to create a happy family and make my husband the happiest person on the planet. I am only looking for a serious relationship and do not want to play games.
I see that due to the fact that the letter was sent to you as spam, you now show some kind of distrust towards me, and talk about some strange money, about which nothing was said in my letter! I was not going to ask you for any money. Why do I need it?
Tell me something about yourself.
Have you been married? Do you have children? I want to know you better!
I hope you reply soon. I will be waiting for your letter!
I also send you my photo. I also want you to send me your new photo too.
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Richard!
How is your day going?
I was interested in reading your letter. I hope that we have a good dialogue.
I think you understand that I am not comfortable and very tired of being alone.
I haven't had a long relationship.
I met many guys, but when I started talking with them, I realized that this was not my man.
I think that there are soul mates in the world and they should meet.
when they meet, they no longer when they part.
I also want to find my soul mate.
I want a serious relationship. I want to develop our relationship.
I want to fall in love. wanna Love and be loved. I want real love.
I think that every person needs it. I want to give my care and love to my man.
I hope that we will continue to communicate in a positive mood.
Richard, thank you for your nice photos! You look great! I am glad that I can see you, and I hope that you will continue to send me your beautiful photos! I hope you also liked my photos!
Richard, I read your biography and am very surprised that you write about yourself so interestingly, I am glad that you are giving more information about you!
You write to me about Russian women, have you often talked to them? Have you had many women or what does it mean? What happened in your relationship with them?
I was surprised that you live in a city under the name of my name, that's true. It pleasantly surprised me, I didn't know that there are such cities in Norway =)
I see that you like to learn different languages, it's great, and you even know Russian, it's nice, of course, no problem, you can count on my help =)
I'll talk a little about my work.
I work in the gym. I am a fitness instructor and nutritionist.
girls come to my classes to make their body beautiful. I have to work a lot with them. it's very difficult for some to lose weight.
I get very tired at my work.
my working day is not standardized. sometimes I go to work in the early morning, and sometimes in the afternoon.
It depends on the number of my students who enroll in classes.
My work is interesting and fun, because making people even more beautiful is interesting and very pleasant that I help people.
We have a small team and therefore there are days when there is a lot of work and it is not as easy as it seems from the outside.
But I really like my work. Indeed, this work is to my liking and it brings me joy, we have a very friendly team and it is always fun.
I also have regular customers, and some come every day and have been training with me for more than a year.
Usually such girls who have their own business.
I do not envy such girls, since they have a lot of work and when such girls come to me in the morning, they have a very tired look and sleep little, and there are bruises under their eyes.
They also exhaust themselves with my training, so that the body would be in good shape.
Of course there are girls who do not work and live at the expense of men, they come almost every day. It's fun to talk with them and the time during their workout is very fast.
Sometimes I work on weekends, and this happens very often.
Our fitness club is open every day, seven days a week. people want to train every day.
There are many girls whom I helped to lose weight and they are very grateful to me.
I get a lot of pleasure from my work and I think that is the most important thing. Do you agree with me?
Tell me more about your work.
I will be interested to listen.
on this I will end my letter.
I will wait for a letter from you.
Letter 4
Hi Richard! How are you? How are you feeling?
How is your weather?
What have you been doing today?
I was looking forward to your letter! I will be glad to receive more photos from you.
It was interesting to know what you will tell about yourself!
I hope that our communication will continue to be active and interesting.
I am very interested to know what you do, how your day goes.
Richard, you're right, I work a lot, I devote a lot of time to work, but this is life and this is my calling.
Richard, I see that it is also difficult for you that you also have a job in the gymnasium, but you also have to help your mother, her age is very old, and how lucky she is that she has such a responsible son who will always help ...
Richard, I also like gardening, my parents also have a vegetable garden where we often go all weekend and of course I work there, helping them, flowers and different vegetables are great.
Richard, thanks for your new photos, you look great, did you take these photos quite recently? Looks great and I am very glad that you are so kind to me and send me wonderful pictures =)
Richard, it was very interesting to hear about your trip to Russia, but what a pity that you didn't get anything done with these women, did you see them? Have you met them?
How long has it been? And you say that they were interested in your money, what does that mean?
It's a very sad story and it's sad to hear that some terrible situations happened to you.
My day starts at 7 am. I get up, wash, have breakfast.
I'm going to work. Have to get up early.
I need to paint and put myself in order.
I have to look good.
I try to look after myself. I think that for any girl her appearance is very important :)
Sometimes I can only work a few hours, and sometimes I have to work late into the evening.
It depends on the number of students and the number of instructors in the room. I work with a partner, sometimes we negotiate with her and change shifts.
If the salary matched this job, it would be nice =)
Sometimes I just walk alone in the park. sometimes you want to be alone.
I also love to run in the fresh air. Cold weather conditions don't scare me at all.
Jogging is good for my health.
On weekends I go out with my friends. Lidia and Tatyana.
We love going to the movies. We often have promotions in our local cinema and watching a movie is very cheap.
I like to watch a movie.
To be honest, I want to go to the movies with a man.
I want him to sit next to him, hold his hand. I want romance and care. I want male affection and attention. I hope that we will be fine and one day we can go to the movies together. would you like it
I am not deprived of male attention, but when I start talking to them, I immediately want to leave.
I do not know why this is happening. They are not interesting at all and I have nothing to talk about with them :(
It seems to me that the world has gone crazy.
Everything turned upside down.
Men in my city are constantly trying to show their car, they are trying to talk about the amount of their money.
They think it should impress me, but it just makes me want to leave them.
It is important for me that he would be interested in me, and they just constantly brag and do not show any attention to my personality.
I think that you are completely different and we will have a very good communication.
How do you spend your free time?
I will finish my letter.
Hope you get back soon!
Letter 5
Hi Richard!
I'm glad to see your letter!
How are you doing? how are you?
I am so pleased that you and I are learning more and more about each other.
It is even somehow not usual to communicate with someone from a completely different country, with different customs and culture.
For me, this is all for the first time and that's why it's very interesting.
I do not know much about your country and for this I will be very grateful to you if you tell me more about it, how can you describe your country?
How long have you been using online dating?
Richard, of course I was very sad to learn about your past experience, it certainly was a long time ago and how good it was in the past! Richard, it's good that you were not exposed to these terrible people, how good that it went without loss for you and everything was good!
Richard, but in St. Petersburg was it your meeting with a woman or what was it? Have you spent time with her?
Now the Internet is an integral part of a person's daily life.
And also more and more people are using the Internet to find their soul mate.
And I thought, maybe I also try to find my soul mate on the Internet ..
In addition, I already have several examples of people finding their future husbands or wives over the Internet.
This is how my work colleague met her husband from another country.
It was interesting for me to listen when she told me the story of their acquaintance.
And I decided to try it too, for some reason on the streets and in my life it is impossible for me, for me it is exciting and I am very shy in this regard, but also the experience was completely unsuccessful.
The Internet has no boundaries and can be used to communicate with people around the world. In addition, I believe that there are no boundaries for love and you can meet your soul mate anywhere in the world.
I don't know if you agree with me on this.
Richard, of course you can call me Lena, whatever is more convenient for you, because it doesn't matter, the meaning is the same, and there is no difference =)
Richard, it's great that you spend all your free time with your mom, it's good that you take care of her and help her in everything, you are a wonderful son =)
Thank you for your wonderful compliments, thank you for the kind and gentle words, it is very pleasant to read them =)
Richard, of course, loneliness is very bad, this is a terrible feeling, and how you want to return home with pleasure, you want to come home and really fall into the arms of your loved one, be just a happy person and enjoy life, you are absolutely right!
Richard, I would like to know more about your family, about your life, more about your hobbies and daily activities.
What is your relationship with your close relatives?
Do you only have your old mother? Or is there someone else who is close to you?
Maybe you have some kind of family tradition, like in my family.
I will tell you about our tradition, which has been around for a long time.
Every month we go out to nature with the whole family. In the summer, we love to go to our summer cottage, which is not far from the river. My dad loves barbecuing and it tastes great! He even says it's his signature dish!
We come to the country house to take a break from everyday city life. Spend time in nature, enjoy the fresh air, the rays of the sun.
Also, my parents are very fond of gardening, they grow various vegetables in the beds. Also, my mother loves fresh flowers very much.
Every year she plants several flower beds, where they grow - asters, tulips, iris. There are also some flowers that I don't even know :)
And in winter, the whole family love to ski in the winter forest. There are a lot of pleasant sensations from such winter skiing trips.
Do you like skiing? My dad loves skiing a lot and always dreamed of going to some big ski resort where there are various steep slopes. Of course, there are ski slopes near our city, but sometimes there is simply no time to go there. This is where I will end.
also do not forget to send me your photos. They are very important for me and interests.
This concludes my letter and wish you a great day!
Best regards, Elena
Letter 6
Hi Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Now I have received your letter, and I read it with great pleasure, looked at it and reread it so as not to miss anything.
Richard, thank you for giving me so much time, you wrote a very large and interesting letter to me about yourself!
Richard, there are a lot of positive emotions from our communication, it makes a smile and a great mood!
Your photos bring a smile, I see you in my mail and you look good, and your letters complement your kindness and sincerity.
Yes, I'm glad that I have a Norwegian friend =)
Richard, I understand your letters well, there is no problem with that and I read it with pleasure!
I read your letter about your father, and I see that this is your pride, this is your father, and how nice that you know his story, how nice that your father chose the right side, because the Great Patriotic War is very scary time, this is an insanely terrible time that has brought insanely much pain, insanely much suffering to every Russian family.
Every person in my country suffered during this difficult time.
Every year on May 9, this great holiday is celebrated in my country, I think you have heard about this, about this parade that takes place in every city.
You always look with sadness at what happened in those terrible years, in the terrible years of the war.
It is very pleasant to know that your father has been awarded, it is very good that Russia has not been left unattended by allies from other countries.
Richard, you are absolutely right that your mentality, politics and much more in our countries are very different.
Also, the relationship between a man and a woman is different here, in Russia, unfortunately, I could not find the man I needed, unfortunately I never met someone who I really would like, with whom I would feel like a woman and who I would be make you happier.
A lot of time has passed after the past relationship, I have experienced a lot of suffering and pain, and I just didn’t want to start communicating with men for a long time, I didn’t want more relationships and some kind of closeness, because I was in pain, my heart was broken, and I I thought that I would be alone forever, I thought that there would be no more such that I could meet someone and unfortunately I did not succeed, but still I decided to try it again, but now I make my choice more carefully, now I am very careful and attentive, I do not want to receive such pain and suffering anymore.
Richard, it's great to know that you have an interest in Russia, there is an interest in the Russian language, because our countries are really very similar, and I am pleased to know more about you, your family and about your country, thank you for being so kind to me!
Richard, it’s very good that you were very attentive with the communication of the girl you met in St. still more, kindness always triumphs over evil, and it seems to me that if a person is always honest and kind, then evil will never be able to defeat him, then he will be rewarded and will be happy.
Richard, you are really incredibly kind, it is nice to know that you consider me your friend, I am always glad to receive your answers!
Of course, as I told you that there are no problems, I can help you with the Russian language =)
Richard, yes, our mothers are very similar to each other, they are similar in that they love gardening, my mother is ready to be in the garden all day long, ready to do all things at once, they love gardening, love flowers, also plant a lot of vegetables and berries, and of course in this I also have to help her, of course, there are also no problems with this, and my dad is also always with her and is also ready to spend a lot of time with her in the garden.
They are a very happy couple, they love each other very much and I always observe their communication and relationships with great pleasure, often, almost always, I dream of the same relationship, and I am very worried about this that I am still alone ...
Richard, thank you for your lovely letter! I also tried to write you an answer, I was afraid not to miss anything, and I hope this did not happen =)
I will look forward to hearing!
Letter 7
Hi Richard!
With each new letter, we learn more and more about each other. I think you notice it too.
Tell me how did you spend your day today ?? What new did you have?
I'm good. very good mood :) what is your mood?
I read your letters with great pleasure.
I also try to write so that you enjoy reading my letters and I really hope you enjoy reading my letters. This morning, I woke up earlier than usual.
I immediately started getting ready for work.
The day at work went well overall. There were many clients and I was tired.
in the evening I plan to stay at home to cook dinner and watch TV.
What are your plans for the evening ??
I like to play sports, because movement is life :)
And how nice it is to see that you go in for sports, it's nice to know that you love jogging, that you love sports in general, it's great! I feel bad without sports, I'm used to it, and I do it every day =)
I wanted to ask you, do you have bad habits ??
I do not have bad habits. I do not smoke, I never abuse alcohol.
I decided to use the Internet for dating, because I believe that through the Internet you can find a certain person.
I decided to meet a man from another country, because I find it very interesting.
I heard that men in your country take their families very seriously and are very good family men.
Richard, and now I read about you, I read about your life and how you treat me, and I do not understand why you are alone, why you are still alone, it looks like your women are blind or ******.
Richard, of course you wrote very correctly that you want to feel your loved one next to you, you want to be with him, to feel his touches, kisses and his warmth. I want to give love, also to a person, and it's terrible when this is impossible.
Of course, no one person can be alone, there are insanely many people on earth, and every person can find a soul mate, every person should be happy, and therefore I want to find my own happiness.
And I think that every person can do this, every person will be happy if he wants it, and I wanted to do it, and I finally managed to get to know you, and this is already a success, this is already good luck, and I am glad =)
Richard, it's great that I can get your wonderful pictures, that I can see you, I like to watch your photos, I am grateful that you are present at my mail =)
It is so pleasant for us to communicate that it seems that we are personally talking to each other, and this brings joy =)
Richard, how nice it is to know that your mother at 90 can enjoy the garden so much that she does it with great pleasure, and it’s great, you’re done, that you’re near, even on your vacation you’re near, and you’re a great son =)
Richard, I see that you made pancakes, that's great, I make them a lot and I know how delicious they are. I also eat them with raspberry and strawberry jam. Pancakes are part of Russian dishes, and many people love them very much in Russia.
You can ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer you!
My studies were 5 years old, I studied at a state university.
But I do not work much in a different direction.
I like my job, I believe that work should be done with pleasure, and not just for the sake of money or a career.
Of course, this is also important, but the main thing is to work for your own pleasure. This is the most important thing when choosing a job.
Work should be to your liking. You agree with me?
I await your reply with impatience.
have a good day!!!
Letter 8
Hi Richard!
I am happy to receive a letter from you!
how are you?? are you all right?
I'm good! my mood is great. because there is a letter from you.
you make me a little bit happier with every letter!
Richard, sorry that I sent you my photos again, I'm not on purpose, of course I will send you new ones, this is not a problem, especially since I always receive your photos in return, and you look great, I like to see you, I like receive your photos, thanks =)
Richard, you are probably in a great mood after such wonderful sports walks and jogging, it is great to know that you enjoy it so much, you are great, because health is the main thing, why we must follow, and it is sport that helps us in this!
Richard, yours is really very beautiful, and of course it would be great to see all this with your own eyes, and feel your clean air =)
Yes, I continue to do my job, I have clients, and I have to work with them in order not to lose my job =)
I also see that you have very healthy food, there is a lot of delicious food, it's great, I would be glad to try your preparations.
Norwegian pancakes in your preparation, I think they are very tasty, don't they? I would love to cook Russian pancakes for you, I think they taste similar!
Richard, I live in the city of Saransk, you probably just forgot, but this is not a problem, it is not difficult for me to repeat to you again =)
My favorite flowers are red roses, their smell, and how beautiful they are, but at the same time they are prickly drives crazy, I really like!
I love listening to modern pop music, I often listen to Russian performers, I also like classical music. What about you? What kind of music do you like?
Richard, of course I always cook dinner. It can be just cottage cheese with sour cream, cottage cheese pancakes, also salads or something light to sleep well, but also black or green tea before bed.
Today is my most ordinary day. But my mood was great.
Imagine, I dreamed that I was on the beach. The beach was so blue, white sand, palm trees. the cry of seagulls was heard, and the sky was blue and not a single cloud. The dream was as if in reality. It seemed to me that I was actually there, but unfortunately it was just a dream ...
I think this is a really good dream, I would like to have such dreams more often. After all, such dreams are wonderful to remember. Do you agree with me?
Do you often have good dreams? Do you remember dreams well and what dreams do you remember best? Once I read an article about what dreams happen and why we dream dreams, but unfortunately there are only assumptions and hypotheses. I've never heard of it before, but it turns out that there is even a science that studies dreams. This science is about 60 years old. Strange, but they still cannot solve all the questions about dreams. But it seems to me that in the coming decades there will be answers to all questions. I am very interested to know about this, would you like to know more about it? It seems to me that it is always interesting to learn about such things. But I will hope there will be more information about dreams in the near future.
I also met my best friend Tatiana today. I hope you don't mind since I told her about you? I told that I met you in such an unusual way and that we have a very interesting communication. She was very surprised by this, perhaps she was more surprised that you are from another country and we have been communicating with you for some time. She assumed that virtual communication is not very interesting, especially if we are from other countries. But after that, she said - "What's the difference whether you saw each other or not, because the most important thing is that your communication is interesting." This is my friend. She wished you and me the best in our virtual communication. She also sends you a greeting.
I also see that you asked me about my friends, and this is exactly my best friend, and of course I could not tell you about him =)
Tatiana always supports me and even in that matter she supported me and I am happy that I have friends like her !!!
We have known our friend Tatiana since the very kindergarten.
Then we went to the 1st grade together. Already at school we began to be friends and kept our friendship for many years.
I hope that we will maintain our communication throughout our lives.
we communicate very well with her, but she constantly spends time with her man and therefore we very rarely see each other.
Recently, it has become difficult, because she has a lot of family matters and she gives all her time to her husband and her family, but this does not prevent us from seeing each other sometimes.
I consider her to be my best friend.
It will be very interesting for me to know about your friends.
And if you are interested, I will tell you more about Tatyana, I think that if you knew her, you would definitely like her.
I think it is worth finishing my letter, but I hope to get an answer soon!
wonderful mood to you :-)
Hugs, Elena
Letter 9
Hello my dear friend Richard!
I really love the moment when I receive a letter from you and it brings me a lot of joy and a smile on my face.
How are you doing today? Are you doing well? Hope my letters make your day a little happier.
Everything is fine with me, I feel good.
Richard, thank you for more photos! You look great, very good photos, and I always look at you with great pleasure! Is that a bottle of wine and candy near you?
Richard, yes you are absolutely right that sport gives a good mood, psychological impact, and of course most of all positive emotions from running.
For my dinner today, a salad of vegetables, I cut a radish, a cucumber, a tomato and one boiled egg, also a little green onion and if you add a little mayonnaise to a little, it turns out very tasty, have you ever done this?
I also fried bread, but at first I need to soak it a little bit in a mixture of eggs and milk, and fry it, it also turns out very tasty, today there was a lot of high-calorie dinner, but this is because today is a difficult day!
Today is a beautiful day even though I had to wake up very early.
I wrote to you about my work, and this morning at 6 o'clock a girl called me who had an early lesson with me. the lesson was scheduled for 9 o'clock, but she had some things to do and so I had to go to a meeting and conduct a fitness lesson with her.
She has been training with me for a long time. Our mutual acquaintances advised her my workouts. we get along well with her and talk a lot. I'm interested with her. she is overweight and wants to get rid of it. she work very hard.
Of course, I agreed, not even because I would be paid for my work, but because I really wanted to help her. I love hardworking students who are not too lazy to wake up early in the morning to go to training.
she really wanted to train and she never misses our classes.
In general, everything went well and I had a good workout.
This girl was very grateful to me in her eyes, I saw happiness. I was very pleased to help her, although I had to wake up at 6 in the morning.
That's how it happened that I did such a good deed today.
How did your day start today, did you have something unusual?
Richard, of course it would be nice and a little surprising to be with you for dinner, but I would not mind!
Richard, of course no problem, I often listen to these artists. Artik and Asti
They have a lot of different songs. Also, this group is now very famous in Russia, they also have a lot of songs. What songs and artists do you listen to? I listen to pop music, do you?
Richard, of course, you can't be so absent-minded, I am also often absent-minded, I can forget something, I can confuse something, and then I am very upset that this happened to me again.
Richard, it's very nice that you and your friends also have common events, it's good that you still meet with them on the holidays and spend time, probably, just like us, you often remember the past, laugh and tell each other interesting stories, for that time have not yet seen. It is very great when friends meet and continue to communicate no matter what!
I think I'm finishing my letter for today. I will very much wait for your letter.
with respect Elebna from Russia :-)
Letter 10
Hello dear Richard!
How are you? How's your day? I think you had it again very rich and good!
Today is a new working day.
The working week continues, and today is Thursday, working days are coming to an end, and this makes me happy.
Last night heavy rain started, an insanely heavy downpour, and also a thunderstorm, lightning lasted a very long time.
They even turned off the lights last night. The evening was without electricity, I could not even turn on the TV, and this was all because of the terrible weather.
So I had to go to bed very early.
When I woke up in the morning, the rain had already stopped, but it was still cloudy outside and the sun could be seen quite a bit.
All over Russia now there are terrible events with rain. Heavy rains, thunderstorms and thunder continue day and night. My city is full of water, there are a lot of puddles and the water does not leave, because the rain continues.
Also today there are heavy rains, and it is not even known when it will end.
The day started again very early today, I did my morning exercises, put myself in order, made an omelet for breakfast, also took a shower and went to work.
In this cloudy weather, you do not feel at all happy, you want the sun, you want good, hot weather, and again I look forward to it very much, I really hope that the rains will pass and it will be hot again. I don't go anywhere without an umbrella, it may rain at any moment and the umbrella helps me a lot with this.
Richard, thank you for your great answer! Thank you for making me happy with your wonderful letter, I am fascinated by your lines, your lines make me smile and this is wonderful!
Richard, wow! I am simply shocked by the beauty of your nature! Looks great! Nice and clean lake and nice weather looks great!
Thank you for your cute and beautiful photos! I always look at your photos with pleasure, I really like your photos, you are a very kind and sweet man!
Richard, yes you are right, I cut the chicken fillet into small pieces, I have a wonderful recipe for chicken fillet cutlets, it is insanely delicious, and if you are interested, I can write to you to try it! This recipe was taught to me by my grandmother, a long time ago.
And I use it with pleasure!
Richard, I also sometimes listen to classical music, it calms and relaxes me, you can enjoy it endlessly =)
Richard, you always have a very entertaining day, sport is great, I think it is so much pleasure from nature, from the beauty that surrounds you, this is wonderful!
Richard, what about mosquitoes? Do you have these insects? In Russia in the forest there are insanely many of them, they are very disturbing and annoying, but how are you?
Do you have a lot of insects and animals in your forests?
Richard, it's great that you have pancakes again for dinner, it's great, I would like to participate in this wonderful dinner =)
Thank you for making me happy with your letters, I also really enjoy them! I will be looking forward to your great response!
It was nice to exchange letters with you again! I will wait for the new one!
Letter 11
Hi Richard!
How are you? Hope you are great!
Finally a good Friday day came.
Finally the working week comes to an end and it makes me very happy.
But today is still a working day, and the morning was again very early, again it was necessary to wake up very early. But last night I went to bed very early, and today I woke up easily in the morning, even before my alarm clock.
Since the morning the sun has been shining outside, but the weather is getting colder, today it is only 19 degrees outside, but fortunately there is no rain outside, but the sky is still very cloudy.
The morning, as always, began with exercise, I did it to cheer up, and after exercise I went to the shower, I needed to freshen up and come to my senses.
For breakfast today I cooked myself oatmeal in milk, also drank a mug of coffee, also got ready for work, but today I had to dress a little warmer so as not to freeze after work, because the cool wind is outside.
Today I am going to the village to see Tatiana, because last weekend it was not possible to work in the garden at all, and now she needs help, she also needs to collect cucumbers and tomatoes that are already ripe, they need to be harvested so that they do not deteriorate.
Therefore, I have to leave today to work in Tatyana's garden, to help her.
I hope that you will not lose me, because as soon as I return home, I will definitely answer you, I do not want you to worry and think that I do not want to answer you, I just need to leave today for the weekend. And in the village there is absolutely no Internet, it is very bad there.
Richard, thank you for your new letter! Thank you for your lines and I always read them with great pleasure and try not to miss anything.
Richard, thanks for your cute new photo, you look great, you are also a cheerful man and I love looking at your pictures!
Richard, what do you mean you drank soft ice like this? What it is?
Richard, I also see that you need to help your mom, that's great, you are a wonderful son!
No, problems with electricity only happen during terrible weather, when strong gusts of wind, thunderstorms and rains, and then problems with electricity occur.
You are right, last year there were strong fires in Siberia, very strong, and a huge number of trees burned down, a huge area of the forest, it's terrible, a lot of animals and nature died, and probably it's all the fault of man!
Richard, yes I like to swim, I like sunbathing and spending time on the beach, but unfortunately, this is not often done. The Insar River flows in my city, there are also small lakes nearby, where swimming is also allowed.
What about you? Do you swim often? After all, you have some more lake nearby.
Richard, no, I don't think that you talk a lot about the climate and nature, on the contrary, I like it, we have a wonderful dialogue, and I always read your letters with pleasure!
It is a pity that you also have damaged nature, man hurts nature very much, harms it very much, and this is terrible!
My cutlet recipe consists of: The chicken fillet is cut into small cubes. For example, for 500 grams of fillet, you need about one chicken egg. Also some mayonnaise, you can add onion or garlic if you like. Also salt and pepper to taste. And 3/4 tablespoon flour. You mix it all, you should get a sticky mass, which lies quietly on a tablespoon and can drain a little.
You can let this mass brew for about 10-15 minutes, and then send it to the pan and fry until tender.
It turns out very tasty, everything is done very quickly and easily.
I think you can do it easily, and I hope you enjoy it! But I would like to personally show you and treat you, it would be great, but not now, unfortunately.
Thanks for your lovely letter!
Richard, I look forward to hearing from you! I hope that when I come back from the village, I can see your answer!
Letter 12
Hi Richard!
I am very glad to see your letter. Maybe you can't imagine, but your letters have become an integral part of my day, and I am really very happy about it! After all, your letters make me very happy, and I really hope my letters also mean something to you.
How are you doing? are you doing well?
I hope you are doing well !!
Everything is fine with me, today I slept very well. Yesterday I went to bed very early, probably at 9 pm. It turns out that I slept 10 hours today and slept very well! how many hours did you sleep today? I hope you sleep well. It happens to me that sometimes I sleep very little time for several days .. but how about you? Do you have days like this?
Richard, I'm sorry you had to wait so long for my answer! I hope you can understand me, my trip was all my weekend. Unfortunately, I absolutely did not have the opportunity to write you my letter, I could not do this, because there is absolutely no Internet in the villages! I hope I didn't make you worry, I hope you had a good time, and I will be glad if we continue our communication!
Richard, of course I couldn't forget about you! I thought of you even when I was in the village, because I am used to communicating with you and it is very joyful when I can read your interesting letter!
Richard, thanks for your new photo! You look great, and I always look at your photos with great joy =)
Richard, yes, of course, in my country there is ice cream, all people in the world probably love it, because it helps to cool, and it is very tasty =) But why is it you call it like soft ice, we have this ice cream.
Richard, did you talk about real-time communication, did you mean a video call or by phone?
True, it would be great to cook these delicious cutlets for you, I would teach you how to do it right =)
Richard, yes we have a few lakes nearby, and of course people go to swim on them, I also go swimming in hot weather, if there is time for this, I also go swimming with pleasure.
Richard, of course I enjoyed seeing the pictures from your Lake Mjosa, it looks great! It is very large and beautiful, huge mountains rise above it, am I right? I really liked the pictures of these places!
It is a pity that this summer you do not have such an opportunity to spend a good time on this lake, I am surprised that at night in some places your temperature has reached minus, our subzero temperature will come only around the end of September.
tonight, my friends and I will go bowling.
in the morning one of my friends called and invited me to bowling.
I've only played bowling a few times and really enjoyed the game.
Bowling is a very interesting pastime. Do you agree with me? Or have you never played bowling?
when I played the first time, it took me quite a bit of time to learn how to throw the ball correctly, even hitting all the pins several times. I was very happy when I hit all the pins, for me it was like I won a gold medal. And every time, I played bowling better and better !!
One of my friends very often plays bowling and it is very difficult to compete in bowling with her, but today I will try to do it, wish me luck !!
And I only played billiards once, but for some reason I didn't like this game. Probably this is only because I failed. My friends tried to teach me, but still I prefer bowling. I really like to play bowling, probably not even the game itself, but how we spend time with friends during this game. When we play bowling, we order pizza or sushi. You can unwind a little from work and have a good time ...
For today, I am finishing my letter. In my next letter, I will definitely tell you about how we spent our time in bowling.
I hope that tomorrow I will see a letter from you again :)
I wish you a good mood :)
Regards, your friend Elena
Letter 13
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope it's good!
Today is a new working day.
The middle of the work week, and day after day goes by faster and faster.
The morning was very early again, again I had to wake up early and get ready for the working day.
I woke up in a good mood, I really liked this morning, because the sun is shining on the street again, the weather is wonderful again, the sun is shining through the window, the weather is fine again, and there is not a cloud at all in the sky.
The weather changed dramatically again and hot weather came again.
It's +27 degrees outside today and it's great, summer has come to me again =)
In a good mood and with good thoughts, I went to the shower, I prepared breakfast, today I made cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast, have you heard of this dish? A very tasty and healthy dish. They are eaten with sour cream or condensed milk, and going to work. Finally, you can not take an umbrella with you, but just dress in light clothes and go back to work.
Richard, thank you again for a wonderful new letter, and now you are smiling in the photo, I can already see your smile and it looks great, and I really liked it!
Your letter is wonderful, and I really like and enjoy your answer =)
I am always in a great mood and with a smile read the answer from you, the mood rises very much, and a lot of positive emotions =)
Richard, yes, this photo that I sent you I took for Christmas, on New Year's holidays there is always a great mood and always a lot of positive emotions =)
Richard, you're right, there are such exciting days, on such days I sleep very badly, and I wake up very often. I also, like you, do not know how to deal with it, it seems that this happens to every person.
Unfortunately, I can't give you advice, because I myself don't know how to deal with it =)
Richard, but it's great that there is more ice cream, because there is more pleasure, and the walk will be even more beautiful =) I would be glad to see your beautiful places =)
Wow, I see that you have to make a very long way to get to your mom's house, but I think you do it with pleasure, and you go to visit your mom and spend time with her, it's great!
Richard, I also looked at the place where your mother lives, Asker, this is probably a very quiet and peaceful place, it looks good too, you have a lot of beautiful places in the country.
The toy was quite insignificant, but it was nice to receive it, it's a little bear =)
Also, of course, I looked at the hotel you are going to, I see that in winter this is a ski place, right?
A small hotel, but I think it is very cozy and you can have a great time. It's great that you can find time for sports, it's probably very hard to run in peas, isn't it? But the air there must be insanely clean and good, am I right? I've never had such an opportunity to spend time in the peas and enjoy these landscapes, but it really looks very beautiful.
Richard, I'm happy for you, I think you will have a great time. And it's great that you will have the opportunity to answer me, it's great that we will not lose our communication, and we can also enjoy it!
Richard, thank you for your beautiful and gentle letter, I am always looking forward to your reply, and I look forward to the moment when I can read it!
I wish you a good evening! My kiss for you =)
Letter 14
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope very good!
I received your new photos in the mountains, and how unusual it is for me, there are absolutely no mountains in my city, my city stands on a plain, and for me it is the beauty of indescribable nature, it looks mesmerizing, but I think that you even do not pay attention to it because you see it every day.
But the landscape does not bring me as much joy as your presence in the photo, you began to smile more and more and this brings a lot of joy and positive emotions. I always look at your photos with great pleasure, I really like them =)
Today is a new day. But he is very unusual today, and the morning began a little differently.
I woke up earlier than usual today. Today I had a planned trip to the donor center for blood donation.
I may not have told you about this yet, but I have been doing donation for a very long time.
During the pandemic, when there were many prohibitions and restrictions, I certainly did not visit the donor center, because there was a high risk of infection, and I was very careful with this.
But I started my donor activity a long time ago.
And I completely forgot to tell you about this, that I still help people in this way, because after all, maybe I have already been able to save someone's life, maybe in the future I will be able to help some unfamiliar person.
And also my friend Tatiana is doing this with me.
For more than 5 years we have been going to donate blood at a donor center, although this does not happen so often, maybe only a few times a year, but we do it.
Do you have donor centers in your country? Have you ever done this?
It is also very useful for the body, when you donate blood, the body realizes that it is not enough for it and begins to produce new blood, and this increases the metabolism, the blood is renewed and becomes cleaner and better.
So you get a lot of advantages from donating blood, this is helping those in need, as well as improving your body.
The day started early, because you need to come to the donor center earlier in order to donate blood as soon as possible, and then rest at home, because the donor center issues a certificate and a half-day exemption from work.
And after we finished everything we went home to rest and gain strength, and only after 13 days I went to work.
In a good mood and full of energy.
Richard, thank you for your wonderful letter, thank you for writing to me, thank you for making me happy and letting me enjoy your wonderful answer =)
I see that you are also enjoying my answers, which is great!
Richard, these are not cheese pancakes, this dish is called cheese cakes, but they do not have cheese, they are made from cottage cheese with the addition of eggs and after a very short time they are fried, and it turns out very tasty =)
Richard, about experiences and excitement, this is normal for a person, everyone experiences it, everyone has it. I also really don't like being late somewhere, I don't like anyone expecting me, so I always try to do everything on time and come to meetings on time so as not to annoy the person who is waiting for me.
Richard, of course, a person must be with a sense of humor, every person must be cheerful and if a person can laugh at himself, then that's great.
Richard, thank you for your sincerity and for your interesting questions and thoughts. I always read your answers with great pleasure, I am always glad to receive even more of your answers, I am always looking forward to them!
Richard, you are a very kind and good man, you are attentive and sympathetic, thank you for moving forward, and I am glad that your letter is getting warmer every day!
My kiss to you and I think that your vacation in the mountains is going great! I wish you a great day!
Letter 15
Hello my dear Richard!
I never cease to be amazed at how your letters affect me. They bring me happiness and I read your letters with great pleasure. And before, I did not think that this was possible. But I am very glad that you have become more than just a familiar person to me. It seems to me that I've known you a lot more time, I wonder if you have that feeling? I hope you feel the same way as I do.
Of course, it would be great if you and I wrote several letters a day, sorry I don't have that opportunity .. But I will try to write to you as often as possible.
Richard, I look at your new photo and smile, thank you, dear Richard, for these beautiful photos, I really like them, I see in the second photo that your face is very red, but this is probably due to jogging and strong wind, not is not it?
You have a good smile, do not hesitate Richard =) I see how you climbed the mountain high, it's very cool, you are a great fellow, you have overcome a lot, you have overcome all difficulties, this is great! I am proud of you, and I would like to arrange this run with you, in these beautiful mountains =)
Richard, I see that we again found a common interest, and again the similarity between us =) Richard, I am very glad about this, I am glad that you also help people, that you also do good for others, you are great!
I see that you have no rest after donating blood, but some people even ask for more than half a day of rest, some people may even get a whole day.
Richard, we also have a lot of strict conditions for donating blood, and of course we have the same conditions.
In my country, they give a little money for every blood donation. This is a small symbolic amount so that a person can have a good lunch after donating his shelter and provide the body with nutrients.
But also if a person wants to become an honorary donor, then he must donate blood 40 times or 60 times plaza, this is blood fiber, and then he will become an honorary donor, and then he will have even more privileges in life, they will also start paying a small amount of funds monthly , and in hospitals it will be possible to pass doctor's appointments without queues, do you have such functions?
Richard, you have a very nutritious breakfast, but there is even more training in your life, and this is great, you are a great fellow, you always need to take care of your health, and life will be easier, my grandmother said so, I remember these words forever, and I adhere to them, I watch my health =)
Richard, I am never bored with you, I always enjoy your answers, I always read them with great pleasure, and I am glad that you are writing to me!
Richard, I am also sending you a picture of cottage cheese pancakes, I think you understand what dish I mean?
Richard, yes there are always people who are constantly late, I don't know how this is connected, but it's as if they had it in their subconscious since childhood, that they need to be late, right? They are constantly late =)
Richard, yes of course at the moment I am with you in these beautiful mountainous places =) In my mind I am with you, I am near, we go jogging together and enjoy the beautiful nature =)
How are you doing? Are you doing well?
As for me, I'm doing well today. I feel great!
Also this morning, I came to my parents. My mom had a very bad headache .. My dad asked me to come and buy medicine. But now everything is fine!
I am always very worried about my parents. And as soon as they need my help, then I immediately help them.
My parents gave me a very good upbringing and always helped me in everything. I try to give my parents as much attention as possible. The most important thing for me is that they have everything well!
My parents love each other very much. I want me to have the same as my parents. They live their whole lives together, and hardly ever swear. They have been living together for over 35 years.
Do you think this is possible now ?? Is such a long love possible now? To live together until the very end. I want everything in my life to turn out the same as in my parents. Meet a man with whom I will be happy and live a long, happy life!
When I look at my parents, my heart rejoices, and it is not even possible to explain how happy I am for my parents.
They are always faithful and sincere in front of each other, they just enjoy life, they are just glad that they have a daughter like me, but they see and understand that I am lonely, they see how upset I am that I am still so far it's lonely that I can't build a relationship with someone here in Russia.
But I believe that everything will work out, and also give them hope that I will do it. Thank you for your answer! I am always looking forward to your letter! Have a nice day! I kiss you!
Your Elena
Letter 16
Hello dear Richard!
Today is finally Monday.
Finally I can read your letter again, finally I can write you my answer.
I was very worried, very much afraid that I could not write to you, that I left you unanswered for the whole weekend.
I hope you haven't worried too much Bernd?
I was very worried, I thought a lot about the fact that you are probably worried and worried, but unfortunately on Saturday when I woke up in the morning, I certainly had a day off, but on Saturday I had some incomprehensible problems with the Internet.
Unfortunately, I could not write to you on Saturday and warn you that I am leaving for the village for the weekend.
I was very upset that I could not warn you about this, that I could not give you an answer to your letter, and you were unanswered for two whole days, but I hope they went well, right?
My days were good, I was on vacation, I needed a weekend, because the week was hard and difficult, I needed to leave the city for the village with my parents, I wanted to have a good time and enjoy nature.
I also needed to help my mother in the garden, I needed to collect vegetables that had already grown, that had already ripened.
Vegetables should not be left unattended, you must always look after them and pick them on time, because they can easily deteriorate.
Therefore, my family and I were in a hurry and left for the whole weekend in the village, and unfortunately I did not have time to write you a letter.
Sorry for making you wait so long for my answer, I hope everything is fine and we can continue!
Richard, thank you for your new letter, thank you for the beautiful lines, thank you for writing to me, and I am very ashamed that I could not write to you earlier.
Richard, thanks for the new photos, I see you and this makes me happy! You look very cool, I really missed your photos this weekend, and now I am looking at you with great pleasure =)
Richard, you are right, our communication is excellent, our communication is very close and interesting, I always read your letter with great pleasure and interest =)
I am also very afraid of losing communication with you, I was very worried about my absence, and I hasten to write you a quick answer today!
Richard, I am grateful to you that all these letters, all these photos are just for me, I am ready to hear it endlessly, this is wonderful, thank you, you are a very kind and honest man, your letter really warms me with warmth =)
What do you do with a silver and gold pin? What does it give? Is she actually made of silver and gold? Or just gilding? Does it come as a decoration or just a symbolic gift?
Richard, thank you for your kind words addressed to my parents, and also for compliments to me, you described a real, sincere relationship so correctly and beautifully, and I completely agree with you, you are absolutely right!
A woman and a man should be not only lovers to each other, but also friends, and this should be mandatory in a relationship!
Richard, thank you for all your honesty and kindness, I am pleased to speak with you, I want to move forward and develop our relationship, I want to develop our communication and move forward!
I am always looking forward to your wonderful letters, I am always looking forward to your answers, and I hope that you will forgive me for not having my answer so long ago!
Whole! Your Elena
Letter 17
Hello dear Richard!
how are you doing today? are you doing well?
I don't know how to explain all this, but I'm starting to miss you .. I think about you more and more often, I already wrote to you that you have become very important to me and your letters bring me happiness and warmth! Thanks for this!
I try to check my mail more often.
And today a new letter from you! I'm very glad!!!
I wonder what your mood is when you receive my letters? tell me about it!
Richard, I see that you were very worried about the fact that there was no answer from me, I'm very sorry, I'm sorry, I really didn't have the opportunity to write to you.
Richard, I see that you wrote me what is Bernd's name? And you say that you saw him in my letter, I was in a misunderstanding, I was in an incomprehensible situation, and I could not understand how Bernhard could get into my answer to you. But I started scrolling yesterday evening, and when I wrote you a letter yesterday, while writing an answer to you, Tatyana called, and I was in a hurry to write you a letter, you were so long without my answer that I did two things at once, did everything possible to write to you, and during a conversation with Tatyana and writing a letter to you, Tatyana told me a story about her dog Bernhard or Bernd for short, and it seems that I was so answered by all these two events that by chance I wrote the name of the dog instead of your name.
Richard, probably your surprise knew no bounds yesterday when you saw that I wrote you some strange other name, right?
I'm sorry! I really did all this by accident, and I hope for your understanding, because there are situations in life when you do several things at the same time, you can confuse something, this is what happened to me.
This is a ****** situation and I apologize, I told you that there are no men in my life, there is no communication with a man, and only you I find time and write my letters, and only my communication with you and my friends Tatyana and Lydia ... There are no men in my environment, I hope that you will understand my mistake, I really didn't want it!
Richard, have you already started your school year or what does that mean? Our schools and all universities open only on September 1, the beginning of the academic year.
Richard, of course it's great that your mom is doing work in the garden with great desire and joy, it's great that she has a lot of strength, and phone conversations with your mom are probably wonderful =)
Richard, yes, in your freezer, the cheese cakes that I cook are very similar, but they are probably not as tasty as I can cook =)
Richard, thank you for a great new photo, I see you in your kitchen, am I right? I really like to see you, I really like to get your beautiful photos, and I always enjoy them and enjoy them =)
I am in a wonderful mood when I receive letters from you. Probably this can be compared to when I receive a good gift :)
I really love the day when I have a birthday. I always mark this date.
My birthday is a very important day in my life!
My parents make a cake for me every year and we celebrate my birthday together.
By the way, my dad makes the cake himself. Mom always prepares food, but when she needs to make a cake, then my dad gets down to business. Amazing, isn't it? You can imagine how nice it is for my dad to take care of me. And when he makes a cake, I want to help him with this, but he never lets me help, unlike my mother! I always help my mother and she is not at all opposed to help. But when dad is making a cake, it's better not to go into the kitchen! And dad also has the peculiarity of always preparing different cakes and comes up with something new !!
Surprisingly, the cake is always delicious, I think my dad makes the cake and puts all his love and care into this cake. I think you would love the cake. Do you like sweets and how often do you eat sweets?
I really love my birthday. This is one of my happiest days of the year.
Do you have days like this? what was your happiest day, and I will be very glad if you tell me about this day!
I would continue to tell you about those happy days, but it is simply not possible to convey everything that I felt that day!
I guess I'm finishing my letter for today.
Kiss and hug, your Elena
Letter 18
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Again you give me joy and emotions with your beautiful photo! You look great, you always make me happy, I always love to see your photo! Thank you for sharing them with me every time =)
It's already the middle of the working week.
And this morning was difficult, it was a very difficult morning.
Yesterday I went to bed as usual early, but for some unknown reason I could not sleep for a very long time, I lay, tossed and turned on the bed and could not sleep, I do not know what was the matter.
From the fact that I could not sleep tonight, the morning was very difficult, it was very difficult and difficult to get up, I wanted to sleep, but I could not miss work, and I had to wake up very early, I had to act according to the schedule.
But I really wanted to lie in bed, I wanted to continue my dream.
But I coped with it, and of course I did some exercises in the morning, did everything possible to cheer up and wake up.
She also took a shower, of course, put herself in order.
For breakfast I made myself oatmeal in milk, also drank a mug of coffee, and was able to cheer up even more.
During breakfast I was watching the news on TV and I saw what a terrible explosion took place in Libya, did you see that? I was shocked by this, insanely many people were injured, many died, and the explosion was very strong.
Because of one human error, such a terrible event happened, so much pain and suffering, it is terrible. There is a lot of destruction, and they have declared a day of mourning in the country.
Today the weather outside is still good, the sun continues to shine, and there is not a cloud outside, and this makes me very happy. The temperature is still warm +22 degrees, but in the evening the weather is getting cooler, and it looks like summer is coming to an end, it looks like there will be no hot weather this year. But the sun still pleases =)
Richard, thank you for your answer, thank you for your kindness and even more answers from you! I really hope that you understood what I meant in the last letter about the other name, I hope that you believe me, I hope that you understood that my friend Tatyana simply knocked me out of my mind.
Richard, no, I've never been to Chicago. I have never driven a motorcycle in my life, and you were probably very surprised to see my photo, but this photo was taken in a cafe, this is the name of a cafe in my city.
This motorcycle is inside the cafe, it's just like a decoration of the establishment, it's just an exhibit, and anyone can take a picture with it.
But if I knew how to ride it, I would gladly ride you =)
Yes, I understand you Richard, it is always difficult to return to work after such a long pause, it is always difficult, but you need to overcome yourself and then everything will get better and it will become easier, it always happens with me, even after a short weekend =)
It turns out that the school year starts on August 17th? And until what day is the study? And do pupils study 5 days a week or 6 days a week?
In my country there is only a school where you need to study until grade 9 or 11, it depends on the student and his priorities, and then there is either a technical school, or a university, or a university.
Richard, of course, I also expect something wonderful from our communication, I expect some kind of warm and romantic relationship, something more, but still we are already on the right path, we are moving forward every day, and every day there is more pleasure from communication =)
Richard, of course we have not seen each other in reality yet, and of course we can do this in the future via Skype, we will be able to see each other, and this will make it even more pleasant!
Thank you for your time with me as well! Thank you for finding the strength after a hard day to write me more, because I am always very glad to see your answer!
Richard, of course I understand what you are saying to me, I understand your thinking and reasoning. Of course, after so many unsuccessful experiences in my life, it is also very difficult for me to open up to a person, it is very difficult and scary that suddenly it will turn out like last time, nothing good will come of it to a friend, I am also very worried about this, there are a lot of thoughts therefore occasion. I am very fragile and vulnerable, it will be very painful for me if a person gives me, or finds out his lies, for me this is a collapse in the relationship, and therefore I do not want to experience it anymore, I do not want to feel that pain over and over again.
Richard, thank you for telling me about your birthday, but I see that you haven't had such happy days in your life yet, but still ahead, because life goes on! My birthday is December 11th, and it's not at all soon. I described my feelings to you when I see your answer =)
I will be glad to see your letter very soon! I will wait for your answer, I will hope that you will find strength after work and answer me =) I will wait!
Letter 19
Hello dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Today I woke up very early again, because the work week continues.
I opened my eyes and saw again the beautiful weather in the window, again the sun shone right through my window and the day began on a good note.
Today the weather outside began to please me again, the hot weather came to my city again.
Today it is +27 degrees outside, and again you can feel the wonderful smell of summer and hot weather.
It looks like summer is back again, but according to the weather forecast, it looks like not for long.
On such a beautiful day, of course, you don't really want to go to work, you want to unwind, relax and take a walk in the park or be somewhere in nature, but you can't leave work and you need to continue doing it.
Of course, in the morning I did some exercises, cheered up and took a refreshing shower.
Last night I was able to fall asleep quickly as I did not get enough sleep yesterday, so the sleep was good and the morning was light.
For breakfast I made myself some rice porridge, also drank a mug of coffee and went to work in a good mood.
Richard, thank you for your answer, thank you for giving me emotions and joy, thank you for being so kind to me, I am very glad to see your answer, it is always with great pleasure and impatience to read your answer.
Richard, thank you for your great photo, thank you, more and more smiles on your photos that delight me, which give a lot of positive and joyfulness, this is great!
You are so kind to me, so frank that you always give a lot of emotions, thank you!
I see that your days are very difficult, but even you go through all the difficulties and make me happy with your letters, this is wonderful, it makes me happy =)
I am never bored with you =)
Richard, I don't know what was the reason for my lack of sleep, though I didn't understand what was going on, I couldn't fall asleep and I had to lie in bed for a very long time with different thoughts =)
But do not worry Richard, today my sleep has already improved, today I slept well =)
Wow, it's a little surprising that in the evening you drink a mug of coffee, this is very unusual, in Russia people drink coffee only in the morning to invigorate, and in the evening tea is best, for example, green tea, so that the stomach works better =)
In Libya, it is true that it was even a terrorist attack, but nothing is known, but it's scary to look at, it's very bad when this happens. And there is so much pain in these videos.
You have a very long academic year, it starts earlier and ends later than in Russia. Russian schoolchildren have approximately 165 school days a year. Of course, there are also autumn holidays, Christmas, spring and summer, and many more holidays. The last school day for schools is around May 24th.
Richard, I hope that you really remember my birthday, because I remember yours, and it is in my head now forever, I remember the birthdays of people close to me well, and I never forget about it =)
Richard, it's very nice to know that you are opening up to me, thank you for your kindness, thank you for these valuable words that make me happy =) We are both very careful, but we move forward and enjoy communication =) Richard, of course I understand you, of course I really it's nice that we have such wonderful communication =)
Richard, of course we will make our communication in Skype, of course we will be able to translate this into reality, I think about it, and of course we will definitely agree on the time and day when we will do it =) But I want to warn you, unfortunately my microphone does not work , I don't know what is the reason, the camera is working, but there is some problem with the microphone, but I think that this will not prevent us from making acquaintance more pleasant, and we will still talk to you =)
Richard, thank you for all the tenderness that you wrote to me, for all those beautiful lines that delight me, I'm glad that you are near!
I am always looking forward to your letters, kiss!
Letter 20
Hello dear Richard!
How are you? Hope it's great!
Today is finally the last working day of this week.
The working days are finally coming to an end, which is good news.
But still, the day started again very early, again early in the morning, everything starts over again.
The mood rises from the fact that the week is over, that the work is already coming to an end, which means that tomorrow is the weekend again.
Day after day passed very quickly. Today is passing in a good mood, and even the weather outside continues to please.
The heat subsided a little, of course, but only by a few degrees. Today the temperature is +25 degrees, but the sun is shining and it's great.
This morning, as always, I was exercising, I took a shower again and cooked eggs for breakfast. Also a mug of coffee, packed up and went to work.
Richard, thanks for your answer! You really are already an integral part of life, though every day I look forward to when I can read your answer, when I can see your letter and enjoy the photo!
Is your photo taken in your room? You probably worked so your pants and shoes got *****, but I'm glad to see a smile on your face, I'm glad to see you smiling, I enjoy your photos!
Richard, I'm glad that summer has returned to you, but what temperature is considered summer for you and what is hot weather for you?
Yes, it must be nice to sit to the sound of the river and enjoy the weather. Is there a river near you? Is it mountainous?
You are a great fellow Richard, I remember of course that yesterday you were signed up to donate blood, and I see that you did it, you are a great fellow, it's great that you were able to immediately help as many as three people, we don't say anything about it , but simply thank you for coming to donate blood.
People really need this, and such problems can happen to everyone, and even someday we need blood, but I hope that everything will always be fine with us =)
Richard, your letters always bring warmth and joy, always only positive and wonderful mood, I am very grateful to you for that =)
I would also have a cup of coffee with you, even in the evening, because in a pleasant company it would be great =)
Did you like schools in Russia? It seems to me that they cannot be compared with yours, it seems to me that Russian schools are at a very low level compared to European countries, right?
Richard, of course now we are reasoning that we are far from each other, and maybe we will not have the opportunity to congratulate each other on their birthday, what if we succeed in changing something, suddenly we still manage to congratulate each other personally, then it's even nicer, isn't it? =) But these are just dreams and reasoning =)
If we both cannot imagine life without our communication, without our letters, then it will only get better, then we are on the right track, then everything is just great, and I am glad that I can constantly write my thoughts to you and enjoy your answers!
Richard, I hope that you are feeling great after donating blood, I think you are in a great mood, and I wish you a great Friday, I certainly look forward to your reply!
I kiss you!
Letter 21
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Now I am in a very hurry, I slept for a very long time today and I have very little time now.
My dear Richard, my day off started very late today. I slept for a very long time, and today I again agreed with my parents to go to the village, because the work in the garden must continue.
Since I wanted to rest very much, as it was a difficult work week, and therefore it was very difficult for me, and today, since I had nowhere to rush, and there was no morning alarm clock, so I slept for a very long time. And I hadn't calculated the time for today at all.
I woke up and the first thing I did was cleaned my apartment, wiped the dust, washed the floors, washed my clothes, I do general cleaning every Saturday, I love cleanliness and order, and therefore, as always, I had to do it.
After I finished cleaning the apartment, I went to a hot bath, enjoy and relax, lay down well in it, spent 30 minutes in it, maybe even more. And of course for tomorrow I baked myself Russian pancakes with sour cream. It turned out very tasty, but now my mom called and wants me to be ready in a few minutes, but I just finished the chores and haven't written you my answer yet. But she told me to hurry. I couldn't leave you unanswered again. I want to warn you, my dear Richard, that I am leaving. I apologize that I did not comment on your answer, I will definitely read your letter on Monday and write you my good answer!
I do not want you to worry about my absence, I hope that your weekend will be great, I hope that you will not miss much, but I will definitely think about you, and wait for Monday to write to you again to read your wonderful letter ...
Now I'm leaving, kissing you! Will miss!
Yours Elena.
Letter 22
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Today is finally Monday. Finally the day has come when I can read your letter again, when I can write to you again and again by my side.
It is so beautiful, it makes me so happy and makes me happier.
During the weekend I was gaining strength and had a good time in the village.
On Saturday, I went to the village, I needed outdoor recreation, in the fresh air, and far from the city, so that nothing would bother me.
Of course, I helped my mother in the garden, of course we always do this on weekends.
But the evening was good yesterday. Of course, we heated the Russian bath, we sat around the fire for a long time, and enjoyed the evening. They also grilled meat on a barbecue, the mood was great. Good rest, and always the work week is easier. I had to wake up early today, because the work week had begun, and how I missed communication with you, how I wanted to read your letter, because on Saturday I did not have time to do it, it was sad and I had to hurry, but now I can finally do it. I was worried, I'm waiting for the moment to be there again!
Richard, how glad I am that I can finally receive your letter. That I can finally read your answer and see your beautiful photo! How glad I am that you are near, your letter makes me happy, your letter warms me up and makes me smile!
Richard, but today I have become even happier that I see your new photo, and I see that you have become happier, that you have become open, you have begun to smile more, and this makes me happy, your photos bring joy to me =)
Richard, I see that your working day is getting harder every day, there is already one week before the start of your full-time work, but I hope that this will not interfere with our communication, I hope that you will find strength and answer me, I I really want it, and I will hope so!
I see that you are very responsible for your work, and I am very glad, you are great!
Richard, it's great that your weather has become more summertime, it's great that you can enjoy it, and it would be great to share beautiful summer days together! Great idea!
Richard, how lucky you are that you can enjoy nature, that you can spend time in a wonderful place and absolutely free, it is so beautiful! I would share this wonderful moment with you with joy, and drink a cup of coffee, and I would also train with you with pleasure, it would be great to ride a bike!
Richard, of course I looked at Tjuvåskampen on the internet, the view is really great and it's great that you have a great weekend.
The trip to the village takes a long time, it is about 60 kilometers from home, but in Russia there are terrible roads, bad roads and because of this the trip takes time. About 1.5 hours, I get by bus, a long trip, but you can enjoy nature and relax.
I'm glad to know that your weekend was great, it's great that you enjoyed it, and I can finally answer you again.
I kiss you, I hope your day is wonderful, I wish you a good evening! And of course I look forward to your reply!
Yours Elena!
Letter 23
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Today is a great new day.
I am full of strength and energy, I am in a great mood, after a good weekend, I am in a good mood, and my strength is still full of energy, and this is very good.
It's colder outside today. The hot weather is over, and every day the weather gets colder, which is not at all happy.
Of course, the sun is shining today, today is a good, cloudy day, but it is not hot outside at all, only +19 degrees.
And according to the weather forecast, there is no more hot weather at all, in the next days it will only get colder, which is not at all pleasing.
Today my day began of course as always early. I woke up from an alarm clock. And of course, first I did the exercises, after which I went to the shower and put myself in order.
For breakfast I made myself scrambled eggs, I also made a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes. I drank coffee and went to work in a great mood.
Richard, thanks for your answer! Thank you for taking the time, thank you for being around and making me happier and better, you are so beautiful, you are so gentle with me that your letters really give me a smile and warmth, thank you =)
Richard, it is very surprising that summer has returned to you, that warmth and good weather have come, but in my city, on the contrary, it has become cool and summer has already left us, and does not make us happy.
I read that while waiting for the arrival of the remaining employees, and how quickly time passed, and now you need to start your work again, but I see that you are a very kind and caring mentor, you are going to make them a little joy, and this is really great , you are right, and you will show them your upbringing that you are kind and caring for your subordinates, you are a great fellow, and I think you will be fine, I think they respect you and you will be the best leader, do not worry, I will always be support you!
Richard, you are right, I ate Shashlik over the weekend, you wrote absolutely correctly, and I'm surprised you know about it, did you like this dish in St. Petersburg? He has many recipes, the variety of his preparation is many, and Russian people really like this, many people do this very often.
Richard, of course I understand that you share with me very interesting and beautiful things, I am always happy to watch this, always happy to read about it, and it brings me joy and pleasure, I am grateful to you that you are so kind to me!
Richard, of course I understand you, if you are very busy, of course I understand that hard work takes a lot of time and energy, but it is your duty, you must do it, and I hope that I will still see your answers more often, and I hope you will find time for me =)
Richard, of course you and I are already very close, very close friends, and I am grateful to you for your sweet kisses, it is very pleasant to read about it!
I thank you, thank you for being so kind to me! I send you my kisses, I hope your day was great, I wish you a good evening! And of course I always look forward to your excellent answers!
Yours Elena!
Letter 24
Hello dear Richard!
I am happy to see your letter again. So warm and open, thank you for that !!
How are you feeling today? Anything interesting happened to you today? how was your day?
I am doing well, wonderful mood !!!
Richard, thanks for the great photo from the school cafeteria, thank you for doing this for me, how great it is, so cute and wonderful, makes me crazy!
Richard, thank you for cheering me up, your photos make me smile =)
Richard, how glad I am that your first day with your subordinates went well with you, how great it is that you overcame your excitement, that you went through all the obstacles and were able to find a common language with all your subordinates, you are a great fellow, I am very proud of you!
I was really there, I supported you and knew that everything would go well!
Richard, every time I think about that, and I really dream of waiting for someone at home from work, or for my beloved man to meet me at home, so that I was just calm and happy that I am waiting at home, that they will take care of me, I have been already dreaming about it!
Of course your letter, your answer warms me, your answer fills my loneliness, and this is wonderful, it makes me very happy and makes me happier. And I am glad that we are so similar to you =)
Richard, I see that in Ukraine the same customs as in Russia. Because the Russian people would do the same if you got to the same party, I do not drink *****, but men of course do it in Russia, but it is better not to neglect it and refuse!
I ate pork shashlik weekend, of course lamb is also very tasty, but we are used to eating pork, are you? Don't like pork?
Richard, of course, I can't take offense at you, I can't think badly about you, because you are dear to me, I'm glad that we are so close to each other, it's great. Richard, I also have such wonderful thoughts to hug you, and there is nothing wrong with that, because we are sincere with each other and this is great!
I had a very nice evening yesterday.
my friends called me yesterday and invited me to a cafe where they make wonderful sushi, do you like sushi?
Of course I agreed to meet friends, and we had a great time, talking, joking and laughing. How I enjoy spending time with my friends.
There was one awkward moment last night when my friends asked about you. They asked me a lot of questions and I had to answer all the questions. But now I think that I didn't need to tell my friends about us ... Do you know why? Probably because I believe in different omens, and I'm afraid that after I told my friends about us, our communication will stop .. It's strange, I have been for many years and should not believe in omens, but for some reason I believe .. I don't even know what it's connected with ... But I'm really afraid that our communication will be interrupted, I really hope that our communication will not stop and will develop every day!
I really value our communication !!! Tell me how you feel about our communication? What do you feel? I am very interested to know your opinion, because it is very important for me to know this!
I will be looking forward to your letter !!
I kiss and hug, your Elena
Letter 25
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Today is a cloudy morning. Today is a very unusual day, because I used to wake up in the sun, in good weather, but today is a completely different day, today everything has changed.
I woke up very early as always, but the weather wasn't so great because of the weather.
Sleepy morning, it was hard to get out of bed, it was hard to bring myself to do it, but of course I couldn't just leave the work day.
Overcame myself and of course began to get ready for work. I did some exercises, put myself in order and of course took a shower. In the shower, I thought about how quickly the summer passed, how quickly the summer days were over, and it became very sad, because there will be no more hot weather, there will be no more sun and a wonderful weekend on the lake.
The weather gets worse and colder every day. Now the temperature outside is only +17 degrees.
It's cold and you can't leave the house without an umbrella. The sad, cloudy days have come again, and now autumn is very close.
I didn't even have time to enjoy the summer, and time passes very quickly, day after day passes faster and faster.
Richard, thank you for your wonderful letter, thank you for making me happy again, making me smile again, your photo cheers me up, your smile gives me joy, your photo is beautiful, thank you for sending them to me, I always look at you with pleasure = )
Richard, thank you for your compliments, thank you for your kindness and tenderness. No, you shouldn't be afraid of me, I am completely harmless and a little girl. I need to be protected, and there is no need to be afraid =)
I would like to train with you, because I know how much you love sports =)
Richard, yes, two hearts in the same rhythm is great, it's great, I would really like that, that's what I'm looking for.
Richard, I see you had stomach problems because of sushi, it's terrible, I think after that I really don't want to eat that again. Maybe the cafe was bad and their products were probably awful and old, but I really like Japanese food.
Yes, it is very surprising that the weather has changed dramatically for you, the heat bothers you, but still, I would be glad if my weather now changed and it became warmer.
Richard, how wonderful it is that you are cooking, how beautiful and pleasant it must be to watch what you are doing in the kitchen and cooking it. This is great, I would like to see, but of course also help, and have dinner together =)
Richard, you are right that loneliness has gone a little now, loneliness has been able to leave us, our communication is wonderful, our communication makes us happy and makes us happier.
Each letter brings a lot of pleasure, each time you fill my loneliness and make me happier!
Richard, how nice it is to hear that you are worried about our communication, that you, like me, are afraid of losing him, you also want to develop it and move only forward, of course, I really want this, I do not want to stop, I want to enjoy and move forward , of course, I want to continue, I will certainly look forward to your letter!
Kiss you! I wish you a wonderful evening, I hope that everything will be fine with you!
Yours Elena!
Letter 26
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Today is the last working day again this week.
The work has already come to an end, and this cannot but rejoice.
But this morning was very early again. Again I have to wake up early to go to work, sleep of course interrupted my alarm clock, it woke me up again today.
When I opened my eyes, I saw again the bad and rainy weather.
In the morning it was raining again, it was very cloudy and of course the temperature is low, only +15 degrees, and you even feel that the apartment has become cold, in the morning you don't want to crawl out from under the blanket, you want to continue enjoying a warm bed, but no, you can't lie, you need move on and go to work.
Today is the same morning, morning exercises again, and of course also took a shower and went to cook breakfast.
For breakfast, I made myself rice porridge in milk, I also watched TV, and the news from Belarus is just shocking. On TV, they show how the police beat ordinary citizens, how they mock them, people just want fair elections, but the president does not want this, so he ordered the police to beat the protesters, it's just horror that the police are driving themselves crazy.
Even a 15-year-old child was beaten by the police, how many citizens were injured, but people still do not give up, people still go forward and do not retreat, and this is great.
They want a good life and are fighting for their rights. Also in Russia there were such rallies, but there was not so much violence and suffering of people, and everything ended quickly and they did not even talk about it on TV, but now terrible events are happening in Belarus, have you seen this?
I worry about people, and I hope that they can achieve their rights, I hope that everything will be fine.
Richard, my dear man, I'm just now crazy about what I have read, I am just driven crazy by your words, your lines, they are beautiful, and I am sincere with you now.
Thank you for your tenderness, for your care, how wonderful it is that you feel the same wonderful emotions that I do, our feelings and thoughts are similar, your thoughts are incomparable and of course I cannot take offense at them, I cannot somehow think about you bad, because you sincerely became dear to me, you became the one I was looking for for so long, the one whom I sincerely missed for a very long time!
Thank you for your honesty and expression of your emotions, they are wonderful!
Richard, your photo is beautiful, it always gives joy, your photos are always with me and I feel great, thank you!
Of course, due to cloudy weather, joy and good mood disappeared, but your letters are wonderful, your letters are amazing, and of course they warm me, give me joy and emotions.
The miracle is really real, what happened to us is joy, these are wonderful emotions that delight me.
Maybe love can really turn out from our relationship, I also thought about it more than once, I think a lot, I think a lot, and emotions drive me crazy.
From our communication incredible emotions, joy and happiness, I am grateful to you, my dear Richard!
I am glad that you are also determined that we both believe in this miracle and are only moving forward =)
Richard, I see your work is getting more and more every day, more and more things to do, but I know that you are a responsible man, you are the one who always cope with everything and I really like it!
I kiss you dear Richard, I wish you a wonderful evening when I spend time after work, my thoughts are also often about you, and I really like it!
Can not wait for your reply!
Yours Elena!
Letter 27
Hello my beloved Richard!
Finally, I am here again, finally I can write you my letter again, I can read your wonderful answer, finally it happened.
So the weekend is over, routine everyday life has come again, work has begun again.
The weekend was good. I was able to regain strength again, found myself in the village again and enjoyed a great weekend.
On Saturday you received my letter, and after that I went to the village.
How glad I was that I was able to sleep well, after a difficult week, it was a great pleasure to be in nature. Although the weather is not very happy, there is still time for rest.
The weather still continues to be without sun. It's +17 degrees outside, and in the evening the temperature drops even less than 10 degrees, it's already very cold.
Of course, I also helped my mother in the garden, the vegetables continue to ripen, and the harvest cannot be missed.
The weekend went very well, the mood is great, but how are you?
Richard, thank you my dear for your answer. How nice it is to see you, it is nice to see your gentle smile, your kind eyes, and you can enjoy your photo endlessly, always brings a lot of emotions =)
Richard, rainbow for me, that's nice, thank you, you know how to cheer up.
I read your frank letter, I read everything that you wrote to me and how beautiful it is, how nice it is, you drove me crazy with your tenderness, your affection, and your thoughts make me smile, your thoughts are bright and beautiful!
Richard, of course we must work, we must continue to fulfill our duties, but the main thing is that we are close, the main thing is that we stick together and do not lose each other, our communication brings me great happiness, you are so gentle with me, I am so happy that I was able to meet you.
Richard, today is your first official working day, your studies have started, and it's great, it's so great, I congratulate you on that! I hope that the day is going well, I hope that everything is fine with you, I hope that nothing bad happened!
Richard, in my thoughts there is always such that I want to meet a person at home, I want to be expected to be missed, and with great joy to fall into the arms of a beautiful dear and beloved person.
Our relationship is wonderful, I just go crazy with them, your letters are crazy, your letters give endless pleasure!
Richard, can we Skype you? At least a little, at least to see each other after work, just a little bit to devote time to each other and enjoy it. Only you can remember that unfortunately the microphone does not work, but we can at least see each other, and my dear Richard will be better! What do you think about it?
I want more love, I want true love and be in your gentle man's arms, I really would like that!
You inspire me and make me happy, I'm just happy that we have such wonderful communication!
And we can't lose it or finish it, I want to go constantly only forward!
Thank you for your promises, thank you for your kindness, and you say that you will always be with me, but how? How do you imagine this and how best for us to develop and move forward?
I just can't stop, I want to fly up with you!
Richard, I missed you, I have been thinking all weekend about how you are without me and what you do, but finally I am near, finally I am with you, and of course I look forward to even more of your answers!
I kiss you tenderly, miss you and look forward to your letter!
Yours Elena!
Letter 28
Hi Richard!
thanks for your letter!
How are you? are you in a good mood?
Today I am a little sad, but now I have read your letter and I feel better !! I have a smile on my face !!!
Dear Richard, reading your letter and writing your answer is one of the most pleasant moments of my day, and today it is the most positive moment.
I do not know why I am sad today, but probably all people have such days. What do you think? Do you have days when you are sad, but you don't know the reason?
But yesterday I had a wonderful day, and in the evening Tatiana came to me and this is a really wonderful evening.
Richard, it's so nice to know that you listen to the river called Lena in the evenings on the veranda, is it an incredible coincidence or maybe it's fate, as you think?
I'm just surprised and shocked that this happened, what happened, I didn't even know before meeting you that this exists somewhere. But in Russia, there is also the Lena River, but it is very far from me, it is in Siberia.
It looks like it's true talking to you =)
Richard, I see that communication with students brings you a lot of positive emotions, I see how much you love your job, how passionate you are for it, I am very glad that you really found your calling, that you could make yourself happy =)
I see that you would like a temperature like mine, but mine is only +16 degrees, and it is not hot at all, on the contrary, I would gladly bask in the sun with you =)
It looks like your evenings are wonderful, and how I envy and dream of the same evenings =)
No, you didn't talk about peanuts, do you often eat them? I also like different nuts, also peanuts. I love hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios, I love them all.
Richard, of course we can choose our star, but unfortunately I don't know much about it, but I know that the brightest star is Sirius, maybe he will be our star, maybe in the future we will admire her with you together, it was would be great! It is very romantic and beautiful to look at the stars.
Richard, of course I will send you some photos of me working in the garden, I have some photos for you!
How I always dream of jogging with you, exercising, spending time with you while doing sports, it's great, because it's our common interest.
I was very surprised at what tracks are in Norway, what are they for? Is the road to the forest very long? Who did it? There is no such thing in Russia, it is very unusual.
Richard, well I will add you to Skype, you will immediately understand that it is me =) Yes, at least a little real-time correspondence, that would be great, you are right!
I had a lot of thoughts about how you and I will spend time together. We would go to various entertainment events. We could also go to cultural events such as cinema or theater. Do you like theater and going to the cinema?
I have been to the theater several times and I really liked it :-)
There is a theater in my city called the State Russian Drama Theater. And last year, together with my mother, we went to this theater!
I was very impressed by this theater, it is unusual not like other theaters. The atmosphere is at home. In the foyer there are old things, a big globe, there is a samovar, dryers, cookies, and the peculiarity is that spectators can pour tea for free, probably there is no such thing in more than one theater.
The performances of the theater are incomparable and there is also a big plus of this theater, the cost of tickets is very inexpensive and everyone can afford to buy a ticket and enjoy watching different performances, and there are a lot of them!
You can also chat with the artists after the performance.
I would very much like to go to the theater with you. Do you like this idea?
I think that if you and I meet, we would have a very good time together. What do you think??
I also imagined how you and I walk around the city at night and you tell me funny stories :-)
Would you like to make my dreams come true?
Maybe you have the same dreams? I would be glad if you tell me about them.
Of course you are right that the crown gives us little difficulties, of course there is a problem, but it seems that it is already being solved all over the world. You have heard that Russia has come up with a vaccine against the corona virus and will be giving vaccinations to everyone from September, this is good news for the whole world.
Also, Russia has already opened its borders for a number of countries, such as Turkey, Cyprus, Great Britain, and maybe in the near future the situation will only get better, and this will be a solution for us, and we will be able to develop our relations even more, right?
Richard, you are right, I am also very calm, after I found you, I am happy, now I am calm, and I cannot stop, I want to move forward and make you even happier, you only bring joy and a smile, I feel good with you =)
I will very much wait for your answer, I will be interested in what you write to me.
I give you my tender kisses, I hope that you feel great, I hope that your day is beautiful =)
I will finish my letter, but I will continue to think about you!
Your Elena
Letter 29
Hello dear Richard !!!
I am very glad to see your letter.
I don't know what's happening to me in the last few days, but I started thinking about you more and more. I am always in a hurry to read your letter, and you know that very well.
I reread your letters several more times.
What do you think this might mean?
I can say for sure that you have become more than a friend to me !!
You made me happier! My day begins with the thought of you, every day I know that there will be a letter from you !!
I write my letters to you with great pleasure. I always want to write to you as much as possible, but sometimes time does not allow me to do this ..
How are you doing today?? What are you doing today?? Maybe something interesting? How did your morning start ??
Unfortunately my morning started badly ...
I woke up from the cold.
Before going to bed, I forgot to close the window. In the morning I woke up and the apartment was cold.
I now have a sore throat and a cough .. I immediately went to the pharmacy and bought a medicament.
I hope that I will not get sick and everything will be fine. Now I will be before bed, check if the window is closed!
When I was little, I was very often sick, I had a very weak immunity. And then the doctor advised me to go in for sports. Since then, I have been constantly involved in sports.
At school I started playing volleyball and basketball. I went to volleyball sections, I did it very well. When I was playing volleyball, I decided for myself that I would go in for sports as often as possible.
But after school I didn't have the opportunity to play volleyball very often. Therefore, I decided to connect my life with sports and become a fitness instructor.
I love it. You already know about it.
It seems to me that you need to go in for sports, sport is good health.
My dad used to say that if you don't even play sports, then you need to do some exercise in the morning and this will help keep your health in good condition. And of course I know how much you love sports, and I really like it =)
Richard, thank you for your new photo, thank you for giving me your smile again, I am pleased to see your letter, you look great, you cheer me up with your photos =)
Richard, yes, I was very surprised at how life is arranged in Norway, it is very great that you care about people, unfortunately there is nothing good in Russia, the government does not care about people at all, we would never have done this for people. You may have heard what terrible roads we have in our country, or you may have seen when you were in St. Petersburg, and the further from Moscow, the worse the roads, as people in our country say.
Richard, thank you for your beautiful and gentle words, for your compliments, how wonderful it is that I can enjoy your kindness, how wonderful it is. You, too, have become the battery of my heart, you have become the one who fills my heart with emotions, fills with happiness and gives warmth, how great it is that I have you!
Richard, I would like to fill your empty chair, I would like to enjoy the evening with you under delicious nuts, if he is waiting for me, then I would gladly sit on him and enjoy the evening with you!
Richard, of course the days with you would be filled with emotions, filled with joy, and jogging, cycling and much more, it would be happiness for me, I would like it!
Walking with you is a dream, I think about it, and now it will be constantly in my head =) I definitely cooked pancakes for you, it would be a great pleasure for me!
We have very similar thoughts, we have the same dreams, everything is so beautiful, we are so similar to you, it gives a lot of pleasure, thank you Richard that I have you!
Richard, about the vaccine in Russia, yes it is true that Putin's daughter tested it on herself, we were also notified of this on TV, this is true, but it is not known how it will affect a person, because every organism is individual, every organism can react differently.
In Russia, borders with many countries are already opening, the news came on TV, this list includes the countries of Great Britain, Turkey, Cyprus and other smaller ones.
And also in the near future they will open with Switzerland and many others, this is very surprising, which means the virus is leaving and the situation in the world is getting better!
this morning when I was having breakfast, I was watching a TV show.
in which many girls fought to please a man.
in this program, there was the main bachelor of our country. all the girls tried to show how good and smart they are. girls wanted to please this man.
I felt funny, but at the same time for me it was absurd.
the modern world has changed a lot in relation to the times in which there were real gentlemen. real men.
the men were ready to do a lot to win the girl's heart. Now what ?? girls try to please men. it seems to me that this is completely wrong. A man should try to get the girl's attention, not the other way around. do you agree with me ??
probably many girls are waiting for princes on a white horse. but this only happens in fairy tales.
I'm waiting for a man who can really do a noble deed for a girl.
many modern men think that if a girl shows interest in a man, then nothing else is worth doing.
a girl is waiting for attention, action, or noble deeds from a man.
in general, after that transfer, I thought about it very seriously.
I had memories, my mom talked about how my dad got her attention, her love ..
he did some incredible things. he even tried to compose poetry for her :-)
Maybe that's why love meant a lot many years ago. now many have changed their views in relation to love ..
and that makes it very sad ..
but I am not discouraged since I met you. And you make me and my heart happy !!!
I'm finishing my letter!
I will look forward to your letter.
your Elena
hug kiss
Letter 30
Hello dear Richard!
Thank you for your letter.
now I cannot imagine my day without your letter.
I understand that your letters make my day better.
if my mood is bad, then I just have to read a letter from you, and everything becomes fine.
I think we are very lucky to have met each other. do you think i am right ?? maybe it's fate ?? what do you think??
now my day begins with the thought of you :)
Richard, your photo always makes me happy, your photo helps me to heal, helps me gain strength and be happier. I'm really very glad to always see your cute photos, you give a lot of pleasure =)
Thank you for your sincerity, thank you for your warmth and kindness that makes me happier, your gentle words always make me smile!
I always feel calm in my soul when I see your answer, we grow, we seem to be moving towards each other, and it is always a great pleasure to see your answer, because it is always so sweet and kind, there is always a lot of tenderness that brings happiness!
I see that you have to work with young girls, it's so unusual, and probably they are all nice to you and kind, I would be happy if I had such a teacher, I would like this for myself =)
Richard, for me it's a dream to be in the kitchen with you, no, I wouldn't force you to cook, I would love to do it with you, I would really like that!
Richard, it's very bad that we are not together now, that now we cannot fulfill our dreams and thoughts, I would like that!
Everything is fine with me, I feel great, I continue the treatment and your letters give me strength and warmth.
I want to tell you honestly, I don't want to hide anything.
I thought a lot yesterday. I even talked to my friend Tatiana. Only Tatiana understands me, she always supports me and can give me advice.
I have feelings for you, but I still haven't figured them out. I do not know what it is.
I think of you! when I think about what we dreamed about, then my heart becomes warm and warm. it seems that my heart will just melt today.
but I cannot explain what is happening to me.
we spoke with Tatiana, I explained to her everything that I feel about you.
she only asked me one question. "this is Love?". but I replied that I do not know. I don't know what is happening to me at all ..
I don't even know how you will react to my words.
But Tatiana gave me good advice. she said: "No need to hide any feelings. Richard should be aware of the warmth towards him." for me this is really valuable advice.
and now I'm trying to explain to you how I feel.
I think it will be difficult for you to understand ...
We haven't even met you. I don't even know how to express my feelings for you.
I think it is amorousness. after all, in our letters, there is understanding, care for each other, sincerity !!!
I even think that you and I have understanding in everything. don't know if you feel the same
about myself, I can say that you and I have an understanding. we understand each other perfectly. it is easy for us to write letters.
reading your letter, I imagine that you are standing next to me and talking to me. strange, but I even try to imagine what your voice is.
what do you think amorousness is ??
I will try to describe to you what I mean by amorousness.
amorousness is an extravaganza of feelings and emotions, but it is not a storm of emotions and a flurry of passions, it is more gentle and soft sensations. amorousness is when in the body and in the head there is a feeling of airiness, lightness, one might even say the feeling of butterflies flying ...
I even now closed my eyes for a minute and tried to imagine this flock of bright fluttering butterflies. you probably find it funny how I describe it. but that's exactly what I'm feeling right now.
when I close my eyes and start thinking about you, then I feel this lightness, a surge of positive and joyful emotions, airiness, as well as an incomprehensible and inexplicable excitement. probably this is amorousness. what do you think??
it seems to me that my world has changed, it has changed for the better.
the world around me has become more beautiful.
and I am very afraid that you will not understand me.
I'm afraid that for you my confession will be very harsh .. but understand that I could not just hide my feelings.
now when I described to you my feelings that I feel, it became easier for me and I can breathe deeply ..
but still I have a fear that you will try to reject my feelings for you. I'm very afraid of this :(
forgive me for being so harsh, I'm telling you all this.
I know that in my last letter, I told you that a man should seek the girl and take the initiative first, and it seems to me that you did it, and you were able to melt the ice on my heart that had accumulated for a long time while I was alone!
but I hope that you will understand me .. all my words that I wrote to you are my sincerity to you!
for today I am finishing my letter and I will wait for your answer.
I hope that you will understand me correctly.
enamored into you Elena
Letter 31
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Today is the last working day of this week.
The days passed very quickly again, day after day pass imperceptibly, and today I woke up with a great mood because tomorrow is a day off, of course my strength is running out, of course I want to rest, but today I had to do my job, today I had to go to work and finish the work week.
Always in a great mood when there is an opportunity to relax, when the week ends you feel great, always very glad that the work has finally come to an end, the work is over.
The morning was very early again, the alarm clock, as always, was able to wake me up and make me get ready for work =)
Today again the rays of the sun shone through my window, and today it has become warmer, today the weather has become better, +19 degrees and there is no longer a cold wind, this cannot but rejoice, it is so great that the weather decided to please me again at the end of summer ...
Today I did exercises again, took a shower and, of course, had breakfast before work. For breakfast today there was an omelette with herbs, as well as a mug of coffee, a wonderful joyful morning and a great mood.
Richard, thank you my dear for your answer, thank you for making me happy with your letters, for taking the time to answer me, that you give me wonderful emotions and your answers are great!
I see your photo from work, and I see your style, how you are dressed, I like how you look in a shirt, every photo of you in a shirt looks very stylish and good, especially a white shirt suits you very much!
Richard, thank you for your lovely lines, thank you for your kind and gentle words, how wonderful it is to know that our opinions and thoughts are similar, that we are both incredibly happy that we were able to meet each other in this huge world, that this communication brings madly a lot of emotions and joy, that's great!
Of course, I really want to develop our communication, I do not want to stop.
For me, your letter is the sun, your letter is warm in a terrible cold, and an umbrella in heavy rain, your letter is happiness and joy, thank you!
For us Richard, this is the first experience for both of us, this is something unusual for both of us, and I'm really surprised that how warmly we treat each other, because when I contacted the wedding agency and they only provided me with your mail and said that you are lonely and are also looking for a soul mate, I did not believe that we could get something, I didn't believe that we could even have some kind of dialogue, and maybe we could not find common interests and then it would be a failure, but now I understand that there is simply no better outcome, that it cannot be better!
Richard, I see that your day yesterday was not good at all, I see that your mood was terrible, and at work your colleagues unfortunately spoiled it for you, I am very sorry, very sad to hear that, and how I want to hug you at such moments I want to support and reassure, I would really like that!
Richard, I see that you are talking about the pain and suffering that you had before, do you mean your ex-women or what does that mean?
Richard, how can I understand you, how painful it is, how bad it is, and there is simply no limit to pain when relationships collapse, when you make many plans, when you are already building your future life, and in the end you only experience pain and betrayal, you experience suffering , and the world is really crumbling, and for a very long time I could not get away from this, for a very long time I was alone, everything ended only with a meeting with you!
Richard, it's really a pity that the microphone doesn't work for me, that it's bad, that you can't do anything about it, that I can't tell you anything, but maybe I can just make a phone call to you and talk to you, what do you think about it about? Of course, I can call you without any problems and you can hear my voice, I can make a call from work, it will be more convenient and cheaper, I will be glad to hear you!
Richard, I wish you a wonderful evening, I wish you a wonderful weekend, of course I am still waiting for your reply, I still miss you and I am waiting, I wish you a good evening!
Kissing you gently!
Yours Elena!
Letter 32
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Today I finally came from the village, today I can finally enjoy your answer again, I can receive your letter again, and finally give you my answer.
I really missed you, I thought about you, how can it be bad when I do not feel you next, I want to be with you as soon as possible, and enjoy your answer.
I was again in the villages on the weekend, again spent the weekend there, gained strength, replenished my energy, happy and cheerful again.
How I do not have enough energy during working hours, I do not have enough new strength, I want the weekend to be more pleasing, when strength is replenished, it's great.
I worked in the garden again, the harvest is almost ready, soon it is necessary to dig out the already ripe potatoes.
My mother and I collected a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes, and all weekend we were pickling these vegetables. Have you ever heard of this? In Russia, many people do this, they pickle vegetables for the winter, there are many recipes for this, and we pickled cucumbers and tomatoes in different glass jars. Different sizes and many different recipes, I hope we got it very tasty.
I was able to sleep well over the weekend, gained strength and am in a great mood.
The weather continued to be sunny all weekend, the sun is shining outside, +22 degrees, and this is very pleasing, the heat still returned to us, but according to the weather forecast, this weather will not last long, just a week, and then rain and cold will come , and sadness will come again = (
Richard, how glad I am to finally admire your photos again, I get your beautiful photos again, is this your mom's house or yours? You look great, I always really like to admire you, always happy to look at your new photos!
I see your weekend looks like it was at your mom's house, right?
You are right, autumn is already close, now it has almost come, and nature will go into hibernation more and more, the leaves and grass will turn yellow, it will become colder and colder, but this cannot but rejoice, you are right from the weather alone, but still when the weather is beautiful, then the soul is lighter, the mood is better.
Life is full of contrasts, just as there can be a white stripe in life, or it can suddenly change to a black one, and all this can change very quickly that you won't even have time to notice it yourself.
Today you also started a new work week, and it's great, how surprised I was that you told me about the president's arrival at your school, these are probably very great experiences for you again, again there's a lot of work both with students and with teachers, even more employment, but I am confident in you and your professionalism, I know that you can handle everything!
Richard, no, I didn't know that Norway is a monarchy, for me it's something new, you even have a king, I hear it for the first time.
Richard, I appreciate that you share your days with me, how they pass, I really enjoy your thoughts, and how you express them =)
How long have you been working? How long is your day?
Richard, I am very pleased to see your phone number, thank you for sharing it with me, and I would like to know exactly when you want to make it a reality? I need to do this from my work phone, it will be better and without problems, and we have to find the time for this and the day.
Richard, I found out for the microphone, and to fix it you need to carry a computer and of course it will take a little time to fix it. But why if I can just call you on the phone and talk to you like that and hear your voice, it will be great!
I really missed you and your letters, it was a great pleasure to read your answer, they are so warm, tender and beautiful that I cannot tear myself away, I certainly look forward to your letter! Forgive me for not answering you this weekend, but now I am here and I am with you, kissing you tenderly!
Wish you a pleasant evening!
Yours Elena!
Letter 33
Hi Richard!
I'm happy to see your letter !!
Your letters bring me a lot of joy!
How are you doing?? How is your health? I hope everything is OK?
I am fine!! I am in the most wonderful mood.
I often think of you, every day I wait for your letter.
I think you are a wonderful man, I really like you! I don't know how to explain all this.
Richard, thank you my dear for your gentle words, for your beautiful lines, what a pleasure to read them, what beautiful words.
Richard, your photo brings joy and tenderness, I always look at you with great pleasure =)
Richard, what exactly would you like to know about digging up potatoes? Are you wondering what this process is or what it means?
It's great when you have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of nature, because it is healthy and very tasty!
I was able to understand the whole essence of your government, but nevertheless it will be a very important visit for you.
Richard, you are right that in a relationship there should be understanding, freedom and there should be no constraints, because you should always show yourself as you really are.
What a fine fellow you are. You spent the whole weekend with your mother again, it's great, you helped her again, I admire you, I am so proud that you are always there for her, that you always help her.
Richard, yes, I know what Norwegian fjords are, of course I have not been there, but when I read about Norway, it is written about it everywhere, that it is indescribable beauty, that a lot of tourists visit the fjords, and that these are beautiful places.
And how sincerely I would like to enjoy it with you.
But I often think about living together. I have different dreams and imaginations.
I imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up next to your beloved man.
Will I wake up earlier than my man to make a delicious breakfast or would you like to make breakfast with me? I think it would be great to cook something together. I imagined for a moment how it would be. How I coat your nose with pancake flour or whipped cream. We will laugh and it will be a lot of fun :) Do you agree with me? I also think that you will look very cute in an apron.
And after cooking we will have breakfast together and smile at each other. Do you like my thoughts on this?
Such thoughts come to me more and more often. I don't know why I have such thoughts now. Maybe from our wonderful communication I have such thoughts ?? Strange, isn't it?
I'm tired of being alone. And I want to experience all the delights of living together.
Of course, I understand that life together will not always be smooth. but I understand that I want to reunite with you.
I want to overcome all difficulties together with my beloved man.
I am confident that I will be a good and faithful woman. My mother raised me very well and taught me a lot in terms of family life. She taught me how to cook well. developed good qualities in me. My house will always be clean and comfortable. My man will never be hungry. I am grateful to my mother for such an upbringing.
My Mom really wants me to be fine and I met a man with whom I will be happy. After all, every parent wants their child to be happy.
And my mom is no exception. She sees that I am alone. Mom wants a worthy man next to me.
Sometimes my mom even blames herself for not meeting a good man. But I tell her that this is not her fault. I say that in the future I will definitely meet a man with whom I will be happy.
I believe that true, sincere love happens unexpectedly. at the very moment when you don't expect love.
And I hope that it happened to me now.
I would like you to tell me what kind of relationship you want. What should be a girl in a relationship in your understanding?
I want to ask you if you want to try, build a relationship between us ?? do you want to move to a new level of our relationship?
I want to try, maybe we can do something. what do you think?? can you tell me your opinion?
I am ready to accept any answer!
During this time, I have already got used to you and in our communication.
During this time, you have become more than just a friend to me. Hope you feel the same for me.
I think that now is the right moment to take our relationship to a new level. You agree with me?
Sometimes I see married couples who spend time together. couples who walk together holding hands, or with their children.
I watch them and envy them a little. Because in my heart I also really want this.
But I hope that it will soon happen in my life. I truly believe in it.
Perhaps you are the man I have been looking for.
Tonight Tatyana and I agreed to meet in a shopping center called "CENTRAL". "CENTRAL", one of the largest shopping centers in our city. There are many different shops in "CENTRAL".
sometimes it's a lot of fun to go shopping. Tatiana is very cheerful. I want to buy a new handbag, and Tatiana wants to buy herself new shoes. Last time we went to this shopping center, and when we tried things on and Tatiana joked a lot, we laughed a lot. the sellers did not understand what was happening. they probably looked at us like we were crazy. but we paid no attention to anyone.
Shoping with Tatiana is like watching a good funny comedy =)
I'm sure that if you were with us in the store, you would laugh the same way =)
if you want, can I tell you about how we spent time in the store today ??
I will finish my letter.
i wish you a great day !!
I will wait for your early reply!
Kiss. Elena.
Letter 34
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Today is a great new day.
I don't know what happened in the morning, but I woke up in a very good mood and full of energy.
I was surprised, because again it is early morning, again I had to get up early so as not to be late for work.
I opened my eyes and looked out the window, unfortunately I did not see the sun, but for some reason it was very stuffy in the apartment, I wanted fresh air, and I rather hurried to open the windows in the room, and felt that it was very warm outside today, and was surprised ...
Then I looked at the weather forecast, and today it's +26 degrees outside, even without the sun, I was just shocked by this.
The last days of August seem to be warm, which is great.
And again, a very hasty morning, again you need to hurry so as not to be late for work. Of course, I did some exercises, and after that I need to additionally cheer up, and of course I took a shower, put myself in order.
For breakfast today I have rice porridge with milk, very tasty, with the addition of butter, and a mug of coffee.
I was filled with a wonderful mood, full of strength and energy for work, and of course, thinking about you as always in the morning, I want you to always wake up with the same wonderful mood as me.
The working week continues, now the middle of the week has come, and this cannot but rejoice.
Richard, thank you for your wonderful answer, for the fact that I can again enjoy your wonderful answer, that I can see you again, and your lines drive me crazy, you have no idea how happy I am every day that you are near =)
Your new photo is beautiful again, I always look at you with pleasure, you look great my dear =)
we had a great time at the mall with my friend Tatiana.
it was a lot of fun. We are very tired. I cannot walk in heels for a long time.
I didn't buy anything for myself. some of the things I didn't like, and some were too expensive for me, so I decided not to buy anything.
despite this we had a great time. it was a lot of fun. we joked and laughed a lot.
I hope that in the future we can go shopping together and have fun as well.
I would be glad to choose clothes for you.
I think I have good taste :)
Richard, as I already told you that this is my big dream to play sports with you, I always imagine our jogging with you, you know how unusual it is for me to run somewhere in the mountains, enjoy the beautiful, clean air, it is something mesmerizing for me and something special, but the main thing is that you are near!
I am pleased to know that you are interested in knowing about our family gardening, we really have a lot of vegetables and berries growing in the garden.
Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, beets, various greens, cabbage.
Also strawberries, strawberries, cherries, apples, raspberries, all this grows in the garden, also onions and garlic, peppers.
And of course the most difficult thing is potatoes, I don't even know how much potatoes we can harvest per season. There are a lot of bags of potatoes, we have enough to eat it for the whole year, we store it in the basement, in a dry place, I really can't even say how many kilograms there can be, a lot =)
These are incredible thoughts, it's incredibly great that you are writing, because together we could really be filled with happiness, filled with tenderness and pleasure. It really would be an indescribable feeling for us =)
We would never be bored together, it would be a great pleasure for us, to circle together in the kitchens, to joke and enjoy communication =)
Walking with you is wonderful, it's happiness for me, and our signature recipes are pancakes, which we both love very much =)
I am very tired of being alone, tired of being alone, you cannot imagine what terrible days of loneliness are for me, but even though we are the same with you even in this, we both suffer from loneliness, from gray days and all this is very bad.
I want to take your warm and gentle hands and go with you a long journey, just go without a route, just so that there are only you and me, it's great!
Richard, how beautiful are your words, they are filled with meaning, filled with sincerity, this is wonderful!
I would like all this, I would like to embody and enjoy our happiness!
The risk is enormous, I am afraid of losing you, I am afraid to be alone again, I am afraid to imagine it, I want to move only forward with you, you are very dear to me, you are the man I have dreamed of for so long!
I wish you a wonderful day, I wish you a great mood, I hope you feel great!
I kiss you tenderly, of course I look forward to your answer! I dream of you and our walks together, I want it =)
Yours Elena!
Letter 35
Hello my dear Richard!
today my day started out great!
I was in a wonderful mood)
I only think about you! I think only about you!!! sad that you're not around.
now I am overwhelmed with emotions associated with you ... probably if you were next to me, it would be easier for me to tell you how I feel now.
what a pity that you are far from me ..
I would really like to hug you, snuggle up to your chest ... but this cannot happen now (
Richard, thank you, dear man for your wonderful new photo, you look great as always, you never stop making me happy, and you are there, and this is great!
I am so pleased to hear that you are doing well at work, that day after day is going well, and you are already drawn into the rhythm of work after a long rest, you are great!
It's a pity that the temperature is already so low in your region that autumn is getting closer, but I hope that I warm you, my dear, and you warm me =)
Richard, yes, you are a great fellow, I understood you well in terms of your mother, I understand what you mean, because I had a grandmother, and I also always listened to her with great interest for her, this is your closest person, and you must always support her, it is so wonderful for me to know what a wonderful and caring son you are, you are great!
Richard, the end of the day, a delicious dinner with you, and this is the only thing I dream about, but this is the only thing I really want!
Your dreams and thoughts about our meeting betray confidence, your thoughts make me incredibly happy, and how I want to dream about it as much as possible, and yet make this dream and goal a reality!
Our everyday life would be filled with emotions, joy and happiness, these are simply indescribable feelings for us at our meeting!
probably trite to start writing a letter with the first words about love. I want to write so that you can feel all my warmth, all that I now feel.
if you could hug me now, you could feel how hard my heart is beating.
my heart beats very fast, probably because I am very worried. I am overwhelmed with feelings and emotions. all this is very difficult to convey in a letter. But I want this letter to be special! Write a letter so that you can feel everything, as if you are standing next to me, despite the thousands of kilometers between us ..
Of course, I understand that you and I have known each other a little time, but for me this time it seems that we have known each other for a very long time. you don't think so
Probably, you are now reading the letter and understand everything that I want to say in my letter) And you understand correctly that I want to confess to you the warmest and most real feelings that constantly overwhelm me when I see you !!!
now it takes my breath away .. It's a little hard to breathe. I can't even find the right words for you to understand how real my feelings are.
how difficult it is to describe everything I feel. You probably already feel everything that I want to tell you. I won't even have a day to write everything about my love for you.
it seems to me that if you were next to me, then you would see all my feelings, love for you in my eyes in my gestures, behavior.
Richard, I want you to know that I have been waiting for such a man like you for so many years. Sometimes I had thoughts about what was wrong with me. But destiny heard me and made us meet each other. how I want to give my care and affection to you, for several days I could not understand what was happening to me, but now I understand - all these feelings for you overwhelm me!
All this I want to tell you looking in the eyes. It's a pity that there is no such possibility ..
But I am sure that I will have such an opportunity.
And I'm afraid you might not react the way I want.
now I want to be near you !! feel your embrace !! I really miss now, but I hope that in the future we will be together, you want it
I am very worried now .. because I don't know how you react to my letter.
but it's hard for me to concentrate now. I only think about how you will react to my confession ..
You made me really happy !!
I am finishing the letter. I am certainly looking forward to your reply! I give you my sweet kisses and hope that you feel great!
with love, your Elena
Letter 36
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
The working week is coming to an end.
Friday has come, it's so great that the work has already come to an end, that the work has already ended, and the weekend has come.
It's great, so wonderful that the week has passed so quickly, the weekend will bring relaxation again, again it will be a great time to gain strength and feel great.
I woke up in a good mood because I knew that this was my last day at work, it finally came to an end, a good morning, but still my strength was running out, tomorrow I want to sleep, have a very long and good sleep, enjoy Saturday in the afternoon.
The morning was very early again, but the sun was already shining through the window, it was already light, and the warm weather is still continuing.
Today it is +25 degrees again, and only a few days remain until the beginning of autumn, and I really don't want to let go of summer, I want to stay here for at least another month and enjoy a little more hot weather.
But now, only next year (=
The day went very well today, a lot of work as always, but I don't worry and I always go forward =)
Richard, I am in a great mood, now I have received your letter again, again your letter in my mail, again you are with me, again you are next to my man, and this is great! I am overwhelmed with emotions, I see you, I feel you next to me and it's wonderful, so many wonderful emotions, you are always there, constantly with me =)
Richard, your letters are your expressions, this is what I think about, your letters are confirmation of everything!
Our dreams are very similar, our thoughts are as one whole, and this is an insanely great joy for me, this is what I think and dream about, this is what I want madly!
How wonderful it is to know that I am not the only one who would like it, that we both go to these thoughts, that we both dream and set goals, this is so great!
This is a beautiful story that cannot remain indifferent, I really am overwhelmed with huge emotions, I want to take off with you and no longer lower to the ground, always fly only together, like two swallows in love, it's so cute, so beautiful, your words are just overflowing now emotions, I'm happy!
Richard, but what does this phrase mean? I couldn't understand her! Let our unification be consumed, this is all I am waiting for.
Of course, I accept you for who you are, otherwise it cannot be, you also accept me that way, everyone has flaws and weaknesses, there are no ideal people, and we must understand this, we must understand that this is true and see in each other only good =)
Richard, of course your thought about the fact that in the evening after work I will be on the doorstep with a smile on my face, happy, because you have returned from work, because you are there again and I can kiss you, this is a wonderful thought and our dream now.
But only I do not want you to continue to be hungry, I would like to prepare something tasty for you in advance, so that as soon as you come back I will feed you, so that you will be filled with strength and energy for our wonderful evening!
Richard, we can cook together on weekends without any problems, and from work I have to meet you with a set table so that delicious dishes are already waiting for you!
This is important for me, my mother brought me up so that taking care of a man, of a dear person is important, and I really think the same way!
Richard, I now constantly think only about this, my thoughts are constantly about you, I want to give you my kisses, from morning till night I think about you!
I always look forward to your reply! I kiss you tenderly! I hope you feel great!
Yours Elena!
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