Scam letter(s) from Elena Orekhova to Richard (Germany) Part 2

Letter 37
Hello my dear Richard!
Today is Saturday, a beautiful day and the beginning of a small weekend makes me very happy.
Today the rays of the sun were shining through the window again, again a very good sunny morning, and I am in a great mood.
I woke up very late, I slept for a very long time, my morning began only at 9 am, but how great I feel, how great I slept and gained strength, it's just great.
I woke up and enjoyed a wonderful Saturday afternoon in my bed, what a great day.
I can regain strength before the new work week, it's so great.
I opened my eyes and was very surprised that I slept all night so well that I did not wake up early, that my sleep was so long and wonderful, I had been waiting for this all week.
But still it was impossible to stay in bed for a long time, I had to do the cleaning in the apartment, because I hadn't done this all week.
Of course, I wiped off the dust, I washed the floors and put everything in its place, there should always be order =)
In a good mood, after a little cleaning, I went to the hot bath, which I had prepared for myself in advance to lie down to relax and enjoy the rest.
This is a great moment when you do not need to rush, when you can enjoy peace, when you can do your own housework, and be in a great mood, because I have a day off!
I feel great, of course, from the very morning my thoughts were about you, of course I could not stay without you, of course I had to write you my answer, my little letter and go as always with my parents to the village, my dear Richard!
How's your day? I hope that you feel great, I hope that your day is going well and the weekend will be with thoughts of me, because I cannot leave you without a letter, I am always ashamed when I leave for the village and do not write to you.
I want to wish you a wonderful weekend, I want you not to miss me and think about me, because we are close, soon I will come again from the village on Monday and I can answer you!
I see your letter again, I see your answer again, how great it is, how sweet and wonderful, I am very happy with this dear Richard! How wonderful that you please me with your wonderful answer, that you are near, you are my man with me, this is so sweet.
You look great, I look at your beautiful photos with great pleasure, I look at you, I really like you, and you know it =)
Your tender words are beautiful, your lines are sweet and beautiful, your compliments are insane, thank you Richard!
Richard, honestly, but I am also completely surprised how wonderful it is for me to spend time with you, how much I always want it, how I enjoy it all the time, and how wonderful it is that you are with me, my emotions are on the side-altar, and with me the truth is never was not there before =)
I hope that you also feel great now, I hope that my letter will delight you and you can enjoy it as well as I do, yours!
I really want to feel your touch, I want to feel you near, I really need it, I really want it, I need you by my side, you write that you feel me, this is wonderful, when I read your letters, I seem to hear you my dear, as if you are personally telling me about it!
Richard, how am I always amazed at how you love your work, how you invest your knowledge, your love and your experience in your students, I would always like to have such a teacher in my school, but it's a pity that such open and sincere teachers nowadays they are very rare, now more and more young teachers do not want to work and do not enjoy their work in Russia, as you do, as you give a lot to your students, this is wonderful! I admire you! But probably it all also depends on training and work, because we have it very differently, teachers complain about their salaries that they do not want to work very much for such little money, and this is true, when I hear about their salaries, I think how they can live on this money, in Russia, unfortunately, this work is not at all appreciated, although this is the main development in the country, and it is in this area that big money should be invested so that the future generation is developed, so that they are smart and achieve heights, but politics in Russia it is all the same terrible in comparison with Europe. And I would like to learn from your guidance =)
Richard, I always enjoy your answers, please do not think badly, I always read your letters with pleasure and I am always interested to know about you!
I want to wait for you from work, I want it madly =)
How beautiful your words are, how nice it is to hear it, no one has ever said these beautiful words to me, I really want to have one whole with you, I want to love and be loved, I want to constantly see you happy, and make you even happier!
Richard, your warmth warms me, your insightful photos always ********* to the very heart, you always look into my eyes, how wonderful it is!
Richard, I want to be your girlfriend, it cannot be otherwise, I was waiting for this so much, I thought about it, and my thoughts incarnate, it's wonderful!
Richard, you have no idea how happy I am, thank you my dear! You are a wonderful man, and I also and my heart belong only to you!
Richard, when can I still call you? Is it possible to talk on Tuesday? I would really like that, I would like to hear from you!
I am always waiting for your answer! I kiss you, I hope your weekend will be the happiest!
Of course I look forward to your reply, thank you for a wonderful Saturday!
Yours Elena!
Letter 38
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
Today has finally come Monday, finally a beautiful day has come, that I can feel you next to me again, that I can read and write to you again, and this is wonderful.
The weekend was great, my mood is good, I am full of strength and energy.
On Saturday I went to the village with my parents, it was necessary for me, I wanted to spend time in nature, because the weather was wonderful, it was so great to come to the village, take a break from the city, in recent days the weather surprises me, the sun is very warm, outside the temperature is +25 degrees, and you can even sunbathe =)
The days off were more useful than ever, of course, thoughts were constantly about you, I did not forget about you, and I was constantly thinking about reading your tender, beautiful lines and giving you my letter =)
As always, I went to the Russian baths in the villages, enjoyed, filled with strength and rested, the bath, like nothing else, makes a person rest, and fills with strength!
But now Monday has come, again the working week, everything starts again anew, but I am with you, I am near, I missed you very much.
Richard, thank you my man for your beautiful, for your gentle and kind letter! How glad I am to see your answer, glad to feel you near, and you write your lines to me so beautifully.
I am very glad to see your beautiful photo, to see you and to feel you next to it is great.
Richard, you are right, when you read your letters, every time I feel you near, hear you and enjoy the wonderful moments of life =)
Your letters always warm me from the inside, always so beautiful and tender, you are near and this is wonderful, this is more than just a letter, more than just words, this is my jewel, thank you for being near!
I see that Saturday you yourself arranged a working day for yourself, and the truth is, I am always very much surprised by this, I am surprised how much pleasure and joy you get from your work, even when no one is there, even when you are alone, you are still at work, but I thinking about me!
I didn't know what Kahoot was, I had never heard of it, but now I looked a little about it on the Internet, but still I never came across it.
How much I would like to cook you dinner, cook something delicious for you so that you enjoy it =)
Of course, our communication should develop, we should not stand still, but should always only move forward, this is important, and I really want this.
Richard, yes, I certainly accept you as my boyfriend, I want it madly, and I am pleased that you also treat me openly and coolly, we are already a couple, and this is incredible, this is great, even at the beginning of our acquaintance I could not think over the fact that we can go so far, I am pleased to know that our thoughts, our dreams, and our ideas are similar and the same, this is wonderful!
I want you to come to me in my dream as often as possible, I want to feel and see you in my dream, to feel at least a little of you next to me, this is wonderful!
I will not be able to notice you by anyone, I will not be able to talk with someone else, and of course no one is necessary to me now, I am overwhelmed with emotions and tenderness of your love =)
Our hearts began to beat in the same rhythm, we feel each other's heartbeat and this is wonderful!
I always needed such a gentle, honest and most importantly open person, I have been looking for you for a very long time, and finally we are with you.
Yes, the last photo was from the village, she was taken back in May, an old photo, but I think you're always glad to see me =)
Richard, in my last letter about different schools and teacher salaries, I didn't mean that money is great, I don't think so.
Money is just paper that can make life a little easier, but we cannot give love, warmth and something honest, money is not so important, because if there are such people nearby who will always help, support, love and calm, then this is a great jewel, more money in the world. Of course, even the richest people in the world are not filled with everything that can be obtained without any money, it seems to me that they are even more in a difficult situation than an ordinary person, because even the richest man in the world was betrayed by his wife, with whom he lived with her very for many years, they divorced and he suffered huge losses, and now he probably feels even more terrible, because there is no love and honesty nearby, what can be said about us, because we are open with you, we have nothing to hide, we were just looking for happiness, and I think found him. I was talking about Bezos, I think you've heard of him.
As for the salaries of teachers in Russia, I just feel sorry for them, for their enormous work they have to receive huge money, this is hard work, where you constantly need to develop and always be open to your students, and for this they pay pennies in Russia, and I am very much for them offensive, that's what I meant in the last letter!
Richard, but I'm glad that at least you are in a good mood and you feel good!
I kiss you tenderly, I wish you a wonderful evening, I hope your weekend was also wonderful, I hope you had a good rest.
Richard, I will certainly try to find time tomorrow to call you, I miss you, kiss you my man, and of course I dream of hearing your sweet voice!
And I'm waiting for an answer =)
Yours Elena
Letter 39
Hello my beloved Richard! How are you? How are you feeling?
Today is a working day again, again a very early and very sunny morning, which could not but rejoice.
Today, the weather is unrealistically warm for the first day of autumn, the temperature today approached closer to +30 degrees, and this is great, the autumn days I cannot but rejoice, this is great.
Today, in every corner of my country, the Day of Knowledge is celebrated, today the whole country that should study is children, adolescents, young people, and even some adults are starting their new school year, that summer is over, this wonderful time of the year has ended, and now has begun autumn couple, again in the early morning on the streets during work you can see many students who are in a hurry to study, who are in a hurry so as not to be late, in a hurry to get knowledge.
Unfortunately, with the current situation in the world, today school fees have been canceled, any student meetings have been canceled, and there was no celebration, but this is just for safe purposes, and so everyone starts their studies, and when I went to work, I saw how many children with flowers, some of them hurry to school with their parents, all very smart, and the morning streets came to life again, wonderful days again.
Thank you, dear, for your answer, thank you for being with me, you are near, and again your warm, your tender and beautiful words in my heart, I again enjoy them.
What a great photo, how beautiful and amazing you look, what a beautiful landscape from the mountains behind you, what wonderful places you visit during your run, it's incredible, I want to be with you!
I miss you very much.
I constantly think about you, I imagine how we spend time together.
My love, I miss you ...
I thought about our meeting, it would not be bad to see each other, to look in the eyes, to talk to get to know each other better and share our feelings.
Because emotions are lost through the Internet and it is difficult to understand each other. It is difficult to convey all your emotions in a letter. It is clear that the written form of communication will never replace real conversation and meeting. But if not for the letters, we would not have been able to recognize each other and generally hardly found each other and began to communicate. This has its pros and cons.
Even through letters, I realized that I have feelings for you and that makes me happy. I really understood that my feelings for you are great!
Love is something from above, it gives to a person in order to know happiness in this life. You just live and suddenly it reaches you in the most extraordinary ways. You yourself do not expect this and sometimes you don't even think about it .... All this happens in an instant !!! Suddenly, and you are in love! And there is nothing you can do about it ... because these feelings do not leave you and your mind. You start living this feeling of love for another person.
Love is an amazing feeling!!! It is a pity that not everyone can accept it.
Many men think that love is only ***, I think it is wrong. I believe that *** cannot be without love! It looks like a ********** ... How can you have *** with a person who has no feelings. What pleasure can you get from such ***?
Absolutely none!
And I hope you agree with me.
I want to be with the only man with whom I will feel loved. I must understand that a man really needs me and that he loves me.
I will give myself to him completely in body and soul.
It is important for me to know you share my thoughts? I want to know your opinion.
I fell in love with you, and I cannot live without you.
And I hope that one day you and I will finally be together and all our dreams and desires will come true.
Richard, how great, how wonderful and beautiful it was to hear you, even just a little bit, just a little bit, but I heard you, it looks like you were very busy, it looks like you couldn't speak, I didn't understand you well because you spoke too quiet, but most importantly, I was able to get through to you, it's great. Of course we will do it again later on when we two have time to do it!
Richard, we also have sour milk on sale, but I have never tried to cook porridge on it, is this even real? What does it taste like?
Richard, you and I have a lot of similar and even identical views on life, views on the surrounding situation, and also to sports, money, nutrition and much more, I noticed this a long time ago, and this is great!
Richard, how wonderful it is to hear that you are ready to prove everything, that you are ready to go forward, and this most of all gives me happiness, I appreciate you very much and I am afraid of losing you!
For both of us, this is the first experience, for us this is something special and incomprehensible, I also thought, I thought that it was simply unrealistic and impossible, but it looks like everything turned out quite the opposite, and this is a special moment for us, this is our happiness and destiny !
I kiss you tenderly, thank you for everything, thank you for your emotions, it's great!
This concludes my letter.
Write to me, I will look forward to hearing from you.
With love, your Elena!
Letter 40
Hello my love Richard !!!
Thank you for the new letter.
I was waiting for the moment when I will receive a letter from you again and now this happy moment has come.
every new letter you write is like a date with you!
I am always in a hurry to read your letter as soon as possible. it's a pity that I can't always answer right away .. but as soon as I have more time, I immediately write you a letter :)
I need your letters. your letters are like pure oxygen :)
Richard, I feel you, I know you, and my heart tells me, probably even our states both in the morning and in the evening are similar, if you have a bad day and your mood is bad, then probably I will have it completely bad, even if I don't know that something happened to you, I can feel it!
Richard, when you tell me what you imagine, what you remember and think about me, my heart beats terribly fast, it fills with your love, and I begin to imagine all this how it would be great to spend time with you in the mountains this is my dream =)
Richard, now I see that you called back to my number from which I called you, but after what time did you call me back? I waited for an hour for you to call me, but your call never came.
I am surprised that you are talking about some man who picked up the phone, no one told me anything, maybe this is one of the employees of the gym where I work, but I am very surprised that you called back and they answered you.
Richard, I'm making a call from work because the time is right to call, and it's cheaper for me than I would call from my phone.
Of course, we will be able to call and talk to each other without any problems, I was surprised that we heard each other so badly, I thought that you could not speak at that moment, and I thought that it was inconvenient for you that is why you spoke softly, but it turns out that you too did not hear me well, this is awful, I hope it will be better in the future.
Richard, your way of making porridge is very unusual, I would like to try your recipe, but I think it is really delicious, I hope you will treat me to this =)
Richard, love is pleasure, this is a big job for each of two people, love is a huge step and responsibility, and of course we must do it together!
I begin to understand that every day, feelings for you are getting stronger and stronger.
I think about you most of my time. My mind is completely occupied with you.
I don't understand how this could have happened. but I'm happy that this is how it happened :)
But I can really say that I love you!
We must be together and nothing should prevent us from meeting and being together.
I told many of my friends about you and me.
They are very happy for me that I have found my happiness. That I found him in such an unusual way.
It seems to me that we are already very close to each other. Agree with me ?
But unfortunately, separated by a huge distance ... and from that sad ...
But, despite this, we must continue to love each other and trust each other, do you agree with me?
Why do they say that love is not possible at a distance .. The sun is also far away, but still warms ..
There, the love between us warms me too. Mutual love!
This rarely happens when two hearts beat in love for each other.
Your letters are filled with such warmth and care that my heart begins to beat wildly when I read your letters.
A smile appears on my face and I become truly happy that I was able to find you in this vast world!
I think, "Lord, thank you for helping me find my only person, and I hope that we will connect with him and be happy."
I dream of our meeting and how we will walk with you, hold hands, how we will take care of each other and how we will give each other all our love and affection.
Caring for each other.
I really want to meet you.
I dream of how you will be next to me, hug me, kiss, give me your affection.
It's a pity, but so far these are just dreams.
I hope to see your letter soon.
Yours Elena
Letter 41
ello my love Richard!
I am very glad to receive a letter from you! I love you!
My Richard, last night I could not sleep peacefully, because in my head there were thoughts about our relationship with you.
Thank you again for your gentle and beautiful photo, you look great and make me smile =)
Every day a new date, and every day it is more colorful, it is more pleasant and more beautiful, which makes you madly happy!
These will be incredible moments when we will enjoy running with each other, when we will do everything together, even a shower and of course a varied and delicious dinner, it's great!
There is really no way back, we will not take a step back, but we will constantly go only forward.
I think about you all the time, and about the possibility of our meeting. you and I know each other a little, but we have strong feelings for each other. and now I want to meet with you. I want to hug you, kiss you, feel the beating of your heart. maybe it's trite? but I really want it. all this is difficult to imagine, since only a meeting will help us understand how much we love each other.
I wrote to you that I hope that in the near future we can meet and now I am constantly thinking about it.
Our meeting will be a very joyful moment, because after some time of communication in letters, I really want to see you, see your eyes, feel your hot hands.
I want to hug you and kiss you, because you are the man with whom I want to be all my life. imagine the moment when I can see you for the first time. Always different thoughts. But most importantly, these are happy thoughts about you!
My head is full of thoughts about you, I do not understand what is happening. I only understand that I want to be with you because I love you.
I understand that I do not need anyone but you. My heart rejoices when I see your letters.
Your letters bring me great pleasure. when I read your letter, then I represent your voice. I imagine you are standing behind my back and whispering in my ear "I love you Elena !!" do you have such dreams ??
I loved you very much Richard.
You understand that my friend Tatiana, whom I trust very much. and this morning we spoke to her. She constantly gives me advice. tips that help me a lot.
I told her how much I want to meet you, how we both dream about it. she listened to me. She did not think long, and told me to go to you.
I answered her, but how? I have parents, friends, good job here. She said that your meeting should still take place sooner or later. because we are not going
limit our relationship only to correspondence. and for this she said that we really need this meeting. is needed in order to take our relationship to a new level. so that our relationship is complete. after all, for a full-fledged relationship, it is important to feel the presence of each other nearby, care, caress, support, understanding. and for this she told me not to even think about it and advised us to plan our meeting now. because now our feelings are at such a peak that our meeting will really give an impetus to the development of our feelings and relationships even more. after all, even 100,000 letters cannot replace a real meeting. all these emotions. and I completely agreed with her on this, but it is important for me to hear your opinion now. What do you think about this ? are you ready for our meeting? it is very important for me to hear your opinion. because we really need our meeting!
My dear, write me what you think about this?
Richard, your lines and thoughts are wonderful, such warm and gentle compliments that drive me crazy, it is so wonderful that you are near, of course I believe you my man, of course your words are dear to me, your lines are important to me, I believe your every word.
How wonderful it is to know that even during work, your thoughts about me, your thoughts are with me, it is wonderful and wonderful, I am so happy!
I want to personally taste all your recipes, I want to show you my cuisine, so that you can enjoy it =)
Richard, of course we can talk to you on the phone, we really did a bad job last time, and I think we will do it again soon =)
I will wait for your letter, I miss you constantly, I wish you a good evening!
I love You my Richard! I'm waiting for your letter.
With love, your Elena
Letter 42
Hello my beloved Richard!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
So the working week is coming to an end, here is Friday again.
But this morning was not at all good, it turned out to be a very unfortunate morning, which upset me.
Today I overslept, today I did not manage to wake up on time, I do not know what the problem was, but it happened to me today (=
First, the alarm clock woke me up in the morning, but I decided to lie down a little longer, enjoy the morning, but accidentally fell asleep, it was my big mistake, when I woke up again on my own and looked at the time, I saw that I was very late, I did not have time for work, and of course it just gave me a terrible mood, it led to the fact that I was in a terrible hurry, I could not lie down, I could not stop for a minute, I didn't even do my exercises today, I had absolutely nothing to do. I drank a mug of coffee and ate two sandwiches, also quickly cleaned myself up, took a shower and was in a great hurry to work.
It's good that I was only half an hour late, it wasn't critical at all, there was no reason to worry at all, but still it's impossible to disrupt the work schedule, these mistakes can lead to much ****** problems, but it's good that this time everything was done without serious problems.
Richard, how happy I am to see your letter, how calm I am at once that you are near, that you are with me, because your answer, your letter is a great joy for me, it is a great pleasure, and you are so close to me, you are the one the person I want to see constantly, the person I miss and wait for the letter =)
I constantly look at your photos, and each new photo warms my soul, what beautiful places you can visit, I am so pleased that every day, every time you come home, when you are going for a run, every time you think of me, it's great , it makes me happy, that's fine.
Every time a new date, every time my heart beats with you faster and faster, every time you are closer to me!
Richard, I really don't know what it is like to meet in person, probably this feeling is indescribable, they are beautiful, and we both seem to want it very much, don't we? Of course, we must plan this together, think about how to act and how to be, we must all make a decision together, I have never been abroad, never traveled before and I don't even know how to be.
Richard, of course on Monday I will also have a very exciting day about what is happening at work, how it went, and how you had to act, the experiences will be huge, and I will hold my fists for you =)
What gentle and kind lines of yours, I am so pleased to know that you dream of me, how much I want to meet you, I want to be with you, I want to cheer you up every time, to see you happy, I want you to enjoy your vacation at home with me after a hard day at work, together with the sadness alone.
Our days will be great!
Of course you are right, we will talk to you both by phone and by Skype, there is no problem, I want to know when you have free time, so that I can call you on Skype, so that we can spend a little time together, see each other again and to correspond, it would be great =)
Thank you, my dear, for your beautiful and gentle words, thank you for the compliments, you always make my evening even happier, and I am always happy to feel you near!
I give you my kisses, you are my man, thank you for being around!
Of course I look forward to your reply! Hope you feel great and have a great evening!
Yours Elena
Letter 43
Hello my beloved Richard!
My sweet and dear Richard! How are you?
At last I am with you, at last I am near and I am writing you my letter.
I missed you, I thought about you, and finally I can read your answer, I can finally write you my letter.
This weekend was very long, this weekend was very difficult and long, I was very worried that you would think of me, that I did not write you my answer, that I am writing to you only today, you were probably very upset, you were probably waiting for my letter but I am only writing to you now.
Forgive me that I am just next to you, but I am grateful to you for your answer, thank you for being there, I hope that you also missed me very much and waited for my letter.
On Saturday very early in the morning I went with my parents to the village, it was very early, my parents were in a hurry and wanted to come to the village as early as possible to do things in the garden, my mother really wanted this, and they did not even give me time to sleep ok, they took me with them =)
The weather all weekend was amazingly beautiful, the weather was just pleasing and made it possible to imagine even that summer had returned, to enjoy and be full of strength and energy =)
Of course, it is very cold at night and the temperature drops very low, but during the day the temperature is above +20 degrees, the sun is shining and you can walk in light clothes.
Of course, I also helped my mom in the garden all weekend, dad also went about his own business, and helped us a little, but my father doesn't really like the garden, so he prefers to do other things in the village.
The weekend without you is terrible, the weekend without you is very sad, I constantly need you by my side, with you I feel great, full and happy, thank you for making me happy with your letter at least now.
My weekend was not interesting at all, but I hope you were able to have a good time, I hope you had more eventful days.
Richard, I am very glad to see your beautiful photo, I look at you and cannot take my eyes off, I will imagine how we cook together, how we have dinner together at a wonderful cozy table, this is wonderful, this is great, I would like this, my thoughts are only about it =)
Richard, but I have no secret, I thought it was you who used some kind of magic to make me so attracted to you, to feel such tender and wonderful feelings of love, you lured me, you did something unreal and melted my icy, lonely heart =)
It's incredible feelings if we unite, our hearts are just wonderful feelings and indescribable sensations =)
You may not believe it, but I just like you, I also have a family, I also have friends, but as you know, all this did not give peace of mind, I could not be alone, it's hard for me, and all the same it seemed that something was missing, that I needed and needed, and finally you were able to fill that void in your heart, you could fill the loneliness and give all these wonderful emotions.
You are right, love is seen in small things, love is a very complex chemistry, this is where one person cannot cope, where two must make efforts, and if two hearts want this, then they will be happy forever =)
Breakfast, lunch, dinner with you, all this is wonderful, we do not have to cook in turn, we will do this together, we will always be next to each other, at any time one of us can give a kiss or a gentle hug, whatever, in two it will be easier and even more pleasant =)
Our love magic seems to be huge, every moment, every second next to you is beautiful, everything is great, and I want it.
You know what I want, it's to enjoy cycling trips or jogging with you, I saw how beautiful your nature is, what unusual places you have, and all this would be indescribable for me, I would like to translate all this into reality!
Our life together seems to be filled with all the colors of life, it will be magnificent =)
Richard, being late is really terrible, all this is indescribable, that I don't even want to remember, I know how responsible you are, I know how you feel about your work, and I'm glad that you no longer allow me to be late for work, you are great, but with me everything it happens.
Richard, no, I rarely use lipstick or some kind of cosmetics, I like natural beauty more, but still sometimes I use it, sometimes I want to fill my life with colors and diversify it, and I can add cosmetics to my life =)
Yes, of course I also allow myself to do nails, because a woman should always take care of her beauty, she should always remain at the highest level =)
What beauty are you for? Natural or cosmetics?
My favorite fragrances, but there are several of them: CHANEL, Dolce Gabana, there is a huge selection of fragrances, I now have just two varieties of these perfumes at home.
Richard, I can't help but tell you all this, I also want to learn more about you, I want to know your tastes and aromas, I want to know you as much as possible =)
Richard, my heart is for you, I am completely open to you, I feel good with you!
Richard, I wish you a good day, I hope you will forgive me for my absence, I give you my tender kisses, I look forward to hearing!
Hope you feel great!
yours Elena!
Letter 44
Hello my love Richard!
Today is a new working day for a new week.
The morning was very early again, it was very difficult to wake up again, although it was a sunny morning, but after a long weekend I slept very well again today, and I didn't want to go to work, I wanted to rest =)
Oddly enough, the weather continues to please, again the temperature is +23 degrees, the sun is shining, and it's great, it's so beautiful, I'm very happy about it.
But already at night the weather forecast promises to be very low, and at night it is expected to rain, and this is very bad. Sunny weather will give way to heavy rains, and it looks like this time the whole summer is over.
The morning was good, of course, as soon as I got out of bed, I did my exercises, put myself in order, took a shower and for breakfast I made myself pancakes with sour cream, also drank a mug of coffee, and in a great mood I got ready and went to work.
Thanks for your lovely letter.
I am always very happy to see your letters.
I am very glad that you are present in my heart and that it is mutual.
Richard, I'm so ashamed in front of you that I made you worry, that I made you worry, I apologize, I'm sorry, I really didn't want to make you worry, you are very dear to me, worries are unnecessary for us, I don't want you to worry !
Your new photo is with me again, again I see you next to me, again I feel your presence and this is wonderful!
Your letter calms me down and makes me stronger and more self-confident.
I myself missed you all weekend very much, thought about you and waited for the moment when I could finally answer when we were together again!
Richard, the most important thing for me now is how was your meeting with the minister? Was everything successful for you? I was very worried and worried, I hope that everything went very well!
In the past days, I think a lot about us and about our future life.
I understand that our life is leaving and we do not notice it, my dear Richard.
It floats away like water in a river and there is no way to get it back.
I am very glad that I have you, my other half, my heart.
you are my beloved person whom I can fully trust and whom I can rely on in a difficult situation.
I want you to know that only your letters support me now and my good mood.
I am very lonely without you and your letters. I live with thoughts of you my honey.
Our dreams and our goals must be realized, I think we will be able to feel all this in the future, I hope that we can make it happen =)
I want to feel your tenderness, care, to feel your hugs and tender kisses.
Richard, what did you mean about collecting sheep? This is the first time I hear it, and I think that they don't do it in my city, I have never seen it.
Of course, I am so pleased to know that you have been thinking about me all the time, that you are waiting for my letter, that you miss me just as much, because you are constantly in my head, you are always with me, and how much I want to take your hand and to go with you only forward, I do not know the boundaries to be together and enjoy it, it's wonderful.
Richard, of course we will call each other on Skype, we will call each other on the phone, we will do this, there is no problem, the main thing is for us to find the time for this, so that we are both free, right?
I know for sure that we will be together, and I am really looking forward to my love this time.
I am always looking forward to your letters, your answers, I miss you my man, I kiss you tenderly, I hope you feel great, my thoughts are about you!
With love only for you!
Your Elena Ps Richard, my dear, today I will call you on Skype at 8 pm on my time, I hope that you will be free, I hope that you will find time for me, I will wait for you there my dear, I hope that we will see each other = )
Letter 45
Hello my beloved Richard!
Today is another day. September continues, and now the weather has changed completely today.
I woke up today and, as always, looked out the window, the morning was early again, and it was no longer so bright outside, the sun is gone in the morning, it's a cloudy day today, there are a lot of clouds and the sun is not visible.
That's all, the summer is over, it's only +14 degrees outside today, the temperature is very low, and there is no good weather anymore.
Still, the weather could not spoil my mood. I got out of bed and of course did exercises, of course I had to come to my senses, I had to wake up.
Also of course I cleaned myself up and took a shower. For breakfast, I made myself oatmeal in milk, drank a mug of coffee.
Today I had to dress warmly, I had to put on already warm clothes, because the wind is cool outside and the temperature is low, and I cannot afford to catch a cold.
When I left the house, I saw how it was still dark outside, it was just beginning to brighten, and every day, of course, the dawn would come later, and the temperature would be colder and winter would come very soon.
I am very happy to receive your letter.
Thank you for your sincere and warm letters.
It's very good when you know that there is a person in the world who trusts me and appreciates you.
Every time I read your letter, I feel like it brings me closeness to you.
I think a lot about us and I also dream about our future.
I want to wait until the day when we can meet each other.
I want to wait until the day when we can have our first conversation, our first hug and our first kiss together.
we will remember this day all our lives.
Richard, it was difficult to wake up yesterday because of course I wanted to stay in bed and enjoy the rest.
It is very interesting to know how your morning goes, how you spend it, I just imagine all this, I read your lines and as if I see your every movement, how your morning goes, and I want to wake up before you and cook you breakfast, I want to continue lying with you in bed and enjoy a wonderful morning.
Richard, of course, every letter of yours, this is great warmth, great tenderness and care for me, thank you for being near, thank you for being with me, it is always an incredible feeling to read your lines!
I cannot be selfish, because you are always open with me, I have feelings for you, I will never hurt you for anything, there is no need for this!
I am very surprised at how your president is behaving, I am very glad that everything went well, it is great that your president is so open, it is great that he can communicate with students so easily, that he is open with the people, and this shows the highest class of an official of course Putin would never have done that, which is why the policy and structure of the country is so different in our countries.
Richard, you and I are really overwhelmed with emotions of how much we have in common, how open we are to each other, how well we are together, but it is the meeting that can open us even more, it is together that we can understand how great our love is, and how good we are will be together, and I want to make dreams come true, I want to experience all this.
I so want it to come sooner. I will be glad if everything we dream about and what we want will soon come true.
I wish to inform you, my dear, that I have never felt such happiness :)
I know that I can trust you, respect you and that you will always be with me.
Richard, how magnificently you write your dreams to me, how beautiful and beautiful it is to read about it, and I represent all this, I want it madly, I need you!
Evening next to you, this is happiness, it is so beautiful and splendid! I kiss you, I think about you and dreams are huge, I want to take your hand and run, walk and just sit on the veranda to the sounds of the river with a mug of coffee, I dream of all this very much!
I want us to be together and I want to share my life with you.
I look forward to your answers, I hope that your day today is even better than the previous one, I want your evening to be great too!
Yours Elena
Letter 46
Hello my dear Richard!
Today is another working day for this week.
The week is drawing to a close, the week is coming to an end faster and faster, and tomorrow is the last working day of this week and again the weekend is waiting.
I woke up again very early today, but the morning was better than yesterday, because the cloudy weather is gone again, and the sun was again in the morning, it's great.
As always, in the morning there was exercise, again it was necessary to cheer up and put you in order.
Today I made myself rice porridge in milk, I also drank a mug of coffee, and when I drank coffee I stood by the window, looked out the window and watched what was happening on the street.
After all, the autumn weather also has its colors, there are also positive emotions and this is great.
The trees are all in different colors, thoughts about you haunt you, I can imagine how we drink coffee together in the morning, how we enjoy nature, such a little cloudy, but at the same time sunny weather, autumn, and life is spinning in different colors.
A great day to walk with you!
But I had to go to work, I dressed warmly again and went to work, the mood was great.
I am delighted to receive your letter.
I always feel a lot of pleasure and happiness in my heart when I read your letter.
Your letters give me a lot of warmth and support, and I can feel you for a few minutes.
When I met you, I changed.
You opened a new world for me, a world of happiness.
Now I get up in the morning with a smile on my face because I know I am not alone. In this big world, there is a person who thinks of me.
I want to say thank you very much. With you I feel like a woman who wants to be happy and loved.
I lost hope of happiness seeing rude Russian men. When I met you, you gave me hope for happiness.
Richard, every day your tender lines, every day your beautiful photos, it all looks great, I want to be there, enjoy you, this is an indescribable feeling, I feel great with you!
Of course, I will not disturb you in the morning, I will wake you up with a kiss and a delicious breakfast that we cannot keep you in bed =)
Of course, I love flowers, of course red roses are great, I really like them, their smell and how sharp their thorns are, that you even need to be careful with them =) But I also love delicate, collected in a large bouquet of chamomile, when there are a lot of them, they are even better than roses and more beautiful =)
My dear Richard, I am very happy that you do not leave me and our dialogue has become very important for us.
You are a real man who is not afraid of problems, who can take care of his woman. I think I am not mistaken about you.
I am very happy.
I think of you all the time my dear Richard.
My dear Richard, I need you in my life.
I look at your sweet smile and I can't tear myself away from the photo, you look great, I just want to be there =)
Thank you for your loud and beautiful words of love, of course I believe you, of course I know that you are the one who will never betray or leave, thank you my man! I know what you are, I think I was able to fully ********* you and understand you from the inside, just like you did me, we are both simple and open, and this is great. I am also always there, always support and help you my man, thank you!
Of course, we will be able to continue to conduct chats, of course, you can be together and communicate online, there is no problem, my emotions are wonderful when you are around.
My dear Richard, I will finish this letter, I wish you all the best and good mood.
I am looking forward to your reply and I am sending you a warm hug.
Yours Elena
Letter 47
Hello my dear Richard!
Today is the last working day of this week, and Friday is here, it is so great, it is so wonderful that the mood is very joyful.
Of course, it was necessary to wake up again very early, but this could not upset me, because I knew that today was the last working day, I knew that the weekend was coming and this could not but rejoice =)
A good, sunny morning is great, the sun is again today, but it was raining tonight, and I even woke up because of this, I heard how loudly he walked, how the drops were knocking on the windows, but I quickly fell asleep and did not pay attention to it anymore ...
The temperature is again +16 degrees today.
My morning, of course, began with exercises, after which I decided to make myself an omelet for breakfast, I also drank a mug of coffee, and went to the shower, tidying up, I also needed to cheer up.
I was going to work with you in mind, I would like you to accompany me, give me a kiss and wish me a good day, or so that I can walk you to work, that would be great.
I am very glad to see your letter.
When reading your letter, I have a happy smile. And I am very happy that we met each other.
I am sure that I am not alone, although we are far from each other now.
Your letters bring me a lot of warmth, joy and pleasure in my life, that I feel your presence in my life all the time.
Richard, it's great that you have a trip to your mom again planned for today, you are great, again a long and difficult trip after work, but most importantly, you will be with your mom!
Richard, of course I understand and even know what is the reason that your mother, even at 90 years old, works so hard and hard in the garden, because my mother is also very much like her, for any pain, for any problems and even weather conditions she sometimes do not interfere with doing this, and this is surprising, and it seems that they cannot be stopped =) Richard, but of course she also misses you, she wants you to come to her, so that you talk and be with her, this is also a great pleasure for her and joy, and most importantly, you can also help her around the garden, it's great!
I see that you have finally found our star in the sky, I am very interested to know about this, and of course I will also try to find it in the sky so that we can both look at it in the evening and immediately think of us, this is great!
Richard, how much I would like to be with you, how much I would like to get closer to you and run together it would be a great feeling =)
When I know how your days pass, when you tell me about him, I become calmer, I immediately understand that everything is fine with you, I am very interested to know about you, it is interesting to know that everything is fine with you and there are no problems happened, it is very important for me, and most importantly interesting!
My thoughts really are constantly about you, I think about you, and whatever I do, I imagine that we are doing it together!
Richard, I see that even in the evening your thoughts are about me, and even when I go to bed, I think about you, and I think about what you are doing right now At 9 pm I'm already getting ready for bed, finishing my business and just enjoying watching TV in my bed, it's great, and I want to feel you next to me to make it even cozier and warmer =)
My dear, I constantly think about you, wherever I am and whatever I do. You are always with me in my head.
I thought how wonderful it would be to meet you and reward you with a kiss and a hug :)
My dear Richard! I want to make you happy because you make me this way. I'm glad that we met.
I feel very good because I have hope in my heart that we will meet soon.
My dear Richard, I hope that your day went well today, I hope that you are filled with wonderful emotions, my thoughts are about you, I miss you and I want to give you my tender kisses!
I am always looking forward to your reply!
Yours Elena
Letter 48
Hello my beloved Richard!
How are you? I hope you are doing well.
So finally Monday has come, now a new day has come, it's time for a new working week, it finally happened, and I am finally with you, I am by my side, and again full of strength and energy I am writing you my letter.
On Saturday, it turned out very early again, again everything did not go according to plan, because I wanted to stay in bed, I wanted to spend the whole weekend at home, write letters to you, communicate with you, and also walk around my city with Tatyana, I wanted to spend time with you ******, but it turned out again very unexpected, again it happened that it came to me to go to the village with my parents, again I could not stay at home for the weekend, my mother called me early in the morning and said that I need to go to the village, I need to finish with the garden, remove all remaining on it. I was completely out of mood, my plans were ruined, I don't like when all the plans that are built in advance are not fulfilled, when everything changes dramatically, I have to cancel everything, but of course I could not refuse my parents, I could not tell them no, I should help them if I have the opportunity.
Of course, my help was useful, I continued to help my mother clean the garden. This year there are a lot of apples and pears, and I helped my mother to collect them, my mother loves to make jam from apples and pears, also juice, it turns out real and very tasty.
But finally Monday came, and the trip to the village came to an end, I really missed you, I really wanted to write you an answer as soon as possible, because I knew what you were waiting for, I knew what you wrote, and it hurt me to leave you without answer.
But now I am writing to you, now I am with you, and I am glad to see you, I missed you very much.
My honey Richard!
Thank you for a very pleasant letter. I am very lonely without you. Forgive me, my man, that I left you alone again, forgive me for a long absence, I missed you.
How wonderful it is to know that even a train ride to another city, but you still write to me that you are still there and give a moment to enjoy the conversation, it's great.
I look at your photo and how wonderful it is to see you next to me, I am happy that I can enjoy you, that you give me these wonderful emotions, I see and feel you, you were walking near the lake, how great it is, I would like to be with you in this wonderful moment.
Richard, I see that you would like to see a photo of my bedroom, of course I can share it with you, it may not seem comfortable to you, but this is all because this is just a rented apartment, and I have to live in it.
But I want you to just see her, so you can really do shows how I sleep without you, how my night goes by.
How sweet it is to know what you think of me, our thoughts are constantly about each other and it's great, I really like it, I miss you all the time.
Richard, how wonderful it is to know that you are ready to take care of me, that you will also take care of me, this has never happened to me, I have never had a man who cares about me so much, of course I cannot refuse this you =)
Richard, does your mom still drive a car? It's true? You don't like cars and prefer driving, jogging and walking, right? I am always glad for your letters. I walk down the street and I dream of you. It seems to me that you changed my life.
For a long time I lived without a specific purpose. All days were gray and did not differ from each other. Everything was very monotonous.
I lived from one day to the next.
Now I know that I have been waiting for you in my life. You appeared and I have a good mood almost every day.
I know I would like us to meet and be able to explore each other in real life.
When we are together in life, my warmth will be dedicated to you.
I want to give you my warmth and my hugs. I'm tired of being alone.
Everyone needs this for a while !!!
I send you my tender kiss and a tight hug ... I hope your weekend was great, I hope you spent it beautifully and thought of me, I really look forward to your answer, I miss you, and I look forward to your letter, I give you your most tender kisses.
Yours Elena
Letter 49

Hello my beloved Richard!
How's your day? How are you? Hope it's great!
Another working day has come. And how wonderful it is to wake up with thoughts of you. I missed you very much and wanted to read your letter as soon as possible, to get your answer as soon as possible, I really missed it.
The autumn morning continues, there is practically no sun on the street, only +14 degrees, but this is also great, I am already used to this weather, of course I dress warmly so as not to catch a cold, at this time of the year you have to be very careful so as not to get sick, but nevertheless, because of such cloudy days, it is sad and very sleepy, I have the feeling as if I do not get enough sleep, even when I sleep a lot.
But the work continues as always, the morning, as always, begins with charging, and with a warm shower, because now, due to the low temperature of the house, it is very cold, and you have to warm up in the shower, there is no heating of the house yet. But when I leave the bathroom, it gets cold.
For breakfast today I made myself an omelet with herbs, drank a mug of coffee, cleaned myself up and went to work.
My dear Richard!
Your letter has brought light into my life again.
I think that life is not so bad if there are people like you.
You have a kind heart, and this can make our relationship warmer. It's my opinion.
Now that I have you, I think our life will change.
The world is becoming kind, bright and warm for us.
I think that every person needs a woman's warmth and hugs.
I would like you to smile at me every morning and every evening.
And I will give a smile to you, I think it will bring us a lot of pleasure and love.
I am ready to give everything for this purpose.
Richard, thank you for your beautiful and tender lines, for your care and how ashamed I am in front of you that I left you again all weekend without answers, that I did not write to you again, I am very embarrassed, but how great, that you can understand me, we really did the same thing this weekend, our parents need help again, and of course we could not refuse them =)
Richard, no, I don't know such a dish, I've never heard of it, or maybe I just can't understand what it is, if you send a picture, then maybe I can understand, but if you can cook it for me, then I'll be happy to I'm having dinner with you over a cup of tea =)
Richard, what a nice and nice dinner with your mom was, how great it is that you care so much for her, that you are there, and how much I wish I could fit in with you. Tell Richard, would your mom approve of your choice? Would she be able to accept me? Would you mind that I'm from Russia?
My mother also tells me a lot of stories about the garden, she also talks a lot, and of course we are in a very similar situation with you, this is an incredible coincidence, I just don't understand, I'm shocked how much you and I are similar.
It is always very interesting for me to listen to stories from the past, it is always interesting to listen to memories, especially if I don't remember it, I really like it.
You are making a very long way home, a lot of time passes, but the main thing is that you were with your mother, the main thing is that your help is enormous and this is great.
Don't you like driving or have you never done it? I'm really surprised that at 90 years old your mom drives a car without any problems, what does she do with pleasure, does she have a new car or has she owned one for a long time?
Richard, of course I don't live in a hotel room, I couldn't rent anything else better for this money that I can meet, the apartment is small, but the main thing for me was that I could move out from my parents, the main thing is that I was able to get out on my own life, and I just haven't managed to make a more comfortable room yet, but the main thing is there is a large bed, and I really love that, I love it when there is a lot of space =) And what does your room look like? I remember your kitchen, but I wonder how you live in general, you talked about the river nearby, and that you have an exit to the balcony, I would love to admire this view =)
Richard, thank you my dear for your new photo, thank you for letting us enjoy this wonderful moment, thank you for making these beautiful photos for me, you look great!
Richard, thank you for your support, thank you for your tenderness, how great are your lines, how beautiful they are, I love you, I always wish you a great mood, so that every day is filled with colors, I am always there, you are always in my heart , and you can always rely on me =)
I always look forward to your reply! Missing You!
I kiss you!
Yours Elena
Letter 50
Hello my dear Richard!
Surprisingly, today is the middle of the week.
It really surprises me how quickly day after day passes, how quickly a week passes, but today I woke up from the cold at home, today even under a thick blanket, even with the windows completely closed in the apartment, I could not warm up.
I woke up even earlier than usual, I was very cold, my mood was ruined from the very morning, I felt worse from the very morning, it was difficult for me even to pull my leg out from under the blanket, but I had to get up, I had to get ready for the working day, and So the morning began with immediate charging, the heating in the apartment will not be turned on soon, you still have to wait for this day, so you have to save yourself from the cold in different ways.
Of course, exercising in the morning helps to cheer up, but it also helps and warms up, after exercising it was necessary to drink rather a mug of hot coffee, but I also immediately prepared breakfast, today I ate buckwheat porridge.
She also took a shower, of course, put herself in order, dressed warmly and went to work. It's just amazingly cold outside, it's only +12 degrees outside, and it upsets me very much, it's very cold, and unfortunately winter is getting closer every day.
Richard, thank you, my dear, for a wonderful and beautiful new letter, thank you again for all these emotions, for all the joy I receive from you, this is wonderful.
Thank you for a small photo of your bedroom, for a beautiful photo that I can enjoy, I can feel you next to me, I can be in your house, in your room for at least a few seconds, but it would be better if it was ours =) I hope this is will be possible.
I am happy that I met you and wrote to you that I took the right step and was able to find you in this huge world, it's incredible. My dear Richard, do you know what day it is? I think I should remind you of this, today is exactly two months since we have known each other, today is a big date for us, a big day for us and I congratulate you, my man!
Two months of joy, it's incredible!
the day I wrote to you was the happiest day in my whole life.
I also dream that we can go one day for a walk under the bright summer sun and enjoy communication with each other. it will be wonderful and I would like this walk with you near the beautiful lake to happen as soon as possible.
I know my dear that all relationships in life are based on trust and understanding.
Any relationship without this cannot exist in any other way.
for me, the closest relationship is when we can see each other's eyes, touch the body and skin, and feel the taste of our lips. this is when we can speak, being next to each other and we can hear each other's voices live.
then we can tell each other about all our feelings and experiences.
We can truly be together. I have very warm feelings for you, I know that our meeting will truly unite us, so that we will become really close people to each other, my dear.
My dear Richard, I think we are already starting to have an intimate and sensual relationship.
Personally, this is happening to me now.
I want to see you, kiss your tender and sensual lips, look into your eyes and see your soul in them.
I want to be with you, to hug you and only you. I can't help thinking about you. I get up and I go to bed remembering you and thinking about what you told me. I want to speak beautiful words to you.
Yes, you're right Richard, I need your warmth, I need to be there this autumn =)
My breakfast is really varied, I try to make dishes more different, and I would like to give you every delicious breakfast, I would like to bring variety to your life =) It will be important for me to feed you, delight you with a varied cuisine, I want you to always come back with pleasure home to my arms =)
Richard, but you don't think that there is a lot of coffee in your diet, it is also harmful to the body in large quantities, does it?
I want to brighten up your rest even more, I want our evening to pass together and the pleasure was even greater =)
Richard, it was very important for me to hear that your mother will be able to accept me without any problems, of course, feelings are an important aspect, and even more sincere, for every person it is incredibly important. I would love to get to know her, listen to her stories with you, her stories, and of course I would not mind helping her in the garden, because there is nothing difficult =)
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and thoughts about driving a car, yes, you are still right, if every person also thinks like that, if more people think so, then the world will be cleaner, people will have a better mood, condition and health, because cars become more and more every day and this is very bad.
But I have never met such a person as your mother, it is very surprising, at such a great age she enjoys a trip by car, works in a vegetable garden, lives a full and joyful life, and most importantly has such a wonderful son, she is a very happy woman, how lucky she is =)
Richard, you have no idea how I dream of being on your veranda, being with you with a cup of coffee and enjoying this beautiful view, I want and dream about it very much!
Richard, thank you my man, thank you for your tenderness, for your sincerity, thank you for all these emotions and lines that make me happy, it's great! Love is wonderful, how lucky I am, how happy I am, and I don't want to stop, I only want to go forward with you, I want to enjoy and follow you!
We are really twins, we seem to be exactly the ideal couple that is written in books, that is written in stories, and it's an incredible feeling that we were able to meet each other!
I wish you a wonderful evening, I am every evening thinking about you, I am always there, I want to give you my tender hugs, my kisses, you are the one I need!
I am looking forward to your early reply.
With love, Your Elena
Letter 51
Hello my dear and my wonderful Richard!
The morning was very cold again today. Again I opened my eyes and just didn't want to crawl out from under the covers. How badly I want to turn on the heating, so that the apartment finally becomes warm, so that there are no such problems with the cold.
Morning really starts right away awfully when you feel cold, when you know what you need for work, some solid minuses, and this does not cheer you up at all.
I really do not like this morning, morning exercises again, made scrambled eggs for breakfast, also drank a mug of coffee, of course, cleaned myself up and took a shower.
The constant routine, the mood becomes bad in the morning, and of course autumn catches up with this sadness, of course autumn is dreary days, but you need to cope with this, you need to go ahead and do your job.
I am glad to see your letter again.
Each of your letters brings a lot of joy and warmth to my heart.
With every letter you write, you take more and more place in my heart.
I dream of the day when this will not be a letter, but our long-awaited meeting.
Richard, I look at you, I look at your photo, and I just can't resist, I want to fall right into your arms, I need you.
Of course, only you can warm me with your letters, only you warm me with your presence, only you warm me with your love, thank you for being with me.
Every day, every minute I think about this wonderful time when I can be next to you, when I can be there, I need you.
We would walk together holding hands and we would kiss each other, wake up together, day after day would go happier, because we will be together, this is an incredibly beautiful feeling.
It will be good to leave the city and be with you in nature, my dear Richard. It will be wonderful, as we dreamed, let's make it my man?
I know that I am too romantic, and I love nature very much, but most importantly, I know that you also love it very much, and we are real twins who cannot be apart for long.
When I think about you, about my beloved person, I become so happy, and it is pleasant and joyful in my heart.
I understand that I cannot live without you, without your words, without your hugs and kisses. This is what I have been looking for all my life.
You may be destined for me. I must connect life only with you my dear Richard.
I'm happy that you are mine. I appreciate it very much. I don't want to lose you ever.
Richard, I can't treat you or your mom badly! There is insanely great respect for your mother, what a wonderful son she raised, how in her years she spends time and enjoys life, she can only envy her in this =)
How wonderful that you say that you are ready to receive me in your apartment, that you are already saying that this is our love nest, that this is our love place, how wonderful it is, I just cannot stop reading all this, but I just want to be with you, to be near, and finally to be in your arms, I don't need anything else.
I see that your day was a little further yesterday, I see that I wrote letters to me when I was already asleep, I know how difficult your work is, how long it takes, but thank you that you can always find time for me, that you are always with me, always by my side and giving me emotions.
I want this, and I dream that soon we will be with each other.
I'll be waiting for your letter.
Many kisses for you, my beloved Richard!
Yours Elena
Letter 52
Hello my lovely Richard!
thanks for your letter. Thank you for your presence again in my day, it is incredibly beautiful, every time I admire your letter and enjoy it madly, how wonderful it is to read your lines, you make me happy, you make me happy.
Richard, thank you for your wonderful new photo, you are with me again, you are with me again, you write your wonderful letter to me, I see it, I feel you near, it's incredibly beautiful, you are with me, you are near, I enjoy you.
Thank you for sharing delicious desserts with me, they look very appetizing, but I have never tried them before, so you really have to cook them for me, and together we will drink coffee and enjoy desserts =)
Here comes Friday, here comes the end of the working week.
But the morning was again very early today, again I had to wake up very early, because work will not wait.
When I opened my eyes, I saw rain outside. There was a very heavy and prolonged rain, it looked like it was going all night, but luckily I slept very soundly, slept very well and did not hear that it was raining outside.
I watched the weather forecast, and it looks like it has been for a long time, now it looks like real autumn has come, with a lot of rains and bad weather, and the temperature will drop lower and lower every day. Today it is +13 degrees, and there is still no heating in the apartment, it is still very cold, and I have to sleep under a blanket and a blanket so as not to freeze at night.
The morning began again with exercises, after which I took a shower, cheered up and made myself oatmeal, a cup of coffee for breakfast, got ready for work, and of course took an umbrella so as not to get wet, and went to work.
Today my friends invited me to bowling, since the work week has come to an end, we wanted to have some fun and play this interesting game, but I think that I will not stay there for a long time, but the main thing is I can have a good time and get away from work.
I want you to know that I want happiness for both of us. I want to be with you, I want the evening next to you, in your warm and tender arms, this is wonderful.
I believe that our relationships based on honesty, understanding and trust can be strong and lasting.
I fully trust you and want a serious relationship with you. I dream that we will be fine. we will be happy together. I'm always thinking on you.
I just can't find a word of pleasure. I am so happy that I found you in this vast world.
You are a unique person to whom I can tell all ideas and dreams.
When I write you a letter, I have something in my soul that cannot be explained, it must be felt.
And all the time I think about seeing you.
I imagine that you are leading me by the hands on the coast, that you are embracing me, and I feel like the most beloved and dearest woman for you.
The most important dialogue for me when I communicate with you.
I see you most of all as the main teacher for me, and I want to listen to you.
To listen to your ideas, reasoning, to know about you. This is all as much as possible.
Richard, with your thoughts and reflections on autumn, my day immediately begins to play with different colors, I am always happy, the tones from gray to colorful, I feel you next to me, and I feel the sound of foliage under our feet, because we are walking together.
Of course, I watched the series Sasha and Masha before, but it is very old, but of course, together with you, I will watch it with pleasure and laugh, I need you, I want to be with you, my man, let's make it a reality?
As you describe our evenings, it is incomparable, how wonderful it is to be with you watching a movie, or listening to music together and can dance, also cooking dinner, and enjoying each other is wonderful. I will dance with you endlessly =)
I have never cooked or tasted such a dish: bacalao, but I saw pictures of it and it looks very appetizing, it looks like it is very tasty, and if you cook it, it will be incomparable, you are my chef =)
How I dream of being in our nest, being with you, being with you, and we will no longer need anyone, you are the person with whom I would like to embody this.
I give you my tender and passionate kisses, I miss you constantly, I think about you, and I cannot tear myself away from your tender and beautiful lines.
On this I want to finish my beautiful letter.
I am looking forward to your letters. You are my man!
Your Elena
Letter 53
Hello my dear Richard !!
probably only you can understand me, my feeling when I receive your letter :)
I am the happiest when I read your letter !!
Your new photo is excellent, I see that there is snow, you probably made it a long time ago, because you say that summer is returning to you, and how lucky you are, I also want warmth, at least yours! =) And I get it from your answer, thank you.
So finally today is the day off, finally the day of rest has come and it's great.
Yesterday I went to bed a little later, because there was a bowling game, as I already told you, we played and relaxed with my friends.
Again it was a very interesting, very intense game, it could even be called a battle, it was so interesting and exciting, but unfortunately I could not win again, again the first place was not mine, I was just a few points behind the first place, in this time I was second in the list of all players, but again I failed to win.
I had a great evening, I got positive emotions, a good evening, and I was able to distract myself from work and constantly routine.
Today my morning began very late, today I slept until 10 in the morning, enjoyed my rest, the weather was cloudy outside, only +9 degrees it became very cold, but I have not even gone outside today. I was cleaning the house, doing laundry, and baked potatoes and meat in the oven today, it turned out delicious, it's a pity that you can't try, how I would like to feed you my man.
It took a lot of time on household chores, and now finally I can now write you my answer, finally I can write you my letter, probably you were also waiting for my answer.
I am also going to visit Tatiana, spend my day off with her today, finally we have such an opportunity, I will go to visit her, but how is your day today? What's interestnig?
honey, I miss you very much .. how I want to hug you!
but you are far away and I am very sad from this .. I am sure that we will meet very soon !! we will be together!!
Last night, I also had time to talk to my parents. It was a bit of a tense conversation, as I was afraid that my parents would react negatively when they find out that I want to go to you, that you and I want to meet.
my fears were in vain, our conversation went well. I understand that I am already old enough and do not have to ask their approval to go to you. But I really love and respect my parents. it was very important for me to know their opinion.
most of all I was afraid of my dad's reaction, because my dad is strict, but fair!
But everything went well.
I already told my parents about you. also showed them your photos.
They had many questions, I will not list all these questions, but most importantly, my parents do not mind. Dad was happy. And my mother cried .. tears of happiness, so my mother said. But she is also very happy for you and me !!
also my dad asked "where will you live? can Richard take care of you?" I said that of course Richard will take care of me.
My parents just want to know so that I can be fine.
They also conveyed a greeting!
Dear Richard, now I am sitting and I have a very good mood, my life has changed dramatically in a short time. I am happy that I decided to try the internet. I met you !! I love you!!
Our life has changed a lot, we have become happier, and this is wonderful.
could you believe that you can meet true love through the internet ?? I didn't think it was possible. I was wrong .. the most pleasant mistake that could happen to me :)
I am happy that I have you, the most gentle, kind and most beloved man on earth. You are my most important person. You are very reliable, sensitive and calm, and most importantly, you and I have trust and understanding.
Now I am really looking forward to our first meeting, I dream to hug you as soon as possible. When I am next to you, I am not in danger of loneliness and sadness :) All my life I want to walk with you along the same road of love. My feelings for you grow stronger and stronger. I so want to snuggle up to you, and feel protected from all the sorrows and hardships. I love you, and my confessions are sincere and pure. Only with you will I be truly happy.
Richard, can we really embody it? Maybe we can really do it, because we both want it madly, and I do not want to stop there.
All our dreams, all our thoughts, we need to realize all this without fail, we need to do it, it seems to me that we are created for each other, we should be together, my man.
I hug, kiss, wish you a great mood, my thoughts about you, miss you, and of course I look forward to your answer !!!
yours Elena
Letter 54
Hello my love Richard!
Today is the last day off this week.
So the weekend is coming to an end, and again tomorrow work begins, again a difficult week, but you are with me, you are near and it's great, my thoughts about you, you support me and make me smile.
With you the work is going well, with you day after day is easier and I can feel you.
Today again morning was late, again I woke up very late, but from the very morning the sun was shining through my window, the mood was wonderful, I did chores, and then I went to the grocery store, the mood was excellent, and finally I can write again you my lines, my man, again I'm with you, I'm next.
Your letter brings light into my life. I was very happy to receive it and was filled with happiness when I read it.
Richard, your photo is beautiful, your photo makes me smile, you are with me and it is beautiful.
Of course, I understand what you are talking about about the branches of apple trees, my father also does this in the garden every year, this must be done without fail.
Perhaps I really have the instinct of a winner, but I can measure myself with the fact that I still could not win, that I still took second place, and I will not be very upset, the main thing is not victory, the main thing is fate =)
Richard, I will not laugh at the fact that a person, for example, runs very slowly, this should not be, I always have great respect for a person who devotes time to sports, who really does it for health, for pleasure, who really loves it, and how no matter how hard it was for him, he sets goals and fulfills them, and such people should be an example for many.
Richard, but you need to be attentive to your health, you can not do a jog or some kind of exercise if there is some kind of pain in the body, you can not do it through pain, you need to take care of your health, check what the problem is and cure it so that it does not bother you, I please do it, please take care of yourself.
How wonderful it is to see that you had a quiet Saturday afternoon, that you had such a varied and delicious dinner, it is just wonderful, I would like to be with you, enjoy this time with you.
It looks like we really read each other's thoughts, it seems we can transmit them and answer them even without a question =)
It would be great to meet your mom, or for you to get to know my parents, I would like that.
A heart and a flame are kindled every time I read your letters.
It is very pleasant for me to hear you every time my dear Richard.
I want to hear you live, touch you, hug, kiss you. this is all very important to me.
I am often sad because my loved one is not next to me. You are not present next to me :(
I feel very lonely, even when there are many people around.
I can only rejoice at your good letters that you write to me.
And now that I have you in my life, I believe that my life will change and become bright, kind for us.
I want our meeting to come true.
I would like you to smile at me every morning and every evening.
I want to wake up every day and feel the joy of life from the fact that he is there.
I want you, my dear Richard, to be with me in difficult times, so that you can calm me down when I feel terrible and bad.
And so I can calm you down and comfort you in difficult times.
But for this purpose we must be together, I must come to you, my dear Richard!
I will give you my smile and it will be a great happiness. We'll be happy.
I kiss you my dear and gently hug you.
I am awaiting your letters.
Yours Elena
Letter 55
Hello my sweet heart Richard!
So the working day came, so the beginning of a new week came, Monday came and it's great, I already missed work, the weekend went well, I was able to relax, I was able to gain strength during these two excellent days, and the beginning of the week cannot be avoided.
Today is early morning again, I opened my eyes and saw what cloudy and cold weather meets me in the morning. It's a little rain outside, but the worst thing is that it's only +9 degrees outside, because of this house it's insanely cold, I get very cold, it even prevents me from sleeping, I woke up several times today from the cold, I'm so waiting when I will finally turn on the heating, a lot of apartments and people are living in the cold right now, and how much more to expect from the heating authorities is not clear.
But you always warm me, you always give me warmth, you give me joy, and this is so wonderful, the day goes by beautifully with you.
How are you today?
I am very glad to receive your letter. I really love all your letters, you know what a great delight my dear Richard is. I really appreciate our relationship and our communication.
I get to know you better and better. I am happy that I found you in this life.
I really enjoy talking to you regarding email.
This allows me to express all emotions and ideas and not be timid.
If we had met for the first time, I don't think we would have gotten to know each other that well.
I would just be shy, but now I got to know you well and when we meet, then I can be more free in communication and in my behavior with you. Our wonderful conversation gives me confidence in you.
I am very happy that in letters we can share our confidential emotions. But now I am looking at your photo and it is beautiful, it is great, I could immediately understand that it was after your run, your hair style makes you smile, but I understand that you are very tired. Richard, how I envy you that you can run in such beautiful, in such beautiful places, it looks great. I know how much you train, how much time you spend training, and I want to be with you, I want to do this together, I need you.
I want it to turn into something big, namely into our long-awaited meeting, my dear.
It gives me great pleasure to receive news from you.
It is so nice to have a dear person who is so far away at this time, but at the same time it is close to me.
I really appreciate their private world in people.
And my intuition tells me that you are made for me.
I think strong relationships are built on trust and respect. I am glad that everything is going well with us. I love your letters.
Richard, it will be a wonderful morning when I can wake up from your kiss, I can only dream of this, but it makes me believe, this is really wonderful, this is really the best that can be =)
Richard, I probably could not correctly understand your opinion about sports, I probably could not understand what it is connected with, and if it is not difficult for you to tell me about it =)
Thank you for your gentle lines, thank you for your sincerity and care, how wonderful, how wonderful it is to read your love, I am also always there, I am my man with you, we both need support and care and we can provide it to each other, because loneliness is not gives us joy.
Richard, I want to run up the hills with you, I want to give you a relaxing massage after every workout, you and I need your back to get better, you need to constantly heal it and you can't leave it, you can't endure this pain.
We must move forward, together we can overcome anything and be a happy couple, and together we want this very much.
I believe that one day we will be able to hug each other, finally give a tender kiss and just be together and make all our dreams come true.
I kiss you and I hope your day is great today, I miss you!
I am looking forward to your reply.
Yours Elena
Letter 56
Hello my angel Richard!
A new day has come. The mood is excellent, today the weather has raised my mood since the morning, it's so great, the sun was shining through my window, and the cloudy weather was gone again, again a charge of good mood in the morning, and of course my morning began with exercise.
Again, very early morning, again charging and thinking about you that we are doing it together =)
But all the same, it is very cold in the apartment, it is +14 degrees outside today, it is certainly warmer than in previous days, but still I am really looking forward to heating.
After charging, I went to the shower, put myself in order, and in a great mood I started making breakfast. I made scrambled eggs for breakfast today, also drank a mug of coffee, and went to work.
I need to dress warmer, but according to the weather forecast, I saw today that the sun in my city will be every day all week, the temperature will rise and return warm, this made me very happy, my day today is as always with thoughts of you, you are there and always with me = )
I received your letter and I understand that I am just beginning to live.
We are still just beginning.
Now I see meaning in life.
I can't imagine life anymore without you, my angel.
My feelings have no boundaries and I want to break out, my dear.
I would also like to wake up with you every morning my dear Richard.
I would like to wake you up with my tender kiss every morning, I think it would be nice for you and it would be so romantic.
Richard, I look at your photo and smile, jogging again, am I right? You look great, and how I want to run with you in any direction, the main thing is near.
I see that there is a big boat behind you, a huge boat, they float on it in the lake where you run?
Of course, work is important for me not only because of economic needs, but also the fact that I can go in for sports on my own without any problems, I will imagine that our classes are with you, that we are doing everything together and can enjoy it, of course I will be your personal fitness trainer, for me it is a great pleasure, but I think you yourself are very good at it.
Richard, you're right, the cold in the apartment is terrible, I want warmth, especially your warmth, I would like to be with you, I would like to wake up next to you, I would like to whisper in your ear every morning that I really need you. I would be glad to hear the same from you.
Today I presented our meeting.
I saw a lot of interesting pictures.
The weather is beautiful outside and you are standing at the airport and waiting for my arrival.
You approach the plane and we look for each other with our eyes in the crowd.
We find each other with our heartbeats, we also give each other a sweet hug.
We stand hugging each other and everyone is looking at us.
And for us at this time, no one exists. there is only us and our feelings for each other.
Only you and I. It was a beautiful day when I received the first letter from you. It's great that we really were able to find each other, that we met each other, you give me warmth and joy, I feel great with you.
Richard, you write that you imagine how we share your apartment together, you say that we are together and this is our house of love, this is so beautiful, it is indescribable, how I want to be with you at this moment, I cannot remove these thoughts from my head, I need you.
Richard, my dear, can we really do this? If we both want it so badly, if our dreams, thoughts and goals are the same, if we both really want it, then what can stop us, why don't we really do it, as you think? What do you think about this, should we do it very soon? I would like that.
Yes, you are right, the first photo from my village, you sent me a photo together with your mother's garden, and so I sent you such a photo so that you could also see it and understand that there is no difference at all =)
And the second photo for you is in the color of love, because you fill my heart with love, fill my heart with joy and happiness.
Richard, if you really agree with me, if our thoughts are similar that we can have a wonderful and wonderful couple, that the main thing in a relationship of trust, sincerity and support, and this is what we have, then happiness can really come out of this and that's great, and that's what I want!
Thank you for your gentle lines, thank you for your beautiful words, I cannot stop rereading them and enjoy, I kiss you tenderly, you are my man, thank you for being around!
I look forward to hearing!
Yours Elena
Letter 57
Hello my dear Richard!
Today I have a good mood since the morning. I woke up again early in the morning, but the sun that shone through my window was able to lift my mood.
Today it is wonderful warm weather, today there is not a single cloud in the sky, it has become very warm, it is about +20 degrees outside, and this makes me very happy.
A great morning with thoughts of you, my day began as always with exercise, and today it was no longer very cold in the morning, probably it was due to the fact that you give me warmth, you were worried that I was cold, and now your warmth has finally come to me, finally I feel you even more.
When the morning is so good, then the whole day goes well, the charge of energy and positive is enough for the whole working day.
I also took a shower, put myself in order, made myself oatmeal in milk for breakfast, drank a mug of coffee, and went to work, today is an easy and positive day, after all these cold and cloudy days, the sun has finally returned and the weather is good, I hope that this weather will linger for a long time.
Thanks for the lovely letter. When I close my eyes
I see you next to me - two hearts tied in a circle of intimacy, two bodies pressed close to each other. I read your tender and beautiful lines, that my heart begins to beat twice as fast, I feel tenderness and care, and when I open your photo, emotions beat, I always admire you and I am very glad that I can see and feel you next to me.
I want to kiss your lips and I want to hug you tightly.
I stare into your eyes and our souls are united.
I feel your connection of passion with mine, and we are engaged in love with strong passion.
I know that I can be the person you will demand ever in this life.
I can be your best friend and your lover always.
I will give you all the freedom to do everything regardless of the fact, whatever you want to do.
Richard, thank you for your warmth, thank you for your concern, how wonderful it is to feel you next to me, it is wonderful that you are with me, thank you my man.
Of course, our communication can be incomparable, of course it will be great happiness when we are together, there will be no limit to joy and smiles, how great it is that you are near, I want to cook you delicious breakfasts before work, I want to give you my care and warmth, I want so that you enjoy my care, I want to diversify your life, I want to feel that you are sincerely happy, to add color to your life, to meet you from work, to accompany you to work in the morning, to give you kisses and a smile, to spend time playing sports, to be just there , this is an incredible pleasure.
We are on the right path, step by step forward, we will be happy, we will overcome all this.
Richard, I see that you are talking about a pandemic, I see that you are talking about a ban on entry from Russia to Norway, but there is a lot of talk on TV now about traveling abroad, I watched a lot about it, and saw that many countries The EU opened its borders with Russia, which means that if the country officially opened its borders with Russia, then the flight and travel will be non-stop, which means there is an option to get a direct flight to the desired country, but they also talked about countries with whom the borders are closed, and it turns out that it is also already allowed to travel to such countries, it will simply be possible only with transfers with those countries with whom they are allowed to travel. Since, for example, if your country has opened its borders with the UK and you, for example, can travel, and for example, the UK has allowed tourists from Russia to enter, then this means that I can get to you through a transfer in the UK, this is really possible, this is how a lot of people travel all over the world, they say so on TV.
Richard, I don't honestly know if it's possible for me to do this, but it seems to me that there is still an option to get to you, it's true, and you probably need to use either the help of the Internet or the help of a specialist, what do you think about this?
It seems to me on the Internet you can find a flight from Russia to Norway with transfers, if we really want to do this, then we can try to find it, maybe we can succeed, then it will be great.
You are my prince Richard, I want to feel your love, I want to be in your house and make our love nest out of your house, warm and very cozy.
This will be the most magnificent first day of our meeting, the most beautiful day that will remain forever in our hearts, forever in our memory, it's great.
I will wait for your letter, I kiss you tenderly, my man, I miss you and wish you a good evening, I hope that you feel great!
My prince.
Yours Elena
Letter 58
Hello my beloved Richard!
Today is another working day.
The week is already coming to an end and it makes me very happy, again the weekend will come soon, there will be a break in work again.
Today I woke up and again saw excellent weather outside, again the sun and no cloudy in the sky, another great warm day, and today Tatyana and I agreed to walk a little in the park, spend some time outside, because the weather is great until the weather has changed on a rainy one, until autumn has completely come, there is still an opportunity for a walk in the evening and this should be used.
The morning started well, of course very early again, but the mood was good.
Today the temperature during the day even reached +20 degrees, this is very pleasing, there is still warmth in my city, but thinking about you becomes even warmer, thinking about you I feel even better.
Of course, I always start the morning with you, my breakfast is for both of us, I want to drink coffee together, enjoy breakfast.
Of course, I also had a shower today, put myself in order and went to work in a great mood.
I really hope that your day is also great today, I hope that you always spend it with me =)
I feel very well:)
This is probably due to the fact that you are present next to me.
Yesterday I thought about us and dreamed of us together.
I thought about how good and joyful it would be to be together and love each other.
I am glad that you are present in my heart.
You are my new life for me, now I cannot imagine it without you in my life.
Richard, your letter, your lines, how much pleasure they have, how much warmth and love, you can't imagine it =)
How much I enjoy myself, and I thank you that you are always with me =)
Every day my feelings become stronger and more sensual.
When I think of you next to me, my mood improves and I feel much better.
You should always know and always know this, that I will not stop thinking about you.
I miss you very, very much, Richard!
When I read the lines about your dinner, I just don't have the strength to restrain myself, how wonderful, how amazing you write about it, I really can't wait to be with you, I want to be there for this wonderful dinner, and enjoy this pleasure.
Our dinners are something incredible, something wonderful, we will definitely do it, we will definitely make it a reality.
Richard, I see that you are talking about our meeting, if we really both want this, then of course we need to delve into this, we need to learn more about this in order to understand how it can be and how it can all be implemented.
Of course, there are some prohibitions and complications with the pandemic, but I believe and hope that there is some way out of this situation. Richard, of course you may have the opportunity to come to Russia then that would also be a great idea.
But I see that you have now suggested your idea of a guest invitation, for me this is something new for me this is an unexplored question, I have never encountered this and I don't even know how to be, but now I'm becoming very interested, now it's for me that something unusual and I want to go deeper into it and try to find out more about it.
Richard, tomorrow I will try to reach out to people who know much more about this than I do, I probably need the help of travel agents, maybe they can help me and tell me more about travel.
Richard, I see that yesterday was not a calm day at all, there were difficulties, but you, as a real professional, think that you were able to settle them and solve them, I know how much you love your profession, I know how you enjoy your work and take care of students , about the school, and about your colleagues, you are a real professional, but sometimes I want you to start working a little less, I want to calm you down, arrange you rest and enjoyment, be near and give you care and affection, because you are alone at home, completely alone without me, I want to be near.
Richard, I need you, I want to give my love, to give only joy and pleasure.
If we move forward, then of course we will be rewarded, we can be together, we both want this, which means it really will happen, because we can overcome all this and overcome!
I look forward to your letter, which will be filled with words of tenderness emanating from your heart and soul.
I will miss you very much and wait for your letters, and you should know that I miss you very much. I kiss you tenderly, my man, I hope your day is filled with joy.
Your love Elena
Letter 59
Hello my dear Richard !!!
The last working day of this week has arrived.
It's great to wake up to the sun at the end of the working week, the mood is high, the mood is excellent.
This morning, of course, it was very early again, but I woke up even before my alarm clock, I don't know what happened to me, but I didn't need an alarm clock today and it's great.
Again, of course, morning exercises, exercises, of course it became warmer at home, the weather became better, and the coolness went away a little, but still there is no heating, although the air temperature during the day rises to 18-20 degrees Celsius, but still at night the temperature is still low , and have to hide behind a blanket and a blanket.
It's great that tomorrow is a day off, the weather is great, but there are no plans for tomorrow yet, maybe I'll go to the village with my parents, or maybe I'll stay at home and spend time with you and friends.
Breakfast today was small, I made cottage cheese with sour cream, drank a mug of coffee, took a shower and went to work.
Yesterday evening walk with Tatyana was great, we walked in the park, enjoyed the last warm days of this year, I noticed that the trees were almost completely fallen, the foliage was gone, the grass was no longer green, and the water fountains in the park were turned off, they only work in summer , I turn them off for the winter period, and of course it happened, because September has almost come to an end, almost the first month of autumn has already ended, and it's amazing how incredibly fast time passes, how incredibly day after day passes, and time is not going to stop ...
The day is joyous and great today because I have a letter from you.
You are the best I have in my life, and nothing else can replace you.
Because you are my nicest man in this life, with whom I want to be now most of all in my life. Thank you for your tender lines, for your beautiful new photo, I look at you and smile, I look at you and am extremely glad that I met you, you look great, I want to get closer to you at least a little =)
You give me joy and happiness every day with your warm and light letters.
I hope that soon these will not be letters, but words that will sound from your lips and I will be able to hear them freely, being next to you, my dear Richard.
When I read your letter, it is for me a joyful meeting with you and a new step towards the development of our relationship.
This is the greatest and happiest moment for me during the day, if I receive a letter from you and I can answer it, I can express all my feelings and experiences.
sometimes I can't even find words to describe how I feel when I receive a message from you.
I forget about the world around me - just you and me in the whole world.
We will succeed with you.
Your words, your lines are so beautiful, so warm that I cannot stop rereading them.
So I read your lines and I understand that I also have no place in my heart for another person, I just can't even pay attention to someone else, because I don't need it, I enjoy you, there is only one thing missing, to be near = )
Yes, you're right, these are clothes for cool weather, it got cold and I switched to autumn mode =)
Richard, you are right, the problems of many other people cannot be compared with our problems, the Belarusians are very fighting people, so much suffering, so much hatred and deception, but they go ahead, go to the end and defend their own, and this terrible ruler enjoys his life. Richard, I can tell you that Russia is very similar to Belarus, they are called brothers of the Russians, and my country also suffers greatly from these mediocre government figures who are pushing poor people more and more towards poverty, and the rich are being pulled higher and this is terrible, here there are a lot of poor people, life is not at all good and I am sorry to see elderly people who ask for money on the street, ask for help and cannot remain indifferent, and of course I help if I can, at least a little. And there are many millions of such people in Russia, I just don't want the truth here to stay even because of this, I want to see how your life is going on, how you are used to living, perhaps this is heaven and earth, an unrealistic huge difference, I think I can see everything with you.
Richard, of course I sincerely wrote to you that we will be a happy couple, that it will be a joyful time and I hope it will not end for us, we will never =)
Richard, I will try to figure out the trip to you tomorrow, I will try to find out more about our meeting and about the invitation from you, how this can be done, I hope that it will be possible, I would like to be next to you =)
Richard, of course your words about your jogging and back and leg pain worries me, my man, you need to postpone sports a little, I think you need to recover a little and heal these injuries, do you also drink special medicine for athletes? It is necessary to use calcium and special joint preparations for training, did you know about this?
Richard, my man, thank you for being with me, thank you for being around, I enjoy and go crazy with your letters all the time!
I miss them, I think about you and of course I always look forward to them!
I am always open for any conversation with you, for any questions, I need you, I dream about you and think constantly!
I kiss you tenderly, I wish you a good evening, I hope that you will answer soon! I see that tomorrow you will go to my mother again, it's great, of course she needs you, she needs your help, my man, you're done!
I will finish my letter.
yours Elena
Letter 60
Hello my dear Richard!
The weekend is finally over.
Finally Monday came, a new working week came, a new day came and I read your letter again, I again feel your presence next to me, you are with me again and this is incredibly great.
Forgive me, my dear Richard, that I left my house and did not even warn you anything, forgive me that I left for the village and did not tell you about it, I was in a great hurry, I was in a great hurry, I didn't have time to write you anything, it happened early Saturday morning and I could not do anything, my parents were waiting for me, and it was very hard for me, it was very sad that I could not give you my letter, I could not write you my answer, it was terrible.
I'm ashamed that I didn't warn you, but you probably waited, you were probably worried and thought about me, but I hope that you immediately understood that I left again for the weekend with my parents in the village, and I think I didn't worry much =)
Now I am with you again, now I am at home again and I am writing you a letter.
The weekend went very well, the weather was joyful, the weather was sunny and it brightened my weekend.
I helped my mother by cleaning the house, also baked pies with my mother, since the garden was already over, but I had to visit my parents, spend the weekend with them, and I also wanted to go to a Russian bath, I wanted my body to rest, I wanted to relax, after a difficult work week and gain strength for a new week =)
The pies that we baked with my mother were very tasty, my dad appreciated them, my dad was very happy, because he wanted them for a long time, we made one pie with meat, made pizza, and also with potatoes, it was a long process, because first you need it was to wait until the dough was ready, then make the filling for the cake, and also bake them, all this took a long time, but still, the main thing they turned out to be very tasty, and I was glad to please my dad, it's a pity that I could not please you, I could not give you will enjoy this pastry, I think there will still be such an opportunity, and I think you will also like it very much =)
Richard, how happy I am, how glad I am to see your letter, to feel you next to me again, to feel your affection and kindness is great =)
I see that you also had a trip to your mother, I see again that you wrote your letter to me right from the trip and this is wonderful, you thought about me the whole trip, this is great, thank you my man.
But I am sad to know that your pains have increased again, sad to know that back pain has come to you again, and this does not make me happy at all, it does not give me joy at all, and only upsets me, I know that you will not complain , I know that you will cope with everything, but my dear, you must take care of your health, you must take care of yourself and immediately begin to remove all these pains, must begin treatment, because this cannot continue.
How is your mother? How did you spend your weekend with her? I think your help was great, I think she again told you different stories, again the weekend was probably great =)
Richard, about the cold in the apartment, you're right, not only do you think so about this situation, a colleague at work is also very concerned about this, and talk about how it looks like a little more and will make a fire right at home, as if we were in ancient times, since we are forced to live in the cold. But I think that this problem will be solved in the near future and the warmth will come to the apartment.
Richard, of course it's great to hear that you agree in my thoughts, that you agree with my opinion, and I understand now that every day we are getting closer to each other, every day I understand that our thoughts, our views like life, our life is very similar, this is an incredible coincidence, it makes me even happier.
I hope that everything will be so good with us and we will be happy together.
My dear, I really want to know the culture and customs of your country. You and I will succeed, and I see your mood, I see and feel your thoughts, how wonderful it is, how beautiful it is, there is an incredibly huge amount of confidence in us, I read the lines and am incredibly glad that I have you.
it is so important for me to find out everything connected with you.
It is important for me to understand you well so that we are united in everything and always look in the same direction.
Yesterday I talked to my father about us.
I told him a lot about you. he treats you well. of course he worries about me and wants happiness for me.
he believes that I finally made the right choice, hopes that I will be fine with you.
My warm feelings for you are stronger than all this and she calls me to you to be with you.
in the end I want to have my own happiness, to love and be loved.
My father knows that I love you and knows that we are already planning and thinking about meeting in order to come to each other and be with you.
He agrees to let me go on a trip.
He is sincerely glad for me that I can be truly happy after a long loneliness.
My dear, I am sure that with you I would be safe and with the feeling that I will not be afraid of anything.
He thinks you are a good, reliable, honest, kind and caring man. He wishes us only happiness and good luck.
But of course, only a meeting will show us that we are really made for each other. our meeting will show everything.
We really have a lot in common and I admire and respect you.
I will finish my letter. Kisses and hugs for you my dear.
You are always with me in my heart.
Your Elena
Letter 61
Hello my love Richard!
Again, it is very early morning today, the week is going forward, the week is just beginning, and again early in the morning to work =)
I opened my eyes today and saw that this morning there was no sun, there was no good weather that it was before, today the sky was overcast, I was upset, but it looked like it was only temporary, because by the middle of the day the sun appeared again , the temperature rose up to +20 degrees in dreams, which is great, just the morning was cloudy.
The morning, of course, started with exercise, of course I needed to cheer up, I had to come to my senses, I also took a shower, put myself in order and went to cook breakfast.
For breakfast I had pancakes with condensed milk, as well as sour cream, drank a mug of coffee, packed up and went to work.
But during breakfast I watched TV and was shocked by what is happening in the world, 2020 does not cease to amaze, does not cease to shock and upset, you saw that the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan began, this is terrible, I was very much surprised and upset, because again a lot of people will die because of an incomprehensible situation, again politics and a lot of wrong decisions that led to the war, it's terrible, people have gone crazy, it seems people will never calm down.
I am happy to read your letter.
I miss you very much and I am always glad to see your lines.
Yesterday I thought about you, about my love, and my heart was filled with life.
All my thoughts are only about you, I constantly think about you. It happens all the time.
Now there is a smile on my face :) I'm happy to write you letters :)
I thought about you, about my meeting. I believe that soon we can be together.
I dreamed about us together, about our life.
Your letters to me make me the happiest girl in the world :)
Every day, every hour, every minute you are in my head and in my heart.
Know that my warmth and my affection are only for you.
I want that in the future we belong only to each other. I really want this.
I know that you will write me a letter with words of affection and tenderness :)
Richard, always an insane amount of compliments, always a lot of warmth and joy, always a great pleasure to see your letters.
Richard, how glad I am to know that you were again at the donor center, that you again did a good deed for people, you may have saved someone's life again, you are a great fellow, I, as well as you can remember, I am doing this, and in the near future too I plan to visit the donor center in my city again to do charity work. Yes, I know what plasma is, I know that it takes longer than a regular blood donation, but I am glad that you visited the donor center again, you are great.
Richard, when you talk about your dinner, when you talk about your evening, how much I want to be there, how much I want to be with you and enjoy a wonderful evening with you, I would really like that, and of course I dream of making it happen ...
Richard, of course I will cook for you, of course I will also bake pies for you, I will try to give you wonderful dishes and great pleasure.
Richard, I also see that you are talking about the meeting, that you are constantly thinking about it, you are constantly thinking about it, and this cannot but please me, this is great, but I remember that I promised you to find out if it is possible to do you are invited to a meeting with me, I remember this, and tomorrow, during a break between my work, I will deal with this issue, I will try to find a solution to this, I really also think about it constantly and would really like it.
Richard, but which would you prefer more, a meeting in Russia or in Norway? Where would you like this? It would be great if we could finally embody this, could meet and be together, there would be no limit to joy, pleasure and wonderful moments =)
Richard, but again I see that you continued to train, again through pain, through perseverance, and I just don't know how to stop you from doing it, my dear Richard, please, I ask you, it is unnecessary to do this, you cannot practice through pain, you cannot run if there are such huge pains in the back and knee, everything can go very far, maybe you lack calcium, maybe magnesium, or maybe the reason is different, I am very worried and worried, I want you to go to the doctor, I want so that you start looking for a solution to this problem, so that you start treatment! You need it!
Richard, it's great that the weekend with my mom was great, the weekend with my mom was wonderful, it's good, and of course your support and being around is important for her, she certainly really needs it!
Richard, thank you for your kindness, thank you for your sincerity in your answers, of course all this cannot but please me, how gentle and warm you are with me, how wonderful it is to read your lines and compliments, it is indescribable =)
I will wait for a letter from you. I kiss you tenderly, I hope that your day was successful again today, I hope that everything is good!
I miss you my prince.
Yours Elena
Letter 62
Hello my lovely and my beloved Richard!
I was glad to receive a letter from you my love. and I was happy to read it. it was filled with gentle and warm words and I enjoyed reading your letter.
Surprisingly, it's already mid-week.
The days do not stop and go faster and faster, now the month is coming to an end, September is already ending and closer to the end of the year, this year is just unrealistically fast.
Of course, the work continues, and today it was early morning again, I woke up today by an alarm clock, and the weather continues to please, it is warm outside, +16 degrees and the sun is shining, and at home it has really become much warm, the weather is still warming me up and probably already on the next week they will turn on the heating and it will be warm, and I will no longer freeze.
Again the morning started with exercises, good mood, and a wonderful shower in the morning, warmed me, of course, my whole morning was thinking about you, and the days go by in the same way =)
For breakfast, I made myself oatmeal in milk, drank a mug of coffee, and went to work.
Richard, my man, thank you for your story about your day, about your wonderful morning, about how great your evening is, it's very romantic, it's incredibly beautiful, and you have no idea how much I would like this, I would like to be there ...
Richard, today, as promised, I started looking for a solution to our common question, about your invitation to come to you.
I first searched on the Internet, looked for various information, but then I decided that I needed to go to a travel agency, to knowledgeable people, those who can give all the answers to this question, and can help with a solution.
Richard, but the answer was not depressing at all. The answer was not at all happy for us.
After a short conversation with an employee of the travel agency, and my explanation of our situation, and a little more waiting and searching for answers, they finally gave me an answer, but it was not at all happy.
If the invitation sheet is sent by a stranger, the probability of visa refusal increases by almost 100%. Of course, the Norwegian embassy in my country will ask for proof, ask for, for example, joint photos, or past meetings, and much more or other data to establish a connection between the Russian and Norwegian sides.
Richard, also of course if we decide to try to implement it, then this process will take a very long time, you probably know very well how much documentation and problems it can create for us.
But an employee of the travel agency told me that it is practically impossible, it is practically unrealistic in our situation to get a guest visa and approve the invitation.
It gave me a lot of thought, it certainly gave me disappointment and regret, sadness that it was impossible to do it for us. I was so well tuned in to it, I was so glad that we had the opportunity to do it, but now there is no limit to disappointment, the mood was no longer the same.
it is so important for me to feel you next to me. I want to be with you always and I want you to love me.
It seems that you and I are already in close proximity to each other, we are as if husband and wife, only unfortunately separated by a huge distance.
But despite this, we must love each other and trust each other. Do you agree with me?
Love sings in me like a bird in the spring sky.
I think this is a fate that may be dangerous for me, but I love you very much.
I dream of our meeting and that we will go out for a walk with you, holding each other's hands.
I dream that we will take care of each other and that we will always love each other.
Richard, I look at your photo, I look and admire her, how wonderful it is that I can see you, I can feel you near, it's so wonderful, thank you for the beautiful photo!
I dream that you will carry me in your arms, kiss and hug my tender body, but I remember that you have back pain, so I will just be in your arms =)
It is a pity that these are only dreams. I hope to see your letter soon.
I will wait for a response from you anyway, even if I have to wait for a while.
I love you! Richard, you have no idea with what pleasure I read your lines, with what pleasure and insane warmth I see what you are writing about, what tremendous tenderness, incredible.
Richard, I see that you were also very emotional when you found out about the war, it's really terrible, a huge disappointment, and I want to tell these people that they just went crazy, a very interesting question about whether people will ever be able to get decent politicians and people, no one knows about this, it seems to me that this is impossible, because in Russia they say that it seems that the most terrible people of the country get into politics, thieves, irresponsible and careless, many people do not like them.
Richard, I am very glad that you finally listened to my advice, that you finally understood me, I really want you to take care of yourself, take care of your health, I am very worried about that. Magnesium is apparently very useful, no, I did not know about it, you need to take care of your health without fail!
Richard, I see that you have a very important day today, how did it go? I really hope that everything was successful, of course I always worry and think about you, but I know that you will always succeed!
Unfortunately, I have never been fond of child psychology, and have never heard of Erik Erikson, but I know how much you love it and always enjoy your work with students.
Richard, I think that today you will also be a little upset, I think that the mood about the information that we will not succeed with the invitation will upset you, I am very sad, because I really want this!
I hope that we will continue to reflect and think about it, I want to meet with you, I want to be there and make all our dreams come true.
Of course, I am waiting for your answer, waiting for your letter, I miss you, I hope your day is great today, I think about you, my man, I kiss you tenderly!
Yours Elena
Letter 63
Hello my lovely and my beloved Richard!
Today the day started even better, now the week is coming to an end, now the week is ending, today is Thursday. I'm surprised, it looks like Indian Summer has just come to my city, every day the weather is getting warmer, every day it's getting better, today the sun is shining again from the morning, it's warm again, and today the temperature even reaches +21 degrees, this I was very surprised, because today is October, it's great, it's very good, the weather gives me a chance to enjoy the last warmth before the long winter =)
As always, of course, the day started very early, with thoughts of you the morning was great.
Of course, first I was doing exercises, I needed to cheer up, come to my senses, of course I took a shower, I thought all morning about you, how I would like to be with you at breakfast, have a great time every morning.
I made an omelet for breakfast, drank a mug of coffee and went to work.
Richard, but the most wonderful thing is that now I can see your letter, that now I can feel you next to me, I can see and enjoy your wonderful answer, see and feel you, I see your photo, and my breathing is interrupted, I am always looking forward to I want to see what photo you have prepared for me this time, and I am madly enjoying it =)
I just can't find a word of pleasure.
I am so happy that I found you in this vast world.
You are a unique person to whom I can tell all ideas and dreams.
You're the real man! a man who knows what a woman wants, understands her and can give it to her, can give her all his love, tenderness and warmth and make her truly happy.
Thank you for your compliments, for your beautiful words, great warmth from your lines.
When I write you a letter, I have something in my soul that is impossible to explain, it must be felt.
Some days I just sit at the computer and I think about seeing you.
I fell in love with you and I want to be only with you.
Richard, I can see that you were also upset about the information I received, which really gave me frustration and frustration.
Richard, but I see that you would like to come to Moscow, would like to come here so that we would be together, I think that of course I could meet you in Moscow without any problems, of course it would be great to do this, but when ? I would like it madly, but you say that you cannot be quarantined after the trip, but Richard, it will be necessary, I think they will definitely tell you to be in quarantine, and then what will we do my man? What measures will we take then?
Richard, I see that you are talking about the fact that maybe you are preventing me from moving forward in life, what does this mean? I am surprised that you are telling me now about this, surprised that you are thinking about it, I never thought about ending with you, I never thought that you are disturbing me, that you are not suitable for me, on the contrary, you have no idea what great pleasure you bring me with your letter, what pleasure and pleasure you give me, and how I miss you, how I would like to arrange this long-awaited meeting with you!
I hope that soon we will be together and nothing can interfere with our happiness.
I imagine that you are leading me by the arms to the mountains, that you are hugging me, and I feel like the most beloved and dearest person for you.
Richard, please do not think badly of me, do not think that you are interfering with something, on the contrary, we must move forward together, we must go together and achieve our goal, we must be together!
I would never have thought that you are taking my time, on the contrary, you are giving me a happy time for me!
Richard, you speak very big and loud words, and of course I believe in them, I trust you completely, I opened for you, opened my heart for you and only for you!
I have no doubt that we can overcome everything, nothing should interfere with us, I think we can do it anyway. We just need to find a way out, find a solution, and embody everything, if you still have to quarantine after your trip, then what should we do? How then should we be? After all, I know that work is very important to you, you must not miss it, but then what will we do and do?
I am directly happy that I am writing you a letter again.
It is filled with all my love and affection for you.
I really want you to be by my side.
Of course you are my man, you are my man, and you have to heal your back, you have to do exercises, because when you meet you will have to take me in your arms, I will be happy and will not be able to stand on my feet =)
This concludes my letter. I kiss you my man, I miss you! I hope your day went very well, I hope it was successful =) Of course I look forward to your letter!
Yours Elena
Letter 64

Hello my beloved Richard!
Finally came Friday, finally the work week came to an end. Another working week has passed, and today is a very good day, light and in a great mood, because tomorrow I have a rest.
The weather just surprises me, how October came, the weather changed so radically, it feels like spring, not autumn, has come, because every day it is getting warmer.
Today is another sunny day outside, another warm day, and the temperature rises again to +21 degrees, and according to the weather forecast, the warmth will continue.
The morning was very early again, but I woke up again before the alarm and felt good.
The day began in a good mood with thoughts of you. For breakfast, I made myself rice porridge with milk today, drank a mug of coffee, put myself in order, did chores and went to work.
Richard, I want to congratulate you today on your day! Happy holiday, my dear man. Today Russia celebrates Teacher's Day, is this your holiday, is it not celebrated in your country?
You know, when I read your letters, my heart starts to beat faster and more intensely.
It feels a lot of warmth and tenderness.
You know that I've never felt anything like this and sometimes I start to think that my love is driving me crazy.
Richard, my dear, I see that your day, as always, is very busy, the day, as always, is filled with different things, but you don't forget about your mother, don't forget to call her and give good emotions, you're done!
Richard, I am more and more surprised at how much in common with us and our mothers, it just never ceases to delight me, does not cease to fill me with emotions, it's wonderful. After all, my mother, just like yours, talks about a past life, she also tells a lot from the past and compares life before and now, the prices of life before and now, but this is a great surprise for me always when I hear what life was like before and how everything was arranged before and everything is changing very surprisingly quickly, and even an elderly person like your mother must get used to life, must do everything possible to get used to such a world and leave in the past everything that was 80 years ago.
Richard, how beautiful and wonderful are your words, how magnificent and pure they are, I cannot stop reading them, I read so many tender lines every day that I cannot stop thinking about it what a great pleasure you bring me my dear man =)
Richard, I look at your photo again, I look at your smile, how wonderful it is to see you, enjoy your photos, feel you near, thank you!
I never thought that I would feel such feelings for you, but now I can say that love comes suddenly and quickly.
This is how true love comes. Would you like to appear in my dream and give me your sweet kiss?
It would be very pleasant for me to meet you soon. I would like to see you give you all my love and tenderness, because you are a good person for me, you are the one who makes me joyful and happy, and I don't need anything else!
Richard, how honest and sincere are your lines, how beautiful they are, it is indescribable, so beautiful, thank you for that! I agree with you, we really need to try to find out more information about flights, travel and understand how to proceed. Would you like me to go tomorrow to find out all the details about this? I have a day off tomorrow, and I could do it.
Richard, how wonderful it is to feel your warmth directly from Norway, you give me happiness after thousands of kilometers, and I am very grateful to you for that!
I kiss you, I hope that you had a wonderful day today, I hope that everything was fine, and of course I wish you a wonderful evening, once again, happy holiday to you, my man!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Your always Elena
Letter 65
Hello my love Richard!
Today is a great Saturday afternoon. I finally slept well, enjoyed good and great late morning, the sun was already in the window and I even opened the window because the weather is very warm today.
But I didn't wake up on my own, to my great regret, they woke me up today, and because of which it was a little blurry and spoiled in the morning, but I already came to my senses and everything is fine, today is a weekend and the mood is good.
I was asleep, it was 9 in the morning, and I had not even woken up yet, slept well and enjoyed the rest, and how abruptly the neighbor from above began to drill very hard or something like that. At first, I did not understand what a terrible and loud sound was, but then I realized that some kind of repair began with a neighbor who lives on the floor above.
I was a little upset that my dream was torn, that my dream ended like that, but of course I understand that he was not on purpose, I understand that everyone has their own problems and worries, everyone has their own business, and everyone needs time for repairs and much more , but it was not pleasant to wake up from such loud sounds.
But this is all in the past, now I have already finished all my chores around the house, finished cleaning, washing, I also prepared myself a very tasty lunch today, these are stewed vegetables with meat. Everything turned out very tasty, it's a pity that you can't accompany me to this delicious dinner, but it turned out very well.
And finally I am writing you a letter, at last I am with you again, next to you, and today I also have a walk with my friends, spend time outside, now the weather is +20 degrees, the sun warms very well and the weather is excellent, just for walks in parks and the city, now I'm waiting for Tatiana to go for a walk with her.
What are your plans for today? What are you doing today?
Also, of course, while I have a day off, while I have time I will take care of information about travel, about trips, together with Tatiana we go to the travel agency, go and consult, try to find out more.
I am very happy to have received your letter. My dear Richard! How do you? I hope you are doing well. I really miss you. How wonderful it is to see your answer, see your letter and enjoy your beautiful photo, you give me a kiss, it is incredible, it is wonderful, how beautiful and gentle it is, how I would like to feel it, you look great my dear, thank you for this magnificent a photo!
Richard, I see that this weekend you are traveling again, I see that you have gone on a trip again, but already to friends, this surprised me very much and made me happy, because you will not be home alone, you will visit friends, I hope that this weekend is with you will be great!
Richard, and of course now I look at all the places you passed through and where your friends live. I see that from Trondheim to Oslo there are about 400 kilometers, and this is really the third largest city, not very far from the capital, the population is about 200,000 people, of course this cannot be compared with Russia, but these are different countries, of course the numbers are very different , but I'm looking at a photo of the city of Trondheim, and I'm just surprised how beautiful this city is, how unusual it is, being on the banks of the Nidelva River in the Trondheim Fjord, it's an unrealistically beautiful view.
What extraordinary landscapes that cannot be found in Russia, but at least I have not seen, it looks very beautiful.
I could not find a lot about the peninsula, very few pictures, just mountainous terrain and low grass, and there seems to be a sea around, but the main thing is that you spend time again in beautiful nature, wonderful places and beautiful landscapes, clean air and probably a wonderful mood and good company, will make you enjoy the weekend. But know that I am with you, I am near, I think of you, you are in my heart, you are always with me.
Richard, yes, I know and remember that our countries even border, they are very close, but at the same time, our cities are very far, insanely far, and I miss you very much!
We can meet and see each other my dear. I will believe it! Kiss you, feel the kiss and gently embrace you, my man.
I think you are the most caring, intelligent man and I feel your love for me every day. I am very glad that we were able to meet in this world, my dear. and I want us to be closer to each other.
Richard, of course I do not mind that you dedicate me to your life, on the contrary, I am insanely happy about it, I am insanely happy to read and enjoy your lines, to find out how the work went, how the days passed, and what happened at work, this is insanely wonderful, I would I would like you to personally tell me about this at home every day, I would enjoy these stories endlessly =)
Richard, I could not help but congratulate you, you are a teacher, I know how responsible you are, what a good and caring teacher you are, I would like all the teachers in the world to be like you, then the world would be many times better!
Richard, you have no idea how wonderful, how incredibly great it is to read everything that you have written, that I am not the only one who notice that you and I are so close that you and I are very much alike, this is an incredibly beautiful and wonderful story, which is insane pleases, which bring happiness and love, bring warmth and joy!
Richard, I have to thank you that you melted the ice on my heart, that you filled my loneliness again, that you are near, it is so wonderful, I want to be near you!
You have no idea how I would like to be with you, finally fulfill all our dreams, fulfill all that we want and dream, I need you!
If you can please answer me as soon as possible. I kiss you, of course I'm waiting for your answer! I miss you, I wish you a great weekend!
I love you Richard!
Sincerely your bride Elena
Letter 66
Hello my dear Richard!
Sunday has come, a new day has come, and now the weekend is coming to an end.
So tomorrow work will begin again, a new week will begin, and everything will be all over again.
Today again my morning started late, slept again for a very long time, slept and enjoyed the day off.
Yesterday the day passed unnoticed, Saturday quickly ended, and there is very little left before the start of work, but this does not upset me at all, I was already able to gain strength, was able to rest, and is ready to go to work again.
Yesterday, as promised, I went to a travel agency to find out information about the trip. We wanted information about this, we wanted to know if it was possible at all.
I learned all about the trip. I learned about flights and whether it is possible at all.
Richard, I received a good and intelligible answer about traveling with Norway, that it would really be possible, they even showed me the tickets, the conversation went on for a very long time with the travel agency employee, Tatyana and I tried to find out everything about it.
To travel, you will need to issue travel documents.
This includes a visa, a passport, tickets, insurance.
I wrote down all the prices and all the documents that I will need, the flight is possible through different countries, but most of all it is through Turkey or Riga, as I was told in the travel agency, but there are also flights through other countries, if necessary, I can also find out this is. This information was of course useful, but it did not bring me much joy.
The trip will be very expensive, the price surprised and upset me very much, the price was not small at all. 64,500 rubles is about 750 euros, it really surprised me, this price includes tickets and all the listed documents, as well as a corona virus test, which is done two days before the trip.
This will be the total cost of my trip. it is very expensive for me. I don't have that kind of money, to my great disappointment and great sadness.
I was very surprised that a trip to you can be so expensive, it is more than even my two salaries, forgive me, my man, that I could give you some hope that I spoke about this, but it turned out that it was not it will be possible for me, it's awful and the day yesterday was no longer so colorful and good, my thoughts were only about that.
you are my only beloved man, whom I need so much and miss every minute of my life!
Richard, I look at your photo and admire her, how incredible and beautiful the landscape looks in a circle, how great you look, my only desire is to be with you at this wonderful moment, to be near, you look great. I would like to be with you, hug you and not let go, enjoy this picturesque nature!
Yes, I'm really grateful to fate that it happened, that we were able to find each other in that big world of hatred and trouble.
We have become the happiest couple and see our life only in beautiful colors !!!
I am really like a princess, waiting at the present moment, when her prince will take her in his arms ... I really need you, your touch, your warmth and you are near!
Richard, how glad I am to know that your weekend with friends is going well, that you are well received, you are well fed and you enjoy all the wonderful moments of the weekend, and even think about me, it warms me incredibly and makes me happy.
We even woke up with you yesterday at about the same time, which is great, but I would like to wake up before you and make pancakes and coffee, make you the most delicious breakfast!
I immediately understood and felt the warmth of the photo, I realized that you made it for me, thank you my man, it gives pleasure! Richard, of course I am interested in everything about you, about your trips to friends, to your mother, about your life, everything is interesting to see and I want to travel with you, it would be great to enjoy a train ride, to hug and enjoy the scenery and endless conversations. I want to study the geography and nature of Norway with you, my man.
I see that you could not understand what kind of beautiful flowering tree in the photo with me, but this is an apple tree, it blooms in early May, this apple tree is in the village.
Richard, you are near and it is incredibly beautiful, it is such a pleasure to feel your warmth, to be with you, it is all so beautiful my man, thank you for being with me!
You are my man, and how wonderful it is to know that you also say that we are created for each other, this is incredibly wonderful, this is so great, thank you for the warmth and for the pleasure, for your magnificent lines, thank you for being with me , thank you for your love, I want to give you tenderness, to give you and affection, I need you, how did it become easier for me now when I enjoyed your letter, because yesterday's information very much upset me, very much suppressed me and did not give me joy at all , I needed you, you are the one with whom I feel good, thank you!
A million kisses and hugs for you, my dear. and all my love from the bottom of my heart is just for you! Have a nice day, waiting for your answer! Miss you
Your always Elena
Letter 67
Hello my beloved Richard!
Today is Monday, another new work week has come, and again work does not wait, again the weekend is over and everything starts over again.
Today was early morning, over the weekend I had a good rest, had a good time and gained strength, that this morning was very easy and excellent.
I woke up and, of course, first of all I looked out the window, saw that today is a sunny day again, the sun is shining, and there are no clouds in the sky, but the temperature is very low today, in the morning you could see how there was frost on the grass, the temperature at night dropped to 0 degrees, and this is exactly what means that now the weather is now turning into winter mode, and this afternoon the temperature approached only +15 degrees, and it is already very cold outside, a cold wind is blowing, and I dressed very warmly in the morning.
Of course, my morning began with exercises, also of course an invigorating shower, I put myself in order, and for breakfast I prepared myself buckwheat porridge in milk today, drank a mug of coffee and went to work.
I am always happy to receive your letters and read them. because they are filled with that great love and tenderness that you have for me my love.
How are you? I hope you are in a wonderful mood and your health is good! How is your back and knee?
Richard, I know you went in for sports again on the weekend, running again probably and exercise, but you wanted to leave it all for a while to heal, how are you feeling now?
Richard, how wonderful it is to see your photo now, to see you, enjoy your answer, and again an insanely beautiful photo for me, a beautiful view and you are on top, you got to my heart and won everyone, like in a fairy tale, you are that prince =)
I know that we are made for each other. And I can't wait for the day when we are so close that we can see each other's eyes and taste our lips.
I want to have hope that this will soon gain strength and will happen for sure. I want this dream to come true as soon as possible, my love. I hope you want it too.
Richard, have you started your little vacation now? Rest from work and holidays, is it true? What are you going to do during this time?
Richard, of course, all the Saturday information upset me very much, of course, everything that I learned about the trip did not give me joy, and I don't know what to do next, how we don't understand, and it upsets me very much.
Richard, of course you are talking about tickets, about some other proof of economic sustainability, and this all very much upsets me, it does not give joy at all, and it seems to bury my dream even lower and deeper, and again there is no joy and no thought about it so good.
I feel good at such moments when I read your letters, when I see you and feel your warmth, all this brings joy and happiness, but the thought of meeting and all the problems very much upsets me.
You give me faith in life, you are the meaning of my life, my dear Richard!
Richard, you are talking about other countries close to Russia, but I don't know anything about them, about what I will need and how much it will cost again is not clear, could you get to Turkey, Ukraine or Latvia? Will it be easy for you? But what about quarantine after the meeting, how is work and everything else? Which also does not give us joy and pleasure, because there are many experiences and problems even with this.
Richard, but the main thing is that you yourself are very determined, the main thing is that you, like me, do not lose hope and go through different options that can work, this of course will be incredibly wonderful, these will be indescribable emotions when we are with you forever! I think about it a lot and dream!
Richard, I see that you are telling me that we will visit your friends together, it would be great, it would be great to be with you at a friend's house and get to the top together! We will not compete, we will help each other to conquer the top and we will be one family!
I want to take a photo with you on this summit! These are incredible emotions, of course, now I can't help but imagine all these tests for us, as we go to the top.
I am very glad to know that friends take good care of you, that mutual assistance is great, it is so wonderful, you are a great fellow, you need to help each other, I want to be with you together and enjoy each other's presence!
I will end my letter with this.
I give you my heart and I know that it is completely safe.
Because it is in your strong and reliable hands. I kiss you tenderly, of course you cheer me up with your presence, and it's incredible, thank you, I think about you, miss you and, of course, look forward to an answer!
Your always Elena
Letter 68
Hello my beloved and my dear Richard!
A new day has come, a new working day and the week is gaining momentum.
Today the day started again early, of course, the work continues and you cannot be late and wake up late, you need to move forward and continue to keep yourself in good shape.
Today, unfortunately, there is no sun, every day the dawn is later, and the sunset is earlier, today the weather is cloudy since the morning, it was only +10 degrees outside, the temperature is low, and it looks like the warm days are over, the weather will only get worse ...
The morning, as always, began, of course, with exercise, thoughts of you never go away, my heart always beats in rhythm with you, and you are there.
Of course, also an invigorating shower in the morning, I put myself in order. For breakfast today I made myself oatmeal in milk, drank a mug of coffee, and went to work.
Thank you for your letter my love. I was glad to receive it and read your words of love and warmth. you give me the joy of life in these moments.
I think about you incessantly and you do not leave my head.
For a moment I forget myself if I am busy with my work and household chores.
But at this time, thoughts of you and the fact that we are not yet together suddenly visit me.
And I feel a little sad at such moments. I can't wait for the moment when I can meet you.
But hope lives in my heart, as does my love for you. and I am waiting with great patience for the day when you can meet me at the airport.
Richard, thank you my man for your beautiful photo, I see that on the train your thoughts were about me again, you took a photo for me, how wonderful it is, how nice it is to see you, thank you for giving it to me, you look great !
I wish so much to be with you, to travel, to talk to you.
I cannot wait for the moment when I can write you a letter and tell you everything that I feel and express all my thoughts.
I am writing with great desire to you.
Richard, I am very glad that you feel my kisses through such huge kilometers, through such a huge distance, it's incredibly great.
Richard, I'm just happy to know that you tell me about your days, that you let me into your life and give small moments so that I can be there, it makes me very happy!
It is always exciting for me to think of you, because you are so far away and you appear so close when I read your letters.
You have managed to ********* into my heart, into my thoughts and you are present in my everyday life and it benefits me for me to think about you in the evening when I go to bed, in the morning when I get up.
you filled my loneliness and the future that will pass before our eyes.
every time I can connect to the Internet, I am impatient to see your letter, if it has arrived, and if it is, I become really happy at that moment.
I miss you terribly and I am seized with an insane desire to feel you near me, to hug you tenderly. I think at the airport I will be glad to see you with a heart that I no longer control and with an emotion that no words can describe. I live this expectation being at the same time dreary and impatient, but not when I do not lose heart. I'm happy:)
this meeting would be most of all a gift of my life, and I also hope for it. I hope that this will give us the happiness that awaits us, since life for me should always be more pleasant the next day in order to stay blooming and happy.
At this moment, even I imagine you next to me, you smile at me and I smile as well, we dare not say anything, only our glance speaks about everything and we smile nonstop.
we express our joy with our looks, we feel in us a desire to come closer, our lips touch, we are just happy and we could stay for hours in this way, and I admire your eyes, we delicately bring our lips closer, I feel the softness of your face, I apply my hand is delicately on your face and you smile at me, I feel happy and this all makes me happy.
Richard, you're right, jogging with you is great, this is another little dream of ours that I would like to fulfill.
How wonderful it is to know that you are more and more convinced that we are created for each other, these are incredible feelings, it is wonderful, thank you for noticing all my qualities, thank you for your tenderness and kindness, she is incredible.
Richard, of course we need to think about different options for continuing our life, think about what to do next and how to be, but about Ukraine, I think it will be even more difficult to do now, because you can know about what kind of political war was between Russia and Ukraine quite recently because of the Crimea, and it is not easy to get to Ukraine now, the authorities do not allow this.
Richard, I certainly didn't know that it would be so difficult to get to Norway, I didn't know that it's so hard, but I would like to somehow translate all this into reality, I really need you, I want to be near my man with you!
Richard, we will move forward, we will go day after day forward and of course we can find a solution and a way out of the situation, we will do our best for this, right? =)
It will be a great happiness for me and I will wait and hope that all our dreams and desires will soon become embodied in our life.
Richard, I hope your day at work is great today, I hope you are in a good mood, I am waiting and missing you, I look forward to your reply! I kiss you tenderly, catch my kiss, my man!
With love, your always Elena
Letter 69
Hello my love Richard!
Today, finally, the night made me happy, at last and the morning was no longer so bad, because last night the government finally turned on the heating in the apartments, finally the cold will no longer interfere, finally the frost is over, and tonight I slept very well, and I did not need extra blanket, I won't freeze anymore, now you don't have to worry about it, I'm warm, but of course I need your warmth.
I woke up in a good mood, of course I really wanted to stay in bed, I wanted to stay at home and not rush anywhere, but work does not wait, and of course the day began with exercise.
Then I did chores around the house, took a shower, put myself in order, and made breakfast. For breakfast there were scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese, as well as a mug of coffee, and now it was necessary to go out and rush to work.
The sun is outside again today, but it is also very cloudy, again the temperature was able to rise a little, in the afternoon today +18 degrees, which is great.
When you go to work, there is a big noise of foliage under your feet, all practical trees have thrown off their leaves, and there are no more colors on the street, there are no these painted trees, there are no more yellow-orange flowers, unfortunately. But it is understandable why, day after day we are getting closer to winter.
I was delighted to receive your letter, my dear.
Each of your letters nourishes great hope, gives me a wonderful mood, gives me happiness and love, gives a lot of emotions that I cannot even convey in my letter.
Distance is sometimes really important, and it gives us the privilege of knowing each other better.
I appreciate our correspondence a lot, and naturally, this gives me the desire to know you better.
But I think it's best when two people are close to each other, when they can devote a lot of time to each other and get to know each other much better.
Richard, I see that you had a very difficult day on Monday, I see that your trip was delayed, that is, you returned home for a very long time, but when I read about what you had to do in order to get home, I I imagined it, and how I wanted to be with you, to be together on the ferry, to sail like the Titanic movie, you would hug me from behind, take my hand and we would enjoy nature and everything that happens around us, it would be an indescribable sensation but the tragedy would not have happened like a movie and we would have successfully made it home.
The whole day on the road, it probably exhausted you very much, took a lot of strength, but the main thing is that you got home and there were no problems, it's great.
No, you didn't tell me about the city of Lillehammer, I see pictures of it, and I see that there is still an Olympic competitive atmosphere there, a very beautiful city, small but very cozy.
Richard, I hope that next time we make this wonderful trip together =) I see your Christmas food, this is a lamb dish, it looks very tasty, it looks very good, you can probably not tear yourself away from this dish until you eat it all, I've never tried.
I think that love is the most beautiful weapon in the world to overcome the obstacles that life presents to us.
You lit a small fire in me, today it heats up my whole body, and each of your letters is an elixir of happiness.
I will be glad to be next to you and you will take me for a walk, you will show me your house in which we will live, I will be glad to have lunch and dinner with you, my dear. Of course, sitting at the table, having dinner together, these are all inexpressible emotions, of course, I will not stop listening to you, and it will be very interesting for me to know how your day went!
I love you and I do not know how to tell you this and how to express the feelings that I experience.
My strongest desire this evening will be to know you better every day and never leave you again, to make you a happy man in this life.
What I feel for you represents a lot of happiness for me, you are going to become my other half, to the point that all the time I think only of you.
And I dream of the day when we will be together.
I hug you very much and my heart is very touched by your letters. Of course you can give me your kiss, of course I want it, I need it, I miss you my man.
Every day by my side, every day together, it's incredibly beautiful, it's great, and of course I would very much like that.
Richard, of course we will plan our meeting, we will think a lot about it, and we will definitely find a way out.
I am very glad to know that now you have a vacation, of course, you should be at work, but the days are short and not difficult and it pleases, it's great that you can enjoy this vacation, but together there would be even more happiness and pleasure! =)
Of course we would do everything together, and kisses would be wonderful, I would like to feel them =)
Richard hope today is also a good day, hope you feel great today! I miss you my man, I kiss you tenderly, I wish you a good evening!
I will wait for your prompt reply, my dear.
Your Elena!
Letter 70
Hello my dear Elena!
Thank you for your warm letter, and your always beautiful photos! Every day when I read your letter I go through all your photos, and also reread some of your earlier letter. In this way I can understand better the development of our relationship, and this is very useful. Because I often ask myself: How can it be, out of nothing, out of a pure random, accidental email from you, writing from a different email address, how can it be that such a relationship has developed. This fascinates me.
But it is true that our communication has become a routine, not a boring routine, on the contrary, a fixed part of our life, on the same level as our meals, our brushing the teeth, doing our exercises, a routine that gives every day a reason to hope for something wonderful! I think that gradually we feel more relaxed about what to communicate about. We have given each other strong proofs of our mutual love and care and faith in the future. In fact we can talk about everything, and I really enjoy you telling me about every single day in your life. Because you have invited me into your life, and this is a big honor for me!
I am glad that the sunny day continues in your city, and 19 degrees this is a rather high temperature at this time of the year, yes? I see you did your morning routine. This omelet with herbs sounds delicious! One day you will prepare for us both, yes?
Elena, if you want, you can call me at work tomorrow on my work phone 47 69 11 63, any time you want, I will be in my office most of the time between 09 and 15. These days there is nobody else at school, except for the caretaker and some working men. I am busy with some administrative work, but of course your call will be very welcome!
It was very interesting to learn a little about your city. I certainly did not know that the world cup 2018 was being held there. It is typical that such big events also mean big investments in stadium, infrastructure, maybe hotels and so on. In fact the same thing happened to Lillehammer, the city I told you about. I will of course check out Saransk on internet, but if you have some photos from where you live, I would really appreciate, and it is so much nicer to get personal information from you, rather than just reading in internet.
This evening I will just relax, maybe iron some shirt, do my exercises, prepare for supper, and if the weather is not too cold, sit outside on the veranda, listen to the river and read some philosophy. Those two activities go well together, even if I know what I really would prefer to do, because the chair at the other side of the small round table is empty and only waiting for you, my dear Elena
My tender kisses and embraces from your man
Letter 71
hello my dear and my beloved Richard!
Another work week is coming to an end again.
Thursday has already arrived, very little remains until the weekend, and there will be rest again.
Of course, the day started very early as always, and it is joyful that the sunny days continue, again cloudlessly outside, the sun is shining again, and gives its rays.
On the street during the day, the temperature reached +19 degrees today, which is very good.
I woke up in a great mood and felt good.
Of course, it was impossible to continue enjoying the morning in bed, it was necessary to get up sooner and do all the chores around the house.
I did my exercises, made myself an omelet with herbs for breakfast, drank a mug of coffee, quickly took a shower, cleaned myself up and went to work.
I am glad to receive your letter my dear.
I am delighted to read you on this day and I also took note of your wishes, indeed, I would very much like us to be able to meet to deepen our communication.
letters are a great way to get to know each other, but it is true that they are not a substitute for meeting. If we were closer to each other, then things would be easier naturally. We would be able to communicate without any problems and would know each other much better. we could hug each other, kiss, press our bodies against each other. Of course you could warm me personally =)
Richard, I enjoy your photo again, you are there again, you are with me again, what a beautiful photo in my mail, you look great!
I am very happy to see you!
Richard, yes I can talk to you on the phone in English, let me make you a phone call again while you are out of work, while school is on vacation, we could have a good conversation and enjoy communication, I will be happy to do it when you could you talk? When is the best time to call you?
I am especially worried and happy, because I do not find my words to express what I feel, such a desire to see you, such a desire to feel you, such a desire to offer you a lot of tenderness and such a fear of losing you - this is all I feel and it makes me someone a disturbed person or even a sick person, I have such a fear of losing you.
and I am so happy that I have you in this world.
Richard, it's great that your days are easy and carefree, it's great to know that you can relax in bed, you can take your time and continue to relax, how great it is, it's incredibly wonderful, and I would like that, I I would like to try to make it a reality, but it would be great!
Richard, of course, it's a wonderful late morning in bed with you, with sweet words, with your warmth, it's incredibly cool and beautiful, I would like to experience it!
Richard, of course I want to cook for you all the time, I don't cook a lot for myself at home, and I rarely started experimenting, and all because I am lonely, all because I can't give someone delicious dishes, for me I dream of cooking something very delicious, give you dishes, and see how you are surprised at the unusualness of the dish and evaluate it =)
Richard, I've lost count of how many times we have proven our similarity, how many times we have noticed how similar and close we are, it's incredible, I just have no words how wonderful it is!
In Russia, peanut butter is not very common, in my family there is no such thing that someone eats peanut butter very often, in Russian families they have breakfast with ordinary butter and a loaf, but yes, I tried peanut butter once, I liked its taste, but it's just that it is expensive and not widely used in our country.
Richard, thank you for the many compliments, thank you for your gentle and beautiful words, how cute and beautiful it is to read them! Richard, of course an evening with you is a great medicine, it is pleasure and joy, but if we sat together, joked and enjoyed humor, then the side-altar of pleasure cannot be found =)
Of course, walking with you in your country would be wonderful, this is my goal, my dream, which I want to feel and realize!
Richard, my city is quite small, but this is by the standards of Russia, if you compare it with Norway, then you probably would say that this is a big city. The population is about 330 thousand people. Now it has become a more updated city, now there are many new buildings, the city began to move a little forward, to develop, but this all became due to the fact that in 2018 the World Cup was held here, beautiful renovated buildings, a new beautiful football stadium with the embankment , but this is all only in the city center, I live in an extremely city, by public transport to the city center it takes about 30 minutes. There is also a sports complex near my house, as you know, I live in a small apartment, already in an old house that was built a long time ago, there are many parks and squares in my city, where you can just walk and enjoy your vacation during the weekend, especially beautiful near the new stadium, but it's a pity that as soon as the World Championship was over, this one stopped living already such a busy life as it was in 2018. But all the same, the city became more beautiful and better, all residents of the city noticed this, and it made everyone very happy.
Richard, I hope that it was pleasant for you to learn a little more about my city, I will certainly answer all your questions, whatever you are interested in to know about the city or about me, I will of course answer, and you know it =)
Richard, I hope that today is your day as calm and beautiful, I hope that you are having a good time, I hope that you enjoy your stay and think of me, you are always with me.
I kiss you tenderly, miss you, and look forward to your answer!
Yours Elena!
Letter 72
Hello my beloved Richard!
Finally the working week has come to an end, finally the working days are over and the weekend is coming again, the weekend is coming again and there will be rest, this is great.
The mood today was good, but very tired, I wanted to start the weekend today, I wanted to have a rest today, but of course I couldn't afford it, and I had to wake up very early.
I opened my eyes and it was great to see the sun on the street again, the weather is good again, but how hard it was to get me to go to work, I wanted to continue my vacation.
But I have to fight, I woke up and the first thing I did was exercise, took a shower, I needed to cheer up.
For breakfast I cooked rice porridge in milk, but it looks like I didn't wake up even after a shower, and I salted the porridge, I was very upset by this, I don't understand how I was able to oversalt it, because I had cooked it many times already, but this morning is not asked, and all that something goes wrong, but it's good that today is good and without any problems.
It's warm outside again, during the day the temperature is approaching +19 degrees, which is great, I hope that this weekend the temperature will be delayed and will be just as good.
Richard, how wonderful it is to see your answer again, to enjoy your letter again, to feel your beautiful lines, your tender lines, how wonderful it is that you are with me, that you are near! Thank you for your wonderful compliments, they are unforgettable.
When I went to bed I thought about you, I dreamed about you and me, how you and I live together.
I miss you, I want to be with you, and only with you. I don't need anyone else, I need you, and only you.
I want to be with you, to be yours. And when I read your lines, I understand that you also really want this, and this is what keeps me toned and continues to delight, but when I remember all the difficulties, the sadness immediately pounces on me and continues to upset me greatly.
I want to be yours and only yours. I love you very much, I cannot live without you. Since I got to know you, I have loved you very much.
I miss you, your tenderness, care, love.
And I hope that you and I can someday meet, and be together forever, and no one will stop us from loving each other.
I myself am very much surprised how this can happen from a simple email, how it can happen, it is indescribable.
Richard, how I wanted to hear your voice today, how I wanted to feel you near, and of course I called you today, made a call to the previous number, but it was without access, and to the number you told me about today, I was told that such a number does not exist, and I was very surprised myself, because the number was very short, there seemed to be lack of numbers, and it was very sad that I could not get through to you, could not hear your voice. I hope we will solve this problem and talk to you for sure. I want to be close and endlessly talk with you, this is very important for me!
Richard, yes, you are right, now the weather is incredibly surprising, it is not at all like the weather in October, but it is very good and warm, and this is very pleasing, last year it was very cold at that time, there were rains and severe frosts, and now warmth and sun, which is great. Richard, of course, you can be sure that I will cook my signature breakfasts for you, you can be sure that I will always cook for you!
Richard, I am very glad that you were glad to know more about my city, I was glad to tell you about it, the main thing is that you were interested =)
Richard, of course I have a photo of my yard, my city, and of course I share them with you, for me it is so grateful that you want to see all this from me, for it is so nice that you want to see it, it makes me very happy =)
Richard, how beautiful is your every evening, how great it is that you can just enjoy nature, that you can just be on the veranda and be happy, read, listen to nature, how wonderful it is, and I would very much like every evening with you to conduct it this way, I really want it, and I dream about it all the time!
Richard, I kiss you tenderly, I wish you a good evening, thank you for your sincerity, thank you for your tenderness, this is so wonderful, this is so great, I really miss you and dream of being with you!
This concludes my letter, I will look forward to your letter. Write to me.
I love, I miss you, I kiss you tenderly and passionately.
Yours Elena
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