Scam letter(s) from Elena Crinchenko to Jan (Finland)

Letter 1
Hello Janne! It's great to hear from you. How are you over there? I find it interesting that we have started to communicate with each other.
Letters is a good way to start communication but one day I would like to have a continuation of them in reality). As you know my name is Elena, but my friends and relatives call me just Lena. You can call me as you wish. I am divorced. Yes, often having such experience, people are disappointed in a relationship, but I overcame with my disappointment and decided to move on towards my happiness). So as you understand I have only serious intentions in finding the right partner for me. In a man I look for sincerity and dialogue, for me it is fundamental for having a relationship based on respect, care and understanding. So I hope you are serious and looking for someone you can spend life with. I also find important to tell you, if I meet my soulmate, I'm ready to move to another country. The most important thing is who you live with, not where. Is your opinion the same)? Today I do not want to bore you with a long letter of me... but if we are looking for the same in life, I will be waiting for your answer much). Best wishes, Lena
Letter 2
Hi dear Janne! How are you? Are you in high spirits? I hope so! You know, every time when I start my letter to you I have so many things I want to tell you, but then I found myself lost and do not know what to start from! Thanks for answering my questions, I see, you have a lot of features I like in men and I hope you will be that special one I look for. For me, a special one is that person who I like to communicate to, who I am interested in, who I always think about and who I care of. Ok, dear, I will not scare you with my thinkings ), it is better to tell you more about my hobbies and pastime. And I hope we will find a lot in common as for it! You know, once I tried to ride a horse and I liked it! That was in Crimea, we had excursion on horses in mountains. It continued for few hours so next day I could hardly get up in the morning ), my body was in absolute pain ). Have you ever tried to ride a horse? I was surprised how understanding they are and which clever eyes they have!
I love animals, and you? I have a lovely dog, but I had to leave it with my mother, as not everyone allows to rent a place with pets. I always try to be in good mood, but if something spoils it and I feel sad then I put some romantic music on and start to cook or bake something delicious ). It helps me to relax a lot! And you, dear, what do you usually do to make your sad thoughts go away? I am sure everyone has the own way to relax. In summer, when I am free in the morning, I love to run in the park. I also like to swim and I always wait summer to spend my vocation at the seaside. I like sunbathing, I like the sea's smell and sound of its waves, it gives me the thoughts of something stable and reliable. It has so many secrets inside and it beckons me to it! Unfortunately, it happens not often now! Every day I pray for peace and for health of my dear people! I wish only one thing - that the war conflict will stop and peace life will back to our cities, villages, houses, families and hearts! Before to end my letter, I wanna ask you, dear, about your previous relationships, but if you find this question is too personal, don’t answer it, I will understand you, as I also do not like to talk about past, I prefer to look into the future ). Darling, for now I am wishing you to have a nice day and to take care of yourself well! Waiting for your reply with impatience! Kisses from Elena.
Letter 3
Good time of day, my dear Janne! How are you doing today? I hope you are fine! When I got up today I realized how it would be wonderful to open my mail box and find your letter in it! To be frank, I was missing you! Thanks for being open with me about your past relations. My dear, I hope you are not feeling lonely, and your mood is getting better reading my letters and looking at my photos! I can understand how hard it is to learn each other through the letters, that is why I am open with you, I want to show you different sides of my personality, my likes and dislikes. I always see only good things in people and try to be kind to them. Of course I can't change the world, but I believe that when I give people a piece of my kindness, they become more kind too. I want to be loving, caring wife, a good mother and a loyal friend. I am happy that you see my inner qualities. Not knowing English well our communication difficult, but I am ready to overcome all barriers for us. I am sure, I need to start taking English courses as soon as possible! Unfortunately, I can't afford it right now...but I will try my best. You accept me for who I am, and I appreciate you for that, dear. You know, my dear, I've noticed that you have a lot of tenderness. And I like you for who you are. I think, both partners should not change each other. When people meet each other, fall in love and accept each other with all their good and bad qualities - it is great! With time the partners can change on their own, taking some features from each other. But it is wrong to deliberately change the character and habits each other, for example, if one partner is a vegetarian, and forces a beloved to be also a vegetarian. I think this is completely wrong.
What do you think of this? We live in a very beautiful and at the same time in a very cruel world, it's like a paradox. If we talk about our grandparents, their Outlook on life is completely different from ours. Previously, people were more responsible, warm-hearted, caring and kind. Family was for them first of all, they did not live for money, they lived for each other. It would be so great to go back to that time, unfortunately, it's not possible And you know, my life values have completely changed since the war came to my region. I realized what true happiness is! I am not looking for a luxury life, I want to have a simple and happylife surrounded by my dear people! Before finishing my today's letter, I want to tell you that I really enjoy our communication. It fills my heart with a tenderness I haven't felt in a long time! Thanks for that... Nice day to you, darling. Lots of kisses. Your Elena.
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