Scam letter(s) from Galiya Sharipovna Nelyubina to Jay (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear. Please do not be surprised to my message. With your permission, I will tell you more about me.
I'm looking for a man for a relationship and spend time together. I am cheerful, sociable girl. I love to dream and enjoy life.
I like to spend time in good company. But in my heart right now is ice. I want to find a man who melts the ice. I'm sure you can be my prince.
You know, I'm an open person, so to speak, I'm without complexes and without bad habits. I do not drink alcohol or smoke.
If you have no complexes and ready to go in the world of pleasure and affection, if you are ready out of the gray boring life make vivid unforgettable tale, do not miss this chance, leave everything and write me soon!
We can communicate and share pics, even erotic. In the future, of course, you would get more of my pics and be able to know me closer.
I hope that I could like you and our relationship will continue. Your Gallka.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Jay!
When I saw your letter, I was very happy)) I thank you for your interest and your attention to me. I hope your interest in me is genuine. You might be interested in learning a little about me. As you already understood my name is Galina. I am 29 years old. I live in Yekaterinburg. I have a lot of hobbies and, in fact, I am a very curious person. For me, life is an amazing and wonderful adventure.
Every morning I try to meet with a smile. Every day I live is an opportunity for me to become better and learn something new. I realized the value of every moment as a child. And I've been enjoying every breath since. To be honest, I am cheerful and friendly, but despite my lightness, I can firmly make serious decisions. Correctly set priorities are the key to achieving your goals. This is what helped me graduate from high school with a gold medal and from the Ural State Medical University with honors. I'm a GP and I'm very proud of it!!! For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to treat people. As a child, I treated everyone in a row, starting from toys and ending with crushed earthworms)) I always had rags-bandages and a green marker, as a brilliant green solution)) I still remember these moments with trepidation. In fact, I can't imagine myself being anything else. Helping people is a priceless gift! And the current situation in the world coronavirus is the best proof of this(( But do not panic and get depressed! Everything will get better! My dear stranger, I thank you for the opportunity to know you. If you don't mind my asking, I'd like to get to know you better. Tell me about yourself, the country and city where you live, your hobbies, and your work. This way we can see if we have something in common. My next words may shock you a little, but I want to tell you about it. I have one hobby and it is dancing, but not quite normal dancing. I do stripedance. I like sexy dancing in my underwear and...... no underwear. This allows me to feel my femininity, my sex appeal and beauty. Yes, I have a little red light of seduction)) But this is my personal hobby and I do not dance in bars in any case! I hope that this is NOT a problem for you and we can continue our pleasant communication. If you agree, I'd like to ask for your phone number. This way we can hear each other and be sure of each other's sincerity. This concludes my letter with the hope of receiving an early reply from you. Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time.
Air kiss
Your girlfriend Galina
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jay!
I am very pleased to receive your reply letter. I've been thinking a lot about how you'll take my love of candid dancing. I am absolutely not ashamed of what I do. I know my own value and it is not measured in monetary terms. Everyone has the right to do what gives them pleasure. Of course, if this hobby does not contradict moral principles and is not any kind of violence against a person. Actually, I don't like to hide anything. For me, the bitter truth is better than the sweet lie. Any relationship built on deception, innuendo and hidden desires is a direct path to nowhere(( Unfortunately I know firsthand about this. I had a bitter experience of communicating with a man over the Internet. He built me "sand castles", talked about non-existent feelings, and I trusted him and let him into my heart.
But the fairy tale did not last long. In the end, it turned out that he only wanted my nude photos to satisfy his needs. After all this, I was devastated. I was like a fish washed up on the beach. The most painful thing is to be aware of yourself as a used toy( Now I treat this situation as a lesson that life has given me. A man must be honest, even if it hurts to be honest. I ask you to take these words seriously! Yes, I really want our communication to continue and develop. If you feel the same way, then as they say WELCOME TO MY WORLD)) thank you For writing about yourself. The more we know about each other, the more trusting our relationship will be. I would like to tell you a little more about myself. My birthday is december 21. My height is 171 cm, weight is 56 kg. At the moment, I don't have any close relatives. I've never seen my parents, but I know they're dead.
They were deprived of their parental rights and my grandmother raised me until I was 14. After her death, I spent another 4 years in an orphanage. It's not a pleasant time that I don't want to remember.
Transition age, loss of a loved one, change of the usual way of life.
All this had a powerful effect on the psyche, but it hardened my will and character. I studied and worked at the same time because I had a goal. Now I understand that it was not an accident. So smoothly we moved on to the most important event in my life. You might be wondering why I wrote to a man from another country?! Because soon I will be in your country. I thought that in a foreign country I would need a friend or a lover?! At least I hope so. I'm going on a residency, and in other words, I will work in one of the hospitals in your country. If you are still interested in our communication, then send me some of your photos and write more about yourself. At the moment, I can't use modern communication tools like Skype, Facebook, and various types of messengers, while I can only dream of them. Regular Email is the most acceptable and convenient option for me. I use an ADSL USB modem. This system does not work very well, and it is extremely not cheap. I pay for every megabyte I download. And when I downloaded a large number of megabytes, the cost skyrockets(( But we can talk on the phone if you want to.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Your Galina
Letter 4
Hello Jay!
How are you doing? How is your health? Yes, the situation today is difficult, but I am sure that everything will be fine. I hope that you follow all the prevention measures and take care of your health!
Please try to think positively as much as possible. Our thought is a very powerful force! Today I found myself thinking about you from time to time during the day. I try to imagine what you do, if you have any thoughts about me. This is a strange feeling for me, because I am very careful in communicating with people. With you, everything is completely different. I'm just drawn to you on a subconscious level.
Even physically, I want to touch you, hear your voice, and see your smile addressed to me. Maybe you feel the same way....... My dear Jay, I have a cold head, but a very hot heart and raging blood. If I feel a strong emotional connection with a man, then physical contact is like a volcano for me. I will do everything to make my man's eyes darken with desire from just looking at me. In all respects, I will be behind the man's back, but there are no prohibitions for me in sex.
Sex is the best way to strengthen relationships and nothing brings loving people closer than the merging of soul and body. I love sex! In fact, everyone loves sex. Only many people are afraid to admit it to themselves, are afraid to relax and are afraid to talk about their feelings and desires. Sex should be delicious as the most refined dish and they need to be enjoyed, it needs to be savored) Something I got a little excited..... If for you my openness in expressing feelings and emotions is unpleasant and unacceptable, then immediately tell me about it. A few years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would not put myself in a frame. Life is just one and I want to live it the way I want to. I listen to myself and do not close your desires under lock and key. The same thing is happening now. My residency is due to start on December 15. Now I am excited, because this trip is of great importance to me. For many years, I have been working towards this goal. First, a gold medal at school, then a University with honors, residency and, as a result, participation in the all-Russian competition among the best graduates of Medical Universities. Thanks to my perseverance and knowledge, I was among the finalists who received an international residency as a reward. I love helping people. I think everyone should receive assistance, regardless of age, gender, social or racial affiliation. In this way I will spend the first 10 days in the capital on preparatory courses, and then I will be distributed among the cities. The state pays for flights, accommodation and wages. I'll have the full package. I'm still a little bit in shock from all this.
Jay, I want to ask you about how you would feel about me sending you some of my intimate photos? Would that bother you? Maybe we could create a closer relationship than just friends) I have a huge interest and sympathy for you. I will wait for your decision.
Gentle hugs
Your Galina
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jay!
I am doing well, I feel full of life and energy. How are you doing?
How is your mood? The feeling that life is abruptly changing direction is insanely exciting. There are a million thoughts in my head,but they are all positive. I flutter like a butterfly)) Everything that happens around us is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. To be honest, I very rarely get discouraged. If I feel sad or disappointed, I immediately turn my attention to something else. For me, this switch is sports, reading books and of course dancing)) "in a healthy body-a healthy mind" - this statement is exactly about me. Of course, I will not say that I am perfect and I do not have bad habits. But as for cigarettes, drugs and drinking alcohol in large quantities - this is definitely NOT about ME. I train every other day and run in the morning. Running helps me be disciplined and energizes me. Morning is my favorite time of day. I like the smell of coffee, but I only drink it with milk. I adore to cook breakfast and always get up early so that I can enjoy this morning ritual without haste. May be you will join me soon?? By the way, I make the world's most delicious puffy pancakes with peanut paste) Now I write you these lines, and in my head I think about how we have Breakfast together and talk about all sorts of nonsense. I definitely like it! And in General, from the very first day, I look forward to every letter you write. I feel like I'm becoming dependent on you and your letters. Is this good or bad?! What do you think? In any case, I like this state) Jay, I'm very happy to have you in my life. My soul is calm with the fact that in a new country I have such a wonderful friend as you. And I hope that our relations have a chance to develop further. In this letter, you will find the photo I told you about earlier. I'm a little worried about your reaction. Your feedback is important to me. I want to know if I'm attracted to you physically as a Woman. If it's not difficult for you, then write down what attracts you in women, and what repels you. I am primarily attracted to a man's inner strength, charm and care. He should be my support. And I see it in you. Oooh! This is impossible!!!
I broke the phone((( Right now I wanted to see the time and the phone slipped out of my hands. God, something must have happened to the screen. This is not good at all(( Black screen and there are no signs of life. It's not a good time right now(( Jay, my dear, I will finish my letter here. I have to go to a service where they can help me. I will wait for your answer.
Sweet kiss
Your Galina
Letter 6
Hello my sweet Jay!
I wake up in the morning in a great mood, because I know that I will see your letter. In our present state of technology, we have no problems communicating, even at a distance. This, of course, is great!
But still, nothing can replace the thrill of waiting for a letter. We are all in a hurry. Time has become the most expensive resource.
Increasingly, I think that the current situation in the world is a way to slow down, land people, show and pay attention to other aspects of life. Maybe it's time to do something that we don't have enough time for in our normal life. Watch a film you've been wanting for a long time, read a book while lying in bed, and take care of yourself and family. At least that's what I would have done. Unfortunately, I have no family, no children, so I want to help other people who need it. I am sure that, in the end, everything will be fine)) I try to take any troubles and problems easily, without falling into depression. I broke my phone yesterday and it looks like it will cost about the same as buying a new phone. I need to replace the screen(( I'm happy that I can at least take calls. I'll probably have to use my phone for a while in this state. Right now I don't have any spare money to replace my phone. But, Jay, I have some great news. My journey begins tomorrow. I'm flying to Moscow. HURRAY!!!! I've already collected my travel documents and will start packing my suitcase. Now I would like to move on to a more intimate topic. I like your reaction to my photo.
I think a connection is being established between us. As for my emotions, you have a very exciting effect on me! Sexy images of you in the lead role pop up in my head from time to time. Some scenes are particularly hot. OH, YES!! I haven't had a relationship in a long time. There must be a spark that will fill me with fire. In fact, I really longed for this feeling. To be honest, I would like to have sex with you. You have a masculine energy that beckons to me. I'm not shy about telling you this, because there's no point in hiding my desires.
I only hope for a response. I am sexually liberated and I like to explore my body, give pleasure, experience new sensations. Most of all, I get pleasure from oral sex. The feeling of complete control, but at the same time and undivided submission to the man. This is an amazing feeling! I would like to experience all this with you! In this letter, you will find several new photos that I hope you will like) My sweet, Jay, I believe that we can have a serious and harmonious relationship. Write down what you think about it.
With hot thoughts of you.
Your Galina
Letter 7
Hello dear, Jay!
Hooray, I am in Moscow. My flight went perfectly, without incident. I didn't even notice how quickly 2 hours flew by. Air travel is truly a super convenient form of transportation. Although, to be honest, I was scared(( When taking off, my heart sank into my heels. Of course, outwardly I was calm, but inside I was overwhelmed with emotions. I think that on the first flight, everyone experiences similar feelings.
After I left the airport, I immediately realized that Moscow is a crazy city! The energy of life and movement is directly felt here. You are like a leaf caught in a strong wind and twirled in a dance. I'm a little bit in shock from everything that's happening and I'm very sleepy. I couldn't sleep all last night. Half the night I tossed and turned, then fell asleep, then woke up. In General, it was some kind of torture, not a rest. As a result, the flight, bad sleep and change of environment made themselves felt(( I have already visited the Embassy, handed over the documents to the Secretary and tomorrow I have an appointment with the Consul. I was put up in a small hotel for the next few days. Everything here is very modest, but clean and tidy.
And this pleases me most of all, because I love order. It's an interesting fact that I've never lived in a hotel room in my entire life. This is all new to me. I even feel a little bit like a celebrity)) to be honest, all I dream about now is food. I am so hungry that my stomach is rumbling treacherously ((On the way back to the hotel, I will stop at the supermarket for yogurt and fruit. Tell me about your food preferences. Maybe you love something special? I have been convinced many times that men cook better than women. At least, meat and fish. Do you like cooking? My sweet Jay, I miss you very much. I hope that our relationship has a future, because my feelings for you are growing stronger and stronger. If you were here, I could not resist the urge to kiss you, to taste you on my lips. Even now, imagining this scene, I feel a growing wave of excitement. What do you feel when you look at my photos? Do I make you sexual arousal?
Oh, God, I really want you! I want you to caress my Breasts, run your tongue around the nipple and gently bite it. I want to fall to pieces with pleasure. Please tell me you feel the same way!!! You are my hero, my lion, the man I want to follow. Thank you for coming into my life. I'm so glad I didn't make a mistake about you. Your sexuality and charisma have won me over. On an instinctive level, I'm attracted to you by some animal magnetism. I am happy with everything that is happening to me now! I'm falling in love with you! If you don't mind, send me more of your photos. I hope that soon we will be able to meet and get to know each other better.
Gentle kiss.
Your lover Galina
Letter 8
Hello my precious Jay!
Tonight was amazing! I slept like I've never slept before. There is a certain atmosphere of peace in hotel rooms, which acts in a relaxing way. I spent last evening reading and having a late dinner in bed. I dined on vegetable salad and French fries( all I could find in the nearest shop). But I can say that yesterday this food seemed to me divinely delicious. To be honest, I really like to eat delicious food.
I don't understand girls who limit themselves in everything for the sake of a super perfect figure. I think that you can and should eat everything, BUT the main rule is to observe the measure in everything.
I already had a meeting with the Consul a couple of hours ago. The atmosphere, to put it mildly, was very tense. To be honest, I could hardly keep my hands from shaking as I signed the documents. In general everything is good, except for one nuance. My health insurance is not enough to fly abroad. I must have health insurance with extended coverage. Now I have to pay additional fees for processing the full package. But I don't know how to do it(( I don't have any cash with me. I already borrowed money from friends to get a visa and pay additional fees. To be honest, I am at a loss and do not even know what to do in this situation. I have to pay an additional fee of 440 dollars. My flight will take place on December 15 and I need to get a new health insurance as soon as possible. I don't know if I can ask you for help, but I have no other choice(( I'm burning with shame! I'm sorry for making you read this. But I really have no one else to turn to. Please understand me! I don't know anyone in Moscow. I asked the Consul about the possibility of paying for insurance at the expense of my salary, but was refused. The state only pays for the classic insurance option, and I have to pay for the additional advanced options myself! My dear Jay, I don't know if I have the right to ask you for help?! My God!!! This is so embarrassing!!! I'm not claiming your money in any way. All I ask is a favor and understanding. If you have the opportunity to come to my aid and save me, then I will be grateful to you. As soon as I receive compensation and monetary payment, I will immediately return the money to you. It will take 2 to 5 days from the moment of my arrival. My dear Jay, if you can help me, I ask you to use money transfers online. For example, or To transfer money, you will need my information:
Name - Galina
Lastname - Grigoreva
City - Moscow
Country - Russia
Street - Arbat 4, building 1.
Zip Code - 119019
Now I'm in such a state that I can barely restrain myself from crying(
I'm afraid of losing everything because of a stupid set of circumstances. Our nascent feelings have a right to the future!!! I beg you to understand my position and imagine yourself in my place. I really don't know who to turn to now. All the money I had I invested in this trip. I'm desperate.....
You are my only chance( Please don't leave me in the lurch.
Your Galina
Letter 9
My Dear Jay!
Thank you for agreeing to help me. Now my heart is filled with joy. I look forward to meeting you soon. I am very grateful to you. I'll send you my passport. Thank you for your affectionate attitude towards me.
I really want to see you, touch you and feel your presence next to me.
I will never hurt you. All my life I have been alone and have experienced a lot of sadness and grief. With you, the hope for a happy future entered my life next to a person who will love me. I believe with all my heart in our nascent relationship. It depends only on us how they will develop. I want to be with you as soon as possible.
Please keep my heart! Now thoughts of you filled him. You are the best for me! I will do everything in my power to make happiness and joy surround us. I want you to experience the burning passion that burns me from the inside. For you, I will dance the most erotic striptease so that you feel the desire to have me always. I am really looking forward to our meeting.
Sweet kiss!
Your Galina
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