Scam Letter(s) from Olga Mikisheva to David (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello David,
I have received your letter today and I am very glad that you have written to me.
I doubted that you will answer my letter, this usual business is possible to communicate with the help e-mail for you, I for the first time do it therefore I is a little confused.
I do not know from what to start to speak difficultly with the person and to not see his eyes, gestures, a smile, I shall send you the photo together with this letter, I hope that it is pleasant to you.
To me of 27 years and I was not married and I have no children, almost all my girlfriends have children though we coevals. I want to create family and to have children, I think that all women want it. Probably I am mistaken, but I think so.
In Russia I have not found male with which I could live life, it is possible here them simply was not present. I have decided to try to find the destiny far from a native land, it is possible you my destiny, what you think of it?
I want to offer you friendship, and it is possible later our attitudes will develop in strong feeling. I hope that it will take place. I many times was mistaken and now it is difficult for me to begin new attitudes because I am afraid of a deceit and lie. I ask that you gave me a word that will not deceive me, and I shall answer you same I am not able to deceive people, therefore I want to inform you that I wait from our attitudes.
I want to get acquainted with decent male and to create with him family if our attitudes will be not such warm that I hope for friendship with you.
But if you want to write to me only for entertainment and you are not interested with serious attitudes inform me about it at once, and we shall not waste time vainly.
Now I want to tell to you about me directly, I was born and have grown in Saratov, my childhood till 8 years was similar to a fairy tale, I was happy at me there were parents which loved me very strongly and I did not think that soon all will change, I perfectly remember summer day why that to me was terrible, I have approached to mum and has asked her, MUM YOU WILL NOT THROW ME? Mum has answered CERTAINLY IS NOT PRESENT, WE ALWAYS SHALL BE TOGETHER. After that mum has gone to shop and she was brought down with the automobile...
I could not understand when father spoke me that mum will not come any more, She spoke with me some hours back and after that to me have told that mum never will come, it not seemed to me the biggest deceit, probably therefore I can not have the attitude with the person which me deceives. After death of mum in my education daddy began to be engaged, he helped me in all, I never can tell about him something bad. Another on his place could omit hands and look as the ground leaves from under legs. But my daddy military it is possible his character has helped him to sustain. He strict but fair always tried to help me with all there were it lessons or attitudes with girlfriends or even friends.
At school I had many friends, I was the sociable girl and studied it is not poorly possible even to tell that well, I was very diligent and in it too a merit of my father.
I without problems have arrived in the Saratov state university, I have not casually decided to become the expert of botany, I long thought where to me to go, and have decided that I shall treat plants. I have finished to study in 2000 and right after it I began to work, probably you can guess on what specialization I work?
I shall give you the help, almost everyone has a joke about my trade. The joke about how I try to bring up on trees of a bulb. (Smile) I work in a botanical garden, as the selector of plants.
Well, I shall finish the letter. I could write to you more about the life.
But I am a little tired. As I have not enough practice in the English language.
But I think, that if we shall continue to find out each other more in due course I shall find out the English language more.
With hope to receive your reciprocal letter.
Your new familiar Olga

On it a photo, I am photographed on a background of our church.

Letter 2

Hello my friend David.
I am glad to receive your new letter. It means, that we can continue acquaintance. In this letter I shall speak more about myself. I think, that it will give us an opportunity for acquaintance more.
I was born March, 3, 1977. So to me it will be absolutely fast 28 years. My growth 5 ` 6, my weight it approximately 120lbs, I try to support a figure, Probably when or I can, prepare for you something tasty of Russian kitchen. I love pel'menis. You heard about pel'menis? This our national dish.
Unfortunately, I badly know your kitchen. I only know about hamburgers and about a pizza But about it, probably knows all world.
I very much like to observe films especially about love, This fine feeling.
love-such simple word, but in it consists so much, I very much want to tell to you that I think about it.
If all people though for one minute will this feeling that in the world will not be wars, fear, murders.
Probably I yet still have not has felt it.
I had the person with which I attitudes were had, but it was finished, I now do not want to tell to you about it, probably in the following letter...
While I shall speak about how I became the expert of botany.
I started to go to school in 1984. I studied there 10 years. This school gives more profound lessons of the English language and biology.
Therefore I know well English language.
And the knowledge of biology has enabled to study in me at Saratov state university. I studied at university of 6 years.
And now I the expert of botany.
Certainly for all years which I studied, I should thank my father.
He helped me in all. He never to me insisted about a choice me of a work. Simply, he has decided to support me in that I became the expert of botany Certainly, this speciality is important, but the state not so cares of those who works in botany. But for me my speciality is important. I am happy to that I am capable to work as that as whom I wanted to work.
Well, I shall finish the letter.
If you have to me questions I with pleasure shall answer you.
I would like to have questions to you, but I do not know about what to ask you.
Therefore I shall be to have the request about that you wrote to me approximately that I have written to you.
Yours faithfully to my friend David

On a photo - a botanical garden.
Certainly, I work a little not here. It is simply available product of plants.
I work in a nursery, where all plants still very small.

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend David!!!!
I was very glad to that that you have not forgotten me.
I could not write to you because the Internet - cafe was closed.
But today it is open also I can look my mail and write to you the letter.
Whether I do not know it will be open tomorrow and there can be I tomorrow can not write to you the letter.
All this time I very much missed you and your letters.
I have very cheerfully met New Year. I was at home with my father.
Then there came friends of my father. We sat at a table and recollected the past.
My father told different ridiculous histories about me when I was the little girl.
And our visitors too told about children.
Then I with my girlfriend have gone to walk on street.
In the street there was a New Year's concert. There actors and simple people sang songs and played different games.
Some people were fairly drunk and was a little cheerful on them to look.
But then there came militiamen and have asked these people to go.
Then we have gone home with my girlfriend and have gone to bed. We with her came home at 3 o'clock in the morning January, 1-st.
And how you have met New Year??
To you it was cheerful?? And with whom you met New Year??
You were at home with parents or you were with friends?
I shall be compelled to finish my letter because the Internet - cafe will soon be closed. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Your best friend Olga.

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend David.
I feel, that we with each letter become closer to each other.
Therefore I can tell to you about my last private life.
When to me was 22 years, I have got acquainted with the beautiful guy.
And if to be fair, I loved him very much. I now also recollect him. But it in the past. I loved him, and I did not notice, that he is engaged in dark affairs. He was a criminal. He is stole. And I did not notice it.
He spoke, that he works, as the manager in bank. I thought so. I at all did not ask in what bank he worked.
We were constantly together. While he has not got in prison. I could not forgive to him it. He should sit in prison of 13 years for a robbery of bank.
Certainly, later I went to him on appointment. He spoke me, that I have forgiven him for a deceit.
He spoke, that when he will leave from prison, he will finish with the past.
He will be employed on work, that he will be the fair citizen.
And I trusted him selflessly. I go constantly to him on appointment during 3 years. And I would continue to go to him further.
But in one day when I have come to him on appointment, the security guard has not started up me. In a consequence, the security guard of prison has told me, that he has died. He was killed with criminals which also sat in prison.
And I do not know for what.
After that news, I became closed. I could not speak much. I have pushed away from myself thoughtless girlfriends. Girlfriends bothered me.
I have only one closest girlfriend. I can share all secrets with them. And she will support me always.
If to speak about prison on statistics, each half man sat or sits in prison. And who on freedom, that drinks alcohol in plenties.
I do not know with what it is connected, but it is the truth.
If to tell in detail about this reason, it is possible to find many reasons to explain it. I think, that in it the government of Russia is guilty. Russia does not give social guarantees for inhabitants of Russia.
No, I do not speak what to live in Russia difficultly.
I do not complain of difficulties. We have a saying: " if we shall be alive we shall not die " Though, if I shall be fair if I had an opportunity to leave to live in other country I would go with pleasure.
But what I shall do in other country?
I do not know, that I could do in other country.
And here I have got used. I have work, I have daddy whom I love.
One, that I have not here - the man with which I am capable to create family.
Probably, I treat men of my country intently after my last acquaintance with the man. I do not know. But I have difficulties with acquaintance with men.
And now I am glad, that we have started to correspond with each other. I hope we on it shall not stop.
Now when I have written to you this letter, I am afraid, that you can not answer me more. Please, you do not cease to write to me the letter. With your letters I forget my past, and I start to think of the future more.
I am sure, that we are waited the fine future. Probably I speak about it early. You see we know about each other a little. And the further acquaintance is necessary for us. But we have taken the first step.
And we should make many steps before we can tell each other: " I love you ".
And I very much hope, that you really will agree with me. And we shall correspond further.
I shall wait from you for the letter.
Your friend Olga

On a photo my girlfriend Elena. (December, 15, 2004)

Letter 5

Hello my dear friend David.
Many thanks to you for the letter back. Excuse me for the last letter. It was little bit sad. But it was all in the past.
In this letter I shall not write sad histories of my life.
With each letter, I understand that we become more adhered to each other.
Therefore I shall give you my home address:
City of Saratov
Street Odessskaja, the house 46-a
apartment 17
Name: Olga
Surname: Mikisheva
I think, that you can send me the letter correct mail.
If you also will give me your home address, I also can send you the letter.
But I think, it is not so convenient for us. Each letter will go very long.
Still we have a problem that by correct mail not always the letter achieves the addressee. Probably our mail works badly.
I also would like to speak with you, but it while is impossible.
I have the mobile phone, but the phone while is switched - off. I have no money to pay for the phone. But I shall inform to you my phone number. As soon as I shall pay for the phone I shall call to you, or you can call to me.
My phone number - 89027133053.
As soon as I shall have money for the phone, I shall inform to you.
Yes, I nearly have not overlooked, I have informed my daddy about you.
That we have acquaintance.
I have told my daddy a little about you. In the beginning, he have considered cautiously to ours attitudes.
But subsequently, daddy sends the regards to you.
He hopes, that in the future we shall be magnificent pair.
If it is fair, I too think so. But we know each other absolutely short period of time. And I think, that early to speak about it.
I simply have not anybody, except for you, whom I can inform these words.
And I really hope for continuation of our attitudes. I think, that you not against.

On a photo, I am engaged in check of inflorescences. This year there were few bees, and many inflorescences i should be pollinated pollen independently

Letter 6

Hello my best friend David.
I am glad to see your letter. I understand, that between us fine attitudes are fastened. And I become sure, that sometime there will come day when we can tell each other:" I love you ". Probably I am mistaken.
Today, before writing to you the letter, I spoke with the manager of Internet - cafe. He has told, that in the Internet it is a lot of deceit, therefore I should be cautious. But under your letters, I understand, that I should not be afraid of a deceit. He also spoke, that many girls fall in love false to entice money or with the help of this false love to go in USA.
These girls very much prevent acquaintance through the Internet.
My god why in this world there is not enough validity?
But you can trust me, I do not deceive you. Though, probably, you will not trust me. But I have no idea to deceive you.
I know, that such a deceit and his consequences.
If someone has deceived me, I had feeling, that my private world is devastated. And I, in this occasion, have huge grief.
Well, I shall forget this bad theme for conversation today.
I shall write a little about my daily routine.
Per working days I rise early from bed. These are 6.00 mornings.
It would be wonderful, if I could wake up near to you and speak you "good morning". But it only dreams.
Then I go in a bath where I wash and I clean a teeth.
Then I do small gymnastics that my muscles came in the order.
Further I prepare for breakfast. In the morning I do not like to fill in my stomach. I eat a little.
I make sandwiches with sausage, cheese and cooked eggs And then I drink tea with a lemon. It is my breakfast.
At 7.15 I go for work. I go for work on bus, as I have not the own automobile. In 8.00 my work begins.
I spoke you about my duties on work, therefore I shall continue my narration. From 12.00 till 13.00 I have a lunch break.
I usually fill him to write to you the letter. I also write you this letter in a lunch break. My work comes to an end in 17.00 evenings.
And I go home. At home, I am usually occupied with domestic affairs.
It is washing of clothes, cleaning of rooms from a dust. And another.
At leisure, I watch TV more.
In days off, I also am in the basic house. I do not like with recent time to go on various dances or a bar.
It is not interesting to me.
Earlier when my girlfriend was single I frequently visited her, But now when she is married, we began to meet seldom. As she began to have many family problems. But we try to not lose contacts of dialogue, we find time to speak I can not tell you about my hobby. I have no attachment to something.
Though........ If to count knitting from a wool of a hobby, it is my hobby.
When, I have time and there is a desire, I knitting a jacket for 2 days.
Well, I shall finish to write to you. I shall wait for the letter from you, as always.
With love, Olga

Letter 7

I did not receive news during several days Why?
I would like to correspond with you by e-mail further
If you of it too want to continue our acquaintance that write to me

Letter 8

Hello my dear friend David!!!!!
You do not imagine to yourself as I was glad to your letter.
All this time I very much missed your letters.
I their each day waited, but you why did not write that to me.
I am very interested you !!!!
And I have decided to write to you!!
And I now am very happy, because I have received today your letter.
I and further want to continue our acquaintance and to write each other letters.
Your letters will help me to find out you better.
I very much want to continue our acquaintance!!!!
If you too want to continue our acquaintance that write to me letters.
I shall answer with the great pleasure your letters.
I shall be very want it to do.
I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter.
Your good friend Olga.

Letter 9

Hi my love David!
I shall be possible to name you my love? Probably I hurry with conclusions.
But I am sure that the love arrives to our hearts.
You know, in the childhood I dreamed, that I shall find the prince , with whom I can come on edge of the ground.
In a consequence, I have understood, that actually there are no princes. Ideal the man cannot be found.
But close to an ideal which is necessary for you, you can find.
I can not tell you with confidence, that you - my ideal. No. You too can not tell, that I - your ideal.
But in it the reason, what people fall in love? No.
The reason here in many respects. I can not explain an origin of love.
I can not explain why the woman draws to the man.
I can not explain why the man draws to the woman.
It occurs at a subconscious level.
Private world of the person informs to the person about it.
And in a consequence, you understand, that it is the truth.
I write you it, that you could understand what to be created in my ideas.
I understand, that you are intended for me, but I am afraid to inform you about it.
I also am afraid to tell you that the love to you has come in my heart.
I am afraid to tell you, that I love you.
I am afraid to tell it as the love should be mutual.
With feeling of love, the person does many nonsenses. And I not exception.
You know, when I have decided to begin acquaintance through the Internet, I thought about myself. (for fun or seriously)
It is interesting, if I shall find the love in your country, I should go in your country?
( it there were my ideas before I have got acquainted with you)
Further, I did not think of it.
But time has come, when I should think of it. I think that you agree with me.
My lovely, my dear, I am afraid to speak you about it, but I LOVE YOU!!!
And I shall wait for the letter from you with impatience.
Your Olga

Letter 10

Hello my love David!
Now I can name you my love with confidence.
Your letter has brought to me this confidence.
Also this letter has brought to me hope for that that I shall continue the life not in loneliness.
And I can speak that my life only begins. And this life will be connected to you.
I am happy.
I can tell now with confidence, that I love you.
I can not transfer this feeling in a word, it is difficult.
But my heart is beaten more frequently, my breath becomes rough.
Everything, that I feel, that I can do all, I can write in a poem.
I have found fine poem Susan Polis Schutz.
It refers to " Love is. "

Love is
being happy for the other person when they are happy
being sad for the person when they are sad
being together in good times and being together in bad times
Love is the source of strength

Love is
being honest with yourself at all times
being honest with the other person at all times
and never pretending
Love is the source of reality

Love is
an understanding that is so complete that
you feel as if you are a part of the other person
accepting the other person just the way they are
and not trying to change them to be something else
Love is the source of unity

Love is
the freedom to pursue your own desires
while sharing your experiences with the other person
the growth of the one individual alongside of
and together with the growth of another individual
Love is the source of success

Love is
the excitement of planning things together
the excitement of doing things together
Love is the source of the future

Love is
the fury of the storm
the calm in the rainbow
Love is the source of passion

Love is
giving and taking in a daily situation
being patient with each other's needs and desires
Love is the source of sharing

Love is
knowing that the other person
will always be with you regardless of what happens
missing the other person when they are away
but remaining near in heart at all times
Love is the source of security

Love is the source of life.

This poem defines - that such love.
And I understand, that it so. I know this poem by heart.
I also have translated it to Russian. And you can trust me,
that she sounds in Russian also perfectly.

As soon as I read your letter, I have made the decision. We should be together.
Tomorrow in the morning I shall go in visa agency. I shall find out all how I can arrive to you. I think, I shall not have difficulties with official registration of papers.
I solve it, having carried out all night in meditations.
And your letter which I read today has confirmed my decision.
I am sure, that we should have a meeting. We can not find out in completeness each other, hoping only on the computer.
The computer has given much. He has given us hope.
And we should not miss this hope. I am sure, that you agree with me.
Therefore I shall be tomorrow in visa agency.
I love you.
With all heart,
With all love,

Letter 11

Hello my love David!
I am happy to receive your letter.
Today in the morning as I spoke, I went to visa agency.
I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for registration.
We have defined a type of the visa and it's type which allows to marry in the future This visa allows me to be in your country during 90 days.
I think, that it will be enough to know each other and in a consequence to marry. If we marry during validity of the visa, I can remain with you on more time.
If we do not marry, I should leave your country on the termination of validity of the visa. I asked about prices and was very surprised, first I ask about time of performance. and they said that there is many people who wants to make documents and leave the country Therefore, if I wish to fly in the country earlier, I should write the application and pay the visa on next week.
Then the visa will be ready during 2 weeks.
If I can not write the application and pay the visa on next week, that I should wait manufacture of the visa during 2-3 months.
I was very much surprised with the prices of services.
The visa costs approximately 250 US dollars, and the passport and necessary documents cost 79 US dollars.
It's make me little suppressed and disappointed. I don't have so much now.
I was make application but I must pay for it.
I counted my sum and I found out that I have only about fifty dollars and my wages will be not soon.
I asked my friends about helping me and they said that have not at the present moment.
If you can help me money I shall be grateful to you.
And we can be soon together.
I have found out, that is company which make remittances worldwide.
it's western union.
I remember that I saw advertising this company on tv.
I take a directory book and found the address of it and it's not far from me.
I went there, and I asked them about service.
They said that sender must go to the western union, give them information: the name and last name of receiver, country they make transfer and bring the ten digits secret code to sender.
The receiver must know ten digits for receiving money.
They say that the branches of it must be everywhere worldwide.
Here is the information about me:
Country: Russia
City: Saratov
Name: Olga
Lastname: Mikisheva
Address of branch of western union:
Alpha - bank
The address: street. Moscowskaja, 70
I must know your full name, full address.
You must know that I decide to ask you about it because I love you and trust you very much. I decide to come to you because I feel this way and you are very necessary to me, decided to come to the unfamiliar country and I never be outside my country.
But I decided to do it because now you are part of my life and I trust you in all. I think you trust me too and love me too.
You must inform me the closest airport to you I'll ask the help with ticket from my relatives. Please, don't forget to tell me the closest airport.
My love I need 300 US dollars I think you will help me because we found our love and we want to meet closer.
You must inform me ten digits and I can receive it.
You must know we must hurry because I can receive the documents soon, and if we lost the time it is necessary for a long time.
Now it's very difficultly to receive the visa to your country, and it's fact, but if I pay now, I think I do it.
I think about sense of money, and I'm very sad if this paper can prevent people to meet each other.
In most cases the money play a main role in life but it's not right! I'm sure.
And the quantity of money was and will not important to me, I always not aspired to material enrichment and don't search specially for rich male.
I appreciate human qualities and relations, and I love you David!!!
I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now. I want to be with you forever.
If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life.
I think you love me too and we will meet very soon.
You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours.
Probably, you will not trust me after that the letter.
Probably, you will decide that I am a deceiver.
But I can repeat to you, all my words, all my ideas, all my feelings to you is a true.
And as though the destiny has not turned to us, as though you have not decided, I shall love all the same you. And I shall prove to you, that it is not simple words.
I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon. Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Always your love Olga

Letter 12

Hello my love David!!!!
I was very glad to your letter.
My lovely forgive me for that that I did not write to you yesterday.
I was very much occupied on work and I could not go in Internet - cafe and write to you the letter.
My lovely I hope that you not so have taken offence at me.
I each day dream of you and about us.
I present us together and I dream of that as you concern me and kiss me.
I very much want that you concerned my body, embraced and kissed me.
I very much love you and I devote to you this poem:

I wrote your name on a piece of paper but by accident I threw it away.
I wrote your name on my hand but it washed away.
I wrote your name in the sand but the waves whisped it away.
I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay.

I very much love you and very much I want that we were together faster.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Your love Olga.



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