Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Hey hey my great mate. I wanna to begin my letter saying I am looking for a serious person. I'm very interested in our correspondence. I'm sharing with u my personal images. So you love it, we can stand closer to each other. What language do u choose for interactions. Do u understand what I am writing to u? I'm Tatiana. My homeland is Czechia but I'm living in Ukraina for several years. Where're you from originally? Maybe we are next to each other. Now the 21st century now, and it will be interesting to learn about each other by e-mail. I find the huge kilometres between us is not a big trouble for u and me. I am thirty-four. I'm seeking a serious relationship, given my age, I doni╒t wish virtual games and lies. Although, Ukraine big enough, I did not find my person, and I wish to try to find him online. So reply me a letter if youi╒re really interested in communicating with me in a mail or chat. For me, the main thing in a young man must be no younger than my age, not a violent, gentle and who can take care of a woman. Do u have a pics for me? Share your images too. I'm looking forward to quick reply from ur. Interested? Please reply ONLY to my regular e-mail: I will be grateful to your commitment.
Letter 2
Hi. Please read my letter before answering it. I'm looking for a man who is older than me.
Do you understand what i'm writing here, do you know English?
I wanted to get to know you more, it is not specified from which country you are from in your profile nor it doesn't say anything about your age.
I'm looking for a serious man, not younger than me. How old are you? A little bit about myself, I am thirty four years old, I live in Ukraine.
My name is Tetiana, and I also like when people call me Teti. I'm lonely, I have no children and never was married.
I want to meet a man with whom I will watch movies in a theater, walk around the park, have dinner together after work, wake up in the morning together with kisses.
I seek my life partner and be with him for the rest of my life, the one who wants to meet a girlfriend or wife to create a true relationship.
If our interests coincide, please send me your photo and reply, then we can continue our communication in more detail.
Do not forget to send your photo, and here is mine also.
Letter 3
Woha my awesome friend. I like to start my electronic mail saying I am seeking for a serious person. I'm very interested in you. I'm sharing with u my photo. So u love it, we can get closer. What language do u prefer for correspondence. Do u understand what I am telling to u? U may call me Tatjana. My homeland is Czechia but I am living in Ukraine now. Where u from originally? Perhaps we're next to each other. Now the 21st century is in the yard, and it will be interesting to get to know each other by mail. I mean the huge kilometres between us is not a big problem for u and me. I am 34 years. I am seeking a serious relationship, given my age, I do not prefer virtual games and lies. Although, Ukraine large enough, I didn't find my man, and I wanted to try to find him online. So response me a letter if you're interested in interactions with me in a email or chat. To me, the main parameters in a person must be at least my age 34 y.old, not aggressive, gentle and who wish take care of a lady. Do you have a pics for me? Share yours pics too. Im expecting fast answer from your. Interested? Please write ONLY to my personal e-mail:
Letter 4
Marry Holidays! Just how really did you waste Start of the year along with Xmas? I feel it's time for us to begin the brand-new calendar year with love. Now don't you believe I'm correct? Perhaps we can connect at some point. I was born in The united states, I lived there until I turned 10, and today I reside in Ukraine. I haven't found a male inside my place and wanted to attempt to search over the internet. Please let me know exactly what city do you live in? It is amazing that using the help of the online world, we can easily become familiar with one another much better. Right now I am thirty-five yoa, currently an adult for the serious connection, I do not want anybody to experiment with my feelings that's for certain. I'm Zhanna btw, but you can simply call me Zhan. If you're interested in getting to know me far better, then we can carry on our chat. Did you like the picture of me personally, that I've included in the attachment? You actually don't have to reply if you didn't enjoy it. I'm aiming to discover a male who's much older than me, certainly not violent, delicate, and who is going to truly take care of me and simply deal with me proper. I am going to additionally be glad to obtain your own personal image with the answer if you're interested. I'm hoping you will not actually make me wait around long and definitely will reply as quick as possible.
Letter 5
Buon giorno. how is how is your mood?
Let's try to talks!
Im advantageous Woman:) Soon Im trying to find colossal male from USA:-)
What State are you from?
I'll reply to You my photo attached;-) My e-mail for response have a good time Haya my true! Hope U r zany, I hope you're able to small talk
Letter 6
Hey! Thank you for replying. I wasn't sure, if you remembered me. And yes, since we live so close we can meet up very fast! And I will send you the pictures. However, I do have to a little discreet. I do not want anybody to know what I am looking for. That's why I have signed up. A very professional site where I feel totally safe. And I have been hacked on mail and FB and everything else, you can be hacked, so I will only reply you there. I am sorry, but got so many bad experiences. But find me there. Same pictures and name. Let's finally meet and have a good time. What you say? Tanjaaa
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