Scam letter(s) from Alina Redina to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
I want to meet you. I hope you like mine
photos? I will briefly tell you about myself. My name is Iraida. I am 37 years old. By my zodiac sign I am cancer. I never I was not married and have no children. I live in Spain. I want to see your photos. I hope you will glad to meet me. I think that you will find time so that we can get to know each other better. I'm waiting for yours letter.
Letter 2
I'm glad to receive your answer. Now we are friends? Hi hi. For our convenience, I prefer English language. I'll tell you about myself. I work as a dentist in Spain. Now I'm rummaging on my laptop and if I find it, I will send you a photo of my work. Tell me honestly, do you like getting my photos?
I would also like to receive your photo, with every letter. After all, when there is a photo, is the letter more interesting to read?
Smile. I do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. I prefer sports. But if a big holiday, I can afford to drink red wine. Lol. What drink do you like to drink? How do you relax?
Do you do any sports? It's still good that I have a new friend. Lol. We will exchange letters, and cheer each other up. I'm just tired of hearing information about covid 19.
Life goes on and we must look for the positive. I have two options. Either created a virus specifically to reduce the number of retirees. Or there is no virus at all. Lol. I also want to know your opinion about covid 19. And forget about it, we will not write letters with this virus. Because constantly on TV and the Internet discussing this virus. And already tired. I send you greetings from sunny Spain.
Letter 3
I am glad to receive your letter. Sorry I didn't write to you. There were problems with the PC, and a lot of work.
Our letters help us to get to know each other better.
Sometimes I try to connect the internet to see your letter. If the letter is missing, I try again, In 5 minutes. It is very important for me to share my opinion and mood with you. At least just talk about the weather. I am very I regret that there is a long distance between us. Just if you were in Spain and asked me out on a date. I put on would be the best dress. Do you like my idea? But there are a thousand kilometers between us, maybe because of this we are pleased communicate? We write, our thoughts are in the head. If we find ourselves at the same table, what if there are other thoughts? But I'm sure that we will find common themes. Because I think you are a very interesting man. I am not hinting at a meeting. I reason about our friendship. I am very glad that I met you on the Internet. Tell me how was your day?
Now I will be looking forward to your letter. Iraida
Letter 4
I want to tell you that I'm used to you. I'm glad I found you. I hope I was not mistaken in my choice. After all, you are not will you hurt me? You make me happy. I like to receive your letters, I need your letters. I need your tender words.
I think that you have become much more than just a friend to me. My dear, in this short time we have become very close people. Do you agree with me? I never cease to be amazed at this fact. I greedily read every line in your letter, and at this moment no one and nothing interests me.
You know I don't want to lose this feeling. I hope this is mutual. Iraida.
Letter 5
I will start the letter this way. I am glad that you appeared in my life.
Do you like this beginning better? Now I can't even imagine my life without your letters. I regret that it is impossible in the letter, display all the feelings that I have for you. I need a man next to whom I will be happy. I want to laugh what all the same concepts of happiness, some girls. It is happiness for me to have a strong family. To love and cherish your husband.
I don’t need anything but yourself. I haven't had such feelings for a long time. When I think about you my heart starts to pound harder. I'm so lonely without you. The room is so empty. I want to confess to you, to tell you the truth of how I feel.
I look at people and try to see you. Is it crazy? Or maybe all my thoughts are about you? I hope this mutually. I really dream to celebrate Christmas with you. I'm sure we will have an unforgettable time. We will do everything we have dreamed of for a long time. We will be happy, and we will enjoy every day. I really want see you, touch you. Feel your warmth.
Letter 6
How are you there? How is your health? What's new with you?
Honey, I'm writing you a letter. because I no longer found a way to express all my feelings and emotions.
You know perfectly well how long I have been waiting for a man like you, it is you who give me my dreams.
I feel so elated that any angel can envy me. Looking at your photo.
my heart starts beating faster and faster every minute. it takes my breath away and goose bumps run all over my body. This is Love! I feel that we will be with you together.
This is my wish, and I always make it! I dream of the day when we are alone with you.
in the evenings I imagine: how you take me to a beautiful place where everything exists only for the two of us.
This watch will be the happiest and most wonderful for us. I want to plunge into your arms, forget about everything on light and enjoy your presence. I haven't had a man for a long time. And now, I hope I have a man???
Letter 7
I am glad to receive your letter. We can meet in a few days.
But the problem is 280 dollars. Please help me. I want to see you. And I hope that we will be together soon.
Can you send money to western union or money gram? My info. Iraida Petrova. Russia.
Don't be surprised, I'm in Russia now, because I came to the funeral. My aunt died, so I don't have enough money.
I'm looking forward to meeting you.
Letter 8
Why am I not ready to do it all myself, as before ??? Because I believe that yes love is beautiful, a great feeling that blows your mind to such an extent that sometimes you start to lose respect for yourself ...
maybe from some side this is even great. since, to put it mildly, this does not happen often. but still I think that in any successful relationship, MUTUAL RESPECT is in the first place... without it, love of any strength is only temporary.
Now in your life there is a "black streak", everyone has it. I understand it. And I'm ready to support and believe in you in any situations. I write off your "peculiar" attitude towards me on the black bar (I want to believe it)
I understand that in this situation with such tension, my attempts to talk to you seem to be just my whim and only annoy you. But I ask you to understand me too. it is unrealistic for me to see how after our next conversation on the next day, everything remains the same. I do not believe that changes should occur right the next day, and focal. no. I just want to see every day small steps in my direction that will give I have a hint of MUTUALITY Maybe I did not behave correctly from the beginning, trying to do everything for the two of us. But now I asked you for money. And I want to see how serious you take me.
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