Scam letter(s) from Galina to Eddy (Belgium)

Letter 1
Eddy ;) hello ;) You answered and... I see I was right about you and we are really looking for the same things!!! Thank you!!! I was wait for your e-mail really so much!!! You wish to know me better but... I am even don't know: What to tell?.. I am 30 years old ;) My family is my mom - dad left us in a childhood... ;))) Also, I live eastern part of Ukraine - the town Krasnodon... I work in a local library as librarian ;))) And yes, I like to read really so much!!!
And... what about you? Do you like to read? What is your last book?.. As for my hobbies... I like walk in the park ;)) I like cinema and my favorite film genre is romantic one ;)) One from ma favorite film is "Gone with the Wind"... After I saw it - my dream was find a man who will love me with all the heart... all the soul - the man who will take my care... my tenderness and love!!! I couldn't find this man in Ukraine and... I have decide to looking for MY MAN abroad... I thought it is impossible because of lack of of English but ;)) it became possible with help of Translation Company who translate our correspondence ;)) But... I am understand that it is just temporary means - I wish and I will learn English!!! Well, Eddy ;) I'll stop here and... I'll add some photo:
Photo with mom and... the one near my work ;)) I hope to see an answer from you soon!!! I wish you a good day and... Kiss you! ;) Galina ;)
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