Scam letter(s) from Lusine Mazmanyan to Buzz (USA)

Letter 1
My name is Elena.
We met with you on a dating site. you give me your email. I hope that we will communicate and get to know each other. Are you already in a relationship? Or free? This is the first thing I want to ask you. I send my photo to remind myself. Hope you remember me and answer. Want to know your name? As they call you, your friends.
Waiting for your answer
Letter 2
I am glad, that you have answered me. I hope that we will communicate and get to know each other.
Buzz I cannot write to you often. But I can write every day. I don’t have a computer at home. I should come to the Internet-cafe. Only here I can use a computer and the Internet. My village is in the remote place. We do not have a cellular connection. no signal for phones.
I contract for five years. Soon my contract will end. I do not think to continue it. I to conclude the contract after college. I have forgotten to tell, where I am. I in small northern city. In the Tyumen area. My village is called Nikolskaya. I am now 28 years old. I was born on August 17, 1991. I work here in hospital. I am a nurse. After the termination of college I at once have arrived here. Nearby 1000 person here lives. Here there is a local population and often there come geologists.
Buzz I do not know about what to speak. What to tell. You me ask. I shall tell to you. That is interesting to you. I live in the rented apartment. I love cooking, I never was married. I do not have children. In the past to year went by the sea. Has returned from training recently. There has got acquainted with the girl. She recently has married. Happy. Has told, that has got acquainted with the husband on the Internet. I too have decided to try. Together with her have created profile. But nobody wrote. I have forgotten about it.
Only has casually seen your letter. I hope, that we shall communicate.
I here to be dying of boredom. I do not know what to do. Here seldom who is ill, all already adult. Up to the big city about 150 kilometers. Any rest. I only to study books, and different recipes, technics of massage. To read the different literature. The TV shows only a few channels.
Buzz I hope, that you to tell to me about the life. I shall tell to you history which was here in the winter. Some wolves for famine have come to village. And to eat the cow. Then their hunters of all to shoot. You represent, what here a solitude. As to me it is lonely. I wish to learn you better. It can a happy case. We shall be together happy? I do not know. I wish to learn you better. To receive your photos. I shall be glad, if you will send them. I send you the photos.
Buzz I wait for your letter. Also I wait your photos.
Letter 3
I have not received your letter. Why you have not written to me? At you it is a lot of work? I hope, that you wish to communicate with me.
Or I can to you have not liked?
Buzz, I hope, what you were frightened with history about wolves?
Such happens. This village far from the big city. Around a wood. Once could not make road about one month. Waited for tractors. Ate only a fish and canned food. Then to us have brought products. I remember, many have started to eat much. Then to lay in hospital. I to look after them. When long to not eat, it is impossible to gorge on at once.
Buzz, I shall continue to inform on myself. I hope that to you interestingly. It is interesting to me to learn you. I shall be glad to see a photo. Very much. I from a boarding school. After school me at once have sent in medical college. After college have signed the contract. And I already here. At me anybody is not present. Some friends from the Boarding school, and college. Parents I do not know.
I do not know even as well as where them to search. Speak, that they were militarians. So to all spoke. I wished to study documents. But then me to send here under the contract, and here you learn nothing.
Here all family. Everyone live families some tens years. Young to come too in pairs. One at us have killed. That stuck to the another's wife.
Her the husband has shot him. Him then to take away police. He should return in 4 years.
Buzz, today here good weather. The sun, warmly. Tell to me about the district. About the city. What do you like to do? What you do in weekend? At you it is a lot of friends? How you have a rest? You go in for sports? I to be engaged in gymnastics. I do different exercises.
To run in the morning. I love fresh air.
Buzz, I hope, that I shall receive your new photo, I learn more about you. It happens very soon. As soon as you to receive my letter. The truth?
Buzz, I very much wait.
Letter 4
Buzz today because of weather very bad Internet. I hope, that my letter to reach you. I send the photo. On a photo I and mine friend Nastya.
Buzz it is very pleasant to me to receive from you a photo. It very much to like me. I hope that you will send me still some photos.
My village about 180 km from the city of Tyumen. I hope, that you can find my village. I never to see the parents and I do not know there is at me a brother or the sister. I even do not have their photo. When I tried that be to learn about them, nobody to speak me. I hope, that you will not remind me any more, that I one. I have only friends.
As to music I listen to different music, all depends on mood. But the preference I give pop-100 and radio.
I shall come tomorrow. I hope, that all will be good to work.
Do not miss, I shall soon return.
Letter 5
Buzz it appears problems were not from for weathers. Problems were in wires. Where that has occured oxidation from for dampness. They did not see it. Now all have made. All works. I wish to ask you about yours hobbies. What is pleasant to you? Music? Sports? Games?
Navigation? Tell to me.
Buzz I to have a lot of time for work, read many books. I am engaged aerobics under the book. I look as it do on the TV. Many interesting programs. I even work as a cook for the holiday. I can cook different dishes, even Oriental. Do you like to eat tasty? Good cooking? Do you cook your own food? Or eat in the public dining room? What dishes do you like? Tell me.
Buzz you to like to play sports? Or you can look what be competitions on the TV? What kinds of sports? I very much love hockey. Because there all so is fast. They to go on an ice. To roll a washer. It seems to me very interesting. I always to look Olympiad. To like me biathlon.
Buzz I likely have set to you many questions. not tired to answer? I would like to receive your new photo? To send?
I shall wait.
I send you the photo.
Letter 6
I do not receive from you letters. Probably I to not like you? Write to me that would be that I knew. I shall wait for your answer.
Letter 7
Buzz as your mood? What ate today? How it was slept? Thought of me? I thought of you. That you do. About that to send you to me the photo or not. I began to think of you much. I wish to communicate more. I wish to learn about you more and more. It is a pity, that my village far from the district center. From the village I as I can not call to you.
But I think, that I can go to the next city, and I can call to you.
You know how to do it? I never called in other countries. Likely there it is necessary to type many figures. Probably the code of the country is necessary? I to specify it. You can inform me the telephone number?
It is pleasant to me to receive one more your photo. It too very much was pleasant to me. You as always to look is remarkable.
Buzz I yesterday have told about you on work. I work with the old woman. She the doctor the therapist. To it it is already fast on pension. She very closely to listen to me. Has then asked, suddenly you will deceive me, or you the maniac. She reads many histories and looks programs on the TV. Has told, that experiences for me. Has told to be very cautious. Then drank tea, talked. She one lives. Has told, that if was young, too so to try. All life lives here, did not go anywhere. Now regrets for it. Has not married. All life was lived by one. And its sister has passed all world. But she did not see it more than 30 years.
Buzz you have told about me to whom be? To Friends? To relatives?
What do they speak? Or you still spoke nothing? It is not important.
The main thing that you to answer my questions and to send a photo. I can learn about you so much. To understand, good you the man or not? I am assured, that you good. I not so lucky person. All should vary. I so think. I am happy, that have got acquainted with you.
I can learn now you better. What do you wish to learn about me?
I wait for your answer and a photo.
Letter 8
Buzz I am assured, that you to wake up today with good mood. Has woken up and has received my letter. Or on the contrary. Only to come from work. It is tired. To open mail, and there my letter and a photo.
Day became better at once. The truth? I do not know, when you to receive my letters. All from for differences in time. I understand in it a little. But I know, that at us can be on the contrary. At you day, at me night.
Buzz today I have prepared tasty cake. At Natalia birthday. I shall give it cake and a beech of colors. She never to celebrate birthday.
Speaks, that already old and all her friends have died. But I always to give it cake. She at once blossoms. The mood at her to become better. Then flowers. She as any woman loves flowers. I know it.
Buzz you for a long time were on a holiday? We have not enough holidays here. Very few people to celebrate birthdays. Usually all to leave to celebrate in the city of Tyumen. It is the big city. But there far to go. I to celebrate the birthday on work. And how you like to have a rest? Where? How to meet holidays? With whom? You Want, what I would be on your birthday? When you were born?
Buzz, Natalia asked to betray to you hi. Asks to tell all about you.
But I do not want. I wish to communicate and learn you only itself.
She wishes to learn that be, then all tells. I feel more happily when I receive your letter. I likely not clearly to write and not clearly to answer some questions. Forgive me for mine English. I to study it for a long time. When went to school and in college. If that it is not clear ask me. I shall be corrected. I hope, that my mistakes do not upset you.
I already miss Buzz!!!!!
Letter 9
Try to write to me every day. I every day wait your letters. I wish to communicate with you more.
Letter 10
Buzz I am glad to learn more about you. I constantly think as passes your day. That you do. do you think about me.
Thanks for a photo. It too very much was pleasant to me. My full name - Elena Evgenevna Biryukova. From films I like a fantasy, adventures and to a comedy.
Today good day. The sun bright. Blinds eyes when I to look at the sky.
At you as with weather? What you do? What plans at you? Ideas? You Will send me a new photo? I would be glad to receive. How to you my photos? I send still today. I hope, that you need photo to like very much.
Buzz I very much miss, I think of you. That you do. I have noticed, that when I go to the Internet-cafe, I think you have written to me or not. Even I experience. When I think of you, I smile. I have met the neigbour when went to the Internet of cafe. She has told, that I strange look, very cheerful. With a smile. As though has gone mad. I joke. I do not know, how it to describe. But now I too smile. Last night to sit one and to look TV. Has thought, that if could go with you on walk. I with pleasure already to run on a meeting to you. Could walk in park. Or to go to coast. Well would spend time.
Buzz I today to go to pool. You like to float? It is pleasant to me.
I am able to float in the different ways. And you?
Buzz I would like to ask you. As you represent the first appointment.
If we to live nearby. How it will look? I represent a beautiful table, on run of lake, a candle, music. We with you together. You love a fish baked? It is a little salads, tea. We with you to sit opposite each other. We tell different histories. Likely I very romantic. In the sky of a star, the moon. All is fine. Nothing is necessary more. And how you think?
I look forward to hearing.
Very much I wait.
Letter 11
Buzz I today have almost fallen. Has had time to expose hands. Went, to think and to not notice a stick. To stumble, and to fall. But was in time, will expose hands. Otherwise would break to itself a forehead probably or face. Very strongly to be frightened.
Buzz I would like to learn about yours last relations. If you wish to tell. If you do not want, it is not necessary. It is interesting to me, why at you it has not turned out. Why you one and you to search for love in the Internet. I shall tell to you about myself.
Here there are no men with whom I would wish to be together. They all are already married or old. If still alcoholics. For which except for alcohol nothing is necessary. They simply work and then to drink. Then again to work and drink. When I studied in college all wished to drag only me in a bed. And it is more than anything. There was such sensation, that *** is necessary to all men only. Therefore I to not meet there anybody. I refused to all. There was at me a good guy. He to leave in army. There has remained. Married and lives now. I long to cry. Has then concluded the contract, and it has appeared here. Far from all. First to me it was normal. I worked and worked. Nothing was necessary for me. But now to me it is very lonely. I wish to be every day with the beloved. Every night. I thought what to do. Then to me on have told, that is possible will get acquainted through the Internet.
And I have met you.
Buzz I to answer all your questions. If you do not understand what that answers tell to me. I to try to answer again. I am not so good English. And consequently I ask you to ask, if I that that have not told. Or that that is not clear. At once write to me. Well?
Buzz I wait for your answer.
And a photo
Letter 12
I wait for your letters every day. why don't you answer me? can you have another woman? how many women do you write?
Letter 13
Buzz I am glad to receive your letter. With each letter we learn each other more. And to become more close. How your day? Weather? All is good? How slept? What to eat? What interesting today happens? You Will tell to me? Forgive that so many questions at once. I wish to wish you good day or good night. I do not know when you to receive my letters.
How to you my photo?
Buzz it is very a pity to me, that you have divorced from the wife.
And then she has died. Accept my condolences. I shall not remind any more to you of it.
Buzz that was interesting today? This day? Tell to me. I had a usual day. I have woken up. To wash. Has made exercises, has again gone to a shower. Has made tea, with biscuit. Has then gone for work. To meet the yard keeper. She wish me a great day. I her too. On work I all quickly to make. Also read the book. Read Dostoevsky. Earlier at school, us forced to read. And now I to read. It is pleasant to me.
During the lunchtime I to attempt. A potato with meat a cutlet. To us today have told, that there will arrive verification. It is necessary to prepare all. Everything is always clean and there are no mistakes.
Therefore I to not pay attention at all that there will be a check. I have gone to the Internet-cafe, here already I write to you the letter. Today to search, what photo to you to send. I hope, that it is pleasant to you.
Buzz I send you an air kiss which to present you the smile, warmly and good mood.
I wait for your letter.
Letter 14
Buzz I today was frightened. Has come to the Internet-cafe, and here all upside down. Thought, that them robbed. It appears, they do rearrangement. At them has burned down, what that the device. Because for a long time to not do cleaning. There was a lot of dust. It was necessary to them to buy the new device. I thought, that I can not write to you and send a photo. Also I can not learn about opinion of your friends and relatives. But one computer has been connected. To me to allow it to use.
Buzz I yesterday to look film. And to fall asleep. Has seen a dream as went through a wood. One. It was very terrible. But I have seen a silhouette ahead. I have gone there. Went, went, but could not catch up. Also it has appeared on a beautiful glade. There it was very cosy.
I have seen, that the silhouette comes nearer to me from darkness.
Here to call an alarm clock. I to wake up. It was necessary to go for work. I have decided to lay down to sleep yet 20 minutes. Thought, that I can see continuation of a dream. But nothing happens. I was upset a little. And was late for work a little. But I think, that I can see this night continuation. How you think, you can be this silhouette? Or a dream it simply our dreams? How you concern to dreams?
I yesterday long to look at the stars, one to drink tea. Very alone. I likely understand, why every night wolves howl on the moon. At us here it is very audible. Because a wood nearby. Because it it is very lonely. I thought of you. To me it became much better. I do not know, how you to do it. But you to make my life it is more interesting.
Buzz I very much wait for your answer
I send a new photo. It is pleasant????
Letter 15
Buzz I am glad to receive your letter. I always very strongly wait your letters. They are necessary to me as air.
Buzz I work much. And I already for a long time did not receive a vacation. On the sea I was only once. I never to see ocean. I very much would like to live not far from the sea. Where always warmly.
Buzz I today talked to colleagues on work. All of them prepare to verification. I'm fine. I to show all. The chief of a department, praise me. Has then told, that it is time to me to find already to itself the man. It is necessary to leave this solitude and to go to live in the big city. Has asked, how many I already one. I have told, what not one. I to communicate with you. She to start to ask it is a lot of questions. I then to regret what to tell to it. At it work is not enough, therefore she all all to ask. It is good, that her have called. She has left. And I am tired from inquiries.
Buzz at us on work female collective. All to tell about all. Now she will tell about you. I to not be surprised, if tomorrow everyone will know about you. You not against? I Hope not against. And you have told already to whom that about us? To relatives, the friends familiar?
What do they speak? Or you to hide me as a secret?
Buzz I think of you much. I spoke you about it. You think it normally? By the way, it is pleasant to you to a photo? I think to send a little next time. I would like to write and write. All to tell to you. There are no secrets from you. It very much calms me. I cheer up also feel better. After I all to tell to you, I go home as the butterfly, I fly above the ground. At me as though wings have grown.
Then I wait for your letter. I wait when work will end, I can go to the Internet-cafe. To open mail. And to learn, that you did. To see a photo. You to have such sensations?
Buzz I wish you good day and night. That all would be fine.
Very much I wait for your answer.
Letter 16
I wish you to lead well weekend. And I hope, that for weekend you will try to write to me. I wait your letters.
Letter 17
Buzz I very much miss and I wish to be c you for ever. I trust that at us with you all will be good. I do not know why. I can certainly is not right. But so it seems to me.
Buzz how to pass your day? How to feel? How slept? What to eat? What you do today? Thought of me? What you wish to learn about me? Ask. I shall be glad to answer each your question. I hope, that you understand my answers. If something is not clear, necessarily ask me.
I can incorrectly write. And you do not understand me. I do not want, that between us was misunderstanding.
Buzz I hope, that you feel well. I today all day and night has lead in hospital. There was a watch. To put in hospital the old woman. For her it is necessary to look all time. And consequently have entered additional watch. She has left on street, could not resist. Has fallen. Broke her pelvic ****. Has fallen to fire wood. From for it all happens. She one lives, to not go anywhere. As she to work here all lives. For her to look all village. Now she in hospital about plaster. I do not wish to be as she. I do not wish to be lonely. She all life has lead on work. And anything any more has not reached.
Buzz I am very tired. All conversations on this woman. Forgive. It is necessary to go home to sleep. All this time for watch I thought of you. Thought, how it will be fine to take each other for hands. To pass on park. On any road. Could sit on a bench. Together to have supper. To look film. Easier to communicate. You know cheerful histories? At us it refers to a joke. I know much.
Buzz it shall be possible to name I you my guy? You became very close to me. More than two weeks we to communicate. I very much like it. I already feel, that I not one. Because in other end to have the man.
Which is pleasant to me. I hope, that you too to test to me warm feelings. You are glad, what we to communicate?
I shall wait for your answer.
Buzz I send you a photo. That even as that to come nearer to you.
I ask to answer more likely. I wait new photos.
Letter 18
Buzz I very much waited, when I can come to the Internet-cafe. Very much wished to tell to you about a today's case. Here there was a ******. Today at night two women took alcohol. One girl had a birthday. They were *****. Her the friend began to dance before the husband. And she her has pushed. She has fallen to a table, from a table on a floor. And the knife has fallen to a floor during this moment. She to fall to a knife. Me have woken at night. What I save her. But I could not make anything any more. For the first time on my hands to die the person. I could make nothing. It was accident. How could this happen. It as though destiny. I to not sleep since night.
There has arrived police and me to interrogate. Here only recently I to leave. Now to go home. To not represent At all as I to fall asleep.
I have made everything, that could. But could not her save. It is very terrible to me to go home. There has arrived the chief of police.
Likely Elizaveta today will take away in police. And then there will be a court. Why it happens? Whence it is so much rage at her. It can destiny?
Buzz I thought, why I all time one. Why I can not meet the man. Has now met you. I can tell all to you. All to trust. It can too destiny?
I now think, what accident does not happen? Or we to get acquainted simply so? You like me. I like to communicate with you. Get to know you. I sit in the evening and I think, what photos to you to send. I think, that you to answer. That you will tell on my words. I looked TV earlier, did exercises, to run. All as the robot. Now I think of you.
How is it possible that we will meet? How would this happen? Many different ideas. Which to me to help to live. To give pleasure. At you to have such sensations?
Buzz tell to me, that you to feel. I likely to not fall asleep today at night. I would not like to go home at all. I there shall be absolutely alone. I cannot forget a sight that woman. Hope this pass.
I shall think of you.
I wish you good day, good night, tasty food and good mood.
Buzz I very much wait for your answer.
Letter 19
Buzz I think of us much. I very much wait for your letters every day.
And the today's letter very much to cheer me up. I to trust, that all will be good at us.
Buzz I today badly slept. All I can not forget about this case in any way. Sat on kitchen, to drink tea, to look TV. But all equally could not forget. Then I go to bed and counted to 1000. Has fallen asleep.
Has woken up. It became little bit better. Moods were not. Attempted, to drink tea. Has gone for work. There again all about it speak. The whole day was long. I all time to look at hours. When the working day will end. I have gone to the Internet-cafe. I very much wished to receive your letter. To forget about it. To not recollect Any more. I do not wish to speak about it and I shall ask you to not recollect too. These are very bad memoirs. I try to forget such.
Buzz I wish to go today to a wood and to walk. To breathe fresh air.
It to cheer up. Can even run a little. To get tired. When I get tired, I wish to sleep. I well sleep. Because I have good dreams. I spoke you, that for a long time did not see dreams. After acquaintance to you. I see class dreams. Bright and remembered. Speak, that it is impossible to tell the dreams. Otherwise they do not become a reality.
I shall not do it.
Buzz I am very glad what to meet you. You to give my life a lot of positive. I began to feel much better. I hope, that at you the same sensations.
Buzz I send you today a photo. I think, that it is pleasant to you.
Yesterday I could not fall asleep. I looked the old photos. Also thought, what to send you. Also has found it. The photo were made by mine the friend. Which to tell about acquaintance in the Internet. I wrote to you about it.
Buzz I hope, that at you all is good. My letter will bring to you pleasure and good mood. I send the air kisses with it. I trust, that all will be good.
Buzz I very much wait for your answer. Very much I miss.
Yours Elena.
Letter 20
Dear Buzz I now have come to the Internet of cafe and hoped to receive your letter. I wait for your answers to the letters and I hope that you will write to me soon. I have come from work and thought that I can learn as you and as your work. But you have not written to me and I worry and I wait for your letter.
Letter 21
How was your day? At you all is good? I have not received your letter.
Your letters I wait every day. I wish to communicate with you more.
I miss you.
Yours Elena.
Letter 22
Buzz I am glad to receive your letter. I missed you. And with impatience waited for your answer. I to read your letters on two three times. I wish to communicate with you more.
Buzz I yesterday to run a little. Then to prepare for salad and soup from the hen. To attempt. I so am tired to be one. One for itself cook. One goes to bed. It would be desirable to have fun, talk. And not with anyone. Earlier I had a cat. But he has died. I did not begin to search for another. I do not know why. Since then I live one. I to go to the neigbour. She too one. Knows many interesting histories. I her to listen. We together to drink tea about a pie. Yesterday I to attempt and go to her. She the beginnings me to ask about Elizaveta. I have told, that have forgotten to switch off an iron and have left. I do not wish to recollect about it.
Buzz when I have come home. I thought of us much. About a meeting. As it to make. Thought, that can be after a meeting. I did not take holiday many years. Could not, under the contract. Now the contract will soon end. I need to make a decision. To remain. Or to leave. I think of that will meet you. How you think? Is it possible? You can meet me? I to not have representation, as all in other countries. I looked on TV and everywhere all miscellaneous. To me it is very terrible. To leave everything, that I to have. All whom the nobility.
To go to other country to you. But I am tired to be one. On work to me one woman has told, that you can deceive me. To send not the photos.
It can mentally appear not healthy. Or in general to **** me. She to hear such in news. Has told to me a heap of different histories. From slavery, before sale in a brothel. I have told, that such cannot be.
That you not such. Did not begin her to listen more. Can she envy. She lives with the husband. He likes to drink. When drinks - beats her.
She then complains. But in the police does not go. Then he does not drink some months. But for work him do not take. Because he if will drink, it too for some months. He is engaged at home with children, does different products from a tree. And she complains on him constantly. I do not wish to speak about her. I wish to talk about you. About a meeting.
Buzz you can meet me? If I shall arrive to you? Where I can remain? I can remain with you? We can even know each other better. We can be pleased lives, to be happy. If you will tell "YES" - I shall think about a trip. You never to deceive me? I very much to trust you. If I to go, I to trust you the life. Because I am more than nobody the nobility in your country.
Buzz, and you can arrive itself here? We could meet in Moscow or Saint Petersburg? Tell to me what idea to you it is pleasant more.
I with impatience wait for your answer. I hope, that you soon to receive my letter and can answer. I send the photos.
Yours Elena.
Letter 23
Buzz I have not received your letter. Why you have not answered me?
At you was a lot of work? Or something else? How you have lead weekend?
I hope, what you want our meeting? I can arrive to you. I wait for your answer.
I love you Buzz.
Yours Elena.
Letter 24
Buzz I do not receive from you the letter. Really there are no even five minutes to write to me the letter? You in fact know, that I very strongly wait your letters. Or you can do not want our meeting? If you do not want, that I would come to you simply tell to me about it.
I wait your letters every day.
Yours Elena
Letter 25
Buzz I am glad to hear your answer. You are right want, what I would arrive? It is healthy. I will have some free days. Tomorrow I'll go, and I'll start to learn everything about the trip. I need to know in what airport to fly, what dates you can meet me. I never to go in other country. I will find out what documents I need. All I shall make out and I shall plan a trip. I hope, that you to not change the mind.
I shall not prolong the contract. I will do everything to come to you.
Buzz I am very excited. At me simply head now to **** up from ideas.
From everything, that I to imagine. I could not think about a trip at all. I thought what to prolong the contract, I shall live and work further. But I am tired to live one. I to meet you. It seems to me, that it is destiny. We shall be together. We shall be happy. All will be good. I think that is exactly what I have to wait all this time.
Buzz I am very happy. I do not know how to describe words these sensations. I think I'm in love with you. I want a meeting with you. I shall inform all. Thanks what to meet me and to accept.
I love you Buzz!!!!!!!
I the happiest. I soon to meet you. All will be good. I hope, that you to not deceive me and to not have bad plans. To not sell me in slavery and you will not scoff. Forgive what to speak about it, I am more to recollect never about it.
I am assured, that you fine the man. All will be good at us. We shall be together. All will be good. I sincerely trust you my life.
I shall inform all.
I madly miss Buzz!!!!
Yours Elena.
Letter 26
Buzz I today everywhere was. All documents, for a trip to other country, I need to receive from the very beginning. To pay all duties, to pay gathering, to pass medical the commission. Now I should collect all papers and fill questionnaires. I to understand it a little.
Therefore I to address in Travel agency. They to give a guarantee.
Today I shall transfer all of them documents. I shall know tomorrow, that else is necessary, when all will be prepared. First I need to receive information and the passport for travel abroad. I shall be engaged in it. All I shall inform you. On work I have already warned, that I shall leave. All documents I shall take away with myself. The room will be free soon. When will arrive new nurse.
Buzz I very much to experience and worry. I hope, that you did not deceive me and always were sincere with me. I all the night long did not sleep today. All thought. To do to me documents or not. Now I am precisely assured, that I wish to meet you. I shall make it. I shall make everything, that it would turn out. Today a good sunny day. And at me very good mood. I feel well.
I want to you Buzz!!!!!!
I feel in the heart warmly and pleasure when I think of you.
I think, that it is love.
I very much wish to be more likely in your embraces.
I shall inform all to you. All will be fine.
I shall be with you. I soon shall arrive to you. I can see you. On mine face a smile. I hope, that you too are glad.
I love you Buzz.
Yours and only yours Elena.
Letter 27
Buzz I have not received your letter. How was your weekend? What did you do? I hope, what at you all is good?
I wait your letters every day. I wish you successful day.
Yours Elena.
Letter 28
Buzz I wait your letters every day. And I am very strong on you I miss.
Yours Elena.
Letter 29
Buzz I am very glad to receive your letter. I missed on you. And I experienced for you. I wait your letters every day. I hope, that you will try to write to me each time when you will have an opportunity.
You to ask ****** photos? A photo in a bathing suit? I to not do such photos. We could make a photo in a bathing suit when I shall arrive to you.
Buzz I have given all papers. Has paid duties, has concluded the contract. I wait now for news under the documents. I shall collect things. To be prepared to a trip. I never was in other country. I even aboard the plane never to fly. All time by train. Speak, that it is safe transport, very reliable. But if to fall from the sky it is very dangerous. Still terrorists constantly sound in news. Everyone can be.
To me it is a little terrible. I know, that it much more safely and more quickly. I shall overcome all the fears. For the sake of a meeting with you. It is the good award to my fearlessness. I shall meet you. I am ready to make it for the sake of us. I trust, that you the one whom I to wait all life. I shall make you happy, and you me.
The truth?
Buzz in the street good weather. The sun. As though light up my way to you. I to see good dreams. Always I wake up with good mood.
Yesterday cooked soup from the hen. I think, that I can surprise you with the culinary abilities. It is very pleasant to surprise. It is pleasant to you.
Buzz we shall be together and are for ever happy. All will be good.
Now to me has told, what I to come in some days. They will tell about approval. It will be necessary to go, and to do a photo on the passport. Now the photo do in branch of delivery of the passport. It is not necessary to bring the photo.
How your day? What you to do? You are glad, what I am fast to arrive?
You Prepare for my arrival? Still early prepares. When I shall precisely know, I shall inform all to you. To me have told, that can be demanded your data. But now it is necessary to receive the passport. It is necessary to do all gradually. It is necessary to wait. We shall wait.
I hope, that today I shall dream to you in a dream. And you will have a good mood.
I wait, I miss, I love.
I love you Buzz.
Yours and only yours Elena.
Letter 30
Buzz I have made a photo on documents. I do not know why, but I am not so good to look on a photo. I do not like to myself. But it is not important. The main thing that was similar. At you the photo in documents well turn out? Today has given all to a photo. The information in hospital has taken. Has handed over analyses. For a long time I was not at officials and in administration. Very long turns. Now everything, that is necessary is made. Next week will be more details. I'll tell you everything when I find out.
Buzz I think what to take with myself. What things. What documents.
What to do with other things? I cannot carry away so much. Likely to distribute to colleagues on work. To work for us some girls. I think, that they will like some my things. Can take away they to itself. I simply physically to not carry away it is so much. Yesterday to do cleaning. Very to get tired. I thought of how I shall arrive to you.
How to embrace you. Time quickly to pass. I to make all. It is tired, but to finish cleaning. Then to drink tea and has laid down to sleep.
Buzz that you today to eat? I shall be cook rice with meat. Refers to plov. Have you tried this dish? It is pleasant? What would you like me to cook when we are together. First course?
Buzz tell to me more what you do? You to prepare for my arrival? What to make? How to pass your day? At me for you interesting news. Today, all the hunters went to the forest. There was a she-bear a wood in the morning. Killed the calf. Now they wish it to ****. Otherwise it can again will return. I feel sorry for the calf, but the bear too. But I do not want, what it to come here. I think what to die of fear if will meet with it. We shall not be about sad.
Buzz I send you the most gentle and sweet kisses. I shall soon arrive to a trace behind them. All will be good.
I love, I miss, I dream of you Buzz!!!!
Yours and only yours Elena.
Letter 31
Buzz how was your weekend? Why you do not write to me?
Yours Elena.
Letter 32
Why you do not answer my letters?
Yours Elena.
Letter 33
Awful news. Hunters have killed the she-bear. Come early in the morning, and bring the big bear. To carry it in a dining room. Now will cook there from it different dishes. Very big skin. The skin was taken away by the chief. Speak he and to hit the she-bear. It is direct in an eye. I never could make such. I cannot hurt anybody at all. Especially animal. I saw only a skin. After such hunting probably animals here will not soon come. Here many different wild animals.
Bears and wolves, at once to ****. Because there were cases of an attack on people. I live about 5 years here. Nothing happened. And let will not happen.
Buzz I yesterday looked the photos. Represented, as it is a lot of photo we shall do together. I send you a photo. Specially for you has chosen. It is pleasant? At me is not present camera and consequently not so many photo. How you to represent our first photos together? At the airport? I want, what we to make our photos at the airport. Then to see what we were happy. We can make such photos?
Buzz I think much of that as well as that we shall do together. It seems to me, that every day it is possible to fill with good ideas and memoirs. At me it is so much ideas in a head, it is so much desires. I as though slept. And now has woken up. You have woken me. As in a fairy tale about the sleeping princess. I so have got used to this life, in the silent thrown village. That became simply as the robot.
Every day one and too. Easier to go. When has got acquainted with you.
I became as a flower which blossoms. I have again started to run in the mornings. That I had a good figure. That you were not disappointed in me when I to arrive. I think, that ours with you acquaintance is not casual. I as though waited for you all these years.
I very much wish to meet more likely. But it is necessary to wait all these documents. I shall soon know provisional date, at once I shall inform you.
I miss. I wish to receive your letter already.
Very much I wait.
I love you Buzz.
Yours and only yours Elena.
Letter 34
Buzz tomorrow I will go and find out what and how with my documents.
Then the bus will not come two days. Today there was an announcement.
Tomorrow I shall know more details. All I shall inform you.
Buzz I was in a dining room. I tried bear meatballs.
Speak, that was not young. Therefore they to do of meat of a cutlet.
All the meat was twisted in mince. Will do still pelmeni and golubci.
I think you do not try such dishes. This all from forcemeat. I can cook them from any meat. I think, that it is pleasant to you. I to not see a difference between meat of the she-bear and a beef. I today was convinced of it. You would like to try?
Buzz today to us in hospital the girl with mother has come. I was as the psychologist. It appears, they have arrived recently here. The girl still had in other city guy. And she did not wish to leave. Her have taken away. She constantly to cry, speak mother that wishes to die. What to cut to itself veins. Has made it at night. You represent?
Her 13 years. And she such does. It seems to me, that now children very much early to mature. But what for to cut veins. I think, that all it from for films. Because to show everything, any interdictions.
I talked with her long. After I have told, that you in general are far from me. To communicate only in the Internet. She has calmed down and came to life. I have told her where there is an Internet-cafe. That she can communicate with the guy there. She was delighted. She and her mother are gone. I was simply in a shock of that girls in 13 years create. I in 13 years studied, played dolls. And here already love.
Can so should be. Once and for all since the childhood. I do not know.
I hope, that all will be good at her.
Buzz tell, what interesting at you happens? What do I should expect, when I shall arrive to you?
I am very tired today from conversations with this girl. Her call Angelina. To go now and I shall lay down to sleep. I shall come in the morning. I hope, that you already to answer.
I miss, I love, to you I want Buzz!!!!
Yours and only yours Elena.
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