Scam letter(s) from Marina to Jacki (USA)

Letter 1
Hi. I believe you will get my note and will thoroughly read it.
That is my final try to find a boyfriend on the Internet as all my preceding efforts turned out to be useless. I want to create serious relationship.
If you r a childish person who looks only for *** and ***** pictures, I'd like u to skip that message.I'd like to introduce myself. I am Marina.
I live in a great city in Ukraine. Have you heard something about Ukraine? Time to time I'm thinking about changing my country.
I'm along 35y.o and I definitely know that I want to bind my life with a sweet and smart person. So I am not going to play any games.
I will not even try to prove something because I am a literary, kind-hearted lady. I do not need any financial assistance as I am a dentist.
There was the general information about me. If you are interested in my letter, then I am waiting for your reply. That's why I would be glad to know as much as possible about you, your thoughts and your lifestyle. I will check my mail as soon as I can and I hope to see your answer there.
Looking forward to hearing from you, Marina.
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