Scam letter(s) from Anna Aleksandrovna Speranskaya to Peter (Hungary)

Letter 1
Hello, dear friend.
I just happened to come across your ad. For some reason, I wanted to answer it, even though I usually don't. My name is Anna and I live in the small town of Ukhta. This is the Komi Republic, about 1,000 miles from Moscow. I'm 29 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, brunette. Athletic build. This is hardly surprising, because I love dancing, fitness and Cycling.
Higher education, bachelor of history. Graduated from Syktyvkar University in 2012.
I have my own small business – a small flower shop. I work with suppliers myself, make bouquets myself and sell them myself. The income is very average, but I do what I love and work for myself. There is a car "Volkswagen Golf".
We live in an apartment together with my mother.
She was married for a short time (less than two years). Now divorced, no children.
I would like to find a life partner not from Russia. We have men, too, but they drink a lot of *****, and I don't like it.
If you are interested in continuing Dating, just reply to this email. Tell me a little about yourself. If you attach your photo to the answer, it will be fine in General.
Letter 2
Hi, Peter
I am very glad that you answered and that you liked my photo. If we continue to communicate, I will send more. I don't really like being photographed, but I understand perfectly well that to get to know a person better, you need not only to read his letters, but also to know what he looks like.
I like you in the photo. But it is difficult to make a complete impression of a person from one letter and one picture. I hope our acquaintance will not stop. I want to know more about you. What do you like and what don't you like? What kind of music do you prefer, what movies do you watch, what do you do in your free time? What do you like to eat? How do you feel about women who are not only Housewives, but also go about their business?
After all, I already wrote that I am professionally engaged in floristry? I invent and make up bouquets, grow indoor plants – both for myself and for friends, and for sale.
Winter is coming. And we have a very long one. This means that my hobby – Cycling will have to be forgotten for a while. You must admit, it's not very pleasant to ride on snow and ice on two wheels. And it's cold. My face is weathered, and I like to look beautiful. Probably like any other woman.
I want to apologize to you for my English. The fact is that I didn't really teach it at school, and at University we were taught mostly text translations. That was enough for me then. After all, I could not imagine that I would ever get to know a resident of another country closely. Well, nothing. Taking a few lessons from a tutor is not a problem. Or you can take a conversation course. I hope that I will learn quickly.
For this reason, it's too early to talk to you and me on the phone. I'm sorry. After all, no Google translator will help us in conversations.
That's something like that.
I look forward to hearing from you, Peter.
PS. Tell me about yourself some terrible secret. I love other people's secrets and I promise that everything will remain between us.
Best regards, Anne
Letter 3
You answered. Hurray!
Hi, Peter
I found myself foolishly thinking that I'd known you for a very, very long time. I wonder why? Maybe it's because I was moved by your letter and I know a lot more about you now than I did yesterday. * laughing*
Seriously, I am very happy that our acquaintance continues.
I am writing you this letter, and Viktor Tsoi is singing from the speakers of the music center. This is a famous Russian musician, the frontman of the band "Kino". Unfortunately, he died young, back in 1990. But still very popular. And not only in Russia. Even "Metallica" at a concert in Moscow this year sang his song! But I don't really like Metallica. I like "Nirvana" better. Their frontman Kurt Cobain also died young, like our Choi? I love grunge. And you?
On the weekend we are going to the dacha with our friends. This is what we call a country house in Russia. I don't have a dacha, but my friend Svetlana does. In winter, you can not live there, you will freeze (the house is not heated). But winter is not so cold yet)
We will cook shish kebab – this is a very tasty Russian barbecue. And wash it down with wine. I love young red wine! What kind of wine do you like?
PS. I catch myself thinking that I haven't sent this letter yet, and I'm already waiting for your response, Peter. Mind you, with impatience.And yes, let me tell you about my family a little later, I don't have much time right now, I will definitely write in the next letter!
I kiss you, A.
Letter 4
Hello, Peter!
I missed you. I guess I shouldn't say this, because we've only known each other for so long… How long have we known each other? A year? Three? Twenty? For some reason, it seems to me that a very long time ago. Although it is not so.
We did not go to shish kebabs with our friends. The weather has deteriorated. It rained all weekend. I had to fry the meat on the stove. But that's a good thing. Because we were supposed to be driving my car, and it broke down. As they said in the service, something is wrong with the injector. I'm right. Or is the injector not in the car? I don't know anything about technology. But a woman doesn't need to. I think so. And you?
Today I cooked borscht. This is a Russian soup made of meat and a whole bunch of vegetables. Well, you probably know. They say that Russian borscht is known all over the world. They even treated Trump. I wonder if he could eat it.
But it's really delicious.
By the way, do you know how to make soups? And in general, do they eat soups in Poland ?It should have its own kitchen. Every great country has it. Don't you think so?
By the way, do you understand what I'm writing?
The fact is that I write letters to you in Russian, and my mother's friend translates them into English. She once taught English at a school.
Yes! I forgot to tell you. I signed up for an intensive English course yesterday. So if everything is normal and my abilities allow, then soon I will write to you in your language. And then talk. By the way! Do you
think it would be great if I spoke Russian to you and you spoke mine to me? I think it's quite real. And in the future it is quite possible
What's new with you?
Write! I always look forward to your letters!
PS.Land in Russia is very expensive for ordinary Russians, our salary is about$ 200-300, and a plot for a house will cost $ 4-5000, very expensive, as you can see, so it's hard enough to live in your house in Russia
I kiss you, your Anne.
Letter 5
I sent you a previous email, and then I suddenly thought-maybe Peter doesn't like girls with a sense of humor? After all, many men love exceptionally serious ladies. You're not one of them?
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