Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia to Nic (Norway)
Letter 1
Greetings my new mate! I hope you will receive this letter and will read it carefully! This is my last attempt to find beloved person on the Internet, as all my past attempts have been failed. Earnest contact is my only sole intent. If you are a hunter of only sex and naked pix, then don’t write me nothing back. Let me represent my self.
My name is Natalie. I live in Ukraine. What do you know about my country??? I have long wanted to move to another country. I am afore 35 years old, and I understand that I am looking for a strong relationship, with a open-hearted and intelligent man. So I am not interested in adventures. For me, the age difference is not a problem.
I am not going to prove anything to anyone, as I am knowledgeable, intelligent woman. I am totally a financially secured person as I am a dentist and I’am working in a dental clinic.
In this letter I gave you some information about myself. If you are interested in my letter, then I am waiting for your reply. Write me something about your self too, how old are you and the city in which you live. Periodically I will review my emails hoping to see your letter there.
Waiting for your letter, Natalie.
Letter 2
Hello. I do hope u will get my message and will read it from top to bottom. This's my last effort to find my sweetheart on the Internet as all my early approaches failed.
I'm dreaming about serious relationship. If u are a frivolous person who looks only for sex and naked photos, I would like u to pay no attention to my message.
I want you to understand what a person I am. I'm Natalia.I live in a grand city in UA - Ukraine. Do you know something about my county?
Time to time I'm thinking about changing my country. I'm along 35 years old and I definitely know that I want to split my life with a gracious and peart man.
So I don 't want tp waste time playing games.I will not even try to prove something because I am a literary, kind-hearted lady.
I have no difficulties in financial sphere as I am a private dentist.It was some general info about me. If u get interested reading my e-mail,
I will be waiting for your message. Therefore, I want your next letter to tell as much as possible about yourself, your city and your lifestyle.
I will check my mail as soon as I can and I hope to see your answer there.. Waiting for your reply, Natalia.
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