Scam letter(s) from Alena Nosachova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello to you, dear!!! You know... Maybe you do not remember me... Maybe you did not pay attention at such usual girl like me... But we met on the dating site some time ago... and I noticed you there And I thought a lot about you... was little shame to write you first... But... but I decide to do that - I decide to write you because... I do not want to lose chance to know you better... become closer... maybe... I don't know... But I wrote you now and hope you will answer me too. If you can't remind me... I am Alena, 35 years old... Live in Ukraine... Work at school as a teacher of physical training Love my job, my family, my friends... love life at all and have so optimistic character... But I do not have beloved person next to me all the time I dream to meet somebody to love, to make happy, to create family together... So, I still belive that I could find a man for my life with whom we could enjoy this life... But what about your dream? Whom do you looking for? What do you want from this life? Tell me... as tell me about your life at all I am so interesting to know you and talk with you... and maybe meet one day So, write me if you wish... when you can... I will wait...
Wish you a nice day and great mood!!! Your Alena
Letter 2
Hello to you, dear Frank!!! Thanks for your reply - I am happy to read it and learn more about your person and your life there Thank you! You agreed with me and decide to use this chance to get closer... and it makes me think that at list one thing we have common between us So, let's continue! As for me... I am 35 years old, my height is 171 cm, my weight is 55 kg... I live in the village Aydar on the East of Ukraine... live with my mom, dad and have granny... My family teach me to be kind, clever, hardworking, careful...
and I love my family and take care about them and make them happy It is so hard times in the world now and I think that we have to make everything possible to make beloved people happy It could be a good sense for life, right?
And what make you happy? Also my job make me happy - I am teacher at school... Kids are so beautiful and interesting and tender... also they are so hard and you have to find a way to understand them and teach them to live right way... and I try to do my best to make good people from my pupils But what about your attention to kids? Do you like children? And my hobby... Yes, I have one... I love sport... Of course my job also connect with sport... But isn't it good when your job is your hobby? So, I love go to gym, swimming in pool, jogging in the morning, cycling in the park... I think sport make our life full of power, energy, health and good mood... But do you like sport? Do you eat healthy? Well, for now I will finish my letter, dear... I send you my photos which I made last weekend - tell me, do you like? I will wait for your answer... Please, be good and have a beautiful day there!!! Alena
Letter 3
I am so glad to come and see your letter - thank you for it and thank you for making my day!!! You know, it is really pleasant to have someone with whom I can talk, share my thoughts and feelings, share my emotions and dreams do you agree? And I am so happy that I met you... and if you still write to me that means that you feel some warmth from me too, right? And it could be really interesting And as for about dreams... Do you like dream, dear? What dream is your biggest and strongest? Tell me... But as for me... I don't know why... But from my early childhood I dreamed to meet my Prince I did not know anything about him... but I was sure - my prince will be from another land, from another country - I felt that My mom knew about this my dream and said that it is unreal She thought that I am usual village girl and has look for a happiness and for a husband here... and all my life she learned me the same way... Of course, I love my mom and I tried to belive her...
I tried to build relationship with local men some times but... nothing happen all the time everything finished because I felt that it is not right... it was like I cheating my dream Do you understand me? But one day everything change I met one woman - it was mom of my pupil - after some time we become friends... and she told me about translation office which she used and find a man abroad... and they have correspondence during 6 month now... they become closer, relation stronger and on the nearest vacation this woman planned to visit her man can you imagine??? And I understood that it is my theme - yes, darling, I felt that and asked about that office... and right after lessons I went there and find you And it is really great possibility for me to use them because I do not have own computer right now and my English could be better - I know only basics and it is not enough for writing myself..
So, now I will finish my story about my dreams... and I will wait for your story... Write me and tell me everything you want and everything you feel I send you my photos - I made them yesterday for you, and will wait for your pictures... Be safe and beautiful day to you!!! Kisses Alena
Letter 4
Hello to you, my sweet man Frank!!!
Can I call you my man, dear? I did not know will you answer me today or not... but you did And it makes me full of emotions, full of joy... full of dreams about you and us in the future... and I even don't know, isn't it so early to think about such things? But what I know exactly - we learn each other better, we are closer now than write each other first... and it is huge step in our friendship, right? But what steps will be next?.. I really don't know - it happen first in my life that I correspond with someone, talk, like him... and I really want to meet him... to meet you, darling And I have a lot of dreams in my head - when it will be, how it will be... can you imagine? It is warm nice sunny day...
we walking with you in the park, keep each other's hands, kissing, laughing... our eyes full of passion... our hearts full of love and happiness It is happy story - maybe fairy tale for me... but I will make everything possible to fulfill it... and you, Frank? For what do you ready? But in fairy tales always happened something bad... And right now I have some problems, dear and I really don't like this You know, that I use translation office to write you because I don't have own computer and my English level leaves much to be desired... Of course it is not problem to start learning English, or to try safe some money to buy computer... But I do not have free money and my salary predominantly in food And all money I have go for living... I am sorry, my sweet... I am sorry for this!!! But now I can't pay for our correspondence also And I can't ask you to help me with this - you don't know me enough and could have some preconceptions... But if you like me, if you feel something to me - you will think about this... maybe you will have a wish to help and keep our correspondence...
and protect our relations... to have a possibility be happy together... So, do you have the same wish? Do you want to meet me one day? Do you dream about me, Frank? I finish my letter, send you my photos and go back to work... But know that I will miss you hard... and I will come to translation office again tomorrow with a great hope to get your reply Please, be safe and think about me. Yours Alena with kisses
Letter 5
Translation Bureau "Viktory"
Dear Sir Frank, welcome! In advance we are so sorry for the possible inconvenience due to this message. This e-mail account is the property of the translation company and is provided for Miss Alena's correspondence by the contract. Our company provides the translation services for your lady as you have been informed by her earlier. At this moment lady does not have the opportunity to send you the personal reply due to the impossibility to pay for the services. Our service is not free of charge that is why we decided to help Miss Alena and inform you on the matter due to the serious interest of the lady in the correspondence with you. In case you express your own intention to stay in contact with your lady, we will be glad to assist you on your request and provide you with the services we are ready to offer and send you our prices. Miss Alena asked you to send the reply in any case to be informed about your position. Thank you for your time. Have a good day! Respectfully,
the manager of the "Viktory"
Letter 6
Translation Bureau "Viktory"
Dear Sir Frank, welcome! Thank you for your reply. If you are interested in communication with Miss Alena - we will kindly help you and will send you all the information about our service. HERE IS PRICE-LIST OF OUR SERVICES:
Interpreting E-Mails:
1. per letter from English to Russian - 5 USD;
2. from Russian to English - 5 USD;
3. One month of unlimited correspondence - 235 USD;
4. Two months of unlimited correspondence - 350 USD.
Phone Conversations (10 min.) - 7 USD.
Computer Services:
1. scanning and sending one picture - 3 USD;
2. receiving and printing one picture - 3 USD;
3. receiving and printing one PDF page - 3 USD;
4. scanning and sending one page of any document - 3 USD.
Communication By Web Cam (per 10 min.) - 50 USD.
**************************************************************** The methods you can make a payment: - WorlRemit,
- Mist,
- IntelExpres,
- Welsend,
- RIA. The fastest way to renew your correspondence with Alena is to make a payment to your lady directly:
the name of receiver Alena Nosachova
the town Novoaydar
the address Druzby str. 5
zip code 93500
country Ukraine But you should know that banks in our region work by the rule: "The amount of your payment has be not less than $100 in one payment". Alena will not be able to get your help with amount less than $100. After making a payment, please, inform us about its details with the full information for getting it, so we could pass that information to lady Alena:
- your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number. And as soon Alena will get the money and will replenish your account as fast we will inform you about this fact and will send a letter from her. Respectfully,
the manager of the "Viktory"
Letter 7
Translation Bureau "Viktory"
Dear Sir, welcome! Thank you for your attention. But we would like to inform you that we can't View translation your letter to Alena and she does not have a possibility to answer you because she is not able to pay for our service. So, as soon you could replenish account in our office as fast you will be able to continue your correspondence and discuss all the questions with Alena personally. Have a good day! Respectfully,
the manager of the "Viktory"
Letter 8
Translation Bureau "Viktory"
Dear Sir, welcome! We are sorry for the trouble you but we only want to inform you that your lady Alena still serious about you and visit our company almost every day to get some news from you. But you did not write her. And lady asked us to write you that she misses you and will be happy to continue your relationship. But, unfortunately, Alena does not have any money to pay for our service. So, lady hopes that soon you could support her with this and you will be able to correspond again. Alena will come to our company again later - she will looking forward for your reply. She sends you her kisses and hugs. Thanks for your time! Have a good day! Respectfully,
the manager of the "Viktory"
Letter 9
Translation Bureau "Viktory"
Dear Sir, welcome! We have to inform you that lady Alena was in our office today and asked to retell you that she still waits for a news from you. You promised to help her to continue your correspondence and then did not write her anything. So, Alena so much hopes that you are still serious about her and soon you could support her and you will continue your relationship. Alena will come to us again later. Have a good day! Respectfully,
the manager of the "Viktory"
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