Scam letter(s) from Olga Sergeevna Petukhova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello! It is quite unexpected to see your letter. You present, when I pressed the "send" button, sending my letter to you, I even sighed. Can you imagine my stress before? It happens. Although, I am confident in my everyday life.
My name is Elena. My birthday is April 4, 1978. My height is 164 centimeters. My weight is 60 kilograms. I live in Skopin, Ryazan Oblast, Russia. It is 280 km from Moscow. I have absolutely no way to start my personal life and find a person for communication. I live in a work-home mode. I simply do not have the physical ability to influence this. I am looking for man with whom I can share in my life, my experiences. I feel like I'm lonely and no one in my social circle can change that. I come home and I am completely alone. I go to work and there are colleagues, but this is only professional communication. Hope you understand me. Tell me about yourself. What are you looking for? Which girl do you see next to you? Do you have a history of previous relationships?
Letter 2
Hello Richard! How are you? I hope well. You know, I need an honest, open, kind, caring, trusting, thoughtful person next to me. If you do not find yourself here, then forgive me, I'm headed the other way. I am tired of the attention of empty and deceitful people. I may be harsh, but I'm not 20 years old and I don't have time to waste. I hope you understand me. I was brought up in a strict, intelligent family. My father is a military doctor, and my mother is a pediatrician. I am the only child in the family and I no longer had options to find myself in another profession, except to continue the dynasty of doctors.
Especially considering that all my grandparents were somehow connected with medicine. I studied at the Ryazan State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov. I work now at the Skopinsky Interdistrict Medical Center. And my specialty is a laboratory doctor.
A laboratory doctor is essentially a diagnostician. What result the attending physician will receive depends on my qualifications and, as a result, will help the clinician make the correct diagnosis and decide on the tactics of the chosen treatment path. My work is not visible at first glance: the patient does not see me, I do not communicate with the patient, I don’t give recommendations, I don’t comfort or alarm. But in fact, it depends on me what and how the attending physician will say to the patient during the round or during the consultative appointment, how he will reassure and what will alert him, what recommendations he will give for the future. I have not tired you with my story about my profession? Anyway, I want to start as friends, and then we'll see if our penpal friendship can move on to something ******. Tell me about your profession in details. Can you use three adjectives to describe yourself? Just please, the first three adjectives that come to mind. Have a nice time! Thank you for attention, Elena
Letter 3
Hello Richard! How are you today? I would say to myself that I am faithful, responsible, honest. I am very glad for your answer. And this is absolutely true, because I feel a certain connection already exists between us. Tell me if I chat a lot about myself. Apparently, this is from loneliness, I want to tell you a lot. The most important experience of this summer and autumn for me is working in the so-called "red zone" for patients with covid (I am adding here my photos of that time). The situation was and remains so sad that there is not enough staff and the doctor from the laboratory also had to work in the "red zone". This is terrible and it speaks of a difficult situation in medicine. I live alone in a private house and could return home in peace, because I could not infect anyone. I don't even have a pet because of my job. I have seen many tragedies and deaths while working with Covid patients. I saw how children see off their parents, sick covid and those with chronic diseases, as if on their last journey. And everyone around them understood that a certain person could no longer escape from the clutches of death. But I also saw a miracle. When completely hopeless patients recover completely from a huge percentage of lung damage. It is at such moments that you believe in the power of the human spirit! But I could not believe in the power of my state during this period ... I used to have thoughts of leaving my country, but this difficult year for humanity has put everything in its place completely. Of course, first I want to make sure that I’m expected there. And therefore our acquaintance and our communication will be an indicator for me. Men are the same all over the world, what do you think? I really hope this is not the case. You know, I was offered a marriage proposal here and it was more than once. But I never made hasty decisions and when I looked closely at a person, I saw all the traits of character and in many ways the first impression was always deceiving. I always refused, because I had the thought of moving in my head. I understand that I want to live and work next to my beloved man, but abroad. I still believe that I have a chance to be happy and make my man the happiest. I have a question for you. If you could remove one negative (if any) character trait and add one positive character trait, what would those traits be? Have you noticed how this world has changed because of Covid? I think that we will not be the same after this ... I chatted again ... Thanks for your time. I'm waiting for the answer. Elena
Letter 4
Hello Richard! Thank you for your answer! How are you today? I guess I tortured you with stories about my work? I decided today to add my "archival" photos to you when I was much younger than now. Hope you like it. I also decided to add you a photo of my whole family in general. There are uncles and aunts, also cousins. In the middle are my dad and mom. Unfortunately, they are no longer with me. This is one of the last photos with them. Exactly one year after this photo, they died from household gas poisoning. There was a domestic gas leak in our house at night. I was in Ryazan these days. I had refresher courses. And my destiny was not to be with them that night. It's terrible to remember ... I still cannot fully accept the fact that they are not here and sometimes talk about them in the present tense.
You see the girl in the photo with me? Her name was Christina. She's gone too. This is my parents' adopted daughter. My little sister. She, too, was in the house that night. I decided to share this with you because I had to tell you sooner or later about it. Now do you understand why I have nothing and no one except my work? These events radically changed my life. I sometimes look at photographs of that time and understand that even my sight has changed after that. And of course my character has changed too. There was a time when I completely closed in myself and could not think about anything but this. The worst thing is that at that moment there was not a person nearby who could support me and not leave me. Probably, it was in those moments that I realized what it means to be alone with a terrible problem and not find support nearby. I found the strength to get on my feet and continue living. Despite everything. Family has always been the most important thing for me. And everything changed fundamentally when the tragedy happened. I have absolutely nothing left but my work. It was work that saved me from harmful thoughts and actions. But after a while, the wounds on my heart healed and I understand that I need to live on and create my own family. Forgive me for such my life story. I decided to explain myself to you and open up completely so that you don't think that I am a grumpy nature. This is all due to the experiences and events that happened to me .. I heard somewhere that a strong woman ceases to be strong, only with a man she likes. Today, apparently, I showed weakness by telling you about my tragedy. Draw your own conclusions, my friend. Do you have a story that you would like to tell me? Maybe events that changed your outlook on life? I hope for your early reply. And don't forget add photos.
Take care and be healthy. Elena
Letter 5
Hello Richard! As always, glad to your answer! Thank you for being with me, despite my difficult life story. That says a lot to me. I really appreciate this! You know, I really understand that the most important thing in life is the health of family. I sometimes do not understand people who complain about their life. I always say, "You have arms and legs, your relatives are alive and well! You have nothing to complain about! You just created these problems in your head!" Unfortunately, I do not yet have a person to whom I could give all my love. But I definitely want it. Do you understand me? I want female happiness.
Simple family happiness next to my man ... I have all the prerequisites to be a good wife. I didn’t tell you that ethnically my dad was Russian and my mom was Georgian. Georgian are a proud Caucasian people. And I inherited a lot from her. Including the peculiarities of Georgian cuisine. I am sending you photos of the Georgian national dish "Khachapuri". I cooked this recently in honor of my mother's birthday ... I just love to cook Georgian dishes and I love to eat it. Is there a restaurant or cafe near you with Georgian cuisine? I know it is popular all over the world. Especially the best red wines there. But I liked different delicious cocktails and traditional Russian food more. What cuisine and drinks do you like the most? Are you ready to try my cooking? You know, I think it's time to talk on the phone. I want to hear your voice. I hope you don't mind?
If so, give me your phone number with your international country code.
I don't want to be wrong. Can not wait for your reply. And remember that someone in Russia is thinking about you. Be healthy and take care of yourself. Elena
Letter 6
Hello Richard! How are you? I feel great when I see your answer! You know, it gets colder outside and I really want summer now! From our conversation about food and cooking, I thought about how our first dinner would look like .. Do you think we are ready for the first date? Do you have any surprises for me on the first date? Can I at least dream about it now. I imagine how we walk together, holding hands and just talking about everything. I want this to be a special evening for the two of us. I would really like a romantic dinner with soft melodic music. How do you see it? It is on such lonely cold days that such thoughts come to my mind. I really want romance and courtship! Sorry for the short letter today. A lot of work. Hope to see your description of our first meeting. I miss you already. Be healthy and take care. Elena
Letter 7
Hello Richard! I like thoughts about the first dinner together! I am filled with a romantic mood when I imagine this. A really great time with a wonderful person will turn me into the happiest woman on earth!
How are you today? I want to tell you a funny situation from my job today. I took blood from a little child 10 years old and he called me "Dracula". You can imagine?? What a sharp tongue! He said, "You take my blood like a vampire! You are like Dracula!" I laughed at this for a very long time))) He was with his mother. Lovely cute boy! His mom is a very nice woman. I laughed as I saw them off, and then I felt sad. I felt sad that I would return home and be alone again. At that time, families are waiting at home for other people, my colleagues ...
I will come home again and watch TV shows. Lonely. Do you know how it is, my dear? Do you understand heaviness on my heart from all this? If only for a minute to imagine that I would come home, and there they would meet me in the arms of my beloved man. I would give a lot for that ... I'm sorry, I was very upset today. Apparently, right now I showed the greatest weakness in front of you. And, probably, only now it is necessary to draw real conclusions ... I needed to share my experiences with you. This is how I feel. And I really appreciate that you are with me. I'm waiting for your answer. Be healthy and take care of yourself. Elena
Letter 8
Hello Richard! I'm glad you wrote! How are you today?
I feel myself good! Do you continue to talk to "Dracula"?))
You know, I am ready to admit to you that you do not leave my thoughts.
I was afraid at the beginning that the correspondence might be in vain.
But, after a while and getting to know you better, I realized that you became a part of me.
You know, my mother was not afraid to change Georgia to Russia and move to my father to start a family.
And whatever happened in the end, I always saw that she was happy and never regretted the choice she made.
I was in despair that a truly worthy person would never appear in my life.
But now I have you and a lot has changed in my mind.
I realized that you are a person who is worthy of love and respect.
I'm talking about true adult love and a sense of mutual trust and respect.
Everything you need for a strong relationship.
Do you remember the movie Sleepless in Seattle? A beautiful family drama about the real feelings of the human soul:
love, loyalty and kindness. This film tells us what a relationship should be like.
This amazing, kind and romantic story convinced me that miracles happen in our lives, if you believe in them.
True love is not afraid of any distance, to find it, you just need to believe in that there is always a person in the world who loves you.
It is important for me to know how you feel about me?
Who am I to you and are you ready to take a step into something big?
Sorry, I'm overwhelmed with emotions today! It is very important for me to know your answer.
Please take care of yourself. I'm waiting for your answer. Impatiently
Your Elena.
Letter 9
Hello Richard! Today is such a beautiful day! And this day is even more beautiful when I see your letter! I need to share with you my truly wonderful mood! I am very glad that you are looking forward to my letters and thoughts. I feel that your words really come from your heart! An understanding came to me that I see in you a man whom I value and respect and I will value and respect in the future. I feel that I fell in love with the inner that I see in your words, which sparkle, delight me and there is tenderness and passion. All my feelings arise when I see a letter from you, my mind is blown away, that such strong feelings arise so quickly, my heart beats faster and I smile more. And I tell myself that I have to be patient and not force you to reveal my feelings, but I want to look after you, and I try to make you feel how much my life has changed since you entered it, I will always be honest with you. I will try to remain modest, but I cannot hide how I feel about you, you need to know, I understand that you can smile or laugh, take offense or worry, I still do not know all your feelings. But my heart tells me frankly that it is open to you! I hope you feel better when you think of us, and like me, you feel these butterflies in your stomach when you think of us together.
I don't think we can ignore this, as our feelings of love grow, our thoughts will increasingly come to how things will be when we are one and together! I want you completely, heart, soul, body, your passion (which, I am sure, is as strong and greedy as my own) I want you to be in my life always! So keep writing, keep talking, don't feel lonely, you know there is no place I would rather be more than curling up with you in your arms, getting into your bed while you sleep, getting ready for the day ahead! And you will feel how my passion, my excitement grows next to you when you fall asleep, and you can smile that your woman will always be ready for you when you need her, and you need her love, as well as her heart and mind! Thanks for being with me. I am grateful to you that my life has become brighter! I will be waiting for your answer. Impatiently! Take care. Kiss you tenderly. Your Elena
Letter 10
Hello sweet! How are you Richard? Sorry, I guess I was very emotional yesterday ...
The magical winter season has begun and apparently it affected my inner state.
Although you know, I feel that these thoughts are not only related to the season.
It was the impetus for me to realize that you are a person to whom I can say that I love.
I LOVE YOU Richard! And I catch this state in my every action, my every thought.
I get a burning in my stomach for you and a smile on my face because I know that I love.
You are the person for whom I want to cook in the morning and evening.
The man with whom I want to get complete comfort and coziness.
It is important for me to know and wish that it is pleasant for you to live with me and feel this world.
And the distance breaks my heart ... Because I cannot be next to you at every moment of the day in order to feel your emotional state, to understand your mental state.
I want to hear you sing when you take a shower)) And, of course, I want to sing and laugh near you!
I start to forget about the past as you are in my life
I so much want you to hug me right now ...
Take care. Kissing you tenderly. Your Elena
Letter 11
Hello, my love! How are you Richard? What weather do you have there? You will most likely call me ****** and hasty .. But You know I cannot cope with the calls of my heart. I decided to talk to my colleagues and the Chief Physician. And I said that I want to move to live and work in another country, if possible. They said they didn't want to let me go. But after a long and difficult conversation, the Chief Physician said that he would give me good recommendations and characteristics in case of my move, for my successful employment in a new place. Sorry honey, but I can't stay here any longer. You completely occupied my thoughts and feelings! I can't concentrate on my work because I constantly think about you. Are you ready to meet me so that we can start a life together? I'm very serious right now. I understand that different things can happen, but at least we can try.
In any case, we will not regret it. I'm sure. I'm not interested in the money side of the issue. Only the sincerity of our relationship. I want to work and live next to you. I love you and respect you and I want to create a strong union and not look for a replacement, even a temporary one, on the side. If you are ready for our meeting, then please give me the name of the airport where I need to fly. We will be fools if we let happiness pass by! Please give me your answer. I'll wait. Take care honey. I kiss you tenderly. Yours only Elena
Letter 12
rthur! Thanks for your information, now I know where our first meeting will be. I knew who I could turn to for advice on how to start my journey to you. This is my colleague, she is younger than me and loves to travel. And she told me where I should go to plan everything and prepare for my trip. I recently came from a tour agency that my colleague advised. And I have such news. I asked about the situation with COVID, can I come to you. Are the borders closed and so on ...
And fortunately this is possible at this time, but for this I will need to do the following. Take some photos for passport and visa registration. They will also make me health insurance. And they will coordinate my route to you, as cheaply as possible. I spent several hours there to find out how much it would cost me. Since the ruble exchange rate has fallen, the cost of a trip to you will not be cheap.
My whole trip will cost 2500 dollars . I will also need to spend a couple of days in Moscow until I get a visa. And this is travel and accommodation in a hostel. They explained to me about all the nuances.
I have enough money for all this. My documents will take 5-7 days.
Which really justifies my colleague's words that they really do everything quickly. But to get a visa, I will need to go to Moscow, to the visa center, for an interview and obtaining a visa. They do not do this, but they will make an application and send it to Moscow. The only thing that made me think about it was a formality !!! To get a visa, I need to have money in cash or on a bank account for the duration of my stay in your country, for the period that will be indicated in my visa. for 1 day of stay 45 dollars . My colleague also spoke about this. But I could not even imagine that in total it turns out a lot. The tour company explained that this requirement is established by your and my country in order to avoid migration. And without this money, I will not get a visa. Money does not need to be spent, they are needed as proof that I can independently exist in your country without outside help. 1 month is 1350 dollars . My colleagues have already agreed to lend me 800 dollars for a while, since my money was not enough. I don’t know what to do, this money is still not enough for me. Where can I get 550 dollars ??? I have exhausted all my possibilities. I'm stumped. I want to be with you, but I cannot come, and I don’t know where to find the required amount. I will understand you if you cannot help me. But I don’t know how to ask you to help.
Since I am very uncomfortable and a little ashamed, I have always achieved everything in life myself and always tried to help others.
But now I need help. If you cannot help me, I don’t know how to be. I have already written an application and will soon receive all the characteristics from the place of work. I don't want us to give up at the most opportune moment in our relationship. I don't want to lose you, I want to be a part of you and share my life with you. And I don’t know how my life will turn out without you, I don’t even want to think about it. Apparently now my future and ours with you in your hands... I need to know what to do next my beloved Richard ?????
Letter 13
Hello darling. My love answer me. It is difficult to decide how to live on. Today I tried to go to the bank and take out a loan. I filled out all the papers and talked to a bank employee. He said to wait a bit if the bank would approve the loan. And an hour later the refusal came. My mood today is not very good. Because of this situation with our meeting ... Is it possible that fate is playing a cruel joke on me. Climbing the career ladder and developing in the other direction, new experiences and people are wonderful. But I want to experience with one person, with you - Richard! What can be between us is completely different. I want to be needed in this life and be loved, to give my care and love. And that's all I want. I'm more worried that you probably don't understand what could really be between us. I believe in it, I believe in our future with you. I need you and do not want to lose you, I want to use this chance for our happy future. But I cannot cope with this problem alone. My documents will be ready within a week and I will arrive as soon as possible. I promise to return everything when we meet. And if you urgently need the money, I will immediately send it back to you after receiving the visa. I understand that situations in life are different and I'm not going to let you down. I love you and send you my kisses ... Your Elena
Letter 14
Hello my love. How do you? I will write you all the data you ask for.
But I cannot send a copy of my passport today. In the coming days I will send you a copy of your passport.
My full name: Elena Gennadevna Belyaeva
My address: street Novikova 10, Skopin city, Ryazan Oblast, Russia
Phone number: 79194161223
I don't know the exact amount in euros. I calculated and approximately 460 euros are needed.
Darling, I hope that you will understand everything that I want to tell you in this letter. It's so strange and pleasant when, waking up in the morning and falling asleep at night, you are so missing. I will follow you into fire and water! I will with all my heart catch your every breath, every smile, because I love you very much! I will give you happiness! I can do it, because you are my life! I believe in you, I am afraid for you, I love you and I know that, no matter what, I will be there! You know, it's so strange when you're not around. The feeling of separation is stronger than me, because it slowly kills me, depriving me of sleep and joy ... The romance that you give me lifts me to heaven, where I want to stay with you forever. I love you.
Kisses, your Elena
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