Scam letter(s) from Olivia Garlick to Jeff (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Taken my photos into private as too many men on here have used my photos to paste them into Google to find my personal social media accounts before I have even spoken to them, understand I will not speak to you if your opening is "may I request your photos"
I am not materialistic. You will never see me with anything designer because it's just what I am not used too. If you message me with just a request for my photos you will be deleted straight away, how rude. I love my art and being surrounded by good people. My dream is to travel. I don't know everything but I know lot for my age. Young but old fashioned .  All I want from life is fun. No pressure, drama or any sort of thing to worry about. I want to feel like I haven't and won't waste my life.  I don't go out clubbing or partying like people my age, I can have a great time but I just don't feel like going out on my local town is that.: ) Yes I am 420 friendly and open to all situations.
I am really open-minded and I am confident I have a beautiful mindset. Also I can pretty much adapt to anything. I believe that doing as many things you can for the first time makes you happier and more daring. You could also say I have no fear, adrenalin is my guilty pleasure as well as excitement.
Letter 2
You would hate it if my conversation was based around money so don't base yours on ***. Massive turn off. I am looking for someone who can help me make memories. Someone who will not get attached.
Someone who will not ask me out to a date and eye up the waitress the whole time. I love women but it's just respect I have no expectations, I'm new to this, just seeing where this site takes me. I am not a money grabber although it's an obvious bonus. Just to be clear I'm not like most woman on here, I don't know what it's like to have the finer things in life so I know I can live without it.
I'm looking for someone to help me enjoy my life and make memories.
Remember you are not a walking ATM and I am not an ******.
I want to hear more than ***; even though I have a naughty side I still believe in romance and passion so don't ruin it for me. I do not want people messaging me and talking about all the things they can give me, let it work both ways, I have a lot of respect for those who wish to treat me well. I am looking for someone who I can have fun with.
I'm open minded to any situation.
Letter 3
Thank you for sharing that with me. You sound extremely talented.
I came from rough background really. Same old sob story really but that's why I cannot study right now as I have bills to pay so I'm forced to work and that's pretty cool. I used to work on a farm and I love animal so so much! Unfortunately I'm not vegan but I just love a good steak. And I also see me boycotting meat will make no difference to the world so I don't bother so you won't have to put up with a veggie just a crazy animal lover.
I work in a Pet store and I volunteer for the British Red Cross, Banardos and RSPCA. Keeps me on my feet.
My profile stands out because I don't have a snapchat filter or I'm not asking for your money. Oh and I'm no princess :P
Hope all is well.
Letter 4
Honestly I'd love a bit a bit of help but like I've said it's hard right now. Also I only have the money to travel throughout the UK. I have only ever been to South Africa.
I'd love to talk about meeting soon.
Letter 5
First I would not be on this site if I was not open minded about age. Also I'm happy you can share your background with me thank you I am glad you can understand. What brings you to SA? What do you want to find on here? Olivia
Letter 6
And happy Easter to you! Can I give you my number so we can text I keep losing you and I really like what you have to say!
Letter 7
Perfect I've only just started using it myself try my number again as I have seen nothing +447518252520
Letter 8
Great I have no data on my phone as I am using a laptop
Not before I have met you sorry I value you more than that
Why did you ask? Also yes once I get a passport sorted very soon
Letter 9
Don't get me wrong I'm not in the best position but I haven't even met you yet so... I'm curious on your mindset. Some men on here also call themselves money slaves and ignore if I do not treat them bad. I know that's not you but may I ask why be so kind to someone you don't know? money wise? Please be careful as most women on here will rinse you and you may be a clever man but you seem nice so beware. You will be the first to know. How do you feel about me being 420 friendly as if I was to ever go there I'd be tempted to travel to a 'coffee shop' bucket list sort of thing.
Letter 10
If I had money I'd make a difference. I'm certain. So I'm happy you also have that mindset.
And to be fair I believe I am the most trustworthy person you might come across on here. Physically I'm not confident but wow, my mindset is beautiful. I need someone genuine to share that with who will help me live a little. And yes, right now you can only take my word for it. But for a young girl I have seen a lot. I need a change. I'm surrounded round people with no ambition or imagination. I like to call myself an artist so that's how I see the world, art. Everyone where I am see it as party central or whatever makes you cool in society these days. As for my 420 thing it's not a habit as I can stop at any moment but it's a weekend thing for me as I barely drink and I'm 18 and I've never even been to a party so I see it as I have to do something ****** now and be a normal teen ;) Joking I enjoy it but would never want you to do it if you have never even smoked. I adapt to anything, I can find the most fun time I just need someone help motivate me and someone who is not all so serious only when needs be.
Letter 11
I barely use whatsapp at the moment as I have no data on my phone, are you free soon? Not great with texting : ) Hope all is well
Letter 12
I'm doing pretty well, I love it [motherhood].
It's honestly no bother, I was alone before I had him, his name is Jacob.
He sleeps all the way through
His father is involved and he has family around him so I have help yes.
I am still very single
Letter 13
Yes I'm struggling but I'm trying to get back into studying soon because I want to work in a hospital on an acute ward so I'll be okay.
I want it so bad, so I'm not stressing over the struggle I'm facing now, it's not nice but I know it's temporary Nope I am not working right now because my son is 7 months and I feel that's still a little to young to pass him to a stranger whilst I study for a few hours so I'm trying come up with small ideas (minni business working from home) that will help my income
But to be genuine with you I must be honest. I went through something brutal growing up and it's just recently all come back to me because things have happened. Long story short my mental health has deteriorated this year due to some awful stuff that is completely out of my control. My son is with his nana whilst I'm currently in a psychiatric unit because I couldn't handle things well. But I've made progress and I finally see the light at the other end again ... Another thing that has motivated me to work in a place like this
Thank you, one step at A time indeed. . . . Like I have said there is no male in my life so I don't have a partner, I'm am finally free from that
Letter 14
Hey! I'm a lot better thank you, how are you? & yes still in Manchester.
Letter 15
Yes I get discharged on Tuesday so back to normal, finally & to be honest I feel amazing. I can't wait to live my life, I know what I want to do with my life now. . . .
Finally home. Feels strange, little overwhelming. And yes I still want to work in hospital. I'm starting some online courses next month, right now I'm just settling back into being a mum and working out how I take my first steps, I have it figured out now though. Although I have broke my big toe haha! So I'm a little ******* right now. How are you??
Letter 16
My small steps are going to lead to something great, once I can walk properly again‚ & well it's actually broken at then bottom and a slight fracture to the tip but I did this 3 days ago and I'm doing pretty well now, I had it x-rayed to confirm the break, Not much to do to treat a broken toe...
I was in a type of cast but it was too annoying so I'm just treating it myself I'll be okay & yes he missed me. I hated it. But I'm back now and I'm not going anywhere. I'm so ready. Well my plan is to take small steps. Literally my first step is to literally wait untill my son goes off into nursery/play centres. Whilst I'm waiting I'm going to do a vast amount of online course work. I'm going to study and I'm going to learn about things I don't even care about because I just want to know everything. And knowing everything is entirely impossible but I'm content in knowing that I know my surroundings and I just want to be head strong and with knowledge comes wisdom. My mum was so ****. Never worked a day in her life and drank a lot. I refuse to just sit around. Then when he goes off into daycare I will get some experience working in a care home. I want to get to know the people I work with and I want to love them as I would my own. Once I have enough experience caring for humans of a vulnerable state then I will take up a nursing assistant position on an acute psychiatric unit ( already have a few certain ones I'm aiming for) I want to work my way up in that to then in the future to be come a qualified nurse. After that I'm going to probably go back into being in love with life, when Jacob gets old enough, 20 years from now I want to just be full of knowledge travelling the world with my son and one day on my own I have so many things I want to do...
Letter 17
It so nice to have you in my phone, I like your words. You're clearly not a ****** man for sure. That's powerful in itself, I like to surround myself with level headed people I guess. You intrigue me & I think it's in human nature to long for a partner like that and I believe it's not impossible, especially with a brain and face like yours & as for the courses I can do basic ones online but to booost off my career I'd be taking 6 weeks courses whilst working that are through the NHS
Letter 18
Good morning! Education is very important but I do believe in self studying. One of my favourite stories is when JFK went to go visit the space centre and he came across a janitor sweeping the floors, with a broom in his hand he was so happy, JFK looked at the man and asked him what he was doing The janitor replied “Mr president, I'm helping to put a man on the moon” It's all about mindset, that gives you the drive to do things that can make you highly successful. The most powerful people I personally know never stepped foot in college I take my hate off to those who do it but someone like me couldn't. The people around me would distract me and most likely lead me down the path I'm trying to avoid NHS are struggling, they are pleading for work volunteers on the mental health side of things & Jacob sleeps from half 8 till 7/8am and he's just been his happy little self all morning. He's so independent, so tiny and if he wants love and cuddles he will cry out for it. Other than that he's content being on his own enjoying stuff to help him learn.
Love being a mum
Letter 19
Yes there's no way in **** I'd leave any life behind. Especially animals! &yeah sure I could send you a few if you like & no plans for Christmas. Cause I was not long ago in hospital they stopped my money cause you're classed as living in hospital. So being a first time mum and no money before Christmas is disheartening. What I did do a week ago was sell the tv in my bedroom and a few little bits so I could at least get him something. He needs a lot of clothes so i managed to get him a bit. It's awful I'm trying not to think about it
Letter 20
It's tough though. I know people out there that wouldn't hesitate. But you're a genuine man I like think and I just feel strange. . . . I honestly appreciate it because I'm desperate and embarrassed is growing out of his clothes and I have nothing to give him. The only thing keeping me afloat mentally is knowing it is temporary. So I will accept this time. And I am truly grateful for anything right now
Letter 21
I'm not even going to sit here and go on about how I'm going to help some one in the future I'll just prove it. I want to be able to do what you are doing one day. Honestly I don't see the point in living life If it isn't to help make a difference. & trufully I don't have a budget it's not something I want to do, I'd rather you just do what you think is suitable, nothing crazy of course. But anything will help right now. & thank you! . . .
I couldn't possibly describe how grateful I feel though. Words could never express my gratitude towards people like you
What other details do you require I've never had a transfer from abroad & I really hope you see them in person too! No they don't penalise with high fees I'm pretty uneducated in this department though and yes [Engage is] a Uk bank
Letter 22
Hello! I'm in my way to the bank soon to see what they say . . ..
Hello you. So my bank is a little silly. I was in foster care few years ago and when you leave they set you up a bank account but it's not a propper one so I honestly don't think it will accept money from overseas.
I have pay pal but I have no idea how to use it.
Well my pay pal is only linked to the bank I'm with, So it won't work, most likely why I've never used it in the past. Because it's the Christmas period my mum struggles mentally. She's been unwell for years so I'm temporarily stepping in as her care provider untill February so I'm in charge of her bank and money (she drinks a lot of alcohol ) So for now you could transfer to my mothers it would be easier for me and her bank is not ****** like mine? . ..
She can't drink it away because I have her card. I had to do it with my dad before he died it's highly frustrating. My mother is a beautiful person but she's not intelligent enough to even think of things like that. Trust me I wouldn't suggest it otherwise, what ever you think is best though. Well I currently don't have a tenancy so I can just give you the address I currently live at? & one condition, you're not allowed to laugh at my name Mr
I just won't go crazy with it the bank won't suspect nothing I promise you. I'd rather not do pay pal I've looke at my history today and I've had trouble with it before because my bank is a credit union it's not an actual bank. I can send you my name and address now and ID sometime next week? I'm in the middle of renewing my passport Olivia Jade Dorothy Garlick 21 Kirkfellwalk, Oldham, Ol13JP
I can do that in the next half hour cause I'm going to meet her in my local town because I need to get some essentials. It only baby milk I'm getting, I can only afford baby stuff, I always makes sure I have enough for him. And could it not be same day transfer? I only have £14.37p haha
I'll ask my mum she knows more about it than me because her mum lives in South Africa and she used to send her money. And I know, I will be doing after I get my ID renewed
[Mother's address]: 21 Kirkfell Walk Higginshaw Oldham Lancashire -that is the card address & I know but its not nice. & being a single mum is all about mindset and I refuse to be like my mum‚ he's cute though OL13JP same as the one I stay at now,
The bank adress is the screenshot and the billing address for the bank account it's OL13JP
I can't express how grateful I am, thank you!
Letter 23
Yes and I appreciate that thought but why me, out of everyone you could choose. I'm not even in the same country so I can't even see you. I'd love to talk into the camera but my phone is broke. It got broken when I was in hospital so I can't even make calls due to my microphone not working, my screen is completely shattered. . . .
& nope my phone is coming up to 4 years old and it's completely broken now but I can still text and use my camera and see through the screen cracks
Well you may not believe me,you make me smile. Every time you have messaged it has caused me to smile. You are clearly intelligent and I just appreciate you. Thank you again & well I have the iPhone 7 right now,had it for a while so I'm not educated on phones either.
Honestly thats helped in many ways though. I accept you help, Captain
Letter 24
Oh and your money came through.
I don't even know what a decent phone is. Oldham shops are very unsociable places with untrustworthy shop keepers. I wouldn't trust them to sell me a phone.
I've had a lousy life to be honest. Knowing people like you exist in this strange world helps me have a lil hope & yes I'll send you frequent videos, I like to talk. Not in a loud manner though.
I like you.
You are just a genuine soul, hard to come across.
And a Merry Christmas to you, amazing man.
Letter 25
& not to sound sad but I received nothing today. So thank you I do appreciate it so much. I will keep you updated on the phone journey‚ How much did you send?
Well [Jacob's father] did but the bare minimum. Shocking couldn't even him his first ever card. All the small details don't come up in his head. It's a shame but at the same time it's not my problem if he won't pull his weight, I'll do it without him. . . .
I'm very grateful sir, I apologise I'm just not used to someone I don't physically know sending me money in large amounts. I could be a ****** for all you know
Letter 26
[Custody is] shared, [the father] is a nice guy but he can just be **** with everything cause he's lazy and full of a bad temper
Well it's coming up to nearly 7 years ago that I met him. He used to take care of me when I was younger cause my mum never could. He's never had friends so I became friendless. He can be happy but he's mostly miserable. It's because I found out a lot of stuff about him. He's addicted to ****. So I brought it up a few year back and he's been butter ever since. One night I had something really bad happen, I needed somewhere to go so he let me stay at his for a while cause he felt he owed me after treating me like dirt when we was together. It was civil and friendly and it was literally just a place for me to stay. We had a one night stand on a drunken night and we created Jacob. Still not together but about to have a baby he was scared and he did well now looking back on it. He told me he couldn't wait by the end of my pregnancy. He started doing daft thinks a few month ago like locking me in the flat, taking the pram so I can't go out. He's nice when he has a reason to be, recently he can't find any reason. I can't wait to get out it's starting to get unbalanced and unbearable .
My mum is a 5 min walk from here
But I can't keep staying there. She drinks too much and my brother is just plain disgusting Younger brother. Lost to society. He lives with my mum. Drug addict and violence, I've had to pull him out my mums and give him a good smack before. So I try not to be around there as often because it effects me worse than living with my ex. I'm stuck. My dad died. He died 4 years ago yesterday. Alcohol dependence took him
I don't even care about me. It's annoying because I will provide and I'll help him out but the amount of times he's left me hungry. He spends it on Jacob just once a month it's so annoying.
I've been friendless all my life. I've had acquaintances but nothin fb beyond that. Never truly cared. But now I want to live my life I'm finding it to be very lonely
Letter 27
I should have my own place soon. By March I should have a place
That's the plan.
No I completely understand what you are saying it's something I have to think about constantly it's draining waking up everyday having to see your ex partner. It's toxic but all I can do is just bid for properties because I can't afford private. Either way it's extremely hard to get a house in the UK now and its even worse with this ‘covid'
I have something called a housing benefit because I'm not working and I've just had a child.
Letter 28
I'm actually not sure. I guess you could call these the finer things: I want to watch the sun go down whilst I have something hot to drink on a hot water balloon. ( always wanted to go on one.) Cliche Maldives holiday. I want to own my very own art studio up in Italy. I want to take my Mother to South Africa so we can see my nana. I want to travel the world and learn. I want to learn about the history of the places I have visited and I want to taste food. Sky diving Learn how to surf, ski¿ I want to roll around near a beach in roller skates in America in some highwaisted shorts and a bikini top listening to soulful music. I want to camp out with elephants. I want to eat with giraffes I want to wake up in a warm beach with nothing but the feeling of happiness. I want to go to Disney world/land. Frequently. I want to take over a really ****** Texas bar for the night. I want to lie in the middle of a busy road when no one is there. I want to experience a helicopter ride at least once. The list is endless really
& just letting you know the money went through
Hey! I'm officially on a fully functioning phone thanks to you &yes I got the one I wanted it amazing thank you so much.
Letter 29
[ID] Should be sorted by Wednesday?
Letter 30
I can't afford to renew my passport
Yes and I do not have ID. I've not had ID for years so I need to get a form of ID either provisional license or passport
Because I was in care I had that sorted for me. And this is the UK you don't need ID to go hospital just a national insurance number. And yes that is the point I made when you asked for my bank details. I couldn't because it's not a propper bank which I told you. It's a credit union. Yes you can apply for a passport as long as I have my birth certificate
And how can I send you my birth certificate
Okay I was just making sure. I can [take a photo of certificate] do that within the next hour.
&I just need to wait for the process of the money etc cause I'm getting it [passport] paid via the government
I'll have [photo of birth certificate] done in the morning I totally forgot I'll do it first thing I promise
Letter 31
Haha I will do soon x
I have a friend coming over, like an actual friend
Just in the middle of finding [birth certificate] & I met her in hospital
Letter 32
Trying to get [birth certificate] back off my PA because I needed it for a housing meeting a few months ago
Letter 33
So I'm not even going to attempt to explain over text as it's clear you miss information when reading what I say.
All I can do is apologise. I've been up early trying to sort this out because most of it is not faulted on my behalf. I will send a videos in an hour or so with a full explanation and a possible remedy to fix this situation
Letter 34
You sad sad man, you think I'm a scammer? Nooo I haven't got the time of day for that, plus I don't need to because men like you just give out soooo easy so I see an opportunity and I take it, especially off men like you. ***** and desperate, making yourself feel good by ‘helping' young girls. You see you putting my detail on that website has backfired tremendously because I've received a lot of benefits from it haha Sorry it had to end this way, I just could get my id and well I'm not one to go out of my way for that, I have too much going on and truthfully I can't be arsed. So yeah, just learn from it. You don't need these young girls, they cause more trouble than pleasure.
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