Scam letter(s) from Anna to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Dan,I congratulate you Happy New Year 2021! I'm glad that 2020 is behind me and I have a lot of plans that I want to do in 2021! How are you? Let's start, I try to explain it, my name is Anna, but many of my colleagues and acquaintances prefer to call me Ania Why I write all this for you? The answer is simple. Very soon I will go to Canada for my business and this why I write to you. Are you in Canada now? I have never smoked, and don't use drugs. I don't like strong alcohol, but I can drink a glass of dry wine on the occasion of the holiday. I believe that, and for me is not simply praise myself and speak about my strengths and weaknesses. Simply put, I want to find a man who could be my true friend and a guide in my soon visit Canada. It would be great if my interest in you was mutual and we will continue to communicate. I wish you a good mood and a wonderful day. I hope that your response will not take to wait too long. I will be very interested if you tell me about yourself and we are start to talk. I am sending you my photos and I will be happy if you attach a photo in the reply email. Have a nice day! Ania.
Letter 2
I'll try not to be boring and write you a little bit about myself. My height is 168 cm, my weight is 52 kilograms, 29 y.o. Now I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I cant boast that I am fluent in English or French but I got some knowledge at University. I studied economics, and for 8 years I have my own business selling cosmetics. It was this expansion of my business that caused my upcoming visit to Canada. In addition, I had to fly quite a few legal obstacles to fly without problems during Covid-19. But I don't want to bore you with long stories, I'll tell you about it in more detail another time. I'm a grown and successful woman, and I know exactly what I want out of life. Probably because of this, I still haven't found a man with whom I want to build a relationship. I know what kind of relationship I want and what is the most important thing for me in life together with a man. I think you should know what I'm looking for in a man to understand what our future together can be. Personally, I am looking for a person to share a normal life and live a life full of love and understanding. I want ordinary women's happiness, a relationship in which I will fully trust my man and share with him all the joys and bright emotions of life. Life with a person who will be calm about my work and will always be happy to spend free time together. I am not jealous and loyal to any meetings with my man's friends and his hobbies and other personal thing. Tell us what qualities do you value and look for in a woman? What you need for happinesses? I think you will agree with me that everyone has the right to personal space in a relationship. Everyone has the right to spend time without their second half with their friends if they need it. Of course, it's great when hobbies coincide and give you the opportunity to spend time together, but I'm convinced that sometimes you need to take a break from each other to feel how you miss and want your soul mate. I think it's only communication that we can get to know each other better. In any case, I don't want my letter to bore you. Because, I thinking and hope, I'm not boring at all. I hope you were interested in reading my thoughts, and you can draw my character. Sorry, it's time to run, I'll finish my letter. Have a great day! Ania.
Letter 3
Hello dear,I am very pleased that you sent pic for me. I think that our acquaintance did not happen by chance. I don't believe in randomness at all, and I think that everything in our lives happens at the right time. I haven't told you before, but in recent years I've often thought about changing my place of residence and moving to live in another country. I didn't know where exactly, and I thought about it often. Now the circumstances are very successful, and very soon I will fly to Canada to expand my business. I would love to visit some cities in Canada, to look around and make a final decision about permanent residence. But before I need to finish many things here in Ukraine. In addition, you need to treat any trip responsibly and plan everything in advance. I already payed all my own travel expenses in Ottawa, and it would be nice if I could meet with you. I think that's a good idea. We need to be realistic about the situation in order to plan our future meeting. I'm sure we'll find something to do in together. I think you man with you whom I could relax in front of, you are a man with whom I can feel safe and comfortable in any situation. It's nice that we both get positive emotions from this. I'm very interested in you and I want to imagine what kind of relationship we can have. Can you imagine that? I'd be very interested in reading your thoughts. What do you think about our first meet? Guess where I'd kiss you? I think it's time for us to discuss more important topics, Personally, I'm comfortable with you. Do you feel comfortable now? I've been thinking for a long time that it's time to create a couple with a nice man, may be it's you? It is important for me to find understanding with my man. I believe that there should be no secrets or missunderstanding in a relationship. Any way, we are must to work together on everything in our couple life. Of course, the choice of a life partner must be approached responsibly. A partner with whom I will live in mutual understanding and harmony. Have common dreams and regrets, live enjoying every moment spent together. Seems I should go, it's time to finish my letter. I will wait for your answer, kisses, Ania. P.S. Here are some photos to make your day better.
Letter 4
Hello my dear ,How was your day? Did you miss me yet?! It's pretty to see you send pic for me again. I'm very pleased. My work keeps me busy and I often find Myself working on weekends. Sometimes it's a bit tiring, but I'm looking for the good side of everything. Any way i need to write to you my words about us and my feelings about our meeting and relations. Now we just have to cross our fingers for luck in everything in our future with each other. In the last few days, I started to catch myself thinking that I was thinking about our communication, about you. I think that our communication has great prospects. I wouldn't want our relationship to stop, you're a very nice and I'm very happy that we met. Dan,I like you, and I think it would be great to spend time together one day. But first I will need to do all the business in Ottawa. I will need to meet with customers, it will not take more than 2-3 days. I think better will be meet right after that. I was planning a visit some biggest cities in Canada after that, but now I can say with confidence that the first place where I would like to stay longer is Toronto. I'm sure we'd always find something to talk about if we want to build our future. You don't need to worry about our meeting. I can come to you, I have money and all documents for it you don't need to worry for it. I would very much like to realize all my most magical and passionate ****** fantasies with you. How do you imagine our first plexus? Where it can be? How it will be? I like to fantasize about us when I read your letters, it's a new feeling for me. I'm sure we will be able to understand each other without words. I would be happy if we could meet on the same day. This can be the first step to starting a good relationship. Of course, no online communication can convey tactile sensations, in any case, I want to continue to get to know you. I'm a little worried, to be honest, as strange as it may be, I'm used to writing to you. I will finish my letter. Kisses for my Dan. Your Ania.
Letter 5
Hello my wonderful Have you missed me yet? Despite the bad news in the morning I'm in a great mood, because . I think we're getting closer to each other. You feel so? I like that you came into my life, and it's hard for me to describe what I feel right now, I feel like I can trust you. I can tell you about my secret thoughts. I want to tell you everything that's in my heart by looking into your eyes. I want to hug you and hold your hand. I want to feel your warmth and your care. I do not know what will happen when we meet and when our meeting will be possible, but I think that this day will bring only bright emotions. For the past few days, I have been feeling that my inner balance is now disturbed. You changed something inside of me. I trust you with all my heart, but my mind wasn't prepared for such a dramatic change in my life. It's not easy for me to find the words to describe it. I had a little difficulty with a customer from Canada. I'd really like you to help me solve a little problem. I don't ask tbei for money, rather the opposite. I'm willing to pay you if you can help me. I want our relationship to reach a new level, because I trust you. The problem is that my client used one of the points of our agreement on payment to an account opened in a some of Canadian bank. I have tried several times to send my requests to different banks in Canada for open account, but personal presence is required everywhere. I even applied to the consulate to solve this problem, but everything is pointless. To open an account, you must provide a permanent resident card or immigration documents and be present in person at the bank. Of course, I will deal with this issue as soon as I arrive in Ottawa, but this will take a long time. Now my customer is ready and according to the contract is obliged to pay for my deliveries. I don't want to confuse you with any additional details, but in short, I want to ask you this. Can you get the money from my client and send it to me? This is the money that I need to transfer for the products. Everything will be official and in accordance with the laws of Canada and Ukraine. If you want, we can make a offical contract with you. All you will need to do is get the money from my customer and send it to me. I am sure that only when we meet will I be able to show my gratitude to you. I feel comfortable and easy with you. I can talk to you about anything, And I really hope that my request didn't shock you. I'm sorry I have to finish my letter now. I'll text you as soon as I can. Have a great day! I kiss you on the lips. Your Ania. P.S. Give me your phone number, I'll send you a Telegram
Letter 6
I am serious about our communication and always in a hurry to write you all the thoughts that excite me now. I have my plans long time ago and I will go to my goal in Canada any case. I always try to plan my future and I am very pleased that we have found each other in this huge world. I am very glad that we communicate and get to know each other, you are very pleasant to me as a person and I like our communication. I like your determination, you didn't hesitate to ask for my phone number. I'll think about your question, and I'll call you when the time comes. Can you give me your phone number? I think the idea of meeting in person is wonderful. We will be able to talk on all topics looking into each other's eyes, all we can do now is continue to get to know each other through letters. One thing I know for sure, Canada has a better life waiting for me than here. I would very much like to have a reliable man who would not only be a partner in family life and a passionate lover and a possible mentor or even a business partner, As I said, my visa is only 180 days. And at the end of this period, I will have to return to Ukraine. I would very much like all my business development plans to go well, I know that this is exactly how it will be. I've always achieved my goals, but right now I'm afraid. I plan to fly out January 27, I have never developed a business in another country and I would very much like to have a faithful companion next to me. In addition, I will need a trusted person to whom to leave my business when I have to return to Ukraine. I feel in my heart that I can trust you and hope that my feelings don't deceive me. I reasoned about the topic of *** in our communication, and I'm sure that there is no correct formula or sequence in making love. It comes automatically and you can never know for sure what caresses can expect each other, it always depends on the mood. I have a little thing on this score and for me any experiments are welcome. I like to watch different **** and choose a type that I would like to play for my man, I like to try to get used to different roles and I hope that you are not afraid of this thing in me. I bought some clothes for myself, tell me, do you like it? Kiss your lips. Ania.
Letter 7
Hello my dearest,I'm sorry I kept you waiting my answer. There were a lot of cases, I met with my lawyer, I tried to open a bank account in Canada online, I went to the embassy to write a request, in general, I was very tired today. Unfortunately, my time was wasted, even though I believed that I would be able to achieve at least some result. Yesterday, before I went to bed, I read all your letters again. I feel again how with each letter we become closer to each other. I notice that I changed a lot because of our relationship. These feelings give a pleasant feeling to my heart and my mind and I will do my best not to miss our chance. I am glad that we have a trusting relationship, it is very important for confidence in the future, confidence in sincerity to each other. I know that we do not need to worry, because as my lawyer says, everything will be official and according to the laws of Ukraine and Canada. Actually, I'm not a ****** girl, and besides, my lawyer explained everything to me in order and suggested a great way to save money when you will recent money to me, but more next, the only thing he recommended to me is to make an official power of attorney between me and you before my client sends you money. Personally, it doesn't matter to me, because I trust you now. But if you want, we can arrange official documents, despite the fact that it will take time. I don't have much time now to provide a bank account in Canada for customer, and so I try to listen to my heart. My heart believes you, and I believe my heart. In addition, I already have enough "bureaucratism" with the customer that does not spoil my nerves weakly now. But now I know for sure that I can handle it, we can handle it. I'm glad we found each other. Before I write you the following, I ask you not to take offense at me. I want to offer you a money for your help. My customer will send about 3000 CAD from their personal bank account using an interactive money transfer to your personal bank account. Everything will be absolutely official, there will be a secret question that I will provide you with. You will need withdraw this money from your bank account and send it to me using one of the bitcoin purchase terminals in Toronto. It's very simple and I'm sure you can easily figure out how to do it if you don't know. This is the most convenient way for me to get money with a minimum commission and tax fees according to the laws of Ukraine. Besides, I will pay my suppliers using bitcoin wallet. For this assistance and for your spent time, I am ready to give you 150 CAD. I don't want to offend you, it's just a token of gratitude for your help for me in this a difficult situation for me. Besides, you're the only one who can help me now, and I believe that together we can get through this. I will be very grateful to you if you help me, I really need this money, I have to pay my suppliers, there is also a deadline for this. I tried to negotiate with the customer to use a bank account in my country or a quick money transfer system, but unfortunately they still refer to the clause in the contract. I can't connect my bank account to the interactive fast money transfer system inside Canada. I will definitely open a bank account when I am in Toronto. I have already studied everything very well and I know that I only need a personal presence at the bank and a few documents from Embassy of Ukraine, and the Canadian Consulate, but now I really hope for your help. In addition, if I understand correctly, to send a money transfer, you only need an email address that my customer will have to use so that the money will be transferred to your bank account within 10 minutes. My dear, I have the telegram app on my phone, How can I find you on telegram? With sincere your Ania.
Letter 8
I'm sorry I kept you waiting for my answer. I'm sorry I stopped being playful with you, but lately my mind has been preoccupied with getting ready to leave and dealing with business issues. In short, the days are very hard. Probably the only thing that makes me smile and happy feeling is your letters. Perhaps I was too direct in my last letter, asking for your help and offering you money. But I have no one else to trust and no one else to turn to but you, I trust you completely. I do not think that my lawyer has the right to dictate to me how to act with someone dear to me. In addition, what are the bureaucratic difficulties that are already enough. I understand that my difficulties may seem strange for you now, but I can explain. I have a very important customer. The customer is a private person, ready to pay good money, but only according to the terms of the contract. At the conclusion of the contract, the payment method "interactive transfer" system was agreed upon. When I signed the contract with the customer, I agreed to this condition, because in Canada there is one of the most popular and convenient payment methods. I have already had several customers from Canada before she, but this particular Customer is a very principled and demanding woman, and despite all my persuasions for other payment methods, she does not make concessions. She is my first major customer from Canada, as far as I understand she is an intermediary, and sells my jewelry to one of the major jewelry shops in Canada. I don't want to lose this opportunity. In addition, she has already given good recommendations about me and my products and it is with these customers that I must meet February 4, in Ottawa. Despite all my efforts, unfortunately, I still haven't been able to open a bank account in Canada. As I said, this is not possible without personal presence. I will definitely solve this issue in the first days as I will be in Ottawa, besides, after studying everything, I understand that "Interact" is very simple and easy to use. It can be used by every bank of Canada, money arrives almost instantly, and most importantly "Interact" is safe thanks to a secret question. "Interact" for me is now newer than "Bitcoins", because before that orders to Canada for smaller amounts were paid through "Bitcoins" without any difficulties or questions from customers. "Bitcoins" is completely legal and easy to use. There are many ways to buy "Bitcoins". There are many online exchanges where you can buy "Bitcoins", it is not difficult, you can look how to do it on or But it is much more convenient and easier to use any of the ATMs in which you can buy "Bitcoins". I'll just give you a QR-Code and you can send me money through an ATM. This is more convenient and practical for me than any other money transfer to Ukraine. There are many ATMs near you that accept cash for transfer to the "Bitcoin Wallet", you can easily find them on the website closer to you. I really hope that you serious with me and will do everything in your power for help me, I believe in it and I can not describe how much I am grateful to you for your help. I promise that you will fully appreciate my gratitude when I am alone with you for the first time. I hope I didn't make you miss me and you fully understand me. I'll be finishing my letter, I can't wait to see you. I will be very much waiting for your answer. Your Ania. P.S. I'm asking you not to be upset that I didn't send you my photo today. I don't look good right now. I promise, I'll send you something very interesting next time. Kiss You and wait your answer!
Letter 9
Hello my dear Daniel. I'm sorry I kept you waiting again with my answer. Unfortunately, I do not have much time now, so I will write about the most important thing. I've missed you so much, and I'm always thinking about you and imagining our first meeting. I am so grateful that fate has sent me a worthy man. I am grateful to you for your willingness to help me, I really appreciate your concern. Sorry today my message will not be long, as I do not have time at all. I'm asking you to answer me a few questions: 1) Can you send me the name of your bank and email address, which using, my customer can send money by Interac transfer. I don't have so much time now. I a need to give it information for my customer. 2) Can you tell me, how do you plan to withdraw money? Cash at the your bank or through an ATM? Can you withdraw 3000 CAD from your bank account at one time? Please call your bank and check everything again so that there are no difficulties. 3) Have you decided how you will send me money to my Bitcoins Wallet? Have you looked at the nearest terminal for crediting Bitcoins ( Did you look at the sites that I wrote to you in the previous letter? Have you tried to figure out how to buy bitcoin online? This is the best way to get money from Canada and I hope that you will do everything in your power. 4) Please install Telegram messenger Application on your phone and give me your account so that I can write to you. We will be able to communicate much more, often despite the large time difference. I really hope that you will not ignore my requests. I was planning to coordinate sending money to your bank account with my client for the next few days. It's best if we can do it tomorrow, because she's really rushing me. Once again, I want to thank you for agreeing to help me. Our cooperation has already become a good foundation for our relations and our future together. I can say without a doubt that you are the man I want to walk the world with holding hands. I am sure that your hands are not only strong but also gentle, I feel it with all my heart. I long to be in your arms as soon as possible. I miss you very much and will look forward to your response soon. I hope you won't keep me waiting. I kiss you, Yours Ania
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